Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Enterprise Rent-A-Car

4.89 out of 5
481.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Dottie A1
Lost and found
I rented a car for travel and left my $50 dress coat hanging over the seat. As I sat in the airline,I realize that I was missing my jacket.I called back immediately with my rental number and was given the runaround of what department I needed to talk to. Once I spoke with a representative he informed me that they would check the car for my coat. To my surprise my coat did not make it to the lost and found. I was not offered a discount, a refund, nor was I informed that they checked the camera of where my car would’ve been setting to see that my coat should have been removed by their representative which would’ve been proof that my coat was in the car. If my coat was not removed from the car, that meant they did not clean it well and the next people drove off with my coat. I was so disappointed with the process of lost and found! Unfortunately there was not something in place to figure out where my coat was at right away. I mean really, how many people would called back about the same thing about four times speaking to multiple people if they really did not lose a nice jacket !
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5 years ago, publix for life
Choosing your class
When choosing your class it is very deceiving. You have a big picture and disruption of the vehicle only to find out this is just an example of the class. When you look at class decryption it is no easily understood what the differences are. If I click the VW Jetta I kinda expect to get a Jetta (unless previous driver was late, or an unexpected thing happened) you need to be more clear on what the differences are in the classes and you need to make it more clear that it is a class you are choosing not a specific vehicle... also the “economy” class was more expensive... not sure how that works. FYI. If I could chose a specific vehicle I would pay much more.... say 20-30$ more to know exactly what I’m getting and to have the comfort of a familiar car or to know I’m getting a car I have been wanting to test drive... I’m not wanting to pick a vehicle only to find out what I clicked on (VW Jetta) was actually a Nissan... May be in the same “class”, but it is not the same. Yall are great. Your people in Athens al are great but I did not like it when that Nissan pulled up and that was the car I was given.
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1 year ago, Qwimby19
Previous rental
The vehicle I was given smelled like smoke. Floor on driver side close to gas and brake pedal had a big hole in the carpet/rug. The lever to adjust seat height was broken, it just dangled in place. There were crumbs or paper debris on the console and where the gear shift is. The guy cleaning up tried to get me the car asap but it could of been cleaner inside except the smell! Made the appointment for 9 and left by 10. There were only 2 gentleman assisting customers and they clearly needed 2 more to help with the line and I overheard them say they don’t have enough cars. I’m thinking the location or they just don’t have the number of employees needed. I do a lot better at the West Orange location but this one in EO I can walk to in 10mins. Wish Enterprise could get awesome employees at this spot. They stay busy and I make sure never to be in a rush and always make a reservation. My Go To has always been Enterprise even on vacation in PR. Bought my second and third vehicle from your location in Clifton when they were open. Still have the 2012 Dodge Caravan.
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9 months ago, Carmella Chanel
Beyond irritating.
For literal weeks I have been on the phone for hours a day with customer service or waiting on emails because I cannot login to the app no matter what is recommended I do or how many times I try changing my password (but can’t even get past the submit button) or when the Support Team, who are able to change my password successfully, but when I go in to login with the new information, it still says unsuccessful. I can login on the website, but that does not help when you’re trying to redeem your points for a free rental because you have to do it on the app. For some reason Customer Service won’t make the reservation to use your points either. With my situation right now, it would be an incredible blessing to be able to utilize the points I have earned to redeem the free rental. Just like it would’ve helped the couple weeks ago I was trying to get it. I never had any issues before when I was paying out of pocket for the rentals, but as soon as I want and actually need a rental and tried to redeem with my points now the app doesn’t want to work and I keep having to do the same things over and over and over again and continue to have the same result of it not working because it keeps saying unsuccessful login.
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4 years ago, D2THeJ1
Outstanding customer service
I can not say enough about the outstanding customer service that has been provided by Enterprise Car rental. From their Chapman Rd location to their Fort Oglethorpe location. Service has been Superior! Wet have been using Enterprise since December 2019 on a monthly basis. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Enterprise never missed a beat!! We will stick by Enterprise just as they have stuck by us. Accommodating our personal needs even through our economic downturn. If there was something they could do; within reason of course it was as if we never had to ask- they just took care of it. I never say I love a service provider, but to everyone who we have worked with at both locations- you have no idea how much we appreciate and absolutely LOVE the way you treat your customers! You guys ROCK OUT everyday in my book!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a truly outstanding company, but most of all, thank you for being. . . Well. You!!
