Fareboom Discount Flights

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User Reviews for Fareboom Discount Flights

4.71 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Marthawarta
Not really satisfied with the flight to Germany
I was very excited about the price. But when I checked my flight on the Fareboom, I realized that my flight got canceled. I didn’t receive any email about it. After I called the customer service they put me on a new flight which was on the same date and just one hour later.I asked the customer service if everything is alright with the new flight, she assured that everything was ok. That was great. What wasn’t that great when I tried to check in and they told me that there is no flight for me. They saw that I got $199,00 back on my credit card which I don’t know about it till today and that’s about it. I tried to reach the Fareboom customer service that day which was on Saturday and got the answering machine instead, telling me that they’re not working on Weekends. Thank got the associates at the airport were so nice and figured out what was going on. They fixed it for the person from the Fareboom customer service who messed it up in the first place. But my question is...what if they wouldn’t be able to help me??? I’m very disappointed about the customer service and there availability.
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1 year ago, Horsejenpisces
100% Nice customer support
I just reviewed a lot of negative reviews about fareboom but thank God that I’ve been purchasing tickets with them since the 1st time I went home to the Philippines last 2017. In my own experience they deserve 5 stars! If I have issue with them, sending email to them is the key . They respond right away and give solution to your case . Last year was my 3rd time purchasing a ticket with them and i just flew to the Philippines last January 2023. It’s normal that purchasing a ticket to 3rd party like fareboom , sometimes we can’t get the seat that we selected since the airline priorities their customer 1st. The key is to email their support still to get another available seat that works for you . I got mine , I thank fareboom for the very fast action on my request . I’ll purchase a ticket with them again in the future . Kudos to all customer support of Fareboom.
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6 years ago, Amina Mashhat
Air Algiers and Air France
My travel experience with Air Algiers and Air France were horrible. I traveled to Algeria to meet my fiancé for the first time face to face. Upon arrival, I found out that my luggage wasnt with me. So by the time I filled out all the paperwork, The excitement if meeting for the first time turned to complete frustration and ruined our first time laying eyes on each other. I purchased insurance for my belongings, and was reimbursed $25 stinking dollars after 4 days with no medication, or clothing, or toiletries. Then having to make a 2-hour drive back to get my belongings 4-days later. Not a good way to start my vacation and my first time abroad. THEN..my return flight was going to be delayed for 8 hours, again finding this out after driving for 2-hours to the airport! I was to fly from Oran to Algiers on Air Algiers and then a 15-hour layover. Again in frustration, I took a train to Algiers as my fiancé had taken a taxi there early in the morning to meet me and spend our last hours together. I did not arrive until late evening, and ended up having 3 hours to spend with him before I left. The worst travel experience EVER! And it ruined the most special moments in my fiancé and my lives! I want some reimbursement for the Return flight from Oran to Algiers that I didnt use and for all the inconveniences I went through. Thanks for ruining what should have been the best experience of my life!
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6 years ago, Stergios K
Had booked trip 8 months in advance and Fareboom did not get any of the seats that I requested (even though they were available for months ) they ended up validating the seats closer to departure... Don’t understand the delay in confirming when they had months to do this. On the return I have the worst seats in the plane.. Again don’t understand when they had so much time to book my requested seats that were available during the first few months.. traveling with kids and we were not even put together...
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1 year ago, 4HSGLORY
Very fraudulent
I have unused credit from February 2021 due to COVID. Every attempt I have made to use these funds has been frustrated by FAREBOOM. December 2021, I was told I needed to pay additional $3274 to my $3782 to buy a ticket DFW to LAGOS Nigera by Fareboom we here as tickets cost a total of $1868 per person directly on British Airways website. Next in summer I tried to use funds to London from DFW. I found cheaper tickets directly on BA than Fareboom quoted. Desperate to use funds I agreed to pay additional $800 to my held funds only to be told 5 minutes later that that booking was no longer available and I needed to pay $1600 extra per ticket and for a booking that did not include checked bags to boot! This is outrageous. I have been doing business with what becomes fFareboom from when it was Best Travel Store circa 2005. Something terrible has happened to this company and British Airways is refusing to get involved in recovering my funds. Attorney General in California needs to investigate this business.
