FARFETCH - Shop Luxury Fashion

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12 months ago
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User Reviews for FARFETCH - Shop Luxury Fashion

4.89 out of 5
154K Ratings
2 years ago, Superhero ninja
Best for luxury clothing!
Unbiased review I buy a lot of luxury clothing and designer brands but I live in the south and there’s not much in person shopping I can do for luxury/designer brands unless I go up north or out of state. This app comes in clutch for almost all brands I like and it’s the best, I’m fortunate enough to make good money to spend on myself and family and they have everything on this app from shoes all the way to hats. I love the sales, the brands, the fast shipping and the payment options as well it hits all points on my list personally and I can very well see myself using this app for all my apparel and shoes and everything in between im so glad I found this app!
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4 years ago, Belcuore
I should have believed all the bad reviews
Wanted to buy about $5,000 in a pair of shoes and a purse. But reading the very bad reviews, I decided to just give it a try buying just the shoes. Well, two days later, got a basic email that my order has been canceled and shall receive a refund soon. No choices, no alternatives. Replied with a complaint and received a condescending and still robotic email saying that I was supposed to list my shipping country as Puerto Rico and not the US. Meaning, if you live in Puerto Rico forget buying here. It will force you to read their website in Mexican Spanish (I’m not joking) with no option for English or just regular Spanish. Then it will treat your purchases as if you were in a foreign country where you have to pay customs, duties, etc. even if the merchandise comes from another state (NY, where the shoes would come from). Then when you pay, your address is invalid because your credit card company uses the regular American format to validate your shipping address and PR is part of the US, not a country. I emailed the company to clarify that the address is right and that I couldn’t navigate their website in “Mexican Spanish” and more importantly, the credit card wouldn’t validate the purchase with PR as a country. Bad website and worse customer service. They have dumb robots doing the work of people and adults. Not worth it!
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2 years ago, Cynthia6480
App fine; returns/customer service awful
I ordered a bag from Italy and it arrived I realized it was a smidge smaller than I’d like so I arranged the return (you have to make an appointment for someone to pick it up, within 7 days of receiving the package) the pick up ran 2 hrs late (even though there was a 3 hour window) but I get it, things happen. My dad gave the package and the package slip to the delivery man who scanned it and went off. Over the next few hours the tracking never updated to “collected” or to “shipped” so I contacted customer service asking when I could expect an update with all the order and return info in the email. They asked me it was scanned (it was) and then never responded. I emailed again they told me there was a missing package inquiry on my account. I sent proof that my package was picked up (lucky I have a video camera on my porch) that clearly showed the package being hand delivered and scanned to the mail carrier. Even then they wouldn’t respond. So after a few days of that I just put in a dispute with my card and then finally they released my funds.
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3 months ago, efesgazyapar
Bad customer service
OK, I understand this. This is an application that brings stores together. However, you are still responsible for customer relations. Unfortunately, most of the stores work with a second-class shipping company like Fedex because it is cheap. Some of my purchases from Farfetch were lost, stolen or damaged in Fedex. And Farfetch did not accept responsibility in any of them. Even though I paid tens of dollars for fast shipping service, when I wanted to cancel a product that had not arrived for days, the only answer they gave me was "Unfortunately, we cannot do it, because your product is on its way"... Sorry! I think we have an intelligence level problem here. My product did not arrive, it is not clear that it was damaged, fedex blames the sender, the sender does not accept responsibility, farfetch does not even care! In short, do not shop through this application unless you have a hard time. Choose companies that attach importance to customer service and accept responsibility, such as Yoox and Outnet. Although it is very sad to say this, I have to say that every order you make from here has a very high probability of being stolen in some way.
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11 months ago, RonnieNicole
Great app for buying designer items, but...
