eDreams: Flights, hotels, cars

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User Reviews for eDreams: Flights, hotels, cars

4.38 out of 5
31.8K Ratings
1 year ago, MeErASH.B
Good easy colourful and professional app
This app is great at showing all the details that you need. However if you want to make additions onto your flight it’s not that easy I’ve been trying for two days to add extra baggage. It gives the option and then tells me something went wrong so I guess I’m going to have to contact customer support about it, but all in all when speaking about the app itself it is pretty easy to use it’s got hotel car rental options and although I didn’t try to book either, I did search and it was pretty straightforward!
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2 years ago, Scrambler2013
I’d leave zero stars if I could
All of the negative reviews are spot on! The company is a complete sham. They don’t obey their own policies. They seem to be based abroad, which probably protects them from fraud lawsuits. I booked a flight and then cancelled it two hours later because I found a better deal. They claimed to have a 24 hour cancellation window. I have an email confirming my cancellation time. They refunded just the $50 for a $700 flight. When I called to ask, different people gave different answers. One person was a complete ahole and said that 24 hours doesn’t mean 24 hours, but that it is calendar day, India Standard time! So even though I book a flight US EST, if the time in India when I book is 11:59pm, then I only have 1 min to cancel because when it hits 12:01am, my cancellation window has closed! Another person admitted to me that I made the cancellation in a timely manner, but that their back office delayed contacting the airline and that they didn’t want to eat the cost for their mistake. A third person stated that I needed to contact Swiss air directly because they don’t do those sorts of things! I did call Swiss air and after spending two hours on hold, they told me that the ticket was never booked or charged by eDreams! The crooks are just trying to steal money! I’ve filed a complaint with the US Dept of Transportation. These crooks should not be allowed to operate in the US!
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1 year ago, arwarren129
Terrible service and losing information
I downloaded the app and from day one it was an issue. I booked a flight and then wanted to change the date, I cancelled the original flight and booked another one. My old flight was still showing and I called just to make sure it had gotten cancelled and that there wasn’t any issue with it still showing. I never was able to talk to anyone and was on the phone for 18ish minutes. I hung up and at the end of the month received a bill for trying to talk to them since it was an overseas call. Again I never spoke to anyone just was on hold the entire time. That flight still shows to this day four months later. About a month ago I was going back on to give information to a family member of when the flights were leaving and it logged me out and wouldn’t let me back in I had the email and password saved in my phone and it would not accept it finally a day later I was able to get in. Fast forward to today and I can not view any of the flights that I have booked and mysteriously I can’t find my confirmation emails which I marked as important. The only flight that I can still see is the one I cancelled. Long story short horrible app I regret ever booking with them and I can’t believe they have an over four star rating. DO NOT USE eDreams.
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2 years ago, Mj
Worst customer service
The lack of customer service I received from this company is extremely sad. It has been 6 months since I require a refund on my trip that was cancel. It is very disappointing to write this review because not only am I missing the money from this trip but we also wasn’t able to go on our vacation and now having the hassle of trying to get someone from this company to assist me is becoming very time consuming. Our vacation started in December just a four day weekend the airline cancel that vacation and we had to wait about 6 hours in the airport just to see if we were able to receive a refund but we were told that this company used a different credit card and the refund was going to be transferred to their credit card not me credit card. Now they’re trying to blame it on the airline saying that it’s taking the airline more than three months to issue a refund. But in the airport I will I was going to get my refund if it hadn’t been for them using a different credit card than the one I provided now I’m left paying interest rates on my credit card and this company doesn’t respond they have only sent me to ((Kris! I'm a chat robot)) One word of advice do not get this app do not purchase airline ticket from this company they do not care for their customers.
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2 months ago, skmango
If I could give this one star and ruin this company’s life, I would. At every step, they try to trick you into spending more money. It is impossible to cancel your membership once they trick you into getting it. I promise you, it is not worth the seemingly cheap flight. All the hassle, lack of information, and infuriating automated phone calls will make you wish you had just paid extra. I was given a flight option that was only bookable if I did the ePrime free trial which would end after a month when I would then have to pay for a year long subscription. They claimed they would send me an email before my free trial ended. I never got an email. Then when I tried to cancel it myself, they force you to make a phone call where you listen to an automated voice message that DOES NOT WORK. Instead of helping me change my subscription, the automated voice kept asking me for a booking reference number to modify my trip, which I did not want. For the actual trip I took, the app mislead me into thinking I needed to purchase an extra bag, even though I already had both an overhead and under the seat bag. The app will not tell you that and instead will prompt you vigorously to buy a bag for the plane. The app has caused me so much grief, and I am telling you, IT IS NOT WORTH IT.