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5 years ago, inche madre
Ticket purchase.
Very bad experience today, i purchase a flight ticket through Fareboom, and this is the first time, ever that I receive a message asking for a authentication from my credit card,in May I purchase 2 tickets to travel to Spain, and didn’t have any problem, I really don’t understand why, you are doing this,I call my credit card costumer service, and they told me that is nothing wrong with my credit this is awkward, at the same time I receive several messages to my e- mail address, whit the e-ticket confirmation, my question is, did I really purchase my tickets,I also call the number you guys said I can call if I have any question and is closed, if somebody can call me, to let me know what is going to happen, I really appreciate it. I need to know if everything is ok, otherwise I’m going to cancel the purchase. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Dislike Trip Advisor App 1973
Restrictive and Unresponsive
At first I thought this was great, it pulled many random flights that were cheap and inexpensive. However, it continued to pull 48 to 68 hour flights with 3 connections and 18 to 22 hour layovers. As a single traveler I would love these. However, changing airports sometimes visas are needed. So you may have a cheap flight but not get the visa and end up paying more. It showed me limited number of flights I wanted. I could easily find them on the airlines sites, but could not get what I wanted here. Daily it would tell me the price dropped, but rarely did it change, it pulled the same fare as before. I used the web based one on my desktop had had better luck seeing additional fares, but still had trouble identifying the route I wanted.
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4 years ago, Relync
Poor refund policy and customer service
Not recommended. My flight tickets canceled due to COVID-19. Fareboom sent me an email for refund says l need to contact United airline by myself or they will charge me $75 for each ticket. However, the UA officer said the only way I can get my money back is from Fareboom (I think Fareboom know it), cause I bought it from agency, they don’t even know how much I paid. I don’t think I need to pay $75 for a canceled ticket because of the airline. I contact Fareboom via live support, I was queue position 3 in 11:00am. It’s 11:50 now, I’m still queue position 3. Hey man it’s Monday! I called them and the system just repeating their policy, I pressed 4-5 times “1”, I’m still not connected to the human service. I don’t know what to do now. Poor refund policy and customer service.
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5 years ago, amashoppo
I've gone through pretty much all flight apps and this is the best so far. If you are willing to mix airlines or maybe take a slight detour, Fareboom has by far the lowest prices. I've booked trans-atlantic flights for my family twice through Fareboom, and saved at least 30% per ticket, compared to the usual published rates. I also like how simple the app is and how easy it is to create/remove alerts. Keep it up! You captured my business for sure!
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5 years ago, 12xanadu12
This is my first time to use your service and I was impressed. Not only that you guys are constantly sending me reminders of my trip but it’s amazing to get into your site easily during my whole vacation. I won’t look further in the future. You have my business. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Sindel $$$
Customer Service
Very terrible. I won’t be purchasing tickets from Fareboom ever again. You can’t reach them on the phone except you’re traveling in 24hrs. That is unacceptable. If I’m having issues with my booking which involves a lot of money, I believe I should be able to reach someone to talk to and allay my fears. Not wait 24hrs to my departure for it. They changed my flight itinerary and I still had to pay for the change. They did not send me a flight confirmation until I asked for it. Overall, I had a bad experience with Fareboom. P.S- There’s nothing “boom” about their fares.
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6 years ago, Summers rest
First trip to Italy
Wanted to go see a friend living in Italy. He sent me a link that, in the end, sent me to Fareboom. Couldn’t be more pleased. The purchase process seemed strange at first, and never having heard of the site, I was skeptical to say the least. Figured if this was all a scam, the worst would be the drive to the airport. The tickets were real and the flights were great. Will definitely use the site/app again. Saved me hundreds!!!
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6 years ago, TDuncanNC
Excellent Service
We booked our first International flight to Poland with Fareboom. After reading many reviews of third party travel agencies we decided to go with these guys because they beat everyone’s prices by 50% literally. We didn’t have any problems at all and were very pleased with the flights we received.
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5 years ago, Doc 7717
I’ve used Fareboom for a couple of years now ever since a friend of mine recommended them. I’ve been very satisfied with their quality of service. They give you a wide array of flights to choose from. I was pleasantly surprised when they I was able to book an international flight not originating from the United States. So far so good. They also keep in touch with you during all phases of your flight, including check in reminders, etc, etc. I would highly recommend them. I’ve waited for over 3 years to write this review, so as to be able to stand by my words.
