3.2 (210)
99.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Harris County Toll Road Authority
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for EZ TAG

3.24 out of 5
210 Ratings
4 months ago, M4rc1tym3
License plate change issue
The app & the website will not let me update from temporary plate to permanent plate while activation is pending. I got the new plate before the new tag came in.
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4 years ago, Travis_McGee
Still waiting ... and waiting ... for our transponders
We arrived in Houston for a one month stay, and I realized that we needed to order these transponders. Unfortunately, you can only buy them at state stores or order them online. Due to COVID, the state stores are closed, so the only choice was to order them online and wait for them to arrive in the mail before activating them (I’m spoiled by the system in Florida, where you can buy a Sunpass at Publix and immediately activate it online - the opposite of the system in Texas). I ordered our transponders on July 3, 2020. It is now July 21, and still no transponders. We’re only here for another ten days. So, I’ve pretty much given up. What a useless bureaucracy. Btw, I considered the EZ Tag Express app, but the reviews were terrible and I couldn’t afford the risk of a citation being sent to my rental car company.
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2 years ago, not best features
Session Expired/Account Suspended
There is a constant issue that I have been having and am sure others have too, where I get signed out because of a expired session? It’s extremely frustrating especially when my password is never typed in wrong and I have full signal or Wi-fi connected at its max. I have to end up locking my Debit card so you guys don’t charge me $20 when I only need to fill up $4 or whatever amount. It is ridiculous that an app so simple has this issue for people who simply need to pay a toll to drive.
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2 months ago, Educate UNO
Who Am I?
I have no issues with this app telling me my balance, and allowing me to pay. But the issue is that I have to identify myself twice by proving that I’m a human snd by taking a stupid test, all while being on MY phone. I absolutely hate those tests that require you to pick out pictures of a motorcycle or a bike or traffic lights and half the time the pictures are so small you can’t even see them. Paying your toll feed is a horrendous experience on this app.
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2 years ago, Jon_M_Harris91
Always messing up!
When the app actually cooperates, it’s wonderful, quick and easy to add money, etc. But 98% of the time, I’ll login and it suspends me for too many login attempts after one attempt and makes me wait an hour to try again, then it logs me in just fine. Other times, I’ll be logged in to make a payment and it kicks me out of the app with the same reason of too many login attempts, when I was already logged in.
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9 months ago, v Chi k
This application has serious problems. In my case, I have a three-axle truck and they sometimes charge me for 4 axles in a month of work. Maybe you lose about 60 dollars. I have called support several times and they never solve the problem. They say it is an automated system. and that nothing can be done but the system is always wrong in their favor. They have never charged me for two axles. You draw your own conclusions.
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4 years ago, Imhotep VII
Touch ID Not Working
Face ID works correct on my X Max but my new SE with Touch ID will not let me bring up the settings menu so I can not turn Touch ID on. I noticed a review from February saying they couldn’t get Touch ID to work either. I thought it might be an issue because the SE is new but now it seems that it was an issue before the SE was released.
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2 years ago, Julesc910
App issues
For some reason it keeps making me log in and after 3 seconds it logs me out. If I try to quickly press account or to add funds it logs me out. I sign in again and keeps doing the same thing. Just keeps kicking me out over and over. So annoying since all I want to do is refill my balance.
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5 years ago, Mr.Moon.
Patiently Waiting
I'm happy to see a iOS app that lets me manage my account. Great job to everyone involved, the interface is clean, well designed, and PDFs of my transactions downloaded extremely fast!!
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5 years ago, Presgrp
Way better than the website.
The app is leaps and bounds better than the website. Whoever designed the app needs to do the website next.
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5 years ago, M0stwntd1
Happy Customer
Really impressed with HCTRA and this app. Very user intuitive and I have all the data I need at my fingertips. Much credit to the development team, well done!
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5 years ago, Ibazmar
Great app
The app was so easy to use. Log in was the same, everything came up. I really liked the PDF conversion to download and print if needed. Great job people.
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1 year ago, ync2021
Horrible app
Logged into try to add more money to my account to be able to use the toll road and app said it was locked because my device was jailbroken. My device is an IPhone and would void any warranty if jail broken. Fix your stupid app. My phone has not ever nor will ever be jail broken
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2 years ago, JoeSkate
Crash bad
I use this app frequently. Seems like every time I need it on the way to work and go into the account to add money or make sure there’s money on the account it crashes and logs me out and I can’t get back in until a couple of hours later
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9 months ago, 🤷‍♂️ I will send another
Hire some competent developers
The app has been under maintenance for 4 to 5 days in a row. Just push the fix, or revert back. At least add a message to log into the website with a link. Who is steering this ship? Why do you not have any user empathy? Is there even any QA at all?
