Etsy: Home, Style & Gifts

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User Reviews for Etsy: Home, Style & Gifts

4.93 out of 5
4.8M Ratings
2 years ago, jaynelefavi
Creative gifts
I love Etsy. First off I enjoy helping out other artists and individuals more than big corporations. I have had some wonderful quality items I’ve given as gifts or kept for myself. The layout is easy to use. You can buy the item straight away or put it in the cart and buy all the items together. Some shops give discounts on multiple item orders. Etsy shows you which shops have items on sale and how many other people have that particular listing in their cart. You can favorite a shop or an item that you can easily go back to later. You’re able to put those items in a group, which is useful in the form of gifts you have in mind for one person or event like Christmas. These groups seem to be unlimited as I already have a bunch I’ve made. You have seller and buyer feedback and you can contact your seller. They show similar items to what you’re looking for on the same page. You are able to see turnaround time and the general location area of the shop, then pay through credit card or PayPal which makes it convienient.
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2 weeks ago, Chimera!!!
It Could Be Better !
I love Etsy to shop from small businesses don’t get me wrong- but there are a few things that make the desktop site more appealing. [TLDR; homepage has nothing to do with my interests, tracking is a bit off in-app] First: the homepage. It’s a cool idea to have little videos sellers can upload to promote themselves, but literally none of the videos are related to the shops I follow or the things I buy. I mostly follow gothic artists and classic literature themed shops, but all of the videos are about modern farmhouse decor and boho style clothes. That’s cool and all but doesn’t appeal to me. And I have found shorts that DO appeal to me after a long time of scrolling, so it’s not that they don’t exist. An algorithm would really help both customers and those posting the videos. The app also gives you a “because you viewed” section, which I really wish was dismissible. Sometimes I accidentally click on things that don’t interest me or buy something for a friend and it messes up these sections until I clear all my viewed. Second: the tracking notifications. It simply doesn’t work. It sends to my email just fine, but it still shows something I ordered is in transit despite having received it weeks ago. Again, the emails work, so maybe my app is just bugged. Anyway, that’s it. Sorry for such a long review ^^;! Other than these the app works as intended.
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10 months ago, JAL1388
Recent formatting is super annoying
The app overall is very functional and good for shopping, but the amount of forced advertising sometimes makes me regret having it. I turned off all notifications because I couldn’t specify that it should notify me about shipping and DMs and not advertisements for item recommendations. The entire front page of the app consists of recommendations based on your history, which is fine, but now my updates tab (which is normally for sales, coupons, restocks, etc) gets cluttered constantly with MORE recommendations, and I can’t turn that off. And the search function is a joke compared to what it used to be, with only about 25% of the listing results actually being even vaguely related to my search words, and the rest being—you guessed it—recommendations based on what it thinks I might want instead of having anything to do with what I’m actually looking for. The constant hounding about leaving reviews for items is super annoying also, although I’m more sympathetic to that since shops do need reviews for their business. Still, annoying. Let me opt out of SOME of those reminders, at least. Etsy is a business, I get it, but when you prioritize shoving recommendations down my throat to the point that it hinders app functionality, it’s awful. Trust your users to have the brainpower to look for what they want instead of needing it slammed in our faces on every single page.
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1 week ago, RobotHater88
Begging for the option to turn off ‘chat’ style search
I have been buying off of Etsy for over a decade and have never felt the need to speak up about any changes made to the shopping experience, until now. The recent update to this bizarre “chat-style” search engine has made searching less efficient in that 1. I can’t find what I’m looking for as easily as I had in the past with the previous, standard search bar as this new version now brings up categories in the same realm, but not what I asked for (My descriptions are precise considering I’ve been an Etsy shopper for long enough to know what terms to include, so being vague isn’t the issue) and 2. The robot/AI(?) responding takes far longer to load than the previous search bar. I understand the idea is to stay relevant in a sea of high-tech everything and I understand that having the robot suggest other, similar items would theoretically lead to more sales but overall, Etsy is making less revenue from me, and I'm sure others, because this new interface is slower, not as accurate, and irritating to deal with resulting in me spending less time on the site and more time looking elsewhere for what I want. At the very least, please consider including in the app settings the ability to revert back to the previous search method via a toggle, so both robot-lovers and robot-haters can continue to enjoy the app.
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4 weeks ago, Julie&Daisythecat
Great for gifts but website still needs improvement
Been purchasing through Etsy for many years and was surprised recently when my entire buyers account was deleted. Someone decided to change my account to a sellers account-extremely bizarre as I have never sold on Etsy ever. My entire buyer’s history along with all my favorites was deleted. It took months of persistent emails demanding help from yet another customer service person who had no idea what they were doing. Finally my buyers account was restored but without my purchase history or favorites. Clearly customer service needs improvement. The way the site works is also very slow and outdated. Changes that have been made only slow it down further. Investment in new servers might be a good idea! However- I decided to stay here because there are still some artisans who sell only here. And I do purchase. However the other issue is that many of the single artist sellers have left. Most of the sellers are Chinese companies who sell for Pennie’s on the dollar on Taobao except on Etsy they often raise their prices. I think it is sad that true artists have been pushed out and these high volume companies have taken over in many cases. This is all My current opinion.
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1 year ago, Jj75476
An app so broken it broke the website!
I hated this app, it’s slow, it’s buggy, it crashes, it’s worthless. That was fine, I deleted it and continued to use the browser version of the site, which I prefer anyway because it allows me to have multiple tabs open to compare items, it’s a major advantage of online shopping and I’ll never understand why retailers are so determined to undermine that advantage by forcing users to go through their terrible apps. Only now when you try to do certain things, like go to shops to see what else a vendor is selling, it brings up a broken ad for this terrible, broken app, and there’s no way to close or circumvent that ad. There’s a button that SAYS ‘continue to mobile site’ but it doesn’t work, nothing happens, I can see the stuff I want to look at scrolling past in the background at the top and bottom of the screen but there’s no way to make the ‘download the app’ screen go away. Clicking on the ‘download the app’ option doesn’t make it go away either, it just brings me here, so I can review this pointless, defective app that’s so spectacularly broken it makes it impossible to use Etsy at all on mobile. I tried through safari and chrome, I even downloaded this pointless, broken app again, but I’m not interested. Guess I’m not shopping on Etsy anymore? I just wish it had broken before I’d placed that last order so I could still check on it.
