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User Reviews for EF Go Ahead Tours

4.82 out of 5
8.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Melo AK
Amazing in all ways!
This tour was wonderful. It was the first organized tour I have taken and my first visit to Costa Rica. Saw much and learned a lot. It is impossible to pick one thing as my favorite. Our guide Alonso was fantastic. He was so knowledgeable. He shared info on environment and ecology, flora and fauna, history and culture, and the everyday life and philosophy of the Costa Rican people. It is all those things that makes it such an amazing country. He did a great job of making sure all went smoothly with a full schedule and 20 different personalities. Accommodations and food beautiful and plentiful. He also generously gave helpful suggestions to me and my friend for the days that we did a week of independent travel after the tour. He scheduled our COVID tests to accomodate our own travel dates making himself available to us as a “lifeline” even after the tour! Kudos also to Harold the bus driver. You couldn’t pay me enough to drive a bus through those narrow twisted steep roads and tight parking spaces! I strongly recommend this tour for seeing wildlife and some very amazing places in Costa Rica as well as having great first hand experiences to see and learn about many aspects of this unique country under the guidance of Alonso. Pura Vida!
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3 months ago, opkittys
Linda and Charity
Vanesa , our tour director , went above and beyond with her job ! Not only was she Extremely kind and helpful, she was by far the most knowledgeable historian I have ever listened to !!! She also tells you stories packed with humor , as to keep you interested , because the amount of history she teaches you is mind blowing ! The only thing I would suggest is double checking with the group in the hotel lobby ( before we get on the bus ) to make sure everyone has their passports (if necessary that day ) . Also , making sure (if passports are need that day ) to post it on our guide sheet. One day when passports were mandatory, it was not posted at all on the guide sheet , but it was posted on the app . There is probably always one idiot in the group that forgets to look at the app!!! In conclusion , Vanesa was by far the best tour director we have Ever had ! She is absolutely the best !! We love her and hope to do future tours with her !
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3 months ago, Hal from BR
Christian Tour of Israel
All your communication from EF was excellent. Our tour guide Rami Abu Hanna was superb. I can’t imagine anyone knowing more than him. He cared so much about us and simply made the trip for us. Our bus driver was incredible. The hotels were really nice with a large amount of food selection. The only negative for me was the fact that there was a minor change needed on my wife’s ticket. United Airlines charged us $920 to do this. As a partner airline of EF Tours, I would have thought that someone in the company could have gone to bat for me. That was very disappointing. I’m upset that the airline would feel okay about doing this to someone that was already paying a lot of money to fly with them. It’s just not right.
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4 months ago, First time traveler over seas
First time traveler
Traveled to Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Our tour guide, Sebastian was great. He was knowledgeable and handled any issues that rose. Which we did have a couple of problems. First my wife and I had to have our room changed due to a bad smell and our daughter had to have her room changed due to the power not working. Our bus driver did an excellent job as well and I felt safe on the bus. Really enjoyed Switzerland. The stay in Lucerne was great. The local tour guide there was knowledgeable regarding the history of the area and provided a lot information. The scenery was fantastic. I would enjoy seeing Switzerland again. Stopped in Liechtenstein on the way to Germany. Not a lot of things to do there based on time issues but it was nice just being in a different country. The stay in Germany was nice. The old section of the town was full of history. Going from place to place was tricky at times not speaking or reading German. The first night in Austria was really enjoyable. I attended the Dinner with Mozart with my wife and daughter and it was great. I would highly recommend this excursion. The next night and day I was sick and could not go on that days tour. A Go Ahead tour representative checked on my status by phone and text message. All in all, we had a very nice time.
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2 years ago, EF TOUR
Travel experience .
Our name as Raj Reddy duplicated for both passenger names . THIS HAS BEEN POINTED BY CHAT AND PERSONAL PHONE CALLS. This was not corrected . When we arrived at Airport AMERICAN AIRLINES will not give Boarding pass on 2nd passenger NIRMALA REDDY . We called emergency # and not corrected on time to catch the Flt on time . Therefore I have to buy NEW TICKET to arrive Denver on time and meet Tour Director as per schedule .. I am yet to hear from you guys nor reimbursed for the Ticket I paid for . After talking to Tour Director return ticket was corrected and we reached home 1. Air line Ticket issued RAJ REDDY name twice on the same name instead 1. Raj Reddy 2. NIRMALA REDDY 2. No response from customer service . 3.We went through lot of trouble to get a a 2nd Ticket in the last minute. 4. Our UPGRADED TICKET CANCELED 5 . They accommodated us at last minute in very different seats .( This happened based on my being AMERICAN ADVANTAGE MEMBER ) 6. The planned pleasant trip turned out to be night mare till we reached Denver. Tour Director ( Brandon Smith ) understood and extremely helpful to correct the issue and made rest of the trip pleasant. We travelled all over the world with different Travel agents . This is the worst experience and will not book another trip from your Travel services. I expect to be reimbursed for the Ticket I bought. Thank you Raj Reddy. kuraparti @ gmail. Com.