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7 months ago, yeo wong
In-transparent service
I booked a ticket with total fare US$702 , then i asked them to revise my name because it was 1 letter shortage(it's ridiculous why i missed 1 letter of my name, i wrote my name thousand times in my life, i had no idea !?) . That's fine, i was happy to pay the surcharge (eDream collects EUR 35 for each change/cancel request as their package regulation term, Airlines company collected USD100 for cancellation base on fair rules) because that was my mistake to typo my name. However, they rejected by the reason the China Airlines's policy and asked me to file a complaint case to China Airlines directly , i called the airlines and knew that whatever change can be made by this eDream company. This eDream team always feedback me by no-reply email address, no directive instruction, you have to log into their app to chat with their stupid bot before reaching the human customer representative. At the end, i am too tired so I requested to cancel my ticket, they refunded me US$504 without any breakdown how comes this amount, i request an invoice/receipt the surcharge those i paid , they answered they had no idea, US$504 was the amount refunded from Airlines. If you'd expect a dedicated/ problem solving booking agent, this is a big NO, otherwise, you've got anger, money/time lost and problem was still there.
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1 year ago, 146378593663
A couple of years ago, i purchased 2 sets of tickets for two people so therefore, 2 roundtrips. EDreams cancelled the first trip then later cancelled the other trip but ended up un-cancelling last minute which left us the result of having to cancel cause there was no way we could get to the airport in time. I requested a full amount refund in august if 2021. In the app of eDreams, for years it stated “refund processing”. Today almost 2 years later, i checked into the app again, and the “refund processing disappeared which leads me to believe, this company is choosing to pretend it never even happened. Today i used the “chat” option to see what they can do to further assist me on my refund, it asked for; name, departure date in to which i entered and now it’s stating, “wrong info especially on my name. It’s my legal name, how can that be wrong? This company stole my money, inconvenienced me and gave me no hope in receiving my refund. I have been patient all these years considering i had no choice and now I’m left with this. Oh and to top it off, i tried cancelling my subscription and it stated “whoops something went wrong”. So is there anything these guys could do to help? Or am i left with no choice but to let them steal my money? This is my feedback
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2 years ago, Massage Fan
1000s of Negative Better Business Bureau Claims
I should have done my research. These guys are fraudsters. I purchased two airline tickets with eDreams. One for my daughter (12 years old) who cannot travel alone and certainly not internationally. Four months later (5 months before the flight) they told me that they had a ticket for me but not for my daughter. They said that I could fix it but they would need me to send them a pre-paid card for the amount of the new flight. If it sounds like they would keep they money spent and pump me for another grand or so you’re spot on. Meanwhile I would be stranded in Africa when it was time to get on the plane. I told them yo cancel the transaction and refund the money. They said that they had cancelled the transaction and would refund my money. 3 months later and I am still trying to get the money back. I disputed the charge with my credit card and behind the scenes eDreams is fighting ti keep the money. By the way, we are still 2 months before the flight would take place. Read the Better Business Bureau claims on these guys. Their legal team is consistently fighting to keep “customer” money. DO NOT download this app. DO NOT do business with this “company” they are thieves and fraudsters.
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3 months ago, Dimairbis76
Horrendous company
A horrible company!!!! They have repeatedly promised me a refund yet provided us with no support and have made no attempts to satisfy my request despite me doing it only 10 minutes after the purchase of the tickets. Every customer service representatives proceeded to be highly unhelpful and showed complete disregard for my concerns. They tried to refer me to the airline that the tickets were purchased from (which is idiotic to say the least, a 3rd party is supposed to make things easier but instead of I am doing their job to receive my money). They also refused to refund me for the options that I haven’t used which only further complicated the whole process. I requested a refund on March 10th and 10 days later there was still no change and my money still weren’t given back. A horrible and unprofessional service makes EDreams perhaps the worst third party company that you can refer to when trying to purchase airline tickets, you will be better off buying them off a shady guy in the back alley (He might provide better customer support if I am being frank). 1/5 stars does not begin to show how badly I am disappointed and how much headache they’ve caused me. Avoid them like the plague!
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2 years ago, Hdudnx ksndn
Incompetent, out of manner and not helpful service. Please stay away.
Hi, I’m Nhan Le, one of eDreams customers. I will be straight forward and share my horrible experience with the company and also this app. I booked the ticket with eDreams agency from SFO to Singapore with Singapore airline. Then I got online on Singapore airline to check the booking reference # but I couldn’t find any available flight. So, I instantly download this app and make the cancellation within less than 9 hour of booking. Then they informed me that the cancellation request had been process. But nothing changed until the next couples of days they sent an email saying that they can’t cancel the ticket even though the flight I booked with them wasn’t available. And no refund had been processed. I lost my money. After a week or so. eDreams app still shows me that my flight is still available. So I called Singapore airline to check directly. They inform me that there is no such flight. Then, I called eDream customer service to asked about the ticket. After checking the flight, they told me that it’s not available and had absolutely no solution. Despite the fact that the flight got cancelled and they provided no update.
