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User Reviews for ExpertVoice

4.88 out of 5
55.7K Ratings
3 years ago, vc skis
Much appreciated
I’ve been using the app for well over a year now and it’s been pretty flawless. The edu-games are helpful and, although sometimes time consuming, an understandable and justified process to receive such great pricing on quality brands. Expert Voice customer service has been terrific. My inquiries have been responded to quickly and professionally. Outdoor pros are often poorly paid relative to the money we need to spend to do our jobs well/safely. These discounts mean a lot to us - especially when the entire family works outdoors and needs to be outfitted for multiple sport disciplines each season. From the bottom of my heart and wallet…. thank you. As an extra bonus, I’ve discovered some smaller, lesser-known brands that have turned out to be some of my favorite, go-to places to shop. That these companies offer such generous pricing, go above and beyond to help us choose the best products for our needs, the stuff that keeps us safe, warm, dry, nourished, and looking sharp…. they have earned my loyalty. I’m proud to recommend the brands I buy through Expert Voice to resort guests, students, and friends.
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1 year ago, Yooper Devil Dog
Besides the hassle I had with applying for a military discount, which involved 2 submissions of documents because one wasn’t good enough and a phone call to complain why my paperwork was being denied, the site offers awesome discounts once approved on top of educational tests for specific brands to receive theirs discounts, but also understand the product better to not only inform yourself, but even to others. Which if they see educating you on their product will increase their sales after learning about it, they think it’s a help to give you the incentive to have their discount. I appreciate that greatly how they set that up for the user being military. I highly recommend this business and app for future purchases. Hope this helps anyone who reads this!
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5 years ago, Mama Co-op
Expert Voice has offered me a chance to learn valuable product info on many items of interest. I have found, learned about, and now use several products, from footwear to eyewear, from nutrition to pain relief, because I learned more on Expert Voice. It is also much easier to share my knowledge, as the information presented here is succinct. In addition to education, Expert Voice has a website layout that makes it easy to track learning progress, see discount offers or free products, and keep track of purchased items from different sources. Expert Voice has introduced me to some great products by making them accessible and affordable. Love you, Expert Voice!
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5 years ago, Two Finger Mike
Sustainable Tradition
I just learned that Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars supplies the genuine ebony wood to Buck for use on their 110 Folding Hunter knife. In case you didn’t know, Bob Taylor is a visionary. Leading not just the music instrument industry; but industry as a whole, toward a sustainable future. Taylor Guitars owns a mill in Cameroon (Crelicam) and is responsible for reforestation harvesting. This is making waves throughout the logging industry; forcing loggers to take a new look at how selective cutting, culling, and replanting is done. Also Taylor is leading the industry in finding value in wood that would normally go to scrap; thus making more income for the mill employees, increasing the quality of life for those who are far less fortunate than we Americans. Thank you Buck Knives for jumping on the bandwagon!
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5 years ago, CRSanders
Razor Spotting scope
I had my own repair, I accidentally dropped my spotting scope while hunting and didn’t know it until the next range session the following summer. When I set up my scope and phone scope to view the target, everything was black, and then after removing the phone scope, I noticed the outside shade ring was dented in. Once I lifted the scope off the tri-pod that’s when I felt the movement of something broken inside the spotting scope. Called Vortex and returned said scope, no questions asked, repaired my scope and even sent me a really nice hat to me, thanks so much. There the only optics company I will buy. I think to this date I have 1 spotting scope, 1 pair of binoculars, 2 red dots and 12 rifle scopes.
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2 years ago, *** Thomas ***
Doesn’t deliver product and doesn’t reply to emails
Hello, I would be very careful ordering from Expertvoice. I used to recommend them, but on my last order, somehow the product didn’t get deliver. I am sure it’s UPS issue. But my issue is that ExpertVoice told me it deliver even if couldn’t provide any legitimate proof and then never replied to any follow ups emails. They didn’t even follow up with UPS, nor with me, nor with the company who sent the product on their behalf … They just basically took my money and now let me w/o the product ordered. Followed up 5 times by email but never heard back. It s strange customer service ? Can’t remember the last website I shopped from that wouldn’t stand up for deliveries issues or at least try to help ? It s disappointing that they take your money and then let you down. Not even replying. Just not caring.
