EZ Photo Prints: 1 Hour Photos

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4 months ago
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User Reviews for EZ Photo Prints: 1 Hour Photos

4.73 out of 5
53.3K Ratings
11 months ago, fdtyggjhh
Not friendly
Help! This app has the potential to be a real time saver, but I find it very difficult to use. It’s nearly impossible to erase previous orders - there should be a ‘select all’ button to delete previous orders so a new order can begin with a clean slate. Once the pix are selected and the order placed, nothing tells the user that their order has been successfully sent. Instead, the order reappears with instructions to continue the order. Twice I have accidentally placed my order multiple times having to purchase a great deal of prints I didn’t want, all because it is not clear that my order has been placed. More often than not, the machine at the store is broken, or won’t read my phone, making it necessary to use this app. If these issues were fixed, or a tutorial was available, I would use it much more frequently. July 16, 2023 I used the app today, and either I’m getting better at it or you’ve improved it very much! I would like to think the improvement was on your end! Either way, quick and easy!
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6 years ago, maria f bar
I often shop at Walgreens but recently I have moved down the street from your oggletown road location so I stopped in for a couple cleaning products but I ended up receiving much more than expected! As I walked pass the photo section I was greeted by Megan s and Tina c who were more than knowledgeable, welcoming and extremely helpful while enhancing the overall Amazing atmosphere here at your oggletown road location! They were more than helpful explaining the photo kiosk to create the best possible photos as if they were photos for their own family! I have been to various Walgreens locations and I have NEVER had such a memorable amazing experience due to Megan and Tina! I will always come back !!! Rite aide should be called wrong aide!
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6 years ago, Texas R&B
Repeatedly Crashing
After carefully choosing my pictures and thinking that I placed my order, 3 hours later, I went to to my local Walgreens to pick it up when the APP said that my prints would be ready, and nothing was there. The workers were nice enough to call around to other stores to see if I sent the pictures elsewhere by mistake (I knew that I had not) and of course my pictures were not there either. As I had submitted my order and saw my pictures being uploaded, the APP had restarted after uploading 20 pictures instead of the 80 that I had chosen, but as this was the first time I had used the APP, I didn’t know whether or not that was normal. It’s not. At the store, I used the APP to order 1 picture and it worked fine, but back at home later instead of ordering the original 80, I tried to order 12, and the APP continued to crash as it had originally. I have wasted so much time on this and only have one print to show for it, so the APP developers are lucky to even get 1 Star from me.
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4 years ago, gap-gody
Photo printing
This was my 2nd time getting print from Walgreens, my 1st time was a bad experience I went into the store and the guy that worked in photo was not helpful at all. This time I went into Walgreens on corner Campbell n Highland to print from phone, had some problem, the guy that works in photos was so helpful and patient, I couldn’t print them there he suggested when I figure out what was wrong the reason I couldn’t pull pictures up to try printing on line, that the Best thing I could have done, printing on line it so easy, thank you, Walgreens photo guy for everything, you have a dedicated photo shopper.
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5 years ago, writingreviewisntmything
Super easy!! But aware of glitch!
These days so much upgrade and tech comparability issues that all glitches could be the cause n might not be by app, but I couldn’t 1) edit the photos in app as it shows up as pitch dark and nothing I can do to edit, so I have up and printing as is 2) max # of photo you can select is 100, so after hitting the limit I placed an order which was fine. But when it asked me to order more and started to select more the app crashed. Now this could be not Walgreen app issue. But what made it glitch is that the app shown all the photos I just ordered and completed still in shopping cart!!! So question was “did my previous order went through? Or I need to place it again???” There is no “order history” feature to do. So well I had to call the store to verify. It was ordered. Just be careful.
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2 years ago, sjencp manaozpxnd
One major problem
I had 300 pictures to print. 100 was the max. That was fine, I figured I would do the process thrice. So after completing the first order of 100 prints I attempted to start were I left off. But the order of selectable photos rearranged. Making it impossible to keep track and made it really confusing. Each time I back tracked and reattempted the order changed again and again. This made it very confusing and I am sure I will have doubles maybe even triples. While also missing some of the photos I wanted to print all together. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!! Either make the already ordered photos disappear from the selectable photos screen or up the max printable per order. You could even just make the photos ordered preview able after making it easy to screen shot and compare for the following orders.
