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User Reviews for Entertainment® Coupons

4.41 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
5 years ago, TomInRochesterMI
Digital Entertainment Edition
I much prefer the digital subscription. Very useful to find things according to your current (GPS) location. The books should die a necessary death - although they have improved, they’re unnecessary for most of us. Remember when you were dying to eat, rifling through the books without inverted indexes or any index at all, only to find the restaurant you want is 30 miles away! The digital edition is awesome!
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5 years ago, Waste of Money Nan
I have been buying the Entertainment Book for Lancaster County for several years for me and my Daughters. This year my Daughter bought me the book what a waste of money, very few coupons for Lancaster and surrounding areas. I usually look before I buy. I just assumed when I told her to get me one she looked st it and didn’t she was disappointed also. Didn’t use one coupon. Several coupons in the book are for fast food and restaurants in our area but aren’t good in Lancaster. You better get More for Lancaster in your Book or you’ll lose a lot of business. If they had minus 1 that’s what you would get. My daughter did not apparently review the book and put the order in for me with hers. After she gave it to me we both looked st the book and neither of us thought the book was useless for our area. A few of the businesses are in our area but are not got in Lancaster. Obviously whoever put this together didn’t do a very good job of getting vendors in our area to participate! Totally disappointed I’ll spend my money on Local Flavors,
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4 years ago, BlueBaru
Too many bogus entries
Day to day around unfamiliar parts of Houston, it’s a lot easier to use the app, than to try and correlate location with the book. But, in NYC and Boston, having the book was ten times better than the app. In both of those places, LOTS of places in between, and all over Florida, we soon learned to ask, going in the door! NOT A SINGLE PLACE (out of about ten) in Florida knew about the app. Some refused to consider it. Others, told the app was why we were there, honored it as written. One offered a token percentage discount. Similar experiences in NYC, NH, MA, and VT. We have long been accustomed to finding coupons in the book, and having owners say they were not authorized or that the contract had expired. One place, close to home had coupons in the book for three (3) years after putting a sign on the door, stating that entertainment coupons were no longer accepted. Another place — CLOSED, gone, and replaced by a completely different establishment— continued to show up in the book for at least two years I haven’t checked the latest book. So, when it works, the app is nice. When it doesn’t work, it still saves money once in a while. But it is such a hassle we’ve almost stopped using it. Currently in NYC again, and in three days only tried to bother with it once. The place had closed.
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7 years ago, HotSnapZcom
Lackluster offers in my area
Wow.....I used to get these entertainment books every year back in the 90s when living in Cleveland, OH. I remember the book being FILLED with dozen of local fine dining choices. It was a great way to discover new restaurants. After many moves and a long hiatus, I purchased Entertainment books along with the digital access for the Tampa and Sarasota areas. WHAT A LETDOWN! The offers on this app show nothing more than mostly national chain offers with only a small sprinkling of Fine Dining and local merchant offers now! Obviously, Entertainment is not putting much effort into getting local offers (at least in these areas). So Disappointed in your product! I had considered getting more books as gifts this Holiday season, but your team lost a sale and supporter here. I’m literally dumbfounded.....
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4 years ago, Michaelinpr
5 star revue
I have been benefiting from the entertainment coupon books and app , in multiple states, for 2 decades. I have saved thousands, with big savings coming from hotel accommodations. Plus , I’ve benefited deliciously from discovering establishments I may not have otherwised patronized. I also take advantage of purchasing additional books as gifts and receiving the multi book discounts along with free shipping to multiple addresses. It’s a total win !! I really love the mid year app adds with new establishments being added. Looking forward to many more years of savings. Kaching!!!
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4 years ago, mrdjchuck
Not easy to navigate
When viewing the list of offers, only about 10 merchants load at a time. To scroll down and see the next 10, you have to wait for them to load/download. This is extremely time-consuming when you are trying to get to the bottom of the alphabetical list of online merchants. In addition, after viewing an offer and returning to the list, it starts over at the top of the list. Again, you have to scroll and wait; scroll and wait; scroll and wait; etc. ad nauseum. Need to add the ability to favorite merchants or offers for quick recall later. The SaveAround app has this feature already. The offers are good, but the app experience leaves much room for improvement.
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5 years ago, Mr E Coupon
Merchants Problem
The app works very well. What I have found more than 1/2 the times I use it, the merchant is not familiar with the existence of the app and how to use the electronic coupon and whether it is valid. Usually, the manager needs to get involved and then I’m told I will be given the discount my the manager...though I’m not being “given” anything more than I have paid for and what incented me to go to their establishment. It can be uncomfortable, takes extra time and embarrasses my family/guest so I may stop buying the Entertainment book/app for this reason.
