Elfster: The Secret Santa App

4.9 (235.9K)
73.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Elfster, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Elfster: The Secret Santa App

4.86 out of 5
235.9K Ratings
6 months ago, Bkelevate
Great App
I started using this app because of a company gift exchange. Then I suggested using it with my family’s Christmas exchange. And now I’ve convinced other families and friends to use it as well. The wishlists portion is great. My wife and I will look at the wishlist throughout the year for birthday’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and random gifts as well. I like that you can private message someone for more details without giving away who you are. If I had any gripe it’s that they’ve made it more difficult to add to the wishlist but I’m guessing they use referral links if you search the gift in their app. So since I didn’t pay for the app I can’t fault them for trying to push using the search in their app instead of adding custom. But I’d honestly happily pay for the app for some additional features because I like the app so much.
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7 months ago, Rczaps
Great, but a few small changes would make fantastic
Love the app finally made this year so much easier for gifts. HOWEVER, I’d love to see a family manager option for children who don’t have their own accounts. I just added a list for my son under my name. But can’t see if anyone purchased anything in his list because it’s under me. I could create a whole new account for him, but he is two and that seems a but dramatic. Or even this option for older kids (and spouses who won’t make an account) to make profiles for them without making whole accounts with a log in and password. Maybe a passcode to get into their list? But it’s under my account still? Would be great especially since there are things if other people do not buy for my 2year old id like to purchase. Baby list for baby registries has a feature you can even see on your own list if you insist on snooping, but that isn’t an obvious option to show you.
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3 years ago, The Magster💋
Wish List Worthy App
This app is a dream to wish lists! I love the functionality that it gives gift buyers to see what’s still available to purchase versus what hasn’t been purchased yet (and how that is conveniently disguised from the gift seeker). The only things I’d like to see improved are the availability of pictures for gifts that are added with a copied link and a direct link to the product for gifts added with a copied link. It either doesn’t show a picture of the product or it doesn’t appear to be an accurate picture. It also appears that you can’t just click the link to go to the website. You have to copy and paste it into a browser, which isn’t hard, but it’s inconvenient, especially when gifts you find through the app will allow you to click the link and go directly to the product. Those improvements would boost my rating to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Nerise95
It’s fantastic. Also Things that could make it better.
Great app. I love that I can organize everything. I can find people easily. But only if they also use the app. What would make this app way better is if there were a way to share my wish list with people who do not use the app. If someone asks me what I want, and they don’t have the app, it’s a hassle to get them that information especially if they want specifics. Color, size, style, ect. Also a general information section would be nice. Call it a profile. That has my favorite food, color, number, maybe my size, and favorite brands. Hobbies. And things I don’t like. That would also be cool. That way if the shopper has something that’s not on my list they could figure out if it’s something I will like.
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7 months ago, ~4*8F"&9
Great start
I like this app a lot! There’s only some things I feel are missing: * free-text bio of a decent length * place to write allergies on one’s profile, whether they be food, flowers or other * longer notes on the wishlist * ability to rank items on one’s wishlist * ability to put something on the wishlist and somehow mark it like “something like this but not this exactly” * place to write favorite colors * place to put any measurements * ability to tag things on the wishlist to group them by category * a gift ideas list that everyone except the person in question can view, so people can share their ideas and collaborate esp if they have ideas for someone who isn’t their secret Santa * ability to invite someone via phone number, as there are some extended relatives I had more difficulty finding emails for but I had their phone numbers
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3 years ago, maryroseshaheen
I love this app so much! But one problem I had this year that People couldnt mark stuff they got me on the list like when they put “mark as purchase” it shows only to them and not the other people looking at the list! I had few secret santas this year and also my family gets me stuff from my list! And because there isnt a feature of marking what get, I got duplicates. I think that if theres a feature that. If I am getting somebody a gift from their list I can mark it off that anybody looking at the list can see that this item is already purchased but it doesnt show to person getting the gifts so he is still surprised when he gets the gift and not know before hand which gift was already purchased. This would be super helpful. Please take it into consideration
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8 months ago, Ifaogdoyfitccutcitflfy
Great with room for improvement
An absolute game changer for getting gifts people actually want. Designed very well for what it does, but the app is a pretty buggy and there are a couple things that could make it better. I’m frequently logged out of the app. The app doesn’t like every website link. Sometimes if you try to add a link for a gift, it will say that it’s invalid. You can bypass this by saving it anyways and then going back to edit the details to add pictures/descriptions. Despite saying the link is invalid, it will still link to the website you’re after. I also wish that there were more options for privacy on wishlists. Unless you’re starting a gift exchange group, your only options are public or private. It would be great if you could set it to be visible to specific people only.
