Drawing Pad

Graphics & Design
4.2 (112)
222.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Murtha Design LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Drawing Pad

4.21 out of 5
112 Ratings
6 years ago, Yeah - I said it!
Needs better importing
I love the style of this design, how everything looks real. You know what the tools do, unlike pricey apps with obscure interfaces. I love the backgrounds/borders! However, this lacks funtionality because it won't import from other apps or icloud. I drew pictures in other apps I want to color with this one. Importing from photos is a privacy risk and doesn't support layers. Please add support for at least three layers. Importing from anywhere should be able to turned off in options (to stop kids from messing something up.) Add Spilt-view for multitasking (could also be turned off.) Keep compatible with ios 10 so not to lose 32bit customers. I'm trying to make a medieval map. Plesse add stickers for castle, king/princess, old house, old walled city, dragon, Chinese dragon, troll/other monster. There's currently no house-cat sticker? Many people hate/fear bugs. Put an option in to hide bugs in drawer, or better, let us hide all stickers we don't want to scroll through every time. Add a pet coloring book with dogs, cats, ponies, ferrets, birds, and lizards. Thanks for your work :).
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2 years ago, Nancy ann catlover
This app is absolutely brilliant for all ages! It doesn’t force you to buy a premium like all other drawing pads do, and it also, remarkably, has NO ads-they make their money off of one dollar coloring books you can buy in game instead. It works for drawing, painting, and gradient (smear tool!) and also for photo editing (you can take a photo from your gallery and stamp it down on the page) I can’t think of any issues I’ve had. Oh, wait, layers-so that you don’t have to worry about coloring in lines and you can delete an unwanted layer easily-I’m clearly not good at describing layers but I would really like it if the devs looked into layers and added a feature like that. Please also add an option where we can add filters to our drawings, however I’m not too hung up on these requests and, although I do think they would improve the game, it’s plenty good for now, at least for me! I especally recommend for non-professionals who just wanna have some fun, not pay some subscription.
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6 years ago, WildDragonGirl1
Thinking about buying this?
Well, even though the age rating is for kids 6-8, I would recommend this for all ages. It works for drawing any and everything, from complex sketches all the way down to random doodles. Now that I have addressed the good things about this app, let me address some issues. The app crashes. It only happens occasionally, but it sometimes just crashes when you are drawing and when you reopen the app, it didn't save the drawing you were working on. I find this a minor inconvenience. But if you can be patient with that, this app is for you. Only downside is it only gives you two coloring books for starters, and hose coloring books are for babies. Any coloring books for adults you will have to buy. I don't like that. But hey, it's a nice drawing app and all the drawing tools are free!
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2 years ago, TopSpinBear
It’s been 10 years….
Ten years ago, 5 year old me was visiting the Apple Store with my parents. There happened to be a table in which you could play and test out their tablets. This app happened to be on the tablets, and I was instantly hooked! It was easy to use and very exciting to explore all of the different tools. I begged my mother to let me download this app onto my own tablet, and she let me. It was one of the best downloads I have ever made, even to this day. This app has made my artwork better. Unlike other apps with overwhelming tools and settings, this app is simple, but still enjoyable! I would like to thank those who made this app, as it really sparked my creativity at a young age. This nostalgic app is one-of-a-kind, and I hope to keep using it in the future! Download this app!!!
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3 years ago, littlekoala00
Great app
I really like this app. It’s one of the apps I use most. Even though it isn’t the best option when it comes to professional art, I really like to use it and have created some the art that I am most proud of on it. Would recommend
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7 years ago, LisaG1
It’s alright...
It’s okay, but it could definitely be better. I’m more of a fancier artist, but not fancy enough to get an app that requires a subscription fee. The app that I had previously used was perfect! But then, it stopped working, so I had to get rid of it, then it left the American App Store, so I came to this. I got used to the nicer features of that app, like layers, and I was pretty devastated when I lost it. I know this is for a younger age range, and 6-year-olds likely won’t use layer, but it would be a nice addition. At least 3 layers, that have a merge option. I know this is definitely a lot more work for you, but it may make you a bit more money. Maybe, spend less time on making the tools look realistic, and put your efforts elsewhere.
