Dollar General

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Dolgencorp, LLC
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Dollar General

4.82 out of 5
667.9K Ratings
4 years ago, i. was. scammed
Love the coupons when it works!
It hasn’t been very consistent since the first launch of this App. I have missed out on tons of coupons due to the register crashing while it’s trying to go through my coupons to take off. And half the time it doesn’t even take them off. I’m constantly having to go over my receipt right when the cashier hands it to me a I always have items scanning as wrong prices and I’m always over charged. I keep hoping this will get better but it hasn’t. I make sure all my coupons are downloaded at least a day before I use them so that’s not the reason for it. Just very aggravated and I was hoping the system would be fixed by now as there’s been more than ample time to do so. This happens to me in every single different dollar general store I’ve been in and all of the the cashiers express their frustrations about the register. I will continue to use these coupon and keeping watching my receipts even though I shouldn’t have to. I just feel like I’m getting ripped off constantly.
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5 months ago, MsShelli320
Shopping in store w/ DG app
I love shopping in my local DG!! But using the DG app for coupons, digital coupons, and viewing the weekly ads is something to be desired. For an example: last night my in-store cart was full of bargains and necessities. But the app would not allow me to purchase anything that had a digital coupon to apply. The apps feature of adding the digital coupon was completely useless and stubborn. I had the store manager, 2 sales/registers clerk and between the 4 of us, we could not troubleshoot the issues. So, I told the manager that I would have to go back and try to figure it out on my WiFi. I asked if they could put my loaded down cart in the back room until the next day and I would get them whether I could get the apps cooperation. They of course deny me the option to do that. So now, I have lost some items, beings that there was only one of the items. I was disappointed by this action because I was a loyal customer. I believe in shopping local stores and shops in order to keep them thriving. Even if I need to go to a bigger town or city, and the DG store are located there. I still shop locally. In the case of where my local store is and they may be out of stock on some items, then I’ll make a mad dash to get them out of my preferred location. Thank you!! Best regards Shelli E.
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10 months ago, AOBryant11
Great idea- just wont work!
App works as long as I’m at home under my Wi-Fi, but I don’t actually save that amount of money- and If I need to use it in the store, to bad so sad. It will not connect inside the store or even up the street. Believe me I’ve driven up the street to where I got 5 bars on Verizon 5G and it still won’t connect. Also your receipts are just impossible to understand and I don’t believe I actually got the money off on that item(s). It just shows so many cents off all the way down in various odd places. Indecipherable -Ive even tried to just total up all the savings and it still won’t come out to what coupons I had clicked and the app takes off. Please fix it so it clearly shows what and IF we are saving. For example the $5 off coupon on Sat- shouldn’t it clearly say - $5 off on $25 on that receipt? Inside it savings .96 saving .47 and store savings 2.47 etc -as I said indecipherable! And that doesn’t even total up to $5 - you see what I mean? Also wow Id love to look at and use my app in the store during shopping, but it’s just plain impossible- it won’t even connect inside the store. Wickenburg,AZ- on Tegner. Please Please fix this! I love to shop in your store but I have to go to the other stores bc I have to save money. I’ll change my review to 5 stars if and when guys do. Thanks -
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6 years ago, BeezusMcgeezus
The new update is garbage
People have been relentlessly asking for a “clip all” button for your digital coupons. Evidently complaining in the store surveys does nothing so maybe here will work. The new update is slow and glitchy and has made clipping EVEN FREAKING SLOWER and still doesn’t have a clip all button. Trash. Family Dollar is run way better. Right now it says that I have $6 in coupons to clip. However, when I go to clip, it shows none. It loads slow, it constantly glitches out and says try again later. It’s awful and I’m considering taking my business elsewhere where the digital coupons actually work. Like Family Dollar. The entire company is becoming garbage. They don’t respond to complaint emails. They don’t respond to complaints sent through the surveys on the receipts. They don’t respond to the “contact us” on their website, and they don’t respond to phone calls to corporate. This app sent me 36 NOTIFICATIONS IN 20 MINUTES all saying the same thing. I had to file criminal harassment charges on one of their store manager’s because of an incident in one of their stores and STILL no district manager or anyone from corporate will contact me. And yes, I would like to clip all the coupons available because sometimes there are coupons that I didn’t know were there and I get a surprise at the register with an extra coupon discount. Everyone I know with the app, clips all. However, even a clip all for each category would be better than nothing.
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1 year ago, Why am I addicted?
Coupons don’t always work
How about instead of adding games to the app, you focus on making sure what’s already there actually works. The app is so slow, and I often have to close and re-open it to get anything to load. And then! I go to the store and buy my items, and the coupons I clipped don’t even work. This happens to me at least once a month. And NO, it’s not because I bought the wrong size of an item, I’m very careful when using these coupons. They just don’t load in-store. I’ve started driving the extra distance to Family Dollar because their deals actually work (and their store is cleaner, and they actually have what I want in stock, and their employees aren’t outside on a smoke break 24/7, and they don’t close down the store any time they get a large shipment, and I can walk through the aisles without having to move boxes and ladders). Listen, I know it’s not the app’s fault that all our local DG’s are trashy, but it is frustrating that the company doesn’t seem to have their priorities straight. I’ve called the customer experience line multiple times, I’ve submitted online complaints, I even talked to a “regional director” once, and nothing ever changes. My friend who uses a wheelchair can’t even shop at our local DG anymore because he can’t get through all the boxes. Trash.