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4 years ago, Stuck in Frankfurt
There is no customer service .
They sent me a changed itinerary two days before the flight, the last leg of the flight departed before I was supposed to arrive. I asked for an explanation and I received another email that was a copy of the first (there is no phone number for customer service). Asked them to contact me. Never received any response. Arrived at the airport and had to purchase the last flight again. There’s a reason that their prices are cheap. Save yourself the nightmare that I had and find another company.
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5 years ago, Ali75067
Always the best
I have 2 international flights every year, and I’ve been using Fareboom for my international flights for the past few years and have been comparing it with other apps, I have consistently seen their fares are much much better !
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5 years ago, Cleuzy
Flight 14 hours anticipation by UA partner
It was VERY stressful this attempt to anticipate my flight for 14 hours and unnecessary as the flight wasn’t complete full by Azul Airlines, UA partner. On Fareboom side I felt completed left on my own as kept waiting for my e- ticket that never came. Thanks God I went to the airport anyway and it was as nothing had happened and I had a chance to see my initial flight wasn’t full. I wasn’t able to do online check in in any airline which caused even more anxiety.
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5 years ago, heidijgmr
Needs work
It’s a great service, but the app’s price monitoring is no good. It tracks the “best price” only. You can’t choose which flights’ prices you want to watch. Not to mention the “best price” is not the best price for my search. There’s a $248 “best value” option with 1 stop with 16 hr total travel time but the notifications I receive are for the $341 “best price” option with 2 stops and 51 hr total travel time. What on earth?
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3 years ago, khmerdriver
Would it be better if you have people answer the phone
I would give this company a 5 stars if they can hire people to respond to concerns and questions when it comes to issues for example You missed a flight based on a company errors. This issue should be handled by a company and not by a client.
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6 years ago, yoyo travels
Thailand Trip
Our trip to Thailand was amazing the travel plan was easy the reminders from FareBoom was exceptional. If your gate changed or any other things that you needed to know ahead of time fareboom was on it . I would definitely recommend using FareBoom for travel.
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2 years ago, hebunebu
When I was buying I had concerned but they did a great job. From I purchased the ticket until I have arrived at my last destination they always keep me posted with SMS mail...I recommend it.
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5 years ago, Ben775678
Great prices and app!
I going to be honest, I was afraid to use the services at the beginning, due to the really good price I found only here to my trip to Europe, but after flying and coming back, I can say only good things about the service! No issue with it
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4 years ago, Carol*H
Great service!
I went to Brazil last week and everything was good! I didn’t have any problem buying the tickets and didn’t have to pay any other fee at the airport. I highly recommend Fareboom!
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9 months ago, Pete And Johnny
England trip
Had several long layovers,but flights were on time,and overall things went smoothly.
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1 year ago, I like FareBoom
FareBoom User-friendly website.
It’s easy to navigate the website and airfares are reasonable. Customer service is excellent. They inform you timely on flight status.
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7 months ago, Kris Rose F
Thank you!
It was fantastic to have all the information I needed at my fingertips. Also, updates from upcoming flights. Fantastic job! Thank you. 🙏🏼
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3 years ago, Stefani P Petrova
They won’t refund my money based on my request dates changes due CANCELLATION OF MY TICKET FROM THEIR END! That make absolutely no sense! Your company is completely unreasonable. I’m beyond disappointed this is the worst experience I’ve ever had in my entire life. I would NEVER purchase from FAREBOOM again and I would make sure everyone knows regarding my extremely poor and matter fact the worst experience! It’s very easy to take someone’s hard working money!
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5 years ago, Minieet
They are great!! They keep you up to date on your trip and the app is easy to browse through. You can receive all of your information without complication
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3 years ago, hgtuhgg
Agency fee
I booked a flight online they’re want to charge me $175 fees plus ticket price ........before in two years ago charged me only $11 why this big difference
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5 years ago, raphealkokou
Very upset
Why we (6) don’t have plane tickets from Chicago to Omaha? We made this reservation and paid 9 Months before the trip date. We have to spend night in airport. How disorganized you are
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5 years ago, bgm234$
Great deal
Got a great deal to India. As I was booking on fareboom for the first time, I was bit skeptical, but finally ended up with a very good deal. Hoping to get such deals in future as well. I recommend fareboom to my friends and family.