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6 years ago, caseyjoanz
My Favorite App
I’d probably learn to live with my large iPhone since iPhone 6L - and now 8L - is almost in the same size range. But they don’t offer Drawing Pad! It just a year or so ago that I discovered the value of using a Photo Image as wallpaper and my work was a second layer completely blend-able with the wallpaper (or “over” the wallpaper) which can be covered but not changed without changing the wallpaper. A bit hard to explain, but the latitude it offers in photo-shopping is my preference over the preferred method. I’ve used this app for years, and I still find it limitless.
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4 years ago, SomeoneTookAllTheGoodNames
Wrong Target Audience
Okay, so this app is just mediocre. There are some basic tools, but most of them are just plain childish! There are options like motorcycle stickers and rainbow star stamps, but there aren’t any basic squares or circles to use! Also, I find the lines not very fluid, and smaller ones are extremely pixly. It would be good if it were free, but I don’t think it’s necessary to have to pay for it. This seems like a great app for little kids to play with, but it isn’t for “professional art” as they claim. I don’t know why they aren’t marketing this to children instead. I think it would be a great app for little kids! Edit: I realize it says the age range is for kids, but the reviews all say it’s great for adults and whatnot
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4 years ago, inca123
The updates are great!
I used this app before this update and liked it’s simplicity and ease of use. Then I explored procreate, infinity painter and some others. Way too much stuff and too many choices. My work became overburdened with stuff. Keep it simple, you know. Glad I am using this app again with all its updates and still retaining and expanding its simplicity and ease of use. Given the price of physical material this app and some other art apps are a bargain for a digital artist. We are lucky as artists to have this approach to creating.
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7 years ago, Nmeart76
BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
A long time ago when I was super little, I had this SUPER old iPad that I had this game on and this app was everything to me. I had multiple years of drawings saved on it, and one day my little sister got mad at me and deleted the app.... It deleted all my work and I cried for hours😂😁😖😬😭 What I am trying to say is that this app is amazing DEFINETLY DOWNLOAD!!!!!! I am super sad that you can not download on an iPhone 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭PLEASE MAKE A IPHONE VERSION!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!
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6 years ago, Momsun
So User Friendly!
I have all the fancy, complicated drawing for myself. Bought this for my 5 yo grandson because my apps are too difficult for him (and sometimes for me). I love this app...I must confess I have been using it a lot! Very user friendly, not just for kids, I even think playing with the coloring books is pretty cool. I would say best of drawing apps for non professionals!
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2 years ago, toocoolforschool2016
Glad you fixed the update! Will recommend!
I’m glad you fixed the update! But now whenever I press the arrows to get to my other drawings, it kicks me out of the game and it’s really annoying. Could you please fix that?
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1 year ago, remain.in.light
The undo button does not work
Look,I like this app. Though I was working on a picture,I saved the picture and when I tried to use the undo button, after a few times it didn’t work! I had to start ALL over again! And I cried! I suggest you could fix in a update. Other than that it’s a good app.
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4 years ago, lovingorca
Drawing pad
I’ve had this app for years and I love it. I make collages. And color. I love making memorial collages and joke collages. I wish I could send you pictures of my joke collages. I’ve had a lot of fun with this app over the years. Thank you for building it
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3 years ago, MacBookLegend
I really do love this app, but it has a huge problem that is really frustrating me: it sometimes randomly deletes your drawing. Often, you can restore it by clicking the undo button, but most recently, the undo button did not show up! If I were a child, this would literally be devastating. Since I am a grownup, I am simply very, very disappointed. Please, have a way to restore old versions of a drawing, or fix this awful deleting glitch. Please let me know if there is a way to restore a drawing that the app decided to completely erase.
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5 years ago, *Shazam666*
User friendly and overall great app!!
I’ve got no problem paying a dollar here and there for add ones, and what I really love.......NO MONTHLY OR YEARLY SUBSCRIPTIONS!! Lots of colors to use, how wide or narrow you want the tool you use, brushes, pencils, everything in one app. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, blueburst2
More adult color books please
I’ve colored every design a couple of times. Please add more ASAP. Thanks Why not add more adult coloring books? I wouldn’t mind having to pay for them. Please respond, thank you.
