DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

4.87 out of 5
715.1K Ratings
1 year ago, txcatfish
Website usage
DSW has one of the most infuriating websites I’ve used, not just once but two or three times. I always have the same issue. I am a VIP elite member and I not only had rewards money to spend but also free second day shipping. The website would not let me use it. The last time I tried to order something from DSW it would not allow me to use my $35 reward money. I had to call their corporate headquarters to get it put into my account so that I could order online. While I was in DSW, there was a lady trying to check out using her rewards money, and they would not honor it. Thankfully, she had taken a photo shot of the rewards and the clerk had to call the store to get verification that she actually did have that money to spend. So apparently I’m not the only one having difficulty trying to use money that I’ve earned. Heads up DSW. You need to fix this.
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4 years ago, .Kelly111.
App is okay, but it constantly says they have shoes available when they don’t.
I ordered some Clark’s on sale in size 8, they sent me a size 7.5 by mistake. It was shipped to me and took three days, so the day I got it and realized it was wrong I immediately went return it. They didn’t even see the size I brought in as part of their system or something, and when I asked to get the right size ordered they said the size didn’t exist. They said they didn’t have it, and didn’t know when they would get it. So they did have the 8 at the time I ordered it, but because I got the wrong one by the time it got to me the 8 was now unavailable. I paid for it and everything, and I didn’t get what I said. Completely went against my expectations, and it’s horrible to do this to a customer. I said I would wait until they get my size, but they couldn’t promise it so they gave me store credit. The app said I was going to get it, and I didn’t. That’s completely unfair. Not only this, but days later I see that the shoe is in stock again because it’s in my favorites. I try to order it, and this time it says I can’t place the order because it doesn’t exist. Well, that’s better than what happened last time however why it it telling me it’s in stock and deceiving me? It’s so horrible, I had my hopes up. I’m probably not going to shop here again. The employees were as helpful as they could be and were nice, but this app and the service is abysmal.
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5 months ago, mesch90
Meh. You can only save 30 pairs in your favorites
DSW as a shoe store is great; it’s fine. The app is not that great. One issue I have is that there aren’t acct pics of the shoes on someone’s actual foot. My main issue is that you can only have 30 pairs of shoes in your favorites at one time, which, for someone as indecisive as I am, is quite ridiculous and annoying. A few summers ago, I was looking for the perfect white heeled sandal for my bridal shower as well as shoes for my reception and found many pairs I liked; however, since I was searching for new booties during the previous fall season and saved a good amount of them that I liked and since I had saved a random pair here and there in the time between those two events, I was only to able to add 6 pairs during my sandal search. 6 is an ok amount to choose from I guess, but that is beside the point. Idk why I chose that example now. Anyway, I rarely use the app ever since the first big search I did where I learned there was a limit on how many favorites you can save. It’s just dumb. Please just let me save all the shoes I like; I’ll probably end up buying more shoes and spending more money that way haha… just saying.
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4 years ago, shushop
An ordeal!
First-you have the very best employees I have ever dealt with. That being said, the process of accessing my VIP account has been a complete nightmare! I have tried to access my account for over a year. In the past I just gave up and went in as a guest forgoing the coupons. It would be greatly helpful if the prompts were clear as to what the problem is. Finally today I was able to talk to an employee at the actual DSW store (broad Street Richmond Virginia) and they were able to look up my account and find out that I had the wrong phone number attached to my account. Once I got that straight, I went on line to order my grand child a new pair of sneakers and my gift card did not work. I call customer service and my return did not show up on my gift card. Fortunately a man in customer service figured it all out and credited the amount of money back to my credit card. This has been quite an ordeal. The only reason that I would purchase any shoes from this company again is because of your phenomenal customer service people. My time is valuable as yours and I spent about two hours on the phone just to order one pair of shoes. Thank you for listening, Sharon
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2 years ago, peejark
Horrible App
I just spent an hour trying to by 1 pair of shoes. All of my information was correct on the app but it kept asking me for my contact info which was correct. After two different chats with two different individuals and an hour later I was finally able to place my order. Very frustrating when all of your information is correct and the app is asking you to correct information that does not need correcting or adding in. It was staring me plain in the face yet I was still being asked to put my contact information in. Ridiculous! Asked what was the clitch and didn’t get a response. Only wish the store carried the sizes you need and more of them. Unfortunately they don’t and you are left having to deal with an app that does not work properly. Good Luck!
