Fabletics: Premium Activewear

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User Reviews for Fabletics: Premium Activewear

4.8 out of 5
53K Ratings
4 years ago, alyssaQ234
True rating about their customer service
I wrote a 5 star before this because I know they shove all the bad reviews at the bottom! If I could put 0 stars about their customer service I WOULD! their customer service is AWFUL!!! Their products are great! BUT I tried to pay for my step moms order (we happen to love together and I offered to pay on HER account with MY card) and they BLAMED US for making a duplicate account (NOT TRUE). Saying in their POLICY it is stated people under the same house hold can’t have two different accounts (LIES it is NOT in their policy ANYWHERE) they cancelled her account and she never ordered from them before! When we tried to tell them to put a different card they REFUSED! Awful customer service and you need to fix it ASAP. I highly suggest for EVRYONE to read the customer service reviews. disrespectful, not consistent, HANGS UP ON PEOPLE, absolutely rude!
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2 years ago, lord ratfinx
This whole thing is a scam
I have literally never written a bad review in my life, but this is the one exception. I originally signed up to get the 2/24$ shorts, and skipped my first month but I didn’t completely cancel the membership, which is my fault I suppose, but I didn’t get an email reminding me of an upcoming fee, and I was charged 50$ for my “monthly membership fee” without any prior notice. I think the idea of paying 50$ a month for a clothing membership, especially one that I never want to shop at again besides buying the original 2/24$ shorts, does not make sense, (also the shorts were not even 70$ quality, the prices are outrageous and probably made so high to entice people into signing up for the pointless “VIP Program”). It was extremely difficult to cancel, I had to scroll down all the way to the bottom of the website and click through various links just to cancel—not simple or easy like they said. They literally spam you with “deals” so I don’t even bother to check the emails, the only email regarding the “VIP” status was an email AFTER they had charged me 50$ that said i’ve unlocked membership credit, and it says in small print at the very bottom that I can cancel if I want. Obviously I want to! It’s a drain on my bank account, and the quality is not 70$ worth. They bank on people forgetting to cancel their memberships, which is morally wrong on so many levels. I would not recommend this website or app to anyone, it’s honestly a huge scam.
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3 years ago, Silverwing0_o
Idea for what to make next!!
Hi!! I’m an avid lover of fabletics - the system, once you’re in, is really a fun shopping experience with lots to look forward to. I’ve always received great customer service when I make returns. BUT the reason I wanted to write a review was really to suggest what I want fabletics to do more of: make clothes that are SUPER comfortable, but are still able to be worn to work. I think once the pandemic stabilizes and people start going back to work, people are going to want really comfortable “stay at home” kind of clothes that will actually look good at work. Of course, keep making your fantastic athletic leggings, but also begin working on a way to bring that kind of technology (sweat wicking, UPF, curve hugging, super cute cuts and fabrics) to clothing that I can also wear to work once I go back. That’s certainly the kind of clothes I am looking to buy, and I would love to buy them from fabletics as one of my most trusted brands. I think the sporty/ athletic, body loving women that fabletics caters to would enjoy fabletics empowering them with work clothes too! Maybe even things that can be worn to work and that can also be worn at the gym!! Anyway; TLDR: please make comfortable, cute, athletic clothes that can also be worn to work for when we go back to work! And, for the people that have to go to work now (thank you essential workers)!
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1 year ago, susanmle
Navigating App Isn’t Seamless
A big problem is adding items to my wish list & reviewing them afterwards. The items don’t always appear to me in the order of when you last added it to your wish list. Then, if I click on a product, and wish to go back to the same spot I was at previously on my wish list, it brings me all the way to the top of my wish list. Imagine how annoying that is when you’re trying to get to the bottom of your long wish list. You click back and instead of the same spot you were just at, you now have to keep having to scroll all the way to the bottom over and over and over again and as you’re scrolling, it takes time for the items to load each time. It takes forever! The wish list feature is very important to me, so I can save items I want to keep tabs on for the future if I don’t decide to get them at that time. The prices you see also don’t reflect on the wish list either. You’d need to click on each individual item to see what it really is, which brings me back to the issue of having to keep scrolling over and over, because it always brings you back to the top of the wish list instead of your spot.
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4 weeks ago, rya D
Very glitchy and won’t except my card when I process payments???
