Dr. Seuss Treasury Kids Books

4.7 (13.1K)
112.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oceanhouse Media
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dr. Seuss Treasury Kids Books

4.65 out of 5
13.1K Ratings
6 years ago, gymnast_dreamer
This app is amazing you don’t have to pay for any off the books you can just download them. My three year old daughter loves dr. Seuss books so this app is her kind of app with this app she can go on and the app and I don’t have to read for her the app can read to her and plus she even tries to read herself. This app is not only fun it encourages kids to read like my daughter she loves trying to read by herself at night this is a perfect bed time story that I read to her and is so easy to get to I think that this is the most wonderful app ever and I encourage people to get it Thank you developer for having a app like this 🙏😀
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6 years ago, Rodrivrav
Fun, but some drawbacks
Seems like a cool app.. but here are my drawbacks: 1. No sound options. I’d love to be able to turn off (or down) most of the sounds. A few sound effects from turning a page or pressing on an image of the book is fine, but the constant music when looking to select the books is just too much.. 2. Too slow. There is so much going on in the pictures and not enough words. It’s a time waster, to me. My kid is already great at getting distracted by the pictures in the books, and all this swiping and moving and extra images is too much that it slows him down more. I’d like the simple book, just 1 page per screen (2 pages in horizontal view). 3. No streaming option. I don’t like having to download everything on my phone, taking up so much space. Especially since each book is so animated and requires more space. I would like to be able to just stream the book when I am at home or on the go. If I’m heading out of town, I would download some for that time if possible lack of connection. All other times, I’d rather it not be downloaded. Now don’t get me wrong. I do love the content. I like that the books are sorted by grade so I can see where my child is at. I think the animation is cool in the books, just not as practical for my son.
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3 years ago, dxcookie
Worth it!
I love this app! Not only is it great having a large collection of Seuss books easy to travel with, the features are fabulous. It can read to your child at their pace, at an auto pace or let the child read (and get assistance on difficult words). The sound effects are fun and can be turned off. I love that a child can tap the screen to see and hear what each picture is as well! You can even record yourself reading! Definitely well thought out!
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3 years ago, bfoskx
One of the best
I purchased this app years ago for my kids. They both used to listen books a great deal in lieu of watching TV. As they got older, they have lost interest in Dr. Seuss, as expected. However, I recently downloaded the app for my great-niece, and my kids were so excited. It was warming to hear them laugh with joy at the recollection of some of their favorite books. Both of my kids love to read, and I can easily attribute their love with early exposure to literacy in such a colorful and fun way.
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4 years ago, Joy H Grace
Purchase this app but can’t get the books
I purchased this collection all 50 books in 2017 for my children under one of my family’s Apple ID. We no longer have that iPad. We also had it installed on a second iPad (family share account) and tried to use it (which used to work) it says we need to re purchase the in app books - books that we had already downloaded because we have family sharing. I’ve already paid for all 50 books. Argh! It’s impossible to figure out who to even contact to fix this. I am not sure when they started doing this lockdown of the books but if I have to purchase each book individually for each of my kids device in my family then I want a full refund of my $50.
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5 years ago, 98873726267718889
Requiring me to buy all the books again
I bought the complete book set over a year ago. Thought it was the best app ever. My kids loved it. However my oldest started kindergarten last fall and we haven’t used it much the past few months. Just noticed that I don’t own any of my books anymore. As of now Oceanhousemedia will likely require that I repurchase the books. Didn’t give a 1 star because I’m in a email discussion trying to figure this out. But outcome looks unlikely favorable.
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6 years ago, Seuss app
Wonderful app!
Our kids love certain Dr. Seuss books, but won't sit still for others. This app helps kids move smoothly through the books, and presents a great selection of the Dr. Seuss library. I should advise that we never used the audio nor auto play, which are both included. One of the best aspects is that the app does NOT automatically renew after the free trial! We will not renew the app, but will definitely buy the hardcover books that they enjoyed on the app. Would recommend this app.
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5 years ago, ZuluNeek
This app will not restore but continue to charge us!