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2 months ago, Flight Runaround
Don’t trust them to book your Flight
When i booked the trip I made a request to fly as direct as possible and offered to drive to larger Cities to catch our flight. They put us on a horrible flight schedule with Delta that had us checkerboard the East Coast before even leaving for Greece. When I called to request a much quicker flight schedule that I did all the research to find and was available at a reasonable price they said it would take 3 weeks to get back to me. Then I received an email on the weekend telling me I had only 24 hours to respond after fares had increased simply because at this point We were only 2 weeks from departure. Now I have been instructed to wait 5-7 days for this “internal flight team” to make the change but when I opened the App I was already being billed. We haven’t even packed yet and are already sorry that we booked with this travel company, and certainly do not let them handle your flights.
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6 days ago, Patty and Ben
Two Texans’ 50th Anniversary Trip to Ireland
Ireland was everything we hoped and much we could never have expected! Our bus driver, Tommy was perfectly skilled and charming. Cathal, our tour director, was the best of the best. His love for his country, people and culture was contagious. We came away feeling an affection for all the things he shared with us. He answered questions after questions patiently and thoroughly. A great mixture of big city and country side, I especially enjoyed the sheep farm and being treated to the local singer at lunch. There were too many thrills to mention! We met a bunch of strangers in Dublin on day one and left a great group of friends in Belfast on our last. Thank you for an experience we will never forget!
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2 months ago, Good 2031
Epic Time in Greece
This is our 5th tour with GoAhead Tours! With every tour we want to go again. Unfortunately, time is at a premium. We have to fit so much in and taking a tour is the best way. Artemis was our main guide. He handled everything with our group. Three islands in one week. The bus drivers on each island got us to our hotels, ships, and tours. Most of our group had big check-in, plus carry-on luggage. We had packed light with a carry-on only. We bought olive oil at our first stop, and had to check in that bag with the rest of our group. Everyone was wonderful. We would recommend taking the catamaran excursion for a fun swimming party. Love you ❤️❤️❤️
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11 months ago, R. Romm
Italy tour by Randolph Romm
I must start with congratulating David, he was a superb tour director. His knowledge and sense of humor made the sightseeing very enjoyable. I was very dissatisfied with the location of the hotels. They were all so far away from all the sights there was absolutely nothing to do when we went back to them. You could not even get a snack or drink at neither of the hotels in Venice or Florence. They had no room service and most nights the restaurant did not even open. While I enjoyed the tour very much I felt it could of been much better if our accommodations were more centrally located.
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1 year ago, 1st tour
Germany Switzerland Austria tour
This has been the best tour of a life time. Although I had a hard time waking I was so pleased with my tour director and fellow travelers who were extremely patient with me. My husband was tested positive for Covid on the last day and as soon as I found out, I informed our tour director immediately. We were both quarantined for 5 days, making sure all other travelers were safe. Our flight home was delayed however, the travel agency made arrangements for us to leave on the 6th day. I will definitely take another tour with EF in the future.
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11 months ago, CMB from the USA
Food and Wine : Campania, Puglia and Amalfi coast September 5-18
One of the best tours I have taken. Anna is an awesome tour guide. She was engaging and attentive. She took care of every detail, even when the water was too rough for our excursion by boat, she managed to come up with an alternate plan. The small size of the group was great as it allowed for everyone to get to know one another. All of the sites we visited were wonderful. Would definitely recommend this tour to anyone interested in visiting southern Italy. I would consider another trip if I was assured that Anna could be my tour guide.
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11 months ago, SFSuzanne
Terrific Tour
I just completed an EF tour of Portugal. It was my first group travel experience, and I was somewhat skeptical at first because I have always travelled alone or with just one other person, but I found it satisfying, stimulating, and fun. Every step was well planned, under expert guidance, with enough free time for individual exploration. I enjoyed the company of my fellow travelers while learning a great deal from the guides who gave us a fascinating overview of each major site along the route. I enthusiastically recommend this tour!