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3 years ago, AHHH-MAZINNNGGG
Not what it was
The app is just okay. It’s more frustrating than anything. I’ll add items to the cart and have to keep going back and forth with deleting and adding again - it always changes from shipping to in-store pickup and won’t let you save changes when you put what you want. Besides that, DSW just isn’t what it used to be overall to me. The shoe selection isn’t as great as it was years ago, most prices are more than you can get from other stores and being a “VIP” member surely isn’t worth spending what they want you to spend each year for it. They used to have two day shipping when you placed an online order...Now it’s about ten days to get things - Other stores have free overnight or two day shipping. I just don’t see how it pays to keep being “loyal” to them to be what they consider VIP when over time things have good downhill, prices have increased and you have to wait longer to get online orders than you do if you would’ve ordered from someplace else.
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5 years ago, Maza D.
Shopping online & In the store
I love the styles & verity selections and especially gift for just ordering also an added bonus discount coupons that are emailed, texted and mailed to me. Convenient in every way that counts. Wonderful customer service on the phone & in the store, kind & Pleasant also reassuring staff that seem hand picked just to please me, that makes me feel extra special. Out of any stores that I ever shopped at, I’m always excited to shop with DSW. Who ever manages DSW should show the clothing department store on how to run a business 😉. Overall I applaud you DSW, keep up the good work, always love to shop with you. Anyone I speak to, I always recommend you. Hope you stick around for a very long time & I am honored to keep your business growing 👍. Sincerely, Your loyal customer Maza DeshaQua
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2 years ago, CTrissy
Technical difficulties
Still has lots of glitches. Trying to checkout and the app repeatedly asked for contact information that was already entered. Works when I use PayPal, but not a credit card. Very irritating and glitchy. See previous review below. Hasn’t improved and it’s been a few years. Apple Pay does not work with ship to store. The app requested a two letter state abbreviation to use Apple Pay but there’s no area to enter the information. Ended up wasting 20 minutes trying to figure out where to enter the information. I also tried to get help through the chat option and the person responding had no clue what I was talking about and asked for too much information to research the problem. I did not give them anymore information and left the chat box. Why offer Apple Pay if the app doesn’t work with it. I ended using a different pay option to make sure the transaction was secure. Needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
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1 year ago, Coco TCouture
DSW is great
It’s great for a valuable hunt for that “one” pair of shoes that you don’t need but have to have. I’ve found so many great finds here. I do wish they had a similar system to the DSW store with Clearance items having the color coded “additional discount “ from 20% to 60% more from the listed price. (Via Phone App) when filtering the app works ok, except it goes to the top of brands each time a selection is made, so you have to scroll down each time to find where you left off, but when you try to SORT the items you just filtered, say, Price - High to Low, it doesn’t work. I’m using an iPhone 13, so maybe it’s a compatibility issue, but sorting on Saks Off 5th, Nord Rack etc., all work perfectly.