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2 months ago, Marina OGAlkalized
I LOOOOOVVEEE EXPERTVOICE! I’ve used it for years. It gives people who work in the industries that promote a healthy lifestyle an opportunity to learn and try first hand full size products. I LOVE being able to recommend products to others based on my ACTUAL experience with it… and not just a sample- a full month gives me time to change my habits, incorporate it into my routine and see some results! PLUS, the edu-games give me a MUCH MORE in depth about each brand, their background, mission and products… I love this! When you know more, it encourages you to support and try different brands! LOVE LOVE LOVE EXPERTVOICE!🫶🐉🌻
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9 months ago, Salami5154
Great application to not only save money but to make wiser purchases.
I’ve been using this application and is predecessor for 6 years now. It does a great job of educating consumers and providing pretty darn good discounts for a plethora of brands. Occasionally you can find things cheaper elsewhere but a majority of the time this app has it for the best price. I also enjoy scanning through the reviews. I feel people that leave reviews on the products are pretty unbiased and leave a more accurate depiction of the products.
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5 years ago, OliFinn
THREE UPDATES LATER Can still no longer search by gender
It’s 2018 (going on 2018)—this seems like a simple and logical fix. It looks like I can no longer refine my search by gender when browsing through a particular built-in brand (for example, Arc’teryx). The drop down menu that used to let one search for men’s vs women’s products has turned into a (albeit in depth) menu listing sub-categories of a product (i.e. jackets). It was helpful to be able to limit your search to just men’s or just women’s products. Also, when you select a brand with multiple discounts, the app will auto-select the biggest discount. If you only get one order for say 75% off an item, and can order at 50% for multiple items, it’s annoying to toggle through.
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5 years ago, Zandra619
Not always the cheaper option
I absolutely love the idea of the app. However, there have been many cases where I’ve gone online and found that normal retailers are selling that item on sale as well, and often for lower prices than here. Combined with high shipping costs that often make no sense, expert voice is usually more expensive. I think it’s extremely strange that shipping increases with item amounts rather weight. Thus, I only recommend this app for sales that include free shipping and after you have verified on google that the sale price is actually less here. (I just saved $200 buying the same five Black Diamond cams via google rather than on Expert Voice)
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1 year ago, rich conley
Every employer must have
As a manager of the local tractor supply company this is a must have/use!! The fact that your employees can learn about the merchandise you actually sell while being rewarded is a win-win for employer/Employee, my guys love this app and literally do this because they want to not because I want them to. They love the rewards they are giving for completing brands and our business has improved so much when you have employees who know what they are selling!
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12 months ago, Phycute
Love this app, and the discounts I am able to take advantage of!
Been a part of ExpertVoice for 4/5 years now. I love how they work with companies to get discounts to people who work in a variety of industries. I have saved so much money over the years, and have been able to try higher quality products that I could not have otherwise afforded. On top of that, this app has always worked well. Would give 10 stars if I could!
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12 months ago, Police ghths
Great Brand Opportunities
ExpertVoice is a great app for any and all who qualify to use the deals, it is nice to see manufacturers coming in and showing support to their users and letting us get products for a discounted price, even though the discounts are amazing, what is truly great about this app is that when you read a review from an expert you can believe what they are saying and also go to their profile and see why they are qualified to make such a review.
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3 years ago, a_lynne
Horrible App
I have been using ExpertVoice since 2010 they used to have great brand access however they have since lost their clout with the outdoor industry. The app was loaded with some nice brands connected to my group affiliation I used it as late as spring summer 2021 but just logged in December 2021 to find that all of the great brands that were once available to me albeit I had to unlock them are no longer available. I had 8 brands available as of December when this spring there seemed to be over 100 brands available just waiting to be unlocked. I would not recommend wasting your time with this company as they no longer seem to be affiliated with the outdoor industry like they used to be.