I’ve been a VIP member for over about two years and I will say the app is often very glitchy. There’s been many times my order will not go through but money comes out of my account and then is refunded a couple hours later. I’ve also had the app just close out or I can’t click on buttons or it is delayed. A recent issue I’ve run into which If really frustrating to me is that they just won’t except orders with my Visa cash app card. I use cash app as my main bank source and have a Visa card that I have used for YEARS with out an issue. I went to make a purchase and it kept telling me they don’t except prepaid cards…. Yet they take my membership autopay from that same exact card every month… I called support and they were not really helpful, when I explained that it was not a prepaid card and that they take cash from it every month with no problem they just told me I needed to use a different card. This has been frustrating considering this is the only card I have and not I have to transfer money to my boyfriend if I ever want to buy anything, yet they still pull from that card every month…
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2 years ago, extremely-dissapointed
Dysfunctional app and customer service
There are countless issues with the technology that Fabletics uses that makes it not worthwhile to order their products at all. For starters, the mobile app search engine displays COMPLETELY different results than what is available online. For example, it is impossible to search for the Men’s outfits/“kits” in the app. If you are lucky enough to find the Men’s outfits on the homepage and click the button to “show more options”, it does not show more than a few options which are not truly inclusive of the options you may be able to find on a desktop. There is no support for chatting with customer service in the app itself. It redirects to the website, which also does not have a functional mobile version. The chat has stopped working every single time I have attempted to contact customer service before being able to get a resolution to my issue. Additionally, the customer service is not knowledgeable at ALL about the promotions offered nor helpful. I am always given an overview of the VIP program when asking questions completely unrelated, and do not receive resolution to my actual problems. Do not use this app or purchase from this company at all if you value your time or money. It is so bad I would give it a zero if I could.
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3 years ago, Alise Hampton
Clothes are great, if you can get them!
I’ve loved the clothes I’ve gotten from Fabletics. They regularly have great sales on top of the VIP member discount so you really get good quality clothing for your money. Also tip, when ordering go by the actual measurements - not the size!! I am and have been for a very long time a size 4 however ordering a size 4 is actually like ordering a size 1! So definitely go by the measurements. My main complaint is everything is always out of stock! I’ve asked customer service when they typically re-stock so that I could check in on those days but they couldn’t give me an answer. I’ve been waiting over a month for an outfit to come in my size and I’ve been able to add it to my cart a couple times (which is apparently held for 20 minutes) but as soon as I click “purchase” it says the item is already out of stock - so clearly the “item will be held for 20 minutes” is not true. Also their app is terrible. It’s always very slow to load. I guess I’d recommend Fabletics if you want to stock up on some new athletic clothing but all the out of stock issues and slow app is not worth keeping the subscription in the long run.
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2 years ago, bmatieqq
App needs fixing.
Update: it’s been many many many many months I’ve been still waiting to use my last credit in the app still does not function App needs so much work. It used to show me while scrolling which could be paid for with 1 member credit or “insert price here”. But now it doesn’t say redeem for 1 member credit. Just says the price with or without the VIP so while scrolling there’s no way to see which is redeemable for the remaining credit I have. So I have to click on the item, then I click the back button to go back to scrolling through their leggings but every time you look an item up and then go back IT STARTS YOU AT THE TOP AGAIN it’s absolutely annoying. The app is supposed to be easier to navigate than the web. I’ve had a member credit sitting for MONTHS and I won’t re subscribe literally bc of the app. I hate starting from the top of the list again every time I click on something to see the details. Oh and another thing. The search bar doesn’t work. I saw a cute fanny pack. So I searched “fanny ” but zero results came up. Not even the one I had just seen while browsing.
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11 months ago, agentcakes
Really frustrated with the pricing and selection
I am a long time fabletics member and I am struggling to find the value in the whole program right now. I did not skip this month, and the options for bundles (which I’m accustomed to purchasing with my membership) are SO DISAPPOINTING. There are only four to five set options, only one of which are shorts (which I don’t find chic/worth spending money on if I’m being honest). More and more items are being offered standalone only. I no longer see the option to go to the bundle option from the page for an item. I feel like I’m getting so much less for the money. So I go to Yitty, maybe I can find something I feel good about using my $55 on. I find a pair of loungewear pants that I’m into. Turns out, you can pay $29 for them if you pay cash. Or use an entire member credit, $55 to recap, for them. How is that good for me? The VIP? There are no options to bundle these pants. So I can forfeit my $26 or pay $29 more. It feels like a scam!! If someone from support wants to contact me to coach me through this, I’d be happy to work with someone. But this is outrageous. Truly cannot wait to cancel after I get through my credits.
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4 years ago, fableticsapp/sitetrouble
Tried to use the chat, locked out of my account
In general I’ve had a great experience with fabletics, but today I’m having a lot of glitches that leave me unsure if I got charged for an order I won’t receive, since currently the app/website are refusing to recognize my login or cell phone number (when I tried to call, the automated system said it didn’t recognize my phone number as associated with the account, and they’d forward me to a live agent, but each time the AI just said “there was a problem with your call, try again later.”) Even still, whether I open the app or use web browser on my computer, it defaults to a screen saying I’m first in line to chat, but that screen never progresses. I deleted and Re-downloded the app but this “first in line to chat” glitch was still happening, then it kicked me off and won’t recognize my email address or phone number. (The browser is still showing the “first in line to chat” screen, though, and I can’t go anywhere on the site, it all automatically redirects to this screen.) Hopefully I’ll be able to get in touch with the company, but I’m not sure how to when the automated phone system doesn’t recognize my number and hangs up on me.
