Doodle Buddy Paint Draw App

Graphics & Design
4.7 (13.7K)
478.3 MB
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Current version
Doodle Buddy Labs
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Doodle Buddy Paint Draw App

4.67 out of 5
13.7K Ratings
5 years ago, PenguinTheBob
A great all-in-one app :)
Hello! This is my first time writing a review for an app. I go WAY back with this app, and I’m so glad that it hasn’t changed to a paid app, and that it has been improved on since i used it probably over 6 years ago. Our old iPad got super laggy, and i haven’t played it since. I decided to download it again today so that I could draw a little fanart idea i had. I am so happy that the app has only improved, while still having the same purpose. I still remember when i had ads covering the content of the app (at the top of the screen where i was then unable to draw, and covering the tools at the bottom), and when i would download my drawing and have it come out annoyingly zoomed in. I also love how they kept all the original stencils, stickers, and background options. I have had a lot of fun memories with this app!!! It makes me feel :). I also am very glad that there are now instructions to the games that i thought were just weird backgrounds, lol. I only have a couple of things that i believe could be added. My memories are hazy, but i for sure remember a color picking tool, and possibly a bucket fill tool. Whether they existed back then or not (i swear they did) then please add those features in :). I also wish i could be able to zoom in on my drawing to fill in small areas. I love this app and even now it’s super fun. Everything in this app i used to complain about is gone. I hope you see this, and thank you for all the fun!!!! :)
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6 years ago, RedstoneFIRE672
It’s back and better than ever
I have had this app for about 7 years now, and have used it a lot for small thumbnails and pictures, or just to mess around a bit. And after a while, it got kind of boring and other apps were getting better and better, leaving this app in the dark. But, surprisingly, after 6 years, they updated it! Lots of new stuff, bug fixes, and small, but helpful features. And if you’re looking to buy this app: you should. It gets the Job done, has all the necessary tools needed for some simple art and picture editing, and for a FREE app it’s a really good one.
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6 years ago, GAB126
See & Say!
My nephew has played with this app for years and now my toddler son. The latest update(s) however have made it harder and not nearly as enjoyable for the little one. The stamps used to just pop on the screen and now they have the hand adjustment symbols around them which is slightly distracting for the little guy. I’ve also noticed that several of the stamp sounds are inaccurate (for example: the baseball stamp sounds like a playground ball bouncing 🙄 and many of the animals sound the same or are not a typical sound that you would associate with that animal...I mean why doesn’t the tiger growl, and why does the orange sound like an unknown animal and the banana sounds like a goat 🐐. And the lobster sounds like someone is blowing up a balloon. These are just a few that are frustrating me, but I’m sure you will find plenty more inaccuracies that could be corrected. Please fix...The future of our youth depends on you! This app has been a handheld version of a “see & say” for many kids and they will now be horribly confused.
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5 years ago, holy dogs
I would give this five stars but I just loved the old version and creators, PLEASE bring back the old version but also I’d like to say, I always used to play it, until my mom told me that she looked on my iPad and deleted it... sorry to be interrupting my story but this was when it was the old version... so where was I.. Oh, yeah, my mom deleted it, and I think I remember that she said that she saw something that was inappropriate for kids on a pop-up but anyway, my main concern is BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION PLEASE and I am not trying to make this sound mean. please if you fix it I bet there’ll be a bunch of happy people. And I’m just standing up for the old version because all these other people are happy about the new one but I like the old one and I know that you know what I’m talking about. Creators PLEASE respond
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6 years ago, JJNixam on youtube
I love doodle buddy I’ve had it since kindergarten and I am six grade
I’ve had doodle buddy on my iPad since before me I’ve been in kindergarten I am in six grade now and back then I had an iPad one now I have an iPhone ate and still use it it’s really helpful if you draw on a picture even know that features already built into the iPhone doodle buddy just makes it so much easier that’s why I think you should get it but whatever I’m looking for a coloring app it happens every time I get a new phone doodle buddy is the first when I go to thanks so much for so many good years
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5 years ago, Rynobravo
So good 😊
Doodle buddy lets you edit pictures draw pictures and much much more. This app is so relaxing there is nothing I dislike about it. This app has so many cool features like...... Emojis, backgrounds, colors , and color textures and sizes. You can get any emoji, to get 35 coins for free all you have to do it watch a 20 second video😁. I really think more people should get this app. It is fun and cool who ever made this app is Genius. Thank you and I hope you really consider this amazing, fantastic, awesome app. Ps. Potatoes are life 🥔 I am so funny 🤣. I am a bite of a comedian that is why this app can be so fun and funny with the emojis #love potatoes 🥔 Thanks and WHEN you get this app you won’t regret this....………….……… Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun app Thank you I LOVE THIS APP! Bye 👋
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3 years ago, Foxmoon9❤️
this is a great overall app, but i have an idea that i really want to happen. okay, so there’s already a make the background one of your photos feature. BUT WHAT IF THERE WAS A USE ONE OF YOUR PHOTOS LIKE A STAMP FEATURE???? i want this so much to make my own wallpapers and moodboard aesthetics. please read eeeeek also an idea of how to improve my drawing by tracing a photo just occurred to me and it might end up being a disaster but it also could be really interesting hmm i’ll update this later with how it went.
