eBay: online marketplace

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eBay Inc.
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2 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for eBay: online marketplace

4.82 out of 5
4.4M Ratings
5 years ago, Ucanbacmpr2
Fun place to shop “ EBay
I have been with EBay for several years now ! I have enjoyed it the whole time ! I shop on here because I can find what I want and not have to get out on the road to go find it ! Not only do you have the convenience from shopping at home but a good chance it’s going to be cheaper ! Your not burning gas and your safer shopping from your own home ! I don’t have to walk down aisle after aisle either ! I just use my fingertip ! I just found an item here on EBay that I could not find anywhere ! I’ve made a few calls and was given different phone numbers and not one helped ! I got on EBay and found it ! Yea ... I was real surprised ! I admit I did contact them several times to see if it was the real pieces I needed ! They even sent measurements of the part and everything was exactly the same size ! I just purchased it and just so happens that this review popped up ! I had to do it because this last purchase was one that I thought would not happen after all the calling I have done and a lot of internet research ! I thought all that time looking for these parts that I was not going to have any luck ! I got on EBay and found it in about 5 minutes ! I purchased it and now I will wait for it to be delivered !
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2 months ago, jwarner150
listing templates on mobile?
I’ve been buying and selling on eBay a long time and love it, there’s one feature I wish they had for sellers though that I’m surprised they don’t - currently you can’t use a listing template for a new item on mobile, only desktop. I use templates for nearly everything to save a ton of time because my items are in the same category, same weight, same condition, and the base description is there. Currently I have to create a new listing from the template on desktop, save it as a draft, and then open the draft on my phone to upload the photos from my phone and finish the listing. I will say, switching between desktop and mobile when making a listing is pretty seamless, but if I could just list from a template on my phone I wouldn’t have to. Fingers crossed they implement this one day. Also as a buyer I hope for better keyword filtering options for saved searches, I get a lot of stuff I don’t want in my feed because of limited options..my searches end up being long strings of negative keywording that hits the character limit. Small personal nitpicks though on a stellar app that I love and use daily…I enjoy most of the new features and updates..especially the new saved search layout option that populates new listing photos from all your saved searches on multiple scrollable rows, it makes quickly browsing new listings so much faster. Keep up the great work eBay!
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2 years ago, smokeef
Upgrade your app
With many fads these days, opportunity is quick to pass by. Do not miss the opportunity to stay ahead of any competition. UPGRADE THE APP. Mobility is the path of the future. More and more people are starting to live on the go and the app is much easier to access while traveling. There are SO MANY features available on the website that are not available through the app. This costs the company tons of money by not adding many of the selling features. There are other things as well, such as the ability to send invoices, issue refunds, have better watch lists, having a better selling centers for eBay stores among others. You should also expand the ability save more drafts for a longer period of time as well as the ability to go further back on items sold by a seller. 2 months is ridiculous. Even the ability to go further back in terms of items bought would be smarter (2-3 years is great but 5-7 years would be much smarter). The search algorithms could also use some serious work. There have been numerous times where I was searching for items using key words in the titling and still have to search for 3-4 different terms to find items. You should also expand the “similar items” section and REALLY do some work on that. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out. I work for a Fortune 500 company and spend much of my free time on the app. I can provide some useful insight. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Tcar368
Problems inside the app....
I don’t like the new format. While building ads, I should be able to turn features off and never be asked those questions again, like allowing the seller to give me a half price offer, shipping the item for free, or if I want consider reducing the price over time. Though those options might be consider by some, they absolutely don’t work for me and it adds extra time and worry to building an eBay ad. I would like to see, easier access for creating sales, easier distribution of my sale flier (past, non- following buyers), and more apparent of the actual things I purchase. They need to remove “sell” and “selling” terms on the front page, as it makes it more confusing to navigate. Finally, though buyer protection is nice, there needs to be a better follow through investigation on return items. Many times the buyers circumvent my “no return” clause, with made up conditions just to make me look like a bad seller. Often times, the past buyer’s have confessed that they did not read my description; only the title. This gives me an unfair advantage to me because they didn’t do due diligence before that bought the item. I am always willing to further express my on going concerns. I have been a seller for a few years and have experienced several changes. I need some cooperation from EBay in order for me to continue as the luster of being a seller is starting to fade fast. Please let me know, Tom
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2 months ago, The Chull
Somehow I owe eBay $ they’re taking from my account when I list for “free”
I’ve been selling on eBay for about three months now in the beginning I was really excited because I love Thrifting and finding chosen treasures and helping other people find their treasures as a result! Being out of work, a big part of the motivation for me was also that I need some income. in the beginning, there was a learning curve as far as what I sell the item for versus what I get in my bank account and win. It claims that it’s a 13 to 15% fee depending on the items and I was charging the customer shipping and I only ever listed the items in a way that according to eBay, it was meant to be free. Over the course of the last month however, eBay has multiple times claimed that I am indebted to them somehow and taken money out of my bank account including overnight last night to the tune of three different debit transactions. I genuinely don’t understand why and they’re most certainly not paying me as much as they claim to have according to my sales year to date versus my bank account and I’m so defeated and frustrated by the whole system the second I find employment again I don’t know that I’ll buy or sell on eBay when interacting with others and they’ve asked me what I think of it I’ve been perfectly honest with them and told them that I eBay is robbing me. Unless you’re selling items daily, it most certainly is not amount of income that is in anyway sustainable.
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2 years ago, olly089
My review didn’t go through? Yeah, no.
Update : they fixed it finally. The interface and “tree” of categories in the numerous settings pages are an absolute cluster of a mess. What a disgrace. As a seller I tried to sell something (after a while of inactivity) and it takes me to a page with a FAKE CONTINUE BUTTON to verify my identity. The other option said call customer service. Inspecting the page easily shows the button is even labeled as FAKE with no action. I call eBay customer service and they tell me to press continue. What a joke. After staying on the phone with me to verify everything they said wait 24 hours and try another browser. I’ve tried several different browsers and different branded devices. I verified all my information, made sure my names and address all matches EXACTLY, and my CC and bank. I had to copy and paste several links and follow a set of arbitrary instructions suggested by THE COMMUNITY to see settings that are NOT AVAILABLE WHILE VISUALLY NAVIGATING. Fix your menu navigation. Yes, i unlinked my PayPal. What a joke. When customer service is telling you to press continue on a fake button, it’s clear the techs have no idea what’s going on. I’m not the only one complaining about this exact issue. End rant
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1 year ago, McChicklet
No excuse!