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12 months ago, Grammie 7
I have used this for several years and just yesterday went to add a photo to a greeting card and it said I need to do it through iTunes? Not happy. Grammie 1 July 2023
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3 years ago, !End7wall
Not working full screen on latest iPads
The app hasn’t been updated for a year, would be nice if the app would be updated to work full screen on new iPads. Other than that, the app is nice but blurry graphics ruin it. If you have one of the new iPads(2020) better get different app.
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2 years ago, NTPXLMC
Used to be good.
I first purchased this app in 2012 when I got my first iPad (not sponsored) it was free, and it did not glitch. I went to redownload It and come to find out it’s 6 dollars?! For an outdated glitchy app? My drawing kept crashing. I’ve been drawing with you guys for over 10 years, marking up the price seems greedy. :)
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5 years ago, jackyya
So, this is a great drawing app for kids, but if, you’re into more advanced stuff, I’d definitely recommend things like, IBS Paint.
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3 years ago, News rabbit
Encourages spontaneity
The simplicity of this app for drawing /painting whatever you want encourages spontaneity and adventure. Easy to erase and to unerase! Saved work can later be modified. Fun, fun, fun!
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4 years ago, a lot of new
I like it but
It sometimes takes room to download but if you do not count that it is a very fun game
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6 years ago, AAGrey
I LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love this app and it is so much better than they advertise it to be!!! Only one complaint: I can’t download it on my phone!
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4 years ago, <(*~*<)
Adding a tool
Hi I wanted to say that in the instruction vid there's a eye dropper but when I go in my tools no eye dropper and I want you to add the eye dropper on mine
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14 years ago, Andor7517
Good app but too virtual for my kid.
I bought this app for use on a long plane trip with my 3 year old. She loved the crayons and especially the stickers. She wanted to turn some of the pictures in the iPad photos to stickers so she could place them and re-size them as she did with all the other included stickers. This would be a nice feature for future upgrades. She also kept telling me that it did not 'feel' right. It turned out that drawing with crayons and markers was too smooth. She was looking for auditory and tactile reinforcement. So there were no marker sounds or feel nor slight resistance when she used any of the other writing/drawing tools. Not sure that providing tactile/auditory feedback is possible, but would be a great enhancement!
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5 years ago, 7574asdf
Very good
This works really well
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5 years ago, Britt michelle
I didn’t like this at all. Not worth $2. I need a refund. 😐
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14 years ago, GT Ironman
My 6-year old loves it
I downloaded this mainly as a mobile "chalkboard" so that I could practice my first-grade daughter's spelling words with her on the fly. She loves practicing that way and actually gets excited to do her homework on the iPad. But she discovered all of the drawing and painting tools on her own, and now I can't pry the iPad away from her. I often find her in a quiet corner of the house drawing away and adding picture after picture to her album, which she proudly displays to anyone who walks through the front door. She is a Disney tv junkie, so I am quite happy with this unintended consequence. Great app. A few suggestions to the developers: - add a large format elementary school lined paper template - add the ability to rotate the aspect angle of the entire picture, like you can rotate the stickers (she sometimes draws "upside down", but wants them right side up in the album) - would be nice to have a "back button" to go straight back to the album after you have opened a picture from the album
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9 years ago, Txgungirl
What A GREAT App!
I am going to fess up here. I'm an adult and I love to doodle and PRETEND I can draw. Sadly, I have zero drawing talent. Anyway, I've tried lots of coloring apps over the years and this is by FAR the very best drawing/coloring app of its kind that I have ever seen and used! I LOVE that you can choose to use crayons, colored pencils, markers (some VERY cool markers too), as well as paint brushes. There are LOTS of colors to choose from and you can even create your own colors! I appreciate that the coloring books can be individually purchased at a reasonable price. In the past you had to buy multiple apps to combine all these features. Bummer! Only 2-3 days of using this app, I too experienced a crash and total deletion of my current work. I think it has something to do with the "undo" button. I hit it a couple of times rapidly and my work disappeared then reappeared but the next time I used the undo button everything was lost on my current project and the app froze for a bit.
