Famous Footwear - Shop Shoes

4.9 (113.5K)
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Current version
Caleres, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Famous Footwear - Shop Shoes

4.89 out of 5
113.5K Ratings
2 months ago, AroseK723
Great selection at great prices!
I’ve been at famous footwear for years for the staple shoes in my family. I’ve also found some great shoes at great prices that I wouldn’t normally buy and have been satisfied with all of my purchases over the years. I highly recommend famous footwear as a great store to shop at, and the app has an even bigger selection and is easy to. I’ve never had a problem with shipping and my packages usually arrive earlier than expected. They have great clearance items in amazing section of cold-weather shoes and sandals as well athletic/every day shoes. They also have plenty of sales and lots of extras that are easy to use such as buy one get one free and extra points available often throughout the year. Which is great when you’re shopping for shoes for one person that loves shoes or a whole family that needs shoes all year long.
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7 months ago, OC714ks
La Habra Store
I live Famous Footwear however the staff at the La Habra store is to be desired not friendly and very rude when I asked if they had a bathroom. I would usually not write a negative review but went to do a return. The only lady in the store working who was to busy flirting with a man and then changes to speaking Spanish when I waited for an additional 10 minutes to get help and the entire time they were not checking out a purchase or doing a return If there was another location near me I would for sure go there but unfortunately there isn’t
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2 years ago, gabbaw
Boys athletic shoes
I’m not happy at all with how your app works!! I just got a new card to use specifically for my oldest grandson’s much needed shoes. I’m VERY disappointed that I wasn’t able to get the shoes in my cart just 30 minutes after I put them in there. I was waiting to find the size for my grandson and when my daughter got back with me the shoes in his size were already sold out. This happened twice! It would be nice if what I put in my cart could stay there at least for an hour! It takes time to shop even online and it’s like someone coming to my cart and taking his shoes away from me when I had them first in my cart ready to purchase! I didn’t even have time to purchase them! I’m very disappointed because this is the ONLY reason for me getting a new card! I made a purchase for some 3rd choice shoes for my grandson and 2 more pair for his siblings. My oldest grandson couldn’t get what he wanted twice but because he needs shoes badly I went ahead and made the purchase.
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3 years ago, RoyalRheins
Doesn’t recognize my password or email address
Update: Feb 13, 2021. I’ve been a Gold Member for over 15 years and now the App won’t recognize my email address or password and I even reinstalled and still nothing. There goes all my reward points. Sham app for a long time. App is glitchy, doesn't show reward points and often locks up showing error stating I need to log into account when I'm already logged on. Reward points aren't instant after you turn to Gold membership which doesn't allow you to buy shoes or gain Gold member 1.5 rewards points at higher rate or get free shipping. While customer service is quick to respond the three attempts to contact them didn't provide solution to why my account isn't showing the correct member points I earned even from completed transactions. Just got the runaround. If this app is supposed to make it easier I'm not sure it deserves the two stars I gave it but I like the ability to browse their inventory but shipping takes forever to be sent out. :(
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5 years ago, Mlo1482
Year by year, your selection has become smaller. On top of that everything looks more generic, plain, and honestly boring. But the real kicker is how poorly designed the app is. At least 4 times things in my cart have just disappeared when i go to check out and then can’t be added back in. The pages load very slowly and sometimes boot me out. The color scheme is an eye soar. It mentally just turns me away from using the app period. The simple stuff should be more basic and the harder things should be way easier to manage. 5 years ago, i wouldn’t buy from anywhere else. Now i have gone almost 3 years without seeing anything i like. And the couple things that i have liked, have either fallen on the wrong side of a sale due to dumb technicalities or items being available for what seems like only hours not even days for purchase. Nothing like logging back in after 8 hours and seeing items you want abruptly not for sale anymore. Very disappointed.
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1 year ago, JosieNCali
Best Rewards Program
This is the best Rewards Program, especially when shopping for teenagers. The in store experience is always great and the app works seamlessly for discounts and bonus points. It updates almost instantly! I’m always able to allow the sales associate to simply scan my phone to apply any discounts or Rewards cash. The points really do add up! I was just able to apply significant Rewards Cash to a much wanted popular shoe for my teenage son. The shipping will be free and I’m only out of pocket less than $6!
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3 years ago, _slick_
Love the store, app needs work
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Famous’ reward program. However… the app itself needs some serious work. After selecting a shoe style to view, and navigating back to the search page, the app glitches in a way where you lose the place where you left off. Also, if I minimize the app to do something else on my phone, the app completely malfunctions when so return to it, and so have to start my search all over again.