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2 years ago, heyy166635536738:
Worst company ever
We have bought a ticket through edreams, and a day before the flight we ended up testing positive for Covid. And that’s where everything went downhill, I call the costumer service line several time no body wanted to hear or listen. Some of the employees even yelled at me. So two months later I get in touch with someone willing to listen, and they tell me to send in my Covid results, and they told me to wait 24-48 hours, and they have been telling me this for almost a month. And a couple of days ago I call to see if they could just reschedule my ticket, and they automatically just told me that the airline said that they couldn’t, and on the airline website it said if you contract Covid they would be able to work with you. So I finally get in touch with a supervisor, and asked him did he get the Covid results and he looked through the email and said yes. And said that they were going to call me back and till this day I haven’t heard back from them. Please please please save yourself the trouble and DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. It is better to pay a little more through the airline, that way you know that you have some kind of reassurance.
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1 year ago, 1eNightmare
I booked vacation package to Cabo at 5pm and received immediate email confirmation for hotel “confirmed” and flight “processing” then within 5min another email saying “partially confirmed -call airline” then another 5min saying “your request for refund has been approved”. I hadn’t done anything but now I apparently have No flight or confirmation of flight at 8pm and was scheduled to leave at 7am yet there’s a $2184 charge pending in my bank (price of full package- flight/hotel). Supposedly you can’t even get a full refund if you cancel within 24hrs of flight (which I didn’t even cancel but they’re making it appear that way). Now I can’t get ahold of anyone at eDreams and Spirit airline has NO record of me at all, no flight confirmation, no cancellation. No nothing! But I have seat assignments and a hotel in Mexico booked and no way to get there??? This is ludicrous! Now I have to scramble to find my own flight and possibly be charged twice and may not even have a hotel once I get there. So Unprofessional. No human to speak to. Such a hassle. Why go through a booking agency to do all the leg work myself?! THIS IS A SCAM. ALWAYS BOOK DIRECT!!!!
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2 years ago, Dave 751
I wish I could give zero stars. Please do yourself a favor and do not interact with this company. It is a scam. They seemingly offer cheap flights but there is no one to talk to if you need help. They will not process refunds or credits. We booked flights in January 2022 for a June 2022 trip. We canceled shortly after booking and they will not give us a refund or credit even tho we canceled 4 months ahead of time. I contacted the airline directly and they said they offer refunds or credits when processed with enough time (which we did). EDreams is just keeping the money. There is no one to speak to. Just a chat bot that repeats the same lines over and over again. They want you to pay for support up front and if you don’t they will not help you. I tried calling their support line and was on hold for over 3 hours before being disconnected. STAY AWAY! It’s not worth it. There are plenty of other sites that can provide cheap flights and actually help you when you need it. They essentially stole $1,300 from us and there is nothing we can do to get it back. They are scammers.
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3 years ago, charkieta
This company doesn’t honor their prices…. They make you pay your trip to hold the low price they are offering but they don’t purchase your tickets, no booking confirmation after 24-36 hours after. But your credit card has been charged immediately. Once you receive the confirmation 36 hrs later they notify you that some parts of your itinerary has been canceled by the airline. They don’t refund the money because they said is already paid to the airline. So you get stuck trying to find a refund with the airline if you are not able to travel either because you don’t have your complete itinerary or you can’t find another flight to make it happen. Long story short don’t buy flights with this company!!! THEIR PRICES ARE FAKE! You won’t receive customer service neither by phone or chat!! The worst service and attention to customers. They take your money and you end up finding another flights somewhere else but they still charged you and refunds are directly with the airline not with them…. YOU WILL END UP PAYING DOUBLE FOR YOUR FLIGHTS
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2 years ago, shy82288
They lied and SCAMED ME!
Beware this app has all types of loopholes and conditions to mix up a flight and NOT give you your money back. I have many friends who have had issues with this site. I unknowingly tried it out for myself, i bought a plan ticket for the wrong location by accident and wanted to exchange the ticket for the correct location. I called and he told me i wouldnt need to exchange the ticket and that i could just buy a new ticket and the refund for my old ticket would come in 3-5 business days since i cancelled the SAME DAY I BOOKED IT. 3 weeks later and nothing. No email confirmation for my cancel, no money back(after he said it would come back) nothing. I called them again and they told me “oh well we only do exchanges for those types of tickets” even though i WANTED to do an exchange but the guy refused and told me get a refund instead. I bought my new ticket after being told to do so and now they won’t give me money for either after promising to give it back to me. I’m out $1000+ dollars from both the cancelled AND rebooked ticket after being told to do so! SCAM
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4 years ago, venissa1970
DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET RIPPED OFF!!! I have never given a bad review to an app, but wow was I really disappointed with this one! I booked a flight and I had to cancel it. I tried to cancel on this site but because it was a low cost airline I had to cancel through the airline, which I did. The airline cancelled the flight and refunded the money, but it was refunded to this site, because that’s who I purchased the ticket through. So I have been trying to get a refund from the site and cannot even get through by email, or a chat or the phone! Worst customer service! They had me chatting with a robot who said I could not be assisted until 7 days before my flight so I tried to contact the site 7 days before my flight and now they have no record of a transaction! Still have not spoken to anyone, or received any kind of response! It’s over $500 that that I paid for the flights, and obviously I don’t have that kind of money to throw away or I would not have sought out a site for discount flights in the first place!!! If I could give a negative star I would! So disappointed!!!