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2 years ago, Mikie3245
A friend and I just returned from your Iceland tour. A beautiful country with lovely people. We went two days early. Perfect. Go Ahead uses nice hotels in good locations. Our guide was knowledgeable and flexible. Were it not for her we would not have seen the lights. The food was always well done. On the con side. The first day is awful. Go ahead needs to change that, as many have suggested. Their flights are usually the least expensive they can find , with no frills airlines, so I suggest booking your own. There were 35 people on this tour. Way too many. A good value but I would prefer more from my tour company. I would not recommend this company/tour to my friends. It just is just too basic.
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5 months ago, LoloZozoxoxo
Great travel app
I have been using EF app for a three trips, what a great app. One of the main reasons I travel with Go Ahead tour due to the app. Please engage the tour director and other tourist in the group to use it too. Two of the trips I took , only hall of the tourists in the group are actually using it, that is a shame and defeated the purpose. One of the beauties I really appreciate the app —my old trips are still in my account that I can always go back, even to chat with old friends👍
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1 year ago, Taxi dancer
My experience with EFGoaheadtours has been very disappointing, to be kind.
Terrible business practices all around. Difficult to get refunds on trips canceled by EFGOAHEADTOURS, and flights not booked in a timely fashion so impossible connecting flights only option. Charged me for asking them to book earlier. Increased price on trip booked last year which had to be bumped out to this year. I will never recommend this company based on my experience so far. I travel a lot & have never encountered this kind of attitude or incompetence in basic planning & and taking responsibility for decisions made by them.
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1 year ago, rinaaz1
This app is super helpful!
I was recently on a tour and this app was so helpful! They have a daily itinerary which helped remind me what we were doing. Our group had fun sharing our favorite pictures through the photo album. We were traveling through several countries and were dealing with 3 different currencies. The app has a currency converter that — IS EVEN AVAILABLE WITHOUT BEING CONNECTED TO WIFI !!! When I discovered this I literally told everyone on the bus. Super helpful!
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7 days ago, Great tour with Nicola
Interesting history n beautiful countries
We really enjoyed the historical details and stories given by our Tour Director Nicola and each city and area we stopped at were really interesting and beautiful. I loved the drive around the Adriatic Sea and the greenery that we saw. Pero, our driver, was great at getting out of tight spaces. Don’t miss the tour if you want to see an unspoiled country with a history of many invaders.
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7 months ago, Catelpeacock1951
Tour Director opinions
I don’t appreciate listening to the political opinions of Tom Fin, nor do I appreciate the pejorative references to women. When he references the Prince and Princess of Wales and refers to his opinion of how Kate Middleton “catches” William by wearing a see-through blouse, is insulting to all women, suggesting, that the only way to any man is through seemingly sexual advances of women. He also referenced in derogatory terms Meghan Markel’s very real concerns of threats to her physical person and her children’s safety, as does Prince Harry. I’m an American and understand the real threat of racial violence to people of colour, not only in the US, but throughout the world. Britain has a marked history of violence towards people of colour. He needs to quell his personal opinions.
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3 months ago, Tour details evaluation
First day in London
It was helpful that Mike, the guide, was aware of our need to rest after the all-night flight. And having the substantial meal after the introductory meeting was pleasant. I wish there had been some excursions planned to cover the ones that had to be cancelled. It was a disappointment to have not had any excursions in London due to the group travel technicalities. As a new comer to European travel, the excursions are important especially when promised at the get go.
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11 months ago, KKoltiska
Great before, during, and after Tour
Love being able to not just dream but plan future adventures. Then, once booked and then on tour, I can see the full itinerary add optional excursions easily, connect with the others on the tour, share pictures with my group, and chat with my tour director. After- I live I can stay connected with my group, pool pictures, and do it all over again!!!
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2 years ago, jillgexplore
From start to finish this trip was exceptional! Our Italian group guide Alessandra was One of the best parts of the whole experience! She is a great communicator and made sure all 21 of us had our needs met. The places we explored were the highlights of the area. All the travel arrangements were well thought out and ran so smoothly. This was a trip of a lifetime I will never forget!
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2 years ago, donadonadodaday
My EF Travels
My experiences with EF Tours have included 3 trips to Europe with middle and high school students. Besides the incredible sites and sounds that we were introduced to, the EF guides took us to another level of travel with their knowledge, expertise, and ability to entertain and engage young people (and adults) in the history and interesting stories of the places we visited. I’m thankful to continue my travels with EF Go Ahead Tours.
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4 months ago, MarjorieJK
Food and wine tour of Spain
What a wonderful trip to Spain. Our tour was guided by Ana. She lead us with a lot of knowledge and interesting facts that let know about Spanish local customs followed by great food and wine. Our hotels were lovely and our group was small and fun. Ana also looked after us so well and had a lot of information. We also had great bus drivers and guides. We will go again!