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1 year ago, Loyal customer of DSW
Worst customer care
Hi, I ordered few stuff couple months ago that included free bag. However, I didn’t receive the free bag and the whole purchase was because of that bag I liked. When I called the customer care, some lady said she will add a note to my account that DSW will give me $25 on my future purchase any time for the inconvenience. All I had to do was contact the customer care. When I texted the customer care, no one was able to find a note and asked me to call the customer care instead of chat. I didn’t call as I didn’t want to waste time. I don’t care about money at this time. This is the matter of trust and customer care. I Kinda had some kind of doubt when the lady said that she was going to put a note that never happened. Because she was not ready to put any dollars on my VIP account. I just want DSW to have a customer care like earlier. Also, this is not the first time I had issues with the customer care. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, KristynKritters
Can’t login after update
Everything was just fine last night when I was using the app. This morning I updated the app (BIG mistake). Now it won’t let me log in. It told me I had the wrong password. So I updated my password, logged in & everything seemed fine until I came back to the app about 10 minutes later. It logged me out & now tells me my password is wrong again (I know it’s correct bc I took a screenshot of the new password before I submitted it). I tried force closing the app - didn’t help. I uninstalled it... no improvement. Please fix the update. Everything was perfect until the update today :( I just want to buy things but your app isn’t letting me
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6 years ago, bsny72395
Great app!
The DSW app is great! It is so much better than the old DSW app where you couldn’t shop from, and now you can. I work @ DSW and the app has come a long way! I love that you can pull up your rewards number quickly and all your coupons and certificates. I also love the fact that you can choose between shipping to your home or to your local store to avoid paying shipping. The filtering on the app is great as well. You can filter by size and then by color, price, brand, style, features, heel height, etc. I am a ladies’ size 12 and I always start off by filtering all women’s shoes that come in size 12 so I don’t get disappointed when I see a shoe and it doesn’t even come in my size. Great job DSW! You’ll always be my #1 place for shoes.
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3 years ago, Frustrated shoe lover
Using the app to purchase shoes is a pain
I appreciate the ability to have easy access to see what shoes are available and even what stores I can go try them at. I have tried to order shoes from the app multiple times but have found it to be very glitchy and always have difficulty submitting for a purchase. This time around it would not let me submit because it claimed I had not filled out the contact information even though I had filled it all out. This happened 3 times before I was able to submit it and I did nothing different each time. I would have a much better opinion of the app if buying shoes was not so challenging. I also cannot submit a review without providing a nickname but apparently every nickname has already been taken. This is very frustrating.
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2 weeks ago, Lilybecs
Could not use Apple Pay or enter my card manually
After several attempts using Apple Pay and entering cc card manually and getting the message that payment cannot go through, I then use Venmo with that same exact card and it went through so something is going on. It was kind of frustrating to have to enter my card that many times this morning, but the transaction is now done. I was just trying to get the Bogo deal on the app so I could go to the store and pick up one of the shoes today which I’m going to do, so problem is resolved, but I did send a chat message when all this was going on and I got a canned message back saying that you guys were busy, but I guess for the best since I took care of it. Just thought you should know because I almost gave up and that would mean the other people are also giving up on their purchase if it was happening to them. Thank you
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6 years ago, robink1963
Took 3 hours to place an online order
Trying to place online order. Kept asking for Touch ID. I don’t use Touch ID and have never used in the past. I have placed many orders online and have never had an experience like this before. Through online chat was told a supervisor would call. Waited for 2 hours with no phone calls. Was also told an email would be sent with troubleshooting ideas. Still have not received an email 3 1/2 hours later. Sent an email and response was to call customer service. Called - not there on Sundays. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!! Went back into chat and finally got a supervisor. I don’t know what she did, but order was placed after 3 1/2 hours of trying.
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2 years ago, poor online experience
Difficult transaction
It took several attempts and having to download the app to make the purchase. First it said it couldn’t use PayPal so I tried my credit card. Told me to call the number for help. Called and call center was closed. Downloaded the app and tried again starting fresh and used my credit card. Then the error said to fill out my contact info (which was already filled in with phone number and email). I cleared the content and re-entered only for it to error again. Tried to erase and re-enter a second time. Meanwhile having to re-enter my card information each time as it would clear it out (I get it, it’s a safety feature). At this point I’m wondering if the shoes are worth all the hassle so after I erase and re-enter my contact info a second time I decide to try PayPal once more and all of a sudden my order was saying complete. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Frustrating experience.