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4 years ago, Johnellelovesmusic
I was on hold for 16 mins before anyone picked up. I then spoke to rep about picking up my car to tow and bringing me another one. Tow company called me right after hanging up with rep and said he was coming to pick up car, but didn’t have one to bring to me which was a waste of my time and the Tow guys time. I’ve now been on hold again for 13 mins waiting for another rep to pick up. This is absolutely horrible service. To top it off the rental I was given had a bad tire and the the tire pressure light kept coming on. I took it to one location and he over filled tire to 40. I took it to a second location and they told me the pressure light comes on sometimes due to weather which didn’t sound right, but I went along with it since she is supposed to be the Enterprise expert. This has been a terrible experience. I am now at 20 mins on hold without anyone anyone answering. This is absolutely horrific.. Now I’m back on hold for additional 40 mins and still counting and for some reason I don’t think my rental is being sent to my location like the associate told me 3 hours ago.. I’m calling to follow up, but I’m still on hold.. The service is so bad that it seems as though you’re going out of business..
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2 years ago, Weejes Tunes
Westerly RI location
Good evening and happy Thanksgiving. I wanted to make sure I sent a note to corporate to recognize Michela at the Westerly Rhode Island location. I rent cars from you almost weekly and she has been phenomenal going out of her way to meet my demands to make sure I get out the door as quick as possible with my busy schedule.. I don’t always see the customer service texts on time to give Michela her review she’s a five star employee and a true asset to enterprise. If you can, please let her know I reached out as I miss some of your customer service texts in the past. Do you even universe giving I want to make sure I sent a note to Corbett to recognize my location I rent cars from you almost almost weekly and she has been phenomenal going out of your way to meet my demands to make sure I get out the door as quick as possible with my busy schedule. I’m assuming you know she’s a true asset, but wanted it to be in writing. Regards Mike Thomson
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5 years ago, ManiStayFlii
The company that picks you up?
Why can’t you request pickup when you’re making your reservation on the app or online?! If I make a reservation on the phone I can request a pickup, but even then I’m usually reserving a vehicle not available so they usually call me to refer to another location and not because they’ll be late to pick me up. So I’m still having to call to wait on a pick up or search for an available rental. Since you can make reservations still when they have no vehicles available apparently. Every time I have to call before my reservation and try to get in touch with someone at the office to get put on the pick up list. And most of the time I don’t get picked up until after my reservation time, which is a bit irritating. I rent from enterprise all the time and always need to be picked up. It’s inconvenient and annoying that I have to go out of my way to contact a human person that can help me set up, being picked up.
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4 years ago, Mikeyknows518
ERAC great! ... App? Mixed bag.
I have always had a good experience renting from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Sometime I could say it was an excellent experience. I’ve occasionally rented elsewhere, but usually regret it; either the car isn’t maintained well or the service is wanting. With Enterprise I know I’ll get what I asked for, or sometimes something better. If there is a problem, they are quick to find a solution. ... which is why I’m confused by the app. I wanted to extend my current rental, but the app says I need to contact the local branch where I rented from. When I click “call” it dials the toll free number where my option choice of “extend current rental” gives me the same pointless instruction to “call the location where I rented from.” I had to look elsewhere for the number, the app had it, and click on it. If the app knows where I rented from and has the number, why didn’t it offer that to me when I clicked the option to extend my rental? Small glitch, but one that would have saved me 5 minutes wasted on the toll free line.
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5 years ago, Wildwood Fran
Enterprise in West Seneca NY
The gentleman that work at this enterprise, Phil, Christian and Nick are the greatest employees at enterprise. They are always courteous and always go above and beyond to accommodate my needs. With every reservation (and I use enterprise twice a week) I never have to call them to schedule a pick up. They have the two gentleman Bob and John that maintain the vehicles as far as cleaning them, arriving at my house 15 minutes prior to my reservation time to give me a lift to their office to pick up my reserved car (which I would like to add that they are also great employees that work there.) I’ve been using enterprise for well over 4 years now and this is by far the best enterprise that I have used. They are always 100% on their game and it’s a pleasure to have each and every one of them take care of my needs. I hope this review makes its way to the corporate office, and if it does- you guys have a great team on Orchard Park Rd in West Seneca NY!