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3 years ago, misto40
So great
The flight(s) were so great! I got the best seats and the messages about boarding and terminals ... etc. we’re super helpful! Excellent experience! Hope the return trip is just as good :D
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5 years ago, mama sheri h
Toronto to Rome
This flight was better than I was expecting! I have never flown internationally before, and the airline made me feel more at ease! We appreciated the meal, to be able to sleep, and the morning breakfast! Thanks!
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4 years ago, JoBee001
Some different choices
The search here sometimes turns up options that are not shown on other apps, so it’s worth a look.
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6 years ago, Umengr2005
Pretty cool travel booking app
This app allows you share photos from your flight and gives you reminders to do it, real-time. it also reminds you to check-in for flights and notifies you of gate changes real-time.
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11 months ago, 47Dilly
Signing up in
I have a record locator a ticket number and a charge to my credit card for both my flights and travel insurance. And yet i cannot create an account or sign in to an account. More help would be appreciated the suggestion I received did not resolve the issue Sure hope I have a reservation when I arrive at the airport
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2 years ago, atm331
There is no support and no response when you needed
All my flights rescheduled without any notice, then I lost my last flight to istanbul right after my flight arrived from canada die to a bad rescheduling, there was no help to reschedule or backup my flight, i had to book a ticket myself by figuring out the right flight. Won’t trust to Fareboom for my future trips.
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5 years ago, Hamidbm
Great fares, great communication
I was skeptical when I purchased an air ticket through a company I did not recognize. They pleasantly surprised me by great communication and prompt responses. Will recommend most highly.
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6 years ago, Tataken
Very Good experience
This was my first time with Fareboom and I got in love with then!! I need to change my flight and Leandro a Brazilian guy who work for fareboom did everything for me😍😍 the app it’s awesome
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4 years ago, PaulCsi
Support is super slow
You can’t contact them by phone! You have to add a note to your reservation and keep checking for a reply. Even that takes a day or two
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6 years ago, lrrod
I was lucky enough to be able to pick my seats when I purchased my airline tickets. But we did not end up getting the seats I picked. Sat in sports that were very uncomfortable. In one of my flights coffee was spilled on me
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6 years ago, mutasarrif
Fake cheapest flights
Shows the cheapest flights but when you select to buy it, it says there is no seat available, or this itenary is no longer exist for the cheapest prices. Wasted my couple of days trusting this ridiculous app/website assuming that the prices are still low and now I have to pay for the ticket I need around $600 more!! Never trust this website
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1 year ago, human adviser
There’s no customer support at all
Worse than what I thought, just save your life and use Worse than what I thought, just save your life and use main websites to book your booking, there’s no customer service at all websites to book your booking, there’s no customer service at all
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4 years ago, nikita137
Trips to Brazil
I always like these site to buy my trips to Brazil. Good prices and never let me down.
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4 months ago, Ada Pinakolada
I had a great experience and got the best price on vacation flights to Japan . Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, F'Cyx
A J Owolafe (NY)
This app is so awesome and easy to monitor flight. It kept updating me of my trip before I get into the plane and my plane landed. I will by my flight ticket with Fareboom. It was a good experience.
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5 years ago, btpk134
Happy customer
Fairboom by far the best for me.. 3 international trip this year and always got the best price here! No hassle at all. Gratefull i found this site.
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3 years ago, Zee & Kim
Happy with Fareboom
Loyal to the costumers even in a difficult times like Covid-19. Very happy for many years.
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5 years ago, lonfon girl
Trip to co Cardiff U.K. via Dublin
Very happy with trip everything went smoothly. Appreciated the reminders from Fareboom. Good prices. Will use again.
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1 year ago, egor4327
Flt was changed and not updated in fareboom. Wasn’t told if the PCR test was 2 hours over the 3 days in Korea you had to get a visa and stay over. With the time differences it’s almost impossible to figure out when to get the PCR test. Won’t fly with fareboom again.
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