eBook Search - download books

4.5 (3.4K)
26.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Inkstone Software, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for eBook Search - download books

4.53 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
5 years ago, DrTal
If I could only have one reading app this would be yet
I love to read. I read I read all of the books in the school library by the time I was in the fifth grade. Then I moved onto the city library and read all of those before I was out of middle school. Fortunately I became obsessed with athletics and devoted the majority of my life to basketball. Now in my senior years, with a seniors income, I found a way to re-ask them offAmazon an apple it cost 6 to 10 bucks for each volume. They are free here. And there are so so many classics that I have in storage somewhere or in fancy bindings that I can read for free here without going nuts trying to dig through boxes
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7 years ago, MoominLove
Works Fine
I was wrestled unto reviwing this app after trying it for a few searches, so I have not sampled all it can do. The free version has several sorces to search for free ebooks, but it still does a good in overall performance. However, one is limited to searching one website at a time. Also, if you are into browsing, some sites will not let you use more than category and if you want to eliminate books not in English you will have to wade through ALL the books on that site in no particular order.
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7 years ago, Camo_junkie0611
Great Resource
I don't write many reviews but this app deserves some input. I didn't really know what to think when I first saw this app because I have run across countless other free eBook search apps that were ultimately pretty lame. This app, however, has been very useful and allows access to tons of eBooks from a large number of reputable resources. I have really enjoyed having it and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy way to find great new/old ebooks from across the web.
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5 years ago, Rob from Arkansas
Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan
I wanted to read the book before seeing the 2019 animated movie. I can see why this book has been so well received over the past 300+ years. The truths exposed concerning Christianity and those who chose to follow their own version of how to get to heaven, are represented so vividly. I enjoyed the metamorphic names to all the characters and places. They represented each one correctly. My hope is that you enjoy it as you read, as much as I did.
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5 years ago, Techbug
Terrific App
This app has given me a whole new hobby - collecting the classic books I’ve only learned about through listening to old time radio. The app is simple and clean, not a lot of junk or flashy colours on the screen. So far an enjoyable experience. It does what it’s supposed to do and does it quite well. A big thank you to the team at Inkstone.
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7 years ago, inkstainedwretch ,retd.
Worthless - and 99-cent upgrade even sworde
Now, all data on free and otherwise e-bools is free to anyone opening a web browser (though Google was caught Sept 2017 slashing any site left of Atilla the Hun) bur bot searches are easy to construct to a build this kind of database. So WHERE ARE THE BOOKS? Could be the writers CHARGE and Proj. Gutenberg doesn't spend cash enriching app writers. It MIGHT be the "family friendly" policy of listing ONLY books acceptable to the most closed-minded who don't think 12-year olds are ready for 1984. This trash doesn't even correctly alphabetize results and attempts to list Pacific Rim demi-pictograph fonts under Roman letter sorts. And a simple sort for books with titles or authors with a SPECIFIC name will toss you a randomized list of books that somewhere use one of the letters in a very specific name/title somewhere in in-book catalog data - which means almost every book on the list. Even the one publishing house providing its own list has its data thoroughly disorganized. DUMP THIS DOG and question Apple's allegedly strict quality standards.
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7 years ago, D Rohlinger
Just opened the app and I find it very interesting. There are apparently at least almost a million books. Fortunately there are many ways to search for what you're interested in. The only problem is that almost all the books I looked into didn't have any description of what the book is about or even how long it is. Kind of getting on faith. Haven't looked at the books I've downloaded, so I may have to amend my review. If things are good this is a great app.
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6 months ago, Archangel Beth
Can't sideload.
Since apparently Marvin is no longer available, I need to find a replacement for when someday it breaks. I require an app which will sideload fic I have downloaded, sort by author *by displaying only the author name* (and then the author's books with a tap on the name), and allow me to modify the cover. This app gives me the last two, and accesses some good free book libraries, so I'll keep it on the phone, but it can't sideload epubs from Files that I can see. Must keep looking.
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6 years ago, bdjdbehevwg
Great App
The app let’s me browse through a variety of different free books organized by genre so you can easily find the books you are interested in. This is the best app i have found so far that let’s me download ebooks and save them to my stock Books app. Definitely recommend it 100%
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6 years ago, Yo yoyó to all
Way more user friendly then expected
Well I’m not a big fan on books I just want to read what I like and love, and this app at least have some good ideas to help me with the fact that I don’t have one option to go to for my reading and change app every time I try to find what I’m looking for. Well not much for a review but it is my opinion the make it easy for me to come to read.