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3 months ago, mmsauer11
I have been loving this App u til recently. It was super easy to use and linked coupons to products it matched to. Showed my totals and discounts and amount I could expect to pay very clearly. It showed me if the coupons applied or if I haven’t quite met the requirement that there were deals available. However, the last month or so my coupons wouldn’t apply even though I had them clipped and met all the requirements. Costing me a lot more money than I expected to pay. I wasn’t getting cash back because the App wasn’t recognizing my purchase even though all other coupons came off using my phone number. Because of this and Ibotta being linked I wouldn’t get my Ibotta cash back either. Then this past Sunday the coupons wont load on the App at all. I cant see any of them. It just tells me Error and please try again. For days now! Ive uninstalled the App. Reinstalled. Logged in and out multiple times and its still not working. Ended up having to call customer service to delete my account. Had to wait 48hrs to set up a new one. Waiter and extra day. Was able to use the App for a day. Didn’t even make a shopping trip and it’s giving me the error message again. Im so done with the App and with Dollar General. I’ll do my shopping elsewhere from now on.
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3 years ago, ellenrafter
The Dollar General out is one of the slowest app to clip coupons for every time you open The app or set a coupon the logo in the middle just keep swirling around and around and around and then it jumps back of the top a lot but one of my biggest complaint is there needs to be a different way to login at the store to use your coupons twice now I’ve been sitting at home and got a text of my receiptFrom two totally different dollar general stores in two different cities meaning someone keyed in my phone number to use my coupons that is very frustrating even if someone in at the wrong phone number by mistake they still usd my coupons. There should be someway to scan the app from the individuals phone or enter an email address or after you enter the phone number there should be a three or four digit pin to follow that way no one can keep your phone rnumber in but mistake I’ve actually had a couple of people that know me use my phone Number and then the tournament told me they did itBecause they didn’t have the app downloaded, they had to get a different phone their phone crashed they can’t see the screen or something it was always something and there just needs to be a way to prevent that.
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4 months ago, Gamer659
4 year employee here, my experience
I have been an employee at dg for the past 4 years, have been a key holder for 2. I myself never used and recently deleted the app (first manager convinced me to download it, never touched it after) . The reason being is every time a customer wants to use coupons with their number, either A: the coupons don’t apply to their number in the app, or B: the coupons do apply to their number, they have all the correct items and on the correct dates, but they don’t get the discount anyways for reasons unknown. It sometimes works, but saying it’s a 50/50 chance would be too generous. So many customers would stop shopping at the stores I work at if I and the other key holders didn’t have the ability to manually change the price to what it should be after “coupons”. This isn’t even mentioning the “clearance” sales that sometimes happen in stores that, just like the mythical “digital coupons” don’t actually apply. It’s malicious of dg to promise these deals and discounts, and lie about them even when all conditions for them are met. dg as a “company” needs to spend more of their money fixing whatever issue is causing this, instead of burning said money to build more and more understaffed stores on every street corner.
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6 years ago, Valente2luv
Why is it we need to reset our password when you updated this account? Why is it we just can’t enter a phone number and get into it?! Furthermore can’t you make it to where you can scan an item to see if it matches the coupons on your app?....many times I have bought the item and it won’t or didn’t take the coupon off because item didn’t match!!!! Really need to work on this app because dollar general is my goto spot but am beginning to think I need to goto family dollar because their app is so much better and I never get a please try again when I am looking at their coupons would also be nice if you could make it to where we can remove a coupon that we accidentally clipped!!! Just tired of recovering my account because you updated it, my husband can’t even get into his account because the email he had got compromised and it won’t even let him into his account so he’s down his app because he had to relog into it and since he don’t have that email anymore he can’t use his app or the coupons he wants thanks!!
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3 months ago, TreyBea
Love the app, but…
I love the DG app and tell everyone about it! I even show others how to download it and use it; they are thrilled! But, I have had a problem with the employees starting to ring me up before I even get to the register to put my phone number in the system. I just came from purchasing items from there and looking at my receipt I see that I didn’t save what I thought I was because I didn’t get to put my phone # in. This exact thing happened the other day as well and when I ask them about putting the # in, they are completely blank and say they don’t know how the app works. I don’t want to have to go back to the store in the pouring rain to get this fixed, but I took the time to shop the sales and even scan items to make sure of what I was spending because money is so tight for us. I will know to interrupt them before they get started now, but they were just trying to be fast and efficient. It’s frustrating that the staff aren’t more aware of how the app works.
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4 years ago, Tuti0708
Bummed out!