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3 years ago, MSmith-Rangel
1 Star App, 3 Stars Clothes, 2 Stars Overall
When it comes to quality of clothes, I give 5 stars. I have used some of the same leggings for years and they hold up nicely if treated well. I say 3 for clothes because the are NEVER available. EVER. My shift starts at 5:30 AM Pacific, so I’m up early and things still appear as “sold out” at 4 AM on the 1st of the month (I even have a reminder set on my calendar). Well over a year now and everything I have liked has been sold out and never comes back into stock. When it comes to the app, 1 star. Such garbage. It takes WAY too long to load and navigate through. 2 items have appeared in my cart for MONTHS though I haven’t ordered anything through the app. Yes I once added something but decided against it and haven’t been able to get the icon to accurately reflect the cart contents. It’s a small issue but when coupled with that bloody lag in loading ANYTHING, every issue becomes another annoyance. Honestly it’s unbearable and I will be deleting once I finish this post and can be “verified”. I do use an iPad, not a phone, but still…
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4 months ago, OCD Person 34
Love Fabletics - Some Improvements Needed
I am a track and field athlete and have purchased many hauls from Fabletics! Recently the app has been a little glitchy where the “Message Us” pop up keeps filling the screen by mistake and the product videos will also play out of nowhere when I view the product screen. Additionally, I am only interested in leggings that come in a size long (I am 6’2’’). Please integrate a filter function where customers can select the length option. Other apps have this functionality and I am a little disappointed the Fabletics app does not. I wish all of the products came it Long and Short options to be more inclusive of all body types, but I digress. Finally, this isn’t the app’s fault but the ads for Fabletics will constantly show products they either don’t offer or are sold out. I have seen other shoppers mention this too. PLEASE stop doing this. It has happened time and time again and it feels like a bait and switch technique.
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2 years ago, CaitsMcGee
Great products, terrible app
The products from fabletics are a higher quality fast fashion and affordable if you get things on one of their many sales/promos. My only complaint is the app. The web version is perfect, no delays or glitches, but the mobile app for the past year or so since I’ve had it is hands down, far and away, the slowest app I’ve ever had. It takes almost a whole minute to load the Home Screen. Written out, it doesn’t seem like a lot of time but when you’re staring at a white screen waiting for each icon to load, it’s a painfully long time. Switching tabs is not something to do without forethought and may the powers be on your side when you’re trying to order something that is low stock. This is the only company for which I prefer the web version over mobile outside of utilities. I really hope the developers improve this somehow cause I (and friends) have changed our minds about shopping when the app doesn’t load fast enough.
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2 years ago, jla987789
Clothes great, BAD app
So I love the clothes. This is a review of the app… like it’s SUPPOSED to be. The app is Very slow. It glitches often and to the point where I sometimes give up and go get my laptop. Sometimes It freezes, sometimes it gives you a blank screen, sometimes it shuts down, sometimes it takes forever to load, etc. The absolute WORST part is… even though my old address has been deleted from the app and from the desktop version and it technically doesn’t exist anywhere in the system, still on the checkout page, it shows an address from 3 years ago. It even shows my correct address in the “available addresses/default”… but for some reason on the checkout page the old one still shows. Accidentally sent package to my Old address once, 7 hours away from here and then again after I had gone in and confirmed I deleted the old one and had to call to try to fix it… oh and you can’t change it once you hit order. You have to cancel. So yes, it was a HUGE pain cause by the App specifically.
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11 months ago, thatssokayla98
LOVE but One Critique
This is my favorite and only clothing app I have on my phone bc I absolutely love everything about Fabletics. Would have it be my entire wardrobe if I could lol. I have one critique for the app and maybe this was known or it’s a glitch, but when I went to order an XXL and add it to my cart, it automatically switched back to XS. I placed the order and I know I should’ve triple checked, but I last I saw I added the correct size to my cart. I can cancel the order, but I have a Fabletics near me so I can easily return but just for the app. I just wasn’t aware that I had to check off 1X inseam as well for it to be added to my cart with the correct size. Is there a reason that it automatically switched back to the smaller size? Would love feedback if possible. Thanks so much!
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6 months ago, BeejieT
Always “sold out”
When I started my VIP account, I was so excited to start having some quality leggings. I will say, I have since just about worn out my two favorite pairs. My only real issue now is that I cannot replace them. The same style of leggings *appear* to be available, but when you click on each item (and yes, you now have to click every single one instead of being shown the array of colors), they are completely sold out - every size, every color. So take it off the app for crying out loud! I have tried three other styles of leggings and I just do not like them as much as my original three. It’s very frustrating that I can only really buy what’s new and trendy, and I’m sorry, but I’m not 5’10” and an XS! I want the ones that are actually flattering on everyone else that I have loved so much they now have holes in them. I have had a lot of issues with the app’s functionality in the past as well, but I’m happy to say it appears you guys worked those bugs out. Now just bring back the good leggings!!!!