There have been improvements, which is about time. But… How is it possible one still cannot sort watched items for each particular seller? Are you ever going to include that option in the sorting/filtering list? If I want to buy something, I like to know if there are other items from that seller I have saved in my watchlist with which I can combine to be shipped together. This is an extremely necessary option and grave oversight. WHEN??? As far as eBay itself, their customer service (if you get through the wild goose chase maze of useless help menus and happen to get as far as contacting someone) is awful. Good luck getting anything resolved. eBay’s “money back guarantee” is a complete false claim and sham. Agents have flat out LIED to me. Yep. They told me I would get a refund for a ring that was not as described (much damage) and later said they knew nothing about it, no refund. They implied the seller was a “valued member”, so they pretended their previous ruling did not exist. They also arbitrarily make decisions on buyer’s behalf without allowing you to object and provide additional information to support your case. Another beef is there is no way to rate a seller/purchase after certain amount of time. Well, sometimes an international purchase does not arrive for some months, and/or problems are not discovered until later. I rarely visit eBay anymore due to my disgust with my experience mentioned above.
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4 years ago, DJ Mr B
A Better Shopping Experience
I’ve been with EBAY almost 20 years and I’ve never once had a bad buying or selling experience that caused me some sort of anxiety to the point I wanted to cancel my membership. I can always trust that the reviews and ratings given to both parties are accurate in helping me to decide if they are a legitimate, honest and straight forward EBAY’ER before I do business with them. A much larger online store booted me from making anymore consumer reviews through my buying profile because I was giving them too many good reviews. They said it was because of the descriptive “review wording” I was using that caused some suspicion and perhaps I was favoring that company more so over the others. Could you believe that! Reviews are meant to critique both the buyer and sellers shopping experience so other consumers can evaluate them and decide for themselves if they want to do business with them or not. Also, I don’t mind waiting a few extra days of shipping to receive my product through EBAY because I know it will be what I ordered to begin with, and If I have any issues, I can trust it will be handled in a professional and friendly manner without any hassle. For me, I’m back to doing more of my shopping on EBAY. It’ll be worth it.
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2 months ago, 10KCardsNMore
Getting signed out every time I leave the app, or my phone closes while on the app
I’m an eBay seller, and customer and I’m constantly using the app for purchases, and in all the ways I need to operate my store. I’m in and out of the app countless of times a day, however for the passed 8+ months I’ve been getting signed out CONSTANTLY. it doesn’t matter if I leave the app for 10 seconds to reply to a text, use my calculator, or google something, or even if I look away from my phone for 30 seconds and my phone locks I still get signed out. The problem doesn’t happen on my computer browser, and I’ve spent countless of hours on the phone with customers service but they claim I’m the only person that has made this claim. The only solution they’ve provided that even slightly worked has been deleting the app and reinstalling, but even IF that works it never works for more than a couple hours. I’m not sure what else I can do to try and solve this, but it’s pretty ridiculous that I fork over over 25% to EBay in fees from every sale I make (not including the other % that comes out of every sale because I have to promote every listing to get any real amount of views) yet it’s been 8+ months of being signed out COUNTLESS amounts of times a day, and spending COUNTLESS hours talking to customer service about the same thing over and over and over to still be dealing with this. Please get this fixed. Im not sure what else im supposed to do or say about this.
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2 years ago, PurpleRhino1000
eBay is excellent
Love the eBay app .. and everything about eBay My favorite place to get the things I like Aloha .. Dean The only problem is I’ve called and explained a bad review to eBay that wasn’t erased as I spent many hours on the phone with eBay after I even finally got the buyer he gives me an unfair review making it very difficult to sell other items now plus actually lost money and spent many hours at home trying to give this guy his refund and I hope you will erase it as he claims he Accidentally pushed purchase but then how could he accidentally go to checkout and pay .. then I get all the blame it’s very sad Also I’m trying to bid on several inexpensive items and my restrictions still haven’t been lifted as I explained to the eBay customer service on the phone I’ve been in and out of the hospital from a hip replacement surgery where I wasn’t allowed access to my iPhone or laptop as they said it could interfere with the medical equipment and when I was released the items were already won at auction but unable to pay and then I got the restrictions as you can see I’ve been a loyal customer buying hundreds of items and would appreciate the bidding restrictions lifted please … thank you kindly.. Dean
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4 years ago, wesbruh
eBay has been my go to site for years. I find the best price on what I’m looking for about 90% of the time. It may take longer to get the price if waiting for an auction to end but if It’s not something needed immediately it’s worth the wait. Make sure to read full description of the item so it’s in the condition you want. Do not rely solely on the fist page of a listing since some may have errors such as being listed as new but full description will say open box. New open box may be fine for personal use but if you’re looking for gifts make sure it is new/never opened. If it’s not clearly stated don’t be afraid to ask the seller. Better to ask than go through the hassle of having to return the item. If a problem arises, with an item described wrong or receiving something not as pictured, eBay will work with you to get a full refund. People make mistakes, it will happen, be sure to follow guidelines for return. Do not just return an item without starting a return on eBay or getting confirmation from the seller and make sure to do it ASAP and include a packing list and return ID#. Once you get used to eBay and how it works you will find it’s a great shopping site.
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4 years ago, Spartanv296
Don’t recommend them for selling anymore
I’ve been with eBay since 2008. Recently had an issue with a buyer that asked for a refund which I clearly stated it did not offer refunds all sales were final in the listing. Item was sent out packaged with double wall foam and bubble wrap as well as even more bubble wrap in the original box. He states I sent him a defective item yet stated he has the exact graphics card that is doing the exact same thing. Fact he has my card and his card doing the exact same thing equals either a driver issue or hardware incompatibility. I said look I’ll just refund you and send me the card back. But I was having so much anxiety from the whole situation and frustration I said keep the card keep the money and be done with it. After so many years with eBay I am finally going to put in a request to permanently close my account. eBay does nothing to protect its sellers and let’s you get ripped off. I’m out money and a graphics card. It is what it is though can’t let him get to me, just keep in mind buyers on eBay will do this to you, they will buy from you then don’t know what they are doing complain and get to keep your item and money. It’s just not worth it anymore to sell here. It’s been a good couple of years, that helped me offset paying for new computer builds selling my old hardware in original boxes and packaging. but if you plan to sell here keep in mind eBay will always screw the seller over.
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6 years ago, nippi8mia
Copy cats
As an artist is very frustrating to see my ideas being reproduced over and over. Ebay does nothing about this. It would be nice if there was a setting where I can list my items so only certain buyers can see my items for sale. This would illuminate other artist from seeing my listings and duplicating the items that I’m painting on and profiting off of my creativity. This is very unfair and Ebay should step up and do something about this!!! Seems like Ebay only cares about making money and if I stop listing on Ebay, you will see a severe drop in “Yorkie handpainted” listings because people can’t seem to come up with their own ideas! Do the research and see when I list something new and unique, the next week duplicate items pop up. Several other artist friends of mine have dropped off of eBay because of this complication. Again, the solution would be for me to be able to block other artists from seeing my listings. I could care less about Private listings, it needs to be where my listings are blocked from other artists that can see my listings in copy my ideas. Step up and do something about this or I will just need to say goodbye to Ebay.