I wholeheartedly love this app because of great customer services, curated collection of high-end items, and delivery service is right on time. While I love the Farfetch app, however, I got several issues with it. First, my wishlist has a limit (100 items) and I cannot continue to favorite every item I liked. When I exceed the amount, the previous products I've favorited disappeared. I wish the wishlist feature would allowed infinite favorites just in case any of them went on sale or out of stock. Secondly, the descriptions for some items are a little vague. When I tried to shop for latest runway pieces from Vogue, especially the ready-to-wear pieces, the items do not come with the description elaborate which collections did it come from. Third, I can't choose men and women's items at the same time. I want to buy designer bags for my friends, however, I have to change the gender all the time. I wish there is a feature where you can shop any designer things regardless of gender, then, the items indicate if they are appropriate for masculine or feminine attire. Overall, these are couple of issues I have with it. Some can be overlooked since it just a complaint, but as a long time user of Farfetch, I am satisfied with shopping high-end products and probably one of the most legit app I've used.
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3 years ago, ffychvkgjkvguvguvgyvvvug
Poor business practice
I ordered something a few days prior to writing this review. It was a dress that had recently went on sale at several companies (Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Oscar de la Renta’s homepage, etc) and I decided to place through Farfetch. They cancelled my order and *so far the refund has not processed and when I go back to check on the item (cancelled at 6am checked app and dress availability at 10am for multiple companies including Farfetch) I see low and behold it’s still in stock - at a higher price now. I went to contact customer support - they were no help and the website crashed while writing a claim. I will try again but I am very frustrated and not optimistic right now. If you sell something at a price and then I pay for it, that price should be honored if the quantity is available. ^Note the discrepancy is not a decimal point on the price tag, my size is more expensive but at the time of purchase the price was all equally on sale to match competition and the designer’s price. Next time I will just order directly from another company.
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2 years ago, Haruki Jitsunin
Great fashion app, some bugs
I love how easy it is to navigate from one found garment to similar garments. The search, filtering and suggested items are really intuitive. The shipping is always quick and returns are seamless. Customer support also deserves 5 stars. The only thing keeping this from a 5-star rating is the wishlist feature. As someone who normally has a clear vision of what I want, I enjoy comparing similar pieces from different brands/designers. For this, I usually use the wishlist feature. Unfortunately, this feature is slow and buggy at its best. It takes a while to load the wishlist and removing items from it takes a while and sometimes doesn't happen. Worse yet is that when this bug occurs, it’s easy to accidentally remove items that I didn’t mean to. If not for this bug, I’d give it a 5 star rating.
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1 year ago, lilbirdyy
Two orders canceled— they took my money.
I ordered a pair of Versace earrings. The first time I ordered them they took the money out and then sent a confirmation number. A few minutes later I received an emailed saying the order had been canceled due to payments details? Not sure what that meant because I had the money sent back to me. Ok so I transferred the money to my bank card. They sent me a confirmation for my purchase. Told me the order would arrive in a few days. I get back in the app to see what the stats were on my order and it says it’s been canceled. Nobody sent me a cancellation email and my money was never returned to me. I spoke with someone and she is saying that she doesn’t know where my money was. Today I also tried purchasing some Jimmy Choo shoes. I’ve had to place the order THREE times. The 3rd one has seemed to work and says I will receive the tracking number in 2 days. Keep in mind my money is taken. This makes no sense to me at all. This app is trash and the customer support is trash.
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3 years ago, Lstag12121941!
Bad customer service
Cool idea, but if anything goes wrong with your order expect FarFetch to be little help. After receiving shoes from Philippe Brand Paris that were cheaply made and peeling after a couple wears, I reached out to FarFetch about what we could do. It took them over a month to get in touch with the brand. I had to follow up several times. Then, they gave me 12 hours to package up the shoes to send back for “inspection”. There was no guarantee of refund. Nothing said about the time it might take. And after waiting to hear from them a month, they just sent a delivery driver to my house (I wasn’t even home) without getting any confirmation from me in 12 hours. They also asked me to package them up in the “original packaging” 2 months after purchase, so clearly it’s a method to not have to compensate the customer. If you’re happy with the product, you’re probably happy with FarFetch. If not, well they aren’t going to do anything to fix it so you’ll be like me: deleting the app.