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2 years ago, Simonvikih
Terrible App
This app is not working for me at a time when we are planning a 2-week vacation to another city. Every time I try to log in, it gives me this error “invalid locale,” and when I retry, it gives me another error. This time it says,” sorry, we are having some network trouble.” It keeps giving me this error, and I'm not able login on to my iPhone 13 Pro Max and book my car for this vacation. This has been going on for God knows how long now, and it has been very frustrating, to say the least. I am shocked at the incompetence of the developers of such a big company in fixing a bug like this. How come other smaller car rentals such as Budget will have excellent working apps, and a big company like Enterprise can not? It will be a shame if your developers can fix this for another week.
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3 years ago, RoadWarrior57
Enterprise is the Greatest
I’ve had a relationship with them for a long while , and I’ve used their services in a few states . They have been wonderful to me. They are pleasant , and accommodating ,they’re always seeking to make sure I’m satisfied . The vehicles are clean and sanitize and just to make sure I’m safe , most times there’s a sanitation wipe in the car, so if I have any doubt about the effort to keep me safe , I can touch it up myself before driving off. The rates are great and they keep up with my upgrade and opportunities to get better deals all the time. Every time I see or hear of car rental ,I look for Enterprise , it’s the best Rental service out there . Just want to say Thank you to a great group of people over on Atlantic and Bowlan , Eric , Keenan and all the other wonderful people at the Branch .
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4 years ago, audiophile14
Currency exchange rates can really screw you over!
Generally, I really like this app. It’s straightforward and easy to use, and you can quickly make reservations, alter existing ones, etc. But I noticed when I used the website on my laptop that several prices I received for different price quotes of my upcoming trip seemed far less than what I was given on the mobile application. So I made a reservation on my phone using the app, and I was quoted $557 for a two week rental in an economy car. When I went to the website and made the *exact reservation*, I was able to get a standard car for $470! I live overseas and can’t get the app to change my currency from the British pound sterling (also, I live in Ghana so the GBP is irrelevant anyway) to US dollars, so perhaps something got messed up in the exchange rate conversion to USD. But a difference of nearly $100 is ridiculous! There has to be an error. I’m glad I went to the website to straighten things out. So two big issues for me: changing my preferred currency on the app is seemingly impossible (even when using a VPN connected to a US server - AND the desktop website has my profile currency as a USD, but not the app!) and the rates vary between the website and the app. Not a fan.
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3 years ago, 11171944GS
5 Starzzz SouthHolland Team
South Holland is one of my recent fave Rental locations. I’ve been renting from Enterprise fir about 10-12 years now with Hmmnd In being my first love for the very same reasons #Lexxy gives great customer service then onto Indianapolis Blvd#Teddy is a fave there now South Holland is a more recent fave for a year now #Chris (Mngr) whom I heard has gotta Promo CONGRSTS!!! My fry#Mike & the two ladies were awesome as well. I just recently met #Malik at the #SouthHolland Location whom fell right in line with the others there. Giving myself & my brother Excellent customer service as the others U GUYS ROCKS!!!! I rent quite often From Enterprise while I just recently relocated however, whenever I’m in town visiting my children & family I look forward to their great hospitality & warm hearted customer Service 👍🏻🥰
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1 year ago, Zooberry
Phone Agents Do Not Communicate w/ Onsite Office
I called several times attempting to notify the SLO airport office that our flight was delayed by 2 hours and asked for an extra 2 hours. Phone agent was polite and assured us that we would be an extra 3 hour FREE grace period. When we checked in the car we stupidly agreed to get the receipt emailed to us instead of immediately checking it for accuracy. The next day I realized I was charged for an entire extra day, even though we only kept the car 1.5 hours. The phone agent assured me there would be no additional charge - not even an hourly one, but the guy charged us an extra $55. I emailed the bill to customer service last week and no one has responded to me. This is the first disappointment I have ever received with Enterprise, that’s why I didn’t give a lower rating. I hope they rectify this issue.