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6 years ago, Ortofuchi
New image search “feature” ruins experience
Whoever designed the new “touch the screen to start an image search” “feature” has obviously never used the mobile app. This new “feature” ruins the browsing experience. I don’t even want to spend time on the app anymore... You folks should use your own app more often; Most of us actual users do this: search for an item, then browse the long list of items that come up using our thumb by 1a) resting our thumb on the lower area of the screen until we’re done looking at the current set of items on the screen 2) then moving it up the screen to scroll and get the next set of items. Or 1b) even if we don’t rest our thumb for the entire time on the screen, there’s a delay from when we touch the screen to when we scroll (this delay is our brains processing information). Now if my thumb doesn’t IMMEDIATELY move upon touching the screen it causes the “image search” feature to pop up and it COMPLETELY ruins the experience and flow and enjoyment and everything that makes browsing eBay anything resembling good. I’m typically pretty accepting and understand that nothing is perfect and take the good and the bad with apps and other things. But this is just silly, anyone that uses the app can see how much this ruins the browsing experience. It really makes me not want to use it anymore...
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6 years ago, fur seller
Good for buyers, bad for sellers
My site says NO RETURNS. But recently a buyer said that my item was not as described, eBay AUTOMATICALLY accepted the return, without letting me protect myself. This was a jet black fur, which my 12 photos showed that the fur was indeed deep black, but the return was granted to the buyer who said the fur was brown. The eBay representative who looked at my 12 photos said that the photos showed that the fur was definitely Black. There was a rug on my floor in the photo which was brown, black, and beige, and you could clearly see that the black in the rug was the same as in the fur, and you could clearly see the brown color in the rug. There was photos too of this sweater on my off white sofa, and you could see that the fur was jet black. The Philippine representative told me that its an automatic return policy that eBay has if the buyer says not as described! The Philippine rep also said it’s better for me that I take back the item even if it’s buyers remorse, BUT THATS RIDICULOUS! Why should I pay the shipping both ways! Why should I lose money! WHERE IS MY SELLER PROTECTION!! EBAYS NEW POLICY IS VERY BAD. EBAY BUYERS KNOW THIS AND ARE ABUSING THE SYSTEM. My seller asked me why I’m protesting her return.. as she put it “ no one else protested her return!” She then continued to tell me that my sweater was the wrong color black! At present my fur jacket is on the way back to me. WHY IS EBAYS ALLOWING BUYERS TO ABUSE THE SYSTEM!
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3 years ago, RVMXII
eBay screws over new sellers. Prioritize another platform!
Full of scammers and not made to support new sellers. I uploaded one product a day, for a month, only ever getting buy requests from scammers asking me to text them, which I would just ignore, only having replied to one or two to figure out if it was legit. When I finally made my first legitimate sale, eBay decided to suspend me indefinitely almost immediately because of “suspicious activity” on my account. I read all their rules of compliance and I don’t believe I did anything suspicious or harmful to the community to deserve a permanent ban. Customer service is near impossible to get a hold of. Had to resort to messaging them on Twitter and even then they wouldn’t tell me a reason as to why they banned me. It’s infuriating. They essentially have a platform full of scammers and choose to ban people who follow the rules and don’t list anything disingenuous. You can google search other people that have had the same thing happen to them. I’m not a unique case. Not only that but they waited until after I shipped my product before banning me and are withholding my funds for a month. It was sold Dec. 8th and they won’t pay out until Jan. 8th. Absolutely ridiculous. I’m not down a product, a platform and my profit because of their stupid decision. Small businesses beware and do not make eBay your primary selling platform. They’ll screw you over and will not care at all.
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2 years ago, mickimitcch
Beware of scammers
Their are plenty of scammers on this app! I have been using eBay for a very long time now going on 4 years and throughout these years I’ve had items come damaged, bad seller communication, lost packages. Bu to after my last few encounters I’m going to stop using eBay. I won a bid and the items value is worth a a bit more but I got it at a great price. I was the only bidder and I kept asking the seller to ship my item first she says she’s out of town and will ship by the weekend. Never did only created a shipping label and when weeks had gone by I started to call multiple ups locations, all of them said the seller didn’t ship the item. So I opened a case and nothing ever came about it. The seller was not happy with how much she sold the item for and decided to play the blame game and blame it on ups. Then recently another seller I asked her multiple times did she have a item in stock and she says yes then when I bought the items she messages me a few days later to say she doesn’t have the item and sends out items I didn’t request anyways. Last but not least I bought shoes in a ad and it showed a left and right shoe but was shocked when only a left shoe came in the mail and the seller wanted me to buy the right too! I think eBay needs way better management and to find better ways to resolve issues because I truly don’t understand how sellers get away with these things!
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2 years ago, pqsk
App works great on iOS/iPadOS/macOS
**Update 28 September 2022** It turns out the problem with the app was my setup. I have a 2nd external monitor on my m1 mac and that triggers macOS that I'm sharing since it's using the displayLink technology. For some reason it just dawned on me today and I unplugged that monitor and was able to login. It's by design of Apple. There was no way for eBay to handle this. So other than that the app is fantastic. I can quickly view my purchase history and search for products on all of my Apple devices. Old review - Login doesn't work The app logged me out after not using it for a few weeks and the login no longer works on an m1 mac. The screen turns white after a split second. I uninstalled the app and cleared all of the cache/settings that is left over and the same problem happens. seems to be only this view also. If I try to create a new account or try to login via another method those views do NOT turn all white. I don't understand how this got past SQA. app is now useless. It is a little clunky anyways on the m1 mac, but it's nice to have an app instead of going to a website. For now I'll stick with the website since I have no other choice.
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3 years ago, Coach Mac 12
I just wanted to take minute and say, THANK YOU TO ALL THE EMPLOYEES AT EBAY! If you look back on your first Ebay purchase, it was AWESOME, a new way to shop, but also sell. Then another player got into the Online Seller, and yeah, I have purchased from that place, but like a good old friend, I find myself always opening my EBAY App, if for nothing more than to browse, however that usually ends in a purchase…….perhaps you shop in the BIGGEST BOX STORE CHAIN, and if you do, and are like me, buy things you don’t need because there is so much…..EBAY, SAME WAY! I purchase so many things from EBay, things I wasn’t looking for, but things I always wanted, but could never find, AND, I DID NOT HAVE TO LEAVE MY HOME!!! Unless you live under a rock, we are all aware of the ABSOLUTE LAWLESSNESS IN MANY CITIES, AND RAMPANT STEALING AND CREATING A VERY UNSAFE SITUATION FOR ONE TO BE IN, JUST BECAUSE YOU WENT INTO A STORE TO SHOP….I pray it ends and soon, but with EBAY, YOU NEVER HAVE TO PUT YOURSELF IN ONE OF THOSE DANGEROUS SITUATIONS!!! So, if you are like me, if you have wandered, reintroduce yourself to OUR FIRST ONLINE SHOPPING FRIEND, AND SAY HELLO, AND TRY AND MAKE YOU PURCHASES FROM EBAY, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! As for me, THANK YOU MY OLE FRIEND, YOU MAKE COMING BACK, JUST LIKE ONE NEVER LEFT!!!
