Fareway Meat & Grocery

2.7 (94)
68.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fareway Stores, Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fareway Meat & Grocery

2.67 out of 5
94 Ratings
3 years ago, Kat Niem
Like it but needs work
I really like this app but still has some room to improve. Things I like: 1) products broke out into departments with prices so I can guesstimate what I’ll owe before going to the store 2) the list component keeps a running total Things I think can be improved: 1) the aisle sorting in the list seems a little off. My items that are in the same aisle are not grouped together and it doesn’t seem to go in order to how my store is set up. It would be nice if it just went numerical order by aisle 2) It would be nice to load the coupons from the weekly ad into the app. Step further: manufacturer coupons would be great too. Instead of having to go into the separate Invisipon app.
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1 year ago, Chief Chachi
No Data Collected!
Update: I will continue to love this app because it isn’t collecting data! Keep improving! This will be an under appreciated review but when you look at the data collected from this app and it says nothing. That is saying something! Thank you fareway for caring about your customers and not mining data from them! One more reason to shop at Fareway!
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4 months ago, Ruskyphile
Can we have our shopping list on the app?
I like store apps that let me use lists. I have to print out Fareway shopping lists. I like how the lists show where to find the items. Not very interested in shopping online for pickup or delivery because things I want might be out of stock and I would not like the substitutions.
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3 years ago, Holls28
Great App
Love that I can shop and order online! I also love the scan feature and the ability build a list (arranged by aisle even!), then add it all to my cart. I have just one suggestion: add the ability to shop the ad, when viewing the ad, it would be great to add the item directly to your list or cart.
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1 year ago, MissMary03
Needs an important feature added!
Please add the ability to add gift cards in the purchase/check out area. Really bummed I can’t complete and online order using a gift card.
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2 years ago, Tdcld
Piece of junk
This won’t let me do anything. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max. I open the app to do online shopping and all it does is keep telling me to enter my local store, and it still won’t even let me do that. Same thing to look at ads. It keeps taking me back to the screen to enter my local store, but it won’t let enter local store. So this app is history.
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3 years ago, CKWRN
Very poor app
Stores in a major city not listed. I could not get any responses to work when trying to view weekly ad. This is concerning as Fareway has stopped making print ads available here. I want to be a customer but in the last 2-3 yrs, Fareway is driving me away. I attribute this to corporate, the employees on local level are still great.
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2 years ago, sharebear999
App takes forever to load
I love that I am able to order online! However, it takes forever for the app to open!
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3 years ago, Hiyojo09
Easy to use app
The app is easy to use and pretty self explanatory. Easy to place orders for pick-up and easy to navigate.
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7 years ago, Sodaksunshine
Frankly, Useless
This app is, quite frankly, useless. I found I deleted it almost as soon as I downloaded it. The only feature available is the ability to view the online weekly ad, which is in the same format as the beta version and too small to read on my phone screen. Not mobile friendly at all.
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8 years ago, Walla545
Completely useless now.
Was a decent app with a few little things that needed ironed out. Now after the update the app is completely useless. There are no more store maps. No more finding a store by name. Would like to find store with map and phone numbers by store number. Very disappointed and if not fixed soon I will delete the app.
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2 years ago, dcsccs
Need a “favorites” list!
Love Fareway, sort of hate the app. Hate having to search every single item every time I order.
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1 year ago, Sheila MN
Terrible App
Worst retail app I’ve used. Search engine requires very specific terms. For instance, Hershey doesn’t work. Must be “Hershey’s”. Too many issues. Will not pull up things that ARE in store. Shows thing’s available that AREN’T. Tired of getting the “Well, that’s embarrassing…” error. Refresh never works.
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3 years ago, Nicname here
Can’t select store for in-person shopping
I can pick my Waukee store for online shopping but if I try to find it for in-person shopping the app says a store doesn’t exist at that location.
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3 years ago, Kcec
App won’t even open
I hate using store apps but I love Fareway so I downloaded the app. It wouldn’t even open. I deleted it and tried again. Still wouldn’t open. I tried a third time. I guess I’m not missing much as most of the other reviews are terrible.
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2 years ago, JP Cr
Please Fix
I use the app several times a week to schedule pickups, but the app continues to slow down each time I open. Hopefully this can be resolved soon.
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3 years ago, MN.dad
They stopped the newspaper inserts locally. I’m very tech savvy but much preferred a printed copy of their ad. It took several minutes to find my local store on their location finder. A truly terrible search interface. Found the local weekly ad and it was a small image component on the page. Had to zoom and drag around to view anything. I gave up. I like Fareway but this app is atrocious. The suits have little concern for their target market (old people) by going to an online only ad.
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3 years ago, Grimes Dude
Grimes Guy
This app is terrible, with the latest update you can’t even look at the weekly ad. Not everyone shops remotely using the internet and have their groceries delivered. Every time they have an update it doesn’t work and that’s why I have deleted the app. Sorry Fareway hello Hy-Vee.