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7 years ago, Dang I hate crashes yea
Horrendous order support team and broken promise
Farfetch does not stand by its customer promise of great service... or even good service for that matter. I’ve never experienced such overwhelming incompetence from an order support team. I noticed that my order contained an unapproved surcharge, so I contacted support via email and phone and requested an order cancelation. They then waited until the item shipped the next day before responding that they would look into it. I called in and talked to a clueless guy who first told me that the order could not be canceled because it had already shipped, but he promised to help and asked me to call him back in two business days if I hadn’t heard from him. Then, Farfetch proceeded to overcharged me, in the wrong currency. I contacted them on the second business day, and then they refused to fix the charge unless I returned the order and then re-purchased it. With PayPal’s exchange rates, I wouldn’t even receive a full refund! Massive, rude, insulting waste of time and energy. At these prices, I’m absolutely furious. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
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3 years ago, stuckwithdress
No Customer Service
If you know you love the item and have no question in your mind that you may need to return it then this is a great option. If your used to other online shopping options and might need to return it’s not worth it to buy from this company. I paid more for a dress buying it from farfetch than the designer because they talk about how easy their return process is on their website; this is not accurate. A two week return window is not for deciding you need to return something rather it’s for that item to be delivered back to the designer. And you can’t drop items off at fedex/UPS or anything like that. They send a currier to your house - sounds nice if you have the ability to be available at home during the day for a three hour window on a very tight turn around. They have beautiful items but I won’t be buying anything else from them because of the time and hassle spent just trying to navigate and the money wasted.
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4 years ago, Rabengro18282882
Do not buy from this website
I ordered a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes, I’m a currently a gold member and I tried to return my shoes with a label that FARFETCH emailed me. Long story short they lost the shoes and are asking me for evidence that I returned the shoes “can you please send us a video of you giving a package to DHL”. Mind you I called them before processing the return so that everything was properly handled. I never in my life experience such bad customer service and it’s such a shame I have to write this review because I really loved buying from them. Advice from me to new buyers record yourself returning items and keep it for your records just in case. I lost 700$ with this app and their customer service it’s just ridiculous, same conversation on repeat. It’s been over 4 months and here I am trying to see if I can get my refund but they’re not helping. It is not my fault they screwed up somewhere in their supply chain and now I have to pay the consequences of their mistakes.
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4 years ago, WHKavanaugh
Terrible shipping and return policy
Do not waste your time with this website. All items I’ve ever received from orders through Farfetch have been with DHL. There is no DHL office anywhere near me, so it takes forever to receive any item. The products they are selling are not exclusive to them, and I could purchase them elsewhere and receive them much faster. Honestly, I could fly to Italy and buy the Gucci jacket and get home before my order would arrive from Farfetch. And do not expect any special treatment or packaging for that matter. In addition, I recently tried to return a pair of Golden Goose sneakers that were a few days outside of the return policy, and they refused! Rafaela in customer service was unwilling to offer any compromise or understanding. Apparently she did not look at my purchase history before considering. There are so many other sites selling luxury goods that appreciate my business. Deleted this app and shopping elsewhere. I reccomend the OUTNET and Moda Operandi.
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4 years ago, pheonixxxxxxxx
Horrible !
This is not my first time purchasing an item from farfetch , but I’ve had an absolutely horrible experience with my last order , I got an email and text from the courier company a day before my package was delivered asking if I wanted to waive the signature before delivery option which I declined , I have a secure package box in my apartment complex with I pay monthly for to guarantee the safety of my mails and packages .They went ahead and claimed they delivered my shoe (which I saved hard for to wear on graduation ) outside, at the door without any signature . I received a notification that evening that my package was delivered I got home later that night to no package in my box or at the door as they claimed , two weeks of waiting for them to complete their investigations after my complaint , farfetch is giving me excuses about not being able to refund my hard earned $1000 . I’ve requested for the issue to be escalated and no one is getting back to me as promised !!!!!
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3 years ago, Ashes1184
May improve over time
For now, it seems like a very early version of ThredUP/Poshmark/Tradesy, without as much utility. There is almost no inventory (I think a search for dresses - in any size - literally resulted in four items). If they had more inventory it would be hard to navigate though, since you don’t seem to easily be able to filter search results (at least not by size). It does seem like they have more bags (at least a couple dozen, from what I could tell). They were all super high end, such as Hermès (>$25k used), which is great if that’s what you are looking for - but you could still probably find more inventory on other sites/apps. As they get more inventory, and have to build up the app to make it useful once people actually have to search for things, I’m sure it will get better. For now it’s kind of a hassle.