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3 weeks ago, PeachblossomVivi
No Seller Protection & Unethical Policies
As a seller you are at high risk of getting scammed by buyers that want free items or forced unethical returns that come out of the sellers pocket for shipping. Buyers can lie on their return reason to force a favorable outcome for themselves within the automated return request system; they’ll expose themselves in their own messages and still get backed up by eBay. eBay will take dishonest buyers sides and refund them plus allow them to keep items. I had a manager admit to me that he could see a buyer had lied in a return case against me, but they sided with the buyer anyways because “it’s how the policy works.” eBay said my only protection was if I had a broken return item come in and wanted to fight for said rights in a complaint. Yeah, right. They also allow feedback extortion despite claiming otherwise. Then they won’t remove the feedback used as extortion on your account by buyers. And customer service will either flat out lie that they are taking care of an issue OR claim to have no power whatsoever to intervene in a dispute/speed up an appeal to an issue that needs immediate attention. They make you wait out their system which always finds a way to make the wrong decision and force you to swallow unfair rulings against your business. It’s unethical business practice. And you can’t find a U.S customer service rep to speak to for some help. It’s all out of the country “help” and out of touch.
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5 years ago, HerbS2urnerves
acc locked
my acc got locked and suspended for no reason whatsoever. I had literally just created it two days prior. I was trying to start selling things. And for my efforts i get acc ban without any explanation or recourse for me to undergo. Guess what im not making a new email adress just to get banned for no reason again. Ontop of this absurdity ebay and paypal have a monopoly where the seller is forced to use paypal or have to pay 30$ a month for a "online marketplace" acc or something. And when you are using paypal they take a tax from the money u make, ebay takes a tax and in the end you wait extra week to receive 50% of the earnings you made. Also Never sell more than 1 item at a time because ebay buyers are all scammers who request refunds on items you clearly have labeled "NO REFUNDS"... Why does ebay allow a buyer to request refund and receive their money back even when a seller has set the option "no refunds". That defeats the purpose of having the option in the first place. So if you sell 2 things and 1 of them request refund when you already withdraw the money, ebay will take the money you made from the 2nd item and give them to the scammer buyer. Without question ebay returns the money to the buyer, therefore scamming the seller. I used to have a negative balance on paypal because ebay steals money from there for the buyers refund even if i have nothing on the account. Ebay is actually on the scammer side, and paypal is their method.
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3 years ago, MIDNIGHT SCAR
eBay still reigns As the best marketplace online!
I have 20 years of experience with eBay if not more! eBay is the only place online I like to shop for almost anything! The sellers are hot held to a very high standard they both the buyers but more importantly by eBay! They have lived up and surpassed even the highest of expectations! you can actually trust you’re going to get the product, it will be as described and if you do you have a problem it will be immediately addressed by post to seller and eBay! eBay’s site as well as their app, offer a wide range of prices on items as well as the ability to make offers if the price is too high! The sellers respond quickly and if they don’t except your offer they make a counter offer. What could be more fair than that? In addition, the majority of sellers either offer free shipping or actual shipping costs! You do not find that on any other site! All of these discount sites that you see, try returning an item, or telling them you have a problem with an item. You get the runaround of your life because most of them are not in the United States. I am those buyer and I have been a seller on eBay. beyond_belief
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3 years ago, Jeme100822
No Customer Service and Random Bans
I was banned for no reason “ Your account was suspended because it exhibits a risk to eBay and to its community. As eBay is an Internet-based business, and its members are our customers, we must carefully weigh the risks involved in allowing users on our site. From time to time, we find accounts that present a level of risk that is unacceptable and are, therefore, suspended.” I literally posted 5 pokemon cards I was trying to sell from my childhood then five days later received a ban. The contact us didn’t have an email or phone number, it had a virtual agent which claimed the issue was likely a payment issue, but couldn’t put me in contact with a live agent. I finally gave up went on my computer to view the desktop version after 30 minutes finally found a phone number which I called and it said something like“this phone number is an error” before hanging up. I finally found a form for an email and filled it out, clicked the button to receive a copy of email (which I never did), but I finally got a response back with that message. Long story short, don’t waste your time with eBay. I’m lucky and my issue doesn’t involve me losing any money (just several hours of my time in an attempt to make a few extra bucks), but you could encounter an issue with actual money on the line and literally the worst customer service of all time.
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6 months ago, The Squish
eBay used to be great
The app of fine. eBay has done a 180 since I started using them almost 20 years ago, but any chance I can to bash them I will. First, they are no longer a sellers marketplace, which is what made them great. I’ve had a buyer complain once and eBay took them at their word without even hearing my part or seeing my documentation to support my argument. This resulted in me not only losing my product but also me losing the sale purchase. Then I couldn’t even leave a negative review while this buyer lied completely (with evidence and didn’t send the merchandise back). So needless to say I’m still bitter and upset with their decision making and policies. Secondly their fees are ludicrous. How the heck are you do they get away with applying that same fee to the shipping? Not to mention it’s the over 13% fee they charge on both. I’d use them a lot more if it wasn’t so dang high. Third, why the heck am I being charged sales tax on a second hand item when I’m not even a business? Not to mention again, I was already taxed on it when I purchased it new. I know some of this is Uncle Sam, but I am not a business, I’m treating this like a garage sale for me. Lastly, ot takes forever to get paid, absolutely forever, and if you want ot faster, guess what, it’ll cost ya extra. All this being said, that’s why you don’t see quality used goods on here like you use too, and 90% of it is cheap Chinese crap.
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6 years ago, Steffy1969
Stop with the updates! They're worse than ever
I have been selling on eBay for years. The last years using solely the Ebay app. I list approximately 200 items weekly. Firstly, stop with the updates. With every update the features seem to go downhill. It is becoming harder and harder to navigate. Placement of followed searches, watched items and even things you're selling are scattered all over the place. As far the as selling feature goes, the only improvement I could recommend is adding the second category option to an item being sold. That feature is only an option on a pc. It would be nice to be able to delete bought items. That used to be an option but not with the latest update. Ugh. I like a tidy bought and sold list. I love selling on eBay. The app is way simpler than the old style desktop way. eBay is the way I make ends meet and pay for my children's college. Don't think I don't appreciate the opportunity eBay gives me. Considering I pay over $18,000 in eBay fees a year perhaps you'll pay a little attention here. PLEASE stop with these downhill updates. Are the tech people trying to find things to do? Why mess up something that was ok?