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9 years ago, 7_rayne_7
What happened to all of the stamps?
I have had this app on my various devices for years. My girl love this app, and I love that it gives them the opportunity to draw and such while out and about, without the mess. My youngest is very happy with the newest sticker additions as well as some other newer features, but my oldest was saddened to find that some of the stickers she once liked, are now gone, and it also seems that the amount has lessened. Overall, I say that, despite the annoying ads which redirect children away from the app, it is a fairly decent app for kids. My rating reflects this view.
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2 months ago, SoonerMagic22
This is amazing!
I played on school iPads on this a few years ago and decided to download it to make some fan art. Not much has changed and it is still very fun to draw on. I don’t know if this is a one time thing or a glitch but I was drawing a picture and in put a mark through the whole drawing and I had to erase a lot and it looked worse. That is my only complaint. Overall this app is amazing and artists who want a good drawing platform I recommend this.
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5 years ago, lulu🤪😜❤️🙈
I love it!
This game is awesome! It is the best drawing game I ever used. If u use this for serious drawing then I think you should get it. In this game you get to pick the color and you can mix 2 colors together. I had this game for years, it did change, I miss the stamps, but it’s okay. Now you can put any emoji you want! I love that. You also can have different backgrounds and games. It is awesome. I hope you see this and reply. Everyone in my family likes this game. My sisters like to do this game in the car and long road trips. I love it.
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6 years ago, Teraldine
My favorite app!
I’ve been using Doodle Buddy to write captions on pictures for a long time. Recently I decided to purchase “hide ads”, and it worked for a couple days but then they came back and I couldn’t “restore hide ads”. Then the “text box” disappeared and I could write captions anymore. I decided to take a chance and email support. Within one day I got very specific instructions to fix both problems and it worked!! Love the app, great support!!
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5 years ago, gufot
I think we have some time for this week and we will was
Hey I want to you know if I have to start till noon or tomorrow I have some two days to go get my stuff for Christmas t p I tr I have to go home right after the day t the email address r I can just send them to you r I don’t know r the email I was sent in r to be eor right next time to you see ya iey e to me know when you get parked in the snow and I’ll let you in my room thanks so much merry merry good merry merry Christmas one merry new merry merry Christmas and merry merry happy merry wtetw
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6 years ago, myaddie
New & Improved
I’ve been using doodle buddy for YEARS, even when it was pretty outdated and goofy looking and a little buggy. It was the first drawing app I ever downloaded (on my ipod touch at the time hehe) and I’ve used it ever since. I honestly never expected a big update like this- it looks nicer, works better, and has new options I am excited to use. As an artist who loves to doodle, I can definitely approve of this app. (Dear Doodle Buddy Team: Thank you for the update, keep up the good work guys!)
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3 years ago, sam db fan
I’ve installed this now on several devices and I get to write a review each time
We’ve been using this app for several years (approximately 4 1/2). This app is so fun! This app is a great way for kids to learn to use a smart phone! Even if you get the free version the kids still needs to learn about how to not open all ads or how to close as her how to tell you hey mommy and daddy this is an ad right?