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6 years ago, Adelina91
Worst app and company
The company is not consistent with their “policies”. Makes me think some are made up to profit as much as they can from you. I’m writing this review because of 2 different incidents. One time I booked a flight and 3 months before the flight I had a health problem and had to cancel the reservation- no refund from their end of the line. Fine. The other time I book a flight, I make sure I put my passport name as a passenger except the app saves the as the passenger the name that was on the credit card I used to purchase the ticket. All my other inbound flight have the right name except the edreams booking. Didn’t even noticed the problem until 2 days before my flight. I call them to tell them about their mistake and they say the only thing they can do to fix my name is to cancel my reservation with full refund (2 days before my flight i get full refund but not 3 month before my flight like my previous reservation) and make a new reservation with the new name and pay the amount the ticket costs now. WHAT THE HECK! Never again I’m deleting the app and never use this company.
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3 years ago, Dachael
Don’t Get Scammed
TLDR; eDreams took my money and never booked my ticket. Ruined my flight and the end of my vacation. I purchased a flight through the eDreams website after being redirected by a search engine. I downloaded the app and received my confirmation number and everything. Only when I got to the airport, the airline informed me that this was a third-party confirmation number, and that I needed my airline confirmation number, which was suspiciously missing. I contacted eDreams customer support every way I could, told them it was an emergency, and kept getting redirected to places I had already been, and used all the time I had put into getting there early. Turns out that eDreams took my money and never actually booked the flight. The airline had absolutely no record of me or my ticket, and the eDreams app wouldn’t even let me request a refund, since you can only request refunds once you have your airline confirmation number. I had to get a different flight to a different city and take a bus home at 4am. What an absolute nightmare.
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6 months ago, yollyg66
I booked a flight with these people i would say avoid this app at all cost they will take your money and if u make one mistake like i did i had a typo issue where I entered gnail instead of gmail , right and it went through took my money and was booked confirmed and all but because i put gnail and not gmail which was my actual email that i could of got into i would be okay , buuutt that wasn't the case so i was going back and fourth going nuts because i hd payed for a round trip , that i couldn’t get boarding passes for so i chatted with three reps vi online 24/7 chat none can help , i conntacted the airline couldn’t help me because i didn’t book directly through them i contacted the airport they were rude , any ways they are so quick to take your money but cant help a customer when it comes to this kind of issue , i advise stay away from any app in general that doesn’t have real humans to speak with or CS telephone number !!! Urgh so aggravated !!hope this helps someone before its to late ! Happy new year!!!
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3 years ago, CooleyDaDon
Be careful calling into customer service, super fishy. I booked a flight through them, and they sent me a $60 gift voucher to use towards my flight. So I called customer service to book another flight and he asked what the voucher number was to deduct the cost... didn’t book the flight and they took the voucher. Also I am a prime member so I called in to make some changes and they asked me for my email which is reasonable.. but then they asked for the password too??? That was super fishy to me. Still waiting on a refund from these people from JANUARY… it is now July, at this point it seems like a total loss. And of course everybody is Indian lol that doesn’t make it any better, no offense. They tell me something different every time I call them about my refund from a canceled flight. THANK GOD I had other money because I would have been stuck in the UK, and I live in the US. Had to pay full price for another ticket home and still haven’t gotten the money back from the flight they canceled. DONT USE THEM PLEASE
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2 years ago, Pupa1213
Don’t fall for this website, it will cost you more if you need to make any changes. No way to contact the customer service via phone or email, only through the app and “live chat”, while I tried to change my flight for 6th days now and chatted with 5-6 different agents, none of them can change the plane ticket for me, instead they all gave me different answer- the first one told me to wait for 3 days, the second one say they will call me in 3-4 hours, the third one say they can’t do anything but will escalate my request, and 4th one said I should have just called the airline. Got an email at 4 am and said they can’t get hold of me through phone but there’s no miss call or voicemail. Finally called the airline myself and they said since it’s 3rd party booking, all the change need to be made through them even if I cancel my flight. End up spending twice as much to get my flight changed. Not worth your time headache and money to book ticket through them. DON’T DO IT!
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3 years ago, zken95
Don’t be fooled by the low prices. Worst travel agency.
TL;DR: Horrendous customer service. Lost out on $ booking through them. Do NOT use this travel agency. I usually don’t write reviews for apps but my experience led me to write one to warn others about eDreams. Their customer service is horrendous, the app is poorly designed and there is no way to get in contact with them for a simple refund. I booked a flight through them, but the airline cancelled the flight and issued a refund to the card they used to purchase the flight. However, my own card was still charged. The airline indicated the dispute would be settled with eDreams as the refund was issued. Their chat bot is useless on their site, there is no # you can call, most of them don’t work, and their social media platforms are not monitored/or used. Granted it was not a lot of money as it was a low cost airline carrier, but reading through other reviews; some people are in the same boat at a loss of thousands of dollars. Do NOT use this travel agency!
