EconomyBookings – Car Rental

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BookingGroup Ltd.
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for EconomyBookings – Car Rental

4.65 out of 5
967 Ratings
4 years ago, BS Application
Upon making my reservation I went back to make sure that the pick up location was at the airport. The app automatically reverted to the same pick up and drop off location which is not what I had selected. So when I showed up to the desk they indicated that it was the same pick up and drop off and $150 more to drop off in my selected city. The cancellation fee was more than my rental so it’s just another way to keep someone’s money. Enjoy the scam
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3 years ago, AhmadDardari
This is the worst experience I’ve had in my life
I went to pick up the car I paid for through economy booking website at thrifty. According to the reservation I was supposed to get Ford Expedition or similar in size. I get there and they gave me a smaller size car. I tried multiple times to contact their office but there was no answer ever. I had to pay double the amount I reserved the car for so the rental company can give me the car I originally paid for. So this so far, I paid for a car, rental company didn’t hold up their side of deal and made me pay double the amount. I was there with my wife and three kids. Imagine how difficult it was for me to sit in rental office for three hours during pandemic and people coming in and out. I tried resolving the issue with economy booking through emails, which is also the worst customer service because they don’t respond to your case until after 28 days. And then what they told me” it looks like your issue was resolved because you got the same car”. STUPID. WTH I demanded a refund and they tell me you ended up getting the car. Ya I got the car but only because I paid double the amount I paid you guys. I do not recommend this rental company to anyone and even rental companies that work with this company. They are cheating their customers and that is not acceptable in any way.
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6 years ago, Waldomommy
Unbeatable prices, smooth transaction.
Sorry the first user had such a horrible experience. I’ve booked with them twice, now, once in Honolulu and a second time in Philadelphia. Both went off without a hitch and I had no problems. Would book with the again. The prices were unbeatable. Yes, the transaction is through Latvia, but a friend who works at PayPal and has extensive ecommerce expertise explained to me that it was totally legit.
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5 years ago, Bochorini
Do not trust this company!!!
Do not trust this company!!!! This is irresponsible company. This is letter that I send to economy booking. What explains what happened. (They even didn’t answer. ) “I want to say, that this is the first and the worst experience for rental cars from your site. 1. First of all the address you sent was wrong, we spent more than 2 hours to find it, because nobody answered phone. We was calling and calling. And finally they gave us different address. We spent 100 RON in taxi. 2.We were distressed (family with children). We got nervous. And this situation mixed up our plans. We leave Bucharest at 13:00 instead of 9:00. 2. We paid for full covered insurance on your site, but in the office they charged us for additional 125 euros for full covered insurance, because they say that your insurance doesn’t cover anything. Instead of 79 dollars, as you said we must pay in the office, we paid 204 euros. So in whole your price of the car would be 149 euros, but we spent 270 euros. Is it normal???? We are so, so angry. “
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3 years ago, MargateFL
Superb Help
Hope, this economic rental car it last for long time.
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1 year ago, SleeklyElegantLady
The site is fine but I can’t log in to the app
I used economy bookings lately and I got a really nice rate with a highly rated car reveal company. I decided to download the app and I keep getting a login error “something went wrong,” but am able to login on the site. I may opt to just deleted it since it will not serve the purpose.
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8 months ago, QuiteLion
scam application
Everybody be carful from this application they take 50% commissions from the value of car you want to rent it , they stole from us 186$ advance payment , I didn't find out who they were until it was too late.! I tried get refund but they refused to refund so my advice to everyone don’t reserve through of this application you can simply go to the rental car office and rent a car without pay commissions for such scam website ..
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1 year ago, FaithFt
Randomly changes your booking
The prices and availability on the app are fake. I reserved a car and they changed both the car and the price and emailed me to either decline or accept the change. The car was something I wasn’t comfortable with and the price was much more expensive than what I had seen on other apps for that car so of course I declined. I can only imagine their 4.7 rating is also somehow fake.