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5 years ago, ShadoWolf0913
Automatically redirects from the web browser
The app itself is okay from what I got to try out. I made a purchase with it and everything worked great, and I like having the option to get notifications directly on my phone without having to keep checking the website all the time. However, I ended up deleting the app soon afterwards because I also like to access the website from my phone's browser where I can use all the features of desktop mode. Well, I was browsing on the website and it was working fine, but then when I tried to open a certain page, I was automatically redirected to the app. I don't remember now what it was I clicked on, possibly to see a seller's other items, but in any case, it had nothing whatsoever to do with the app. I went back to the browser, tried again, and was redirected again. The website refused to let me open the page in the browser until I finally removed the app altogether. I suppose it's possible there's an option somewhere to stop it redirecting, but I didn't feel like wasting my time searching. When I'm using the website, it's because I want to use the website. When I want to use the app, I will open it myself. There are pros and cons to both, and I'm not interested in having an app that decides for me when I want to switch.
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6 years ago, Cybermary
Useful but needs some improvements
It is very good for basic searches and checking of items for sale and ones buying or watching. Like the way it lets you enlarge the images of the items and the ease w which you can leave feedback. However there are several features I would like to see incorporated in future editions. There is no way in this program to pay for multiple purchases from one seller. It only allows you to pay for items one at a time. Also, as a seller there is no way to invoice multiple sales. The search system could be improved. Presently you have to reset the search filters with each search. I would like it to remember the previous search I did. I like to find out prices realized on items to help in pricing and I sell items mainly in one category. On the laptop version, when I am searching for a batch of items, I set the parameters once - for the category and for completed and it keeps those parameters during the entire setting. However the iPad version reverts back to the program filters after each individual search.
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7 days ago, hsjdhsdh
Extremely disappointed
I have been a buyer for many years. I had never had a problem until today. I purchased an item from a seller in which description guaranteed it would fit my vehicle. We take to the mechanic and he installs one, when installing 2nd part it does not fit. I contact seller and Ebay and Ebay tells me I can return one of the parts since I am backed up by Ebay guarantee. I return and seller contacts me very upset telling me that I lied about the parts. Which I never did. Then he gets the item I returned and threatened to report me and for me to send other item. I showed him the chat transcript where I ask agent if I can return one item because it did not fit and the other item was installed and we had already paid the mechanic, he replied “yes.” Seller still said I was lying. So he reported me and Ebay sided with seller and said I would never be protected by Ebay again. So if an item gets lost or a seller does not want to give me a refund they can not do anything. I guess Ebay cares more about sellers commission than a customer. Oh and to top off, I told seller to give me partial refund and he tells me to give him 5 stars. Unbelievable!I have 2 ebay accounts in which I have requested deletion on one and when I get refund I am requesting the other one. I am honestly upset that I will never purchase from Ebay again. Sad the way Ebay treated me. One loyal customer gone :(
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5 years ago, Ana Red
Despise new PayPal integration et al.
There were always problems with this app, such as the wholly illogical feature of presenting items often bought together. But the new PayPal integration is horrid. Two reasons: 1) The single sign-on doesn’t stick. I am having to login each time I purchase. Multiple times on the same transaction. 2) From the Buy Now screen, the method of payment selected via PayPal no longer shows the last four of the account number and account type so you cannot be certain you have selected the right one in the separate, (and previous), PayPal screen. On the previously purchased screen, there are also unnecessary blue bars taking up a ton of space asking if you want to buy another like the thing to already purchased. eBay does a notoriously bad job at finding like items, so this is terribly useless. As long as users set up the details of the items for sale, this feature will never work properly. It is an illusion. Also it is not the place to buy in bulk. So stupid. I spend between $100-$500/month on eBay - or did until this week’s update. And have for at least a decade. Yeah, no. This has lost me as a customer once and for all. Maybe try use case analysis, next time, dear software developers...
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10 months ago, cgdfuvdgj
Beware sellers eBay allows fraudulent claims
I recently had a buyer make me an offer. I excepted the offer an hour late. The buyer sent me a message saying she needed to cancel the order because her address was wrong. I told her to contact Ebay Ebay, then within a four hour time. Open the claim against me the seller that the item had not been received, the item ship date was not for five days. When I called Ebay and spoke with the team member and then spoke with a supervisor. They informed me that if I did not do anything about this case, they would put a ding against my account and remove the funds from me to buyer. I explain to them that this was a fraudulent case and should not have been opened that. If they looked at my keys, they could see the buyer sent me an offer. I excepted the offer she wrote me told me the address was wrong and there’s no possible way that I could have delivered this item to her in a four hour time period. They told me it didn’t matter that they opened the case for the buyer and it was wrong that they open the case that I needed to refund her her money. If I send the item out I will not be protected by Ebay’s protection program. This is not the first time that a buyer opened a fake case and eBay allowed it. Sellers beware of eBay they’re not on your side. Also I should let you know I have been a seller for 24 years and it might be time to hang up my hat.
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7 years ago, Mark Domzalski
eBay allows deception
Many items have a description in their title and a DIFFERENT description in fine print on the description page that deceptive sellers use to deceive. Also sometimes a photo falsely suggests strongly the size of an item (even though the actual dimensions are on the description page showing actual dimensions much smaller in metric but without a ruler or coin to suggest actual size for polite reference), KNOWING MOST WILL LOOK AT THE PHOTO AND BUY BECAUSE OF IT. This on items they know are copies / counterfeits of the real product in standard size, like a hairbrush I bought which was actually so small I couldn’t hold it to brush with it without it flopping out of my hand over and over. It’s as though they intentionally deceive because they know that NO ONE will return a $2-3 item. Also my eBay app should hold my purchase history INDEFINITELY OR UNTIL >>>I<<< delete it, and not be deleted by the eBay system. If I purchase lots of things it’s very easy to forget or lose track of an item ALREADY PAID FOR THAT I NEVER GOT. ESPECIALLY if eBay deletes my purchase history. It’s MY RECORD. DON’T DELETE IT FOR ME!!! Allow me that option. 😡 in light of what I’ve said, choose carefully and you may do well. There are some very good deals on eBay if you have good judgement and the time for all the hassles too. JD
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3 years ago, Phiilydakid
PLEASE READ BEFORE USING eBay APP!!!Okay where should i start, well let’s see i have been a eBay customer for almost a decade now and i have had my ups and downs but unfortunately i have reached my limit. Recently i ordered parts that never arrived but was said to have been delivered to an address that doesn’t exist. Obviously before the parts went out i noticed the discrepancy and immediately notified eBay, who took days to respond. By the time eBay responded. The response i got back from eBay was to contact the seller, the seller had already shipped said parts 😞. I then got the ball rolling with trying to either get a replacement or refund. When i say i immediately got on the ball for a refund or replacement i mean immediately. The seller stonewalled be and i made a request for eBay to step in but of course that was a mistake. Again eBay took weeks to respond to my request only to tell me the matter had been closed and i would not be receiving anything (refund or replacement). At this point the sellers on eBay are under not type of liability for selling you wrong, damaged, or generally bad parts or items and eBay who is supposed to act as a broker furthers this behavior by enabling the sellers behavior. eBay does nothing to protect its buyers. I for one will not be ordering anything else from this point on from eBay. PLEASE READ BEFORE USING eBay APP!!!