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4 years ago, Furuigakko
Scam Dreams
Good luck if you need any customer service. They lack customer service: long phone wait times, a non-functional email address, a fake Twitter support page. I’ve been waiting to get a simple refund for months now; I have all the documentation required. Lack of response and very unprofessional when I do get one (they repeatedly ask for my email and booking number when all they have to do is scroll up in my Twitter DM). About the app itself, this is when the problem started. About to book a flight, the app timed out during the payment stage. So I book directly with the airline instead. Hours later I get a confirmation email from Edreams; now I have a double booking. I keep the direct airline reservation because I don’t want to reward a company with a poorly designed app. 2 months later this matter has not been resolved. User, buyer beware: Edreams will not help you. Scam Dreams is more appropriate for this joke of a company. You guys are ripping consumers off!
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7 months ago, Moshiss
I have used this service to book a ticket to Jordan and I purchased the option to be able to cancel and get a refund, let me tell you they just take your money and when they issue you after months a refund it does not even get to you I have had to call four different times and each time they told me to wait 5 to 7 business days to receive my refund which I have waited every time and have not received anything and when I call and asked to speak to a supervisor they put me on hold and told me that they spoke to the supervisor. They do not give you back your money I truly and sincerely hope that you all read my review about this company before you decide to do business with them. They are all liars and they will not obey their policy because it means that they do not get their commission. Stay away from this company do not download this app they will steal your money. FRAUD FRUAD FRUAD! Take this app out of the App Store.
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3 years ago, HorsemanYJ
Must read this and reconsider using this. Worst ever experience.
Last month, I booked an international flight for a family emergency. It was 96 hours prior the flight schedule when I made reservation. Because I had to travel with my pet dog, I had to add her on my flight ticket 48 hours prior the departure time. So I called the airline to add her.. I gave them my reservation info and they said it didn't exist. The reservation provided by eDreams didn't exist.😇 So I called eDreams at least 5-6 times to get refund within 24 hours of reservation and even after that, they didn't refund my money and until now, they have not. They have worst customer service. Their refund system is most terrible one I have ever experienced. If you are used to those flexible refund systems that most American travel agency websites have, then try to avoid using this eDreams. They are unlike what you experienced. I tried to save less than $100 and I lost whole $600. I definitely DO NOT recommend this app/website.
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2 years ago, ocularp
Poor customer service
I had a flight cancelled due to a transportation strike in Europe - the way eDreams handled the booking I couldn’t contact the airline directly to reschedule the equivalent flight the next day, so I opted for a refund - which I am 100% obligated to in the event of a cancellation under EU law within a few weeks (I actually believe it’s 7 days). It was immediately clear that they had no intent to refund any portion of the price beyond the original booking fee - claiming they wouldn’t be able to until the airline responded. As a travel agent they’re still responsible for delivering the same services and refunding the full ticketed price. Their dispute is with the airline, not me. Luckily my credit card company handled the dispute well and I received back the full cost that eDreams said could take 6 months or longer. If you book with them, book with a credit card. This was literally the only time I’ve ever had to file a dispute in my life.
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1 year ago, rashadiya jamil
Refund issue
I had a typo error for just a letter on my booking. I ask them if the can edit it. And they suggested to just cancel the booking and book and new one. They said I can have a full refund within a week coz it was just few minutes when I realized the typo error. I cancelled and filed for refund. They let me wait for a 10days. 10 days past no refund was received. I waited until more than a month, it was actually the 41st day today since I filed for a refund but I still received nothing but just a false reassurance. I was planning book here again but changed my mind. It causes me a lot of inconvenience. They also don't have contact number to call. We have to reach them thru chat which will take them ages to response. I don't know if they will still send my refund or not anymore. They always say they have escalated the issue but done nothing at all up until now. Won't use this app again.
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4 months ago, Ayongtom
Very bad experience
My experience with Edreams was terrible. I discovered that my name had been entered incorrectly on the flights ( if my name were Tom Jones, they entered it as Tom Tomjones) The confirmation email did not give any hint of this error, but when I approached travel time, I found it. Edreams refused to deal with the problem, only offering me an 80% refund if I canceled all the flights. They refused to cancel individual sections of flights, which were all on different airlines. Airlines usually refer you back to the travel agency, for problems but in each case, the airlines relented after lengthy discussions, and made the necessary changes. I have not yet flown, so I’m not certain that the name changes have been successful. he insisted that the airlines were legally obligated to make the changes but I believe that is not the case. additionally, the wrong birthdates were entered on both my ticket and my daughters ticket. I was also stuck with a $150 baggage fee that I had not requested but did not notice on my confirmation email. Wait times on phone calls were excessive and the apps did not give me any opportunities to deal with the issue without a representative. It or if it were possible to give a negative star review I would. In my many decades of life I have not encountered an equally difficult experience.
