eZhire Car Rental | No Deposit

4.4 (433)
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Last update
4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for eZhire Car Rental | No Deposit

4.42 out of 5
433 Ratings
4 years ago, Mehoyan
Overall good!
The car was fine from out side was not clean.
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2 years ago, Mortadalb
Bad Service with suspicious fraud
This review is not about the app functionality and its bugs but rather about the company running its services behind this app. I have used their rental services twice and came to a conclusion that they are really bad despite trying to appear a legitimate mediator between you and car rental companies. They have twice given me a hard time to receive the car which I intended to rent but twice I ended up with a different car model and worst of all is the car being really excessively used and worn out. I thought that I skip the feelings about the car status being as such but things became fraudulent when they kept charging additional fees to my credit card long after I have returned the car without any accidents of any kind. They gave me different excuses on every time I contacted their support to inquire about the reasons for those additional charges and always got ambiguous and non clear responses. Be aware. Stay away from EZ-Hire and better be off with other car rental services companies that are better known and been there for very long time. Don’t be fooled for lower prices because they fraudulently charge you back unreasonable amounts for no proper reasons!!
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3 years ago, Haya - AbuDhabi
Nightmare services
I had a horrible experience with EZ Hire. I rented a car from them, everything was fine. My bank suspected suspicious activities bcz it was my first time using the company so they blocked my card for safety. EZ Hire immediately sent an email to a recovery company to collect the car without even calling me to see what the issue was. Once I realized what happened I immediately changed my cc details and updated my payment information. 4 days later I was leaving work and car suddenly and literally stopped in the middle of the road. Mind you this was Sept in AbuDhabi in the scorching heat. I called the first time, they said they will deal with this urgently, second time, third time, fourth time…they told me they had disabled the car from their end due to a communication issue! And after two hrs of waiting in the heat they asked me to wait one more hour for recovery to come. At that point I left the car at the side of the road with the key inside. They are masters at collecting your money but a shear disaster case at providing services when they mistakenly disable your car for you. I would stear clear from this company as much as possible.
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2 years ago, Samer1073
Nice people, bad service. High blood pressure guaranteed!
“Update: the fact you come back, to a 1 star review, five days later is a testament and confirmation about the (lack of) customer focus!” At the end, they are a “broker” App. Better if you go directly with the leasing original firm. I leased a car for a month and almost every request I had with them came with a side of high blood pressure. I needed to add a second driver and after I sent the documents they want, they asked me to go me to the leasing company (40 mins drive) and when I arrived, I found that EZhire failed to send my request for a week! Even though I shared the passport and driving license and entry stamp, they kept asking for the same 3 times! (They had a copy of the passport and still asked for the nationality, I mean please, just read the front page!). They wasted my time every time I needed something. And there wasn’t even a price advantage. I’d never recommend them!
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3 years ago, RoshanPhilip
Good idea, terrible implementation
I rented a car from EZhire for almost an year. Let me start by giving them credit where it’s due. Their business model of a no deposit rental service is very good and is useful to a lot of people like me. And overall, the car was good and reasonably maintained. But even the best laid plans need the right people to implement it. The following is the experience that really ruined my image of EZhire as a company. It’s when I tried returning the car that everything went south. You would imagine that returning a car is a simple and straightforward task of booking a return date and informing the company a week ahead of time. But no, they are so badly organized that they not only didn’t send someone to pick up the car, but wasted 4 hours of my time telling me that someone was on the way to pick it up. In the end I had to return the car myself, and was even charged an extra days rent despite it not being my fault that they didn’t pick up the car. The level of disorganization is astonishing. I’m actually really disappointed writing this review because the idea of this company is brilliant but their customer service strategy and lack of organization ruined it for me to the point that I’ll never be using their service nor would I recommend it to anyone I know.