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5 years ago, itlgrk
My review on Sellers
I have been an eBay member since 2001. That’s a total of 18 years. I think in the last three years the credibility of the eBay sellers has disintegrated. They lack credibility, integrity. My first 10 years maybe longer no matter what I purchased it was always exactly what they stated I warily ever had to return anything. I think maybe I returned two things in 10 to 15 years. Now it is just awful. The quality is bad it’s not as it described and what I find is that eBay doesn’t support the buyer when it comes to certain items. I don’t mind purchasing something if returns are not excepted, but when there is dishonesty and I purchased the item based on their truthfulness and I discovered that there is dishonesty involved regarding the product and I open a complaint and eBay supported the seller. The particular item I am talking about was a Kiehl moisturizer I purchased on eBay. I discovered The item was expired. I did my homework before I opened up the complaint. I personally met with the Kiehl representative To educate myself on skin care and expiration dates before I even opened up a complaint. I doubt that you’re bored who makes these decisions Didn’t do the research I did. So my lack of trust with eBay supporting me as a buyer has disintegrated considerably just like the sellers you allow
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2 years ago, Jennifer 828
If I could give a negative hundred stars I would do so. Long story short I received a gift card for my birthday. I had it in my account that has been active for a few years now. The next morning I looked and my $100 was just gone. When I called eBay about it they basically said too bad so sad! Someone has used it and bought something and it went to an account that had just been opened and then immediately closes after the transaction. I’m sorry but if they can flag me for a blurry picture then why couldn’t they catch this when it was going on in my account and obviously wasn’t my normal activity pattern. NOW EVERYBODY PAY ATTENTION TO THE IMPORTANT PART HERE. eBay is not holding themselves accountable for any money that can and will eventually be stolen from your account. They say they stand behind purchases but could care less if someone literally steals your money from your account. So take that in consideration when you deal with this company that obviously could care less about the customers or sellers on here because they probably as far as I’m concerned just as guilty and in on the whole scam! Thanks eBay for everything you’ve done which is nothing but steal my only birthday present I have gotten in the last three years!! Thieves you should be ashamed of yourself and in speaking to the owner here no wonder you have millions!
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1 year ago, 10101n
I’ve been selling for over 4 years on eBay and the scammers are getting worse and worse to deal with!! I’ve just had 6 scams in ONE WEEK!! The good old let me keep the item I just bought and get my money back scam!!! This is running rampant on eBay! I’m a seller for over 10 years on other sites poshmark, Mercari and started selling on eBay and I do not have this problem on the other sites it’s absolutely horrifying that ppl can buy something and keep it and still get their money back!!!??? eBay does not protect sellers AT ALL!!! Even if you have clear as day pictures of what your item looks like they can still say there is something wrong and request a refund. But the scam I’m being bombarded with is the 1/2 REFUND SCAM! It’s where the customer claims there is something wrong with the item and they do not want to return it they want to KEEP IT but they want ME the seller to PAY THEM 1/2 their money back and shipping costs they incurred!!!!!??????? HOW IS THIS LEAGAL EBAY!!!???? Oh and there is also the EMPTY BOX SCAM!! Let’s not forget that gem! I feel so defeated I’m about to close up shop. I have a ton of great followers and customers on Poshmark and Mercari but wanted to give EBay a try but it’s caused me so much stress it’s not even worth it! I wish eBay would protect sellers as much as they protect buyers. If you are a new seller on eBay just be aware of these scams.
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1 year ago, TravelnNP
Sketchy sellers and scammers
I have Been shopping on eBay long time, this is actually my second account. I must have been inactive in the last one too long or something. But anyway I am getting scammed and, it’s getting increasingly frightening and frustrating. There is a seller with 99 cent items starting out as a bid. If you win several items. He throws a few in a box and I’m Not getting the appropriate items. and I’m paying shipping for each individual item. One item I kept sending a message until I got the jacket. And another jacket was missing. I now have purchased enough to leave some serious negative feedback, which I never do. Now I have purchased another coat. There is no evidence of that sell/purchase through one bid I thought rare too. He did respond and said would mail it but I have no way of seeing my purchase anywhere. I can’t leave any feedback on this seller. I have sent him a message and waiting for a response. But I have feeling I need to open a case because I did screenshot the sale right away because it kept disappearing and reappearing, pretty shady business. I feel these sellers on these platforms are becoming more aggressive scammers. I’ve even had one stalking me and sending me terrible messages I didn’t respond to. I will open a case on this vest as I have the number for the sale. Thank you Deborah
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5 years ago, Nakupendwa
APP Review not EBAY Review
I’ve been a seller on eBay for many years, a review on the platform itself is a whole different thing. This is a review of the app. I think it’s very easy to use and helpful for both buyers and sellers. I feel the app gets rid of a lot of the extra features that get in the way on the website. However, I don’t like that as a seller the only feature is to view, edit, and list your items. There are a lot of other facets to being a seller that could make up an “Ebay Seller App” such as paying my bill, viewing my daily sales or monthly numbers, starting a promotion, etc. All of this aside, there are two actual flaws with the current Ebay app. When I click on my profile to view any new or previous feedback, the screen never loads. Also, when scrolling through my items the app loads the items in bunches. This is fine but I am never able to scroll through all of my items because after loading a few bunches as I’m scrolling it freezes and can’t load anymore items. Then I have to leave the page and go back to try to get further down the list of the items - but it’s never possible. Fix these two things and you’ll have 5 stars from me!