It says it is eligible for Family Sharing but won’t share to anybody in our family when we try to! Also, if you delete the app and reinstall it, and you hit the “Restore Purchases” button while logged into it with the same Apple ID you bought it with, it will tell you the subscription doesn’t exist or that you need to use the same Apple ID you originally subscribed with even though both are already correct!! It even still shows up on my list of subscriptions and continues to charge my debit card! And we are only using updated devices, one is the newest iPad and it still doesn’t work! It’s my son’s favorite app, what’s going on??
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5 years ago, vogelmeister
Not the same as individually purchased books. Advertisements
It’s great having the books all in one app. The app is regularly updated which is also a good thing Disappointed that after purchasing all of the books, advertisements still pop up in the app to purchase the books individually on the App Store. Also the books in this app are like the original books with only a few colors, not like the colorized versions you get when you buy the books individually as apps. Why are the versions different, it’s is the same developer? It’s like you get lower quality product when you get the bundle in this app.
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4 months ago, JMT 814
Great books, great app
These are great books and they are presented in such a great format for kids to navigate and read. My kids absolutely love them, and they love to sit and read their real collection too, trying to make their voices like the actors;). I love how the books really shine and there are no ads my kids get stuck in. These really capture the magic of Dr. Suess and I love seeing my kids enjoy them like I remember enjoying them. Well worth paying for!
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4 years ago, CaliMom1415
Love love love!
Hands down one of our favorite apps. Downloaded it and went for the free trial and before the trial ended I was all ready to invest monthly. I can read to my two kiddos or I can set them up to have the app read while I finish up the nightly mom duties. My 5 year old is loving all the books she gets to read by herself with the word assist feature... Just amazing. Looking forward to another installment of Dr Suess books to enjoy instead of individually purchased books?
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7 years ago, Yes!$!$!
Best Toddler Ap Ever!
I am not a fan of my children spending their time even in waiting rooms on technology. We don't even own an iPad. My three year old comes to me and instead of asking to play a game on my phone, says ,"Mommy, please may I read a book on your phone?". It's great and the stories are books I remember when I was a child! It seems much more wholesome to me than all of the other children's aps I have tried. It's wonderful.
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5 years ago, MammaLanna
Until the app glitches and you can’t even use it
I love the features that come along with the books. Reading appears interactive with some light background noise and sound effects that make reading fun. I have been pleased with it so far until I went to update the app but now it’s not working anymore. Followed all the instructions and recommendations on how to get the app functioning again but so far, it keeps crashing on me every time I try to open it. Can I get someone from the company to help me get it up and running again?
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3 years ago, Tokyo John H
Failed when it counted most
I like the idea of this app, and it works great if you’re on wi-fi every time you use it. I was subscribed for the better part of a year. But I led myself to think that I could download some of the content onto my iPad so that I could use it off-line when I need to entertain the kids away from the internet. WRONG! When I was in that situation today, when I needed it most, it refused to even open the app unless I was connected to wi-fi. As soon as I can figure out how to cancel my subscription (not straightforward), I am done with this.
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2 years ago, MamaOcupada
Best app for reading!
Nothing comes close to how ingenious this app is, allowing kids to listen or to record themselves reading the story. It has great sound effects and animation and has encouraged my little boy to read - and then listen to himself reading - every single day for the past two weeks.
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5 years ago, love- hate relationship
Great but subscription unactivates😮
We bought subscription when it was over $100, under the impression more than one device could be linked. It’s so confusing and time consuming to link the accounts if it works. By the time you speak with customer service, the work you’ve done to activate one-two devices for some reason disactivates. Our children love Dr Seuss, so the app is great, only wish we had the capability to put books on more than one device (especially for the price.
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3 years ago, _'~clownfave~'_
Why do ppl need to pay for the books!