I really love to shop at DG....I do not love dealing with this app. It has been literally one of the biggest pain in the butts. So much so that I am taking the time to write this review. Uugghhh It will ask me to randomly log back in which I have no problem with. The problem comes when I get a ’General Server Error’ after I enter my (correct) information. So then I go ahead n try to reset my password n get the same message. I cannot get the app to open when I'm standing right in the middle of a DG. Tells me no internet connection. That is on Wifi or LTE. Ohhhh...and 4G n pretty sure 3G. Getting my frustration here? The employees at my local store are excellent with their customer service. They really are. Fairly confident tho that not one of them know much about nor give two rips about the app. Currently I do not have a vehicle and my DG is within walking distance, which is awesome. I want to be able to continue business with the company but this app is on my nerves and could become a deal breaker for me. Thank you
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5 years ago, my nem is jef
No waiting in line!!!
Ok so I go in the store and this line is wrapped around a corner. I only needed a few things but normally I wouldn’t want to wait. Not when I could just run to Walmart and hit the self checkout real quick. But I don’t really wanna deal with alllll those people either. I remember I downloaded the app but had never even opened it . Thought it was more catered to couponers. it walked me through the process and boom, I started scanning my items. Took maybe 5-Minutes to setup and scan my items. Everyone is standing there looking annoyed and ready to go. I bypassed THEM ALL, as I had already paid in the app and only needed to stop at the kiosk!!! I AM IN LOOOOOOVE WITH THIS APP!!!! Aside from the line skipping , it automatically took money off items that had coupons. And there is no minimum purchase like the Walmart service, which makes u spend 30 bucks to buy groceries/household items to get free pick up service. If I only need a few things that service makes no sense to use. Great app dollar General!! I am really impressed.
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8 months ago, Kbp36541
Antiquated computer system
My receipt is wrong almost every Saturday. The digital coupons don’t always come up and there is no way to get the discount since there is no paper coupon. The system rarely puts on my $5 off because of the app, but it can be added from paper. Sometimes the ads shows a particular item but when you buy it, that item was not covered. Specifically Scott toilet paper. The coupon picture shows regular Scott and so does the circular but only the Scott comfort plus gets the coupon. It is deceitful and you can’t tell until you go home and decipher your receipt to see what you were cheated out of. Sometimes when you show the mistake to the cashier they have a hard time adjusting the cost because the computer program so so hard to use. It is rediculous the way that the coupons and $5 off is taken off your receipt. It is purposely confusing so that you don’t know if you got all your discounts until you go home and decipher. I am getting tired of doing that. Just be honest and make it easy to get the discount or do not offer it. Thanks for reading this. Please take it into consideration in future changes made to the program.
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4 years ago, LittleRock 48
Mrs Bolz
I visited the store located at 1000 City Ave Moore , OklahomaThe lady’s name that was great was Rachel I believe she was a manager there was another lady that was a much older her name was Tina I was there on Halloween night which was in a Saturday when I always go shopping at Dollar General for my Dollar General coupons on the app I end up getting screwed out of both of my five dollar coupons of five dollars off on $25 more because of this elderly lady named Tina kept trying to walk all over somebody rushing somebody I purchased Almost $100worth of merchandise and she’s very rude person too me i’ve been in the store since 9 o’clock approximately it was 10 o’clock I was checking outAnd of course I was closing time and all she could do is worry about rushing somebody at out the door and She didn’t wan to let me habe my digital coupons she didn’t want to let me put my digital number in there I am very upset about this I’ve never met such a rude person like that In all my life almost she needs to retire apparently because she’s not a good asset Dollar General
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11 months ago, DGfavorite
Does each DG store make there own hours of operation?
The one on Constitution Hwy in Unionville, Va does. NOW, there hours are currently posted as open everyday Monday thru Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. That causes them to lose a lot of business. People are always pulling in, seeing them closed and leaving, going somewhere else. You think those people are going to come back if they start opening later again? No! They are going to stay with the retailer they’ve been going to, that has been dependable and reliable and hasn’t made them waste their time, gas and effort on so many occassions just to see a sign on the door that says “CLOSED”. Does DG hold job fairs for hiring at some of their main stores, where people can actually come and talk to some of the managers about the stores, jobs, benefits and advancement and the managers can meet the applicants? Which if you’ve been a manager for a period of time, you can pretty much weed thru who you are going to have left at the end.
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2 years ago, Mamasgirl!
Love your App , products, prices & many locations HOWEVER some of your employees so much!
I spend my hard earned money more than once or twice a week as I do not like that WM store. I purchase everything from food to pet supplies in my local DG! The app was a nightmare where I live & it never worked until recently it just got better! I shop on it @ home & go through the digital coupons & pick ALL I might be interested in before I ever go shopping. Works awesome! Saves me a lot of $$, well it does when the cashier is efficient , friendly, organized ,trained properly & take pride in their job & appearance. Which brings me to my recent experience where I spent the $126. The cashiers as in BOTH of them were very unapproachable & dressed very inappropriate. She didn’t let me put in my # for my coupon discount & she had in daisy dukes & it wasn’t anything anyone needs to see. Some of the workers in a lot of their stores all over Osage,Tulsa & Wagoner counties need some training!