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5 years ago, Tonal80
EBay needs to update app
Most app features work well but they continue to fail to address the needs and suggestions if sellers. Too many circular help options. The mail reason for my low rating is eBay still has NOT fixed old purchases being “stuck” in the list of purchases. When trying to remove very old purchases (so to increase # of watched items) it says unavailable or just doesn’t let you delete them or the just reappear. Why doesn’t the developer FIX THIS???? There’s so many complaints about this going back several years! Related: why is there such slow limit of the number of watched items one can have? That makes no sense. In fact, I can guarantee eBay is losing money by not fixing this problem. If I could watch more items, I know I would be able to watch them and buy more. But if my list is “full” I simply forget about the items that I might have bought. Seriously, you guys need to step up your app or sellers and buyers (like myself) are going to leave this app. I know I’ve about had it with eBay’s lack of interest in helping its sellers. You guys purposely don’t make it easy to get help or to get improvements made. Take heed of the feedback and make changes or you’ll become the next “tumblr” and die a slow death.
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3 years ago, Elirosy
I feel like I’ve been robbed by eBay
My middle school English teacher introduced me to Ebay in the early 2000s. I’ve sold on the app on and off and purchased many items over the years. It was my favorite place to shop and always felt safe with all transactions until now. I purchased a ski suit overseas for $150, sender sent it and apparently the mail man misread my address and sent it back to seller. I notified seller and asked to let me know when received so that we can try again. I contacted seller 3 weeks later and seller hadn’t received it and asked me if it had a tracking number. I replied by saying it the USPS no longer tracks packages once they’re sent back. Seller stop replying after that. I asked seller for a refund, never heard from said seller. I opened a case and eBay a few days later eBay’s closed the case saying exactly this words “We’re Sorry you had a problem with your purchase. However, this item isn’t covered by the eBay Monday Back Guarantee. After reviewing all the details of this case, we determined that you won’t receive a refund. I feel like I’ve been robbed by eBay, seller stopped replying to my messages and eBay still sided with seller. I’ve never experienced this before and lost $150. How is that even right? I won’t buy on this app anymore, eBay it’s becoming just like the other dishonest apps out there.
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3 years ago, Shurpok!
First steps
This recounts my first purchase on eBay, so the learning curve is near vertical. A bit confusing. Five days after purchase, I get an e-mail from the vendor asking what size. My question is: how did the purchase order get completed without that little detail? The advert I answered didn’t ask for a size so I assumed “one size fits all.” Just got an email that the merchandise shipped. Now I get to learn the tracking system. IMO the on line biz modelers need to lock a technical writer into a room with an IT coder and make the process more user friendly. Not my first unhappy experience. I placed a “notify me” order on a product that is out of stock and now I get spammed almost daily “are you still interested” and when I get to the order process, I am told it is still out of stock. Time is money, people. The online seller who comes closest to getting it right will get my patronage. If I get the product I ordered, I will be happy. Curious that E-bay is asking for this evaluation on the same day the product shipped and long before it could have arrived. Turn the screws on the tech writer, he should know better and turn up the heat on the coder because he should do better.
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4 years ago, Kkdiva1010
So, let me start this off by saying i am not happy with eBay whatsoever. This website and app is the biggest scam to ever be made. Now let my make this clear, if you are BUYING from eBay. No problem, have fun scamming people and having eBay help you scam them because of their "selling agreement". BUT, if you are selling or trying to sell off of this website you are in for a "fun" ride. If your intent is to sell you will be shown just how easy it is for people to scam you. Here's what I mean buy this. I have sold over 20 things over eBay and 15 of those 20 things have all been the same. Even though I put in the settings that "I DON'T DO REFUNDS" the people buying from me where able to schedule a refund for my product claiming "that I had missing pieces or parts" even when I was selling something such as a cup... anyways because of this and how eBay is a buyer first type of company EBAY themselves were able to go into the PayPal and send the buyer BACK the money WHEN HE HADN'T EVEN SHIPPED MY PRODUCT BACK. So in this case he had MY product and had his $200 back... it has been over a month and I have lost over $2000 due to this ongoing scam to eBay and their "buyers". I also haven't received my product back ever. So, if you are going to use this app to buy. Have fun, if you are going to use this app to sell. Good luck because you are going to loose a lot of money.
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5 years ago, 420211
Price range bait and switch
First of all it’s messed up that you can’t contact eBay customer support via email and are only provided a phone number. My complaint is about how sellers have side skirted the lowest price plus shipping filter. It used to be that you could press lowest price plus shipping, and the results would be the items with the lowest prices. Now when you click lowest price plus shipping, it shows you an item with a really low price, say $.74, but when you click the item and go to its page it has a price range of $.74 to say $15. You are usually provided a few options to enter for the product and when you put in the information relevant to the item you are searching for, 9 times out of 10 the price becomes $15 instead of $.74 with the $.74 item being a worthless accessory or something not even wanted. This is annoying to no end and completely makes useless the lowest price plus shipping filter. This along with having to scroll through miles of pages of the same stock photo from the same seller of a product where each page has a price difference of a penny or a different color option or something. Individual sellers flooding the search results with jillions of pages their own stuff so nobody else’s product gets seen through the crowded mess. If nobody at ebay is fixing this, that means you must be complicit. Boooo!
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1 year ago, Cobybeach
Why doesn’t my review show up? Could it be because it isn’t good? SELLERS BEWARE!!! EBay is no longer a place for buyers AND sellers!! If you list with EBay, be prepared to defend your price every day!! They go as far as changing my acceptable bids daily without a word to me about it. Becoming a scam!! Here’s how to destroy a billion dollar business in one fell swoop. I have used EBay for close to 20 years, and have sold and bought almost equally. In my experience, I’ve never had a problem. Recently, I listed about 30 pieces of jewelry, and I have had nothing but trouble...not with the sales, but with EBay wanting to give my items away!! Every day I have to go to my listings, and see what EBay has done to my listings. They keep dropping the price of what offer I will accept. Every day. It’s almost like EBay is working for the buyers, and are working to get the best deal for them! I’m paying for the listings, so seems the price should my decision, not theirs!! I was told if I would accept offers and set my lowest price, EBay would stop harassing me about lowering my prices, but, no. They harass me every day.
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7 years ago, Jhfrtyuj
Tired of the Messing up.
Lately this app has been messing up and I am not able to pay for my invoices due to the screens keep saying error I then get unpaid item strikes despite communication with the sellers. It won't let me pay for my items one at a time and then sometimes it's reverse. I have enjoyed eBay for over 10 years now and had 100% and no item strikes. But thanks to the issues and errors that pop up on the screens my experience has been horrible. Also 5 years ago I had some items that I sold. I got very sick and was in the hospital for almost three weeks. I did miss sending the items although I made communication with buyers the moment I was conscious and explained what had happened. That was just a few items some of the people wanted the item still and some didn't but that was 5 years ago. Why am I being punished and not allowed to sell 5 years later? My feedback has been at 100% for years. No unpaid item strikes until recently due to the app not working correctly I have tried on my phone, my iPad, my pc and even a friends phone. I would like this all fixed please but I don't know what to do.