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6 years ago, Casino728
I wanted to make good quality pix off my phone of my son and his girlfriend and printing them at home was not an opinion because they just look bad. I tried a different well known store in the past and didn’t like the outcome. I remembered this app & figured I’d try it since Walgreens is close by. So glad I did! I easily selected the pix I wanted online and it was really fast, super easy to understand and inexpensive. 3 photos cost me a little over $3, they were ready in AN HOUR at NO extra charge and they look gorgeous! I will definitely use this app a lot more in the future!
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5 years ago, SheLikesPhotos
Love app only missing one IMPORTANT feature!
This app is so easy to use and I absolutely love it! The only thing missing is the ability to rotate photos. PLEASE add this feature!!! This is needed because depending on what type of frame you're using a standard 5X7 can either be cut horizontal or vertical so having the ability to rotate a photo would be AWESOME to ensure that the picture will fit your frame each time. It would also be cool to be able to add notes on pics! Not that I would necessarily use this feature but I can imagine some would. Lastly, some additional editing features would also be cool to do right in the app.
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4 years ago, NinaDebelo
Great app
This app is amazing!! It makes everything so much easier than having to drive all the way to the store and plug in your phone and upload all of your pictures to the computer. All you have to do is select your pictures then put in your info and pick your store. After that all you have to do is go pick it up and pay for it. As easy as that. I would totally recommend this app because if you like to print out pictures but don’t like having to go in the stores you can do it On this app. Plus it’s free!! So why not.
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6 years ago, Caution fraud.
Completely rubbish. You spend all of this time setting it up, you input the pictures off of your phone, and when you get to the end it just shuts down. Even if you didn’t crash, repeatedly, there’s no way to actually zoom in on any of the pictures that your choosing, so if you have five pictures that you snapped of one scene, I hope you can tell which is the best of the five from a less than 1/2“ x 1/2 inch cube. If you can’t, well good luck; this App will not help you in the least. I will try the photograph settings within genuine Walmart app, not this dedicated photo app. A terrible app, probably the result of some low bid outsource situation. Perhaps senior management at Walgreens should try to try to actually get five pictures off of this. I expect they would deal with this rubbish quickly.
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4 years ago, ThiccXHarlet
I like this app bec I can get a quick two pictures to send to my family that are currently in jail it makes it fast and easy to get letters send out so they have pictures to look at. I haven’t tried ordering anything higher then three bec I don’t want to crash the app like come people are having trouble with. I just order three then order three more right after it works perfectly. Thanks for the easy and simple app to get pictures to my loved ones
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3 years ago, bfeujhty
Satisfied customer
I love using this app. Most especially when in a hurry. Recently we needed a gift for a friend, both my husband and I thought the other had a gift. One and a half hours before the party we realized this. I pulled up a sweet photo taken of her and her mother. Used the Walgreens photo app to crop and make adjustments. An hour later we were in line with our print and were even able to grab a frame and wrapping essentials. All just in the nic of time. She still displays her sweet memory over her fire place.
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6 years ago, mom of twins 1017
Mostly great
So most of my experiences with this app have been great. I pick my photos and order double prints and go to the store and voila they are there. Have found some Wal-Greens are better than others in the printing department but otherwise good. Until today. My husband texted me photos. I uploaded them to my pictures in my phone. If I go under photos I can find them. I favorited them so I could easily upload them to the app. But the app won’t recognize 2 of my photos. I re uploaded them and tried again. As of now I have 11 favorites but the app only shows 6 what gives!!!
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6 years ago, Barrbaric
Better & faster than CVS tbh
I live right near an intersection where there’s a CVS and a Walgreens across the street from each other. For no particular reason, just luck of the draw, I chose to print a few photos at CVS via their app. Didn’t work! App kept crashing right at the end during checkout. Downloaded the Walgreens app and worked like a charm. The process from opening the app to checkout was much more streamlined, too. Looks like Walgreens won my photo business lol
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4 years ago, Blobbysox
No notification of prints
So I placed my first order at Walgreens through this app yesterday afternoon. Never got email or text confirmation of them being printed in one hour. App does NOT keep a record of purchases to track them or anything. I called Walgreens this morning to check if they had my photos, after 12 minutes on the line, the man said he “saw my pics yesterday, but somehow can’t locate them right now”. Like what?! Well I sure as hell ain’t paying for “on hour” prints! Well they can keep them. Also, through this app, you get NO choice of type of print. No glossy or matte finish. Just sizes. I’m guessing my prints will be glossy which is not ideal for what I have in mind. Bahhh.
