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User Reviews for DoodleCAD

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3 years ago, Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
Works as Promised
This is a very scaled down version of what CAD programs usually do, hence the name "doodle" CAD. I had some problems figuring out the interface, and then I read the reviews, and I thought, geez, I doubt the program is THAT BAD! And I was right, IT'S a pretty good program. After a couple of hours of concentration, I can see it does have some pretty sweet features for a simple program. If at first you don't succeed, maybe it's not the program, maybe it's you.
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1 year ago, Apocalypse Deferred
Was looking for super smple CAD but comes up a bit shrt
I'm trying to draw out the framing plan for my deck. Really simple stuff for which DoodleCAD looked perfect. Easy drawing and it has dimensioning. Alas, there are two dealbreakers: (1) There is no ability to specify or display distances in feet & inches. This applies to all input fields accepting dimensions or the value displayed on a dimension line. (2) Scaling isn't consistent througout the app. I cannot specify 1 inch represents 4 feet. Finally, I can't find a support line to ask about these items, so I'm forced to communicate through an application review. Could be a great app, but just really hard to do very simple things like drawing a 10 foot section of 2x6 lumber.
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2 months ago, Sudonym
Can't use it - no support
As far as I can tell, there is no way to rearrange layers - drag and drop doesn't do it. Tried creating new layers but can't control where they appear. Can't delete the new layers I created - the minud sign button does nothing. I was doing fine with this program until I needed to create layers underneath the ones I'd already done. Now I am completely stuck and can go no further. No support.
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2 years ago, Medical Biller
No arcs?
I downloaded the free trial and was bebopping along really enjoiying how easy this app is to use until I wanted to draw a simple arc. There is no arc tool. Also, I would like to be able to delete lines or sections of lines is a rectangle or other shape.
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2 years ago, noposwaw
It does the job and thats it!
doodle cat its easy to use but it lacks allot of tools. the shapes are hard to do, you cant save shapes to use in other projects. doodle cat will save you money but it wont save you time.
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1 year ago, feel rippd off
It's not all that.
I can't find a way to import and easily scale a pdf into this program.
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1 year ago, Jack Rodgers, Jr.
Doodlecad Review
Very easy to use. Features needed: Library of standard shapes Warehouse of my custom shapes Opaque shapes Half circles and more
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7 years ago, OrovilleMike
DoodleCAD Versatility
I have been a longtime user and really appreciate the ease of use and simplicity of the tools. I infrequently create technical drawings, but mainly use it extensively for posters, signs, and illustrations. It allows me to import a variety of file types. So I am able to take graphics and pictures created or edited in other applications and use them to build my project. Utilizing the ability to create various layers, which can be alternately used, allowing a sign or menu serve several function without having to be recreated. The latest version is superior to my initial purchase and I applaud the many new features. Thank you D. Stewart. Keep up the good work.
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9 years ago, Its only software
Great for beginners
I am not a regular CAD user, but frequently when I write manuals, I need to create simple mechanical designs. Over the years I have accumulated various programs to aide in this, but this one is always my main use program. It is simple to learn, and does more than I need. Why struggle with complicated programs you don’t use daily when this fits the bill nicely at a reasonable cost? It is also great that the developer responds quickly when I am having problems and need his help.
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8 years ago, Jimdennis987
Have used this App since it first came out. Like any CAD program, there is a learning curve to becoming comfortable with it. I love the app for just what it was intended, “Doodling” with project ideas and the likes. For the cost and my needs, it fits my budget.
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4 years ago, J.J.Night
This app has potential but unfortunately is not ready for prime time. There are multiple useability issues related to printing, canvas, layers, locks and objects which need to be improved. The final nail in the coffin is the unreliability of object placements and file storage. There were numerous occasions where objects disappeared or whose edits were immediately discarded. There were also objects which disappeared after a save, close and reopen. Finally there is no obvious way to contact the developer to ask questions, identify problems and request enhancements.
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6 years ago, 1 Hung Dude
Bad product
I recently purched a one month license of DoodleCAD for a small project I am working on. First it took me way to long to figure out how to use this app, but once I started to get the hang of how to use it I had to stop working so I could go to an appointment. I saved my work and closed the program. When I came back to reopen my drawing, my file opened but nothing was there. Even if I did something wrong, which I don’t think I did, this takes me back to my first comment. This app is way to hard to try and use and I have a 30 year background in “IT"!!!.
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8 years ago, JEB-Sealions
I am lost?
This app keeps locking up my MAC Book and it has no documentation or help files. It looks like a nice program but no home run.
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3 years ago, daboel
Not for adults
This app could have potential, however there are many users issues. the app gets a 1 star for function, however the app developer gets a zero star for not responding to numberous support requests.
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5 years ago, Trezzzy
False Advertisement
I downloaded the app and liked it pretty good. Went to purchase the app full like the app store said I could and there was only the 1 and 3 month options. There is absolutly ZERO customer support what so ever.
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8 years ago, Ronklob
Freezes after drawing 4 elements
I can’t draw more than three different elements. Every time I attempt to draw a fourth, it locks up. Can’t even handle drawing four lines? Back to the drawing board. Pun intended.
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5 years ago, mmarkley
False advertising
Says free, as soon as you install, it says you have to pay at least $3 per month to do anything useful with it
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4 years ago, hr60
wish I could like it
This app has high ambitions and great potential, but parts of its UI are opaque. There's no user manual, and questions emailed to the developer go unanswered.
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4 years ago, wanderlustemma
this app has absulutely no instructions or tutorial for someone that has no CAD experience. For all intents an purposes it them become just a glorified version of MS paint.
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8 years ago, On the go in big wyo
Not free!
Says it’s free, but it really doesn’t do what you need it to do unless you subscribe or buy. Got it. Threw it away.
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5 years ago, fraziergeo
I can't get it to work at all. Piece of crap.
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4 years ago, watermeloncardib
1oo% useless....probably buying the subscription and the pro version, but this
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8 years ago, TPRDMR
deleted immediately
I downloaded Doodle cad, and the first thing that came up was a notice that everything exported will be watermarked, unless I buy the 49.99 version. Deleted it, and moved on to something else that I could try without buying. I would suggest a 30 day trial, or some such other tactic
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