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3 months ago, GMcleanII
I had a miserable experience with the enterprise in Sanford / Orlando airport they literally tried to say I put a dent in the car I had gotten insurance through them and always have in case something like this happened!! It was barely visible and I was in a town home the spots were so small I know someone hit me while pulling in or out of the space beside me on the passenger side and they tried to say it was my fault anyway and that he was going to get ahold of his supervisors to note the damage and this guy was just a complete punk kid I told him “I’ve been driving longer than you have been alive” and I’m 100% covered my fault or not when I get insurance through enterprise but the customer service was horrible I was so upset I left a $300 pair of sunglasses in the pop down holder and my wife left her rosary (which was given to her by her great grandmother and can not ever be replaced!) I have never had issues with any other establishment but ORL/SANFORD AIRPORT IS THE WORST!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Funky Ladles
I NEVER rent from any other than Enterprise.
I travel several times a year. When I do so, it is generally a destination where I seek to take advantage of an exotic car rental. My contention is that if you are wanting to ride in style, look no further than Enterprise. My rentals have been different Mercedes models, a Porsche and several Corvettes. Be certain to have your private insurance to be top tier with a small deductible. Also, a major credit card that will absorb several thousand immediately. Generally, 2k is a “hold”. Returned to your card when vehicle is brought back in the condition of which it left. Super friendly and extremely helpful from West Palm Beach, to Miami Beach, to San Diego. I can always count on them to help make my trips memorable. Enterprise has never done me wrong, and I am dedicated to their brand..for life as a result.
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5 years ago, camillacaye
Customer service
I am writing not to make a review on the app really but I want to make a review on the customer service in the locations I use. I have rented over 10 cars this year from you and I have tried to gain information by calling the sales person at the locations . All they do is direct me to online or the app. I really needed help in trying to figure out and upgrade and redeem my points and it was dis heartening to try and give business to a company and be practically turned away because no one can help me only the app or online can . I’m in retail and I’m not sure how many clients we would get back if we asked them to refer to our website or Instagram page . Just making a comment ! Again - I only need help with an upgrade and to redeem my points Thank you
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3 years ago, lil General .
Satisfaction guaranteed !!
I’ve always rented vehicles from many different vendors however for the last five years I’ve chosen to use enterprise for the fact that they have qualified representative and they make you feel at home . Most recently on the 2nd September I rented a compact suv to take my family to NC and had issue with the vehicles tire keep loosing air made a few calls to support but was disappointed with the out come. When I returned the vehicle I then began to communicate with the office where I got the rental from and spoke with the manager Mauricio Ortiz who was very helpful and when above and beyond my expectations to resolve my displeasure with the tire issues. My hat’s of to a company that wishes to make it right . To all involved thank you ..
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1 month ago, musicgenres
Doesn’t work
The app is a mess, these must be a bunch of fake reviews. The reservation doesn’t load and like someone else mentioned it can delete your reservation without you doing anything . The reservation still exists but it’s just the app. You have to reinstall. More of a pain than just doing the traditional way. Oh, and I had to download the app because the website portal for my connected partner discount wasn’t working and would not go through when I pressed submit, had an error screen that didnt make sense. I tried calling but the customer service wasn’t helpful at all- and offered to reserve for me but then quoted me 30% more $$$ than what the website originally said (which didn’t work either so that’s when I had to download the app since the login I created didn’t work on the site) . I’m looking for UX Design work! if Enterprise needs an actual functioning design system across all products, I can do that and help fix this mess.
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2 years ago, Philo348
Left high and dry without a vehicle
I’m very unhappy with enterprise. Our flight was canceled on two separate occasions and our third flight had us landing in Philadelphia rather than Allentown (about an hour away). I tried to rent a car for the Philadelphia airport to get us back to our car an hour way at the other air port and turns out they don’t have a single car that can be returned at a different location. Ive never heard of a rental car company that doesn’t let you return a car an hour away in the same state. Keep in mind they have plenty of cars for rent but they just can’t go anywhere outside the area. This was the first time I tried to use enterprise after the pandemic and it’s clear the company is a shell of its former self. The app did not clearly indicate that rentals were only one way and we could have made arrangements if things were organized well and the company was managed appropriately. Stay far away from this unreliable company.
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4 years ago, Edward Sealy
Enterprise App appraisal is great!
