English to Spanish translator-

4.5 (904)
13.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shoreline Animation
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.2 or later
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User Reviews for English to Spanish translator-

4.54 out of 5
904 Ratings
6 years ago, Paramedic0038
English to Spanish translator
No joke this app has literally saved my life because all my in-laws are Hispanic and understand English but very hard for them to speak it and I’ve been with my significant other for 10 years and I’m sorry I still don’t know Spanish it is the hardest thing that I can try to comprehend and this app has literally saved my life I can easily communicate with my mother-in-law now and it is always nice because before I’d have to always have my husband or one of his brothers there to communicate with his mom and now we text back-and-forth and everything I just want to say thank you so much for having this fantastic English to Spanish app and vice a versa it also will translate Spanish to English for me when she text me back thank you thank U thank you!!!!!!!👌👌😊😊🇲🇽🇺🇸🇲🇽🇺🇸
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6 years ago, char bold
I try to speak Spanish in my home daily
I started speaking from my multiple failed attempts of learning Spanish. I was born and raised in California. For the past 26 years I have lived in Montana. I don’t know anyone who speaks Spanish. It appears my rescue dog was raised by a Spanish speaking household. I count down the time until his next feeding. That’s how it started. With this app I am able to tell my husband I love him. I talk about breakfast and the day before us. He says that maybe we can go on a Missions trip with my expanding Spanish. I love the audio feedback so I know I’m saying the words and sentences correctly. Amazing!
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3 years ago, Harmony09
I love this app!
This app is so easy to use. I’ve been using it along with my online Spanish lessons and have tried other apps too. None of the others are anywhere near as good as this or is easy to use. I love how easy it is to switch from English to Spanish or Spanish to English by just touching one button in the middle instead of having to redo the whole set up. I decided to pay the subscription fee which is very reasonable because it’s well worth it and I do think that anybody who puts together such a good app should be rewarded.
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6 years ago, mdreilly
Love this app
I know some Spanish but I want to learn more, and this app helps me learn more words snd phrases. I work with our church and Hands of mercy to build homes in Mexico for people who don’t have proper shelter, we build between 4-6 homes in one day depending on how many volunteers we have sign up to go it takes about 17 people 10 of which are strong men to build the house snd lift the heavy wall panels, anyway we get the family we build for involved as much as possible snd it’s great to be able to talk with them and communicate. Love this app thx 👍🏼😊
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5 years ago, beefwelldone
Helps fill in the blanks after 40 years!
My wife and I walked the last 80 miles of the Camino de Santiago last August. Along the way, I struck up a friendship with two couples from Seville. We have been exchanging emails and postcards for a few months now, but always in English. I want to try and show them some respect by writing in Spanish, something that I haven’t had to do since sophomore Spanish over forty years ago! This app fills in the blanks quite nicely!
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6 months ago, Keyboard GIF AWFUL
Perfect for me
I have friends who speak 100% Spanish. It helps me use correct Spanish language when communicating with them. Need it for friends, employees, retail stores, cell phone. Say uno momento, look it up, Read translation. Perfect
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6 years ago, Emoji🙂
GREAT!!! But....