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5 years ago, jer_noob
My very first search was the book: Saint Odd by Dean Koontz and there were three results. The first two were “Unavailable to Download” and the third was $9.99 to download. By putting the word “Free” in your initial description is deceiving and a scam to get downloads of your app. Want to rectify it? Do what you actually say you can do and make the books available free or take the business out back and shoot it because quite honestly, it’s rather embarrassing for you when I literally downloaded your app 10 minutes ago and you have failed.
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5 years ago, Cutie.Julie
Money Saver
There are no instructions so it is a little hard to navigate at first, but it is well worth your time to learn how to use. I'm a college student and I have honestly saved hundreds of dollars using this app. I feel like I sound like a corny commercial but this app really is worth more than 5 stars.
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5 years ago, reader@1234567
This app is amazing! It’s so easy to navigate through, has a great selection of books. The features it has, AMAZING! I can make side notes and highlight important details. Best of all, some of the books are free. It cost absolutely NOTHING to expand your knowledge and read books that you’ll enjoy !
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5 years ago, 2jeep2wanda
Free books! Yours to keep...
Just downloaded books I thought I'd have to purchase or rent from a library if they could be found. Sort of classics but not commonly available for free. I'm thrilled to have them again. Rereading A Generation of Vipers last read in 1950's in high school and never forgotten. Loving this app.
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6 years ago, Thong1999
Fantastic selection of free e-books
If you love reading old or obscure books, this app is for you! Among all the free libraries supported, you will probably find what you were looking for along with a number of interesting side alleys. The interface is easy to use and hasn't ever given me trouble.
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7 years ago, Cat lover723
This makes the book that I need much easier and it categorizes them and makes it easier to find a cheap purchase order to receive free and free books read books are great books thank you so much for putting this together love it
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7 years ago, Shor7cake
Awesome options
I have been on this app for a year now. I love the different varieties of free books I have. They actually send me notifications on the new books they now I'm into. Like real life murder mysteries. I won't go to nobody else for my books. I would highly suggest this app.
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6 years ago, W0oDs!3
Love it!
Great app! I have found so many books on this app. The only reason I didn’t give it all 5 stars is because I’m having trouble reading the books on the same app. I download them and put them in my google books. It would be nice to read them directly on the app. Overall, love everything else.
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5 years ago, Me_&_I
I am impressed to find and to enjoy so many books in so many languages. No matter your interest, you will find some books to feed your desire, your interest, your mind and even your eyes. Congrats to the team. You are doing a great work!!!
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6 years ago, Jay Stonefish
My review
The app is great! I can peruse hundreds of titles via author, title, subject, and can then be given the opportunity to read these books (after being told what they were about) to a PDF, or my kindle, etc! It's truly a great app! And they tell you which ones are free! Yay!! (Thank you!)
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7 years ago, MUCHTOL8
Has tons of hard to find books!
Looking for old technical lit from the 1800s that I haven't been able to find anywhere and this app had them all! It's straightforward and easy to use which is a nice bonus.
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4 years ago, BookLover48798
Was not happy with this app. I had to look at books through the “catalogs” and the only way you could find a book was if you already knew what you wanted to read. There is NO BROWSING. And you couldn’t just search for the book alone, you would have to look through every catalog in order to find a single book! My review is one star and it will stay that way until I find out if I am missing something or if someone convinces me other wise!
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5 years ago, Tsh00ter
I found some of the BEST writings ever.
I have the time to read on Quantum and standard theoretical physics. And then I can change to a different subject. I can get enough info to learn on that one. App is easy to use and has more then you can read. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.
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5 years ago, Kysugia
Good site for classical and old technical books
I am a retired engineer. I enjoy reading books and am surprised to see so many good books on this site including some of my engineering and technical text books from 50 years ago. What a surprised find. Recommend to people of all ages.
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10 months ago, cyberciv
Book review
In my opinion I love this app but I wish they had a bit more modern books that I like but they don’t and that’s why I’m giving it a 4/5 star. If they had more books for different audiences who have a more modern taste in books. Not saying it’s a bad app
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2 years ago, cadcad123
The books are not actually free.
Hello, whoever may be reading this review. It brings me great disappointment to tell you that this app lies to you. You might as well just download Apple/Play books, because it just opens those apps anyways. It is misleading so I reccomend not downloading it and just downloading a different app run by a bigger company. 2 stars because it helps find it I guess.