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6 years ago, SpaceDiamond
Ability to Select from photo steam, not camera
I don't know if this is an iPhone thing or a limitation of this App, but I want to select photos fr the "My Photo Stream" album on my iphone, not just from my "Camera Roll" album. The work around was to screen shot each picture one at a time then it would copy to my Camera Roll, however, this is take more of my time/it's not efficient. Also, I spent a lot of time cropping and then got interrupted for 5 minutes, none of my cropping that I had previously SAVED actually saved and I had to start the tedious process again. (I had already cropped over 50 photos!) Please have your App Developers make these improvements!
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5 years ago, Molders Mosaic (Lynne)
Digital Photo Printing
I ordered pictures of different sizes on separate pages or separate times of “send to cart” And when I got to check out it only showed one of those pages. Also, in shopping cart, when I clicked on the photo to adjust the position, then it added another print to the order – in other words, it would show that I wanted two of that picture instead of one. So now I’m not sure how many pictures are in my order. I hope when I get to the final check out page it will show me a comprehensive list.
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6 years ago, kampuwzia
Not Delivered
I have used this app twice now to submit pictures to walgreens. The first time I went to pick them up the day after I ordered them & they were there & ready. But when I used it today to submit pictures, it had been 2 hours since I submitted them & Walgreens said they never got an order. The app said they would be ready in an hour & consistently says that every time I open the app. I don’t know what happened to my order but I have a feeling the app didn’t submit them. This is not the Walgreens app & it’s a third party app for just your pictures. Works sometimes.
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6 years ago, spolvadore
Cart issues
I wish you could review what is in your cart and make changes once it is in the cart. I also wish there was the option to keep items in the cart for a few days so that if I want to add to my order later I can. Instead, I had to make several cart purchases over maybe a week time span. I also don’t think the prints were a super great quality, but I am uploading cell phone pictures so that might be part of it. Overall, I like the app but might go back to the Walgreens app for photos.
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6 years ago, Hottamalie82
Easy enough
If the photos come out well... the app is a success! Very easy and convenient. I hate when you have to register and enter a ton of information. You don’t have to work this just select the photos you want to print and the location finder on your phone will find the nearest store. A little more pricey than some other services/apps but you get the product in 1 hour. Time is money right.
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3 years ago, ejy
Easy to use
The app is easy to use. It got a 4 star review because it doesn’t automatically make spaces in phone numbers and credit card numbers, so it’s harder to see if I entered it correctly. Also, no prompt for apartment number. It leaves too much room for error. I cannot review photo quality at this time as I won’t receive the product for 5 days or so. That’s what I’d really like to review! I expect the pictures to be as clear and bright as on my phone, so we’ll see!
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6 years ago, rachwhit3
Disclaimer need to read this before you print your pics
What they don’t tell you is to that what you send isn’t going to be what you get back! I took pictures of my art work for a job interview and when I got my pictures they were blown up and cropped horribly! You have to apparently view each photo by tapping the edit button and see where their software is going to decide to print the picture... editing the photos in your own phone and not double checking how they are laid out on their software you will NOT BE GETTING A QUALITY PHOTO!!! Waste of time and money and completely disappointed that none of my photos are done correctly to where I can proudly show them for an interview!
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6 years ago, 904katie
Problems uploading after spending forever picking, have to then start all over. Doesn’t access all my albums completely. Didn’t seem to see any easily accessible print preview. Coupon codes on Walgreens website that say apply to apps do not work. Went to Walgreens and they never even started the order. As usual the quality was subpar and horribly cropped(this happens even if I use the website or store kiosks and edit, crop and preview. Like a whole tenth of image is cut off and images I swear I picked were missing. Tried again today and after an unknown error gave up. Probably still use it for quick small test prints because I’m lazy and Walgreens is close.
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6 years ago, jenjer05
I have used this site four different times for photos and I still have NONE to show for it. I have been to the store three times and they are never there. Once we were told that we ‘must have sent them to a different location’. The second time we were told that the ‘orders might not have been received and processed yet.’ The third time once we decided that they were sent to the correct location, and I even told them the amount of the transaction then they said ‘well if you didn’t hit submit twice on the final screen, then it doesn’t go through. People do it all the time!’ The fourth and final time, the app crashed! So fraustrating!
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2 years ago, katrum55
Portions of the photos
Using photos from my IPhone most of my last order were good but the color was off on many. When I was ordering 4/6 photos many head shots of 2-5 people- things were cut off which was very disappointing. Should head shots be reduced to a 3/5 or made into a 5/7? The shots were not necessarily good color even though they looked good on the phone.
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3 years ago, Dabba20
Easy Peasy
Just downloaded this app and ordering pics couldn’t be easier. Pick out the pictures you want and the size, then submit. The site is really user friendly. Walgreens will send a confirmation and a notification when your prints are ready. You can even pick them up by going through drive-thru! I was happy with the clarity and the convenience of the whole process.