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3 years ago, Ash Cardenas
It’s okay
It’s suppose to be a dream, gets everything in One place does the drawing for you and keeps it a secret. Let’s you make a wishlist and you can buy things for others in your party. One thing I do not like and it became very annoying is when you are adding something to your wishlist and use the ‘copy and paste a link’ option, you cannot add a picture and if you try the ‘write in your wish’ option you cannot add a link, the second you add a link it turns it into the ‘copy and paste link’ option and removes what ever title or picture you have. So essentially you either have a picture with no link in your wishlist or a link with no picture
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2 years ago, TLHK8
Overall good, needs a little UX tweaking
Overall is app is really great because I love that is easy for us to put wishlists together for the holidays and our birthdays and share this among our family and friends. It’s just that the user experience and functionality isn’t as thought out as I have seen in other apps. For any wishlist items that haven’t been purchased they use a “you purchased this” line of copy which makes it seem like you purchased it when you didn’t so I would rethink how that gets labeled. Also, when you try to add a link to your own wishlist, the form pops up and down and it can be difficult to paste your link in the wishlist form. This whole Elfster app is a really awesome concept it just needs a little bit more user experience testing and finessing.
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6 months ago, Laynieboggs
Not User Friendly
I created an exchange. I got an email of who I had “drawn” and filled out my wishlist so I thought it worked. I even got an email that said “We’ve finished drawing names…” My mom got the invitation and I got the notification that she RSVP’d. Again, all signs pointed to it worked. My brother said the link doesn’t work. He was getting an error. He has a gmail account, nothing crazy. And he tried 2 different browsers, Google and Safari. Weird. He was traveling so we chalked it up to wifi/connection issues. The next day, my mom asks, “So when do I know who I got?” Uhmm…excuse me? So I open the Elfster app and saw the “Draw Names” button so I tapped it again. She got an email immediately and got the name of who she should buy for. Didn’t I already do that yesterday? She follows up with, “When will dad get his email?”. Uhmmm…what??? When I hit Draw Names isn’t it drawing names and sending emails to EVERYONE? So when I go back to the Elfster app it tells me that my dad is unassigned. I didn’t know what to do at this point, there were no instructions. He was on original list; he was not added later. It was at this point I had to send an email to everyone to say DISREGARD any emails from ELFSTER. We are back to Santa’s Secret Keeper instead. It doesn’t have the wishlist feature, but at least everyone gets the email with no issues and they know who they’re buying for!!!
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2 years ago, Hipappjd
Anonymous messaging
I have been using Elfster for a few years now and I enjoy how easy it is to use and how user friendly it is. However I have finally run into a dilema, I am apart of a few secret Santas all exchanges where planned through Elfster however someone mailed me my gift already and I am not sure which secret Santa mailed me my gifts. I have an idea of a few people who it might be but not sure. I like that there is anonymous messaging, however I think it would be a nice added feature to be able to click on each of my exchanges and message my secret Santas from each one all while keeping their identity anonymous. This way I can ask which exchange I am receiving my gift from. Anyways that’s my dilemma other than that love everything else about it.