Since I started using the Enterprise Rental Car app in Dublin Georgia a couple years ago having to travel out of town sometimes twice a month to traveling to Montgomery Alabama to take care of my 93 year old mother with dementia and using Enterprise of Montgomery, I have always gotten professional treatment from the employees and for the most part they have always been very helpful to me in many ways. Also having the benefits that having the app provides has been a great help to save money as well as making me feel that no matter the reason for having to rent a car, I’m covered by the best car rental company available in the nation. Thank you so much Enterprise for the treatment learned to trust and enjoy. Sincerely Edward Sealy Jr.
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3 months ago, Misty7789
Great place for a rental
Everytime we make a reservation all people who has helped us have been very nice,Kind,Respectful and helpful the App is so Easy to make or edit reservations makes a big difference plus the prices are reasonable I would recommend them to anyone, the only down fall I seen is that if you have debit card you can’t rent a SUV you have to have a credit card which doesn’t make any since to me when you could have much more on a bank debit card then a credit Card that is one thing I definitely would ask to be changed because if you get your money then I don’t see how it matters how they receive it.
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4 years ago, Cmulligan57
Used to be 5 star
I love this office so smooth every time and has great prices so I’m willing to rent Tesla or more exotic cars sadly my last rental had a hiccup and miscommunication due to cell number mixups and lost communication during the rental my debit card canceled due to possible fraud from the rental even though it was me renting the car with my account then enterprise showed up at my house stating they tried to contact me which I believe them but then they stated they were about to put a police report on me for not bringing the car back. Everytime I have rented with them I always end up keeping cars longer if they are fun to drive and I’ve always paid in full day I do bring it in also fully washed inside and out full tank. But this one time my bank closed on me without my knowledge enterprise tried to bully me and now I haven’t paid my bill I want to cause I need to rent a car but feel they won’t let me now due to this incident
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6 years ago, Shehade1
Shehde Abumayyaleh
I had bad experience with Enterprise specially in Düsseldorf airport. First time I rented a car they changed it twice, they gave me KIA first then they change it to ford then the ford needed maintenance then they change it to other ford, and I made it clear to them that I’m not going to take KIA again.. Second time I had very good experience with the people in Frankfurt airport, no problem with the car at all and I explained what happened with me to the manager, she said that they are sorry and she gave me free upgrade for the next time.. Then in Düsseldorf airport again, they gave me KIA and the employee was very rude, when I told him about the upgrade and showed he that the manager wrote it on his business card he said go back to the manager and let him give you this upgrade, then he said sorry we don’t have cars, then I found out that they have a lot of cars, they said it’s all taken, so I had to take the KIA and change it after a few days..
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2 years ago, Asdfrockslil!!
My #1 Location for vehicle rentals
This Plano location (near CarMax, Plano Pkwy.) is the Best location I have dealt with. I have been a customer for about 5 years and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else! The staff is amazing and professional, especially Nik G. and Jessica C.! They know and remember me, and they always make me feel welcome and they take good care of me. It’s always a pleasure to do business with them and I always look forward to seeing them! I use them a lot with my travels, road trips, etc. Vehicles are always delivered to me clean, and in perfect condition. The entire team there works well together to deliver a service that goes above and beyond. Happy Trails y’all!
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4 years ago, Mikeyshayne72
Best Place to rent a car
I like to rent different cars when I travel to experience something new. The team at enterprise Jason Blvd is always so helpful and they have even made recommendations on cars I might like. I have rented everything from luxury to economy. They have been clean, well maintained and fun to drive cars. Try the BMW convertible or the mustang convertible for fun!!!! When I travel with my family they always make sure I choose a car with enough room. I believe this is a location where they train management but if I am wrong it should be. Best customer service ever and the ap makes it so easy to choose what you want , make your reservation and you are out the door in no time.
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6 years ago, bjones03060
Car broke down
Enterprise left me stranded when the car I rented broke down. They sent a tow truck to pick up the car but the operator refused to replace my rental, saying the location (just 20 minutes away) was closing in 2 hours. So I was left stranded with no car. It took another day and a call to their 1-800 number to get the rental agreement canceled. I was promised a few days free rental for my troubles but that never materialized either. A regional manager was supposed to call me but never did. I got no apology for anything. I had rented over 100 days in the last year. But I will go to another company now. I have one rental left when I return from my trip then I’m done. I’m beyond angry at this point!