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4 months ago, klw01281969
Money saving laundry detergent
First. … No more laundry detergent bills!!! The cost of having to use double amount of Tide and the additives and the stun sprays-sticks-gels-liquids, believe me I’ve tried everything. Til I found online recipe for using dish soap instead. For a super, extra greasy dirty load of my husband’s jeans; I used about 2 tablespoons of Dollar general’s true living ultra hand soap dish washing liquid. The bottle says tough on grease and man do they mean it! I was in shock when I inspected the jeans after the wash. I wish I had taken pics. Wow. So for a regular full load of laundry i just use a tablespoon and my clothes have been coming out great for about a month now. This is fist time I’ve tried on my husbands clothes cause they are so bad with dirt and grease. I’m so happy to be saving all that money cause 2 cups full to do his clothes is expensive and then there was the rest of house so we were buying Tide every 2-3 wks.
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10 months ago, Meli_bee
Great tool!
Update: Issue stated before has been fixed. Very happy with app, only issue now is the terrible wifi service in the store. Please make it better. Thanks! I love this app! You are able to scan items in store and check prices, you can see what coupons (if any) attach to the product in question and you can create a shopping trip list in the app for your next trip! The only problem I have with the app (that I’ve had for months) is that I am not able to set my store as “my store” in the app. The app gives me options on what stores are available but it doesn’t show the store that’s closest to me. I’ve logged in and out and still no change. This becomes troublesome when I need to check prices on items and have to guess if that’s the correct price for my specific store. I’ve emailed support on the app and just received a generic email and never heard back from anyone. Can you look into this and please let me know what’s going on? Otherwise, I’m very happy with Dollar General and the app and will continue shopping there.
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3 years ago, Annie6381
One of the best grocery apps out there
I love this app so much. Every trip I make to DG, I open up the app and go to coupon section right away to see if what I am shopping for, is on sale. I tell most people I know that they really could save money by shopping here and that they need to load the app. Some of the best deals DG offers are; laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, pet food and accessories, toilet paper, cleaners, and their seasonal items. Of course, the food & snacks beat all the other chain grocery stores. Also, every Saturday, they offer the $5 off coupon if you spend $30. Seriously, if you plan your grocery outings and holiday shopping, wait until Saturday and you essentially get $5 off your $30 purchase. Does Walmart or Target ever do that for us consumers? No! This is a great app and DG is always my go-to store for quick shopping and I don’t have to walk a 1/4 or 1/3 mile to get through the front door. Thank you Dollar General for truly being a “people’s grocery store”.
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9 months ago, TMFowler
DG App
This is a difficult app to use and shouldn't take so much time & energy to take advantage of the coupons. Sometimes you follow the directions and it doesn't take off the coupon amount. I had to enter my phone number at check out twice before it took off the coupon amount on one coupon but it wouldn't take off for the second coupon. Your system said the store was out of stock for M&M's but I found them & it wouldn't accept the coupon. I don't know if that was the problem or not. I also told the cashier I had never used your app for coupons and wasn't sure how they worked I she was EXTREMELY rude and discourteous to me, was laughing and giggling stating she didn't know what more she could do to help me. She told me the $2 coupon had posted to my order and when I got my receipt it was not. Then she told me she would refund me the $2 but I had to get back in line behind several customers. So far I have only been able to get the app to work once, we'll see if it works today. If not, I probably will stop shopping there altogether.
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9 months ago, CrappyApp!!
My favorites!
I’ve been shopping DG for many years now! We have 3 in our vicinity now. The best things are convenience, usually decent, competitive pricing and great selections. I sometimes even compare DG to mini HOMEGOODS stores for decor items! The bad, sad thing is having good workers who actually like their jobs, DO their jobs and know HOW to work these days. The newer DG at Rockbridge, Ohio has the best employees I’ve found thus far, merchandise is put out asap, they are personable, and seem to know their jobs well, except for an occasional new hire. The other DG, near Save a Lot in Logan, Ohio is my other preferred in our area, the male Manager there does good trying to keep up with stocking as well as register and being personable. I hope DG offers incentives to prospective employees as well as present ones to maintain them working for DG, it’s hard to find great employees in this crazy world these days!!
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5 years ago, Larsen22Valdez23
Can’t even open app!!! Just keeps saying “something went wrong try again” so darn annoying!!! I shop here so often and there’s so many now everywhere you go however I am so disappointed in this app that I will be shopping at family dollar!! Downloaded their app & works perfect 1st try!!! Thankfully there’s a family dollar right across the street from DG because it’s not inconveniencing me at all. After reading reviews it’s sad to see how many customers DG is losing over this app & the coupons not working, you’d think they’d just fix the problem and save customers. Being such a huge franchise must be why they don’t care because literally these problems have been an issue for years now and still not fixed. It’s really a shame though, but family dollar will surely be thankful that DG doesn’t care because they’re gaining all the business because of it! Don’t download, waste of time. Save yourself the headache and time by getting FD app instead because I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled several times with absolutely no luck what so ever!! Another unsatisfied customer to add to the review list!! Way to go DG!!! Hmmmm unbelievable they don’t care!