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5 years ago, Fox🦊Face
this app i have loved since for a long long LOOONG while! just one thing, though. there should be a paint bucket that fills in areas that are closed by another part of the drawing. that is the only thing! well, heres ONE problem... the toilet paper emoji is different than what it looks like on the emoji keyboard!!! Enough about that stuff, and about the glitches. Sometimes the paintbrush size tab just randomly pops up, and it really ruins drawing in glitter.
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3 years ago, DysfunctionalSleeper
Great for toddler and preschooler and grown-ups
We got this app when we were looking for the iPhone equivalent of paint brush. In fact it is much better. It is very fun for a little boy it has sounds and he really likes it it’s always like it when he was since he was a kid. Son, (now 3.5 yes) tell the people what you think about this app: ”it’s very nice . It also is really fun.
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6 years ago, Maximus151000
Thanks for the big updates!
Thank you so much for the big update. It’s been like forever since you guys made a new update and I can’t wait for the next one. Its happy to see you guys never gave up on the app. I noticed that some old stamps was taken out. I think this is due to space but not really sure. I’m not going to talk about any bugs because I know you are probably fixing them right now. Thank you for your hard work! From your supporter: Max Max
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6 years ago, person 588467
Two bugs that should be fixed.
I found 2 bugs and I really want them to be fixed. When u type something in Doodle buddy’s T text box it can’t be moved/dragged. What if I wanted to move something to the left of the screen it won’t work. So please fix this another bug I found is the screen can’t rotate some pictures I have require the screen to be rotated but this update does not let u rotate the screen. Please fix this! Thank you!
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7 years ago, pettyyyyy
I've loved this app for years. I've NEVER had a problem with it, it's always been great! Lately there have been those "you have a virus ads" on the app and when they come up, tons come up and once and the app crashes. Then you loose all of your work. If they makers can please fix these ads from coming up, it will be my favorite again. I suggest to always save your work by screenshotting so when the app crashes you can just put it as the background and continue.
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4 years ago, LevixBB
Good childhood game buttt
I remember playing this game so many times when I was little and I loved the sound effects wth the stickers and yea. But I downloaded his recently aNd the stickers they’re not the same and the sound effects aren’t the same either so like I got sad. But hey it’s still an amazing app either way. I was thinking maybe have the old stickers in a spot ya know. That’d be nice
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8 years ago, CaribbeanGirl☀️
This game was sooo fun before!! Tons of backgrounds and stamps and colors!! Until they got rid of like half the stickers for NO reason!! Now all the cute animal and plant stickers I used to use are gone and replaced with like two more useless ones!! Like... WHAT HAPPENED??? I wanna rate 5 stars cuz thats what they deserve but they got rid of the funnest part! And look at all the reviews below me👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼Yea they agree....😡So add in the animal stickers!! No reason to get rid of them am I right? So yea im mad if you cant tell😂Btw the sounds are cute so thats the only reason i gave two stars😂Anyway add them ok? Ok.
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4 years ago, Jamcounselor78
Simple & Fun - For Everyone!
Doodle Buddy is very convenient when I need to create a quick doodle, sketch, drawing, want to fancy my writing or share something more colorful than plain text! It’s simple to use, has an array of backgrounds to choose from and it’s really fun! Great for those who can draw and those who cannot! Everyone can create something cool on the go with the Doodle Buddy app!
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6 years ago, Litgurl24/7
LIT ( please read till end) ✌🏼
This game is soooo LIT I luv how u can draw and be creative as much as u want!! I loved drawing in this game ever since I was a lil girl like around 4 years old. Now imma teen and I still enjoy this game!! I love how there is stencils cuz I cannot make a perfect circle no matter how hard I try. This game calms me down! Worth downloading it!! Don’t forget to follow or friend me in ROBLOX my accounts are... Luv2drawgirl1 and Luv2draw2 ✌🏼😜
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4 years ago, Mittelschmertz
It’s good but theres one thing that really bothers me is that the emojis don’t have both genders like normal like there’s not both genders of sports players also there is not job or flag emojis and I really wish they would add those emojis but other then the emojis this is a fun app for kids I as a kid really love this you can also use this for school to make a colorful slide but still type and draw facts I really enjoy this but I hope the creators see this 😊☺️😊☺️
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5 years ago, Momfromthesouth
Naked Woman popped up!
