4.1 (511)
91.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for EL AL

4.05 out of 5
511 Ratings
5 years ago, RaquelBlech
One of my favorite apps!
Love this app since it is user friendly and easy to find what you are looking for, offers extra helpful features like a check list to help you prepare for your trip as well as packing and checking your passport expiration date. And much more like the weather at your destination, places to visit and much more ! The only thing it’s missing is the option to add the boarding pass to the “Wallet” for iPhone users. This would be VERY helpful !
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6 years ago, Edo lavi
So utterly worthless that it must be intentional
I like to search for a flight on the app and then use the blank white screen that I get as a low intensity flashlight. Otherwise the app has zero function. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve actually tried to check my flight status and even book my flights on the app many times. I do this out of habit because it’s so convenient on the united app which works perfectly. Unfortunately, I’m sorry to report that I have never once succeeded in getting a single morsel of information or usefulness from the el al app. It simply does not work at all. Even the simplest tasks just don’t work. It’s literally useless. It would be more convenient to not have an app at all so that I don’t bother wasting my time. El al represent the country that invented the computer processor and the USB and every other high tech gadget but they can’t manage to make a basic app that every other airline has. I like to think that they have some intentional security reason for purposely not offering a functional app because if they literally got a random Israeli off the street to make a proper functional app they could get it done tomorrow .
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2 years ago, Malka111
App is unstable
I use many airline apps and this is the worst. The first time I signed up I could not update my name. Multiple times I can’t get into the app it just circles and circles and I can’t get in. “Service is not available “. While I signed up with Face ID sometimes It says “not available”. I tried to tie in my Matmid number at check in and it doesn’t recognize my number. Trying to log in to get my boarding pass it kicked me out and then I got a message in Hebrew even though I had the English tab marked. I could not get out of the loop. I tried to log back in as I received no confirmation of my boarding pass and I was told I already checked in. It was difficult to find the actual boarding pass. The first time I used the app your birthday application did not work. I could not set the proper birthday. Luckily we had a computer around and could log in that way. Please check out why your app is so unstable.
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12 months ago, BocaSheba
Easy Flight Change
I booked a reservation only to find that I had booked the wrong date!! I went on line and was able to change the reservation with no problem. Great Service.
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7 years ago, Sydney Sider
Embarrassing app for national airline
Seriously EL AL, you call this an app in 2017? I understand it's not easy to design a functioning app. So why don't you just copy another airlines like Delta's or EasyJet design for example. At least for your frequent flyers Matmid club. EL AL is falling behind more and more in every single area. Competitive Prices, customer service, Frequent flyer program, Old aircrafts with old entertainment systems and even the seats are falling apart. Seriously you have to upgrade everything, act more like a Israeli startup please or you will keep on losing your loyal travelers to other airlines.
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5 years ago, Ydbk
Website needs help
The website is hard to navigate even though it’s a little bit easier now and it’s hard to change your flights or just see if you want to change your seats etc. other airlines make it very simple. It’s even hard to contact an agent that speaks English via the chat with us or via phone. I think the airline itself is excellent but I wish the website was easier.
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1 year ago, Daniella's
Does what it is supposed to do
I booked a flight with El Al and I added the flight to the app and the app does everything an airline app is supposed to do. From adding the booking to managing it. I didnt encounter any bugs or errors. The App was very responsive and running smoothly.
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9 months ago, gowwgo
The very best
It starts right away with being greeted by a count down to your flight and then everything you need is 1 tap later. I’ve never been impressed by an airline app until now.
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2 years ago, BEF1952
Much easier
Wow.. big improvement over years ago. I can go on the Matid/El Al app and find everything about my flight. Get suggestions on how to be organized for the trip. Updates on Covid. Good job fixing everything.
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9 months ago, Will of D 1
Amazing and easy to use
Great ui/ux huge thanks to the team for that! Very easy to navigate and easy to use! The website checking should be the same for full translation!