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12 months ago, M. Azadova
Highlights of England Scotland and Ireland tour
My first tour with EF It went wonderful! In 10 days we visited so many new places, meet amazing people, tried delicious food! The Tour Director Kurt who took care of every details along the way made this tour very pleasant and memorable! The local excursion guides were knowledgeable and friendly, the special thanks to amazing drivers! I am planning to book more tours with EF Maggie Azadova
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1 year ago, Mrs M Bailey
Landscape of Scotland and Ireland
Tom was superb and extremely knowledgeable. He seemed to anticipate our needs and addressed them accordingly. I have traveled many many places and I can honestly say that he is the best guide I have had the pleasure to travel with. Patience, humor and respect combined with knowledge is quite unique. Hope I’ll have the honor to travel with him in the future.
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11 months ago, skunky lou
Greatest Trip
I went on my first EF Go Tour the end of October. I went to Egypt with cruise on the Nile. I had Hala as my guide, I was a single traveler. It was the best!! They thought of everything. It was so much more than I could have imagined! It would not have been 1/2 as good without our excellent guide. She was so informative and friendly. I recommend this tour to everyone!!!!! Love it!!!
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2 years ago, Amanda Sharon
Super Helpful
I love how everything is organized in one easy spot! This is especially helpful while on tour since you can see the itinerary everyday, review things directly on your phone and it even has a helpful money converter! If you’re traveling with Go Ahead Tours (which you should) this app is a must have!!
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1 year ago, gammy christy
Amazing tour, Fantastic company
Travel is different these days, but Go Ahead is there every step of the way making your trip the best it can be. While in Scandinavia last week, there was a SAS pilot strike, my incredible tour director chartered is a bus and even found a quaint little town to stop for lunch 🥰 no words can describe how perfect it turned out. ❤️✈️🌍
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2 years ago, Alleycat7171
Must have travel app!
For anyone traveling with Go Ahead Tours, look no further: this is the king of apps. Being able to access your tour info while offline and traveling is so convenient. Before tour it was so easy to make payments, buy excursions, and prep for my trip. Would recommend.
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2 years ago, Kay SF
Sept 21-October 4 with Michael Z group coordinator Maureen Herrity
This was such an awesome trip. Everything was first class and the attention to detail and making sure we had everything we needed and more. We were treated like royalty everywhere we went. I would highly recommend this trip with tour guide Michael Zlottis to everyone.
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1 year ago, Little rose of Texas
Still HOLDING 50 Minutes on Phone
They were very quick to book my trip and get my business but when I went to check my first payment they are charging a bank card I don’t even own. Not even my card. I am literally still on hold after nearly an HOUR as I write this review. Very disturbing that not only would they make such a critical FINANCIAL ERROR but that they obviously do not care about their clients enough to offer adequate customer support with the millions they make on selling trips. Not impressed right now.
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2 years ago, maxandme2021!
Belize 9 days trip
This trip was my first solo traveling after many years of traveling with my husband It was a very nice trip. Our tour guide Roberto when above and beyond to make our experience excellent. The choices of Hotels was great and the food most of the time traditional and satisfying. I will only add more time in the last Hotel called Sleeping Giant in the rain forest because that resort is excellent.
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5 months ago, Ocean city dame
Budapest Vienna etc tour.
Tour guides very knowledgeable. Pleasant made us feel welcomed Tour director the best I’ve ever had after 3 other go ahead tours. Goes out of his way to help each one of us. He’s is very knowledgeable about every city country we visited. He makes me feel at home. I highly recommend him. I will promote EF to my friends.
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9 months ago, coffee666888
Egypt and the Nile - WOW
From the very start of the trip we were taken care of, the program and tour director were top notch and the excursions did not disappoint. It seemed each day was better than the last. The pinnacle was how our group bonded throughout this shared adventure. Truly one of the best trips I’ve ever experienced.
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1 year ago, gozar de la Vida
The best
4th trip with go ahead and will continue. Always reliable and they’re committed to the best experience for all in all respects. I always know the lodging food excursions and transportation details will be good and I’ve never been disappointed. Sign up and then relax and enjoy for they sweat the details
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1 year ago, Liz&cats
The app is terrible. I was supposed to submit a payment, but there was no balance listed. Then later, the balanced was listed, but it was not the correct amount. Customer service at EF is terrible, as the wait time on the phone is forever. Today, I just received two phone messages starting I needed to pay my balance on the app, or I would be removed from the trip. If EF wants me to pay my balance, they need the correct amount loaded into the app. I don’t recommend their app or their tour company.
