Ebook Reader

3.6 (541)
63 MB
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Current version
Ebooks.com Limited
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ebook Reader

3.57 out of 5
541 Ratings
7 years ago, NinJeice
Super convenient and easy interface
I am reading my first eBook, one I received as a PDF, and downloaded this and the Kindle app to try to read. This app was convenient to download the PDF, it saves my place, I can read how I want, and it allows me to take notes and highlight. The Kindle seemed to only allow notes and highlights on their "official" downloads, and if I backed out of the program it did not keep the file. I also prefer the way the pages link together vertically so that I can smoothly transition between pages without having to do a sudden switch to horizontal swiping after scrolling vertically the whole page. Minus a star because sometimes highlighting can be awkward, and it's too easy to accidentally erased a highlight if two passages are close together, but that's a minor annoyance. This app for the win. P.S. Would be awesome if an update allowed for highlights of multiple colors!
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5 years ago, HeidiSW
Not quite right for my iPhone XR
I have an iPhone XR and find it frustrating that to be able to get a larger font, the top line of the page disappears into the notch. I have to pull down the screen to read that line. I enlarged the font because the default size is around a 9. Small fonts are one of the reasons I moved to digital books as they can be so hard to read. Otherwise, so far, the app is ok although I love my other reading app used for libraries. This is for books I need to purchase for my book club that the library may not have in digital format. 4 stars because of the notch.
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6 years ago, Yashua2
It brings reading into an easy format.
I have found online, what can be an exhausting experience trying one reader and then another, the satisfaction in finding a comprehensive display eBook reader. Often, for me, the search has ended in further frustrations finding readers apps that are almost always accompanied with certain idiosyncrasies, a mixture of certain inconsistent rules that do not fit most all our varied choices. So far, in the 4 months of using this app on my iPad 3, this app has performed without fault. I deliberate on so many different subjects offered, that having a reader that does not have these common bugs ( so far in my experience ), it is a delight to have the confidence that what I download will nest itself in such a worthy reader. How I do desire that they would allow a search for titles or better yet displaying the titles with authors in single sentence list. Even a single sentence display list would be less annoying then to have to scroll through the vast collections of items I have imbedded into the reader. If you have not tried it, do! If your a stickler for reliability, you'll be impressed. May Christ also be a Blessing of Love for you and yours, Robert Casey...Shalom
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3 years ago, josephmg7777
Very disappointing app
Unfortunately, I did not read the fine print when I bought a book from this seller. I am only able to read it, without paying for another app, on the website or it’s related app. Here’s something frustrating: I can enlarge the font, but the app is unresponsive to my touching the screen to scroll either up or down. No matter where I touch the screen, in the center, along the side of the screen, it doesn’t scroll. I tried to read the book on the website - for some odd reason I had to resign in to do so - and the text scrolls, but the site doesn’t provide a night version. There goes this month’s money on a new book. I will rebuy it - I assume there isn’t a refund option on eBooks given it’s limited Help and FAQ pages - next month for reading on one of the usual major corporation readers I use. Live and learn.
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2 years ago, Tabia C
It is a basic ereader app
It does what I supposed to do and uploads from apps or websites that allow you to download books. It is very good at having the books there when you open the app. Though, sometimes the books take awhile to open. And you can’t delete books once they have been added but I think that might be a new bug. While reading, it has some nice features you access like customizing the text, switching from light to dark modes, and changing the brightness. The biggest issue for me is the highlighting feature. It is slow, not accurate when trying to do the highlighting and erratic. And it doesn’t have a dictionary but you can save bookmarks and take notes.
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2 years ago, NitNicked in LA
Not up to snuff
This reader offers tiny, medium, and very large text with big size jump between them. When I go from the two small text to one that is more comfortably sized, it leads to highly distracting gaps in the page because the app insists that the text be justified. My opinion on whether it should be justified or not it’s really the only one that counts, and in this case, removing the justification and letting it just flow normally from the left side of the page would make a far more readable document. I simply cannot see ordering any more items that I have to read with such an irritating viewer that is so missing the simple features that many many other apps have already made standard.
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6 years ago, Mr. Chairman
Amazing portability but needs work on the pages
The app is great when it comes to portability and clarity of book pages but needs work on page by page user interface. Some of the paragraphs are cut off when you switch from a smaller font to a bigger font. Which is very important for your clients that have difficulty reading small prints.