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3 years ago, Milkyway27
App glitches
So I’m having issues with the app not allowing me to click on an item to view it. It will take me to the main screen where I can view categories and sort & filter but when I try to click on an item to view it and select a size it just refreshes the page and takes me to the top of the page. It’s so annoying and so inconvenient. I’m trying to purchase some sneakers for me and the fam and it just won’t let me view a pair to select the size! Like how am I supposed to make a purchase then? I’ll give the web version a try but I downloaded the app for the convenience of not having to go to the web. Hopefully the site itself is not this glitchy or I’d have to take my business elsewhere :(
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2 years ago, DopeChazzy
Great app when it works.
I actually love this app. It’s very easy to find exactly what I am looking for. I would have given this app 5 stars but recently, tje app has been glitching. It will not log me on after I have put in my credentials but acts like it is. I try usually 3 or 4 times and then ot works. Then once I get in, it does not save the shoes I am favoriting. I have used this app for more than a year and never have had this issue. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the same issue persists. I hope developers fix this.
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3 years ago, fabz0910
Get it together Famous Footwear
Love the app it’s super convenient especially because I can just order and pick up from the store once it’s ready been use it for years!! however the last few weeks that I’ve tried to shop on the app once I attempt to look for shoes it closes the app completely so I’ve had to go online. I hope this gets fixed asap! Other than that the app has been amazing and the rewards are amazing too!
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5 months ago, hrttddvi
I have been a famous footwear customer for multiple years. It is tough to find the size 14 wide in local stores. I am able to order product online and if it just doesn’t fit I’m able to return it at the store. I also enjoy walking in the store and finding that occasional size that will fit me. My family always has success in finding shoe wear at the store. Please keep up the good work and thank you for providing me with shoes.
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2 years ago, D Oliver Athey
Always A Great Expirience!
I remember the first time I stepped in to my local Famous Footwear, I was greeted with a friendly smile and a feeling of inclusivity. The young woman working has incredible customer service skills and was ready to help me pick up my new pair of kicks I had ordered on the app. This app never seems to have any issues and is easy to navigate. I love the rewards system. I would recommend this app to anyone that loves shoes as much as I do! :)
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3 years ago, Meganbbbb
Just OK
While I like that you can easily access your orders, cash, info etc in the app, I find it buggy and not all that convenient to just browse shoes. When you click into a pair and then go back, it drops you back to the top of the page...meaning you have to scroll back to wherever you were previously. Also, why is there no favorites/wishlist ability? It’s obnoxious to not be able to save shoes you like to go back to order later. It also seems to be glitchy and not search/filter properly more often than other apps I use.
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6 years ago, Rjirish27
Soooo Convenient
Love this app! It keeps my rewards card in one place! I am able to access my rewards and make them into certificates to use with the push of a button. I can scroll through styles of shoes with so many filters to find just what I am looking for. It is so easy to buy what I want in the matter of minutes! Now if you excuse me, I’m off to purchase another pair!
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3 years ago, bobandlucyandsteve
Takes my money but doesn’t process the order
On two separate occasions I tried buying my kids’ shoes on this app and both times it took the payment but never processed the order. First time I tried using PayPal and when I hit submit order, the money was out of my account but it just went back to the cart. I eventually got the money back as it just showed as pending. Tried again using Apple Pay just now and the exact same thing happened. Hit submit, money is taken out of my account, return to cart with no order processed. How is this even possible??? Fix your dumb app!
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2 years ago, jreb175
Apple Pay doesn’t work
Every time I go check out with Apple Pay in the famous foodwear app it never works. When I go to safari and check out it works perfectly fine. That means this app has a glitch when checking out using the Apple Pay method. It also doesn’t let you edit or fit a debit or credit card in the app. You would have to go on a laptop or desktop computer which is super inconvenient and annoying
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7 years ago, Madame Kitty Cat
We picked a winner!
Our grandson wanted the same shoes he had last year again this year for school. We couldn't find them in the store so we got the information off his old shoes and ordered them online. He was thrilled to receive the shoes in the mail! They fit him perfectly. These shoes have proven to be very durable; and a good looking shoe. We're very happy with our purchase!!
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5 years ago, Angela4peace
My Most Used App!!!
I have a love/hate relationship with my Famous Footwear App. It makes shopping so easy and the deals are sooooo good, I buy way too many shoes!!! But I love them all and I’ve gotten such great deals on them by using my points as well as my members benefits and discounts.... you just can’t go wrong. And you can’t forget about the free shipping and free returns..... what a deal!!
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3 months ago, LindsayMae01
App no longer works!