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6 years ago, diagruntled in california
Do not buy this book online!
This company has been sending me a sacramento entertainment coupon book to my Mississippi address instead of California address. Everytime I try to contact them I get an email telling me they cannot respond to my email but to go through a certain link to make changes. I did that but still did not get a response. I therefore went on their site to cancel, fill out the entire form and everything but still no response. Instead, they charged me twice on my credit card for the book. Warn everyone to not ever order an entertainment book online, they do not have a phone number for you to call, so when they keep messing up it’s too bad for you because they can just keep on charging your credit card! Maria sloan
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3 years ago, Fhshdjcjvtdihlfhxch
My parents gifted the coupon book to me and I was super happy to find out there was an app to go with it (yay convenience!), BUT the app has never worked for me. Every time I’ve tried to use a coupon the app has crashed on me and will just fail to open (which is really frustrating when I’m at the register and was about to use the coupon, and don’t have the book with me because I was expecting the app to work - like it should). Not sure what the problem is (I thought maybe it was a connection thing, but I’ve always had cellular data turned on for it). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this. The app has been completely useless for me up to this point.
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4 years ago, Goblins Mum
Always a hit
I just ordered an Entertainment Book for myself and three for gifts. I have been purchasing these books for years. Didn’t get one last year and regretted it so am excited to get one again this year. The mobile app is such a great addition to the books as it does not limit purchase area. The books make great gifts for those hard to buy for people, hostess gifts, teachers, really anyone.
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2 years ago, Aj13437
Don’t rush
On impulse I uploaded this app. I’m always searching for coupons and discount codes to save some money. I should have read little bit more about this app. My excitement for this app died as soon as I opened the app. I was looking for at least couple of stores that I visit, but 80% of what was listed I never heard of, and remaining 20% I don’t shop at, or shop there every 2-3 years. Costco was the only place that I frequent, but that coupon was for new membership. At least I did’t pay annual membership. Now I just have to find page where it tells me how to cancel it
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5 years ago, I suggest buying this
Great App!
Easy to use and what a nice surprise to learn I can use it wherever I am & that it is not limited to the book I purchased. My only recommendation is to please stay up to date with those merchants listed in the app that no longer participate in your program. Get them out of there to avoid customer disappointment. Overall, thank you Entertainment! Keep up the great work.
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6 years ago, juicepineappme
Great savings!
Has all the conscience of the bulky book in your phone, plus it's easier to give other people coupons, just send them a screenshot of a coupon, Update: I took away one star because a fair share of places (let's say 1 in 5, a lot of mom and pop non chain businesses) DO NOT take the coupons as they say they never gave entertainment the rights to put in those coupons
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6 years ago, Grandmacancook
Used Offers
I enjoy having the app to find locations for dinner. It would be easier to find if one has been used if there were a notification on the first page of a restaurant indicating it has already been used. As it is, you have to go to the third redeem page before finding out that information! We use ours often.
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4 years ago, jennymeridian
Easy to use!
I’ve always been a fan of the old school entertainment coupon books and this app makes it easy to save at my favorite places without having to remember to bring my book! Super easy to use and I can also plan ahead when I travel for work by changing the location to view discounts in other areas.
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6 years ago, UrMomWilLuvMe
Still awesome!!!! Vacation Must have
I agree with a couple of the bad reviews that there is a lot less local offers but there is still a wide selection. While on vacation to Seattle, the digital membership saved me over $100 the first day! Buy one get one free tickets to all kinds of attractions, the zoo, the aquarium etc. This app is a must have and I will never get rid of it!
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12 months ago, Pushba
Difficult to cancel trial membership
I had this for a week. The paper book coupons are a better value. I found a lot of missing discounts from restaurants when you use the mobile app. You can’t cancel your membership in the mobile app or on the website. You have to click support and type cancel, then they send you a link and jump through more hoops to cancel. I think Groupon is a better value and way easier to use.