I hate apps when I download them and it wants me to pay whatever…💀❤️‍🩹 If this is for 4 year old kids then don’t make this app pay all of the books 🙄 Cuz this child’s iPads dint have money unless if there a teenager or 10 they can but kids under 5 or 3 or 4 don’t let the app pay that much!👁👄👁 If there older and this is not a kids game fine but why is this a 4 year old game and it cost so much stuff cuz they might like the books and they don’t have the books and your making the parents pay that much money?! Some people don’t have money on iPads so at least say sub now if they don’t want to then put a X up top like some games to this not a 10 year old game it’s a 4 year old game so beat it! “Free 7 day trial” more like “buy 7 day trial now” I mean come on! Don’t let your little sister or brother download this.
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7 years ago, Latincyber
Thank you!!!
My daughter was struggling with reading and spelling. I started read these books with her and her improvement has shown. Today she got her first A. She gets excited about reading now. Thank you for making these classic books interactive and entertaining, but most importantly educational for children. Worth every dollar!!!
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7 years ago, Deingirl
Best app ever
My students love this app. I love it too because of the reader their voices when certain places or parts the sound effects and music. They even have books on here the school does not have. Thank you for having the app, it was worth every penny to buy the whole books
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6 years ago, MommasKH
Please don’t change anymore narrators!
My special needs child loves the Dr S treasury & these read & play apps. No joke, I think they get listened to at least 10x a day. If not more. But recently the narrator got switched for the Grinch Read & Play (which is kiddo’s favorite) and it was horrible! The new narrator is not nearly as good as the old one & there was no reason to change this. Please please change the narrator to the old one!!!!
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6 years ago, b true 2 u
How much I love this app
This app is wonderful I never knew dr. Seuss had so many books. The books are so wonderful I love them!!!! The only thing I don't like is that u only have a certain time to read them for free then u have to pay to read them. Either way I love this app it is amazing!!!!!!🙏✌️👍🤘👌🤙🖐👍👍👍👍#1
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7 years ago, JCL811
Hate how updates keep deleting all downloads
I have the unlimited subscription and have spent many hours reading these books to my kids but with each recent update it has deleted the entire downloaded collection of books making me have to redownload each book one by one. This is the third time this has happened and now tonight, despite the latest update saying it fixed a download bug it now has caused the app to be unable to download any books.
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7 years ago, Evets1002
Stop! Don't do it!
We have the ABC and Green Eggs and Ham apps, which our toddler loves: the animations, and activities, and cool sounds are fantastic. So I bought the Treasury from the same company thinking (erroneously) that all the other books in this Treasury by the same company would work the same way. They do not. They don't work the same way as those stand-alone apps at all. Different interface, not interactive. Very disappointed and will not purchase another app from that firm ever again. What a shame. Save your money.
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7 years ago, CPT A. S.
Great if you can't be there.
My kids like the small animations and touching objects. What is really great is that you can record your voice reading the pages, so if you are away for a night (or several), the kids can still hear your voice.
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3 years ago, Clean Kat
Almost perfect
I love this app! More importantly, my daughter loves this app. She’ll sit still for a whole hour as I read to her and likes to tap on the screen so words are pronounced again. My only wish is that I could download the books with French and Spanish editions and have the same features available.
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5 years ago, Spambassador
Five stars for quick developer response
I originally submitted a negative review because I thought the short stories were incomplete. My review was quickly responded to and clarified. Very happy with the app and very happy with the developer for the quick response they gave to my inquiry.
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7 years ago, davidcv70
All of our favorite Dr Seuss books in one app
This app is a paid subscription to the favorite Dr Seuss books. Price is very good when you compare to buying individual books, that you may end up reading only one or two times
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5 years ago, NAVeldurn
Great App but....
My daughter has autism and has a hard time flipping the pages and when it doesn’t work has a melt down. A simple arrow instead of swiping would make a world of difference.
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7 years ago, chriscream77
We love it!
The narration is wonderful and subtle sound effects are spot on. They add moron to the illustration which really brings it to life. My three year old son and I are working through all the. Like one. Y one and he adores them all. We are so happy that we found this Dr. Seuss collection.
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7 years ago, jhallGFX
Great product
We had a little issue with the Family Sharing on our app but the developer came to us with a very satisfactory solution.
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6 months ago, #CRANKY’S #1 SUPA FAN
Total disappointment!