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11 months ago, Daddoo123
Didn’t get the car I requested and I didn’t get a refund for my initial payment
I booked a Chevrolet Taho car and I paid 155 € initial payment. When I went to the company to collect my the car or its equivalent wasn’t available and I had to rent a car from another dealer. Unfortunately, Economybookings didn’t help me to get refunded for my initial payment. It has been more than 7 weeks without any serous action.
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1 year ago, debione7
The worst
The app doesn’t work. I booked a car & tried to modify the dates & the site wouldn’t let me. It’s impossible to get a hold of a human on the phone. The only way to contact is through email & it takes 2 days to get a standard reply of “to modify your res, go to the website, etc”. Which will not let you modify without starting a new reservation at different rates.
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11 months ago, captain fass
Don’t fall for the cheap price. Scam!
Don’t use this. Find out what car provider they use and book directly or through another booking company. They take weeks to refund if you need to cancel, but seconds to charge you when you book it. Really bad customer service.
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4 years ago, makmata
Not Honest
I arrived with my family to spent the vocation with the car we booked. At the beginning we were given very small car. After hours of argument we got a bigger car , of same price range but were charged extra payment. The car mirror was broken and fixed by tape. Not stable.
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5 years ago, chiORD
Amazing App
The best app for car rentals!!!!! Easy to use and navigate and most important the best prices
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9 months ago, Samonaiya
Poor cancellation policy
I had a rental problem with Thrifty and returned the car back 12 days earlier than what I booked on EconomyBookings. But EconomyBookings refused to refund me the unused rental value based on their policy. I think they have very poor customer protection. Please book with caution.
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1 year ago, golden cindy
Wasn’t able to press button to sign in..
Wasn’t able to press button to sign in..or try registering again for that matter. Keyboard pops up and cover buttons, so unable to use app. Deleted it. 😢
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6 years ago, Peligreeno
NEVER USE!!! Stole my money
Within hours of reserving my car, there was over $2500 in charges from Taiwan AND they had somehow scammed my phone number and I had over $50 in charges on my phone bill. DO NOT use them, contact the rental place directly!!! They are a bunch of hackers hiding in Taiwan!!!’
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5 years ago, G Irene
3 times’s a charm.
I used econ booking 3 times and it has been easy, fast, inexpensive, and a pleasure. My next one is in SF and I expect no problems.
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4 years ago, SJWMeemaw
Car Rental
Great prices and easy to use app!
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3 years ago, Mikesb667889
Sad service
During the pandemic, our airline changed airports. Instead of Fort Lauderdale it went to Miami. Obviously we could not pick up our car at Fort Lauderdale as reserved. This company refused to give a s back our money we spent.
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4 months ago, Grandmother that was taken
Scam I believed
I am going to wait to see if I am given a $65 cancelation fee back. App is not user friendly and wrong information popped up. I have more to say in 21 days.
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4 years ago, McLarennnn
Great !!!
It’s very Esaú and fast
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4 years ago, Sheyd botz
When you booking vehicle and you buy Full coverage you will not get document to prove it so basically you’re not covered
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3 years ago, ua no
This app is a scam they say full refund if you cancel within 48 hours prior your reservation which is a lie they still take your money
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2 years ago, rahenrasol
Money heist
Dont trust this application/website the steal money and not giving cars! Its fraud application.
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5 years ago, ChoosenbyGod
Please refund me
They are scammers. Please send the information for car rental
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5 years ago, Lolushkebi
Don’t trust
The worst experience with rental car by this company!!!
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5 years ago, зурр
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3 years ago, Eslush
Complete SCAM!
Complete scam! Read the fine print!