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12 years ago, Nutmac
Great looking but flawed
With realistic UI and a large set of drawing tools, Drawing Pad remains one of the more impressive looking drawing apps for kids. Unfortunately, it is marred by few but very big flaws: 1. Too many colors for younger kids. There are roughly 26 to 64 colors, depending on the drawing tools. And one of the tools, paintbrush, come in two sizes (in the same drawer). That makes scrolling and finding desired tool tedious. Older kids may like such choices, but I would like an option for narrower color range. 2. Confusing drawer. Undo and redo are too close to the home button. And it is all too easy to accidentally go back to main menu (which is very ugly and unnecessary) by hitting home button twice. Simplify the UI for younger users. And I have few wish list items: 1. Full retina graphics for newer iPad (a small part of the app is retina based, but most are not). 2. Easier sticker UI. I frankly don't get what some of the tiny buttons do. I suppose two are for putting sticker over or under existing drawing. Whatever they are, they seem unnecessary. Clicking on the sticker selection shouldn't cause sticker to immediately appear (and therefore requiring a drag to desired location). 3. Sound effects. 4. Automatic save. How does one save an image? It took me awhile to find the feature buried deep within. It should save automatically to an album. 5. How does bookshelf work? For an app designed for kids, the app has many confusing UI and features.
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11 years ago, Jabbadah
Novice already knows
Thank you for this excellent app! I know it already takes a lot of space in memory, but here's my wish-list: 1. Floating Palette access buttons might be in the upper corners or moveable. 2. It takes a lot of effort to get a pencil, or other stylus to have just the qualities one desires. It would be very useful if you could have a second drawer where one could save one's favorite tools, tweaked and saved to one's specifications. 3. As an academically trained artist, I use all the traditional media, it would be wonderful if you could also offer a crow-quill pen, and a variety of colors (I like a raw umber-y sepia, like Pelikan's), and in the floating palette, a selection of washes (light and watery, light medium, medium, dark medium, and dark), each becoming less transparent as they get darker. (Think Tiepolo drawings). 4. Reproductions of hand-made drawing papers: like the now extinct Barcham-Green papers, like Charter Oak or Boxley Hot Press, Maidenstone. Others still being made like Lana Laid, or Sennelier's blue-grey paper which artists have used since 1835 or so. 5. Or create an app specifically for fine artists. I realize how versatile the app is as it is, but making a strictly fine arts version--because it has such great potential--would economize the memory space it uses. THANKS SO MUCH for this really beautiful app.
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14 years ago, Imagine5thDimension
My son and I have the most fun with this app!!
I highly recommend this application for anyone who likes to draw, especially if you have small kids. I have a LOT of apps, and by far this is the one that we always come back to when my 2 year old son and I are playing together. The user interface is beautiful, and it's just plain fun! My son especially likes no only to draw but to use the many stickers. The developer has also been excellent in communicating when I've had suggestions or feedback to give. Easily 5 stars. Thanks for the awesome application!! By the way I got autodesk sketch pro and I like this one better. Maybe I'll learn to like that one more as I use it more but this one is really fun and easy to use, so we end up using it all the time.
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14 years ago, sabrinawaters
Wonderful! No glitches, but...
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE this app, and, in fact, I use it more than twice a day. BUT, it would be better if you could type in things, like on the app "graffiti" on Facebook. (even though Drawing Pad is WAY better than Graffiti.) Also, I would love it if it had the thing where you can make a color lighter/darker, because sometimes my friends ask me to draw them on using this app, and the drawings would look a lot better if I were able to shade it… Oh, now i thought of another suggestion-- could we have borders, as well? ;) So yeah, just trying to give some constructive feedback to make your incredibly designed, easy to use, glitch-free app even more awesome!