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5 years ago, TFDrifterJJRX
A very good private library.
I ve always wanted my own library, now I ve even have a nice one with (always dusted) shelves in the library. Now I just need to find a suitable chair and per chance a wine cooler. I know that my books are maintained professionally and are available on a moments notice. 20 August 2019: This app keeps getting better and better as time goes on. What I enjoy is being able to change both the background color and the text color. There re times when the color white gives me a major headache and inverting the white background doesn t really work because I white text. While the color change works for most of the books, it doesn t work for PDFs. However, doing a smart invert with the PDFs does change at least the white to a dark, dark blue background and a pale ivory text which (IMO) an immense improvement over most of the apps which only use black and white colors.
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3 years ago, J.S. Bleccch
Barely adequate
I want to be able to read ebooks without supporting large corporations, and this app is one of the few ways to do that. Unfortunately, the app is terrible. *No option to view in 2 columns (like a physical book) *Progress and bookmarks don't sync across devices linked to the same account *Progress frequently resets, meaning I lose my place if I didn't recently bookmark *No dictionary or web search capability *No capability to search selected text within the book (you can type in a word or phrase to search within the book, but not select and search) *No capability to copy selected text *Highlighting is difficult to place the cursors; it seems like more effort was put into making the end result look like a "real" highlighter than into the functionality of highlighting I give it two stars because I will continue to use it. But if there were another independent online bookstore with as large a catalog, I'd ditch this one.
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5 years ago, Rhutch418
I Like it!
I really like the book shelf view. The only reason I am not giving a higher rating is that I have not been able to focus on reading more often until now. I will give a better review as I learn everything I can about it’s limitations. I would love to have all my ebooks, ibooks, and audiobooks on this book shelf format so I can experience it as I do my study with its multiple book shelves. So, an ebook shelf, an ibook shelf, and an audio book shelf with an interface that you could view them all and select the shelf you wanted to open a book from would be really cool.
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6 years ago, Ruthannwordgame2017
Love this. App especially PDF files
I really enjoyed this app. It works very well when you have a PDF file. There is another app that has me open it in different places. “Sometimes kindle does not work well“ then I go to this app. I like the fact that I have my books in different places. I’m trying to work on other things but it is usually very navigational.
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4 years ago, MLS-RULES
When I try to change the font size of the book I am reading it only changes the font size of a portion of the book (i.e., the preface, introduction, etc.). It does not actually change the font size of the chapters. Very frustrating. Additionally, the only way to scroll down to the bottom of the page and to continually see the bottom of the page is to keep my finger on my screen. If I don’t, the page scrolls up automatically and I cannot see the bottom of the page. Give me a break!
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2 months ago, HAL|9000
Simple, easy to use reader
…and it looks nice, too. Have had it for a year or so and I like it. The only thing I wish it did was to scroll down for next pages, rather than sideways. Not a big deal to me, and there may be a way to do this that I haven’t figured out, yet. You will like it.
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3 years ago, Meli04
So any glitches can’t even use it
It has so many glitches it’s impossible to use. Every time I want to turn to the next page it keeps flipping back to the previous page. I sometimes have to flip the same page 5-7 times before it sticks. I got 660 pages to read for school, this is a total time waster. Then it doesn’t let you highlight sections. It freezes. It’s just so not worth it. I updated my software, turned off and on my iPad, the glitches remain. Wished I could give a better review, seems like a great program if it would just work.
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2 years ago, wolf8goddess
This does NOT always save my place where I left off. I bookmark it and it always goes back to Ch 3 and when I look at the page bookmarked (thankfully it does that) I have to manually go to that page because there’s no way to click on the bookmarked page! And the slider at the bottom - when you slide to certain page it takes a few times to connect that you have to click arrow button! Sooo frustrating! 😡
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7 years ago, OkieTumbleweed
Great Possibilities
I use this app a great deal and I enjoy it. Some of my books do not have the cover art. That would be nice. Otherwise, the latest updates work well. I still use this app everyday. The latest update has significantly changed the font sizes. The difference between 100% and 125% seems extreme. It is more like 300 or 400%.