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6 months ago, Chrissy’s View
I love this app
The ONLY reason I didn’t give the app five starts is because there are a few quirks that I’ve found while using it. A few of the members on my exchange had issues with creating their accounts and it not being available to complete or see details of the exchange once created. I also noticed that there was not an ability to send mass messaging to those involved. You have to send them individually under each persons profile which can be taxing. However, despite that the Elf’s in the customer service department are EXTREMELY HELPFUL and very responsive which I absolutely appreciate. I’ve talked to Dorothy and Peppermint several times to resolve my concerns. Outside of this, I absolutely L❤️VE everything about it.
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6 months ago, onlyreviewsgreatapps
I love this app so much! It is very easy to download it and sign up for it and also very easy to start the gift exchange and invite people to it. You can set when you want the name draw to be, and there are many other cool features such as requesting people to give you a gift idea if they have not put one on their wishlist yet. I also love how easy it is to put something on your wishlist! You can search up what you want or even just a keyword and many options will come up. You can click on an option that you like, and the website to buy it will appear. All in all, this app is a must have, and perfect for secret Santa gift exchanges!!
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3 years ago, Mel_la
Fails with invitees
I have used Elfster for the past four years. I absolutely loved it and would have given 5+ stars. It’s great when it comes to excluding certain people in picks and the ease to set up. What I am ultimately disappointed in is that I can’t use my exchange from last year, although maybe I can but without a help button who knows. This means I have to add all the people from last year and they have to add all their info in again! Also, my biggest gripe is that I have invited 17 people but it shows 0 INVITES. I have a few elderly people that I was allowed to accept their invitation for them and just let them know who their secret Santa was…. Not sure how to handle that this year but will not use app again unless they correct this issue. There are too many apps out there.
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2 years ago, Stephanie Tobiason
App error and crashes
Every year the app works great. Accept this year. We have 17 people who participate in Pollyanna. Literally EVERY SINGLE PERSONS app NEVER loads, crashes while on it, and constantly gives the error message of “unknown error” or a message of “ 504 Gateway Time -out

504 Gateway Time-out

Every single person is ready to switch to a different app. We are not able to add to our list, we can’t view other peoples list. We literally can not do anything because it constantly freezes and shows these errors. If it’s not fixed soon we’re leaving .
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2 years ago, hopefullydisappointed
One big issue (unless I’m dumb)
App is great, efficient, relatively easy to use. But why in the world does it notify friends from previous exchanges when I add to a wishlist when that specific wishlist’s visibility is set to an exchange that does not include that friend. You should be able to turn off the notifications that are sent due to your adding of a wishlist item. I don’t want a friend seeing what I add to a wishlist that’s specific to a family exchange. Much less getting NOTIFICATIONS for those wishes. I’m literally blowing up the phones of dozens of people that I did exchanges with in the past that I’m not exchanging with this year. And I shouldn’t have to make every single one of them disable notifications for this. It should be an option for me
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4 years ago, MNswe
Wish List glitchy if chrome is your default
Update: I figured out the issue is that the iPhone default browser must be set to safari. I had set mine to chrome, and this was causing the issue. I’ve updated my rating to reflect this. I have used elfster for years and have loved it! For some reason this year the wish list portion keeps crashing on my iPhone. It won’t allow me to open the link to view/buy. Sometimes after being idle it will say there’s a problem with my log-in, but not allow me to click to enter log-in info. Force close doesn’t help, and I have to uninstall and re-install. Please fix these new glitches! Good news is web interface works just fine.
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7 months ago, DERW19
Great when it works
I’ve been using Elfster for over 5 years and we love the ease of signing up, drawing names, and creating a list. The only issue I’ve been having is the app will sign me out randomly and I can’t sign back in via Google or my log in. I get the same error message. There is no rhyme or reason why this happens that I can identify so it seems like a system glitch. I’ve emailed tech support in the past. I usually have to re-download the app once or twice a year to correct which is a bit annoying. Other than that it’s our go to for exchange year after year.