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6 years ago, mygratefuloasis
Love this App
I have used this app a few times now. I love it! It’s easy, and you can individually review and add multiple copies or order different sizes of the same photo! I wish I could order more than 100 prints at a time instead of having to make two separate orders (We have a new baby = A million pics). Really the only downfall is if I decide to close the app and finish my order later, it doesn’t save my order. Otherwise, I love the convenience. I will be using again!
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1 year ago, Last Minute 2
So fast & Convenient
We had a family event taking place at our house, I noticed I didn’t have any family photos of the members that were coming. I immediately went to my photos saved on my phone, selected the photos I wanted and in the same day they were ready for pick up! In just enough time before our event. Lifesaver, love this App!
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5 years ago, BarbMB602
Quick, User Friendly & Convenient
I love this app. In a world where pictures are rarely printed, I think this app makes it easy and convenient. The app is super easy to use and the pictures came out great!!! I’m so thrilled to have come across it and will definitely be using it more often to print my photos the good old fashioned way. Nothing holds a memory better than a paper photo.
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6 years ago, haaaaaiiiiiiu
This app is terrible. I selected 100 photos using this app to print out at my local Walgreens. When I was finished with my order it refreshed and Said my order was received. The page refresh and I did not get an order confirmation so I thought that was weird. I go to my local Walgreens to pick up my order and they told me they did not receive my order. They tried to call different locations but I was sure that I chose this particular location. I suggest that if you are going to print out photos it is best to use Walgreens website instead of using the Walgreens app. This app needs a lot of updating and improvement.
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6 years ago, Joeisshook
Good idea - implementation could be better
The app is reasonably easy to use. Unfortunately it has some rough edges. When my phone locked, and I reopened it, the order I was working on got lost. Also, it uses some non-obvious sorting technique so that the last half dozen pictures on my photo roll were not all together, and I had to go searching for them. Searching isn’t particularly easy, because to get more than a small thumbnail you have to hold down the picture and it only stays enlarged while you’re holding it down
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7 years ago, RachBui
App crash and can't review previous order
Created one order. Went to make a second order (since I can't order more than 100 photos per order) I don't have a lot of time to go through all my photos. So I was especially irritated that since it took me an hour to select certain photos for the second order it crashed when it got to the 40th photo I selected. And it doesn't show previously selected photos for me to even know what I've ordered before. Irritating. Just irritating. I'll just go back to Shutterfly.
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5 years ago, LoveTDC
Walgreens’s Photo Easy Print App
Trying to use this app made me VERY aggravated!! After I uploaded 103 photos, it told me I was over the limit! I deleted some photos down to 97. I uploaded the 97 & after the upload, it told me there was an error in placing my order. Again, I deleted photos down to 78. Again, I had to upload these 78 photos. After this, it finally told me my order was successfully placed!!!! Another thing, the app did NOT give me a choice of glossy or matte paper!!!! I doubt I’ll be using this app again for quite a while!!!!
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2 years ago, done w/names
gave 5 stars but preferred 4.5 because app a little hard to figure out as to where to go to upload photos and how to get to next screen. Other than that, love the ease of getting photos without leaving the house and paying for them on the app. Easy scan your card. Fill out shipping info and done.
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4 years ago, dls100459
Where’s my store?
I recently used the Walgreens on Hwy 153 in Powdersville , SC for the first time . Loved it and couldn’t wait to order more prints. Two days ago I got my order ready, but that very same store is not to be found on the app. I’ve tried several times since then. I even tried while sitting in a parking lot near the store! Any suggestions? This is my most convenient location .
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4 years ago, Mrs.MamaDean
Pristine quality!
This photo app is so easy and quick to use ! It makes printing photos effortless and fun ! I print all of my family photos through this app and I’m always impressed with the beautiful quality. The colors are so vibrant and really make the photos on my phone come to life. I totally recommend this to anybody who wants to print their photos with ease ! 😃
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5 years ago, brittbritt72
Walgreens photo pickup
It says 1 hour photo pickup. I placed my order on 3/5 at 9:44am and I hen I got the confirmation email it said they would be ready the following day 3/6 at 10am. I was a little concerned because I needed the pictures in an hour but was pleased that they were able to complete the order same day in 2 hours. I received the email they were ready for pickup same day 3/5 at 11:46am. So even though it wasn’t an hour it was close!