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3 months ago, Alive4Five
Eliminate Forced Reviews!!!
**Updated to add Solution: I turned off the badges under notifications. Now the forced reviews are benign and I can shop and review in peace.** This has got to be the most annoying feature ever. I purchase my planner stickers from an Etsy vendor and the nature of the product easily leaves me with 5+ notifications for reviews every single time I make a purchase. Once I’ve reviewed one, I’ve reviewed them all—they’re stickers!!! I shouldn’t have to do a review per item if they’re the same item in a different color/pose/character etc.! I should be able to decline leaving a review. There’s currently no way to get rid of the notification other than submitting a review which is tedious to boot! Too many clicks! It appears to be one, but it’s actually 7 clicks minimum for ONE review. At the very least you could streamline it! And adding the picture and the feedback need not be separate! I hope my vendor moves away from Etsy for this reason alone. At this rate, Etsy is going to force customers to put pressure on the vendors (by leaving poor ratings) just to make them get rid of it. A 4/5 rating of strong-armed reviews is different than a 4/5 rating of free-will reviews. Ratings mean less when they’re forced! If I take the time to leave a rating it’s because I am thrilled or sorely disappointed. Do better, Etsy!
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7 months ago, ALILI0818
This goes the entire site as a whole, not just the app.
I love that genuinely innovative things people make and sell. Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry come from Etsy shops. My personal interactions with customer service have been great and I love the variety. However, I’m a consumer frustrated with a few things. And I can never truly only imagine this frustration asa seller. For one, I understand inflation, but taking away more money from the sellers but still upping tax? Two, money sellers and consumers have called out the slack of eligibility requirements to sell items on the site after the pandemic. I understand it’s to try to help more small business worldwide, but there’s a difference between similar items being sold and copycat manufacturers that very obviously steal item designs from authentic business and sell cheap poorly made items that take credit for and take over real handmade or vintage items. Three, there’s a reason why so many businesses so many small owners on your site are going on strike. None of the demands suggested for the Etsy Strike subreddit and overall union have not been considered at all evidently. I love the overall concept and the many small businesses are great but there’s a reason people are moving to Shopify and other selling platforms.
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5 months ago, ACE2982
Love Etsy, but it needs some changes
I shop on Etsy a lot and love supporting small businesses in the United States. That being said, my biggest complaint right now is that Etsy seems to allow foreign businesses to present themselves as US businesses and I would like something to be done about that. For example, why is a jewelry shop that is supposedly based in North Carolina actually shipping orders from Turkey?! I read reviews and I read ‘About’ the shops and time and time again, a shop that says it’s located in the US is obviously not located here. It’s aggravating. My second complaint right now is the search function. I put in very specific criteria and I get tons of results that don’t fit it. And the items marked as ‘Ad’ are the worst because even if you sort by price (low to high, for example), the Ad items show up everywhere so it’s not actually in order by price. I also find that the same items show up in the search results grid over and over. Again, aggravating! I feel like the Etsy search feature used to be better and if the site gets overrun by foreign businesses pretending to be in the US and selling shady merchandise, then I’m going to have to shop elsewhere. Just my 2 cents!
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7 months ago, kandiblueberry
Stop review harassment
I appreciate the Etsy app very much. It is functional and streamlined so that I can order and pay without having to open up the full website. I appreciate that there are multiple options of ways to pay so that I do or do not need to share information that I do not wish to with a third-party. What I do not appreciate is the force recommendations. What I mean by this is that on the app as well as the website I am harassed constantly by and see the website and the app itself to review every single item that I have purchased. I do not wish to do that. They are times where I would just like to purchase a wedding gift or whatever and go about my business. I would like there to be an opt out opportunity to not be continuously harass not only on the website. But also in the app that if I do not wish to recommend something and I’ll review it, I do not have to. I was harassed by the seller wants for leaving a review that they did not believe was necessary so therefore I will, and do not leave reviews. I make purchases I do not leave reviews and if this continues, I will no longer use Etsy as a platform to purchase from small businesses. I wish to be an anonymous person purchasing something anonymously. When I wish to review something I will, but I do not want to be harassed about reviews anymore!
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1 year ago, yvonnesssssss
Etsy is not set up ideally for supply shopping
I enjoy buying my jewelry making supplies of Etsy. I have purchased magnificent items and it’s really helped my work evolve. Unfortunately the buying and repeat buying process is constantly difficult and needlessly time consuming. I’m constantly frustrated with the platform as it makes it very difficult to search previous purchases in order to buy an item again. The list of purchases should have a search bar so I don’t have to endlessly scroll through (and wait to load) my purchases. Also: Limiting my cart to only 100 items is also very frustrating. This make sense for someone purchasing handmade goods. I get that limiting cart items encourages customers to actually complete a purchase but for someone who is constantly buying multiple tiny items it’s really frustrating. You’ve designed this platform without someone such as myself in mind. It’s very discouraging and makes me want to shop elsewhere. Do better You’re missing a great opportunity to cater more to makers and their supply needs. Update 8/22. I believe I wrote this review over a year ago, and I still feel very much the same way. Shopping for supplies on Etsy should be easier. Limiting my cart to 100 items is really frustrating and there should be more options for searching previous orders to make repeat purchases.
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3 years ago, Llcc70
I love Etsy but .....
I shop Etsy all the time so I am a buyer and a seller! There are some things I love and some things not so much ... I miss the old Etsy .... ever hear if something isn’t broken do not try and fix it? I miss treasuries and other features about Etsy that are no longer! Etsy has become more commercialized such as on tv commercials, I’ve seen it advertised online as a “work from home job” I was a lil shocked to say the least.... but when you buy on Etsy be sure that you know which SHOP you’re in! Etsy is the MALL .... WE ARE THE SHOPS IN THE MALL! 🛍The artists and artist suppliers are the back bone of the industry! However Etsy is the easiest for me since I’ve been on for so long! With more than one shop.... too much change in such a short amount of time can really throw some of us off! I miss the different comfort of an “Etsy family” rather than HUGE E-COMMERCE, still Etsy is my go to for a lot of things! I love supporting small business and the artists and after all Etsy gives us the PLATFORM to put our shops we work hard in every day to make all of your shopping full of endless fun! You can find lots and lots of OOAK here! Thanks to the sellers and their shops ... thanks Etsy for giving us a place to sell our goods but it would be good to be able to get someone on the phone again!