I basically just got this for the sole reason of when I don’t have Google translate(aka a computer with me). So this app was great! But after the first time asking it to read the Spanish phrase it stopped working. And my sound is on and my ringer!!! So there should be no reason why the sound stopped working. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I like making Spanish songs too so I need to know how to pronounce the words. 🌯🌮💃🏻 P.S. for you dummies who can’t read, it’s a TRANSLATION app!!!! For people looking to translate stuff or to speak a phrase in Spanish. It won’t really teach Spanish unless you’re typing just one word. Then you’d need to learn some Spanish grammar, which I am TERRIBLE at... I could type “Yo amore queso” and it would probably get what I mean, but it’s technically “Amo el queso”. People, read the description, IT’S A TRANSLATION APP NOT A LEARNING APP!!!! Update: Just get iTranslate
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7 years ago, Bbshorts
GOOD App Bad review
Ok don't listen to the title, look this app is ok for "translation" but it doesn't track certain "sentences " and doesn't "teach you" if your looking on LEARNING Spanish or some other Lang' don't use this app, If your looking for a good translator app Then this is the app for you. I'm a Lang' teacher and I teach Spanish and one of my students asked to to start using this to " explain out experience throughout Spanish, this was exactly what I expected. Full through and simple. BUT I wouldn't give it to my students. What I'm trying to say this APP could be soooo much better, similar to a Quizlet less than a kahoot. There should be updates and soon I will be able to use this essential to my Spanish class. Happy translating and happy speaking
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5 years ago, ramen-queen12347
I am in school and we sometimes have to learn Spanish-I mess up sometimes-and my relatives are Spanish/Mexican and all of them talk Spanish only so I learned and had a whole conversation in Spanish without stuttering or something 10/10 would recommend!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, KW Baja Mn
Very Helpful!!
This app is fabulous! I didn’t know the App. has texting translation available too!! So I’m going to use that feature as well! It’s helping me learn Spanish which is important seeing as I go to the Baja California Sur, Cabo San Lucas on a yearly basis!! Great App. Grateful it is available! Thanks again, Kristi
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4 years ago, Gotcurv
Trouble downloading
Is anyone having problems downloading file?? It downloads just like normal, but when you click on app in opens and disappear in a second; anything would help, i love this program!! Thanks!!
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6 years ago, Certainty1
Great Communicator
lol, I can actually say, “I love this app!” I’m lol because I know the day is coming I’d have to explain no hablo espanol! I also like how designers chose not to deceive its users by displaying its FREE but after downloading later charging a fee. Tell me up front! Let me pick & choose....Gracias!
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6 years ago, Susie122706
My Compassion child
I support a child in South America through Compasssion. This app allows me to at least write a few sentences in his language without someone else having to translate my words. I’ve also used it for my Philippine child.
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2 years ago, lnchl8y
There’s a learning curve to using it but once you figure it out, this is the best translating app I’ve ever used. wish is had been around back in the 80s when I was taking Spanish!!
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12 months ago, ninetoesmacKay
This helps with my homecare aides
Although I studied Spanish back in HS and then in college, I’m very rusty. I have several aides, and so does my mom, so this is really helping me brush up or just translate if needed. Thanks! It really helps!
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2 years ago, viperhawk50
Translate sp
The app works great except we are trying to say three or more sentences it will cut off and only show one which means you have to break your speech up and a multiple multiple translation which is difficult there is plenty a room that you can talk but it will only translate a couple sentences that are very short.
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4 years ago, lostgirl44
Best app ever
This has literally saved my Spanish grade and is better than every other translation app. Plus the wait after is only a hour which rocks!
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5 years ago, anoynmous shadow
I have always had a hard time learning Spanish. Like I'm never entertained enough. once I found this app I have been getting so much better! you get to learn what you want to, it's a translator!
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6 years ago, Brian7795
Great tool!
I find this app to be a valuable tool for communicating a specific thought in Spanish. It is not a substitute for a broad learn to speak the Spanish language program but could certainly augment such a program
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5 years ago, Cvitaliano
Best App ever
I love this app. I speak Spanish. However, there are some words I have difficulty with, I can always count on this app bailing me out of a situation. It is accurate and efficient. It is excellent for writing college papers in Spanish.
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6 years ago, Lawrence Tuik
Amazing app
My subcontractor speaks very little English. This app helps me to communicate with him better. I never thought this would be possible, and it helps me to learn Spanish faster.
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6 years ago, emoji liver
They tricked me!😠
I had originally given them five stars ⭐️ but I’m withdrawing that! Turns out if you want more than 15 translations per hour you have to pay for promo version...which really I guess isn’t that big of a deal except that I thought that this app was made to help people but I was wrong apparently this app was made to get more money...I hope they decide to fix this because it was a really good app😔
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2 years ago, the big dog of bailey circle
Very useful app - I love it - use it all the time!