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4 years ago, ordinaryconsumsr
Unusable on my older ipads
Among several defects, what earns this app the 1 star and the judgement "unusable" is the top line of every page is unreadable! Using the larger font, and oriented either way, there is no way to get rid of the menu items and colored bar at the top of each page. There used to be the same problem at the bottom of the page, so the last line was obscured by the menu bar, but clicking in the middle of the page in this new version properly disappears that lower menu bar. So this version is "twice as good"! Still unusable.
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6 years ago, Clownetti
Worth downloading but...
I got this app to supplement iBooks. It works great. Easy to use interface and the variety of formats you can download from are what drew me to it. I have used it for only 1 month and noticed an issue. I can’t see the reference pics that my ePub books have. Might just my inexperience. Worth the download.
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2 years ago, rachdblugbby1234
Love it…..BUT
Love this e reader in my humble opinion it’s the best one on here. It’s free and easy to use however when I try to delete books that I don’t need it puts them right back on my shelf after deletion. I wish you would fix this. If I want to get rid of it it should stay gone.
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4 years ago, BassaBoy
No dictionary
No lookup words, no dictionary. When you select a word, you get only two options: cancel and highlight. There’s no copy command either maybe because of copyright? Copy right or DRM doesn’t make a lot of sense for law-abiding readers. DRM can not stop any one from using a second phone the display of another phone and run it through a scanner app to make a searchable content. I think I will stick with iBool.
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5 years ago, PetiteKim
New version has issues but not bad
The book now goes all the way to the Top of the screen so you can’t see the first line without dragging it down each time you turn your page and you can’t see the page number because that’s blocked by the bottom of the iPhone screen. Also in order to check the time you have to minimize the app.
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6 years ago, daniELnoLions
Simple and Convenient
This my favorite ebook reader. The ebooks are easily and quickly reached and read. My only gripe is...when I download free pdf ebooks is that it is a fight to get this reader to come UP so the ebook can be sent to it. But...... once it is on oh how wonderful this reader is. Get it you won’t be disappointed.
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5 years ago, Mcord
Mostly Good
Not a bad e-reading app at all. I really like how much control I have over background and text color. The thing I wish they would change the most is scroll capabilities. I prefer to scroll down rather than “to flip” the page. I find it’s less of a break/distraction from reading.
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6 years ago, RalWri
It is an excellent app.
This Ebook Reader is one of the best out there. I use several different types for various uses including graduate school. This one is the most universal by far. The best part is, that it is free without all of the messy adds. Thank you for providing such a wonderful reading tool.
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5 months ago, Ted Theodore Logan esq
Be careful my Friends, don’t let the free app fool u
So you can write an e-book and publish it, but you’re not paying for it or anything, right. Where are they getting these books from? The people who took the time out researched and read and then wrote and published the books aren’t receiving any money. I think most should be free, but Apple should be giving a percentage to the writers, at least. Does anybody know of an app that prints published e-books?
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6 years ago, golamrabbiazad
I'm regularly using eBookreader on macOS. I never find any issues or problems. But in iOS, I got an issue that screen blue. When I tap to read pdf book full screen blur if I zoom that still on blur. And if I open in iBook, it's fine!
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4 years ago, DebLee63
Great reading app!
Very user friendly, all the options. I love the bar showing how far you are into the book at the bottom, and you can just click on the screen to get a % and see options 😁
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5 years ago, Captain Jaq
Share and sync would make it perfect
Would really love to be able to share and sync my 3rd party added books across multiple devices. Aside from that, it’s a great app. Also, for some reason, it keeps having to be reauthorized, which means if I’m not near a WiFi connection, I can’t read my books. This is beyond frustrating!
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5 years ago, bandleaderfalls
Hate the display
Tried to change from a light background with dark writing to the opposite, and it only works for the title pages, which is worthless. I find the vertical scrolling very annoying, given that I am used to other reading formats where you scroll left and right. So far I hate this, but the books that I bought for it are only available on this and not on Kindle. :(
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5 years ago, waffle7546
Didn’t have the book I was looking for
I gave this book 3 stars because it didn’t have the book I was looking for. I was looking for Seventeenth Summer and there weren’t any results maybe it’s because it is an old book also there wasn’t a wide rage of books to choose from but other than that it was good
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4 years ago, Fotoman28
I would much rather be able to pinch larger or smaller as the other readers on the iPad allow me to do. Trying to get the menu to appear can also be an exercise in frustration as the pages then jump ahead or back. I found that just one of the incremental iPad updates helped stabilize the reader too early on.