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9 months ago, Xray2324
Love love love IT
Love using Entertainment App. I always bought the big book, years ago. It’s so nice having other locations available with having the app. The only thing that’s a challenge, is people realizing it’s a legit coupon. The businesses don’t educate their employees about these coupons. They using end up giving us the discount shown. But they enter the discount in a way that it’s acceptable to their business. But, the looks i get when presenting the coupon to them… is sometimes disturbing. I’ve never lost my cool with them. I’m just more prepared to be patient with who ever is looking at the coupon. Jennifer
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5 years ago, Creepy Darryl
Incredible value
For many years I have bought the Entertainment Book and used the App. It pays for itself many times over and I do not even use it near it’s full potential! If you are not afraid to use a coupon or search for a deal- you have to get the Entertainment Book and it’s free App membership with it.
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6 years ago, Bustarus
App coupons
I love using entertainment app, especially when traveling because that’s usually how we decide where we want to eat or what activities we want to do! The only problem I encounter is businesses hassling me about using it because they have never heard of it or seen it before. If they are going to offer the coupon the employees need to know how to use and let me use it!
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5 years ago, ShelleyG7
Over good but searching can be difficult
I wish the searching feature was a little better. Some business names are spelled funny and the app won’t find them unless it’s spelled correctly. It would be nice if available offers that had similar names automatically appeared when searching.
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6 years ago, TiareNalei
Convenient Savings!
It’s so much easier than carrying the book around. When we have the book, we don’t go. When we go, we don’t have the book. But now, with the app, since we always have our phone, we always have our coupons and it’s easier to try new places with a coupon.
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1 year ago, play_maker
Excellent travel app
I have been using it for 2 years and found it helpful. Some restaurants are redundant such as popular pizza chain, and others 10-20% off but there are many others BOGO free at new places I have never seen. Exploring new places has made it worth while.
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6 years ago, Kevin Cwirla
Review of Entertainment app.
I really enjoy the convince of using the a app. Especially when you didn’t plan on using a coupon and then you decide to go out and do something at the spur of the moment and you have your phone with you. The Entertainment Book is a great value and always worth buying 👍🙂
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1 year ago, mewonderwomen
I use it as a date night. So if we want to go out to do something or eat somewhere we use The Entertainment Book to help us chose and we try to use the bogo deals to make us feel better about spending money date nights. We recommend to EVERYONE!!!!!!
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5 years ago, JCop52
Beware of recurring charges even after cancellation
Not only were the coupons lackluster to say the least, but the company has awful customer service. Even after cancelling the auto subscription, this company continued to drain on a credit card that I did not use otherwise. They refused to credit the charges despite the cancellation and cited the fact that I cancelled again before contacting them and that I should have known by nonexistent e-mails they were supposedly sending to me. If I could give less than one star, I would.
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5 years ago, petsy the Albanian
Saving real money
This app tells me what deals are near me. I’ve saved over 100 bucks in a couple months. It’s easy to use. My only suggestion is the merchants who are paying money to show their offers better train their workers to understand and accept these offers !
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6 years ago, Makimma99
Great great app!
Like that I can use it anywhere within the US. Would like to know what I would do however when the merchants say they either won’t accept the either because it’s not the paper coupon or they didn’t authorize Entertainment to offer a coupon. Otherwise , it’s great!
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6 years ago, tripfall224
Use quite a bit!
Great discounts and buy one get one offers. Really worth the money. I use it for products and lots for meal deals!!! Only downside I’ve come across is the occasional merchant that hasn’t trained their staff in how to apply coupons. Several times I have gone to pay for my order and staff didn’t know how to apply. I will buy it again. I’ve bought this book like 5 years in a row now!!!
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6 years ago, mamaboy84
I have saved so much money using this app! Everywhere I go there seems to be a coupon. I search by my location and always find a deal! I’ve tried new restaurants, etc., places I wouldn’t have thought to stop w/out this app. Can’t say enough great things about this app!! Thank you!!
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2 years ago, DagwoodDD07
Please bring more restaurants to Entertainment
The app works great. Just wish there was a larger selection. We used to enjoy trying new restaurants with the coupons, but the places near my home are far and few between now. I know businesses are struggling, coming out of Covid, but I think they could bring in new customers with coupons.
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5 years ago, Galaxygirl1
Great Deals, Easy to Use
I love this over Groupon or Living Social. With the Entertainment App I don’t have to buy the deals in advanced. I just show the vendor my phone screen at the time of purchase. Most of the deals are buy one get one free. You pay for the app in just one or two purchases. It’s awesome!
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6 years ago, Ashleyhowell71
A must have!
Love this app! Purchase your membership that’s well worth the price and it’s an easy process to navigate! Tons of coupons that you can actually use instead of other coupon sites/apps that give u cheesy ones! I’m def a regular annual buyer from here out! Get your member you will love it!