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5 years ago, FreddyK21
Awesome site
When I found out about this site used for first responders and military personnel with ideal gear offers I was a bit skeptical. After browsing through products from different companies and seeing the discounts that they offer was unbelievable. It’s been a relief to know that products I’ve eyeing for a long time have become reasonably in reach with a much more affordable price. So I thank Experticity for giving me an opportunity to buy these products at a great price.
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3 years ago, username208
Great training resource.
I’ve found expert voice to be a great resource for people in the outdoors industry. Unfortunately due to the high demand of goods finding a deal on popular outdoor items is nearly impossible and if you check the vendors page daily you will get lucky from time to time. I have found it very helpful to contact vendors directly in my industry and inquire if they offer discounts, most have been very helpful even during these times. I enjoy Expert Voice and appreciate their work to help the outdoors industry grow and to provide discounts whenever possible. Hopefully our market will normalize some day !
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3 years ago, Crazzyrebel
I am a veteran really appreciate that people do things like this for us. But using this app really made it hard not to get upset using. For one its not very user friendly. Two, I have to keep verifying myself (Literally sent a photo of my ID three times). Three, things are always out of stock. Four, there’s really not much of any discounts as advertised due the fees being added when checking out. Overall, it’s not worth the time getting items thats literally almost a month out of waiting too. Great concept, bad in the works. Hopefully things will be better. Deleting for now
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6 years ago, cobaltsk8er
It's great...when it works
I don't know what the issue is, but the website/app is utter garbage. No matter if on the app or on the website, be it on a phone, iPad, or even laptop, it will either just crash or will run very slow. I've gotten this piece of trash to work long enough to get ONE solid deal on an item. It was a great deal, but I almost would've rather paid full price than dealt with the headache that comes with dealing with this site and the length of time it took to get the item. As I'm writing this, I just wasted an hour and a half trying to order some items that I'm just giving up on and will go pay full price for instead.
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3 years ago, Schadownator
great when the companies follow through
as a vitamin salesman its great to train and get trial versions of stuff to learn about and try so i can recommend stuff. however 50% of the companies will wait on your order 3 weeks then cancel the order. this is after passing their various tests and such. some which are very in depth. i love to learn but if these companies can ship it to my store for regular orders on time for 2 bottles why cant they do it through expert voice? and when i started expert voice customer is no existent and took SO long to handle the paystub i gave them great idea. poor execution
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2 years ago, Dakota RGM
Avid outdoorsman
While fishing in Ketchikan, Ak, at the end of the day we were cleaning our catch, I noticed our commercial guide was using a orange handled knife that seemed to glide through the salmon and halibut. After we were done, I asked him about his knives and he said they were Bubbas and they were the best knives he had found. Other cleaning stations that we were at, the majority of the knives used were Bubbas. I now own 2 of the “orange handle” knives and love them.
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1 year ago, Mr Twiggins
Highly recommend for anyone
Learning? Looking? Reading? Understand standing? This app was recommended to me by friend. We are both combat arms veterans, however I’m just getting into guns a bit deeper now that I have time. This app will provide you amazing info an even offer you test to see if you could remember what you read an gives you a deep understanding. Super awesome! Apps great. Will share with others
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5 years ago, AnonAWriter
Problems ...
Can no longer click on brands in the “brands” tab ... very irritating, as this was my primary route to checking out less familiar content. Change? Dead links? App problem? Who knows ... My biggest irritation with this app, however, is that there are a lot of brands that are actually not on the platform yet - but are listed among the active brands such that you can’t tell which are which. There needs to be a differentiation. I’m happy to add my comments here and there on why some brands should join, but I’m heartily sick of having to click on brand after brand just to have EV tell me the company isn’t there yet.
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5 months ago, Mr. Big Buck$
A must have!
Expert Voice is a must have. With hundreds of brands to learn about and to buy from I never buy anything without checking with Expert Voice first. The discounts you get are insane. I’ve bought a lot of products up to %60 off. If you can qualify for Expert Voice I highly recommend you join the community. I love it and constantly brag about the deals I get.