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10 months ago, Slowmom
Need Better Receipts!
I’ve been shopping on ETSY for several years and never had any major issues. Well I ordered a shirt for someone for Christmas and what I received is not quite what I ordered. It’s gray not black and the wrong size. I’ve been looking for 2+ hours trying to find a receipt that shows what I actually ordered. I’m not sure if I messed up the order or they messed up and shipped wrong item. I can see I purchased it but has no details on what size or color I ordered. If you touch the actual item it just takes you back to their page to buy another one. I scrolled through the help page and goggled it-apparently the little email saying you place an order with this shop that has view order link is all you get(clicking the link takes you to the generic receipt showing the product but not the specifications you ordered) I had this problem before when I ordered a set of acrylic nails. They were beautiful and the size I ordered was perfect so I wanted to place a new order. Never could find the details showing what size I ordered so I had to get a new sizing kit and start all over. I don’t think it is too much to ask to see exactly what you ordered on your receipt/my orders page.
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2 years ago, Neoncolors27
Sellers ignore messages unless you buy!!!
Man, I LOVE Etsy. And I mean LOVE! I really like to support artists, worldwide. I find unique and handmade items that fit my wants and personality. You can’t do that anywhere else. Unfortunately, I am finding sellers don't check their inbox unless you have purchased from them. The kicker, they have coupons automatically sent to you if you have favorited an item or put it into your cart. I was trying to order an unique wedding band for my fiancé but accidentally put two of them in my cart and instead of removing one, I deleted both. Which, in turn made that size ‘unavailable’ when I tried to go back and add it again. I messaged the seller to let him know what I did. I was in a time crunch bc I needed the ring shipped before the ceremony. Here we are weeks later and he still hasn’t opened my message! But hey, thanks for the stupid coupon I won’t use!! Yes, I went with a different seller and unfortunately can’t leave a negative review for the non responsive one. Last week, I messaged a seller that makes beautiful custom leather journals. I had a question about the personalization. My message sat in her inbox and was never opened. This is VERY frustrating and I won’t support sellers that are too busy to read messages from potential buyers. Hate to break it to you, but we ALL are busy!
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4 years ago, Zebrooooooo
The worst app ever
This app seriously ruined my life. Etsy doesn’t give a crap about sellers as long as they are making money by pulling in enough buyers. Every time a case is opened against you they ALWAYS choose the side of the buyer and take money from your account without permission. All 3 cases I had against me were not my fault. The first one was a customer being unhappy with a product 3 months after receiving it when my return policy clearly states send me a message within 1 week and mail back within 2 weeks. I refused to accept the item after 3 months and they opened a case and I didn’t give them a refund and Etsy took the money straight out of my account. The second time was a customer demanding a refund saying they never received their item when their tracking number clearly stated that it had been delivered weeks ago, and Etsy once again took money from me without my permission. They also don’t take into account that items cannot be shipped on Sunday so customers get mad when their item is shipped a day late. Now they have a new policy where if you don’t offer free shipping your items will not pop up at the top of the list for customers, so you are basically forced into free shipping and lose customers by increasing your prices for no reason. Etsy is a waste of time and money and I’m upset I ever wasted putting energy into it.
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4 months ago, MissNastyPotato
Some things need to be fixed
One of my favorite apps, love it. But I hate the update because it’s has changed stuff that’s unnecessary . Example 1. When going into a list and adding one item already in that lists to another, it takes you back to the top of the lists. Example 2. They Changed where you can look at vids and now you can’t go it anymore. You have to wait for the vids to pop up on your homescreen instead of actually having a place where they stay. Example 3. They show the same things over and over on the home seen except showing something that you think you want. I look at things that are related and my whole home screen page is filled with the same stuff. I’d like variety. Example 4. Add more explore interests. Example 5. The editor picks take up almost all of the bottom of homescreen page. Edit: you need to edit how you can make list(s) such as being able to do multiple selection of items to cross over to a different list(s), !RECCOMEND! I recommend making a spot where cart, favorites, and home are for place where you can interact with items in AR or put back the video thing.
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3 months ago, DIDE2020
Horrible customer service
This is about Etsy as a company, not about the app. It was all good until they suspended my account last spring (just over a year ago) without any notification or any reason. I tried to contact them via their message system within the app (8 TIMES), no one ever got back to me with an answer on why they suspended it and what I need to do to re-open it. There’s no phone number, no instant chat within the website or application and no email, there’s no way you can contact them directly. The only way you can contact them is through their useless messaging system where you leave a message and wait (a month? a year? or maybe more??) to be contacted by them to solve a problem you have. Most likely they haven’t even read my messages, they may all have ended up in the trash. Disgusted! I’ve never had such an experience with any other company before. All I did and wanted to continue doing was to buy beads for bracelets, since they have a better variety and better prices than eBay. But eBay has a phone number and you can actually talk to a real person and you know you’re heard and your questions answered. Take example, Etsy!! I finally decided that I close my account, which has been in limbo for a whole year, and take this problem off my chest.
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2 years ago, wherehaveallthefreeappsgone
Nice items, long shipping times
I like the array of different types of items available on this app and I love to see people be creative and do well for themselves, but I hate waiting a month of more for my purchases. So much so that I try my absolute hardest to never use this app and only resort to it when I can’t find what I want anywhere else in the entire www. Sometimes I just look for the nifty ideas and go make the item myself for a fraction of the cost and time. Let’s be real sellers make buyers wait ridiculously long periods of time to receive the goods. There’s usually a quote of something like 7-10 business days just to process your item, then you pay for shipping to take another two weeks after that, but for some reason whatever I order doesn’t even get shipped out of their P.O. until the last day of the delivery date- when it’s supposed to arrive at my home- and I’m supposed to be okay with this, even happy about it, because it’s hand made. It’s bad enough I’m paying three times the cost of everything because I’m trying to be a nice consumer and support small business, but to make me pay shipping and wait no less than a month for everything literally checks off all the boxes of reasons I wouldn’t shop somewhere.