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1 year ago, Cappy1009
Love this business
I have placed multiple orders over the past two months (Feb & Mar 2023) and the items arrive within days to the East Coast. The merchandise is exactly what was expected. I made one return because the size didn’t fit. It couldn’t have been easier. I packed the item and printed their FedEx label. I dropped it at a drop off. Within days my credit card was refunded. The best feature of the business is they keep you updated via emails along the way. It is the best.
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3 years ago, ChicagoRabbit
The only one review you should read.
Decided to give it a try with ordering 2k worth of stuff. Had my order canceled 3 times. Due to “ we were unable to complete a security check with your payment provider.” I pay with my cards all over the world and never had an issue. After first cancellation they’ve asked for a picture of my ID and picture of the credit card I’ve used. I sent it!. And it got canceled anyway second time. Third time it got canceled the next day after using Apple Pay as a payment with the same stupid explanation. What a joke. At this point I doubt it they have the items they’ve listed but would cancel your order and blame you instead of admitting they don’t have those items. No surprise this company’s stock price went down 2x last year. It’s a complete joke that has to be gone from the market.
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2 years ago, 23DaSavage
Bad payment verification
If u new to shopping with them just like I am I don't recommend u spend over 500 dollars cuz I tried to buy some Dolce and Gabbana shoes , belt and a shirt which came out to be a little bit over $1,800 and they kept canceling my order and when I called they told me they payment system runs off a robot and they would leave a note so they could reach out to me manually which they did and they told me to send the credit card I was using and my ID to they email which I did and then I placed the order again thinking everything was gone be okay but it got cancelled again so I reached out again and they told me my info wasn’t good enough I even used a different payment method and got the same results and with that being said I would never try to buy from Farfetch again
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3 years ago, Icbucket
Overpriced trash
Farfetch has become one of the worst places to buy your clothes. It’s overpriced saturated basic pieces from the regular designers mostly. Even though it’s a bunch of boutiques, nothing cool and just a headache putting up with all the different lame shipping methods each boutique chooses. Customer service is horrendous and should be fired immediately. Too many new changes, like asking for account holder who’s supposedly not me, even though I never entered anyone’s name as an account holder , plus the app greets me! My name! Constant new changes to a mediocre garbage collection of cloths, unpredictableness because of varying retail partners, weak coupons that expire too quick, horrible condescending sows on the other end of customer service. If I could rate this garbage app zero, I would.
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7 years ago, Mooshokhachikyan
They just cancel my order
So usually im not leaving review or comment if its a bad application or company im still positive and giving them 5 star but this one is totally different story So i put my order like a week ago before Christmas with hope its gonna arrive exact day for Christmas. Anyway i put the order i got email we’ve got your order okey after 3 days they sending me email and saying we just hot your cancel and refund your money ( I didn’t cancel anything: its okey let me put another order so now that item is expensive or my size sold out . And im looking my statement so they charge me they refund me and after 2 days they charge me again : so now i have to call bank and do 3 way phone call to get my money back : thats the whole story thank you
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1 month ago, Olena SL
Return issues
I’m a customer for many years, I didn’t order anything since last year but this year I faced and issue with the return of the sandals. They didn’t accept return because the sole was damaged. I only tried the sandals at home on the tile floor for 10 minutes, never wore them outside. The sole was so poor quality it got small damages while trying at home. And Farfetch used it as excuse to not accept my return. I wrote and called customer service but they keep refusing my return and going to send sandals back to me. I offered to polish the sole and still trying to win this dispute. Never again I order anything from Farfetch, because of this new strict return policy. What are your thoughts on this issue?
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5 years ago, Liiil12346
My last resort before actually purchasing anything
I always browse through apps to shop but end up purchasing the items from here as the shipping ends up being much less than the other apps and they have a greater variety obviously. I just wish if they can make the interface a bit more beautiful for the eye. It doesn't have any problem but when scrolling through apps Farfetch seems the least organized one.