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6 years ago, Muffinrf
I’ve used the Entertainment Books for years
Years ago my nephew was selling the books for a school fundraiser and I bought one. I renewed them through the years and have even given them for gifts. Now with the app you almost get double your money’s worth. Love them.
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2 years ago, Nanny/Nurse
Love the entertainment app!
I love having the entertainment app on my phone as I don’t always have the book with me. It’s so handy to be able to pull up things where ever I’m at in the area. I use it as often as I can and always get good deals!
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2 years ago, Update yo app
Love the deal
Miss the actual book as there were different offers. Don’t like the trend of coupons being 20%; not enough of an incentive. Love the BOGO coupons for food. We’ve tried so many places that have become regulars at. The coupons are a bonus then.
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6 years ago, sseydel
Great money saver
The Entertainment app is great because wherever I go I can check for discounts. Not only do I get a coupon from the Entertainment book, but in addition I get extra discounts on the app. The app even alerts me when I am in the vicinity of a place featured on the Entertainment app. It’s a win/win!
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1 year ago, LadyJennCox
The Best App For Savings! ❤️
I’ve purchased the Entertainment Coupon Book since 1998 and have used the coupons every year for several years! I’m so happy and grateful they have an app now and I just started using it and absolutely LOVE it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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4 months ago, craziglo
Expired restaurant
There were several restaurants I went to that said they no longer accept Entertainment coupons, yet they were still listed on the app. One restaurant said they told them numerous times to remove them. I emailed as well and it was still there months later. Due to this I canceled my subscription. If your back off staff can’t investigate this in a timely manner then I’m out.
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5 years ago, Whitebunny808
Some businesses don’t know how to redeem the coupons or others refuse them. Most of the time though works great. The app itself works well. Wish there was a way to hide the “used” offers and only show the offers that are still available to use.
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3 years ago, LaurelEloise
Long time customer
We’ve bought the Entertainment book for as long as I can remember. It’s paid for itsel many times over. Now that it’s all digital, I’ll need to get with the times and try out this format.
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5 years ago, Matbonilla3
Made my money back 8 times so far
Absolutely worth it. More if you have someone to go to places. Like I used it 2x1 at the zoo and saved 50. Bought my friend ice cream (but actually only paid for mine haha) Totally worth it. I’d try the one month for .99 cents and if you like it go for the annual 9.99
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2 years ago, Brianna's Mimi
So much better than looking in the Entertainment Book.
Because my locator is always on I can find restaurants or activities wherever I am at the press of a tap in the application. Love using this app as it is with me all the time.
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6 years ago, Air Jer 1
App not working after last updat
I have been a subscriber for years and love the Coupon book and the coupons offered on the app. The most recent update is having trouble connecting to phone gps to offer coupons. The wheel in sent of app just spins until I shut down. Takes 3 or 4 times to connect, sometimes not at all. Please fix.
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6 years ago, shopngirle
Love the App!
I love having the Entertainment app on my phone! It looks for discounts in the area that I am traveling. So much easier than looking through the big coupon book for a discount! Plus it reminds me to actually use the discounts available to me!
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6 years ago, Roscoe's My Boy
Love the entertainment book! I have used so many coupons..makes eating out so much more affordable! The app is great and so easy to use! Digital coupons at your fingertips..easy redemption too. No issues with either redeeming or with the merchants. Such great deals!
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11 months ago, volsandbbq
Good Luck Cancelling
Straight to the point, this app had very few coupons available in my area which is fine, but they make it near impossible to cancel the subscription. The cancellation is intentionally hidden and does not exist in the app, nor on the website. You’ll have to search the web for an account management link that once you action, will email you a link to cancel. Do better guys.
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3 years ago, VCIll
Great savings!
Within a week of receiving my book and app., I saved the amount I spent to buy it, and now I have saved over $150 so far! It is worth purchasing this book and supporting local retailers. FIVE STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, MusicLuvr82828
Never kets me down
I live the way they app reminds us when we are close to or at a location included. We are from the Orlando area and when we were in Chicago ready to go to a Museum, it notified us of a coupon.
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5 years ago, BLoveissometimesfun
Great functionality when it works
The app is nice and I really enjoy the search function. The reason for 3 stars and not more is that I picked dinner based upon a coupon and then the restaurant said ‘Internet’ is down and that they will not accept the coupon. I would not have gone there had I known that the coupon would not be accepted.
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