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4 years ago, LYNRICKI
I love DSW. They carry name brand shoes which makes me happy to know I’m buying good shoes. They are one of the easiest shoe store to work with. I have been buying my shoes from DSW for many many years. I have never had any trouble returning the shoes at a store including the ones I buy online. The employees at the store are super helpful. They will help order shoes online if they don’t have your size in the store. Depending what size store is available where you live, online has tons more shoes then in the store. DSW also has a point system which gives money rewards so you can get discounts. Plus if the store has a sale on all shoes you can use your rewards too. All I can say is DSW has great prices for good shoes.
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5 years ago, Srhodes27
Easiest retail app
Totally unprompted review. I wish every store’s website/app operated as smoothly, quickly and easily as this app. They seriously need to follow this format— so easy to navigate, search, filter, and see every detail of every step of the purchasing process. I think I spend more money at this store JUST bc they’ve made it so easy to use and actually fun to shop. I used to feel I had to see the item in person/try on (especially shoes), before buying, but this app gives so much accurate detailed information, I know what I’m getting, and it’s going to be serviced well. Thank you DSW for cutting down my shopping time with this app! Its fun to shop online again!
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7 months ago, Ms Rocky
Website difficulty
Worst website. Rarely lets you go anywhere and go back correctly. Tried to subscribe 3 times and never could find me later. Had to renter 3 times so 2 carts randomly have an item in my cart. When go from shoe to chat for more info chat person doesn’t know what shoe I came from and if I go back can’t reconnect with on going chat. Then when try going back lose it and back to trying to go in and takes long time just to find the site with my uterus in it so basically redid that one and bought that item and going elsewhere to buy sneakers. WHAT QUALITY CONTROL PERSON SIGNED TO ALLOW THIS WEBSITE TO BE ACCESSED BY ?potential? Customers. They and techs should be held accountable. Maybe even simplify site for better function and train chat people it’s functionality or lack of. I’ve had a very difficult day searching Black Friday deals. This site is the worst.
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2 months ago, Doctor Watts
Contact during checkout
There is something wrong with this prompt. After numerous attempts to add the “Contact” phone number during checkout, I gave up trying to use the Venmo payment method. Just kept on saying “something went wrong.” It never worked if I tried to use Venmo as payment type. It finally worked only by adding a new credit card even though there was already a valid one on file. I am not interested in spending my personal time helping DSW troubleshoot a problem with the use of this form of payment if there is no compensation because endeavors can become very time consuming. Just letting you know, choosing Venmo as form of payment does not work properly even when the Venmo app is installed, up to date and working fine on the device being used to order from DSW.
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4 years ago, jeff in RM
Malfunctioning website and poor online support
App site appears to have gone down on November 11. I could not complete my purchase on PayPal and then was locked out and could not use an alternative payment option. When I tried online customer service they told me to remove all cookies for the app and empty my cart...but when I went to try and do that, I was disconnected from the online support (even though I asked if this would cause a problem and was assured it would be okay). 30 minutes later I get an email telling me I left something in my cart, but when I went back to the app and clicked on the shopping cart (that indicated there were 3 items in the cart) the app said I had no items in my cart. I was finally able to make a purchase about an hour later, but was only able to buy 2 items as the 3rd was no longer in stock. Frustrating experience!!!!
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5 years ago, Kim2222220
Buggy app
I’ve never been able to submit a product review using this app and always get a 400 error with no helpful info of what the issue is. They don’t have an internal way of submitting app feedback or reporting issues that I can find. The closest you can come to doing so is using their awful support chat. P.S. they use one of those chat features where the support member can read what you’re typing before you submit it. You’ll figure that out when you type something without submitting and they go ahead and respond to it anyways... either that or they hire psychic support members /sarcasm. I love DSW but their app should really have better quality by now. Also the “location” field of the product review form should really auto populate as you start typing. You’re supposed to magically know that it has to be “city, state” with no context.
