Edmunds - Shop Cars For Sale

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Edmunds Inc.
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1 month ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Edmunds - Shop Cars For Sale

4.72 out of 5
21.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Billy Songwriter
This app rocks!
I recently purchased a 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid 40 minutes from home after searching nationwide and wheeling and dealing with dealerships in Florida, Massachusetts, Oregon, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. I finally bought from Bert Ogden Toyota of Harlingen, but some three months later. The tools in this application are valuable as the staff obviously have a lot of experience in the business. You see the inventories of most dealerships in the country and a recommended negotiated price. I’m glad to be driving a shiny new a Camry Hybrid and very happy that ai was able to get as good a deal here at home as I could have anywhere else in the country.
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6 years ago, wlh2
New layout complicated, way too much work to research
New layout makes it more difficult to do a new search, whereas the old one was always at the top. That was very nice if you (like me) are trying to decide on suv or sedan vs crossover. No more quick criteria selection from one page. Now it’s basically having to starting a new search each time and go thru multiple steps. Really off putting. Also, before you could see, say, all sedans and suv from Buick, vw, and ford, all on one search. Now, it seems you have to stick within the body type then backtrack thru many page swipes to start a new search for a different body type. Also, you can only save searches for inventory, not for initial research, so one must go thru all the paces each time! Used the old app to both research and buy a car 2 years ago. I’m in the market for a car right now and this is just not as useful tool this time around. Poor update that made a very nice app much more complicated and, for me, essentially unusable.
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6 years ago, Gator5000e
Miss launch page with all models
August 2018 - Still miss the version where you could scroll thru thumbnails of all the vehicles on one page. Then tap on one of the pictures to see all the details and such. You guys took away a great browsing feature when you removed the all vehicle thumbnail page. The prior version had a launch page where you could see pictures of all models and makes from all manufacturers on one page. You could also limit what you saw by filtering a specific or a range of years. Tapping on the picture would take you to the specific model information. I cannot figure out how to get a similar view. If all that is still available in the new version of the app, I can’t find it. And if it’s not, I think it’s a major step backwards.
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4 years ago, Faisal-2016
Awesome search.
Absolutely nothing else compares to the way Edmunds has designed their search. After trying pretty much all of other well known apps, I can’t rave enough about Edmunds’ search - superb! But that’s not to say there isn’t room for improvement. They can certainly improve the app by supporting app notifications for price drops or new cars that match a saved search. But by far the best car buying app bar none. Proves that, instead of expensive tv/internet ads, word of mouth advertising is really all you need when you’ve built a quality product.
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6 years ago, Vf84
Newly redesigned iPad version is great!!
I've used Edmunds app for years now and it's been very informative, Most of my experience with this app has been with my iPhone, however Edmonds has recently gone over there iPad version, very simple yet accurate, pictures of cars are stunning to say the least, the colors, specs, and ratings of the cars are really quite good, a very informative and well thought out app indeed, R Frost.
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5 years ago, Saveicarus
Ready to be frustrated?
I am losing patience with Edmunds and their inability to keep accurate, timely search results. I have gone through entire pages of vehicles who show up as available on the app and website, but when you go to the dealerships’ own websites you can see that they are no longer in their inventory. There as a 4runner in Ruston,LA that is showing up as available now that has been sold since May. A few days, fine, but months?? It would be one thing if that was a solitary situation, but it happens continually. I’m sure that many would blame the dealerships, but most often, Edmunds is not removing them promptly when the dealerships submit their sale updates.
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5 years ago, egoboy2
Usto be a fan, but useless now
So this is true of both the website and the application. For some time I’ve relied on Edmunds for great reviews and information regarding the reliability of vehicles. Things like the true market value and total cost of ownership us to inform my car buying and that was all due to Edmunds. That along with reviews from other users of the site was really useful. On the website at some point they hid all the research and pushed you towards searching for used car inventory. This was annoying but the information was still there. Now, the data seems to be all but gone. Both the website and the app do nothing more than get you quotes for new and used cars. Both end up cluttering your email, so make sure to use a disposable email, because the dealerships will never stop. There are plenty of other sites that do a better job of searching used car inventory. Anyway would be happy to pay for the old content, but it looks like the company went another route.
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6 years ago, Frogfun55
Not making sense
I downloaded this app with the intent of being able to shop for a used car. I had high hopes of doing that when I entered the model and year and received a private owner and dealership average. Then I clicked on the for sale link and found out that either the dealers don’t know that they’re twice the average or this app is half the reality. Then the app is rating the sales prices as ‘Good deal’ ‘Average deal’ etc. with no relationship to the prices, mileage, equipment level or anything else. There is no reasoning given either as to why deal A is better than deal B. It leads me to believe it is just a promotional app that car dealers can put vehicles into.