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3 years ago, crlreese
Some issues
Sometimes the site is hard to navigate. And some issues develop from the website versus the app. Was having issues with drawl names commonly repeating the same names from the past. Also when looking at a wish list, it doesn’t seem to show on the app when the wish list was posted so you don’t know if it’s from past years or current. Sometimes it seems finicky in creating groups and joining exchanges. We had to redo it a couple times because something had a glitch. Right now somebody that I normally can see wish list for I can’t. I’m not sure what the issue is exactly but it just seems like a finicky system
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5 years ago, LADYRED427
Love Elfster...just not the app
My family has been using Elfster for Christmas for many years. We all love it. The app can use some TLC. I downloaded it for quick access but it’s not working the way the site does. I have two child accounts set up and it only gives me access to one. Also, my wishlist is showing me the items that have been purchased from it. So now I know exactly what I’m getting for Christmas. Luckily, I’m emotionally mature and my husband needs all the help he can get for holiday shopping. Otherwise, this may have ruined Christmas!! Definitely removing the app and logging in direct to site moving forward.
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3 years ago, RenKizdelk
So far so Good….and a Suggestion
This is our 1st year taking Elfster out for a spin and so far so good. Previously we used Checked Twice but had to switch because the app didn’t work as well. The one thing they included that we wish Elfster had is the ability to suggest a gift for friends for other friends to see. It could either be kept secret from the recipient as a surprise gift or left public for the recipient to see the suggestion. This is especially great when kids are part of the exchange. We hope you’ll consider it! Other than that there is definitely a learning curve for using Elfster but we are starting to get the hang of it.
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2 years ago, Matthew Wolfe 1
Very handy, wish I could tap one button to refresh the date on an item on my wish list
Very handy, wish I could tap one button to refresh the date on an item on my wish list. Every year my family uses Elster for gift exchange, and it is convenient. One thing that would make it more convenient would be for items that went unpurchased from last year, that I could tap one button to refresh the date to make it look like those items were just added. Otherwise people who are looking at my list wonder if I still want the items that were added a year ago.
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7 months ago, peach305
I love Elfster. I love how it had literally everything. The one thing that I would say though is that I hope somewhere in the near future you would make the wishlist easier to access. You have to click so much buttons to get to the wish list and I think having it easier to access would make the experience much better; but I love everything else. Like how you can get something with a certain amount of money, if your on a budget. Honestly Elfster is a wonderful app and I fully recommended it to people. Have a wonderful day!😁
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4 years ago, nene4488
Great app and website
Elfster is perfect for secret santa, especially in times on COVID when you can’t meet up to draw names from a hat. The only problem I’ve found with the app is that when I add items from another app using the share link the items says they’ve been added, but then when I open the elfster app and look at my wishlist the items aren’t there. It could just be taking a while for the list to update, but you would think after one day it would show on the list. Other that that glitch I really enjoy the app and the interface is really user friendly.
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4 months ago, Rusty Stranger
Good for Individuals, not so much for families with kids
I really enjoy this app to get gift lists out to multiple people. They do have a “family manager” option so you can create lists for your children or whomever. The only negative to this option is that you are not able to see if a gift was purchased for them. I add to the list throughout the year because we use the app for Easter basket ideas, birthdays, and Christmas. The issue comes in when you go to buy something you don’t know what has already been purchased because you can’t access the list in the “gift giving” view, only in the “add” view. Other than that I would rate this app 5 stars.
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7 months ago, sidudyshjwsidudp
i have run into every single “sorry it’s not working” page imaginable. i have tried multiple emails, multiple links, safari, the app itself, u name it and i cannot get it to work properly. once i was FINALLY able to join my group secret santa, the website is not only hard to navigate but it also takes AT LEAST 25 years to load each page if at all. my friends have also experienced similar difficulties out of no where. one second it will be working and the next it just glitches and stops working. please, i beg u to fix this because this is a cute idea for an app, however in its current state it is entirely unusable by those simply looking to do secret santa with their friends this holiday season.
