Epub Reader -read epub,chm,txt

4.5 (6.7K)
61.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
俊杰 阮
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Epub Reader -read epub,chm,txt

4.51 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
4 years ago, jjjmycc
It can seem kinda janky at first but it’s pretty easy to use!! And it works on airplane mode, which is why I got it in the first place. The ads are always short or things you can immediately click out of, and they only show up when you first open the app. For some reason, the chapter titles don’t show up on the table of contents (it’s got things so you can click to different chapters, but they’re all blank), but that’s my only complaint. Now that I’ve gotten used to it, I prefer it to anything else.
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11 months ago, PocholoMom1
Amazing for casual reading.
I love this app. It’s worth the money for ad free. That being said it wasn’t bothersome with ads, I was just using it every day and figured I may as well get ad free. I think this app makes me read faster. I’ve finished so many book, maybe it’s just the format or what I’m reading though. It’s is amazing for casual reading, and because I was using it for casual reading I didn’t look into all the features. Since this has become my favorite reading app. For EPUB, I figured I would do some educational reading here too instead of on a computer. Things I would like to see: 1) When you highlight something it doesn’t remain highlighted, clicking on the notes takes you to the page but the text isn’t different so you have to read to find what you previously highlighted. I’d like to see the highlighted text, even if it’s only when you click on the notes section. (I’d even pay for this as an extra) 2) in newer iPhones the top margin is too high so it cuts off the tops of words. Lowering or having the ability to change margins ourselves would be good.
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3 years ago, yyy888
Basic Epub Reader
This is a basic epub reader. No frills, no instructions/help. Most of the time it doesn't appear to format the text as intended and most of the pictures aren't displayed. But if you just want to read the text of an ebook without frills, this is your app. I also like the fact you can upload epub books via wifi. App acts as a web server. There appears to be no upload limit on the ebooks. This is refreshing since most readers want to charge you if you upload more than 3-5 ebooks! App could stand some improvements: 1) There's no way to tell what app version is running. There should be an About button. 2) Sometimes when you go to another app and come back to the reader, the screen goes completely dark and does not respond. Only solution is to restart the app. 3) Display ALL the images in ebook. Only a few images are displayed. It appears to random. 4) It would be nice to display the cover page or title. 5) Don't know what the "pro" version features are as it's not described anywhere. Not in the App Store nor in the app itself. If you want to up sell, people need to know what they are buying.
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2 years ago, Canoe ski
Everything about this app is great except..
There’s a storage bug app that doesn’t show how much storage you have left accurately, considering it’s only 20 gigabytes at a time. Minor inconvenience which is why I give 5 stars
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1 year ago, Matt554367
Money well spent!
This is a great e-book reader, and it's very easy to use. there are only three items on my wish list for enhancements: 1. slightly wider margins in landscape mode on newer iPhones with a notch. The notch covers up one or two letters at the end of each line. (Go ahead and make the margins wider on both sides, so that it doesnt matter whether I turn the phone to the left or the right!) 2. The option to change font. 3. The option to stop adjusting letter and word spacing to fit the text to the width of the screen.
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3 years ago, seagirlc
Very deceptive and frustrating
I borrowed an ebook from the library which is only available on ePub. Signed up for a “free” 5 day trial but had to input my credit card. After doing so your site did not open the ebook but instead opened up a long list of icons for apps I either already have on my phone or am not at all interested in. I still cannot access the ebook I borrowed. Now you have my credit card information but I want to CANCEL this and NOT be charged for something I cannot use. Your site is very deceptive and not user friendly. Borrowing books from a library should be free no matter what platform they are on. I’ve used Kindle for years and been very happy with that. ePub is a scam.
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3 years ago, CutestTurtle777
I am sure there’s better out there
The app does the primary function of allowing you to open and read ePub files. However one of the biggest frustrations I have is how it does not remember any bookmarks or notes. Once you close the app from the time you were just use it, the app resets in a way. You go back to the ePub file you just had open and it starts on page one again. There are none of the bookmarks you left in the previous time, no notes, almost as though you’ve never opened the file. For this major annoyance, the app is getting deleted.
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2 years ago, JumbieDempsey
Good app!