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10 months ago, Chryssoula
Review of Etsy
I have purchased various items through Etsy from jewelry, greeting cards, personal items and so much more. The shops used through Etsy are very reliable and I would like to add they are very unique items that you will not find anywhere else. In purchasing an item the shop gives a full description of the item and notes if there are any flaws and also they list the previous customers the item they purchased and if they were pleased or not pleased. Just purchased the most unique Christmas Cards to send to family and friends these cards you will not find in Hallmark because they are Vintage. Yes they cost a little more because they have to be shipped. But once a year I want my Family and Friends to know I went that extra mile to send them unique Christmas Cards because they are Special. I also purchased small replicas of the characters from The Classic Charles Dickens Story “Scrooge”. A gift for my Nephew which I know he’ll treasure. Etsy is really TOPS in my book and I will go on being one of their devoted customers.
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6 years ago, RiotGirl95
My Favorite App.....EVER.
I use Etsy for 90% of my gifts I give for birthdays, Christmas and any other gift giving holiday. As long as you do your research about a shop (have a look at their reviews see what people say, how long have they been a seller, how many things have they sold, picture quality etc.) to see that they are a quality seller you should have no problems. You can find a vast array of things from allover the world (though be weary of things from the China region, a lot of those items are cheap and poorly made). Lots of beauty sellers include free samples of their other products when you buy something, which is amazing. (Who doesn't love free stuff to try) And I could fill a box of thank you cards, hand written notes and messages from sellers thanking me for my order. It makes it feel like you ordered from your neighbor down the street not someone six states away or half way across the world. I have bought nearly a hundred things from different shops if not more and will continue to do so because where else can you find amazing cool things made/sold by equally amazing people.
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2 weeks ago, Techie 1111
In general, I like Etsy, because you can find items you wouldn’t find anywhere else, but this last purchase was very confusing. Some discount codes worked and some didn’t. There was no explanation why. Discounts left me paying for shipping so it kind of wasn’t worth it especially because I couldn’t tell what price the shipping would be. On this particular site, I couldn’t see the variation in what I bought and it wasn’t noted in the image you saw so I had to contact the seller to clarify, especially since on some sites in Etsy, you have to pay to return shipping so you don’t want the wrong item. I never saw the price of shipping until I went most of the way through PayPal. Previous experiences with Etsy were not this confusing and complicated. All Etsy site should have a PayPal option because I have no idea who these people really are and I credit card because of that. All pricing and return car should be clear up front. Because of the confusion and changing and prices. I went back and forth. Through the process many times, never knowing if I would lose my. Discounts.
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1 year ago, By Your #1!! Fan
Horrible user experience
Firstly, you can’t turn off cookies - even though it shows up in settings, there’s no option to turn it off. It simply says “Always on” Secondly, I bought something and can’t even use it. I bought a PDF on my private account, and when I clicked on the “download” option it brought me to my business account and slapped me with the longest error message I’ve ever seen. 30 minutes later and I find a small announcement in settings (you have to click several links and scroll a bit to find it) that mentions downloads cannot be completed on mobile. You’d think there would be some sort of more obvious announcement for this, but no. I don’t personally have a computer, which meant I had to borrow one JUST TO USE WHAT I’D BOUGHT! Only to find when I went to the browser that Etsy was convinced I was a robot, and no matter how many times I took the test, all I got was a “cannot contact reCAPTCHA.” Currently I am still unable to use my purchase or acquire a refund, seeing as refunds are not accepted for PDFs. Thanks Etsy. Thirdly (and less importantly but still frustrating), I cannot see the actual number of people following me nor the number of shops I follow. I have clicked the option to “follow” several shops, and yet it stubbornly insists I’m following none.
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3 years ago, Bc2socal
In Stock doesn’t mean in stock!
The majority of items listed on Etsy aren’t actually ready to ship even when it says in stock. It means they might have the materials to make it but there is a long ‘processing’ time. Set your expectations low for delivery time and don’t buy anything that needs to be delivered for a holiday or gift.. Likely you will disappointed.. this isn’t just for personalized items. Sellers like to have hundreds of listings but can’t and won’t try to have them in stock and just assume you understand they still have to make another version of the item pictured. Also Etsy is rampant with copyright infringement and stealing of intellectual property. The absolute opposite of supporting a creative! I joined an Etsy Sellers group and it’s basically thousands of Etsy sellers FB group which i found was mostly making fun of people that had expectations of receiving an ‘in stock’ item that doesn’t arrive for a month or so. And telling people to ‘mind their own business’ regarding copyright infringement because ‘90% of products on Etsy are copied from the original artist’.. I went from dedicated Etsy buyer, proactively encouraging friends to shop small business, dipping my toes into selling some of my own handmade items, legitimately in stock items, trying to educate myself with other Etsy buyers, to vowing to never shop Etsy again.
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6 months ago, Btpalmer180
So Cool!
I recently purchased a graphic tee from WyattsDigitalArt on Etsy and I have to say, I am extremely pleased with my purchase! I would give this brand a 5-star rating without hesitation. The shirt is not only stylish, but it is also incredibly comfortable to wear. As a hip hop dance teacher, I'm always on the lookout for unique and expressive clothing to match my vibrant personality, and WyattsDigitalArt delivered just that. The collection of graphic tees and clothes offered by this brand are eye-catching, full of character, and impressive. The designs make a bold statement wherever I go. I've received numerous compliments from friends, family, and even strangers. It's clear that the attention to detail and creativity put into each piece is unmatched. The quality of the fabric and printing is also top-notch, and durable enough to dance in. I'm thrilled to have found this brand as it perfectly aligns with my personal style and profession. I highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for high-quality, trendy, and expressive clothing options. Thank you, WyattsDigitalArt, for creating such amazing pieces!