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11 months ago, Ammar Hezam
The best App for shoes shopping
I find this app more convenience for myself when I want to get some shoes for my family or myself. Whenever I go to the show rooms, I spend a lot of time and couldn’t find the sizes that I’m looking for but with this app it’s quite easy and more comfortable to select the sizes, the items and to get all the promotions and discounts. The good things also, is that you have an option to have help almost 24/7 with a great people help you with every single question immediately. Even though the show room is next-door from my house, but I’d rather to do it online through the app.
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5 years ago, crazy for shoes
DSW - THE Store of choice!
I have been a DSW Customer for many years & became a fan after my first ever visit to a store. DSW has a great selection at reasonable prices, & almost 100% of the shoes I own are from DSW!! I shop in stores & on line - I MUST applaud the fantastic staff at the Oak Brook, Illinois Store, which is my “go to” store I visit often. If out of town, I always look for a DSW store & have been to many over the years. Am totally spoiled with the variety, prices, and quality of service. I have recommended DSW to many friends & family members. I get lots of comments & compliments on my DSW shoes. I have also bought handbags, hosiery, jewelry & scarves at DSW. Often find a “treasure” I wasn’t looking for! Keep up the good work, DSW!!
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5 years ago, Fan but sad after upgrade
I love DSW! I only had one issue after years of patronizing their establishment. For New Years of this 2019, I ordered a pair of gold pumps. I called to see if they would be delivered in time as the delivery date was a few days after Christmas and before New Years. When I called, I was told that the shoes would not be delivered before New Years. Ok, no problem. I went to the nearest DSW store to purchase shoes for New Years. Found a comprable shoe and had a great night. About a month later the shoes I ordered online still haven’t arrived. The DSW website said they were shipped and the shipping company said they were never packaged to be delivered. I’m still trying to get this resolved. It’s July. HELP!
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3 years ago, Aleshia B
I had no idea they carry the same name brand shoes I normally buy @ Nordstrom, Dillards & Macys. What a great day on my 1st visit in the store, hoping I would find Sperry duck waterproof boots as the shoes were my mothers main Christmas gift. Wow, I did & even @ a cheaper price w/ coupons by signing up for savings on my first day. Just gets better & better. I didn’t even have to preorder for the size I needed. Surprisingly, the unusual size was in the store! Now my mother can open her gift in front of the entire family @ our Christmas gathering instead of saying her gift will be arriving later. The staff was AMAZING as well. Thanks for the great experience & I will be back soon!
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6 years ago, 1Blur
Disappointed with the rewards and shipping
The app is great for searching and purchasing shoes; however, the rewards program does not hold up to it’s statement, “VIP Elite members receive Free 2nd Business Day Shipping on ANY order.” The last several pairs of shoes I purchased from the app, there has not been an option to select the Free 2nd Business Day Shipping, even though I do qualify for this shipping option. I have had to settle for the standard USPS shipping. When I call customer service to inquire about this, I am given the standard response, “Those shoes don’t qualify for the 2nd Business Day Shipping.” Doesn’t make sense, since the statement says, “on any order”. Normally I would let this go, but as mentioned previously, this has happened on the last several pairs I have purchased. Why offer the benefit, if it is not a true statement? As an FYI, 3 of the box received from the standard USPS shipping have been crushed.
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3 years ago, Aussie girl0809
Well Designed App!
Of the dozens of E-commerce apps I use on my phone, DSW’s is definitely one of the best. The filters for sorting out styles and sizes is great and it’s easy to navigate through the app. The best feature of this app is the barcode scanner which makes shopping in person seamless when finding a style that may be out of your size. You can simply scan the barcode on the shoebox and the app will display the product page where you can have the item shipped straight to your door! I think this app’s design should be the gold standard for all E-commerce companies with brick and mortar stores!