I’m using this primarily for fics to read while I’m out of service and it makes that so much easier than trying to rely on safari to keep the page from refreshing. I’m only giving it 4 stars because you can’t change the files to continuous scroll and I really don’t like the page turning style. Please, if you ever want a new feature to add that would be it!! Either way, worth the 3 bucks for no ads and unlimited fanfics to read.
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3 months ago, Abrekkrrie Boiled Turkey
Dark Mode Request
Could you add a dark mode when viewing epubs or any similar file? Right now there’s just three options: white, brown-ish, and light purple. It would be great if there was a solid black mode to save battery. Thanks. If you do happen to add a dark mode when reading books I’ll obviously change this to five stars. Great app, keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, AirborneEagle
Does Its Job
Needs more features such as the ability to change the font. Needs a Ux change to know the page number to make it easier to pick up where I left off on my laptop. Does nothing particularly well but has little wrong with it.
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2 years ago, sofee.patches
Good enough
It works great, no glitching or technical problems, it’s just not aesthetically nice. I liked that you could change the white page color but there’s only 2 other options u.u Howeverrrr, you can change the font size and line spacing which is nice. Needs more features.
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2 years ago, mimidddeee
Simple but amazing!
I love how I turn the pages as a real book. Also that at night I can change to different color background, like light mustard color so that this way it does not affect my eyes so much. Excellent app!
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3 years ago, Hobosap
The WiFi feature is amazing
Comes with the ability to upload from a computer through WiFi. very helpful.
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4 months ago, 1947mickey
My cousin had sent me a short story that he had written, which I couldn’t open. I downloaded this app and boom. The story was there, good font easy to read. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Manchokeme
Great but for one thing
I love this app and how smooth it is! There is one problem, with the new iPhones out the text gets cut off at the top and I can’t read some words every page. Would love an update to fix this issue soon.
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3 years ago, ktiem
Pretty good, could use more options
This is pretty good, sometimes the book isn't formatted correctly, though. I download from ZLibrary, and normally use Calibre e-book management on PC. This is a good solution on the go! I would recommend more colors and fonts, but other than that it's pretty easy to use.
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5 months ago, bluedpiggy
Please add mobi, and read zipped file without having to create another folder.
Still trying to find my perfect ebook solutions, for epub, mobi, pdf, 7z, zip. This is a great app for pdf and epub though. Love the folder structure of organizing books. Not really support direct reading from zip file. Have to delete it for not reading mobi files.
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3 years ago, Wtrfgcvguy678cv
What I can't give five stars
The app does what it says it does, however, it would get five stars if it was possible to move received files into fileapp on older devices and allow deletion of files in the app when done.
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2 years ago, a n a h i t a .
Get it!!!
Perfect for downloading Epub & PDF books. I bought the Pro Version so that I wouldn't get those annoying ads. I definitely recommend. I find all my ebooks on Z Library for free.
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3 years ago, MrDanja
Did exactly what I was looking for. I just wanted to read my Epub file and this did exactly that. None of the extra services to buy other books. Just a simple EPUB reader.
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2 months ago, kanjiwrld
do better.
- add highlighting text (any color) permanently unless removed manually - add pdf book reading mode background to be made black if preferred or a repeating picture - allow for red adobe pdf icon to be changed into any picture that would be preferred - make it so brown interface color can be changed - allow for notes in reading interface thay are stored separately in order to be accessed with or without the book - also and most importantly make it so that there is a crop/ magnification lock, in order for a more comfortable read. do all of this for successful marketing in order to get more pro purchases, it would be an amazing sell.
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4 years ago, studioelcondor
Does not open .rar files, even after purchase.
I wanted to open images manga files compressed as .rar. I purchased the app but does not open .rar files. .zip files opened but it decompress the file and creates another folder, where images are listed as an individual image file. There is no option to view two files at once and the opening direction. No point in downloading the app, nor purchasing it.
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6 years ago, mikexxs
Great replacement for IBooks
Switched to this reader after latest version of ITunes dropped support for uploading Ebooks outside of their control. It's a good if not a better replacement for Apple's IBooks.
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3 months ago, I am qualified to rate
Love it
Love it. Wish there was a highlight feature and a way to delete notes but it’s really good for what it offers.
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3 years ago, Chill brother earl
Where’s all the books?
You want to put an entire custom library in your pocket? Your time has arrived.