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7 years ago, Longmire85
Missing Basic Features
It’s a nice app and easier to use than most. However, it’s missing some very basic features such as choosing to see listings with photos and prices only. I did a search for Tundras in my area and got over 300 results with my selected criteria. Turns out that over 2/3 of the results were either listings of vehicles without prices or photos, or both. Most of the listings without prices were essentially new trucks that would be way out of my budget. Why even give the option to select a price range? Fix that and you guys will have a nice app.
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7 years ago, Proff55
My go to source.
This is my source for information for a great number of automobiles. I find the owners experiences to be particularly helpful over the professional review were‘s. Professional review were‘s only get a car for a few days or a week or so. Owners give you a longitudinal experience so that you can really make an informed decision as to what you really want to purchase.
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4 years ago, jimmeso1
Best used car app
I have tried every one of the used car apps and this is the only one that gives you the options in the filter to narrow down your selections to very specific vehicles. When you are searching for a very specific vehicle and that vehicle has literally dozens of versions this feature is very important to me
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6 years ago, Lester Moore 44
Could be great. Sadly about half the time when I click on something to change or refine a search, it dumps the application only to have to start again. Update: The recent total overhaul of app makes it more cumbersome and annoying to use. Couple that with an ad bar at the bottom of several pages that strobes on and off at a rapid and irregular rate, and the app becomes unusable. Yes, they know of this issue. But they don’t fix it. No, deleting and reinstalling the app does nothing but waste time & effort. I believe Edmunds’ 6th grade programmers don’t actually buy cars, so they can’t be expected to get it right.
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5 years ago, Lkeriegrl
So thorough—wish there was a login
My favorite app for car shopping. Complete selection, easy to navigate, most responsive and thorough breakdown of options based on the actual make and model of the chosen vehicle—not generic colors/options. The one downside is that everything saves to the device or ip address versus an account and sign in, so different stuff saves on different devices. I found that annoying.
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1 year ago, Jryan11275
Have tried all the vehicle assessment/acquisition apps - this one is reliably great
As the header says… have owned over 50 vehicles and currently have 7 vehicles across my immediate family, 3 of which were purchased new, from dealers, over the last 18 months, as well as one I’m currently looking to replace w/ a new Lexus LX.
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6 years ago, Maltese Faucon
Old app had much more information
New look is pretty, but contains less information and is more difficult to use for a serious buyer. It is especially trying to find differences between variations of the same make and model. Example: several variations of the Porsche macan are listed by price, mostly based on horsepower. Unfortunately, the various engines horsepowers are not listed. I had to go to a different app to get the information. I will probably delete this app in the near future. Too bad, I used this app extensively while buying our families last four cars.
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7 years ago, ps2008
Not a fan of the new look
The recent update makes the app more difficult to use. In the previous version you had the ability to view all of the cars and prices on one page for every make and model. With this version you have to drill down numerous times to see one vehicle. I’m having a hard time understanding how that is better. Bring back the old version. It wasn’t broken, so it didn’t need to be fixed.
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5 years ago, 5.slowaf
Engine select
This app is great but we need to be able to select the engine that we want to look at not just the standard engine of that vehicle, example, F-150 XLT comes with a 2.7, 3.5, and 5.0 and you can only see the 2.7 on the app, we need to be able to see every engine and specs that comes on that trim, or at least that Model of vehicle Like I said the 2019 Silverado has a 6.2 engine with the LTZ and HighCountry trim and it doesn’t show it no matter what I do!
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2 years ago, MonkeymaxStrong123
There is a glitch
Hello Edmunds team so I was on your guys app on my phone and I looked at the ram promaster window van and in the description and it say part of the first generation of the Aventador since 2011 and I think you guys made a mistake so please understand that and help fix that glitch Thanks so much Sincerely Max Pritzlaff
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1 year ago, Duster1130
Was the best , now it’s not
Edmunds was my go to app for realistic car pricing . Now the “ new and improved “ version is too complicated and wants vehicle vin numbers, license plates or owners name . These aren’t always available especially if you just see an ad or a car on the street that might have seen . This brings you to a dead end. It also asks 20 questions before it even gets to vin requirement . If you have the vin why ask details about the car such as year and even make and model ?
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6 years ago, FF84
Hmm. Bad again
The way you organized this app was so much better before. All of the vehicles on one page, filters at the top, clear and easy to use. Now it’s tougher to navigate without the flexibility. Boo. I’ve been using your app for a long time. It used to be really good, you changed it for the worse, than again for the better and again it’s bad. While I keep coming back, it sure would be nice if you could figure out what is good and stick with it.
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6 years ago, Sr_Cuadrado
Works better than the website
Have been using edmunds for years. Lately the website turned to crap, the app used to be very basic and work well and now I find it very busy. Now I feel they change things for the sake of changing it. Pricing on cars seems inconsistent. According to edmunds a RAV4 is $1500 off but when reading elsewhere online the prices are $5000 off after negotiating. That’s a big discrepancy.