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5 years ago, RakDah
Highly professional rental car service
I have used many rental car companies across US, but I have finally settled with Enterprise. They have a very precise and professional approach towards the service. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. Their pricing is transparent aided with online app making the whole experience hassle free. The check-in and check-out is super quick. I have found their vehicle clean and good condition. Enterprise usually give you multiple options in a given category. I am used to their Luxury segment and I have many good cars / SUVs to choose from. I would recommend Enterprise to one and all. Thanks Enterprise for making my travels safe and memorable.
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3 years ago, 4597285😡😡😡
Charged an extra $300 for changing a time 5 minutes after receiving confirmation email
I have been trying to get in contact with ANYONE for the last 1.5 hours. I understand that it is “after hours,” but for a company that charges by time.... it’s astonishing that you don’t have a 24/7 customer service line. 5 minutes after receiving my confirmation email, I went to go change the time (from noon to 6 PM). The price then jumped by $300. A Facebook “representative” told me that you get charged extra for reserving a pick up time closer to the actual pick up date. I’m not sure how 5 minutes warrants $300 extra dollars... or even 6 hours. That’s nearly 1/3 of the price we were already going to pay. Regardless of the reason, this is completely unacceptable. I am absolutely disgusted and will be sure to share this experience with everyone I know.
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5 years ago, Rad dude 2
Best customer service by far!
After trying all the others for years, my wife and I only use Enterprise—why? They’ve just been super helpful, courteous, kind and incredibly reasonable. Their people are nice, smart and capable. And they don’t beat you up over stupid stuff. For example, we had to return our rental car to a different location than we picked it up from because of a snow storm and other issues. Normally you have to pay a huge fee for that but they kindly and easily waived it for us! Didn’t hassle us at all and even smiled when asked about it. They have the BEST customer service of almost any place I have ever dealt with.
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5 years ago, CriseldaApril15
Fix Your App
It’s been more than two weeks now and you have not fixed this issue: When I logged in to my Enterprise Plus account and try to access/open my future rental reservations - I could not do so. It’s always telling me, “We’re sorry but it looks like either our services are temporarily offline or you are not connected to the internet. Please check your connection or try again later.” The word “temporary” is a misnomer here because it has been two weeks ago since this message first popped up! If I needed to modify or cancel my existing reservation I had to go to your website. So tell me what’s the use of the app?
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1 year ago, Paulie The Goat
Customer service
I would like to start by saying all the staffers are a one are very courteous, professional, and concerning to customers Way to go Enterprise. There is one professional customer service representative by the name of Lacy. Lacy literally have literally seen me walk in before I even see her and say hi I will help you over here. Also because I have come in from a Trip are have family members come in to Denver and rent a vehicle. It makes it simple quick and easy to get in and out because everything is already set up so again 10 stars for Lacy and other representatives Way to go, Enterprise.
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2 years ago, mystic7456
Easy peasy
My first time as a Grey panther using the Enterprise App. Very easy to maneuver to get the class of car and good date and time. All the details were in the vehicle selection. I was made aware that I would pay for miles driven if I took out the cargo van. IDK this factlet. I chose not to use my Enterprise plus points but was given the option during my future rental. I did ask office manager for some help in vehicle sizes standard vs intermediate. He was easy to talk to and I returned to Enterprise App and was successful in booking my reservation at the Alhambra site. Thank you Alhambra . Jeremy, Shawn , And Ethan for picking me up last rental!
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4 years ago, CrazyK727
Great Experience
Enterprise provides a great experience during checkout and check in. Friendly, extremely quick, perfect. Only one bad experience with a checkin, out of like 50. The only reason the app doesn’t get 5 stars is although the app is quick and easy to use, it does not reflect the proper inventory for their franchise locations. When I have booked vehicles through the app even through it lets me book that vehicle type when I get to the location that vehicle type is unavailable. If the app just showed the up-to-date inventory I may have selected a different location to get the vehicle type I wanted. Other than that 1 item, Enterprise has been a great 5 star experience.