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1 year ago, SMCNetwork
Paid for pro version not worth it
Can’t access pro features for PDF textbooks and no explanation on how to change fonts or backgrounds plus Apple doesn’t recognize the purchase for a refund. Not okay
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1 year ago, shailbro
change the highlighter color please god it’s so ugly 😭😭😭 an update where you can pick the highlighter color would be greatly appreciated!!!!! also where you can see what page number your on of the whole book not just the specific chapter your on would be cool or like a progress bar for the entire book not just chapters
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11 months ago, will0w1sp
Cleared notes and bookmark issue
I wrote a review yesterday that was very positive, though I may have jumped to review a bit too soon. The app cleared all my notes and bookmarks from yesterday after opening it today. Still works great as a reader, note feature is not worthwhile.
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5 years ago, Allons-yMrHolmes
Nice app
Good app, only has ads when you return to app. Doesn’t pop up while you’re reading
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4 months ago, ReallyLobTwerkin
Constantly loses my place in books
Every other time I open this app my place in the book is lost and I have to start from the table of contents and find where I left off manually. And basically no customization just like the default Apple reader application. I suspect these ratings must be faked.
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4 years ago, emartelly
ePub reader
Great app Missing a Dark Mode option Maybe an option to increase font size I would recommend it to everyone looking for a universal reader.
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2 years ago, AMDphreak
Connect to Google Drive
I would like to see the ability to connect to a file storage provider (Google Drive) to populate the list of books available based on what exists in a specific directory from the Drive.
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1 year ago, james bowie
I’m taking three stars away because if you close it even for a second you get a very loud ad breaking the silence. There is no way to silence it. And as a avid reader it it startling and extremely annoying
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2 months ago, Nano Flashlight
New app
The application is easy to use. Love it. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Get it?
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5 months ago, Maar03
Excellent app for reading
I really love the app, simple and efficient. Thank you
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2 years ago, Kyriet
Could be better
No search function within the contents, frequent ads
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1 year ago, Doug ha
No Navigation Options
You have to go page by page. If you want to jump to a page in the middle or anywhere in the book you have keep turning one page at a time. There are no book marks for the TOC.
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3 years ago, flowerlily1
Acceptable up except...
This is ok for a free app except that it distorts images which is something I need to view on some books
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4 years ago, BMP7777
No ‘pro’ features at all
No dark mode and no pro features of any kind. I don’t mind paying for premium features but this is the kind of thing that makes me not want to pay. Free e readers have more features than this one. Absolute basic reader. Not even worth the two bucks
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5 months ago, Stephanieshdhe
Perfect for downloading novels 😌
I like this, hate writing tho. So that’s all I have to say
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1 year ago, Henry clay patriot
Reading Helene Tursten mystery novel via epub
When I leave myself a bookmark,I can’t find it when I need it.
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2 years ago, pypirat
It works
The program works but it consistently doesn’t save my spot in the book and so I have to figure out where I stopped reading every time.
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1 year ago, Avaviel
Needs settings
No way to turn off page turn animations.
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2 years ago, Joshua Leach
Total Rip-off
Downloaded app just purchase an ebook that I could only find on this platform and it took my credit card payment but did not deliver the file. Don’t fall for the scam like I did…
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4 months ago, tigresailman
Not intuitive or easy to use
No useful information provided on how to use. Couldn’t open epub library book in downloads folder on my iPad.
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1 year ago, Jald56
Unable to locate book
EPUB doesn’t seem to want to download my son’s book. It would be nice if you would make the app easier to use for those of us that are not tech savvy.
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1 year ago, Blh21beware
Fraudulent charge
I signed in and the application said it was free but needed a credit card……. 3 fraudulent charges were made within seconds. I had to call credit card.
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1 year ago, dobetter152635
Crappy UI
It’s a barren wasteland. I wanted the feature to enlarge the font size but there is literally nothing. Its no different than reading with my regular iPad pdf reader. No instructions, nothing on how to do anything.
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2 years ago, All attempted names are taken
Text glows in a very odd manner
It makes all the words flow I’m the weirdest way that makes it impossible to read. Maybe it’s the conversion tool? If it is which or what do you recommend?
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2 months ago, Poiutyyg
Hard to use
Still haven’t figured out how to read an EPUB file. Makes no sense the way it’s working with what I know are valid books in that format.
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