I love Famous Footwear! I have used the app for a couple of years with great results. However within the last 4 month the app has quit working. It won’t let me log in and just keeps going back to log in screen. I have tried re-downloading the app and nothing helps. I can go to the browser and log in to the website just fine but the app is currently useless and I’ve talked to a couple of other people having the same problem.
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3 years ago, Yeehaw6996
A Joke
This is just like the website. I thought it would be smoother to get the app but its super jittery and bumps me everywhere, to the bottom, top, middle, top. Ugh The app asks to use cookies like how websites do when you first visit them, but multiple times? (Not an app) When i was trying to buy sneakers i went to check out and typed in my card SIX(6!!!) times until it finally decided to put in my order and email me that it was received . You're better off googling Famous footwear until they stop being cheap with this joke of an “app”
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2 years ago, Wormwillturn
Easiest shopping app
When using apps for shopping you don’t always get to see the best deal. Famous Footwear makes sure you use all the best deals. When shopping in store they always check to make sure you are using all your rewards.
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4 years ago, ivy revera
Worst app ever
This app is the worst shopping app ever even wish is better it’s always lagging it keeps kicking me out and the prices are more expensive than the real original price I wasted my time on this useless dumb app and I wasted my storage to download it whenever I wanna add something it doesn’t add to my cart and that has happened 7 times to me I don’t recommend downloading this app at all just go to the original store online or In real life so you can get an original product that doesn’t just disappear and for the original price
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3 years ago, Cookiecrumb14
Still not working
You keep updating the app. Yet you are not fixing the connection issue. Online is not working the app isn’t working. I guess you do not want people shopping. You all really need to look into what is going on. The purpose of updating is not only to show new stuff but it should also to fix the things that are wrong with the app. Which has NOT been done for a long time. It is pointless to shop in the store when I cannot use my points or credits since I cannot show my barcode. Get it together!!
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6 months ago, Nana Lizabeth
Every store and phone conversations are the best customer service I have every had. I was a retail manager for 18yrs and your companies service from 3 different locations has been exceptional You should be very proud. I will not shop anywhere else
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6 years ago, MomOCritters
Even I can use it!
This app is super user-friendly. I seldom shop online or using apps but this one makes it a no-brained. I even live less than a mile from a famous footwear store and still prefer their app. The filters work. It’s clean and uncluttered but details are easily accessible if I want them. Love it.
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5 months ago, Dee533
No issues. Easy to navigate
I am able to look for items quickly and efficiently. Never have any lagging issues (so far). Easy checkout and rewards are applied quickly on the spot.
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12 months ago, Amanda Allyn Jones
Best deals!!
I always find the most amazing deals and the promos are amazing!! I have always wanted the platform gladiator Dr. Marten’s but refused to pay over $100. With all the discounts applied I got them for under $60!! You can’t find a better deal than that 😊
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3 years ago, Tired App user
Your app is broken
I live an hour away from the nearest Famous Footwear location and I must rely on the app to peruse your inventory. One big problem I’m having is that the second I log into the app, it immediately brings me back to the login screen. What. The. Heck. I’ve got a coupon burning a hole in my pocket. Christmas is coming and everything. Please get your nerds on this!
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5 years ago, famouscustomer
My only go to place for shoes
I really love that Famous Footwear rewards you for shopping. I appreciate that they offer points to customers. This allows me to shop for my children, and then I get to earn points for footwear for myself. Please don’t ever change this program.
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6 years ago, Ch2182
Search function doesn’t work consistently
I love famous footwear but the app is so frustrating! The search function doesn’t work consistently so I either have to go through the menu and filter and scroll through until I find what I’m looking for or I have to sign in through the Website and add it to my cart. So aggravating and it’s prevented me from purchasing items just out of sheer frustration. And yes the app is completely updated l.
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2 years ago, Nic cusino
Shoes for the whole family
We love all the shoes we get here. I can find shoes for my husband, myself and 3 kids. We go through shoes so fast he helps when you build up points and get money off, bogo, percents off or any other promo.
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1 year ago, ronyjoejoe
Not signing in
I’ve always use this app all the time to find my shoes never had any issues until these past couple of months. Every time I try to log onto my account through the app it doesn’t it just don’t work doesn’t log on takes me through all the steps to log on and just when I think I’m in, it starts all over needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, QwnB91
Love this app BUT
I love a famous Footwear and buying from this store. The app though has some issues! I’ll be looking at shoes and it kicks me out completely. Can’t look at my purchase history because it kicks me out as well! Please fix!
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6 years ago, HussNasty
Love love love!!!