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1 year ago, Arina pulman
The most Unprofessional company
THE WORST EXPERIENCE It was all smooth until the end. because of this company i missed my flight, paid for new flight, took uber 2 times, paid parking fees. The collection car location was NOT informed! As a tourist, as someone who is very new to this country and knows nothing about how things go here, I believe the company SHOULD and MUST deliver the client full details. I pinned the collection car on the app at the airport in the parking on terminal 2, when I reached and contacted them, they said I should go to another area which is all the way near the terminal 3, which i did and then again i had to book an uber to go all the way back to terminal 2. And it was rush hour and a big traffic, took me 2 hours to manage back and forth which let me not be on time for the check-in, and gates were closed. I had to book another flight and go all the way back to terminal 3 AGAIN. Because of EZHIRE i had to pay around 100$ extra on my trip budget. And also, they charged me extra for the fuel, which was not mentioned i have to return the car with fuel 10/10, when they gave me the car with fuel 7/10 and i gave it to them with 5/10 I want my money back. Very unprofessional. Will definitely not recommend to anyone!
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2 years ago, flaming angry car renter
Bad service
I rented a cat through the app and opted to pick it up because a saw a couple of bad reviews where customers had to wait hours after their scheduled delivery time for their car, a was almost on my way to them when they notified me that they don’t have anything available and I can only get a car the next day. They sent me a different pickup location than what I selected on the app, the next day, about an hour before I had to go pick it up, they changed the time and sent me a new pickup location. I got there on time and spent an hour and twenty minutes looking for the place, after a bunch of phone calls I realised they made me pick a car up from another rental agency (Autorent) and sent the wrong location. The service is horrible, I won’t use them again!!!! They are only a app and use cars from other agencies..
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3 years ago, TreeTop1144
As I stated, this has been a great and amazing experience for my wife and I. Ezhire was so quick to offer their services to me at an amazing price. Every time I needed something, they were there without hesitation. They offered a low rate deal, even when they had promotions, it was easy to apply for. The initial set up was SUPER quick and simple to do. Never waited for more than a few hours for a response if I needed anything. I most definitely recommend Ezhire to anyone whom want to experience a great experience! Thank you Ezhire!
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11 months ago, Mohammedful
I can't even begin to describe how terrible my experience was with this car rental app. First off, I made the mistake of inputting my card information, and despite deleting it from the app, they apparently kept it on their system without my consent. Unbelievable! I used their service. Out of nowhere, four months later, I was charged multiple times on my card for transactions I never authorized. To make matters worse, when I attempted to reach out to their customer support, I was met with nothing but silence and my account was suddenly blocked. I urge everyone to stay clear of this app and find a more reliable and trustworthy car rental service. This app is an absolute nightmare, and I wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy.
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2 years ago, MaximBrave
Horrible experience - pls stay away
The app is nice and seems to be convenient, but don’t be fooled and pls stay away from it. This is just aggregator, they don’t own cars and can’t manage their partners, seem to have 0 control over the service. The car was delivered 1 hour late, they didn’t had the phone of a driver and could tell where he is and when he’ll make it, later they finally gave me the phone and I had to call the driver myself “because he had no money on his cell phone” (what?), fuel tank was empty, there was garbage in the trunk which made sounds. As you can imagine collection is of the same quality. There are many nice rental services in Dubai, pls forget about this app.
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2 years ago, nonilax
Quick, Affordable, Convenient and Trustworthy Rental Solution
This is my third time with EZHire and they continue to live up to my expectations. My car has been sold and within 2 hours of booking through the app my car was delivered to my home and we moved about our lives as usual. The same is true for the collection. The customer service is superb! They are courteous and quick to respond. EZHIRE is the perfect and convenient solution for car needs!!
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3 years ago, leul2020
I used this service in Dubai while I am on my honeymoon, the service was ok they bring the car to my guest house. Before I left Dubai I ask them to give me if I have any extra bills like tickets, gas and so on they told me to wait three days and I called them they said I don’t have nothing to pay. After I came back from Dubai they start taking money believe it or not they take the money for consecutive 3 months I contact them they send me there on invoice not RTA invoice I check online if I have ticket or fines I don’t have nothing I even checked it there before I left. For 3 month no one don’t want give me a solution and keep taking money for no reason ...... disappointing the supervisor is horrible I don’t want use it anymore
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4 years ago, Omar Cut Creaters
Good app and convenient
Good app and convenient. They deliver and come pick up the car. They have daily, weekly and monthly. The only thing I was not satisfied about them was how they always go to bank account and credit card and pull out money without your permission or knowing and they charged me for the same transaction a week later so I had to dispute it and eventually got my money back. Customer service is awesome!