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5 years ago, RaKelle Lane
My teacher!
This app helps me so much! I work for Natural Grocers as the assistant manager in the supplements/body care dept. On this app I can get certified by a lot of brands/products that we provide for our customers. I’ve learned so much and I’ve passed this knowledge onto the customers to help them in deciding which supplement would support them the best. And I get to try the product as well so I know how great it is too! Thanks for this app!! ~ Rakelle
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5 years ago, Kelasaurus
Waste of time
I was informed of the program through my work and the first few trainings resulted in receiving the rewards promised. The app somehow altered the shipping address (that had been correct and unchanged on my end, as the program was working as expected initially) and then my rewards started shipping to another state. After contacting expert voice three times and being told I had entered the incorrect address (even though it proved correct for the first few trainings) I gave up and considered the time I spent on the trainings wasted and the app and program to be useless. They will use your time advertising for brands with little to (in my case) zero reward.
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2 years ago, Qweertyuuui
ExpertVoice is definitely something you need to download if you work in a big company. I work for tractor supply and I’m now certified in 4 of our products and can be put on a resume and that always looks good to employers. Some of the courses you take give you rewards like gift cards or even free shipping on those products. 10/10 app
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5 months ago, Stofflela
Great resource
This place has a little bit of everything. If you’re just browsing or have something in particular, EV most likely carries it. Also, check in biweekly! The brand may not be running a promotion/ deal that day, so check back often. Highly recommended to those who have access!
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5 years ago, Hgjbcuevkhbbyhk
Terrible service
The app will consistently kick you out and make you reset your password/ make a new account. Customer service is never available and even when you get ahold of them they are still no help. Terrible app and platform. I will be using outdoor pro link instead. You’re just waisting your time if you’re using this platform👎🏻
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6 months ago, DonJanuary
No longer Rewarding for Employees
The majority of brands you have never heard of. Any worthy brands are no longer available. The ones that are remotely desirable just use Expertvoice to unload the weird sizes or junk that isn’t selling. Anything that you want is never in stock. However if you check the manufacturers website there is plenty of stock. They just want you to pay full retail. I won’t sell a product if they don’t offer any incentive for the us salespeople. I can find better deals on the internet that don’t charge for shipping either.
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1 year ago, fgc1f
Great program and customer service
Simple to use once you get signed up. I had an issue with a shipment getting lost, their customer service had it fixed perfectly within an hour once it was reported. Many brands and items to choose from.
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5 years ago, bsgyh
A newbies journey
From what I see with Expert Voice its a great way to expand our learning and enjoy the benefits of hard work....well easy work if you ask me. It’s important to share what we learn and socialize in our communities as well as on media. This is a great tool to learn, share, teach, and help others who need answers. Looking forward to learning as I get more into this! Matt Chappell
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5 years ago, dafunkiescubajunkie
Knowledge is Power!
I’ve only just recently joined the Fam. I already love the interaction with each brand or product that you might be interested in, giving you the opportunity to absorb more detailed knowledge so that you’re comfortable with the product line you decided to go with. Knowing is half the battle, the other half is trying it out!
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1 year ago, Jackson91863
Perfect way to learn and expand brand knowledge
I’ve been in the cycling, running, triathlon, and thereby nutrition world for over 25 years. From working in a top 100 bike shop, competing in Ironman and ultra running distances up to 100 miles I’ve experienced more than most. This app makes keeping up to date fun and rewarding!
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3 years ago, C-MYST
Expert Overview
Excellent App-I have been using this system for over a year and it works better than in service customer service store systems. ExpertVoice is an amazing place to find gear and knowledge about products that’s are on the market and new products that aren’t out there yet! I love seeing and being part of the reviews and the team! C-MYST
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5 years ago, So.Yep.
Misleading and Disappointing
It seems as half of the brands listed that I’m interested in shopping with aren’t actually partnered with Expert Voice, so when you click on it the app is asking you as the consumer to add input to get them to join. This is disappointing and makes it seem as though you have more perks available through the app than what’s actually there. Brands seem to be dropping out one after the other so I have to access the prodeals individually outside of Expert Voice. Just take them off of the brands list if they’re not available!