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2 years ago, imkabir13
Worst customer service.
I swear, I will never ever buy items using eBay. I called customer service. They are so rude with customers I never knew that. eBay puts some number of rubbish, idiot, and dump animals other side of the phone. They even dont know how to talk to customers. Sometimes it acceptable if it happen with one person. I call a parson, just he “said how can i help you”. I dont know with whom im talking. I explained my issue, instead of answering me he just said, you can login ur app and you can see the update. So idiotic answer. I know I can see the update. But I wanted to know the exact status. Coz I paid for express delivery. If they are not able to ship on time i need return the money for express service. Which I paid. Then he cut the call. Again I called another person pickup the call. Again he said how can I help you. I said, it is eBay customer service? He said yes. I asked may I know your name? He Said John. I explained my issue, he asked which card i used, i told i forgot which card i use. I need the order update. He could find it using order number, email address, user id, etc. but he didnt . his sounds literally yelling to me. Kind of annoyed on me. Then he also cut the call. These filthy cows never deserve to run business in USA. These all activity was agains the consumer rights and law. I’m going to sue agains them.
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3 years ago, KishaHeart
So I am one of the most trusted sellers and am often more considerate and less greedy than other sellers. However, last year, I sold a gameboy game system. The buyer made a false claim, to get their money back, which put my paypal account in negative balance. Here is the problem, the buyer who purchased the item, used a fake pitch black image with a silver or greyish small square, which has been a common scam image that ebay and other sellers know about but yet they fail to even let the seller defend their case AT ALL and prove authenticity. They also fail to look at the exact images of what was sold, and review both sides of the story and just side with the buyer within seconds of the buyer submitting the fake image that does not show the actual item whatsoever. I have never had a problem selling things on ebay and always got good reviews. But the fact that Ebay banned me over one fake buyer, and false claim, is outrageous. Ebay will not even answer me whatsoever in regards to this matter, I am to the point that I am ready to file a lawsuit and take them to court. I have reported this to the better business bureau twice since then, and Ebay still has never responded. DO NOT USE EBAY!!!!! SELL LOCALLY OR ON A DIFFERENT PLATFORM BECAUSE EBAY IS NOT A GOOD COMPANY ANYMORE AND THEY LET SCAM BUYERS GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING AND REFUSE TO CARE ABOUT THE SELLER.
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2 months ago, Name hehe
The “Authentication system” is a joke!
The authentication system is super flawed. Was selling my LV purse that I bought with MY own hands from the LV store, and I received notification that authentication failed. All the notes I received from the authenticator was “Unable to confirm authenticity” with nothing else. Why unable to confirm? What’s wrong with it? No notes. Nothing. Now I got a “violation of Counterfeit item policy” when I know for a fact that my bag IS authentic. It’s not right nor fair that the authenticator was unable to authenticate (and I will add—"Unable to confirm authenticity" means that they aren't saying it's fake but can't say with certainty that it's authentic) and I’m getting doxxed for “selling counterfeit item,” when that’s not even true. I swear on my mothers life my bag is REAL. Unless it was all a dream where I walked into the store and picked up the bag and purchased it! This could be avoided if the authenticator can actually DO THEIR JOB and authenticate the item, or communicate with us better why the items didn’t pass and not just leave a one line note. Don’t bother selling brand-name items on here. Even if you know 100% the item is real, because it’s 50/50 chance it’ll get returned back to you as they tell you “oops we don’t know how to tell if it’s real sorry. anyway we’re gonna say you violated our policy anyways”
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9 months ago, Laurac1022
Sellers beware of terrible buyers and little protection
I have been an eBay customer for 19 years. I’m not a professional seller, I just occassionally sell things i not longer use. Last week I sold an Ali yoga jacket that was in great shape. However, the buyer asked for a refund saying that the item condition wasn’t what was described. Fine, I give her a refund, following the eBay flows, where I click refund, and then thinking I would get my jacket back since it was nice, I then clicked send return label at the same time. I contacted the buyer saying I’m sorry things didn’t work out and to mail back my jacket whenever they get the chance. Apparently, eBay told her to throw out the jacket, even though I sent the return label at the exact same time as the refund. After being very angry with customer service, they just told me that I should have received the item back first before issuing the refund, and that it’s in the policy. I’m sorry I didn’t read 10 pages of policy to sell a $70 jacket. Very frustrating and I will never use eBay again and encourage this to everyone that may potentially be reading this. I will purposefully and loudly say: don’t use eBay. Facebook marketplace in the US and Vinted in Europe are so much better, and I’m sure these types of policies will be the ruin of eBay. Way to treat a 19-year customer.
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3 years ago, Fitz4everz
There ARE other options.
I’m not a big fan on leaving negative reviews but these are issues with the company as a whole rather than an individual. 1. The messaging system is broken. The interface is disorganized and old and there’s no good way to see your sent messages or recover older ones. 2. Non-transparent fees. Ever since ebay has switched away from PayPal charges seem random and the invoice is disorganized. 3. USPS. This isn’t a problem that eBay has much control over honestly, but there are several third party selling websites which make it far easier to deal with the USPS (for trading cards these include comc and Star stock) and for the last 2 months almost every standard eBay envelope I’ve sent has gone missing. 4. Customer Service. The first time I needed to use eBay customer service it wasn’t bad. I was able to reach an agent in 10 minutes who was able to help me through the problem I had at the time. This no longer seems to be the case, as it’s very difficult to actually talk with someone let alone them be able to give accurate help. For a long time eBay’s seemed like a necessary evil and for some it may still be that way but if your buying and selling almost any kind of collectible there are plenty of other options which don’t have the numerous issues ebay has.
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4 years ago, Jkdjdbhxn
Best buying and selling app.
eBay is horrible. They are bullies that don’t help at all and let scam artists sell fake stuff or things that don’t work at all and are broken then you can’t get any help at all to get your money back or contact the seller and there’s no way to contact eBay either. It’s extremely difficult and once you finally figure it out They don’t reply. if you are lucky enough to get someone to contact you back after weeks they are extremely unprofessional and rude. This company is shut down here dad and sued for millions . 100% bad business . I’ve been screwed in several items, thousands of dollars. No help from eBay at all. Don’t be fooled by their falsely advertised protection plans because they don’t work at all and you won’t get a reply. One of my many issues was when I purchased an iPhone for near $400, it didn’t work at all, tried to get ahold of seller for weeks, eBay didn’t help, finally sent it back to get my money back and they didn’t not refund my money. I somehow over looked the customers return request day and sent it 1 or 2 days after they requested. So i revived zero money back and they kept my phone and eBay didn’t help at all. They just were rude, unprofessional and did not help at all. The new iPad Pro arrive and is broken, doesn’t event turn on. I can’t get any help or reply from eBay it the seller.
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