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1 year ago, VonyaD
Font size
Love that I’m able to have my book collection downloaded, but HATE the the font size does not change. I only downloaded the app because some books only have the sample available on kindle, but I’d rather stick with kindle because I CAN CHANGE MY FONT SIZE, and not have to be straining my eyes!!
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4 years ago, CurupiraLdna
Best overall.
I downloaded this app because it was the only one to handle PDFs and EPubs. It became my preferred ebook reader! It looks a little dated, but works great! For some reason it doesn't remember the PDF page where I left off.
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4 years ago, Folkie Girl
Edges of pages getting cut off
I’m using both an iPhone and iPad with this app. There are control bars top and bottom that cut off several sentences. I have to take the font down to 75 percent to read the edges. Not good, considering these are textbooks.
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5 years ago, Hgctgft
Problem loading bookmark, highlights, notes.
When a page is bookmarked or notes are taken it reads as if it was never bookmarked and the reader has to start from the beginning in search of information highlighted or bookmarked.
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5 months ago, Latin rage
Search doesn’t work
I try to do a search for a word or phrase and that option does not work. Very frustrating when I am trying to look up information for medical diagnosis. Would prefer to label my bookmarks as well.
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3 years ago, heyyal123456
Disappointed customer
App shortcomings: can’t change font size, pages cut off at bottom of page when scrolling, page scrolling is terrible should be a page turn function and when returning to book after closing app my page is lost. Very poor quality product.
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5 years ago, page cutoff
Page cutoff
This was my first purchase of a book to read on ereader. It’s a textbook. The page top and bottom are cutoff, print small, no way to enlarge the page to view charts etc. No response from the purchase company when I submitted a statement and asked for help or to offer a link to use with iBooks or Kindle
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7 years ago, SM.Rashtian
Crash after ios11
After upgrading to ios11; it doesn't work well with my pdf books and crash during opening these files.
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4 months ago, SomeonesVice
No Table of Contents
Has some nice features, but when I open the table of contents it’s blank. This makes it difficult to navigate many books as I use this for school. Hopefully this gets fixed.
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7 years ago, Brainaider
Love the App
I just add a PDF to the app and I can read I'm very satisfied with the app. I don't have to pay for books and it auto saves my page. I can take note and all that.
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6 years ago, nedovicka
Update for new phones
On my old phone it was great but on iphone X i cannot read first two lines if I don’t move text. I hope you will fix it and put clock and other data in that upper part of screen like most of apps do
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2 years ago, Noodleboat
I wish the app was more simplified. I don’t need an entire color wheel just give me a handful of background choices. The app also would randomly skip forward or backward by dozens of pages and the options to return never worked.
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2 years ago, StuckAtWork
It has possibilities, but the iOS interface is clunky
Upon downloading, I opened one of the pre-loaded books by accident and can find no obvious way to close it. The documentation addresses installation but not use. The Kindle interface looks better, but I’m ditching this app altogether.
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4 years ago, chellz500
Is there a reason your new update excluded iPhone users? I updated, then went to log in...pretty sure I had the right password....you said no. I hit the button to get my password and a continuous error comes up saying my device is rejecting the application.......answers please. I’ve got several $’s worth of books bought that I can’t access....,
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5 years ago, Artty Sie
Works also on older iDevices
This app supports also iOS 8 which means you can use it on that old iPad mini, giving it a new life as eReader.
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5 years ago, Taffy522
I like this because not all my books are kindle and as I have a vision problem I can read them all by fixing the font
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7 years ago, Seam1947
Easy to use!
Easy to use! Can load most books and PDF Files. I don't care if a book fries not have a cover ....still nice!
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6 years ago, screwtape's cousin
Ebola reader
Flash for Apple: fix iBook. I'm retro-- I like click and drag. Adding ePub files is almost impossible...or I'm too stupid. Don't care. This solves the problem neatly and completely.
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7 years ago, WatcherOfTime
Great UI Able to load Books from calibre and Display them Perfectly easy to use
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