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1 year ago, Rosaa
In-store purchase history
Please make it possible to see my purchase history within my account and not just for online orders but for all purchases whether online or in store. If I need to buy more shoes for my growing kids, it would be very helpful to have the purchase history available with purchase details like date, sizes, cost, etc. For instance, if I buy a pair of DynaSoft Nitrel V5 Sneakers, it would be very helpful if I could just see the shoe brand, style, color and size; and it would help to be able to click within the listed items and have it linked to the online shopping experience where I could see local and warehouse inventory. The only option for accessing in-store purchase info is to contact customer service and engage that process which is time consuming and unnecessary for both sides.
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4 years ago, jesquivel62
Best app and store
DSW always has amazing deals and specials on shoes that would otherwise cost me a small fortune. They have extra deals for their member and may I add it’s a free membership, unlike other store that require you to make a purchase each month by a certain day or they automatically withdraw from your bank account as a “credit.” I made the switch a few months ago and maybe I have bought a pair of shoes each month but I actually spent less in all these months than in a single purchase for other stores. Amazing quality, amazing prices 100% recommended.
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4 months ago, etech girl
1st - “VIP DISCOUNT” promises HUGE savings (by specified date). When you read all of the Brands that are excluded, it makes you wonder “what is included?” 2nd - I received a 10% off discount via email and went to use it six days before it expired. When I entered it in, I got the message “discount expired.” I contacted Customer Support via Chat and they said I had to call - they couldn’t help. 3rd - My “VIP Rewards” I’ve earned are either not accessible or no longer available. Thus, the idea of making a phone call and thinking I’ll actually get my 10% discount - a waste of time in my mind! I’ll purchase my shoes elsewhere after this experience. There are many great companies out there, especially local, with viable Customer Service. And especially since I just paid full price - other companies deserve my business more.
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2 years ago, loveDSW
DSW is my favorite store!
I received excellent customer service on an online chat by a representative named Steve - he was very helpful and attentive to my issue. I really appreciated his attention to my concern and how he quickly remedied my my issue and I wanted to put in an excellent review for his customer service on that day but the chat was on my phone and the survey got lost! I also stopped in at the Eatontown, NJ store yesterday and received excellent customer service from the cashier Carmen who was very pleasant and helpful! DSW is a place I enjoy shopping at and the customer service just makes me want to keep coming back!
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5 months ago, Vana Michy Black
Delightful Shopping with DSW
I love shopping at DSW because of the awesome selection, variety and availability of goods to purchase! The shoe selection is so vast that sometimes it’s difficult to narrow down what I am looking to buy. I recommend DSW to anyone needing to find a particular color or style of shoe because most likely DSW’s got it. I keep coming back because of the sale prices offered and not to mention the unsurpassed quality for a good value buy. The supply of shoes and accessories is unsurpassed by any store of this type. Happy shopping friends and until next time keep your feet styled and fresh with DSW wear!!!
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3 years ago, SuznSl
Favorite place to buy shoes
Whether it’s at the store, or on-line, DSW is my favorite place to get shoes. The selection at either place is massive and unlike other places, I almost always find what I want with my shoe size (10) available. I can easily take my returns to the store with absolutely no hassles. Even during the recent quarantine, they made it simple for me to do free returns (though it’s rare I have to return anything). I appreciate the reviews folks leave, detailing the size they are and the size they purchase and describing the fit. I count on the reviews which make returns minimal for me.
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3 years ago, JC.916
Great selection but Check out difficulties
There were some glitches when I tried to place my order. It was easy to add items to my bag and edit them if need be. There were several styles, colors and sizes of Koolaburra by UGG. I was very pleased given it is the holidays. I was arranging for pickup of my purchase when I received an error message that the shipping address needed to be filled in. I was confused because my account is properly filled out and I was not shipping the item. When I tried to check out again the purchase went through. I didn’t do anything on my end so I am glad it was able to correct itself.