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3 years ago, SnowElf_9978
Some limitations
Overall pretty good! Some minor glitches that came up: (1) I gave Elfster access to my contacts to make things easier for me to invite , but strangely Elfster could only see some contacts and not others. I double checked and they are all in my contacts, but for some reason Elfster couldn’t see half of them. (2)There doesn’t seem to be a way to add a link for the wishlist on the iPhone app as you can on a computer, so I’ll have to jump onto the computer to add those links, (3) The app froze a couple of times and had to be shut down. Other than those issues, it’s a cute and handy app!
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4 years ago, I don't z
This game is a really great game. It allows me to connect with my family and exchange gifts with each other. There is one elf leader that draws names. Everybody (including the elf leader) gets people (out of the people your doing it with) that they have to buy a gift for off of their wish list. Example: I buy a gift for someone else and they don’t know it’s me. Someone is also buying a gift for me but I don’t know who they are. At the date that the elf leader put it to to exchange gifts everyone says who they were buying gifts for and we enjoy our gifts while eating delicious food.
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1 year ago, Cycygvhv
I LOVE Elfster BUT….
Love this app- the only thing is I wish it was better at linking photos from websites when you add a wish in. It’s a pain to have to screenshot every item I add to out a photo in. So far the only website I’ve used that populated the photos on this app is Target- and occasionally other sites but they’re often blurry or off. It’s not the worst thing- definitely still worth using- use to makes lists for all my family, to get my extended family gifts, to post what my kids like, etc so super convenient and would definitely give 5 stars if it wasn’t for the photo upload issues.
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3 years ago, Bbthms56
Great site for family gift exchanges
Our family has used Elfster website for past 4 years for our family Christmas exchange. It is quite easy to navigate. It’s great to get someone what they really want and to see there joy getting the things they want. It helps to eliminate the guess work out of getting a special gift. It’s also easy to adjust to changes when some family members drop out. This site is also helpful for birthdays too, just look at what someone’s wish list for a gift they want.
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4 years ago, MLP225
Impossible to find pre-existing groups
This app had a great idea with terrible execution. The group I was trying to join gave me their exact group name exactly with capitalization, etc. I cannot locate it after many days and hours. Where is the search function? It’s either hidden or doesn’t exist. Or its search parameters are primitive. This is an unfriendly platform. It doesn’t even meet search parameters for 1990. I’d give it 2 stars if it was difficult, but possibly able to navigate. But it’s not. I’d give it 3 stars if my generation could navigate, but it might be difficult for the elderly. 4 and 5 stars don’t depend on usability - they have higher bars to meet. So this app earns less than 1 star for someone who grew up with computers in the 70’s, coded for over 25 years. * Anyone creating a list may have a different experience.
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1 year ago, ForeverThatGuy
Pretty great wish app
I love this wish app and I’ve been using it for almost 5 years. My friends and I always use it for Christmas and I also like to use it for keeping track of the things that I want. One thing I wish this app can do is to allow us to select multiple individuals for who gets to see my wish list. I know there’s a way to select multiple groups. But if we want certain individuals, we only pick one. I would like to be able to pick more than one person! Overall, a great app.
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4 years ago, Emn3260
So convenient
My friends and I have been using Elfster to do our secret Santa exchange for the past 4 years. It’s super convenient that it draws for you and you can set up rules like who shouldn’t get who (if someone has a spouse). It also has the Wish list feature where people can add to a wish list that you can see so that you don’t have to guess what they would like. You can also see other people’s wish list in case you’re wondering what someone else might like who you didn’t draw but still want to get something for. Love the convenience of Elfster!!!
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3 years ago, Lynxx__
small bugs
sometimes it’s just difficult to use the app. I’ve tried writing a simple word or item to put on my lists but it always makes me put a link. another annoying feature is that on a phone (at least on iphone xr ios 14) you can’t see the description of the wishlist if it’s too long. the description will cut off and the info can’t be seen. other than that it’s a great app and pretty useful except for the fact you have to make an account and follow someone to mark something as purchased. tldr: it’s annoying a good amount but a useful app
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7 months ago, Kings #1
I can join in the fun!