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6 years ago, Joyce HU1234
I was excited to learn about how to download pictures from my phone but disappointed. Initially I had no problem so I know it wasn’t on my end but the ap stopped functioning. One day I downloaded 20 pictures but the ap stopped. I went to the Walgreen store and they had no idea what was going on. They suggested that I download and print my photos from the store system but that defeats the convenience of doing it from home. I went home, deleted the program and reloaded the ap but the same problems. I am going to try the CVS ap and hope that is better
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5 years ago, MiaVanessa
~ lightening fast prints! ~
We normally send Christmas cards out to family and friends with a recent pic of the kids, so used the app for 1-hour prints. I got there a half-hour early to pick them up and figured I could do some shopping while waiting. I stopped by the photo counter and asked if it would be much longer, and they told me my prints were already finished! :)
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1 year ago, HolBud2010
super easy
i have used this app several times to order pics. pay attention to how pics look in the 4x6. sometimes you will need to adjust your photo on ipad or phone. Yes, other than that, i love this app! so easy and quick! and easy to find a walgreens on the road when we r on vacay!
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2 years ago, aatNt2008
Picture perfect
I am extremely big on pictures so this app makes my obsession so much easier! It’s very easy to follow, I love that I have the option of picking them up or getting them shipped to my home, and they are always ready upon arrival. There was one time they weren’t ready and I was accommodated.
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6 years ago, jake_add
Doesn’t work
This app is terrible. I have now attempted to have photos developed at a local Walgreens store from this app twice. Both times, the store has no record of the order being submitted. The app doesn’t email you when your order has been submitted, so you have no way of knowing that your photos were not submitted until you drive to the Walgreens store at the time the app says your photos will be ready, only to find that the store never received your order. This app is a waste of time and I will be taking my business elsewhere and I suggest you should as well.
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6 years ago, BRlsilver
Limited Options
I wanted to choose photos that were in a specific folder I had created on my phone, and it would only let me choose from the generic ones my iPhone pre-sorts them into. Then, when I had scrolled through all of my pictures to individually find them all, it would only let me choose between three sizes, when I know that Walgreens offers more than just 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10. I would like to see options for all of the folders I have in my Photos app and an option to print 4x4 photos.
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3 years ago, Rayna42
Love the discount for delivery
It’s a win win to get pics delivered plus get a discount on them. You do pay shipping but it evens out if you have a bigger order. Plus it’s a perk that you can pull from any album. I create an album of pics I want to print beforehand so I don’t have to do a bunch of scrolling through my gallery.
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5 years ago, LOVE MY KING
Just started printing pics
I just recently started printing my pictures and Walgreens was the first store that I chose. I’m glad that I did!! My prints we ready fast and looked great!! Not to mention the customer service when I went into the West Craig location was awesome!! Thank you for your wonderful all around service!! I appreciate you all 😊
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2 years ago, madashellandnottakingitanymore
I thought your prices have really increased! Also I listed a different address for my order but the last page I saw listed my regular address, there was no over view to see or change any of my info. Or a delivery date! I need to know when it will be delivered due to excessive Heat , I don’t want the heat to damage my pictures! Please use my email address to respond and give me the estimated arrival date!
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3 years ago, summer wnter
Much improved
To Walgreens photo app was a royal pain in the you know what a couple years back and I swore I’d never use it again… I just reused it after signing in on my Walgreens app in the application was easy to use quick functional and the results I hope will be impressive! Ok now oh ace to have a stupid nickname and the last 4 I tried are taken ... either I get posted this time or forget it
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6 years ago, Neecee11/26/18
Happy with the app
I have enjoyed the app. It’s easy to use and I am able to pick the pictures up as soon as I leave school. Then only thing is the pictures are not ready as soon as the app says they will be. This has not been a problem for me since i submit them several hours before I go to pick them up.
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7 years ago, Teachervh
It's awful!
I spent two hours choosing the photos I wanted to print and the sizes I needed. As another reviewer said, the cropping feature isn't very good. I finally got the order completed and hit submit order. Five hours later (pictures are supposed to be ready in an hour), I went to Walgreens to pick up the order, and they couldn't find it, saying they'd never received the order. They asked me if I'd received a confirmation email - no, I didn't, but nowhere did it say I was supposed to. Very frustrating, to the point that I most likely will never use Walgreen's again.
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1 year ago, SongPlanner
Photo printing
All your apps does is want me to print the order. It doesn’t permit me to put multiple pictures well I need to pack and change some thing. I have a new photos to my profile in Walgreens will not slow me the phone number select them. The app needs to work better. It won’t allow me to go back and change my settings. The app will not allow me to print the one picture I want because I just added it to my profile.
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