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6 years ago, SeattleD3317
Updating love list to let interested buyer know
Knowledge is power. Helping your potential buyer know that a pair of shoes they were considering are no longer available in the size they preferred (granted, this means said buyer has indicated size as a filter on their liked saves) it would be a kindness to update the main page of the “like/wish list” to reflect “currently unavailable” and indicate a button they can press which automatically syncs them to a CRM list to be notified when back in stock by email or to say “no longer available - will be deleted from your list unless you select “save as reference.” Thanks for reading, and an otherwise very enjoyable app experience. ❤️
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3 years ago, twirlyjig
Online order
I had a great deal of difficulty signing on to my account and removing Items from my bag. Finally a Customer Service representative helped me to set a new password and I was able to complete my login. When placing the order I realized I had two pairs of shoes rather than one. I was also informed they were out of stock. I couldn’t remove them... I consulted with live chat and they were removed. Low and Behold I placed the order in another color and it went through as it should. So, even though I was very frustrated, my problems were solved, Thank you!
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4 years ago, cherishoes
Oofas luxe flip flop
I just ordered my 3rd pair of luxe Glio Flop Oofas I’ve been under a podiatrist care this last month because of an unrelenting case of plantar fasciitis When exercising/walking I wear a Dr approved ankle/heel support brace But my Dr even liked these Oofas Fir non-exercise times The arch is high and the footbed is cushioned with a cupped heel If not exercising I am wearing them ALL the time You might not understand what that means because you don’t know me But I own 100s of pairs of shoes bought mostly at DSW So the idea I’ve decided these are my go-to except on dressy occasions (rare, as I’m retired) is HUGE But if you’re experiencing PF or want to prevent a return of that pain, and you were sure you’d be in athletic shoes the rest of your life —-Try these And don’t be discouraged by the price tag Think of it this way, how much would you pay to NOT have PF pain I am sure they would be great for other foot issues as well. I promise I am NOT exaggerating about the comfort of these sandals I now own turquoise, white and purple!!
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3 years ago, lsdaud
Checking out
The website is beyond aggravating! It takes a few minutes for the reviews to pop up after clicking on the icon. And the wrist is when you’re checking out, it keeps giving you an error because it says to enter your name, but there is no where to enter it. After the fifth time of went wrong my cc information and it kicking me out saying I need to enter my name, I used my husbands PayPal to purchase the items. Please do better with your website, as it was a very annoying online shopping experience!
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7 months ago, charleigh kilo
Love the coupons and discount codes
I love the selection at DSW, mainly since they have many of my favorite show designers and manufacturers in stock there, and for very reasonable prices. Lucky brand, Vince Camuto, Earth Shoes, and New Balance are some of my favorites for my everyday boots, sneakers, flats, and although I can’t say I’m a fan of JLo her heels are very classy and so affordable and very elegant styles. I also like some of the Jessica Simpson brand shoes here and there. The socks are great quality there as well, almost every item I’ve aver purchased has been either what I was expecting or it exceeded my expectations.
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2 years ago, Gena2k1
South Gate MALL store in Chicago
They have the best customer service that I have seen in a long time. The woman that I met when I picked up my order was friendly, patient, and kind. She had a customer on the phone that wasn’t accepting her answer to a question and she calmly repeated her answer while maintaining a smile for the customers in the store. I wish that I had her name but she was tall and blonde with a splash of color. Although I had to return the item that I had just picked up after meeting her, I knew that I would be back. I hope that she knows that she’s appreciated👏👏🤩🤩
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5 years ago, hilda june
I am a new customer to DSW and I am so surprised at the variety of shoes they sale! They sale top brand names and the prices are VERY competitive. I’ve passed by the stores before but never went in because I thought they were just another high-end overpriced shoe store.... I was so surprised AND so wrong, and I found this out after I made my first purchase online and then later in the store. Their rewards program is awesome too! I’ve already earned over $70 in free rewards!!!! ( not to mention the Customer Service is exceptional) I’m definitely going back again and they are now my favorite shoe store!!! 😃#DSWWONMYLUV -June Fayetteville, NC
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4 years ago, posh.m
Best rewards program
DSW has the best rewards program ever. Every single time I need to buy something from them, I am guaranteed to save some bucks. I was hesitant to get it at first ( don’t know why, cause it cost nothing to sign up) but I’m so glad I did sign up. You are rewarded something every time you shop, it’s like getting paid to but something you were gonna buy anyways. Plus all your online shipping is free just for being a rewards member and you can use all your rewards all at once and can be applied to other offers and promotions they have at the time of purchase.