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2 years ago, RemyPorter
Horrible Functionality
Wasn't able to add my car due to an unspecified error. Got logged out, and when I tried to log back in only one time, my account was locked for an hour due to too many incorrect login attempts.
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4 years ago, Fab-u-luz
Touch ID
No matter how many times it asks me to enable touch-id and I do it still doesn’t work. It’s turned on in settings yet it still doesn’t work. Aside from this I love the app!
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4 weeks ago, annnGieeee
Let's me add funds into my car's EZ tag sticker when I need to 👍🏻
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5 months ago, Ositogomi
No se puede poner más vehículos
La aplicación no funciona bien porque no puedo poner mas vehículos a mi cuenta
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9 months ago, La Pandora 5
Update isn’t working
Can’t pay toll. Doesn’t give option to select existing pmt method and gives error when trying to add the card again
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2 years ago, The King Of Troy
Log in issues
This app deserves no stars. It’s sole purpose is to allow me to monitor my ez tag and make payments and majority of time I can’t. I have to let my balance get so low in order for me to make a payment.
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2 years ago, Lonakc
Go to EZTAG app issues
When I try to login, error says need to go to app to login. Makes no sense when I am already on the app. I should not have to get on a computer to check balances.
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5 years ago, AAH527
Finally an official EZ TAG app from HCTRA! Very neat app! Ordered my new ez tag through the app and it was very straightforward 👍🏽
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3 years ago, cumminslyfe
Don’t do it!
Thought all was going well and working like it should be until I realize I’m getting screwed over so freaking hard and nothing will be done or made right. Don’t do it pay with cash!
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9 months ago, Lord Hang
This app has been undergoing maintenance for the past 3 days!!! The amount we paying , their IT team should be done by now. Smh
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3 years ago, Pageh
Never working.
can never get access. It always says “sorry there was an issue” or to call customer service.
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3 years ago, tiered of photo apps
Don’t need a new tag
I have a tag but when signing up for this app, it makes you order a new one for $20. There’s no way to opt out of the process.
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9 months ago, Chinna001
Login issue
Mobile app throws below error when login: “Our account services are currently unavailable while we perform maintenance…”
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2 years ago, Texmanhd
I want to use this app but can’t It’s got a ton of bugs It’s just crazy how many bugs it’s got , very hard to use because of them
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2 years ago, Afternoonsmiles
App is broken
Since the latest update this app is broken. It crashes every time I login. Worthless.
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2 years ago, adamisadamisadam
Can’t stay logged in long enough to add money to my account. Their response: “use the website”. How about fix the app so it works?!
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2 years ago, beiwisydieihe
Can you please fix the log in. Everytime I log in it says your session has expired and doesn’t let me do anything.
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3 years ago, lovelycheddar
Beware !
This app was taking money off of my card and I haven’t used it in a week! I’m done , I’ll be getting the real sticker instead.
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3 years ago, Salgado96
Service Always offline
Every time I open this app it states that the service is offline.
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1 year ago, Firedancer.27.
I’d consider other options
The “Ez” tag App locked me out of my account and costed money due to an app error.
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2 years ago, trucksenpai
Suspends my account after logging in
Let’s me log in and then tells me my session is expired and suspends my account. I’m not sure if it’s because i enabled Face ID.
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2 years ago, tiensteven
Always wrong password
I login on web successfully but on the app said wrong password. Horrible app
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9 months ago, Palidhje5
Doesn’t work at all
Try to login but it doesn’t let me… will delete it
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3 years ago, user76448
Account block
Everytime I try to login It block me and I have to reset password
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3 months ago, mnakofj jksss
Application download
It allows me to download the application then states it’s locked and I cannot access this!!
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3 years ago, BigJorge832
App is really slow. The account balance it shows is pretty much always inaccurate.
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5 years ago, GonaldDlover
App looks great!
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9 months ago, Finess5
Account issues
The app continues to say performing maintenance.
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2 years ago, Jettt1998
not working in ios 16
The app doesn’t work in ios 16
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2 years ago, Aaron1989r
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8 months ago, Look 7820
Scam app
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9 months ago, Gerardo123001
Cuánto tiempo estará en mantenimiento la aplicación debo cambiar mi tarjeta de crédito ya que perdí la antierior ! Y no puedo todo está en mantenimiento hace semanas
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1 year ago, Leo22224579
Hay problemas con la aplicación no deja abrir
Hay problemas con la aplicación no deja abrir
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3 years ago, Soyomero1
No funciona
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4 years ago, Apolo viajero del tiempo
Me siento indignado y estafado
Me están cobrando Toll a pesar de no vivir ya en Houston no te deja serrar la aplicación y Ponen autos con otra placa que nunca e tenido ni conozco en mi aplicación los llamo y todo es muchas palabras pero no resuelven la situación So me siento estafado y indignado nunca debí confiar en esta aplicación
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