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3 months ago, Antonio09212
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Worst experience ever
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! AVOID ECONOMIC BOOKING AT ALL COSTS! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I had the most horrendous experience with Economic Booking, and I strongly advise everyone to steer clear of their services. Let me share the nightmare that unfolded after I decided to rent a vehicle through them. First and foremost, they shamelessly swindled me out of a whopping $1300 for the vehicle rental. To add insult to injury, they conveniently decided to disappear into thin air, completely ignoring any attempts I made to reach out to them. It's as if my money vanished into a black hole, never to be seen or heard from again. But wait, it gets worse! When I finally managed to get through to their so-called customer service, I was greeted by individuals located in India who could barely string together a coherent sentence in English. Communication was an absolute nightmare, and I found myself repeating the same issue over and over again, only to be met with confusion and frustration. To make matters even more outrageous, a mind-boggling five months went by without a single soul from Economic Booking bothering to contact me. It's as if they took my money and decided to vanish off the face of the Earth, leaving me stranded and without any resolution to my problem. In conclusion, if you value your time, money, and sanity, I implore you to stay away from Economic Booking. They are nothing short of a scam, with abysmal customer service and a complete disregard for their customers. Save yourself the headache and find a reputable company that actually values its clients. Consider yourself warned! ⚠️⚠️⚠️Disclaimer: The above review is fictional and not based on any real experiences.
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6 years ago, $:)@&/ !!!
Great Prices
I travel frequently, and have not found a company that offered better prices than this one. I was skeptical in the beginning because you're dealing with an international company, but had zero problems. I am thankful to have found them.
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8 years ago, Joe 222141
do not ever think about it
I rented a car from them last week,and everything went good until is that time to pay . They actually charged me 130 dollars for two days, but the problems started when I found out that the rental company charged me another amount of 162 for the car, and when I told them that I have already payed, they asked me to call the company and get my money back from them. After all that I have to speak to a costumer service who lives in Europe, which is inconvenient to me because of Time difference between US and Europe. So, whenever u want to rent a car, just go and pay the same amount of money with less drama .
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8 years ago, Goalie3133
Zero stars. Avoid this company.
Thought I had gotten a great deal, but it was a complete scam. Charged significantly more than what I was quoted. I was promised a refund at the time of the rental, then they denied it, then they changed again and said it was the responsibility of the destination rental company (they only do the booking). Calls go unanswered or you get "transferred" to a line where no one answers. Emails get answered weeks later, if at all. BBB has been contacted. Read the reviews online and understand that you are taking a HUGE risk with this company.
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5 years ago, HellInsideMe
Очень хорошее и понятное приложение. Советую всем!!
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6 years ago, Tomtom123d
Complete SCAM! Don't do it!
The prices may seem great, but they are not real! They will quote you prices without taxes and you will end up paying the same or more if you just went to the rental car company directly (why bother with this company then?!?!) Also, they claim to charge you for the rental, but the rental company will also charge you! They will also place a recurring charge on your credit card for some bogus service!! TOTAL SCAM! AVOID! Oh, and the app is total rubbish.
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1 year ago, صراحه برنامج نااجح ومشكورين
شركة نصب وإحتيال
هذي الشركة ثلاث مرات وانا احجز يسحبون نصف البلغ وبعدها بساعة يلغون الحجز انا حاولت اتواصل معهم مافي فايدة راحت فلوسك ياصابر حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل فيهم الحرامية
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5 years ago, Suly826
No alquilen con ellos
Se tardaron en recogernos en el aeropuerto, cobraron cuotas excesivas $250.00 que aún no he visto por concepto de excesos que no cubra el seguro, querían cobrar $250.00 por el seguro, $80.00 por los peajes adicionales al precio puesto en línea y finalmente la van que se supone que me llevará de vuelta al aeropuerto se tardo un mundo. Esas tarifas para un alquiler de una semana! Es un rotundo No No No!!!
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1 year ago, Klnguy00
DO NOT USE APP!!!! YOU DON’T GET YOUR CAR RENTAL and THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY!!! the customer service is THIRD WORLD! They don’t care about helping you, because their business in Latvia. Still working with our Chase credit card to get our Money back! STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!!
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