Our kids have used this app for years, but with this recent update, ads have started. Today my 9 year old was using it and a girl in lingerie popped up and was pulling her bra down to show her exposed breast!! She quickly brought the iPad to me. I looked at the picture trying to figure out what in the world the pop-up was for, but there was no writing on it; only the erotic photo! We have deleted this from all of our devices & hope that the creators of this app start to better police what ads are being shown before more innocent children are exposed. -Signed, Infuriated Mom
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9 years ago, happygrandpa
Great entertainment for kids
I love this app - it's one of my go-to entertainments when I'm idle somewhere with my grandkids. My 3-year-old grandson loves to use the stickers to make noises (the frog may be the best thing ever!), and the older ones just like to doodle and send their creations to their parents. It's loads of fun, and it keeps them engaged in something creative instead of staring at a video.
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2 years ago, OwenTheBoat
Almost perfect
It’s a great drawing app with just about everything one could ever need in a drawing app. However, a zoom feature would be nice, as it allow for much more precise and intricate doodling. What I mean by zoom feature is the ability to zoom in and out of a picture by use of either buttons or pinching the screen. Besides that, this app is perfect!
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7 years ago, Meatdog
I love to make doo doo sounds
I use these sounds to wake up my dad cuz they are so loud Doo DoodleBuddy was the time to stop by the office and died of the light of my phone system good grief oh now I’m sorry about pooping on u the office space is a perfect place to grab something for the weekend or just die a lot but it’s not really going to work cuz I will diet and then I’ll pick it out and pooping in Detroit
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4 months ago, AddieCat277
Good but one question
I like this app. I just got it, but I have one question. Otherwise it's pretty good. My question is how do you zoom in? I was trying to draw a picture with small details and I couldn't figure out how to zoom in. Please help me. Also please read this. Bye
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4 years ago, dopemonkey5678
Million star review
This app is SUPER helpful even if you aren’t just drawing on it for fun. You can take notes, you can sketch, (sort of) but most of all, you can just have fun. And to me, THAT is the best thing an app can do. Sure, it’s not flashy, or showy, or hard to use. You do you. - million star review
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2 years ago, Yaya 2115
This app so great and is great to waste some time on when your bored. This app used to have ZERO new updates, then they stepped up their game. This app goes way back with me, for about five years and there is about to almost NO malfunctions. Again this app is amazing and great to have fun with.
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5 years ago, super fire 88
GREAT GAME and here is a suggestion
It’s is so fun, you can make anything you want!!!😁😁😁 here’s the suggestion: and a copy feature it you could make a box on the screen and surround the thing you want to copy and press copy. And you could do that with a delete feature! Btw best drawing game ever I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ keep up the great work!
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8 months ago, Flowers4Elise
It’s good but i can’t zoom in
I like this app a lot. In second and third grade i was obsessed, I just downloaded it again because I missed it. But I found out you cannot zoom in (Or I’m just really stupid) Developer, if you see this please add a zooming in/out feature. Or if I’m really that stupid please tell me how to zoom in or out. T̆̈h̆̈ă̈n̆̈k̆̈ y̆̈ŏ̈ŭ̈ (• ◡•)
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5 years ago, allthenux
Doodle Buddy Rating
I love this app, it helps me have more creativity, and is lots of fun. But, there are somethings I think they could fix. You can only hit undo like ten times, and if you have a mistake that you didn’t know you made, you need to get rid of that. If you hit clear, it will erase your whole picture, which you wouldn’t want. Overall, I think that this app is great, and that is the only downside of the app I noticed. It would be great if you can fix this.
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5 years ago, CUTESTKITTY1645
Needs zooming option
I love using this app for art and have used it ever since I was 8, I love making art and doodling but I wish it had an option that I could zoom in so I could do little details to make my art look better, if you could add that that would be great.. 😊😎❤️⭐️👽
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5 years ago, bruh2428
What happened to doodle buddy?
Doodle buddy used to be just a a really simple app that you draw and edit on. I’ve been using this since I was 7 and it used to be draw and put sticker on something, now you can buy stuff and you can only undo something 5 or 6 times. Go back to the old version and please make it to where you can zoom in. No hate. I love doodle buddy. I just miss the old version.