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6 years ago, kmerchant
Considering Dropping This App
This used to be one of my favorite apps. I would come on several times a day to do research, or just to admire and compare the options out there. Now I have to do a search to find anything, I have to work to find the old review and spec data, and I still can’t figure out how to compare cars. Worse, I think Edmunds is selling my contact data to dealers. Every time I look at a car on the app I immediately get inundated with calls and e-mails from dealers!
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11 months ago, Jhbemmer
Can’t search by year.
Seems saved searches are not saved, you can’t search by year. Plus make cars viewed, have an indication it was viewed, so you don’t end up looking at the same vehicle. Just a few things that this app needs. Other than that, first app that has options on a cars that are searchable, now many don’t do this. A lot!
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5 years ago, Gabe Gomez
Edmunds is top dog!
If you’re looking to pull the most amount of information from tens of thousands of sources, filter data with pinpoint accuracy, make great use of its highly usable tools, review, analyze high-quality images and much more stick with Edmunds while searching for your next vehicle.
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1 year ago, Sdjm1000
The Best Auto Shopping Application
Have been using Edmunds for 5 years. I like it now more than I did 5 years ago because it was well designed from the beginning and the improvements build on that. Good Job !
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6 years ago, Tech one
Weaker with each update
Good overall view of products but the reviews have become so superficial as to be worthless. Few 0-60 times or mpg numbers, just shallow reviews. On line full review of new accord but in this app only the preview comments. All useful filters have been removed, want to shop in your price range-NOPE, or mpg or 4wd etc. only selections are body type and brand - are you kidding? I give it a value less than 1 if I could as I really liked the old/better version. Whose in change of this project?
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6 years ago, 2VRSQ
Love the Comparison Feature
One of the best car buying apps out there! I love that I can compare the trims and sizes between two different models or brands. It even allowed me to compare a new car with my current car that’s a few years old. Keep up the great work guys.
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3 years ago, Stevenmsk
Chrysler mini van
Find the site provides a lot of information. Especially like all the choices of cars that it provides. Used it as a negotiating tactic for a better car price with dealer. Should dealer that his price was high compared to others with similar cars.
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4 years ago, b3llz
Easy and convenient
With this App, I was able to find a car that fits my budget in no time! The people who put negative responses obviously do not know what they are doing. I give this app 5 stars!! Not something that I normally do. But you guys deserve it!!
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6 years ago, 236 477 791
New version is a step way backwards
The prior version of this app was great, I could narrow down vehicle types, brands and years and see all matching vehicles. Now you’re limited to just brands or vehicle types. Also missing are consumer reviews of all vehicles I’ve tried to look at. This is an invaluable aspect of the app and helps to inform purchase choices. I understand the desire to update the interface, but why eliminate so many features that were great about the old app? Was any research done with users at all?
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7 years ago, secretman1
Great app for research, uses too much energy
App is one of the best resources for researching cars and comparing them. Edmunds writes very good and comprehensive reviews. However, the problem is with how much of my battery it uses. I can spend 5 or 10 minutes on the app looking at cars, and lose 20% of my battery. My battery is in good shape, only 2 years old, and it only happens while using this app.
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3 years ago, WillAv8
Horrible app for manual searches
When searching for manual transmissions this app consistently provides automatics in the results. All I look for are manuals, so makes this app useless. The sad thing is, I have tried for over an year to provide them with feedback, in hopes of improvements but none yet…A response was received and an acknowledgement of an issue….but like I said, over an year ago. Autotrader results seem to be more precise of what I search for.
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2 years ago, Horselover2479
Wrong pics and specs!
I’m looking for a manual transmission truck and I consistently come across listings that say it’s a manual and it’s not. Also several times have noticed that pictures are swapped with similar vehicles. Leading to miss information as far as odometer readings, damage, and down to the very basics of whether it’s a manual or an automatic. Came to edmunds due to The constant barrage of ads I’ve been seeing. You spend so much on advertisement and not on producing a useable site.
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3 years ago, crc36
Best comprehensive search
This app shows accident summary as well as option packages and their original cost. No annoying glitches. Found cars not on other sites.
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7 years ago, Father Tech
Can I go back to the old version
What happened? I used to recommend the app to people that would come to me for information on vehicles, it was my main reference source to compare and research. It had great functionality and I knew I could recommend it and was sure others would find it a great easy to use resource. Not so with the new version. The old version might have needed a tweak or two but this overhaul reminds me of the AMC Pacer. Look it up (but not on this app)
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5 years ago, Srini890
Very Handy!!!
Edmunds and support staff helped me buy my car. Dashboard and Saved search were very handy. If I would have come across at the beginning of my Car purchase process would have saved lot of effort and time.