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2 weeks ago, Bowiekeri
Application is horrible
The app never and I mean NEVER works. Glitchy doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, most of the time when I click on links absolutely nothing happens. When it will finally start loading it typically opens up something completely not related to what I was trying to view then it freezes and the app closes. I’ve had a membership for 3 years, anyone remember back in the day when this brand actually made cute sets and you felt like you were actually getting good deals? Now it’s all remakes of the same things they’ve made for years, they’ve scaled back immensely on available sets which MADE the membership worth it, they don’t use fun prints anyone which used to be a huge brand aesthetic and the fashion pieces are impossible to find or just don’t exist. I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription for 6 months which has been an impossible task. Customer service has no idea how to advise me on ending my monthly contract and on my laptop the web brewer crashes when I try to log in. I think I’m going to report fraud to my bank. AWFUL!!!
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11 months ago, Jon_sw8
Terrible shipping
I saw advertisements on social media and though I would give it a try. Ordered 4 items and paid for expedited shipping. Estimated delivery date came and went and package still shows waiting for FedEx pick up. That was 7 days ago. Why would a company wait so long to simply hand a package over to a company that does pick up’s daily. I can have FedEx pick up my personal packages daily yet they claim FedEx takes weeks? My assumption is that the orders are not ready to go out but they create the FedEx labels to prevent you from canceling the order. They will not cancel the order once it enters shipping even if FedEx tells you they do not have the package. The call center said they can not contact the warehouse and they are simply a call center. Worse service ever. This is all deliberately done because they know customers would not want there orders anymore. I could have simply went a mile down the street to their physical location which I didn’t know existed until I googled them because again I only discovered them on social media . Terrible service.
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2 years ago, restlessbee35
Great clothes, horrible app
I love my fabletics clothes. They are a bit pricy, but they are super nice quality and last forever. I’d still confidently wear my first two pairs of leggings I bought almost 5 years ago, but they got too small, so I bought new stuff that fit and will last me for another while longer. The one star is really for the app. It is very glitchy which makes it frustrating to use. It’s very slow to load up, it doesn’t open pages when you click on them, and you have to press the different color options a ton of times before it’ll change. When ever I use the app, I end up having to reset my phone because it’s made the whole thing glitch and run incredibly slow. If these bugs could be worked out, it would be a much simpler, easier, and more enjoyable shopping experience. I got the app because I thought it would be more convenient than getting on the website on my laptop or phone, but it really is just a huge bother. Arguably, the online website has a ton of bugs too, just less than the app does.
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2 years ago, Eke281
Faulty App
Women’s clothes - 5 stars. Will continue buying membership credits because the quality is phenomenal. Low rating because the app takes foreverrrrr to load. It’s the only app I have that is slow. Some of the images never load, and when I click on them to see what the outfits are, the details still don’t load. Please please please work on making the app run more smoothly. Also! I would LOVE to see extended sizes for men! I want to buy my dad some cute workout clothes, but Fabletics doesn’t stock men’s clothes above a size XXL? Why would you stock women’s clothes through 3X and not offer the same options for men? If possible, I’d also love to see women’s clothes extended even farther. Some companies offer through 6X, and I definitely have family and friends who need clothes past 3X and have mentioned how hard it is for them to find exercise clothes. I’d love to purchase outfits for them using my membership credits.
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2 years ago, raebear179
Awesome Products, App Needs Work
This review is about app usage and functionality. I look forward to browsing new product drops every month, but the latency I experience while using the app is terrible. Pages can sometimes take 10s of seconds to load. Often the app shuts down on its own as I’m waiting for page refreshes. It’s also very difficult to adjust filters and settings inside the app. Sometimes I’m not shopping for myself and need to see a wide range of sizes across all products, not those that default to me. Another irritation is using your account profile to view points earned and available rewards. When you click to view those rewards, the app redirects you to a web browser and makes you log in again. All of these things should be easily accessible in the app. People use apps on mobile devices for optimized functionality. The Fabletics app still needs work.
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3 years ago, amychelise
Terrible System!