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1 year ago, Go 2023
Car rental experience
My experience with online car rental was fascinating easy process. Very competitive prices and availability as far as the inventory was great. They dropped off the car at my hotel and picked it up. Staff on the phone was very helpful when I needed to extend the rental longer. I would highly recommend this company for your car rental needs.
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4 years ago, Mishal 89
Customer service is the worst thing in the world
I tried to book a car then they asked for several documents and I gave them then they said sorry we cant accepted your application because u have a USA credit Card and you are not from there. Then they ask a proof that I was there and I give them the proof but they are so rude and didn’t accept it. this is the dumbest reason to reject a booking. Also, the costumer service team has lack of the required skills to deal with customers they are very rude If there is a zero star I will give them -1 star
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4 years ago, Adel@sharp
Worse car hire ever
This is the worse car hire even, I have booked a 4x4, they confirmed, which was supposed to be dropped to my home, then they send a message saying it is not available and offered a sedan, so I said yes because I had no choice and no time. Waited for the delivery to come in the street. Called the number I had more than 20 times, no answer. Sent more than 5 WhatsApp messages, blue check is there and yet no reply. I lost my whole day trying to find an alternative. Never never again. Bad app, bad Service.
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4 years ago, Anon32451
Best car rental app in Dubai
This is the best car rental app in Dubai. They give you quick call backs, there are no hidden fees or deposits. Hamza is a super star, they find solutions instead of giving you problems. I wouldn’t suggest using any other app or car rental company in Dubai.
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4 years ago, ayronn418
Great Service
I had provided my Map location on your app. However I can see other the party car rental company they do not have my location map. I am wondering if this could be shared with them in the future to facilitate the delivery and pickup.
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4 years ago, BeeTee01283638
company is dodgy credit card info misused
App is OK, although chat with customer service sometimes freezes or never loads. The problem is with the company itself. It is dodgy, they used my credit card details to deduct expenses for a person who rented the car later! I was shocked to receive the info. and can't get a refund for the erroneously deducted amount 3 months later!! Beware, it's dodgy and you may never get your money back.
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8 months ago, Mateusz Masl
They took my money, not delivered, and just stopped responding
I was expected to get w car I rented and paid for at 3:30pm today (almost 1 hour ago). it is still not here and customer support I chatted with in the app told me the car will 100% be here before 4pm. it is NOT and she stopped responding to me. I also got ghosted on WhatsApp. I got already late to an important meeting because of being mislead about the delivery time and no one responds to me.
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2 years ago, Aly.Sam
Bad service
This is the worst collection of bad service together bad car’s condition with a worst customer service. I reported one day to them that the car has a bad condition i had not received any support from the team for the next 5 hours nothing happened until they collected the car and not change it for me and the funny thing they charge me for one day use
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2 years ago, Hussain 1020
They are not organized
Well first I ordered a car what you was near to my location and then the deal was to pick it up and then they said to me the car wasn’t available you need to pick it up from different location at that location was it one hour from mine this management they need to manage themselves before they deal with people.
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4 years ago, Deyazan
Great Service!
The supervisor Hamza was amazing. He was very helpful and made sure we received our car own time. He made the whole experience with EZhire very efficient and made sure we were happy with the service. Thanks a lot Hamza!
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2 years ago, aquasal
Absolutely stunning
I don't have words to express my gratitude, I am so pleased and satisfied with the services EZhire provided. I strongly recommend others as well to use their services.
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5 years ago, Jazzy Jasma
I had a great experience with this company. The agents were awesome and made it easy to rent a car. They bought the car to me and at the end of my reservation they came back and got the car. Thank you again EZHIRE you ROCK!
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4 years ago, daddy19821
Exceeded expectations
I liked the service. Rental and extending the contract is very easy. But delivery and Pickup service takes a lot of time. Please try to add more cars in your mussafah branch. Its not always convenient to travel to Abu dhabi mall for car pickup
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5 years ago, Hofmann Clan
Not recommended
Be careful. They charged me for an extra day of rental due to their ineffective process of picking up the car on time. They blamed the customer for not receiving a phone call from them while they were in route to pick up the car and therefore did not pick car up and turned around. They finally picked up the car 6 hrs later and charged me for an extra day...?