Got this game not too long ago and only got it because of the grinch. I wish you would get rid of the paying part because it totally disappointed me! Also Wish you would add more Grinch but keep all others.
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5 years ago, Nanny166
Great App but...
I got this app so that my 6 year old granddaughter could practice reading. She was reading mr brown on this app and she kept saying the word sound instead of go and she told me that in the book ( board book) the word is sound not go. Can you please explain why the words are changed and the book is longer in the app?
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7 years ago, Marbe11a
The record feature is my favorite. It will definitely motivate my little one to be the narrator to his favorite stories without losing any of the stories sound effects, or choose another recording if we create together.
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5 years ago, GaleHey
Unable to use via Family sharing
I purchased a subscription with my account and my kid is unable to use this app on my husband’s ipad also we have family sharing activated. In this app’s page it says it supports family sharing, but it doesn’t. Also couldn’t find a way to reach out to the company for tech support. On the website it only refers to Q&A page for that.
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3 years ago, Fatimah2012
Best app ever
This reminds me of home this is the best app to read books thank you so much for making this app so we can read these books
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7 years ago, TXTwister46
Bait and switch
When I downloaded this app it gave me two options. Purchase for something like $40 or $1 and some change monthly subscription with a free 7 day trial. I chose the 7 day trial so that I could see how my daughter liked these books before committing. The next morning I was up to a $20 charge for a year subscription. I was not thrilled and very irritated that they would do that.
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4 years ago, ThaoDini
Not free
At the time I downloaded it this was advertised as free but it is not free. You have to sign up for a monthly subscription before you can use it. Also it blasts you with annoying music and there is no way to turn this off without signing up. If you want to pay a subscription fee, this might be fine. They should fix the advertising though.
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1 year ago, mouejsjddccbfv*
It’s childproof so no one can buy anything
My children love they love Dr. Seuss but they can’t read yet and what are them I buy something I wouldn’t let them to buy anything that’s awesome
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6 years ago, MommyWithLittles
Such great books and fun apps!!
Classic, timeless favorite books! I contacted developer and they had excellent customer service! Definitely would recommend.
Show more
6 years ago, Ruckerb
Love this app!!!
My kids really enjoy reading these books, the ability to get help on words and being read to.
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7 years ago, CP Kindergarten champions
One Fish two fish red fish blue fish
We love our listening center. We are working on funds to order more books. The kindergarteners listen to a story Monday thru Thursday and on Fridays they draw and write about the story.
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5 years ago, Desss57
Best reading app
Truely the best reading app for kids with even sounds according to what’s going on in each page . It’s really worth it and I recommend it one hundred percent .
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4 years ago, jayden39074
Really bad service
Really bad app. App only has a little bit of books, i want to cancel my subscription and its impossible to cancel, followed steps provided by support and still unable to cancel and they said they cannot cancel even though i am requesting then to cancel. Do not purchase or get subscription it is a nightmare to cancel its not even worth it
Show more
3 years ago, Rae1877
Best Children’s App for story time
Adults with the heart of a child and children will delight with this wonderful story telling with narrative and sound effects. Delightful. -Rae T Alexander, Author
Show more
7 years ago, cmkaiser
Missing option
There is no way to disable the page transitions which are too slow for my reading cadence
Show more
4 years ago, willow niller
My daughter loves to watch PBS kids And she likes to play on her I pad alone so it is a little hard to buy the books for her. It’s still a great app I just wish you did not have to pay for it
Show more
3 months ago, KarakastekMom
So, the books are good, but I can no longer tap on the pictures without the app crashing.
Show more
5 years ago, DNE Sales
Love it.
Just wish you could enlarge it for the iPhone. Should be awesome on iPad. Great learning tool for children especially with reading issues. 😘❤️
Show more
5 years ago, angELA*85
My favorite app I ever purchased for my lo
This app is definitely worth whatever I paid for it a year ago. And I will definitely repurchase it😍
Show more
5 years ago, Jannimae2
Doesn’t work anymore
We loved this app but ever since the current update it shuts down every time we open it. Very frustrating!
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