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9 months ago, ttnnvvool
I bought a spendwell card from my dollar store. I deposited money on it. Little did I know until I couldn’t use my money that this was a scam. I cannot believe Dollar General is allowing this to go on. And they can’t say they don’t know because you can read thousands of reviews of everyone getting scammed by this card company. But they continue to sell them. It’s pretty obvious they must be behind the scam. I’ll never step foot in another dollar store again. I know they could care less, but how could you allow this to happen to your paying customers? And some of these reviews go back years and there’s not one good one that I found yet. The same thing happens over and over to each person that buys one of these cards. And Jowler general sets back and let’s it happen. Don’t u greedy people have enough money instead of trying to take it from the people that I only have 25 or $30 to put on the card. To be able to pay a bill or something and come to find out its never going to happen. This is what happens when big corporations get greedy.. They steal from the poor.
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4 months ago, IvankaKS
Bed service
Today I went to dollar general on w main st in Stockbridge, to pick up some Easter items. Whatever little items they had, I picked up few, and I went to pay for it. When the cashier scanned last two 2 bags of peanut butter chocolates, I ask if she can please cancel those 2 bags, since I didn’t realize they were peanut butter. She said she cant! I asked her why not? She said the only person that can do that is the manager. I asked for manager. She said I don’t know where she is at. She tried 4-5 times by yelling her name from the register. I asked if she can page her. She said she can’t because pager is in her own pocket. I left all of the items and walked out of the store telling her that I’m going somewhere else. Unless I have to, i will never go back to that store again. And if someone can explain to me, why, such a small town of Stockbridge need 2 (two) Dollar General stores? We need a miniature quality store, where we can actually buy milk or eggs, (shoes and shirts)when we need it, since most of the time, they are out of basic supplies and cost more then Meijer or Walmart.
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2 years ago, SheeA39
They are SMART
Ok so whomever took over the DG is a genius! He/she decided that the people who live way way way out from a WM would actually not want to travel that far to get the essentials or emergency needs for families& in the Middle of Winter for someone who absolutely HAtes snow is a blessing !! So therefore that person should be given awards! And there prices are always cheaper than Walmart, Wegmans , Tops (especially they are always way more expensive!) anyways thanks for your services ! Keep it up! Now us who live far from the cities can get the essentials that we desperately NEED for our families also without getting acousted at our local drama filled always someone getting arrested Ghetto Lakewood Walmart! We all know it! It’s why we all go to Warren ! Less drama and way nicer people by far!! Thanks again ;) honest and sincere review ;)
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5 years ago, CAJOaSSkOsSyID
A Note to Consider:
There is absolutely no employee or “sales associates” that have control over the app functions. Just for clarification, that all depends on internet connection, service provider, availability, concentration, and also but not limited to, intoxication of the individual user and/or owner of said “cell phone” or “smartphone”. Fellow employees have zero impact on how /if /maybe / should only really have the “grey box at the bottom right hand touch screen” is most polite and courteous this Holiday Season. Remember to download Your coupons prior, or whenever convenient, to then use them when the tags have *The Present Day Listed* at the bottom. If not listed under said item/product, then it is time ask a Sales Associate. Shopping is the experience that you choose for it to be, please remember that we are tired too. Us Employees at Dollar General do Our very best to have a clean, well stocked, and rotated store, We understand, and We are people too. ~Sincerely, A Sales Associate Thank you for listening in to my TedTalk
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4 years ago, ~Mrs. Amanda Timbs
Inside Store
I love using the DG App to clip my coupons. However, using the App to create my shopping list and then trying to use the App to collect my items or see the coupons while inside ANY DG store is impossible! I have visited MANY DG stores and in every single location there is never reception for myself or anyone else I have spoken with about the issue. With multiple different wireless carriers there is no reception. I have asked employees at every location I have shopped at why no one gets any cellphone reception and the answer I get every time is simply vague and unacceptable...”We don’t know why, but every customer who uses the App asks the same question. None of us get cellphone reception either unless we’re at the front of the store standing in a certain spot.” Because of this issue I have to take screenshots of the coupons I have clipped and my personalized list to get everything I need. I would love to know why I have perfect reception on my cellphone right up until the moment I step into the store.
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4 years ago, really924
Major issues
Since the release of cart calculator I can no longer use the app unless I am in a store. When I try to open it it gives me a black screen for 2-3 mins and then closes itself. I have to completely restart my phone one in the store and hope the app will then load. Need to train employees and functions and such on how to help customers when they have issues with a certain coupon or the app entirely. Also you should clarify better on sizes/scents better on the app. Need to put a prompt on the main screen when a user first sets up their account that they can only use the coupon 1 time. There is still a major misconception by most customers that they can continue to use the coupon as much as they want until it expires. I think you should also give the stores NEW software in order to serve customers better, if the operating systems weren’t from the 90’s maybe customers would have an easier experience at checkout. But when registers freeze and malfunction it’s frustrating as a customer to wait for the issue to resolve.
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3 years ago, AnneGalbra
This app is extremely glitchy. The latest “bug” is anything that seems to be on a clearance cycle is scanning as 0.00, but anything that isn’t scans just fine. Example - When I’m shopping clearance, especially clearance that has exclusions IE “all Christmas except plastics”, but other items that have a Christmas tag, are not plastic, and according to a sign SHOULD be included aren’t, it would be extremely nice to KNOW beforehand that it isn’t going to ring up properly. Prime example of this happening is the Airwick holiday Apple Cinnamon Medley plugins. Was in the Christmas display, all other scents in the display are clearance. Get to the register and it doesn’t ring up right, and you get stared at by the employee like you’ve grown a second head for assuming it should be included. Could be avoided with a simple scan, but nope. Sure can’t because the latest “improvement” has rendered scanning useless. Fix the app. Couponing and clearance shopping is the main reason you have a solid customer base, and there are plenty of deals to be had without the frustration.