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6 years ago, Slott22
Frequently lose server connection
When this app works, i can get lots of good information on a great number of vehicles. However, i frequently experience “cannot connect to server” errors when i fire up the app. Seems about 50/50 and i live in an area with plenty of service. Just too frustrating, i’m going to try another app.
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6 years ago, Zeropeorth
App is getting worse and dumbed down, for who?
The search/research section is terrible because it is terribly limited; designed by someone who never searches for a vehicle and tried to get by with laziness. Autotrader may not be perfect, but for a mature app like this one (that used to be better), it is inexcusable how bad this app is compared to their advanced search option. I think a toddler could write a better and more functional research section. The way a vehicle page is presented is far worse and you can tell the company sold out to advertising. Both in app and main site. 10 years ago Edmunds was much more usable and informative and easy to use. It is a shame. I miss the old Edmunds and will be searching for a replacement for their app and site.
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7 years ago, JustJoyNM
Absolutely Horrible Update
This app went from being simple, easy to use to being worthless in one update. No longer simple layout, pick a brand, select a (meaningful) picture of the model you wanted and find everything in tab format, specs, pricing, reviews, pictures. All were lined up and easy to navigate. Why re-invent something that worked instead of make incremental improvements? Time to look for another car search app.
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1 month ago, Pantheon5
Sonnet to the Edmunds app
In the digital realm where cars reside, Edmunds shines bright, a beacon for the wise. With knowledge vast, it serves as trusted guide, Where car seekers find truth before they buy. In its app's embrace, one finds a trove, Reviews and insights, each a precious gem. From price to specs, it offers all behove, Navigating choices, it does condemn. Oh, Edmunds, thou art friend to all who seek, A compass true in the vast car domain. With thee at hand, no purchase is too bleak, For clarity and wisdom are thy reign. So let us raise a sonnet in thy name, Edmunds, beacon of the car buyer's fame.
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6 years ago, sulevms
Please bring back the older version
As I said in the title, please bring back the previous version, it was so nice! I’m sorry but your new app is terrible! You had probably the nicest car app of them all, now It’s just like the others but worst. Now its difficult to search for cars, review stats, see pictures, etc, now its just another app to see used cars! I just want to erase it from my Ipad, what a disappointment! Again, please bring back the old app !!
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4 years ago, Tht2250
Basil Ford, Niagara Falls
This is the 2nd time buying a car from Basil. The time afforded me by Ryan & Blake to make the process work was fantastic. Both gentlemen were determined to get the deal done with everything I wanted. I would highly recommend this dealership & the greats sales team!
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4 weeks ago, GoBlue99
My favorite app for car research.
The app is easy to use and it contains plenty of information for those who want to research new cars. The reviews are well written also.
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7 years ago, Jae Wash
Saved searches don't pop up, recent searches don't include set filters, the "save filters" button is pointless because it is completely inaccessible, there's no "cars with photos only" option, half of the vehicles use a generic photo from the factory, no link to the dealer/website for the vast majority of them, and if you're off the app for more than 1 minutes you have to start from 0 all over again. Garbage
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6 years ago, Dirk Studmuffin
What happened?
Still not fixed. New layout is terrible. Auto download overnight and now the trim selection, year, easy compare etc is all jumbled around if not there at all! Go back to the tried and true format! We need the trim drop down menus at the top after you select a model. And the ability to compare models with a certain trim. No format means one of the conparos is always the base trim. Go back to the previous format please!
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4 years ago, Xiaoyan Qu
Second to none.
Closed a good deal last week and great overall experience. Especially while browsing and searching.
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6 years ago, CMBMinn
A lemon
Why on earth they try to force you into a search you don’t want I can only attribute to greed over customer satisfaction. I used to really like their site. If you wanted to look for used cars, get an estimate on your vehicle value, price new cars etc, it was relatively easy. Now it seems impossible to navigate and search cleanly without forced default input.
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3 years ago, lda28
Missing so much!
The accuracy of data in this app outweighs some of its features over competitors. They don’t have certain new model years searchable that are being actively sold (2021 models that went on sale in 2020), model years missing from the comparison tool, and why is it that if I favorite a single car for sale you add it as a favorite model? I don’t want to add that model as a favorite! Just that single car to save it.
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5 years ago, afeinman
The best car app if only it had real info
Their search tools are second to none, including searching by installed options. Sadly, their inventory is always out of date, so you find a promising car only to have it be gone from the dealer for weeks or months.
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6 years ago, tea2001
Lousy upgrade
I used to love this app as I could quickly see pictures of many different models, pick one and see the different prices for various options. Now i need to go through several options just to see one picture and if I want to look at a different package, I’m directed to the manufacturer’s web site to look. Not what I want in what once was a great app. Guess I’ll be looking for something new.
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