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3 years ago, Linz and Twins
Glad to have it
Not only am I able to learn about products that we sell at my job so that I can educate customers, have the opportunity to try them at discounted rates. I have found many of my favorite things through expert voice and I’m grateful
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4 years ago, MT Mo Money
Being an expert
Expert Voice is a great place to find new and varied products. The range of vendors and products is incredible, there are items I’ve sought out and those that I didn’t know I needed until I found them here. I also enjoy the education aspect of the site, leaning the back ground of these products. Great site!
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2 years ago, Shep88
They claim to offer benefits for pros. Priced out some items through ExpertVoice and found I could get the same deal through standard retail outlets even though ExpertVoice claimed I had a 40% discount. Inflated MSRP plus ridiculous shipping fees wiped out all savings. Then the don’t allow returns if something doesn’t fit. I’d rather go direct and get better return and warranty support as well as have the money go to the v CCC implant producing the product than this 3rd party marketing scam.
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3 months ago, Emily J Star
Valuable Learning Tool and Great Discounts
For my retail team and I, being able to learn key points directly from manufacturers and try the product ourselves, has helped tremendously with the information we can pass along to our customers!
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2 years ago, trashgapp
Great product lineup
I’ve used most of the outdoor gear websites that are available but none of them have the amount of high quality manufacturers as Expert Voice. This is a one stop website when you’re looking for the best equipment available.
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5 years ago, joehgxjndud
ExpertVoice rocks
I love the companies that I have access to through ExpertVoice. I have ordered over a dozen times from many different brands without a problem. I have also taken over 100 .edu games and learned multiple things about great products and companies. Thank you ExpertVoice for this opportunity.
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4 years ago, 08LPSTD
Expert Opportunities
Expert Voice gives me great opportunities to learn about products inside and outside my industry and build product knowledge to better serve my company and customers while earning phenomenal discounts on those very same products if I wish to purchase them. Who could ask for more.
Show more
4 years ago, G rag
Just getting started
Just got full access to the application. Was an easy process so immediately liked that! Excited to get rolling on the app and taking edu quizzes. Definitely ready to check out all the options this application has to offer! More to come!
Show more
5 years ago, Joeb1n
The addition of the app has actually engaged me a lot more. I have been going through the Edu games and exploring deeper into to companies I have interest in. I would also say that the app is actually simple to order through. The reason why I give the app 4/5 is that it has lagged a few times and has also frozen a handful of times.
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3 years ago, tsm_06
Expert Voice, like a candle slowly burning out
Hello expert voice, as a retail employee my coworkers and I have noticed a lot of products have died off within the program or have not been available for nearly a year. Hoping these come back like MSR and Vortex optics!
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1 year ago, 1984*#
Best web site ever
I own a Gunsmithing and gun sales business. This website helps me purchase products to test and suggest for customers. They offer great prices so I am not putting myself out of business buying the product to test.
Show more
4 years ago, Rubi2222
Expert in a a week.
I only been a member for a couple of days and have learned a ton of things... no discounts yet, but there’s so much free content to make educated purchase on products you are interested. And the advice comes from people that are using the products actually.
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1 month ago, out of tge office
Wish there were more products available
I enjoy reading and learning. I have been a member for many years. As time goes on, there is more guns and shooting equipment and less outdoor activity and sports equipment.
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10 months ago, Jaki P.
This sight is amazing!
Though you may not get every discount depending on your background right away, they make it easy to learn about a brand and take a quiz that relates to the product to unlock what you need. It drives great experiences and loyal customers!
Show more
4 years ago, Phrogfella
Great Prices with the World’s Slowest Shipping
The brands you love at a deep discount with no returns and the shipping via the slow boat from China and next to no communication or customer service. To quote ExpertVoice, “ If it has been longer than 4 weeks and you have not received your order, you may contact ExpertVoice to check the status.” If you have a month to wait and are positive on sizing then they work great.
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