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3 months ago, Dondo😁
Up rite disrespectful
I recently visited your store in Mexia, Texas and shopped off your add and used you App to coupon. I get checked out and I noticed my coupons didn’t show up and none of my items had any discount except my toilet paper! So the manager was then called and I told her what was going on and she then stated that the sale was wrong even in the paper ad that was labeled 4/27 for today! She then went and pulled all the ads off the rack, I asked if she was going to price match my items to what the ad stated she replied she was unable to do so because the company didn’t allow it and the ads were incorrect. I shop here maybe 2-3 times a week!! So maybe your staff can use a little more customer service and know the difference on how to be a great manager! I’ve worked as a Manager for over 16 years and never would I have an angry customer over a sale or a coupon. Store just looks a mess, items are in the incorrect spot all over the store! Y’all can’t keep or hire good staff! I’m kinda feed up with dealing with y’all and giving y’all my 💴 money.
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9 months ago, 0000011111000000333335
That is the only word I can think of to describe Dollar General’s app. I just left the store and left product there because it would not ring on register for the sale price, which the store clerk verified, was correct, and would not did not attach the coupons that were clipped for the items.I was trying to shop prior Saturday because it is certain that the app will crash and nothing will work Saturday. This is been the case for months. I do not understand a business that offers a service and then manages it as poorly as Dollar General manages their app. All the stores in my area indicate they have store pick up but all the workers tell me they do not get notified of pick up orders and the handheld device does not work properly with pick up orders so they are all always canceled. If you were going to list a coupon for a product, let it attached to the correct product. The DG app is the worst app I have ever utilized. I would rate it a one of 10, definitely at 1/5 is to high a rating.
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5 years ago, AR Bird Watcher
Local Shopper
While shopping at the local Dollar General store yesterday I moved a cart from the end cap to see if I wanted to buy any of the items and your employee walked over and said we can’t have this cart pushed out like this and shoved it back never noticing if my hand, foot or any other body part was in the way of the cart. I did not appreciate this sort of attitude. In fact the previous time I was in the store to buy a greeting card I practically had to climb over 2 carts to get where I wanted to go and actually tripped and almost fell. Our local store probably is very productive but it offers very little in aesthetics and convenience. It is always very “trashy” and isles stacked up. Very unkempt! This should not be the case. Other stores In nearby areas are always neat and attractive and clean. I cannot say this about our local store here in Greers Ferry. I am over 80 yrs old and have mobility problems and love to shop at Dollar General but this store is becoming a challenge that I am uncomfortable with. My personal opinion is a lacking in managers who care. Thanks for listening to my complaints.
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4 weeks ago, Bluejay20222
Coupon failed
Saturday $5 off when spending over $25. Was at local DG Saturday at 7:30pm. Spent $27 even added item to go up to $29 when I thought maybe bottle deposit was stopping it but it still did not take off the $5 clipped coupon. $27 was the total after other coupons were taken off. It took off the 20% off Mountain Dew 24 pack $2.19 and $1.25 snuggles cpn but the $5.00 off was not allowed. Store clerk could not over ride saying it was an app issue. Ended up removing items because only brought $25 and just paid without getting the $5.00 off. I read terms of the $5.00 off cpn and there was nothing purchased that should have stopped it from working. Probably didn’t work because of the 20% off cpn but that does NOT go against the terms stated in $5 off coupon. If it does, the terms should be changed to explain that. This is the 2nd Saturday that the Saturday cpn has not worked for me in the past month. Might have happened more because I wasn’t paying close attention before. I’m definitely looking more closely now.
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11 months ago, Useappinyourcaronly
Internet in store pits
Your app is just fine but if you’re trying to complete or look anything up in the app while you’re in the store, you can forget it because y’all must be blocking something in every dollar general store because my the app will not work inside the store you have to sit in your car outside and look for what you might want and and do do that but if you want to look at something, just spur the moment inside the store and see if there’s a deal or use a deal and apply to your app you can’t without going back outside to your car and putting it in your app that is ridiculous and it’s not just one store. It is every Dollar General I have been in and when I have said something to the cashier about it, she says yes that is a problem.
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11 months ago, Spenscia(:
App NEVER works
The app seems to continuously have issues. It does not make any sense to me, how a multi-billion dollar company can have an app that is always experiencing issues. Either the app won’t let you login. Or when it finally does let you login, it immediately logged you out. Or whenever you’re in store, the app does not work. It’s almost like this is intentional. It doesn’t seem to make sense to me, how, as soon as you immediately step outside of a Dollar General store, the app seems to work again - If you’re able to log in that is. Assuming that it is mostly lower income consumer shopping at dollar general, the continuous issues almost seems intentional to keep us from saving money. I don’t understand why post all those sales tags across the store knowing that your app is difficult to log into. The Family Dollar app, which usually runs similar ads, never seem to have these issues so I don’t understand why it is always an issue with DG. This makes the entire shopping experience horrible.