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4 weeks ago, Laura Abecassis
Best and safest airline in the entire world*****
Very satisfied with the service onboard, customer service is not so easy to reach, could be better. Truly feels like home away from home *****
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2 years ago, Yudi111
Poor design. Frustrating App
The App and EL AL web site are both poorly designed and frustrating to use. This is in line with their poor customer service. I enter my user ID and password but the app doesn't remember it. Next time I used the app itt challenged me to enter the password again. I am a young computer programmer. I know a good App when I see it. EL AL does not provide a good App. The web site is as bad. And the phone support is a disaster.
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4 years ago, Imaswthrt
Easy to use app....
I downloaded the app for my upcoming trip next week and at first I couldn’t get it to work. I contacted El Al app support and they quickly helped me fix my problem....all is good now! App is easy to register and access. 🇮🇱🥰
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5 months ago, Nsk1
Very slow in loading
It takes a long time for it to load everytime. The app itself is fine and useful once it loads. But it can take a number of minutes for that to happen.
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2 years ago, rbressner
Never loads
The app is decent…when it works. It almost never loads - it always gets stuck on the initial loading scene with the clouds and the app itself just never opens. I manage to get the app to load maybe 1 in every 15-20 times that I try opening it.
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5 years ago, Yainkel
Oy vey!
Amazing how old and worn out the website and app for this company feel given its origin on the “Startup Nation.” Sometimes it randomly wont startup—crashes sometimes, and overall is very not user friendly. The newest version is a big step forward, but I expect more and end up calling to get what I need because the app is so lousy.
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6 years ago, Lorenyy
Such a bad app. This is the new app? What’s the point of adding family members if I can’t see their account information. Also, when trying to book a flight it still directs to the website (within the app) and since I’ve logged in it’s giving me an error and not letting me view flights. Was a bad app, and still is a horrible app. Get your act together and create a normal app it shouldn’t be so hard for such a big company.
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8 months ago, Mimannick
great app
Kudos on the pleasant black / white graphic as the app loads. a lot of time went into the execution of this app. it’s simple to navigate to find my information, checkin, get sears etc.
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12 months ago, EPS487
I have never written a review for an app before but this app is so frustrating and terrible that it made me want to. It won’t let me check-in for a flight saying I have incorrect information even though the app itself filled in the information. Every time I try to log in to the app my password doesn’t work so I have to use a one time password but my number won’t work even though I’ve changed it successfully in the app so I have to use my email which is more annoying. EL AL, this is just embarrassing how terrible this app works and it needs to be fixed immediately! And their website needs a lot of work too!
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7 months ago, P!!!!!!!!
Downloaded the app, tried to upgrade my seat and I had to use PayPal. Amex didn’t work while overseas. Also, El Al profiles if you even look Arab, I’d recommend flying with a non-racist airline :) I was denied check-in for a flight cause I look Arab even tho I’m a non-Arab, ethnically Chaldean, white gay American with Iraqi ancestry. Worst airline and terrible app. Also, unless you speak Hebrew have fun fighting to get any English options efficiently.
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3 years ago, Rsincere
Great app and better airline
ElAl is a terrific airline. The business class is really excellent. I’ve flown all the airlines and this business class seat is better. Lots of room, great service and very comfortable.
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2 years ago, music0328
Way better than the website
Wish the website was as good as the app
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3 years ago, drizxifjw
Clean, beautiful, efficient and easy to use!
Everything works very smoothly and this is such a well designed app. Intuitive user interface. Great job El al!!!
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6 years ago, NDL, NYC
Doing What it’s Supposed to Do
Though there were some blips when initially downloaded, the app is now functioning well. It does precisely what it’s supposed to without any concerns. Bravo!
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4 years ago, Rabecah
Easy to use
When I got the app, I expected initial difficulty...I had a couple glitches, but each was amazingly easy to resolve. I am all checked in for my first ever El Al flight!
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2 years ago, docash70
Easy to navigate!!