Easy to use app - don’t need to say more. It is a lifesaver-period. Alleviates the fear and embarrassment of struggling with another language.
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6 years ago, gracie🤤🤟🏾💜❤️😻😈👅boo
Itz great
I love it im Learning great Spanish I really like it I’m literally thinking it beats every single translator app in the App Store it’s the best you can with Spanish super easy I love it Thank you Spanish translator light you’re the best
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6 years ago, Mcravn
Great for my use
Was in a Nail Salon and had to translate for a young lady, and it was perfect. I could type and it would translate what I type and I let her read it- victory! She was very appreciate
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6 years ago, SLM731
The best I found
You can flip back and forth between languages with one click. There is a button to hear the pronunciation. It’s awesome.
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6 years ago, 1ricky13
English to to Spanish
This app is really helpful and easy! I recommend this for everyone who’s interested in learning Spanish.
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2 years ago, @agutsme
Quick and easy
Great app for me to use when I have to speak Spanish fast
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7 years ago, INSIKE
English to Spanish translator
This is a really cool app, although occasionally you may not actually hear the translation, the written translator works fine. I love it!!
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6 years ago, katlvr99
Best translator app
I love this app. It's so easy to use. You can translate Englis to Spanish or just hit the swap button in the middle and you can translate Spanish to English. Love, love this app
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3 years ago, Daiz1973
Pro purchase
I chose the pro option in the English to Spanish translator lite app for $1.99 for 6 months but am only allowed 15 translations. When I pressed PRO it said it was unlimited. If I want unlimited I have to press pro again and seems like they would charge me again. Any suggestions?
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4 years ago, Super.Meerio
Use to work
This app use to work fine (although I never figured out how to make the one time payment to remove the ads ) now it just crashes when I try to open it. Tried deleting it and redownloaded it and it still crashes upon trying to open it . It’s useless !
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6 years ago, Larry D H
Great Ap!
I live it. This app is easy to use and has been excellent for me to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak English.
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6 years ago, ktemplew
I always loved Spanish but only English speakers are around I haven’t practiced for many years this app is great and accurate
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7 years ago, damsocali
Good For the Novice and Beginer
Has worked for my needs - free responses to a limit, but casual users should have no problems with going over the allotment per day. Glad I found it!
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5 years ago, AdamW1961
This app is outstanding. Helping me learn Spanish at my own pace. And talk to the person I’m interested in.
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6 years ago, jsyong
Great English to Spanish translator
For everyday conversational English to Spanish It does the job quickly. I find it to be very helpful. Great App!!
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5 years ago, Alex from Mexico.
Very useful
For a non-speaking native is a big asset I use it almost everyday I recommended to my friends.
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6 years ago, DJLBOSTON
Very simple and very good
Simple and easy to use. Easy to flip language of input. Well done.
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6 years ago, Catpappy
What a great app
I’ve used google translator for years this is so much easier
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1 year ago, foxysenior
Great app
Exactly what I needed to help build my confidence while learning Spanish!
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6 years ago, gggypsy
Good app for occasional needs
I’ll take the dual lingo course and it often does not tell you what word it is that they’re using you’ve never seen it before so this is very helpful
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7 years ago, Housey Mousey
Basic text
This app is great for basic text back and forth! Love it
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6 years ago, Ranchymom
Whatta tool!!!
Great app that is super easy to navigate. 1st translator app I’ve used & no reason to look for a different one!
Show more
2 years ago, jordanolivermassagetherapy
User friendly!
My kids and I love hopping on to learn a new sentence or phrase!
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5 years ago, louielouie2000
I tried other apps, but this one is by far the best.
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6 years ago, Hdiemfycjeocnruvjf
English Spanish translator
So love this app. Having a blast talking to the maids and all the service people.
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5 years ago, S .Cosby
S. Cosby
I feel great that I can speak with confident. This app gives you that confindent.👏
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6 years ago, jilletto
Wonderful ap! Easy to use!
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6 years ago, CORDER007
Good app
Very helpful until you get your daily free limit...then back to Google anyway
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