This app makes it so much easier. I can now join in and the wish lists make it nice for people to know what you want/like. There are a few things that would make it better. First off, adding generic items isn’t obvious and easily overlooked so people don’t do that. I wish they added a write in option for what event or place, not just mail or party. Also, a date range would be helpful. I’ve been in several where you have more time, not just one day or time.
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6 months ago, Purposeful212
Removes the stressful part of XMas
I’ve been using this app for about 2 years now. I absolutely love it and always recommend it. It helps with keeping your lists organized, getting the right gifts, and even helps with staying on budget. It’s extremely convenient for all parties involved. Just add gifts from wherever and if everyone follows the app you won’t end up with multiples. Also you don’t have to keep answering the “what do the kids want this year?” Question. The answer is already there.
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3 years ago, DelEagleEye
Usability and Performance Issues but great idea
The pros: - Love the idea of making wish lists and sharing - Great that I can add any wish from any source (when it works) - Visual design is delightful and friendly - Lots of functionality (although buried and hard to use) Needs some work in terms of design and performance: - Loading animation when you open the app is kinda silly. - Adding links as wishes needs help. You should be able to add a photo to any wish you make and photos should be automatically pulled as well as other metadata - Getting to and from your wishlist should be way easier - Adding wishes in general should be way easier (the grandparents will not be able to, I can already tell) - Navigation needs a lot of streamlining. It’s all over the place. - The fact that you can follow anyone without restrictions feels like a privacy issue - Privacy settings are buried and completely off as default. Please tell me no one can see my address unless I opt into sharing it…right?
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7 months ago, AliseCH
Love Elfster!!!
For the last several years, our family has been exchanging gifts using Elfster because the kids are all busy with their families and have enough expenses that way. It’s still a lot of fun having a secret Santa and and getting a gift from someone in the family but not having to buy for every single person. Of course, we still buy gifts for all the grandkids as their grandparents but this way everybody can participate even the younger teens who work and have fun exchanging as well.
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6 months ago, Jedi Pigeon
Great for organizing wishlist from multiple websites
I started using this app when a work friend started a Secret Santa, but I like how you can save items from pretty much any website so I kept using it as a running wishlist. The only thing I don’t like is that when you write in a specific wish, it almost always gets the photo wrong and you have to save and upload it yourself. It used to have a feature where you could choose which photo you wanted from all the images appearing on the page, idk why they got rid of that.
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7 months ago, lauraplainnthin
Some good features if they work
Elfster has features to make it easy to manage family exchanges and to have a central place to know what friends and family are looking like managing kids accounts, copying exchanges, and listing wishes in a list. However myself and sister-in-law are not able to see the wishlist of my daughter where my husband on the same version of iphone and in the same wi-fi network as myself can. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, asked my daughter to add us to our friends list, and perused help docs, but still am not able to see her list. Too much work to use the app.
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3 years ago, vlberr9
Disappointed w/ update
My family has been using this app for our gift exchanges for three years now and we’ve loved how easy it makes the process. I just have a minor complaint that the new update no longer allows us to add “text” when wishing for gifts. This feature made some wishes easier for general gift ideas that leave room for surprises rather than every wish being a direct link to what you want. Kind of disappointing that they took that away
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2 years ago, Alfalfabet
Good wishlist app but incomplete
This app is great for creating a wishlist of items across different websites and apps. However, the iPhone app itself lacks basic functionality. For example, the ‘plus sign’ button on the bottom right corner should allow me to add an item to my list. Intuitive, right? Instead, it opens with a shopping page with no ability to enter my own item to my wishlist. This is very frustrating especially for websites that don’t have ‘share’ function to be able to port the link to an app of your choice.