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1 week ago, Heas92
Do not use their service, they booked a flight for my parents and when they arrived to the boarding line, they were told by the airline that the tickets weren’t paid for, that edreams just made the reservation but never proceeded with the payment. my parents had to pay for the tickets in order to flight a round trip to MX, when they came back , two weeks after, they asked the airline to see if the payment was precessed and they said not yet. We tried calling them, but it is really hard to get in touch with them, when we were able to successfully called them, these people, would not help, they said that we had to call the airline, which we did and got the same response that they didn’t received any payment. We are reporting this to Us authorities and to the spanish authorities, thats where their HQ is located, so they do something about this scammers.
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3 months ago, Isakajo
I cant give not even one star. I had planned a round trip months and months ahead since my trip was very time sensitive. The flight to my destination was changed and was very hard to contact and fix it. After all the back and forth writing to customer service i decided to cancel the whole trip since it wasn’t going to work where the first flight was refunded but the flight back never got refunded. I tried to escalate the issue since the changes wasn’t made by me but due to company changes i was forced to cancel my trip. I tried so many times to escalate and find a solution since the flight back was more then half of what i paid in total but never got supported or answered what else can i do. I lost my trip and my money and on top of everything so much stress. Just terrible and still today i cant believe i got played like this. Never again!
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3 months ago, Redditors of the World
Worst Travel Service I Have Ever Used
I booked a flight internationally within different cities and wanted to change so I could stay an extra day and enjoy the city. Wrong was I. Their customer service is nonexistent so when I rebooked and changed I had to “wait for approval” to change my flight. Maybe that’s a thing abroad but not in the US. My flight change was never approved nor was it denied and my original flight came and went. Additionally, I “never got the approval” by the time of the rebooked flight either. Luckily I could tell when literally no one answered me that I needed to this on my own. Which I know means that “service fee” to change my flight will still be charged even though they did nothing and actually hurt the user experience trying to enjoy their travel. DO NOT USE, especially if there could be changes to your travels.
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2 years ago, TravelerDeb
You WILL lose money. Count on being dissatisfied
So all the bad reviews are actually correct. I rarely write reviews because I get the fact that people are shorthanded things are difficult because of the pandemic but this website and this company, are the worst I’ve ever dealt with in my 60+ years of traveling. Not to mention the fact that I lost over $3000 but their claims and their policies are misleading. Do not download the app because it is useless. IF u need a refund, 3 months or more they say. It is difficult to find things, It is difficult to use, and it is unreliable and makes you go round and round in circles just trying to find answers. It appears that they are just trying to get your money and hopefully you won’t complain. Stick with well-known and well run travel companies but not this one if I could leave zero stars I would.
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10 months ago, Tdawg1996!
I could not say this enough. I booked with them last year a few months ahead of time for a flight from Germany to icleand as part of my return trip back to the states. I got update emails from eDreams telling me to “get ready for my flight!” The day before I was about to fly out I even got an email from them saying that my flight was CONFIRMED! Needless to say it wasn’t confirmed.. When I got to stuttgart airport I had the very unpleasant experience of learning from a airport employee that not only was that flight cancelled but also that Iceland as a destination for that airport had been cancelled for the last SEVERAL MONTHS. Meaning that eDreams does not even bother to check on flights and the “confirmation email” they sent me was nothing but automated bull crap they probably send to everyone. When I talked to a representative they refused to reimburse the transaction fee. They claim that THEY ARE NOT LIABLE for the flight actually existing or not. So I was down $70 for a flight that never existed. This company is a waste of resources and I sincerely hope it goes out of business. Do your self a favor and punch yourself in the face, at least you won’t have to pay for the head ache. Screw you eDreams more like eNightmare
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2 years ago, Galaxygirl1
Be warned of fraud
I was directed to this website from Kayak. It looked like a great deal. When my purchase was processed a pop up said that the price had changed. I was charged an additional $150 that I had not consented to. There was never an opportunity to agree to the higher amount. It informed me of the higher amount after the transaction was completed. I tried to cancel but their screen said they would try to process a cancellation and it could take up to 3 months for the airline to refund me. I went in chat on their site and was told that because I purchased their cancellation insurance as part of the purchase that I would only be entitled to an 80% refund! I belief they are fraudulent. I was trying to cancel right after purchase ! I am now going to try to fight this with my credit card. Beware of their tactics. Stay away.