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14 years ago, Butch Hauke
Good drawing app but needs some improvements
My kids love this app. It's very attractively designed. There are a few issues that, if fixed, would make it a 5-star app: 1) There appears to be no undo function. If you accidentally draw something, the only way to get rid of it is to use one of the erasers. 2) There's no way to save a drawing within the app for later editing. Worse, the drawing that you're working on is not restored if you quit and relaunch the app. My older daughter has already lost a few drawings by accidentally hitting the home button. 3) It would be nice to have a button to hide/show the tool drawer. As it is, you have to drag the handle and sometimes you miss, resulting in errant scribblings with the current tool.
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12 years ago, Iamgirl1
Wonderful relaxing
I play with this app all of the time and have no children lol. I am an artist and I love to color. This app is so relaxing and I love the smudging tool. The only problems I have with it is some of the colors don't match like I choose a gold pencil and it colors in yellow. Also I wish they would add more colors or give an option to buy more colors. The biggest problem i have is the fact that u can't pinch to zoom in and color in small places. If they would add an option to zoom and more colors this would be awesome! Either way it is still very fun, relaxing and my favorite app. Oh and fun for children too!
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8 years ago, Terrific2s
Super Fun Creativity
This app is great mobile art studio app for all ages of children 2-92. It is easy and fun to use. It has many types of tools to choose from. There are paint brushes, crayons, colored pencils, markers and more. There are ways to enhance and fine tune the mark that each of these tools makes. There are many selections for colors. The pencils, for instance, had 68 colors to choose from, which could also be modified into the tints or shades of these colors. This app provides a platform for fun open-ended creativity. It also has coloring books for those who like that. It has nice save and undo features. This app is a must have for helping children explore open ended art creativity.
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11 years ago, Creative APP-titude
Great new features for Students
I am very excited about the updates to this app. Most drawing apps for younger students do not have a tool to add text. The addition of the text tool makes this a perfect app to use to combine story writing with drawings - it opens up a whole new range of possible learning activities. There also are new features that allow you to adjust the drawing tools to add transparency and other customized effects. I like that the features are slightly hidden so younger students don't get confused by them, but easy to use for older users. A highly recommended app for creativity and learning!
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14 years ago, FATweety
For fun more than 'fine art'
Drawing Pad is great fun. It is simple to understand and use. The interface is so beautiful that I'll use this app whenever I can just for the aesthetic pleasure. It is not designed for 'fine art' but 'fun art.' In a way this app captures the spirit of the iPad itself. Rather than trying to be a full service drawing/painting app it has a somewhat simpler set of tools which are perfectly integrated into a package that make it a joy to use. I found it amusing that the critics of the app all focussed on what it didn't do, never discovering that the beauty and simplicity of the design are strengths, not weaknesses.
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13 years ago, JennigH
This is full featured enough for the adults and yet simple enough for the youngest of the artists out there! It's straight forward approach makes a tutorial irrelevant and unnecessary. Very stable, no crashes at ALL. The tool drawer is ingenious and intuitive and the graphics are second to none. DO NOT hesitate to add this app to your arsenal. The author takes time to listen and personally respond to suggestions and even adds them on request! Wow!!! This app is worth ten times the price (glad it's not though ;) ) Get ready to let your creative side EXPLODE with this program!
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14 years ago, Savanie
Love it
I love playing around with this app!! I love drawing and stuff so this is perfect. There are a lot of colors to choose from and so many ways to draw. There is Avery nice selection of stickers. Maybe some more holiday stickers? The ones thing I think it really needs though is some sound. Like when your coloring and stuff. I think that would make it even more entertaining. It just seems so quiet. I really does need sound. But besides that this is amazing. I can't wait to see what you have in store for the future of this app. This was worth the money for sure.
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9 years ago, Matchu5489
Worst app
This app has great features, however; it doesn't save your work. I have worked on a drawing for 3 weeks. Today, when I opened the app and did minor touch up work it was working fine. Then, I hit the back button one time and it erased all the work I previously worked on for the past week. Don't waste your money on this app, there are way better ones that will actually SAVE your work. It's sad you have to pay for this app and this has happened to me several times. Complete Garbage. How can you do wonderful art with a app that erases your work. I'll probably be 60 by the time I will be able to finish this drawing that erases half my work! Please fix this bug, until then; your app is going on the cloud. I suggest everyone to do the same!