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4 months ago, Jam9996
Etsy Review
I love the beautiful, unique items that Etsy has to offer. No other online store has such a large variety of these types of products, so I really do appreciate that. However, Etsy has several flaws. The cart pop-ups are incredibly annoying. I can’t even keep items in my cart anymore, I have to put stuff I want to buy soon in the save for later section. The pop-ups appear at least three times so closing them out once or twice doesn’t work. Now I don’t even need to have the item in my cart for the pop-ups to happen, they will appear if I’m just browsing the search results. Ugh. I hope they realize what a terrible design this is. No other website that I know of harasses their buyers to this extent. I’ve also noticed many Etsy sellers who are reselling items from Shein and AliExpress at 10x the price. Etsy does nothing when I notify them about this, even though they say it’s against their policies. They won’t enforce this rule. Be especially careful when buying earrings, check those Chinese sites first to make sure you aren’t being ripped off. Also, the website is buggy and crashes at least three times a day, usually more.
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6 years ago, Tritones
No Accountability
I really loved Etsy because of all the creative variety of hand-crafted products. However, the past few orders I have placed have been massively overdue. I bought a Christmas gift for a friend in early December; it had an ETA if 2-3 weeks yet it JUST arrived mid February. There needs to be some sort of system of accountability that penalizes business owners if they take longer than the projected dates posted on their page - some sort of incentive for them to make sure they meet their own deadlines. Perhaps refunding a percentage of the cost of the item back to the buyer after a certain amount of time? If you claim that your products ship within two to three weeks, and it takes two MONTHS on more than one separate occasion, it is a huge deterrent to me from wanting to buy anything else from here again. I understand life happens, and some things are out of their control; I’m completely okay if it’s a few days (or even a week) past when they said I would get it, as long as they keep me updated. But that rarely happens. Most of the time I just get no response until I finally open a claim, which I really don’t like doing. Please develop a better system of accountability to make it less frustrating for your consumers! Thank you!
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1 year ago, Queers4Trump
Best Place For Custom Kink Gear
You won’t find a single place where sellers go above and beyond for kinky buyers who usually have some sort of shame wanting items that make adulting more fun and with Klarna as a partner, I was able to treat myself and my lover to beautiful, one of a kind items that are fairly priced and extremely hard to find to add to our bedroom time and this was made possible by Etsy. Etsy isn’t perfect and there will be times you get a dud but 9 times out of 10 I’ve been super happy supporting people in the kink community with all my purchases. With Klarna I was able to get a great deal of custom items for like $30 bucks a month on auto pay. It’s a no brainer. You pick out what you like, open Klarna and shop Etsy, the transaction is seamless and worth the wait. Tracking numbers and a way to contact the seller all make this easy to do with no stress. Plus when people ask you where you got your sexy toys at the next play party you can tell them with absolute confidence they can find it on Etsy!😊
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2 years ago, Stēvi M
Loyal but cautious
I have been a buyer and seller on Etsy since 2007 when I opened my jewelry shop. Since then I have seen many changes to Etsy, some for the better and others not. Etsy is a Mecca for specialized, beautiful items that you may not be able to find anywhere else, and it serves as a community for creative people. It is user-friendly and easy to operate, and the prices are fair. My biggest complaints about Etsy are that they do not promote truly handmade items as much as they used to, and that they are too quick to shut down a shop at the first sign of a conflict with a customer. There is no hearing process or chance to course correct. I’ve seen too many shops get shut down for no reason. I love being an Etsy seller and I am happy, but I no longer trust them as much as I used to. I don’t trust that if there was ever a problem with my shop, even after 14 years, that I could receive proper customer service and feel heard and honored. I have no first hand experience with this as my shop is still in tact. This is my honest assessment that I would tell a good friend. I would have kept it to myself, but they asked.
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6 years ago, Maryl p
I got scammed and there is nothing anybody can do
I downloaded Etsy super excited to see what I could find and how to improve my cosplays and all. I take partial blame for not doing more research before I committed. I found a listing on Etsy from “Cosplay Dream Shop” that promoted cheap commissions and I though I’d give it a whirl. Set up a payment system and I sent my payment through PayPal (what the seller told me to do) and what turned to months of messages of “when will it arrive?” to “I need my money back because you violated our agreement.” Commissioner stopped replying on the Etsy chat and I found her on Facebook and started messaging her there and she said she’d get my cosplay to me. I contacted Etsy to see what could be done and they said to call PayPal since that’s where the transaction happed so I called PayPal and they told me to call my bank because there was utterly nothing they could do. I call my bank and they inform me they also can’t do anything because the transaction was over 150 days or something and the only thing I can do is continue to message the seller on Etsy. It has been an utter nightmare and I’m angry and upset that no one can do anything. So in other words, Etsy is a platform for easy scams and trickery to occur. What makes me even more mad is that her shop still exists on Etsy! Thanks Etsy, for nothing.
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3 months ago, Andrew Garrod
Really Good, but…
I really enjoy browsing through the different shops, but with the newest update, the receipt page for an item is contradictory. At the top, it will say that an item has shipped, but at the bottom, it will say that it hasn’t shipped yet. It’s very confusing, and I’m not sure which prompt to trust. Small error, but an error nonetheless. Another issue I had pertains to where a product supposedly ships from. I had one item ship from California to my home across the country in four total days. But an item that supposedly ships from my resident state hasn’t even shipped in the same amount of time. Not necessarily the fault of Etsy, but I would suggest that a shop be required to provide Etsy with a legitimate location to ship from. I have a feeling that not all locations listed are accurate. Sellers should also be required to ship sold items within a set amount of time, otherwise have their ability to sell their wares on the platform to be revoked. Also, before you purchase anything, ask the seller if they ship through a service called Ding Hong. There have been many instances where sellers shipping through Ding Hong are scamming customers.