Enjoyed app. Flight information easy to find.
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1 year ago, Ktol77
Mostly useless if your VPN is on
Can’t use most features including check in if you use VPN on your phone, must turn it off, primarily because many features are simply opened from the web and their website is not accessible via VPN.. 😩
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10 months ago, gilgila
Worst application
Not accessibility friendly, not working most of the time, app freeze and having to restart the application. Load time takes forever… feels like a13 years old build this application. Took 24 hours for my reservation to show…. Wow!!! Learn from Spirit, Delta, United how I to build mobile apps.
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1 year ago, Inspector Cruzo
The app is unreliable, temperamental and useless! Not working when you need it most! Tried to check in, few pages later I get an unexplained error message! Made several attempts, same result! The website for that matter has the same issues. Surprising from an Israeli tech company!
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5 years ago, TravelingBusinessman
Really nice improvements
I loved the task list, the graphics are better and face recognition support works well. The embassy details are a nice plus. Like it a lot!
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8 months ago, Anna610London
The best flight ever
Flight LY317 from Tel Aviv to LHR... best flight ever.. El Al pilots are certainly just better! Would even marry the pilot .. so good was the flight... specially the last bit over London❤️
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5 months ago, Fr731
User friendly and fun to navigate!
Downloaded recently and high fives all around!
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6 years ago, Amnesia101
Ridiculously outdated.
Incredibly slow, constant crashes, logs out for no reason, no saved password or Touch ID option. No easy way to manage flight that doesn’t redirect to the full website. How are you planning to become a profitable airline where your technology is so outdated...
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12 months ago, Not such a frequent traveler
Just installed ELAL app
Seems easy to use and much faster than the website
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8 months ago, Glhgarzee
Awesome App
Simple and intuitive with the right amount of information .
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2 years ago, DocMonsey
So far the app is going well! Will let you know once the vacation has begun!
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5 years ago, Nikelai
Great improvements
Much improved and user friendly
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4 years ago, MosesER
Slow and partial
It’s an improvement on previous version for sure but still slow, lacking core features, throwing you back to an old fashioned webpage in many of the cases. This is lagging behind almost any other airline app I’ve used.
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5 years ago, Lior NYC
About time!
From first use it looks like a great update and useful app. Look forward to see how it works with my upcoming trip to TLV.
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5 years ago, RentonRoslin
Poor design and overcomplicates everything
UI design is poor and it takes too long to get your boarding pass. I had to recover my password and was issued a “temporary” password. On the following screen they asked me for my current password and the temporary password didn’t work. The app is broken and needs a complete redesign!
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1 year ago, Ofcrparkes
Everything Works
I found it. All I need is in the app.
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5 years ago, Davey Mourning
Always professional
Always professional. We’ve flown several times with El Al and always been pleased. Thank you ❤️
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1 year ago, ioanna1221
Amazing app!
Very great visuals, super easy to use and very informative! One of the best airline apps I’ve used as a frequent travel
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2 years ago, Eunice53
Easy app
This app was easy to navigate and use. I’m a novice so when it’s easy for me it’s easy for you.
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5 years ago, Sonny ZF
Incredible caring staff
Wanted to point out that I was flying from Tel Aviv to Newark on a 777 plane and it didn’t have internet and my son was in the hospital and wanted to get updates from my wife. Captain Roy Leshem was kind enough to go beyond the call of duty and called my wife from the cockpit and bring updates to me during the flight. Amazing amazing amazing !!! That’s why you fly El-Al We love el-al Thank you Captain Roy
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6 years ago, Lilachva83
Much much better from the previous version. Love it.
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2 months ago, benrafi321
Very easy web site
This site is very easy to negotiate. We love using it.
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3 years ago, Ben3h
Well organized. Thanks
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8 months ago, Ghffjhh
Slow app speed & unable to check in
Slow app speed & unable to check in
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2 years ago, sliu94087
Accurate information
The app for EL AL Israel airline was great, information updated on time and clear.
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