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13 years ago, K H from Oregon
Great + can I ask for more?
Cool drawing program! Very intuitive interface. Nice tools. Good for so many ages. Brushes almost never lag like they do in some drawing apps Nice save/share options. It's great as is, and very worth the price of $2, but of course we always want more! What I'd like to see is a real pencil or pen with a very fine tip. As a teacher and parent, I'd also like a way to hide the stickers, since stickers often make kids under value their own artwork. And pinch/stretch to zoom in or out... Layers would be a bonus and make this a truly killer app.
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14 years ago, Megulis
Wish I liked it more...
I like this app, but I think it could've done more. I wish the stickers or stamps had sound associated with it and had some that are cutsey for like a reward sticker when my son and are using it. (like cute cats that meow or purr!) It would be nice if they had more rolling stamps too! The strokes of paint brushes effects would've been nice. I hope they come out with some of these ideas in later updates. Otherwise, I really like the ui. It is kid friendly and adult fun. I don't like how some of the kid drawing apps are too kiddie, and the adult apps are too austere. This is just a right balance between the two. Make some changes and It would be more fun!
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14 years ago, ddvdave
My kids love this!
My 5-year-old daughter loves to draw. She also loves my iPad! So what better way to keep her happy than to let her draw using the Drawing Pad app? The multi-touch support for scaling and rotating the stickers is really cool, and the ability to save pictures directly to the iPad's photo album and email them is great for sending pictures to the grandparents! I hope to see an undo feature in a future release, and the ability to load images into Drawing Pad would be great. Other than that, it's perfect as it is!
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13 years ago, dreamalot studios
Best 99 cents spent at iTunes Store so far!
This app provides all the basic "real world" art supplies in a nice art drawer (that you can slide closed) and it was a natural for giving our daughter something familiar to embrace the iPad. BUT... it is so much more, we are constantly surprised at how robust, stable, and intuitive this app is - It is really a joy to use, and not just for our daughter! Developer site is also done well - this is what an app should be: does what it says, does it well, is stable, and has a great support site. And is affordable.
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14 years ago, Iluvthisapp101
Great App!
This was the first app got and it's excellent! I love making drawings on back-round pictures of my friends, family, etc. Then uploading them to Facebook! With this. app, you can upload to your album, facebook, and Twitter! This is by far my favorite app and I would recommend this app over other drawing apps. The only thing that was off about this app is that I would draw a mustache on my friend's face, and when I finished uploading it to facebook, I would see that the mustache was floating In the air and some things would be shifted over. But that only happens once in a blue moon. So get this app over other drawing apps! Its really great for when your bored, or just want to draw! :)
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14 years ago, Very happy parent
Great app for kids
I got this the day I got my ipad due to the high reviews and the fact that I thought it would be a great app for my 3 year old son. He absolutely loves the app. There are multiple options for colors, markers, pencils, papers...and now backgrounds. I've just finished putting blank coloring book pages into itunes, and now have a coloring book that we can take anywhere, and can be re-used...great for restaurants, trips, car rides...Personally, this app is worth a lot more than the price!
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12 years ago, Miffda go
Awesome App, but could you add......
This is one of the first apps that I purchased when I got my iPad. I am in love with it. I use it to share my ideas on and show people things. Everyone I know asks to see my iPad just to play with Drawing Pad! I just wanted to tell you something that would make you, in my opinion, the best app on the App Store! If you could add like a text box type tool to the app in one of the upcoming updates, that would be awesome! I can't wait to see what the developers have in store for the next update of Drawing Pad!
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13 years ago, miz uno
love this ap
For a constant doodler and sketcher drawing pad is great. Best used with a stylus. On screen the paint (more watercolor than oil) looks real, the blender tool is awesome. The colored pencils and background paper are great. Only complaint is I can't get anything to print with my printer and wifi network easily--can take a photo and print it. Also the tool box takes up room on the sketch area, making it hard to see the whole page. All in all though every doodler should have this ap!
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