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1 year ago, ffrefertgytjt
scum of the earth scam artist company
I simply purchased a plane ticket on their website and checked out as a guest. They automatically signed me up for a prime membership without my consent and started billing me $60 a month. When I try to contact customer service it is nonexistent, there’s just a chatbot that tells you that there are no live agents available. And then it gives you an explanation about how “they you signed you up” for the prime account on their own when you made a purchase. They even told me that I don’t even have a password for my account because they assigned one for me. Which is further evidence, proving that I never signed up for this account that they are charging me $60 a month for and I can’t cancel because there’s no one to help you. A real piece of garbage scam artist company. Beware and stay far away from it
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6 years ago, wfcinkr90
Customer service nightmare
I have used eDreams for the last 4 years for my traveling . I never had an issue till I had to call about my flight and transfer time . I never had this type of experience before with over the phone customer service. I asking to increase my transfer times (i was flexible with dates ) . I was told to call back every 25-15 hours to get updates . I did this for about 4 days till I lost it . The customer service rep would cut me off while talking. They would mute me middle of talking . They keep confusing me , telling me I said this and not that . I felt like trash every time I got off the phone with them . I did yell at the manager because he just kept cutting me off and not letting me speak. I felt like I was getting scammed and gas lighted by the csr and the csr management. I am very disappointed in eDreams for having poor customer service .
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1 year ago, Jdonahuepsk
Don’t trust company
I had to change my flight date due to an emergency and even paid for the flexible flight insurance. Went to change the flight online and had to pay an additional $15. Understandable but I guess that doesn’t actually change it. They call me the next day to confirm the change but I’m in a meeting. They leave no voicemail and no way to call back. I download the app to talk with someone and they passive aggressively said to make sure I’m available when they call next time and they will call in the next 72 hrs! I’m supposed to clear my schedule for 72 hrs so I can confirm the flight change I made online and for some reason the customer service person I’m talking to on the app can’t just confirm it. They finally got around to calling me and it was now $80 to change a $125 flight.
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7 months ago, Allenfifi
Poor Customer Service
I was not allowed to board the plane because the airline said i have red eyes. I have explained to them i had an accident while using an insect spray which resulted to eye irritation and redness. I called edreams to rebook my flight while i wait for these eye redness to subside. It’s past 12 hours from the first time i tried to get a hold of them and still nothing. I only get a recorded voice that they are experiencing high call volumes and asking me to download a chat app instead which i also cannot find in apple app. My wife who is in the US has been on hold for an hour and still couldn't get hold of customer service. I paid over $1600 for this booking including their insurance flexible flight but couldn’t get customer support. Your chances of talking to a human being here is zero to none.
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2 years ago, IPAD216GIG
Hidden fee, no easy way to contact support
I got directed to book a flight at eDreams from kayak. Kayak was showing Them as the cheapest. Once I booked, I realized I was charged a booking fee in addition to the gate shown which meant they were no longer the cheapest. I canceled right away and booked directly with the airlines. When I wanted to contact them for the refund processing, there was no way to chat/call unless you install the app. After installing the app, I started a chat with a bot and asked to talk to an agent. They put me in the queue with 35 minutes wait. The bad part is that the app will ask every 5-10 minutes if you want to stay in the queue abd if you don’t respond in 2 minutes, you will lose your number in the queue. Why? It seems like they discourage talking to customers. Will never use them again.
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3 years ago, Loretta Lo
Nearly twice more $ than booking directly
I thought I was booking thru Kayak. When I chose a Frontier round trip, suddenly I was working with eDreams instead, though within the Kayak app. I expected the low price of the flights to be added to with luggage fees, etc. My total cost after paying for luggage, customer service fees- what??!!- was $220. Okay. Then I received confirmation emails from both eDreams and Frontier. Frontier total cost was $136. So it seems to me that I was scammed into paying an additional $84, which was charged to my card immediately. Very disappointing. I guess the point of eDreams is to act as a sort of airline concierge, as they check you in automatically. This was not made clear when I was simply attempting to book an inexpensive flight.
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3 years ago, Melin M.C.
Stay away!!!!!
The only good thing about this app has to offer is cheap prices. My flight got canceled allegiant send a refund and edreams use a different card number that was not mine to pay for my ticket they kept the refund and I still cannot contact them. Going through security my boarding pass, which I was using through the edreams app was showing up in valid and I have to go to the desk and pay for a printed version of my boarding pass I spent two hours waiting for allegiant representative to answer the phone for them to inform me that edreams is known to be very fraudulent!! On top of that when my flight got canceled I did not receive a notification for over an hour after, informing me that the flight got canceled. Luckily, I was already there and had paid for a different flight.
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2 years ago, zatie d
I will never use their services again
I tried to get my board pass and it said see attendant, my friend need a wheelchair so I thought that was why. The conformation I received was invalid and I couldn’t print my boarding pass. United they booked it then two days later canceled it. I was so upset! Tried to get ahold of someone and all I got was a robot. Finely found a phone number on the internet and got a person after waiting on hold for 30 minutes, the person did not speak English and the flight was boarding. He continued to say no conformation asked to speak to a manager and he gave me a different confirmation number and I was able to get my boarding pass. I was so upset. My flight was delayed so I was able to still take my trip. I did get to the airport 4 hour early too.