Famous footwear is the only place I buy my shoes. Absolutely love the points system and earning rewards. App runs very smooth and easy to find what I’m looking for. Only place to buy socks also. Always buy one get one half off. Can’t beat that. Keep it up famous footwear! :)
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4 years ago, Master-Uzer
Terrible shopping experience
Purchased shoes online, went to store to exchange them, they said we don’t have size in store and we will ship them to you, about almost 4 weeks nothing show up, went online and I saw refund was made today and its in process, what is this? Why they couldn’t tell me before refunding? I could of got different style at store, Stupid business mismanagement of orders and customer service. Fix these issues for your current costumers but not for me anymore. Thanks
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3 years ago, Movina15
Recent update is awful
The recent update signed me out of my account, and won’t let me sign back into it so that I can use my rewards. I also hate the new set up, and every time I open the app it says “error, connection error, although my WiFi is working just fine. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Annonymous100000000
Irritated and Poor Customer Service
I placed an order with famous footwear for some Vans, they told me they were going to send me an email tracking my order but i never received one, and when I try to track it, it says item not found, I contacted customer service and they have yet to respond, I’m very disappointed Bc I thought they were going to be better than WSS, I will not ever be using this app again or purchasing anything else from famous footwear, I wouldn’t buy anything from here
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1 year ago, Poniesponiespinkiepieljojo
Makes my shopping & purchasing experience easier than ever! It’s also great knowing what’s available in my store to go and try on. The bonuses of joining their reward program are great as well! Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, KGuitron
Won’t allow to remove items from favorites
I have several items on my favorites, sadly some items have been discontinued and the app doesn’t allow me to remove such items. Other that that it does what it’s supposed to .
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3 years ago, T-Dub & J-roy
Literally the WORST
Crashes constantly, inventory is never updated, cannot place orders because you have to guess which item you’re trying to buy is out of stock, no error message during purchase, and if you DO get through the final purchase... they’ll email you hours later saying “sorry we cannot complete your order, item out of stock.” MULTIPLE TIMES. Literally the absolute worst app I have ever used in the decade+ I’ve owned an iPhone.
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1 year ago, Bree7980
Great affordable styles
I love coming here for my family. They have quite a selection and I could never go wrong with my purchase and reward giving back. Shoes are really spot on with size and variety.
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6 years ago, daz2017
The best place for shoes!
I have been shopping at FF for 7 years and they always have the best deals on the latest styles. I shop for my family and recommend it to everyone. The app makes shopping so easy and the sales people at my FF are always helpful.
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4 years ago, Kikosway
Functionally the app is sound and I have no complaints. Super user friendly. Except it takes 15 minutes to load anything making it virtually useless. I know it’s the app bc the website runs just fine and my other apps are running fun. Will rereview to five stars when the app moves faster.
Show more
2 years ago, DarkPrince1978!
App trouble
I have deleted the app and reinstalled it twice trying to log on, but the app doesn’t allow me, it kicks me out as soon as I log in, it’s been glitching like this since Christmas 12/25! Need help!
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8 months ago, yoyobrite
As a single parent always reasonable & always some kind of discount, coupon or sale. In kids & women! I’m grateful but the customer service in store & the app for online. I use both!! Thank you
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3 years ago, Poohb3ar3
Great App
I love this app it’s pretty good, I’ve been a member since ‘18 but it does have once glitch where when I click on the shoe to shop the app closes immediately I’m not sure if this is getting worked on but I just wanted to bring this up. Otherwise good app.
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6 months ago, BoMarie
Quick and Easy
I had to get to sleep, but saw that a promo was going to expire. I found my "go-to" shoe, paid for it, and signed out. It was that easy. What is better? Free shipping this time around!
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3 years ago, mr duceye
Sign up is broken
The app is good if you’re trying to just look at shoes. The sign up is broken though. When you click on sign up it only lets you scroll to the terms and conditions. So you can fill in all the boxes like your email and stuff, but you can’t actually click the button to sign up. If that got fixed I’d rate it five star
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3 years ago, z0mbi3lucas
Won’t load
I’m all for shopping at famous footwear for shoes, pretty much the only place I buy mine and my Family’s shoes. So it’s kinda irritating that the app never wants to load fully for me or it’ll take a life time to go to where I want it. Personally can never shop for myself in stores because of my shoes size not being available so I depend on the app to work.
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7 years ago, Kcmicki
Love the app, but...
The app is awesome, I always save money! I wish the store had more sizes available; it seems like whenever we find a pair of sneakers they don't have our sizes in the store. I know they offer to call other store to locate the size I need but I don't want to have to travel to get what I need.
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