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4 years ago, cia120460
Less than stellar
Not sure what’s happened to this app but it’s not good from a customer aspect. The last three times I’ve tried to place orders (shoes all showed as available during selection) at checkout it tells me they’re out of stock ..... yet I leave the app and go to DSW via a browser page and I could complete an order for the SAME shoes there .... On one shopping trip I presumed my order was complete only to get an email a few days later saying a pair of shoes was “out of stock”? Inventory control is all automated so I can’t even grasp this breakdown that appears to have taken place but it’s surely frustrating. Don’t get me started on the mess up of rewards points from a previous order .... Please get this service back up to the standards is used to be .
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5 years ago, Paulaa_xo
Easy to use
Easy to use. I love the fact that my certificates are on my app in my account. I wish there was a way to view my birthday coupon in my account (maybe there is?) on the app rather than searching through my email. Also, I wish that there was a setting that could be used that would let us know when a style we have saved in our folder in our size is about to sell out. I also wonder if there is a way to let us know when a style is back in stock especially the popular ones. Overall, I love to use the app when I’m in the store.
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1 month ago, Nan_A_B
Very concerning
I placed my order on the app, tried to pay, but got a message “Sorry there’s a problem…”, redid using a different payment, again, “Sorry…”. Tried to enter the payment again and magically the payment accepted while I was re-entering the information. So, I checked my email, no confirmation. I checked the app, no order history. I contacted chat and they saw the order, but I still haven’t seen anything yet. This is my first time shopping at DSW online and I’m concerned. Meanwhile, DSW sent me an email claiming that I left something behind and that my cart was empty. Something is wrong here. I shop a lot online and most vendors have an automatic response after an order is placed. Isn’t there a way to implement a similar system? Maybe even fix the app at the same time.
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6 years ago, LaEspaniola
My favorite online shoe store!
I always find good prizes and what’s best: FREE SHIPPING AND FREE RETURNS. I gave 4 stars because they eliminated the “deliver to store” feature. I used it a lot because if for any reason the shoe doesn’t fit or simply wanted an exchange, I can do it right in the store. I hope in the future they can bring that service again. Updated review - May 5, 2018: Dear developers: I don’t use the pick-up at the store because most of the styles I want ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN STORE. I always visit the store first. And If I don’t find what I want, then shop online. Sorry, but I still giving you the 4 stars. BUT, I have to say the best shoes are online. Great variety! I will keep shopping at DSW!
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5 years ago, Murknots
Love the store, hate the app!
While you can shop with the app you can’t read reviews of the items that you are considering. When you click the reviews it will just say failed to load. Once you have made your purchases you cannot review your order history. When you go to this area in the app it may or may not list the date of order. “If” it does list the correct date it will say zero items were purchased. In order to check your history or read reviews you must go to the web page. This is very inconvenient.
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5 years ago, Welcome to my thoughts...
Could be better
Great app. Only complaint is you can only have 30 favorites at a time. It should be unlimited or at least able to store 50 or 100. When you are shopping for a whole family, you need that kind of space. Alternative idea is to have separate favorites lists for each member of your family. 30 per person is doable. This way actually would work better for shoppers so they can click straight to that person instead of scrolling through ALL of the fam’s favorites to find a specific shoe for that one person.
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6 years ago, AMC3015
A source of frustration!
The app keeps rejecting my password. I was recently locked out of my account. Twice 30+ minute phone call later I was sent a “temporary” password. Even than it took 3x attempts to finally set a new password. Let’s see how long this will last. Get this; after having to go several new password you will be told “ new password can not be the same as last five password used”!!! Oh, It is apperenly iPhone-X’s fault! I must have been pretty lucky to never had this problem with any other websites.
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