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4 years ago, Tin rig
Excellent app for E-books
This is an organized app for those who want to search E-books without going to an online browser. Would love to recommend it to my friends 💯
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7 years ago, Amateur Singer/Songwriter
Thank God
Five minutes into my perusal of the selection and I can already see all the books I was wanting to get ahold of. Way better than the other free books apps, AND it can download to Kindle. Thank the sweet Heavens!
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6 years ago, SerenaJKim
Free ebooks!
Love the app, sometimes it is hard to search some books but it has variety of books and languages Helps to improve your reading, writing and language skills!
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6 years ago, Nik_san
Good app
This is very nice and unique app. It could help you to find many great books. Sometimes you could find very rare books, but only if you would be patient enough to do a good search.
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6 years ago, WW2012LA
A great way to find books
This app is a wonderful way to find books. They can be opened in iBooks so there is not a constant barrage of ads for other things to buy. Thank you for a great app!
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6 years ago, otrfan89
Love it.
A perfect companion to the iBook app. Simply download book, tap home, tap on book to open the share page, slide to the iBook icon, tap icon. You will go immediately to iBooks. If using the iBook catalogue you will need to manually go to iBooks.
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6 years ago, Boondockmom
Having access to books
It is good to be able to find the books that have stood the test of times so I can share them with my grandchildren.
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7 years ago, R3ddawg
Free books for iBooks
Many different books, categorized by subject material and very easy to search, time being the only prerequisite. The poorly designed search function however leaves something to be desired, however, free is free.
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4 years ago, ThornyBoi
Great with a few problems
This is great. Tons of books available to me FOR FREE. There aren’t even that many ads! Only problem is sometimes a book I download glitches and is completely blank, but it’s only for PDFs so far. Very good app, would recommend.
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3 years ago, BigJayMeyer
I was not expecting much out of this app but I gave it a shot anyway. I could not be more pleased! Not only did it have the books I was looking for, but so much more! I love it!
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4 years ago, by jjjj
I am loving these books I can read at the push of a button. Books that were unavailable to me because they weren’t in my local libraries or bookstores I can now enjoy thanks to this app
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5 years ago, T.C.G. :)
Great books! You can find anything!
There are many books such as entertaining ones and books that you’ll need for college.
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5 years ago, Old work files
Love ebooks
I’m an avid reader with a diverse interest. What a great app! You can search so many topics and interests. Some hard to find in print books. A worthwhile addition or resource for people who love to read, learn or expand their horizons!
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7 years ago, stellakei
Easy to navigate
This is the easiest book app to navigate, variety of books and the best part is that most of them are free or low cost. It's helped me started reading again.
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6 years ago, Crazycatrulz
To pieish, won't let me download books without purchasing it and I have a iPhone 6, so it needs improvement but still is a good app. Also needs more pie. Edit: I was dumb when I made this review. Thank you for the response developers, and now I use this app a lot on my iPad.
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5 years ago, Preinsko
Great research tool must have for out of print books.
If you are looking for the obscure political paper or book make sure check here first. Downloadable versions in EPub, mobi, or PDF. You need this if you are in a fixed income like SSI.
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4 years ago, Forgetful bear
Book addiction
I am a book addict! I have always loved to read Now that I’m older and on a fixed income this app is perfect for me! The only thing better than a book is a free book. 😁
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12 months ago, ARCEE GODWIN
Many catalogues
Well several with 1000’s of available books. I’ve used this app since 2019 with no problems.
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6 years ago, HueandPixels
I haven’t even have the chance to see where the download of my first book is let alone try out the intricacies and I’m sent to an automatic need for a review. Seriously?!
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6 years ago, Walkiezee
The Best
For anyone who loves to read and cannot find this is the first and the last place you will ever have to look. Quick, efficient, easy to use. All you have to do is ENJOY.
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4 years ago, lexit2019
Best free ebooks app
This app is on another level when it comes to free ebooks. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to read, but doesn’t want to spend money buying books.
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7 years ago, latitude13flyer
A great app
So many great topics and materials can be located and downloaded for off line reading. This app is a joy to use as you can always expect it to deliver more than you can even imagine.
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8 months ago, Marcos..Macky
Great App
This app is very good for all your free ebooks, you can count on the app. I used to download from pdfdrive until it stopped working lately. But this app has been a great substitute.
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1 year ago, Kathleen's games
Wonderful site!
For those of us wanting to read a non-copywritten book, this site is wonderful. Thank you for your efforts!
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