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1 year ago, God blessed the USA🇺🇸
It will be nice if you keep the same people I know is hard to get people to work however if you keep changing or moving to other store they can never get the store in order I do not mind the new system however way can you make all the registers for cash it will be easy at the same time why can people at the register show there ID at the cámara when they have to by beer or cigarettes if is not the person the alarm will go OFF and the cashier can help., I can assure it will help, if you try to put to many things in a store people get confused and they will go to other stores a Dollar Store is for the necessary things not for all your needs please it will make it simple easy and you will sale more that’s my opinion thank you., God blessed the USA
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10 months ago, Soooveryou
Love the app but customer service at the stores are awful
In theory the app is wonderful but there is always some issue with the digital coupons. I’ve been at the register and they won’t load. The clerk saw it was clipped and added but it wouldn’t ring up. Been where a paper coupon was refused bc he couldn’t scan it. He could read the numbers and it was valid. Never any solutions to a problem beyond walking out. I thought the solution would be to place an online order but when I did that the app magically wasn’t working and they weren’t informed of my order when I went to pick it up. Said “the app is down” Even tho I showed it to him. He said it would be cancelled eventually. That was after my payment information was given.
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2 years ago, yankeechick
Improvement suggestion
I wish there was an option when reviewing the weekly sales add that you would be able to tap the desired product and it either highlights the item or flags it some way or automatically adds the item to a shopping list. I typically do my sales adds and shopping list at home before I go shopping and that would be a big improvement and would prevent me from forgetting items which would be a win for the retailer for larger sales people won’t be forgetting half of what they wanted or looking for after leaving the store. Love the app use it weekly and tell all my friends family and neighbors about it and download it for them! And show them how much I’ve saved using the wallet feature!
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6 years ago, Swolfmoon
Badly in need of attention
I shop at both DG and Family Dollar, and today I was in my local DG and saw that there was an app for digital coupons, and I had already been using for Family Dollar on their app, so I was pleased and went about downloading it, which took a little while due to us being out in the boonies, but I ended up waisting almost an hour trying to set the darn thing up with my information. I must’ve put my details in at least 15 times, but whenever I tried to get it to accept the verification number, it would think for a moment and then come back with a error message saying that it couldn’t be completed. It said “please try again”. I honestly began to wonder if it was some kind of test to see how many times I would try again before giving up. Tried the other ways in app to register but to no avail. I am posting this so that hopefully somebody that works for them can get in there and fix it, because I am saving money at Family Dollar with their app and I am hoping to do the same at DG sometime soon!
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1 year ago, Gcgrl
App is great...when it works at the store.
I love the app especially the list and the coupon deals. The problem is is that on several occasions I've gone to the store with my list and my coupons only to have my coupons not work in their system was messed up and being told there's nothing they can do about it. So no deals and coupons for me on those days which is very frustrating. I finally smartened up and made sure I asked to check with the cashier before I started shopping to make sure the system is working OK. I do the majority of my shopping at DG because I don't shop Walmart and I don't have a target near me. So as much as I love their app, it's a little disappointing, and hopefully in the future they will have a reliable system.
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4 months ago, 4martinfam
Great Prices
This Store has so much more than you would think, and the prices are much better than your local Stores, If You Haven’t given it a Chance, Your Costing yourself Money, Please sign up for their App, And a Couple Lines Down Click on This Weeks Add, Check Out all The Great Values and Click on the Coupons on that product and when your done Click on the Clip coupons on the same line as the Weekly add in the App and Clip all the Coupons that you think you will use and any others that you may use, And Then at The Register, Put in Your phone # and the coupons you clipped will be activated, and if you notice any don’t get applied, The Stores Employees will make it Right. Great Store and Greater Staff, It’s amazing how much you will Save.
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4 years ago, mommad#1
I will stick with one thing to improve the app. I understand prices vary on products by many variables. To me 🤷🏼‍♀️. 1) I would like to see what the price of an item will cost using the online coupons I love and judging by the cashiers I have clipped more coupons than most. Other stores provide it based on “my store” 2) when I have more than one of an item coupons, it seems, somehow, it will choose the coupon discount of the lesser amount. I prefer not to have to search and delete coupons because of the $amount to find the coupon(s) I prefer to keep the 2 or 3 coupons available on items I buy often. But deduct oldest to newest or the 3$ off not 1$ off 3) is on the tip of my tongue🤦🏻‍♀️ always another day 🤷🏼‍♀️. So I use coupons often and like the concept of the new “deals” choice and can’t wait to see it working. Remembered 3 3) the shopping list has done me no good. I would like an option from when I click to get a coupon, I’d love to be able to add that coupon item straight to “my shopping list”. It seems that should be an obvious option I hate when I’m sitting in the parking lot to view my coupons but invariably I get the wrong size or it was buy “2” get one free So that would be great if the correct one is on my shopping list I really do think the app is great but can definitely be more user friendly
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5 years ago, Starship 13
Unusable Very Poor App
I wish this app could be used in stores but there are serious problems with that including no available WiFi and Mobile Cellular Broadband completely blocked inside stores. It’s a matter of having to put your basket down and walk out to access the app. Then it’s often that stores have incorrect or out of date sale item info tags placed at point of display, items offered as digital coupons are expired and current digital coupons aren’t visible in store displays. A visit to Dollar General today they were out of bags and had to use a basket to carry items to vehicle. Poor management and poor synchronization of valid and expired coupons in stores and a useless app in store due to impossible connectivity issues. Oh and to make things worse the new app update is stuck in an endless loop just trying to start, has added security that doesn’t work the app isn’t functional at all now even outside on cellular. Would give a negative rating if possible but 1 is the lowest available choice.