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1 year ago, JLI/REI
England, Scotland and Ireland
Our trip to England, Scotland and Ireland was INCREDIBLE!! Lexi Adams was our guide and she is amazing, so knowledgeable. She always had “bits and bobs” for every country/city we traveled to. We were pleased with the itinerary; there was lots of time spent on the coach but this allowed us to really appreciate the countryside and the people. Huge thumbs up for Lexi and the tour!!
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11 months ago, Hyacinth Paul
Hanoi, Vietnam
This was a lovely trip. One thing I would add is a shopping trip in the Old quarter for people who arrived earlier in the day. This option is easily added as an optional excursion. While driving through was a fun way to explore old Market, shopping there would be an awesome addition.
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7 months ago, diana ham
Australia tour
This trip was one of the best trips of my life!! I give it five stars. Jose was the guide and was excellent. He did over and above to make everyone s experience excellent. I’ll only use EF from now on. Australia was beautiful. Everyone should get to experience it. The penguin parade was “ the best day ever”. Australian people are flriendly and so helpful!
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1 year ago, Paul Mets
Is Messaging Working?
I am very happy with the app and have used it since my first tour in 2018. My only concern is the messaging and sharing comments on the traveler page. Are the other travelers seeing my comments? I have received zero responses. Are notifications triggered? Thank you.
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11 months ago, Tparntoe
I attempted to fill in my TSA and contact information through the app and was consistently kicked out of the page and had to attempt to reenter my info. I only saw proper drop down menus on one attempt but when it came to checking the box it again took me to the blank page which I was again forced to exit out of and restart the process. The app is meant to streamline this entire part of the process but if it doesn’t work there is absolutely no point.
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4 days ago, Janet L USA
Go Ahead APP
This app is great and easy to use! It is so easy to track every detail needed to prepare for our trip! It is convenient to understand everything we need to know traveling to Italy. The invoice and payment section is great to keep on top of all transactions! Thank you to EF GO AHEAD TOURS!!
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3 months ago, Jordan.47
Traveling with EF tour, wonderful
We we traveled all over Italy. It was wonderful. It was adventurous, and it was comfortable. We were treated to beautiful, tasty meals the scenery, the sites the extra tours were beyond my imagination. This year we’re excited to go to Yellowstone, glacier national parks, and Calgary and Banff in Canada. So looking forward to it.
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3 months ago, second time not happy
I have scheduled my second tour but this experience has been nothing like my first tour. We told the folks at Go ahead that we wanted direct flights and when we finally got to see the flights we were charged $530 extra when we told them it was an error giving us non direct flights so we were charged extra for Mia managed service. I talked both of my friends into using this tour group and now regret doing so as both are not happy!
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4 months ago, Van Gogh's fan
Grand Tour of Europe
I saw what I wanted to see but there was so much it is hard to recall details. The pace was fast and somewhat hard for me to keep up. A variety of ages in the group which became a positive moving baggage onto and off the trains. Good food. Hotel rooms satisfactory ranged to very nice. Tour director Kurt had extensive background and made us laugh. Good shopping in Italy.
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5 months ago, Kind & Helpful
Great Customer Service
I did a little research on tour groups so it was like taking a leap of faith that this company would take care of me & my concerns. So far, everyone that I’ve spoken to has been really helpful & kind. Looking forward to my trip in September.
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3 months ago, PNS GIRL
Venice, Florence, Rome
Several scheduling issues before the trip. Also a big fashion event happening in Florence while we were there limiting hotel choices. The hotels were nice and EF did make accommodations for problems. Our tour guide, Carmelo, was the best. Great personality and able to deal with all the different people in the group.
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1 year ago, HillaryHoban
Please deal with
My local person is wonderful, I’m having difficulty getting in touch per phone. The “will call back” has never called back. I have tried at least 8 times(never called back) I have tried H2, my last name, taken, bizarre names. All are taken?
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3 months ago, gawarecki
Photos and app suggestions
Can we just upload photos to app of our trip. It’s says we need to send thru chat for them to upload. I would recommend an easier way to upload and NOT thru chat. Also would love to be able to launch hotel websites and hotel directions from itinerary in app
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1 year ago, patbbt
Go ahead tours app
Can’t log in. Can’t find anything about my tour or who is going or the hotels we are staying at or anything I was given a glance of on my computer when I was on phone with GAT agent. But now everything is blank again. And the app is on my phone and all I get is ads for other GAT tours. Help. I need a link from this app to my tour departing in a few weeks. Now I am on the Grand Tour of Ireland with Mansel and I still can’t log into my tour!! Can’t see the photos. Nada.
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