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7 months ago, Moh20233
Never use Edream again
Good day, In brief I have booked a ticket for November 15th and the system changed to December 15th. They created a glitch in their system to change the date. I went to airport on the 15th of November and I have to struggle to get to the airport and I could not get on the flight. I called edream many time to help solve the problem but they main issue is not to help but to make you feel terrible about the ticket because it’s restricted and I can not change date or refund. I paid $760 on way from Berlin to Orlando Florida. I tried to get them to understand it was not my mistake that this happened but they asked to call Iceland airline to see if they can refund the ticket or give me credit. I knew it was bogus to listen to them because the airline has nothing to do with the problem. I tried to check the website to make a complaint but there is no way you can write email to manager or any one. Their answering service is so horrible and cheap. Their people do not even know to speak english. I am so disappointed to use edream although I have used them 5 times before and I have membership but never again.
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3 years ago, Jbroark
Scam app
I bought a fly to a Mexico though this company page, I paid a very expensive one because I selected an extra option so that I could cancelled immediately as they offered. 2 days after that I te to canceled and they told me it could take 6 month because, they said, companies have to much cancelations because of COVID (???). I Called them but the don’t answer. There is not other way to contact them. Cancellation is pending since a month ago. But this is not all. They are not online with airlines, they took muy credit card data and purchased in Aeroméxico the most cheep flight with not cancelation option, which I never autorized. And charged the extra cost for them apart, 3 times the cost of the Ticked they buy without my authorization. So, never use this app.
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5 years ago, Agogo2
Great seller, good deals, okay app
Like everything I purchased so far (international flight+hotel)... but, I had to change my travel date, which was no problem when I called it’s 24/7 customer service. I paid extra and the service was prompt. The problem is that I don’t get any updated information on the website, nor on the app. I called 3x in two days and each time the customer rep told me to wait 3-4 hours for the app to update. First of all, 3-4 hours for an update is ridiculous in now these days. Secondly, I have waited nearly 24 hours and still don’t see my new travel date. No sense of guarantee and confirmation. Conclusion: not agile for any change of plan.
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2 months ago, Jddirhrbne
Hands down, worst booking service
I have never had more of a frustrating experience with a 3rd party booking company than with EDreams. Super unreliable. Even when you are signed up for the “Prime Service” the company is wildly inefficient and ineffective. Both customer service lines they give you are given no means to actually help the customers book flights. If there is an issue with your booking they will just tell you repeatedly that you need to wait 24-72 hours and some back office team will deal with your problem. They will put holds on your credit cards when trying to purchase a flight and then not follow through with the actual booking. I would steer clear of this company by all means possible.
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10 months ago, __Kelly___
Customer service is horrible. Do not purchase flights through this app
On the app it stated changes were permitted and only had to pay price difference. Everything was processed and was only waiting to hear back from them to confirm the changes, however when I was contacted, the rep stated that there was a fee of €3000+ fee. When I asked him if I could cancel the flight, he told me I had to contact the airline, false. The airline will always direct you back to the 3rd party where you purchased your flight. My advice is go through the airline directly to purchase your flight and don’t waste your money on this app that will charge you a ridiculous amount when needing to make changes to your reservation.
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2 years ago, tiger 100
Booked through eDreams and my initial departure flight from Atlanta on Aer Lingus was listed as EI 996 Atlanta - Boston 5:24 - 8:10 PM. EI 996 was a one time flight that took off and landed in Shannon Airport, Ireland on November 18, 2020.(check it for yourself in FlightAware). When I tried to correct/change this eDreams told me that everything was confirmed and that they “guaranteed “ it. I called Aer Lingus and they verified that eDreams BOOKED ME ON A NONEXISTENT FLIGHT. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH EDREAMS. eDreams customer service promises to “elevate your issue” but there is absolutely no follow through or resolution. Consider yourself warned. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!! For those that have had similar experiences, please file complaints with Apple, any travel site you used to find eDreams (Kayak, Expedia, etc. ) as well as the Federal Trade Commission. Rest assured that I will be filing complaints.
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2 years ago, Devarak
Booked a couple of international tickets through this agency for Qatar Airlines. Paid the ticket price and the EDreams website gave the airline’s confirmation number. Then I tried to enter the confirmation number in Qatar Airlines website. The confirmation did not exist. Called up Qatar, and they asked me to check with the travel agent. Tried calling EDreams and was in hold forever. With all this, I canceled my tickets. All of this happened within 1 hr of my booking. Now comes the fraud part. Qatar Airlines refunded the ticket money, EDreams charged me $275 and refuses to return the money because I canceled the tickets. I had to cancel because the airline confirmation number they gave did not work. Not because my plans changed. At the end I have been defrauded of $275.
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2 years ago, Belafonte2069
Horrible service!!!
My name is Charles Martin. I booked a flight from West Palm Beach to Houston and a return flight back to West Palm Beach. I needed to change the return flight for a week earlier than expected just to be told that the ticket couldn’t be changed and the fare was non refundable. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have almost $200 just to throw away because they don’t tell you in advance that the ticket is non refundable nor can the flight be changed. This is non acceptable and I won’t be doing business with this company anymore. I advise whoever is wanting to book a flight to find another service to do business with, this one is not for you! Would have given 0 stars but I had to pick one stare for this to post!
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