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3 years ago, Sam082610
Some coupons don’t apply
The coupons are great! BUT every single time I have my coupons added on my phone and I go to dollar general I always have issues with them not applying to my purchase . I make sure I am getting exactly what they say the coupon is good for . And you don’t know which coupons haven’t applied until after you pay and get your receipt . Then when you tell the clerk they get crappy towards you . This happens almost every single time I go. So if the coupons actually applied to your purchase then I would give 5 stars or if there was a way to email or show that it was not applied and you could get store credit or reimbursed for what wasn’t applied then that would be great.
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5 years ago, &catman&
Maybe instead of a clip all just by having the app the coupons should be in our wallets so we don’t have to sit and scan the entire app. If you can’t do a clip all butting then just put them all into our wallet so we can just shop and if we buy the item we get the coupon - all stores not just DG should do this! I don’t have time to be scanning apps on my small screen phone and burning up the battery life - no one really looks at the ads or knows specifically which coupon they want and there are pages and pages of them and I am impulse buyer so I am not going to go back to app and look again while I am standing in the store ! And there is one drugstore in particular that doesn’t even have instore WiFi - so you have to go outside and do that extra coupon - that’s BS . Just load all the coupons for us if we have the app and make life easy and give us time to do other things!
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5 years ago, Tnt1429
Good but with a little more would be great
I work at dollar general and I have to say having this app is so great it’s good sometimes buggy but works, with this new update I really enjoy what DG has done with the app, although there is one thing I wish was different the feature where you can scan a item and find a coupon on it is a good idea but would be even better if it allowed customers to scan the product and see the normal price, this saves a lot of time for the customer and workers because the customer doesn’t have to take time to ask and question if they want something or not and the workers like myself have an ease of access and don’t need to use the in store scanner as much and have a hassle. Everything aside Dg is great with this app and I just hope for more fluent experiences with the app and all will be great!
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11 months ago, AlabamaChic3
I love the idea of the app
BUT…..if your going to have an app that you want people to use then make the WiFi in the building work to where your customers can get a signal. I love the fact I can check my prices and even have a total before getting to the register. But I waste more time wandering around the store searching for a WiFi signal that sometimes I just don’t feel like the struggle so I walk out. It’s aggravating. And another thing let the employees stay over night or whatever it takes to get that stock off of the ground and out of the isles. Nobody wants to squeeze through stock that has been there for days. I know you don’t have enough people to move it. And your ALWAYS Hiring. Give a decent pay rate and you’d be surprised at how good people will work. Thank you rant over
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6 months ago, ABirkla
Hardinsburg Indiana store
I shopped at the Hardinsburg Indiana store today. I want to say that most of the time when I go in any Dollar General stores, the isles are cramped their things sitting everywhere they’re generally a mess and very disorganized. However, today in Hardinsburg, Indiana, I found the cleanest most organized well stocked store I have ever been in. I had two employees asked me if there’s anything they could do to help me. And when I had a situation with a digital coupon, the manager very politely, and gladly helped me with the situationand was very pleasant. I don’t know what you’re doing different at this store than you are the others but you need to duplicate it because Hardinsburg was great today. A fantastic customer experience.
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2 years ago, PamelaJoy7
The community I lived in in California did not have dollar general. But since I’ve come to South Carolina, I have found one in my neighborhood, and I have to give the company huge props for their online presence in the app. Wow! It’s beautifully organized, I love the list feature, the Wallet feature is delightful - it gives me an easy way to organize my coupons,the fact that the app finds manufacturer coupons for me is stellar, the photography is great, the presence of the weekly ads is the bomb. It’s also very easy to maneuver around the app, so thank you to management for the amount of time and money and effort that you spent on having this app produced. I look forward to using the Pickup feature, too. It’s great!
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5 years ago, Sam.Zzz
If you’re here for the coupons, don’t bother.
I have not found a way to actually utilize the digital coupons they constantly advertise. When I try to see them in the app, it just throws up an error message. Can’t search for coupons, can’t see available coupons, nothing... so there is literally no way to add them to my account to use at the register. Seems almost like a bait & switch operation to get people in the store or to make you put things in your cart then have you buy them even though you aren’t getting the coupon price. I went through this frustration months ago and had stopped shopping at DG because I was sick of paying more than the price on the shelf, went back yesterday to give them another try.. and not only was I unable to use a coupon shown on a shelf tag, it wanted to me download a second app to see “available deals” for an item... again the coupon shown in the store was unavailable. Not worth the frustration.
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