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1 year ago, Giasteph
SCAM Merchant
I bought a bag using this app, paid for express FedEx shipping. Bag showed delivered and signed according to FedEx tracking, but I NEVER received anything. Filed a case with FedEx and requested to see their proof of delivery and signature. However, I was told by Fedex that only Farfetch has the capability to see on their end the signature proof; meanwhile Fedex started a claim case for me. Two days later, Farfetch told me that they verified that the package was signed and delivered and refused to issue me a refund! how? I have camera installed and the ring can show no FedEx delivery on that day!! Why I have to pay for something that I did not receive and certainly did not sign! I am even more raged by how Farfetch does not care about its customer! Do not use them!
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4 years ago, Lisa20003000
Needs improvement, nice styles though
There is too much to look through, I don’t know if I am missing the filter feature for size but it’s annoying to click on so many products to find they don’t have your size. When scrolling through there are items that I previously viewed (Products are repeating). Instead of having to keep scrolling to see new products, the app should separate it by pages so I can chose the page. Number. Needs to better organize the app. It’s frustrating to have to go through 80,000 products while most of the items are not your size.
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6 years ago, Pickles Bickles
Disaster of a company
Farfetch is the perfect example of a company which raising funding by bluster and hype and turning a “profit” with their insanely bad customer service. Whoever is heading that department is probably an incompetent yes man who has no idea what they’re doing and doesn’t care about the impact. Their customer service team is disempowered, useless, scripted, and their hands are completely tied. They’ve been holding onto about $5,000 of orders which they charged weeks ago, but haven’t shipped. It’s ridiculous to get it resolved. If this is how they treat their high spend customers - it says a lot about how ineffective they are as a corporation l. It will catch up to them. People don’t understand that Farfetch as an aggregator, they’re a glorified search engine working off of commission.
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4 years ago, Cesar Villanueva
SACAMMERS! Dont buy from this store!!
Scammers! Never buy from this store. I bought an article online through the web some VALENTINOS shoes and they arrived in Miami in another color. Proceed to return it as corresponds with the return label. No matter how many emails I sent and calls, they never responded. They never refunded my money. Even when I received an email that would refund me, they never did. They want to scam me and steal with US $ 850 I can't allow it. Submitted the claim to PAYPAL and they have more than 95 days that the claim is open and PAYPAL has not yet closed it because they continue and continue to wait for information from the store. I submitted all the EVIDENCE. They are scammers who do not respond and take more than 180 days to make you a refund. SCAMMERS!
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4 years ago, Quest Anderson
Disappointing Customer Service
I am truly disappointed by this company’s customer service; Especially to returning loyal customers. I spoke with a representative over the phone who after encouraging me to reorder an item I have not yet received a refund for, told me that this happens all the time to other customers. He processed to tell me that even though it is a huge inconvenience they can’t do anything about it and that they’re sorry. You’d think if you’re getting constant complaining about the same thing you’d look into how to fix this issue for your business, and your customer service. I will not be shopping with FarFetch anymore. I will take my money elsewhere. I did not feel like a valued customer.
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5 years ago, Miss Shalom
Obsessed with Farfetch!
It used to be only possible to buy certain brands when I traveled to Europe or when one of my friends would go I’d ask them to bring things back for me. Now that I have discovered Farfetch it’s made it all so easy to do right from my phone anytime I want to! I really really love it! They also have amazing sales and give out discount codes often! Very easy to use and way more convenient then going all the way across the world to shop!
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1 year ago, Silverglider
Only 4 stars?
Everything works amazingly. I had to return an item for the first time, which went flawlessly. But the off star goes for all the times I get a suggestion or substitution, and after clicking the notification, the app opens, and everything is blank and freezes. So if I got the item name correctly, I could do a manual search. But when (not if) all goes wrong, I cannot even recover the notification from my primary phone screen.
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5 years ago, bqz93
Best in clothing business
I am beyond glad with Farfetch fast and easy shopping app. This is my second time ordering from here and I can say I am amazed with how this company operates. I am living in Kuwait and got my order from Italy in one day and the other from the US in two day. Even though it’s on weekends without extra charge or anything! Not mentioning that they had 10% off for Kuwait national and independent day:) Thank you Farfetch for an amazing job you guys deserve 10 Stars 👏🏼
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3 years ago, WeFa77
Farfetch had been amazing!