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2 months ago, punkassjim
iPad etsy UX is still terrible for sellers
I wrote this review nearly a decade ago. I *just* got a response from the developer. That oughtta tell you something. Anyway, Etsy once was a place to find *only* handmade and vintage goods, but it’s been about a decade since they said “eff that, our shareholders need more,” so they opened up to selling cheap mass-produced disposable products, and squeezed out thousands of independent artisans whose keyword searchability suddenly went in the toilet. Still bitter about that. Anyway, here’s my original review: The conversation view is nice. Long overdue. Now if only you can make the seller/store management into something larger than an iPhone-sized sub-view on iPad, we might be getting somewhere. Yet STILL tapping on Etsy notifications takes me to this useless splash page for following/trending. And why doesn't the Following screen reflect any of the stores I'm following on the etsy website? Do I have to maintain separate lists for the same function? That seems a strange choice. And for now, since I don't want to start curating a second list, I'm continually greeted by a screen of blinking rectangles whenever I tap on a message/sale notification from this app. It's irritating, and the website is a far better experience on iPad. Fix that.
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2 months ago, ElaineSanchezi
I got scammed!
Etsy is supposed to be a safe place to shop and sell and yet they let scammers continue to have their fake stores to fish for people’s information and private details. I wrote to their customer support multiple times with no answer and meanwhile the scammers took my bank account off my account and are probably trying to scam people in to buying my products that were loaded in there. I bought some jewelry sets and even though I was refunded the scammers gained access to my account and my personal information and now I’m just sitting here waiting for Etsy to respond which people say could take weeks. The scammers also have fake customer service numbers you can call and get scammed further. They have my bank details, adress, phone number, PayPal info and so on. When this is over I will never use Etsy again and will tell everyone I know about my experience and not to buy anything on there. With as big as your company is you would think you can put a few extra dollars in to a better fraud department. Some people make a living selling on Etsy and they don’t have protection. Horrible service, horrible app. Answer your inquiries in less than 10 weeks! You guys are horrible and have no sympathy for your true customers or sellers.
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4 years ago, ehitsalight
Extremely unhappy
I am extremely unhappy I have been dealing with the supplier LoveJilty, since I’ve paid for my items I haven’t received any information regarding why my payment has not gone through on THERE part. I was supposed to receive a bra top and a garter bottom and was told that my items was marked as unpaid because of being shipped internationally and that additional charges may apply that I was okay with what I’m not Okay with is the fact that I got a message from LoveJilty saying they need me to pay again for what I already bought and have a receipt for ! Which is 85$ extra! I have tried to open a case but cannot because it says that my items will not be shipped until July 12 which is a lie because I will not be receiving my items because they have told me I need to pay more money. They also sent me a one additional message saying that they would check the bank as to why my payment didn’t go through and they never got back with me I want a refund and have not heard back and I am extremely disappointed and unsatisfied
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2 years ago, SusieQ 71561
How can you NOT Love ETSY?
This site has grasped my heart from the first time I visited it several years ago. I had first heard of it through a cousin who’s daughter was making the most intricate jewelry and was showcasing it on ETSY. I figured let me have a look. I have to warn you, this site is addicting. My husband who can’t stand flea markets, and as he says peoples old junk loves me to show him things on ETSY. Plus it’s not just the VINTAGE items. Its the Artisans that comprise so much of what you see on here. The first time I witnessed a person who took an old Novel and folded the pages into a Heart. Another who used spoons to make a piece of functional decor. Just so much. All so beautiful and special. The first time I witnessed a hand and arm crochet chunky blanket! This is what ETSY is about. I love so much I could go on and on. My favorite has to be the Books that are wrapped. How awesome is that. You receive a Vintage Novel wrapped uniquely. Now I want to go “surprise” myself with that! Here’s to having a bunch of lovely, wonderful and inspiring experiences on ETSY!🌻
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3 months ago, suziroo
Too many factory made products!
Hey Etsy - thought this was all about the craftsperson, not the Asian factory. You know that there’s something not quite right when you see the same photos in multiple shops that were also on Chinese mega-sites. I do appreciate the shops that will custom-make garments. That’s a service that’s necessary for the plus-sized in particular - I had to stop at 1X because customers sized larger refused to pay a higher price than I was charging for a small. Back to the situation - I’ve always put the mandated care and content labels in my garments, but content is sorely missing on the imports from China. I purchased a rather pricey sweater from Alicewool that she stated was cotton. It started pilling if you looked at it cross-eyed. Within 24 hours it became some you wouldn’t leave the house wearing. I tested the yarn, and got very little ash, and a hard plastic-y blob - it was most likely a petroleum based synthetic, with a single cotton thread. When I called her on it, she was rude and dismissive. Is it one rule for us, and another for China? I’ve often thought of contacting the FTC regarding this.
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6 years ago, Taylor Koehler
Etsy has become very difficult over the past couple years I’ve used it. I recently bought a charger on here and when it showed up the item didn’t work at all. Contacting the shop first I asked for the issue to be solved. I checked to make sure it wasn’t my phone and when done I asked the shop for a new charger (they state this is not an issue even if I was the one to break it) I contacted Etsy and opened a case. Eventually after some time the seller stopped replying and ignored me. This raised a red flag. I escalated the case with Etsy as to have them over look it and the replies take forever, they also aren’t fixing the issue. First, they ask for photos which I can not supply because how do you take a photo of your phone not charging? Thy also don’t realize even if it was my fault for breaking it, the seller states in their about, that they will replace it, no questions, no returns, and quickly. I’m deeply disappointed and awaiting for my last order to arrive so I am able to delete the app. ****Update: recently Etsy closed my case and refused to fix the issue, The shop also decided to change their warranty facts so I can not in anyway get my item replaced. I’m saddened how poor of a system Etsy runs and how disappointing some of the people on there are.
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1 week ago, Ashlina
Please bring back the old search bar!!
The recent update to the app's search bar feature has left me thoroughly disappointed. The change to make it resemble a chat box is functionally disastrous. It's a major setback for users and potentially very detrimental to sales for many. Prior to the update, the search feature worked like a charm. Just a few days ago, I was able to effortlessly find numerous options when I searched for "mandrake" in my quest for Halloween costume props. Today, however, the experience is nothing short of frustrating. Instead of results, I was met with a discouraging message suggesting I try different words because they had nothing to offer. This abrupt decline in search quality is upsetting and time-consuming. I'm relieved that I had previously saved some options using the heart/favorites feature otherwise I would have been out of luck. Furthermore, the new search feature takes an eternity to yield any results. In all honesty, I cannot fathom why the app developers thought this new search feature was an improvement. It's nothing short of incompetent and inconvenient. I implore them to bring back the previous search bar, which actually worked efficiently and didn't hinder the user experience.