I am usually not one to leave a bad review, but I am beyond frustrated! I like the leggings just fine - they're a thick material that isn't see-through. But I really don't need anymore leggings. I forgot to skip on time one month so I have a member credit I need to spend and I have been TRYING to buy something for months. THREE orders went through with a confirmation email sent to me, only for me to be notified about a week later each time with a message saying, "We're sorry! We wish we had better news, but your order has been canceled." I can maybe understand this happening one time, but even then I haven't had that happen in my many years of shopping at any other online retail store. The THREE times?? I even called and the customer service representative just told me "Sorry, you just have to make sure when you order and item there is not a low number of the selected item in stock when add it to your cart." How do they ? I'm about to cancel my account and just take a $50 loss because this is getting completely ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Buttas50
My Go to For Fitness Attire
I absolutely love 💗 Fabletics! The patterns, and designs are unique and on trend. If I have to workout 🏋🏾‍♀️ I’m going to look cute 🥰 Just when I think I’m finished buying for the season they put something new out or they have an amazing sale and I find myself buying something else. I do a lot of jogging 🏃🏽‍♀️ and I love the support I get from the bras and the compression from the leggings . I’ve also purchased cute outerwear I can jog in or just bounce around town. Fabletics is great for lounging too. Whether I’m working out 🏋🏾‍♀️ or lounging, I want to feel great and look fabulous, and Fabletics clearly understands the assignment offering dope looks in a variety of sizes that don’t leave out our plush divas or petite slim divas. Everyone was thought of👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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4 years ago, 😝silly1234😝
Great clothes but terrible system
I have ordered from them before and have tried to to do it again, mostly because they are really good quality leggings and the VIP benefits have some great deals, but every time i have tried to use either the website or the app something goes wrong and it is very frustrating. First off, if you don’t order on the first of the month 90% of the leggings are sold out. Secondly, the website never loads and there is always a problem with the software whether it be buttons not working or the app crashing. When you try to get in contact with someone from the help center, it takes almost half an hour to even be connected with someone. Also, cancelling the VIP membership is very hard to do, and takes about 20 minutes. I don’t usually leave bad reviews, but I get frustrated every time I try to order something or smimply browse the app.
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2 years ago, MasNY72
Slow shipping subscription service
Let me start by saying the clothes I did receive were good quality but wildly overpriced without the “VIP membership subscription”. The whole cancel every month you don’t buy something (especially considering relatively limited mens selection) is annoying at best (like I don’t have enough to keep up with in life) and a bit scammy at worst (like they are hoping you forget to force a purchase). Also the shipping has been bad .. slow and incorrect communication on status.. close to two weeks to get the initial 3 items I ordered (perhaps I’m spoiled but two weeks for 2 pants and a shirt seems pretty extended in todays next day world especially for an online base retailer). And then another two weeks plus for a size exchange on one item… a month plus for a transaction… just not worth the hassle when other vendors can accomplish much quicker without the subscription burden.
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2 years ago, Penisgobbler2000
Great Products but…
First let me say that this is one of if not the best athletic clothing brand I wear. The name is pretty funny when all my friends ask where I got the stuff and I have to say Fabletics (I’m a guy btw). They are high quality and affordable but the only reason I don’t give 5 stars is because of the VIP membership. Don’t get me wrong I love the VIP membership but I wish they wouldn’t automatically charge you right away. I downloaded the app and made an account and didn’t know I would automatically be charged for VIP membership. From what I remember it doesn’t say anywhere when you sign up this will happen and it is $50. As long as you remember to cancel each month it is okay. Other than having to cancel anytime I don’t want to be a VIP on any given month this app and brand are amazing!
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3 years ago, Leg Warmers
My Jean size changes by the hour… My body is so sensitive to water weight , being boated, my period and all the issues a woman deals with daily.. I’m so grateful for Flabletics. I can wear high quality , comfortable clothes for all occasions because of your company! After my stroke and the birth of my last child on March 3rd 2015 my body had a long road being post partum, in a coma for month and in the hospital for 2 months . My daughter is now 6 yrs old and I’ve purchased so many wonderful things! My first order of black high wasted leggings are just beginning to wear out! I owe so much to this company. Thank you Kate Hudson and this amazing company . Sincerely Leia Arntson
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2 years ago, KayKay Brown
Love Fabletics but not the app
I have been a VIP member with Fabletics from the beginning. Most clothes I ordered way back then are still going strong today! I couldn’t be happier with their gear. The quality is in the clothing but the app itself is quite frankly, garbage. Often times, it just loads and loads and never gets me to the page I’m trying to get to. It also never allows me to put in an apartment number during checkout so I just cross my fingers that my mail carrier will have mercy on me and look me up. Just now, I was in the process of trying to make a purchase but it says for me to add a shipping method but it will not allow me to. This isn’t the first time the app has caused me to get frustrated and abandon my shopping cart. I love this brand so much but someone really needs to fix this app. It’s been years. I’ve had several phones, all of the updates, etc. It’s the app itself.
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3 years ago, Julia0000001
No delivery
I put in an order going on two months ago and have received no communication to where my items are. The only status I’ve received is that it’s shipped and that status was placed a couple days after I initially put in the order. I gave it some time to give the shipping benefit of the doubt but now I’m completely regretting my purchase because I’ve received none of my items nor have I had any communication from either Fabletics or the shipping company. I’m extremely frustrated and the only contact info provided through the app is a 1-800 phone number. There isn’t a way I can cancel the order so I lost money that could’ve gone to a better company that’s more reliable. This is extremely frustrating especially because this was my first order through Fabletics and I figured it would’ve been a good experience. I do not recommend this company and will be figuring out a way to receive a refund.