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9 years ago, THE REAL LION
I use it as my note pad. It's stylish and elegant, and a necessary tool now on my devices. I however experience my scribbles being automatically deleted when I'm driving. There should be an option to disable the "shake to delete" feature. Until they give us an option, one star is subtracted from my review.
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4 years ago, butterfly gurl 666
Omg the best app ever
So I have been playing this app for awhile .I really enjoy it and i have a suggestion. Can you add the new emojis that just came out?im dyeing to use them in the stamp collection. So anyways I have a longgggg history with this app. My mother let me play it when I was young. Anyways great app.
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6 years ago, I_Blonde
My only complaint is that when loading a picture into the app, if the picture isn’t the perfect dimensions it zooms in the image and you can’t access all of it. I’d rather it had the option to crop or that the full image shows up but there are black bars on the top/bottom or sides. Otherwise, wonderful!
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6 years ago, Awow27
Loved it forever
I think this is the only app I’ve willingly had on my iPhone since the iPhone 4 came out. It’s great for drawing stuff on pictures. It’s never updated to something ridiculous or made me pay for anything. Love this app and it has my never ending support.
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8 years ago, Katie love cat
I found three things that happened consistently: 1. I tried changing the background it wouldn't change 2. I tried writing in the text box no text showed up when I typed letters 3. When I clicked the eraser it would use the call so when I tried to erase something it wrote with chalk instead. Many other things happened too like not drawing correctly and not in doing my mistakes when I pressed the button and ext. point is this app has ALOT of bugs that need to be fixed 🙃
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6 years ago, UltimatePortalMaster
Unexpected Update!
I’m just 16 years old, I do joke art with, and for my friends because I love to do it. I used this app a lot when I was little and now I’m surprised to see, after 6 whole years you guys come back to update the entire thing again. So far, I love it.
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7 years ago, just DIED
Almost Perfect
This app is probably the only app I've had on every single on of my devices and I would strongly consider it the best drawing app there is, but I think it can be improved greatly by adding a mode in which you can zoom in for more precise doodling.
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1 month ago, Pennies lazy review
Gotten the job
I gave you a four star review because I don’t like it when you draw something and then you see that it doesn’t work. Also I can’t see the text circle because it’s missing and because it’s messenger kids but I don’t see it!!!
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4 years ago, Popstar Belle7
The Doodler Draws!
Hi, You know this game has amazing things that you can never imagine?I do!It even gives you demonstrations on other awesome pictures, how cool is that?!The problem is...the stamp effects!The sounds don’t match at all!?Why?When I pressed on a tomato it made this vibrating sound!Tomatoes don’t talk!You need to fix the sounds!Even on the emojis!
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1 year ago, Ren nightgirl
I Have Loved it!
I’m not going to delete this game because it has a little more to it than I thought. Since I haven’t been able to play it I don’t even want another game it is so fun! I don’t think I will get another game.
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4 months ago, Delicious biscuits
Doodle buddy
It is such a great game. My kids love it. It takes away their stress, they don’t waste paper. It is wonderful when I get time to myself when they are on this game. It expands their creativity. I just love this game! This is why I gave it a five star review.
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7 years ago, Best daughter in world kay
Ok, so I'm a very serious artist, and I love to draw. A lot. And I was trying to draw a realistic eye, and I was just finishing the eyelashes, the app blacked out, and exited out to my home screen. And when I went back to the app, my page was empty. THAT TOOK ME ALMOST AN HOUR!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!!!! Other then that, the brushes and crap are pretty cool. Just keep in mind that the eye was 1 hour to make. Keep that in mind. 1 hour. An hour. A FRICKEN HOUR ok I'm done now XD
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8 years ago, Justsmile488
I've had this app for about two years and haven't used it very much 😊 But now I'm coming back to it and there is one problem: It won't let me do the smudge thing and I don't think it had ever. Maybe its just me I don't know. Until this problem gets fixed I only give four stars 🌃. Thanks!
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3 years ago, make thing better please
How much I love doodle Buddy
I think doodle buddy helps young artist figure out who they are and how their paintings can change the world and doodle buddy just helps them too be even better and soon maybe they will be as famous as Picasso himself
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