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4 years ago, Dkwatkins
Fabric pricing
The only thing I don’t like on Etsy is having to guess the price of fabric. It is usually by the yard but on Etsy you sometimes have to go all the way into your cart before finding the price is not for a yard but it is for a fat quarter, an 1/8th, or 3/8 yard, 1 yard etc. It makes it very hard to compare fabrics. Normally it would be no big deal but when a fabric is needed now it gets very annoying to open an ad just to find out it still doesn’t specify how much you are getting for $3.40. After reading the entire ad you still don’t have an indication. So now you go to the cart to see what you bought for 3 @ $3.40. One would expect about $12 with tax but instead it said $38 and that didn’t include shipping. I did this kind of searching for 6 hours yesterday between 2 sites and left everything at your site except for one small purchase. I don’t have a problem paying what something is worth but it seems like a trick. It is not needed unless your goal is to annoy. Just price it the real price. Thanks, Donna Watkins
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4 months ago, Storm Observer
Great Website Except….
I have had great success over many years using Etsy. I have only had one or two disappointments with sellers but the overwhelmingly majority of local as well as international sellers have been excellent. Only complaint I have with Etsy is its need to be overtly woke promoting particular groups separate from others. So foolish and misdirected. No one buys on Etsy knowing the seller’s gender, race or sexual preference. But when you market and promote these groups separate and apart, identifying them by these arbitrary and superficial labels, as opposed to just being “human beings” with a product to sell, you reduce yourselves to immature and shallow people. And if I would ever choose to buy a product based on one of these labels, let alone buying something only because the seller is a white straight male I would be embarrassed and sad to be part of such a reversed bigoted world we worked so hard to dismantle. Let the wokeness go. You are not the better human being you think you are.
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5 years ago, Molly Ortiz
Overwhelmed by ads
I love Etsy and I’ve used this app for years. I was SO happy when they finally updated the options for search filtering because that was a long long time coming, but recently my searches are dominated by ads paid for by the stores owner. I’m used to Etsy ads and they’ve even helped me find new favorites. However, most of my search results are now ads, and they’re ads that are no longer even pertinent to what I’m looking for. If I’ve searched for sunflower necklaces, adjusted the filters to what I want, I don’t want to see sunflower wedding invitations suggested, or sunflower art prints being suggested. Seriously?! At least suggest the same thing I’m looking for, even if it’s a $200 item and my search criteria is the $0-$50 range. That at least I understand. Mixing completely different categories is obnoxious and makes it hard for me to see what I’m looking for. The second problem with the ads lately is the quantity. I’m used to seeing 2 ads every so often, but I’m seeing 4-6 ads clumped together now and coming up so often I don’t know if it’s still on my search at all. This is ridiculous, I want this fixed ASAP please.
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4 months ago, GwenMoore
Searching on Etsy
Dear Etsy Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration regarding the search results on the Etsy platform. Despite my efforts to find specific items, I have consistently encountered irrelevant pictures and listings that do not align with my search intent. As a dedicated Etsy user, I value the platform for its unique and handmade offerings. However, the recent inconsistencies in the search results have hindered my ability to discover the products I am truly interested in. It is disheartening to spend valuable time sifting through numerous irrelevant listings, which negatively impacts my overall shopping experience. I understand that refining search algorithms can be complex, but I believe it is crucial for Etsy to prioritize relevance and accuracy. The current search functionality seems to lack the ability to understand the nuances of my search queries, leading to a flood of unrelated items. It is my sincere hope that Etsy invests in improving this aspect to better serve its users.
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5 months ago, CoolBlueDiamond12
The app needs changes.
I love eyes as a platform, it’s the best place to get things you can’t find anywhere else, and you’re supporting artists directly. However, this app honestly need a revamp. There’s many things that can’t be done on the app in terms of account management, etc, and that you have to go to the website to do. My other main issue is the notifications for reviewing items, and the frequent glitching that comes along with them. I don’t like the fact that notifications show up every time you get an item, forcing you to review it to get the stupid thing to go away. It feels very fake on Etsy’s part. On top of that, there is a very frequent glitch where the app will show that there is a notification in the reviews section, but when you go to click on it, there is nothing there. This means there is absolutely no way to get rid of it, and you simply have to wait for the notification to expire. It drives me so crazy that when this happens I just take Etsy off my home screen until it goes away. The app developers seriously need to make some changes.
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4 weeks ago, Utah Seahawk Girl
If you can't find IT on eBay...
You can definitely find IT on Etsy! I love the ease of navigation and the ease of purchasing. I like that I can put several things in my cart , and then choose which ones I want to purchase now or later. I like how it saves my recent searches, has suggestions based on my recent browsing, and the ease of asking a question or starting a convo (conversation). Other than the following complaint, this app gets 5 STARS!!! (I put 1 star so it would be reviewed by the app developers, and they can fix the search problem). **the complaint: While searching, sometimes my thumb accidentally hits the search icon at the bottom of the screen, which kicks me out of my current search. Sure, the search title I used is saved, but not the place I was. It's very frustrating to search through 250 items, only to have to start the search again because I tapped too far down on the screen** (I know... I need smaller thumbs lol!)
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2 years ago, Liz S 88
way too much dropshipped stuff
ALWAYS do a reverse google search before you buy anything on Etsy. Half of the time I find the item on Aliexpress for a fraction of the cost and it turns out the Etsy shop is just a Dropshipping front masquerading as “small artisan homemade”. Etsy’s reliability has completely gone down the drain and I only use it as a last resort or when I buy from a shop that’s been vetted by other people I know. The cross stitch market here is also FULL of stolen designs. I do extensive research before buying anything because I want to make sure I’m buying from the actual artist instead of a seller who stole someone else’s design. If you’re a seller, make sure you put soft copyrights on anything you sell because Etsy will not support you when you find out someone’s stolen your creation. Also, make sure you’re regularly changing your password. My friend got hacked and her account stolen, it took 2 months and a Better Business Bureau complaint to finally get Etsy to respond to her. Etsy needs to increase their seller percentage for better “customer experience” great maybe you can actually take down the stolen designs and answer stolen account emails in less than 2 months.