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3 years ago, Drew Gardner
So over this company
I used to love their clothes, but now I feel like everything I get is poor quality- IF I can even get something. I will find something I want and, of course, it’s out of stock. They have such a low selection. And then the whole monthly thing is stupid. I forget for one month to cancel, so I get a member credit, and when I purchase something, it doesn’t fit. But when I return the item, hoping to get the right size, it’s out of stock and now I can only get one item because I don’t even get my member credit refunded!?! I’m so over this company, the poor quality and lack of items, and the poor customer service I received. I wish I could get my fifty dollars back and move on but now I have to wait for something that I might like that MIGHT be in my size so I’m not handing them $50. Save your time and just buy something somewhere else. Also, terrible app and website…it never works correctly
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3 months ago, nhart99
App just ok, clothes too
Initially got into this system to compare the men’s slacks against Lululemon ABC pants (so far ABC ftw), but have some hopefully constructive criticism for the app devs - why no “in stock” filter? The filters work great for just about anything else, but stock status is a big black hole, and wrecks an otherwise good UX in the app (and webpage for that matter). Add that and get another star, make pants that actually fit someone athletic and not skinny fat and get five stars! Both pants are narrow around the ankles with a weird taper up the inseam, and the upper leg then gets tight which negates all the pocket features (classic fit, skinny was like pulling on leggings!). I’m 6’2”, 209#, with a 350# dead lift, 260 squat, and am giving the 35” waist a try, but think the problem is in the leg design. I have two pair of shorts and they both fit great.
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2 years ago, brittasticaa
Can’t Scroll in the App, Crashes a Lot
The app is laid out nicely, and it’s easy to tap on links…but the issue that I’m having is that when I want to scroll down, I can’t. I have to make sure that I put my finger outside of a photo because if it’s ON a photo, it swipes left and right, changing the images instead of scrolling the page. If that makes sense. Also, when adding to the cart, there’s no easy way to tap outside of the “cart update” to get back to the page I was on. I managed to finally choose a few things and then got a phone call, obviously forcing me out of the app. When I tried to go back in it, the screen just turned white and I couldn’t get back to where I was. Had to close the app and re-open it and of course since I was a first time user, my registration never went through so I lost everything.
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2 years ago, djrodgerson
Love Fabletics but UX needs major work
I love fabletics. This review is not about the products, just the app. The User Experience needs improvement and I’ve seen little over the years. The app is slow to load, and often glitchy or quits. My old address somehow keeps coming back no matter how many times I delete it, set my new one as default and call and work with customer service to get it resolved. Also does not always filter for the best deal (3 for x deals default, even when the price per unit is cheaper). The customer service chat also seems incompatible with mobile devices (I have the latest iOS installed). It shows duplicate convos on one page, there is no send button, the return key either sends the message but other times it skips a line or erases the message all together… no clue what you’re going to get.
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4 years ago, ilovealiyah
Wish it was better
I love the clothes. From what I’m aware of you have a limited time to get the deal when signing up as a vip so make sure you’re ready to place your order at time of sign up! I’m leaving a low rating review because I placed an order and almost 3 weeks later I still haven’t received my order. When I track the order it says “information available soon” my delivery date is now 2 weeks late with no information on when it would arrive. I contacted customer service via live chat who seemed to be a robot and did no help. No real answers to what I was asking and then the chat just cut off automatically. When I called the only info they have is “your order has been shipped.” Shipping delays is due to Covid. My husband placed an order 2 hours after me and received his package about a week later. My package has been sitting in my local usps store for 2 weeks now. If Covid is really the reason for the delay then I recommend placing an order once Covid passes. Orders I’ve placed in China have arrived sooner than this order. Really cute clothes and I totally support this company but I’m disappointed in the lack of help / customer service I’m getting. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get my package.
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12 months ago, BeASavvyShopper
Do not get this app or buy from Fabletics.
First of all, this app is awful on the business side. However, after making and waiting on my first order to actually ship from Fabletics, I believe that they choose for the app to not be as updated as every other shopping app because then, they wouldn’t be able to just cheat customers out of money. I made an order over a week ago and paid for expedited shipping. My order shows “shipped” by Fabletics but only because a shipping label was created by Fabletics. The carrier has yet to even receive any items or packages. The Fabletics app does not give users the ability to track orders. You have to copy your tracking number and track it on the carriers site. Customer service chat features are always “closed” or down due to the app not working properly. Terrible customer service. Terrible business practices.