My experience with Farfetch has been amazing! I am super picky when it comes to my fashion choices and Farfetch has been able to provide me with the specific items I have been looking for. Farfetch has been my “go to” for those high end luxury specific items of my desires and has not failed to disappoint. I am so looking forward to receiving my new purchase!
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2 years ago, jordanjasper
Be aware - poor customer service with high end products ended up a loss of lot of $$$ on customers
I ordered a pair of expensive shoes with Farfetch as a first time customer and the order went wrong. No refund, no further assistance from them, and I was informed that they just simply closed my case. When I called to see if anything can be done, I got talked down by someone for minutes who was uninterested to listen, was unwilling to help and not did not empathize with my situation at all. I am still trying to see how I can recover my $400 loss, but I will never order from this company again and would not recommend to anyone.
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5 years ago, emilioestrada
Incompetent customer service
This application has a nice selection of items and sometimes can provide nice prices. Sadly they can’t seem to achieve a minimum decent level of customer service. Their processes are completely a disaster and their promises are false when it comes to time of arrival. They don't provide any help and are the most useless team of customer service. I would seriously not recommend this app. It’s been 2 weeks, 15 emails, 8 phone calls and 7 cancelled orders in order to make 1 simple order that i have still not received. They are basically useless people and seem to have a serious issue when it comes to logic, common sense and being helpful.
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8 months ago, Slimeade
I wish I could block certain brands from showing up
App is great source to get foreign products I wouldn’t normally be able to buy, but I have issues with Versace (specifically one of their customer service associates) and I never want to buy from them again. It would be nice to be able to block Versace from showing up when I’m browsing the app.
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4 years ago, Vdami02
Have been using for a few years now and am constantly amazed at the selection, overall customer service, speed of shipment and delivery process, and ease of use as well as updates to the app. They actually take comments into consideration and continue improving. The personalized notes often sent with packages are also a totally unnecessary but welcome extra touch.
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6 years ago, Jcam1692
Do not order from Farfetch
Terrible service. My item was returned back to Italy to the original shipper but I was still charged and have yet to receive a refund. I called customer service and was told by 2 different people that they couldn’t do anything for me until they found out why it was returned back to the original boutique. I repeatedly said that I did not want the item anymore and just wanted my money back but was told that they couldn’t do that. So ridiculous and so frustrating. They’re holding on to $400 of mine and will not give me any time table for when or if that will be returned. I will NEVER order anything from farfetch again.
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2 years ago, mskladch
Poor customer service
I placed an order yesterday (order number W88DRD). The transaction went through (I checked it in my bank). Then Farfetch canceled my order without my consent. I contacted customer service right away and let them know that I still needed my order. I didn’t get a response. The next day I tried to re-order my initial order, but some of the items were no longer available. I’m disappointed that the customer service ignored my request, that I waisted my time for ordering and re-ordering, and that some of the items were no longer available.
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4 years ago, too-short
Decent app, bad shopping experience
They don't validate transactions when you buy, but rather get them confirmed or rejected a day or so later by their payment processing service. My order got canceled the first time, so I wrote them and was told to order again. Ordered again, got canceled again a day later, with them asking to send a picture of my CC and my ID. It was bad enough experience for me that it sort of ruined my appetite for those shoes and dealing with them. Being called a criminal and wasting more time ordering than the shoes are worth is just ridiculous. I'm so done with this service.
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4 years ago, MKEfashion
Seamless order process
So far so good with the app. I was able to locate an item I was interested in. After mulling it over for a few days, I placed my order. I was able to see my estimated delivery dates, which appeared to allow me to receive my item relatively quickly. I received email confirmation and hope my item arrives as promised. Update coming soon.
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6 years ago, Alzthecddj
My first time
I had a great experience! Compared to what you ask, well I placed two web orders here I felt connected receiving tracker, emails and eta. For the other order I looked for emails, updates, next thing I know there was a package at my door, not cool other guys. My order arrived when it was promised and the merch was excellent! Just placed another order today with full confidence it will be right!