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3 years ago, Px374692
They’ve ruined the app
I had to delete the app because they force fed me a store that is over an hour away. We have a new store that is less than one mile away. Why doesn’t the app allow me to pick stores in Nebraska?
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10 years ago, lclunchbox
Nice... But could be easily better
The app has some nice features (recipes, access to the ads/coupons) but you need to add the capability to add to your personal shopping list from the ads (not just from the recipes). Looking forward to a future update with this (crossing my fingers).
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3 years ago, Go4ette
App needs work
Love the store but can’t get the app to work! Used to get emails on Sundays with their ad. Not anymore. Very disappointed. Thank heavens for Flipp app. It gives everyone’s ads. Whoever works on development IT team for Fareway needs to start from scratch.
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5 years ago, kermit88
Won’t let me pick my store
Want to like the app, but it won’t let me pick my store. Can’t find it in the list and it won’t find it in the search. Re-downloading and trying again.
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3 years ago, iowaegian
What a pathetic app. I put in the address of my local store and it says it doesn’t exist. Funny, I just came from there. There’s no way to search my area for a store. I couldn’t even get past the first screen.
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5 months ago, Zero Star Frustrated
Doesn’t work
I haven’t been able to open it on my iPhone for about a month. The screen just spins. I give it one star cuz I can’t give it zero. BTW - My Hy-Vee app works great.
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2 years ago, Slow Pat
Store locator
Can’t even find its own stores. Major flaw. Better off searching on Google Maps.
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1 year ago, blind in Iowa
This is a terrible app if you use a screen reader
Don’t bother using this app if you use a screen reader. It’s terrible.
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3 years ago, rosieotosie
I can’t get past the welcome page to “shop” at my store. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and forget it.
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7 years ago, Bean-o 100
Fareway food stores
I shop here and like the store but there app is crap ! Useless do not waste your time. Less than one star.
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3 years ago, UnkR
Doesn’t work
Click the app and it goes to a black screen and back to my homepage. Get it together Fareway.
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1 year ago, bettybenot
It is not very easy to use like Hy-Vee app is. Can you please revamp it.
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4 years ago, Stormtrooper Alpha 54
Woo Hoo!
Great app!!!
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10 years ago, Skingla12
Needs additional features
Please add ability to make a shopping list from store add through the app. Another wish would be a pantry inventory so I could know what i have and what might be getting low.
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11 years ago, DrGonzo03
Great grocery app
This app is the best grocery store app I have used. The design is easy to navigate and I really enjoy having the weekly/online ad when walking into a store.
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12 years ago, Ag1188
Great App
I live in Florida now and no grocery store compares to the quality of food or service that Fareway provides. This app is great and makes me miss Fareway quality meat and food even more.
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12 years ago, bmc2147
iTouch issue
I have an iTouch and I can't open the weekly ads portion. I get an error that says 'your device doesn't support this feature.' Super unhappy!!
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12 years ago, Briteidea?7654
Was hoping to view ad and click items to create a shopping list. Instead, cannot view ad, cannot ad items to shopping list and therefore have no use for this waste of time.
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11 years ago, jrddwn
iPhone 5
Not updated for iPhone 5 yet.
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10 years ago, mmbrownie
Ruined by update.
I used to be able to set a couple local stores to view their ads. Now can only view last viewed store or START ALL OVER. Stupid.
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12 years ago, warkat479
can't view ads
my ipad HD with IOS6 will not open weekly ad. Sorry but without that feature the app is not worth much
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12 years ago, Bassaraba
App Review
What a super app. Design as good as I've seen.
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12 years ago, Bigyellowtaxi2
Ads don't work
I have tried the weekly ads and the store locator routes; neither work on my phone. So bummed.
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4 years ago, Donny Dinger
App Great
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12 years ago, PHarden
Love it!
Great all-in-one app!
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12 years ago, Mommy to be (again)
Great app!
Very handy. :)
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3 years ago, Dry_Creek
Fareway App is Stuck in Kansas City
When I downloaded and opened the Fareway App today (12/06/21) I was presented with a choice of shopping On Line or In Store. I selected In Store and was taken to a screen showing a map of Kansas City. When I entered the location of our local store a message popped up saying no store existed there. No other menu choices are available and it remains in KC. As it stands now, this App is worth a Zero Star rating - but that choice isn’t available.
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3 years ago, Jchalups
App is worthless
Try again. It doesn’t even recognize your 13150 Fort St Omaha NE location. Poorly done.
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5 years ago, TJL2002
What a waste of time
This app does nothing but find the closest store to you based on zip code. For ads it re-directs you to the web.
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12 years ago, Ninaberry0327
Doesn't work
This app does not work. Can't enter zip code or find current location!!
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12 years ago, Cormin
Works great!
For those having issues seeing the ad on their device, click on store locator, type in the zip code, then you can see the ad from there, thats at least a temporary solution
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