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1 year ago, Usi Baba
Amazing services .
Hassle free and doorstep service. Would recommend every body to get their dream car from them .
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1 year ago, Dhoha Abdulaziz
fraudulent application
‪🔴ATTENTION🔴 it's fraudulent application never trust them once you return the car they will start immediately deducting from you card and they will fabricate a scratch or traffic fine to charge you although the booking has ended 20 days ago they will store you card details and keep deducting from it
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5 years ago, Ssalehi85
This app is ridiculous, before it even lets you in the application it is asking for payment details and documents. So you don't get a chance to check their service and their app first. This way your payment details and all documents are already saved with them regardless of you using the actual service.
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4 years ago, sksosn
Excellent job!
Easy to hire a vehicle. They deliver it to your door. Great service. I’m really very impressed because it was quick as well. The agent was really professional with me.
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1 year ago, Hussein pamamz
Big scam
I only used ezhire once a month ago, and they steal money from my card every now and then, it is a big scam, don’t use their app and don’t use any cards cause they will steal money. Also car got to me very late and their customer service is bad and on top of that they steal money.
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1 year ago, Bugers62
Easy service
Good company, clean cars, fast replies and good communication. Hayyan Mirza was nice and helpful. Thank you EZHire for making the renting process easy.
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4 years ago, ALINCHRIS
Great service
Very highly recommended, the agent that came to drop off and pickup was very polite.
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2 years ago, Gndex1
Missed my appointment
I hired a car for 5pm and by 8pm I was still waiting for my car even though the booking was confirmed and my card debited. You could have just told me you didn’t have any cars available.
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3 years ago, Andrey-D82
Nice application.
Easy to use application! Excellent support! Reasonable prices. No deposit! Recommend to use!
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2 years ago, Ramy ELmery
Convenient and competitive
Great service
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5 years ago, almoawda911
Bad service!!!!
Don’t even think to get a car from this app !!! Thy bring you the car in 2 hours and if you collect the car nobody care and you have to send million mail to return the car and the invoice need more than 2 week!!!!!!! Bad
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3 years ago, Mike Kermans
Wonderful Services
EZhire is the best reliable company for rent the car with excellent services in Dubai.
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4 years ago, Veliki strumf
Ezhire is the best!
Good experience. Tried to extend but the application does not show the existing order.
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4 years ago, Jose R Rose
Best service
Hire car delivered and recovered from my hotel. Not the model I requested, but a bigger SUV at no extra cost. Very polite eZhire driver.
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3 years ago, Bahraini For Ever
Ahmed Matzooq
More than wonderful services
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3 years ago, pathanlala
It’s really amazed there service are wow 👍🏼
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2 years ago, Adnan Ghafoor
No Star at All
I dont want to give you any star, your cars are so expensive. Double the market price. Nissan Sunny in your Fleet is for 2000. I wont recommend your company cars anywhere. Dont download the App Guys
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4 years ago, The Chill Dil
Steals your money
Initially I though this was a good convenient app. Then I found a bunch of charges amounting to 3000 dhs on my credit card from EZ HIRE. They have not been able to explain these charges, nor have they returned my money.
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10 months ago, M.Alyasin
Very bad rental experience
Bad service and bad cars, they will come up with charges to get extra money from you. Avoid them at any cost.
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2 years ago, add rfds add egwbrje
Worst Service
The worst service i have ever seen Please stay away to safe your time Unnecessary documents Block your funds on your credit card Better to use INDRIVER or CAREEM
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3 years ago, mmmm88999
So bad
Very bad, there timing is not true. they changed the delivery time and they come late 2 hours after rescheduling the delivery
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4 years ago, Mr01010101
Do not rent a car!
They will charge you and make false accusations take your money for old damage on car and claim you did it!
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4 years ago, Elharery
The worst service ever stay away
Stay away from them if you dont wanna waste your time or money for nothing
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