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2 weeks ago, bosscake01
Taking advantage of veterans and families
I have never had an issue in all the years that I’ve used Enterprise until having to use them going through USAA after a pretty bad accident they have treated me so terribly and made this whole experience 100 times worse. I have been reaching out to enterprise on numerous occasions over the past month, trying to get in contact with an area supervisor and have made at least seven reports on being cussed at, hung up on, and multiple reservations canceled for days in a row continuously. Enterprise has always been wonderful all the years that I’ve used it up until this last time I will be making a complaint with my insurance company and might even be sharing my experience on TikTok would most people hear about my experience are absolutely horrified
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5 years ago, GoNoles94
No one answers the phone
I’ve tried calling the Southeast Shreveport store on several different occasions. I think I’ve only gotten through one time. It’s frustrating because when you need to extend a day rental, call for pickup to the store or confirm the right vehicle is ready you can’t get through. Worse, many times after waiting for 15 minutes on hold you get the fax line tone. When you call the national number they tell you have to call the actual store number. I value other aspects of Enterprise car rental, but I hope they can improve on their customer service via phones in the future.
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3 weeks ago, Erica Gonsalves
Experience with Enterprise
I’ve been a customer with Enterprise for a couple of years and they’re the best place to get rentals. I usually go to the one in Pawtucket cause it’s the closets to my house and the customer service in that office is phenomenal. My favorite employee there is Ryan he’s the absolute best he always greets you as you walk in whenever he’s there and he just makes the rental experience the best anyone could ask for. Always kind and curteous, polite and always positive he’s helped me in many ways than some. I would definitely refer anyone to this location they’re the best
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5 years ago, skippermeow
I traveled in my job for years, my first and most often choice was always enterprise car rentals. In addition, when I purchased a near new pickup truck last year, I went to enterprise after finding a brand new pickup wasn’t such a great deal for my purposes. I purchased a enterprise used truck, saved nearly 15,000 over the best deal I found from dealers. I love my current year truck, my biggest drawback is my wife prefers the truck over our other car, she formerly drove. I think her next car will be a truck! Thanks to the hundreds of employees at enterprise I’ve dealt with for always being so nice.
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10 months ago, Avery Barrera
App is great, but…
The Enterprise app itself works very well. I use it often to book reservations and appreciate that it is quick, easy, and functions without issue. However, what I do not appreciate is the Enterprise reservation system that doesn’t tell you when cars are not available, but still allows you to book a reservation. This has happened to me a couple of times before and it is incredibly frustrating. I now call ahead of each pickup to ensure my reservation still holds true and there is a car available for me. Enterprise, please fix this so people can book without worry.
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4 years ago, Stefanie218
Unsatisfied Customer
I have rented 3 times from Enterprise in the past 3 months. My 4th time up at the office, they tell me I can’t rent because I can’t prove my address is mine. The same address that they pick me up and drop me off at. The same address that was on a stack of mail (some of which was from the government itself) with my name on it. The same address that’s on my insurance and my license. I was able to rent 3 times before, and suddenly my address won’t verify??!?! My family will now be missing valuable time with my father in law, who was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer this year, because I don’t have a way to get to him without this rental. I reached out to Enterprise Corporate the day of the issue, and have received no response- it has been 4 days now. Thanks, Enterprise for choosing the worst possible time to be rude and decide I’m not worthy of a rental.
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5 years ago, JVFitPro
Love the Newly Updated App features!!!
Thank You for really thinking about how you can make our rental process so simple to complete. I love how you already know my preferred pick up and drop off location. Setting the date and times is so easy to do now. It used to be so hard to redeem your points before and now it’s a quick click and you update our final price and show us the instant savings from using points. I can go on and on. Thanks Again! It had been about a year since I rented and I am happy with the amazing improvements you have made. Looking forward to more rentals with y’all 💪🏽
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3 years ago, Diane123456
Ozark Missouri
This rental store is hands down the best I have ever used in all my years of traveling! The staff is amazing! They are attentive, kind and go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect! I have absolute trust and loyalty in them! I had a bad bad experience with the Clovis, NM branch once trying to scam me with a beat up car and thought I would never rent again! I have rented many many times in Ozark and am always treated like a trusted old friend! This is the only place I will get my cars which save miles traveling on my own new vehicles! Ozark and Springfield branches you rock!!!!