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6 years ago, Saiko_707
Latest update is the worst
The latest update doesn’t give you chance to see details of your order under order category. For example if you order 4 pieces appear only 3 . If you order 6 appear only 4 . Sent to customer service but the replay it’s normal we can see here at our system the order details clearly .
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1 year ago, Atiz_U
Trouble on returning my item
Purchased an item and need to return due to faulty, the system won’t allow me for the address is not recognized by the system. Talked to several people in their team but told me same stuff need to wait and wait and wait. George one of the guy i spoke with even lectured me about the impact to the environment by printing the return label in each of their customer. Dude you don’t have to lecture me, i just want the return label so i can ship the item back and get my refund. It amazed me that it takes days to make a return label for 1 item only.
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4 years ago, Ybeezy23
I ordered a comme des garçons shirt from here on may 16th. My shirt just arrived on august 8th. I believe I payed to have it shipped to me in 3-4 days. I contacted usps because when I went on the dhl website it said that it had been shipped to my local usps hub. Usps told me to contact dhl and I basically heard nothing back from them. I went to every usps hub in my area and they all told me they didn’t have it. Extremely inconvenient because I was planning on wearing the shirt for an event I had coming up. I don’t recommend ordering anything off here if you want it in any kind of timely manner they might take 3 months to bring your order !
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6 years ago, lazysnack
Terrible customer service
It is my first time writing review in anything. I put my order in black friday and somehow my order got cancled. Now that I’ve the biggest sale of the year and I contacted farfetxh theough the website and email but i havent heard anything back from them for 3days although the policy says they will respond within 24hours. I also tried calling up the customer service and everytime i call at different times, they are busy. I let the phone wait for it to be connected for 45minutes, and it is still waiting on the line. The customer service needs to be improved.
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4 years ago, nayaonthebeat_
Endless options, but there’s just one flaw
As I was going through the check out as I was in putting my card information in the only way I was able to complete my purchase was if I save my car details for next time. I usually don’t do this method because of my fear of third-party scammers or anything of the such but it was the only way I can get my item, and I wish it didn’t have to be that way. I hope that changes in the future.
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2 years ago, 血族萝莉骑士
Bad policy and customer service
I bought a hoodie that I really want when it coming out. And they send me the wrong item, when it contact the customer service, they said they can not do exchange and the only thing is refund. The price changed to higher and the price is three hundreds different. If I do return, refund and buy the item again I need pay three hundreds more. And then they only reply me they can not do because the policy. So, I want to ask, am I the guy pay three hundreds more for the fault that Farfetch did?
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5 years ago, Erik825
One of the best e-commerce apps out there
I have used Farfetch for the last 2 years. Just downloaded the app and I am blown away. Very intuitive to use. Easily walks one through the process of purchasing, then makes tracking orders easier than anything I have used. Excellent shipping integration. Couldn’t ask for a better experience.
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4 years ago, B Shurbet
My experience with Farfetch has been great! Easy navigation on the web-site! Super easy ordering without having to retype personal information! Just a few clicks and ordering is done! Everything has always come perfectly packed and shipping has been reasonable! Couldn’t ask for more!
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12 months ago, ladeeduh
They would not process my return even though they sent wrong item
I ordered a taupe purse at the end of May, it arrived on June 5 but a pink purse, not what I ordered. So I started return process and shipped the purse back using UPS label provided by Farfetch. The pacakge arrived at the destination in the shipping label on June 9 but they did not process on time as promised on their return policy. They updated their return policy in the meantime and now my order is "non-returnable" even though I already returned the item and it's their mistake for sending wrong item.
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2 years ago, Aprilpiggy
False accusation and poor customer service
After I shipped my return, it was poorly stored and transitioned for an unacceptable transition time (30 days) and possibly got damaged when it reached to boutique. Without any investigation, Farfetch claimed it’s my responsibility and won’t refund me. Even worse, I have written to customer service for 3 times after the false claim, nobody ever replied to me after almost 2 weeks. Unfair accusation, unresponsive customer service, I simply won’t use Farfetch again and won’t recommend them to anybody.
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