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8 months ago, Lynne Gallagher
The Adventure of Etsy
Shopping on Etsy is an adventure! I have just purchased 2 sets of earrings and 2 ring sizers. After paying with a credit card, I was asked to write a review. I don’t usually write reviews, but Etsy is fun to peek at periodically and I do usually always buy something. The individual owners of shops with Etsy let you know where their products are made and where they ship from. During the Civid 19 stay at home time, I enjoyed looking at Etsy jewelry and found some special treasures. Quite a few, actually and for reasonable prices. A few years ago I ordered a beautiful handmade stone Fairy house. It was made in a shop in England and sent from there. Just about a foot around and adorable. I had messages from the makers of the Fairy house and happily thanked them for the good packing for shipping from England to Massachusetts. Made mostly of stones, it was heavy. Love having English stones! It’s fun to have a little sense of where things actually come from, too. Found lots of little fairies and fairy house outside furniture on Etsy. The Etsy adventure is always finding something new, unique, handmade, beautiful or useful and not necessarily knowing what you are searching for. Hahaha…..until you find it! Thanks Etsy and Thanks to all of your special Shops. It is a pleasure to scroll through and look at your unique items. Fun! Shopping with you is also organized and easy. Lynne Gallagher Comb Manchester, Ma. February 2023
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3 years ago, thirsty in the rain
Reviews are not a conversation
I’ve had this app for a LONG time. In fact, it’s one of the first apps I ever downloaded! I love how you can find just what you’re looking for! However, in recent months I have noticed that prices on many items I’ve been interested in have gone up significantly. My biggest complaint about this app though: on several occasions, I have left honest—not brutal or bashing, but simply honest reviews about a few of my transactions. When you leave a review about a purchase experience on this app, the seller can continue to publicly comment on your feedback. To me, this is totally bizarre and not what I’m looking for in a shopping experience. It creates a confrontational environment. And no one wants to read all that! If I’m leaving feedback because something needed to be improved, I’m not looking for an argument or justification. It’s just that—feedback (to hopefully help improve that person’s business in the future)! I wish they would change this feature, and maybe consider making “less than 4 star reviews/comments” private so it doesn’t become an unfriendly environment.
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1 week ago, jabnif
AI changes torpedoed this app!
I love Etsy for shopping small and personal, but am now using the app for the first time since they did something with AI in the search and OMG WHAT IS THIS?!?! I don’t need my search to validate me with a fake chat that tells me it will find me the perfect thing, just give me the search results! It’s WAY slower, harder to edit a search now, makes me click often to “see more” instead of just letting me scroll results, and seems way more interested in pushing related products on me than actually finding results for what I’m looking for. I understand apps update and change that can be frustrating, but it’s worth some growing pains if it actually improves function. Etsy has just torpedoed the easy, straightforward function of actually finding what you’re looking for on the app, and it’s an awful change that undermines its business. I can’t see myself buying from here as much when it’s so cumbersome to find what you’re looking for and you’re forced to constantly read unnecessary messages from a bot during your time on the app. A huge shame for its makers and potential buyers. :(
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2 months ago, zombified419
Pretty awesome but could use some UI updates
I appreciate the place where the app is at right now, as it’s easy to navigate and fairly intuitive, but there’s some areas that could use some improvement. 1. When browsing, the photos are slightly too large and often you can’t see the full product in the thumbnail without selecting it (could be something to drive more exposure, but this was a recent-ish change). 2. Also when browsing, things I’ve already saved / favourited for later isn’t showing on the thumbnail anymore. Again, I need to select the item to see if I already have it saved or not. Previously wasn’t like that and feels like a loss in functionality. 3. Allow filtering on purchases. Sure they’re in order of most recent, but it would be great to be able to filter on key things, such as shipment status or if it’s been delivered. Otherwise, when I make a purchase that has multiple items that all ship at different times from different sellers, I often have to dig to find them. 4. The notifications don’t work as well as they could within the app. I’ve had a ghost ‘provide feedback’ notification for months that no amount of clearing, uninstalling/reinstalling will help. I’m sure there’s probably more feedback I could provide, but these are the immediate quality of life improvements that I think would benefit all users. Overall I’m happy with the app and use it rather frequently. Love the suggestions based on my saved items! :)
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2 years ago, drag0nprotector
awesome but pls stop
so I have this problem where I saw one inappropriate thing, specifically inappropriate anime stickers, and reported it. ive never looked at anything like that before, i only ever look at pokemon, enamel pins, and stickers(that dont have anything to do with nasty things! though i might’ve ACCIDENTALLY tapped on an inappropriate picture ONCE. but accidentally! i never wanted to) BUT, since I had to view it to report it, the kept showing me more, and more, and more, and suggesting searches about it. ive sent like 23 angry reports on the same items over and over again because I don’t wanna see them. So, I’m suggesting that, if someone reports something, they most likely don’t like it and don’t wanna see anymore of it, so if you take away the feature where it registers reported items as recently veiwed, that wouldnt be a problem and things like it wouldnt be suggested. But, great app overall, I love the handmade items and looking at everyone’s creativity and being able to buy it and support them.
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3 years ago, Hawthorneberries
Etsy is my go-to for clothing now
I love linen clothing. Here in the states, I can find linen in white, beige, black and a few other colors. On Etsy, I can find linen in beautiful, rich, saturated colors like mallard blue, teal, sea green, and merlot. Since I wear only linen in the summer, Etsy has become my go-to for clothing. The prices are fabulous too. Here in the states I might have to pay $90 for a nice linen tank and on Etsy a similar tank (which is also made to order from measurements you provide them), the same top is $45-$65 or so. The customer service is great too. I don’t mind waiting for my item to arrive as it’s so special. All of the shops I’ve ordered from have also sent color swatches to aid in color choices should I order again (and I usually do). The linen is of often of superior quality, comes in various weights and is very soft and never scratchy. I have worn every single clothing item I’ve purchased from Etsy. I am 5’2 and busty, so that’s pretty hard to accomplish.
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