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6 months ago, Daddyrule5
Smooth operation after a bit of learning
I was not born with a smart phone in my hand or a computer on my desk. I say that to demonstrate the ease of use that the application on my I phone has. Thanks to this app i can get Santa to bring everything i always wanted i can hardly wait til Christmas morning to see all the great stuff that you are shipping to me. I have learned so so much like why didn’t i know all i had to do was put in my information and you would send me anything i wanted.
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4 years ago, Citygrl00
App is the worst now
Used this last 2 years for our gift exchanges and started to this year, but after the recent update, it is full of bugs. I can’t get past the loading screen and everyone else in our exchange can’t login or gets stuck on the loading screen as well. What’s the point of the app if it’s useless at the holidays. We’ve used Elfster for years but it’s so frustrating right now, 1/2 the group has already said there is no way we are using it again. It’s a shame that the update has so many glitches and was rolled out right before the busiest gift exchange time of the year. If my parents call me or my siblings again to let us know the app doesn’t work, I might actually cry. Come on Elfster, let’s get an update out ASAP to fix what you guys broke.
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5 years ago, MaryMaryBoBerryFeeFiFoFerry
My Go-to Christmas App
Elfster makes my favorite game of the season - Secret Santa - easy and fun for everyone involved. They’ve thought of every possible problem, and SOLVED IT. Long distance isn’t a problem, late joiners are easily accommodated, communicating with other players is anonymous, and adding great items to your wishlist couldn’t be easier. I also love that Elfster works online and in the app, with all capabilities available on both platforms. I’ve never used another secret Santa app and I never plan to - Elfster has it all and I can’t recommend it enough.
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2 years ago, Caity3
Missing crucial element
The one thing I really need this app to do, it doesn’t! Or, possibly it does and I just can’t figure out how! In addition to making my own wish list, I’d like to make gift lists comprised of ideas for others that I can share with multiple other friends, while hiding the list from its recipient. I need the friends who I share the list with to also be able to edit the list, adding additional suggestions and claiming what they’d like to purchase, all the while hiding it from the person who is the recipient of the list’s gift suggestions. I’m deleting this app for now but will re-download in the future if this feature is added.
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3 years ago, NotArat
It’s wonderful
Okay full disclosure I’m only writing this review because I accidentally tapped that I don’t like it when they asked. I felt so bad because it’s such a good app they came to write my review (that should tell you something). It makes secret Santa so easy and fun! I love that you get to make a wishlist and message your person anonymously. I can’t think of any improvements other than adding other brands for the wishlist but I’m sure that will come in due time. Overall a great app for secret Santa!
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2 months ago, efflife360
I love this app but…
I wish the homepage had suggested items based off of my wishlists or recently viewed searches. Like with Pinterest, when you save a product to a board, similar items show up on your homepage shortly after. It’s tedious to have to type in exact key phrases to find the things I want, especially if I just want to scroll or discover new things. I do like the current suggestions such as things under $25, but they rarely change and are generic. I think a “recently viewed” or “if you like (product A), you may like (product B)” features would work.
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3 months ago, Phatkhat76
Love it! Just wish it had…
I truly love Elfster. It literally takes away the “what do I get this person?” anxiety. Very convenient. However, after you create a wishlist, you can personalize it to a specific group or private. But! The private is only limited to one person. I just wish it had the option to select multiple people that maybe be outside of other gift exchanges. I also wish you could create an exchange without the draw feature. Overall, I love it and will recommend it always.
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4 years ago, Gogabbygo
Great but flawed
I’ve been using Elfster every year for a Christmas gift exchange since 2014. I like that I can create a wishlist for myself and for my son. It also is very easy to start a gift exchange. The ux has improved but the functionality hasn’t changed much. One function is actually worse now. I can view my friends wishlists just fine but when I click the link to “view/buy” an item, it doesn’t take me to the page to buy it. It just reloads the wishlist item on Elfster. Now I have to copy & paste the title of the wish list item to the other website to buy the item and hope I find the right item. VERY INCONVENIENT!
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