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2 years ago, C-Mac deluxe
Fabletics is a scam
I got some shorts 2 for $24 and I haven’t worn them since the first week of owning them. I was excited to get them but after a couple of hours, i realized these are worse than all the shorts that i have thrifted from goodwill and tj max. Also, in order to get that deal, you need to sign up to be a premium member. This means paying $50 every month or “skipping” the month. Fabletics does everything they can to make canceling this subscription impossible. Compared to every other subscription i have used, this is the hardest to cancel….. because they want me to just forget about it and throw my money away on one of the worst brands i have ever purchased. Maybe i just got the wrong shorts but i figured 2 for $24 just would work well. Since i forgot to skip this month i was charged $55 so i will have to use that for a new pair of shorts that i will never wear👍🏼
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3 years ago, sweatyann
Unbelievably terrible site and app
The Fabletics website has always been a nightmare. Super buggy, infuriating to navigate. If you stop your membership you can’t re-join, you can only create a new account. In 2021, any person can use a multitude of services to create a working e-commerce site, but this brand with all its customers and financial backing can’t get a gd website right. But I love the leggings, so I thought I’d try once more and download the app. I can’t even get passed the “create an account” final step. No error messaging, no indication of what is going on. Just bug after bug. Shopping in store is the same experience since you have to checkout using their website instead of an actual point of sale system. I just don’t get it. Invest some money in your technology and user experience and you’ll sell more clothes. I’ve never had to try to hard to spend money.
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4 years ago, britknowsbest
Product is Too Pricey to Justify Shipping Times
If you can afford Fabletics, just go to Lulu Lemon or Dicks and get what you need on site, honestly. Aerie is also great for size inclusive workout gear at a lower price. My last straw is when I called service to ask about a refund for an order lost in shipment for over 20 days, but was told to “call back tomorrow” for a refund as if it was going to magically appear on my doorstep overnight. Also, the fabletics styling feature is a gimmick, I was a member for over a year and never once liked the outfits that were “selected” for me, and always opted to skip the month or shop independently (I admit the powerhold leggings are great and will last thanks to textile quality, as it should because it’s so expensive). Unless you don’t mind spending a small fortune and waiting an eternity to get it in the mail, not knowing for sure if you’ll like it or it will fit in person, don’t sign up for Fabletics.
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2 years ago, 100atalltimes
Terrible customer support
I am beyond frustrated. I signed up for the VIP membership. I pay it every month. I let 2 months go by so it would add up. So I made a big purchase and used my 2 month member credit. They sent my order in 3 different shipments. I received my first order with no issues. My second order said it was delivered but never was. I contacted customer service on 3 separate days. They’ve been giving me the run around. All I want is my entire order! My third package arrived with no issues. Yet, here I am still haven’t received my second package nor have I gotten any results on getting a replacement. It’s so frustrating to keep getting the run around. At this point I’m going to go ahead and cancel my membership. It ends up not being worth it. I do love the clothes but just to know how the customer service works I can’t continue using them.
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2 years ago, 25holly25
There only one thing I hate
I love love love fabletics!! I have been a vip member for multiple years now and the clothes are amazing for working out and lazy days. The only bad thing ( which I believe is a VERY bad thing ) is if you order something and for whatever reason it comes in the wrong size or color ( doesn’t happen often ) you can return it in stores and they will return and reorder the right item directly in front of you . And like three days later you get an email saying “this order has been cancelled because it is out of stock” Therefore you can not have the correct item you purchased and they messed up. And that sends me into an angry spiral😡
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4 years ago, SallyCheese
No chat functionality
Just made my first online purchase yesterday, but I’m writing this preemptively to comment on the lack of a chat function— if you want to chat live you just do so through the mobile browser which has terrible UI— the first conversation I started got cut off and I had to start over. I think it’s great to chat with a customer service representative (although they typically have a hard time understanding what you’re talking about, which is frustrating— my chat with a Fabletics rep was not in standard English and I had to send a screenshot for them to understand my issue), but this functionality should be included with the app so you can easily accomplish this on your phone.
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4 years ago, SozeSays
Good Fits, MAAD Application
“Some items in your cart are not available” This was the message I got repeatedly for items I was able to place in my cart because they were shown as available throughout the app. I ended up having to call customer service 3X to actually place the orders (you read that right, orderS) because my initial order had to be broken down into 3 separate orders. It was extremely frustrating and time consuming and wouldn’t have been an issue if unavailable items were not displayed as in stock and available for purchase. Get some coders up there & fix it!!! Other than that, the clothes are dope if you’re active or even if you’re not just want that “athleisure chic” look. Developers need to work on that app tho....
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1 year ago, Sheylachirino
Cloth is great but everything else needs a lot of improvement.