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6 years ago, Jules2324
Love It!
Enterprise always makes renting a car so easy. All those super cheap budget rental companies have left me frazzled after every rental experience. I’ve always regretted it. Since using Enterprise, I never want to go to another rental company again! I love how they pick me up from my house for free, and always in the vehicle I’ll be renting, so I get a preview of what to expect. The process is the easiest and fastest ever- and the price is always what they said it would be. Never a hidden charge. The app fulfills every possible need, and makes it so easy and simple, a great-grandma could figure it out! Great job, guys!
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5 years ago, I hate Leafy now!!!!
Yukon Reservations
I am sick and tired of your screwed up app. And making and having reservations CONDIRMED on the pp only to have them close me the next stab and say no car re bailable. The availability of cars to rent at this location is abysmal. They have a horrible record. You set up a reservation on the app only to have them inevitably call you the next day to say they have no cars to rent. This happens with such high frequency that there is a problem. In my experience, it doesn’t happen at other locations. Just here in Yukon. Why no cars to rent??? This happens way too often. This is a problem of long standing and because it’s a problem of long standing one must wonder why hasn’t corrective action taken place. Why don’t they get in other cars to rent like other locations. This is a car rental place that chronically has no cars to rent.
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2 years ago, Murph-travels
Enterprise App
I travel a lot. Very convenient app. App is lacking in the billing/past invoices abilities. Usually have to call to get a copy for expense reports. Needs improvements but overall ok. Sorry guys. I have to retract the statement above. I went this evening to pick up the confirmed reservation made earlier. But to my dismay there was no vehicle available for the reservation. I left that pickup location & called 800 service number. They rebooked reservation @ new enterprise location. When I got there there was once again no vehicle available. Called 800 number again waited on hold for a supervisor. She said I should call after the specific location after confirmation number was received from app. She says this can happen from time to time @ enterprise. This tells me the app is useless. Good Luck.
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3 years ago, marekoXxx
Very bad Service and Useless app
Okei so This is the 3rd time I tried to rent cars here! I’m From Anchorage Alaska I tried to rent here because they are cheap prices but everytime I book a car here it says available on the app but when it’s time for pick up they don’t have it on their lot!! This is useless better off going to their branch in person so you can see but there you go there you don’t have much selection there is literally nothing much to choose from! Especially at 510 E International Arpt Road!! Shouldn’t Advertise or start a rental place if not enough options and every time always nothing available for something that you want or you need and in every location got different prices? And security deposit. I am sorry but I tried to work with this so called Enterprise Rent-A-Center but everytime nothing available.
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4 years ago, Pmftac05
Preferred rental company,but recommending some ap improvements
First, I love Enterprise. Every other company I have used has resulted in some horrible, but I’ve never had a bad experience here. I would like to make a recommendation. If there isn’t inventory of a specifically selected vehicle at the selected shop, can it gray it out? I tried to rent a truck for moving purposes after hours yesterday, and got a call this morning informing me they didn’t have any. The agent was super professional and apologetic, and I was able to find one in a different town, but if I had known there wasn’t inventory I’d have made different arrangements. Otherwise, I have only ever had awesome experiences!
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1 month ago, Peak Seminars
Trouble changing locations on app
Online, it’s an easy and obvious EDIT selection for a different location. Because when you ask for an area of locations, the rates are populated (something to consider, exposing the lowest rate along with the e icon) you as a consumer wonder ‘what rate is the one down the street/across town…so it forced me to discard and start all over, or it only showed the last location again….plz fix or make it obvious with the check mark steps you can touch to edit, like it does online
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9 months ago, Gloria Ay
Yukon Garth brooks rental place
Brady Bates, the area manager at the Enterprise Rent A Car on GARTHBROOKS boulevard in Yukon, Oklahoma, has been very awesome ! He goes above and beyond to help ALL customers! Personally , I have watched him and observed his excellent customer service under pressure: yet , calm , smiling , explicitly explaining enterprise rules on insurance, smoking etc ! All rental cars very clean ! Good crew at this location ! The young guy who washes the cars is amazing ! A hard worker! He has been there over 6 years plus ! Brady is an asset to the face of enterprise! Excellent customer skills and interpersonal relationships! He is so smart
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