The clothes are great, but it takes forever to delivered!! Is this shein or fabletics?! A two weeks delivered for a order inside United States I think is ridiculous. Also, when you pay for the vip members the new releases will show only in your first purchase, I don’t understand how if I’m paying for a VIP membership I’m not gonna be able to see the whole collection. The chat in the app doesn’t work properly, after a while just stop working, the messages you sent don’t show up and the assistant don’t type. Is a real shame because the cloth is really great but you need to improve a lot in general service.
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2 years ago, DissatisfiedAmelia
HUGEEE dip in quality—NOT. WORTH. THE. PRICE.
I subscribed to fabletics for years. They used to offer pretty good quality stuff and I usually felt like I got my money’s worth for my member credit. In the last year or two their products have absolutely TANKED in quality. Meanwhile, the prices have gone up and you get less in an outfit. For example: for one membership credit I got a matching outfit of biker shorts and a long sleeved top. They were advertised as having wool content and being warm. They were listed for over $100 (or one $50 membership credit). When they arrived I was so disappointed… 5% wool and super thin. Not quality items at all, and certainly not worth the $50 I paid, let alone the advertised price. I had that experience with several outfits (a tacky tracksuit with no lining… you can tell it was cheaply made just looking at it, seams coming completely undone within 4 washes on the hem of biker shorts, etc). When I eventually gave up and tried to cancel, I had an absolutely TERRIBLE customer service experience over the phone (they won’t let you cancel online, and they’ll barely let you cancel over the phone). I am truly furious… it’s a scam at this point (if it wasn’t before lol).
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8 months ago, yceen09
The app is a mess
I signed up created an account and downloaded the app and immediately regretted. Here’s my res flags I encountered- asking me to change my password twice after I LITERALLY just created the account. Second red flag, it takes almost 2 minutes for the app to load whereas other apps only take seconds. Third red flag- chat with a representative? I can’t click on anything because I’m forced to start a conversation with a rep! Tried exiting but it goes back to forcing me to chat with someone 🤦🏻‍♀️. Someone even replied and I told them about it so they ended the chat and I exited out of the app and waited a few minutes, Logged back in and it’s the same thing. Ugh! So so frustrating and disappointing that I immediately deleted the app.
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3 years ago, KW_coffeeaholic
App is inconsistent
The app will show there is inventory of certain items, but if you compare it to the website, the website will show certain items are sold out. Plus, when it comes to checking out to buy items, the app sometimes (30% of the time) glitches and either shows the wrong price or won’t let you pay and it doesn’t tell you why. I end up having to complete the purchase online. This is frustrating especially when there are app only sales. I actually have customer service on speed dial because I end up having to call to complete my purchase for the situations associated with app only sales purchases.
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2 years ago, chupp99
Good to bad
I used to love fabletics! I used to recommend it to my friends. For a while now it would happen that I’d find a certain legging that I loved, they’d go on sale so I’d get another pair and it’d be 50/50 chance the quality would have changed and not in a good way. It was like I ordered the same legging but material was way cheaper than the first pair. Most frustrating is the app is constantly glitching to the point I’d quit shopping on it as much because I could never finish an order. For a while I thought it was my phone or my service but it would always happen with only this app. And soon somebody else told me they were having the same issue. I’ve been just dealing with it for the last year but just over it now.
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4 months ago, swl_uc
Checkout bug with billing address
For the past 6 or 7 purchases via the app, I’ve had to contact customer service to checkout, as I always receive the error “Please check billing address.” It’s absolutely ridiculous that this issue has not been resolved. No amount of changing/re-adding the billing address corrects the issue. My billing and shipment addresses are also the same, so that should not be the issue. I have updated the app multiple times as new versions are released, and it is currently at the latest version. I absolutely loathe using the app and making a purchase, and question why I’m so stupid to keep trying. Aside from their terrible business model, their app is a crapshow, and I doubt I’ll be continuing with a subscription either. It’s not worth the effort.
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2 years ago, @sh13y
Great store, horrible app
I really just don’t understand how such a great store, with good customer service, and good online footprint could have such an awful app. I mean truly. It doesn’t work. I literally cannot use the “Favorite” tab at all, when I scroll it goes to a blank, white screen and then reloads. So I can’t look at anything I favorited. Another issue I’ve noticed is I get badge app notifications but then click into the app and see no notification. Lots of lagging in-app too and I know others who experience the same thing (different phones, phone plans, wifi). I don’t know. Surely this can be figured out. Fix the favorite tab, and fix the notification system, see if lag can be adjusted.
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3 months ago, Ashley*Rebecca
Unusable App
The app has become unusable lately in the past few months at least. I’ve been waiting for them to fix it but they never do and now I come to the reviews to see others have been having the same issue. You can’t shop on the app for more than 10 seconds before being redirected to the customer service chat window. I’ve even tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling and doesn’t help. I told customer service months ago when I first experienced it and they’re only solution/response was to just use the website on my browser instead which is fine but I figured that meant they were aware of the issue and were in the process of fixing it, but months later it’s still happening.
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