Farkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe

4.2 (6.7K)
9.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Farkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe

4.19 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
9 years ago, Shiloh Survivor
Farkle review
Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. But sometimes there seems to be a pattern to the luckier vs unluckier rolls. For instance, every time I've attempted to bank an insufficient (too-low, less than 300 pts) score, I invariably roll "farkle" on my next attempt to score more points. Also, I play the computer a lot and it used to seem to me that my opponent always had an advantage. I noticed that the computer usually got better rolls - and more rolls - before rolling "farkle" (if, indeed, it ever did; sometimes it seemed to know exactly when to stop and bank it's pts). But then I started noticing that the computer would make stupid choices for a computer (which presumably was programmed to make decisions based upon varying sets of possible circumstances), and I began to think my earlier assumptions were more paranoid than real and that the computer did not get better rolls than I (it merely benefitted sometimes by the random 'luck of the draw'; and, occasionally, I would benefit more than not). In all, I find the game fun and unpredictable, and sometimes discover that I've won - beating my opponent (whether that's the computer or another human being) by racking up a higher score through the random luck of the draw!
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9 years ago, Yatzhee Lover
Being Forced to Write a Review
The game would not allow me to play without writing this review. I love the game! I do not love the fact that there are times when one player has great rolls and the other has horrible rolls. One has fantastic combos and the other could not buy a combo and carry it across the street in a bucket. I wrote Robert about that once and he disagreed that it seems lop-sided, a lot. Just today when playing, my opponent almost got 4000 during their turn. That was crazy, not lucky. Then there are still the automatic quits. It let's you know you won, but if you get that person again, their score reflects they won. And if you have a conversation, you are told that you quit and you didn't. Don't understand that. That really gets on my nerves. When it's a balanced game and luck is sprinkled in there, for both players, then it's a really fun game!! I do love when that happens. I don't even mind losing because it's the element of surprise. You are wondering if you are going to get a great roll before your opponent, swop in and win. That's FUN!! Thx
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5 years ago, Moved2TN
Fun, but...
Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of Farkle? This version is a fun, cheap way to kill time. I always play against the computer, so that is my only experience. To reach the point where I can actually start play, however, requires jumping through a few, brief-but-annoying hoops. I hate being always being informed that I have been awarded some bonus gems (whatever those are, and how are they related to Farkle?) and can only click OK, and then being told I can play free rock, paper, scissors, and can either accept or decline - all I want to do is play Farkle. I’ve jumped through these hoops so many times that I’ve become quite adept at “tap, tap, tap” and I’ve passed the annoyance. Two things I find whilst playing: 1) I really don’t think the dice rolls are all that random; 2) you NEVER get a Farkle upon your first mandatory roll after having successfully rolled all 6 dice. Irritating, but fun, nonetheless.
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4 years ago, 🎲 No Dice 🎲
Doesn’t let you keep your winnings if you change devices
I’ve been playing this game for quite some time and have over 700,000 points between all of my iPhones but it takes them all away if you upgrade to a new phone. I think it’s pretty crappy actually. Sometimes it crashes after starting a new game and it steals your coins then too. Yeah, I reported it to the email and the guy seems indifferent to any issues going on even though he puts it out there to let him know if we are experiencing problems. Why tell us to let him know if he has no intentions of making things right with us? So I’m not gonna give him a full 5 stars just for his lack of making things right for all of the coins I’ve lost to this game. The game is one of my favorites to play but this is the biggest problem and he should fix it and not be so greedy. The only reason he’s getting two stars is the game layout is good and it’s fun to play. The lack of the other 3 stars is due to not transferring coins when signing on with a new device with the same log in.
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7 years ago, Chicago Karl
Ok, but needs work
I have been playing only against the computer and find it to be a little to lucky. If you bank 1,000 it seems to match you on its very next roll to keep the game close. It will at times near the end of the game roll 1,000 to 2,000 when you or both are at 9,500 or so. It plays very aggressive, risky 1,000 or more that could be banked to roll three dice. It at times will get rolls where it uses all six dice in one roll, then does it again and almost again for 2,000 plus points. It's Farkles are mostly dumb risks, while almost all of mine are trying to make 300 minimum or my last chance to beat AI. I have had once every game or two a Farkle when rolling five dice, and many with four dice. I have never seen this happen to AI and seldom with four dice. Remember to turn on Small Straight in Options. Also it isn't counting correctly in Stats the number of computer "Pass n Play" games, which it lists as 12, when it should be more like 60 to 80 games.
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9 years ago, Lillyjewel
I love this game
I really am addicted to this game which I call Ten Thousand with just slightly different rules. This game makes it really hard to put down my iPod. It would be nice to add some new rules to it. When we play, if you roll (3) 5's for example you get 500 same as these rules, But ... On your next roll you get another 5, it doubles it. (2) 5's would double that again. So you would get 500, then 1000, then 2000. They didn't have to be in the same roll, just consecutive rolls. You could really rack up the points! We would sometimes just play to see who could get the highest score in just one turn.
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6 years ago, truffin2011
Farkle Wins
Since the beginning of time, mankind has yearned to play games that are as enjoyable and anger inducing as Farkle. At times, you will love to hate this game, and other times, you will hate to love this game. The result is intensely polarizing with half of gamers lauding this as one of the most engaging games to grace our mobile screens while the other half condemns it as a worthless load that clutters one's ability to function without it. Whether it be a mastery of skill, dumb luck, or suicide inducing catch-up logic, most games are nail-bitingly close. Win or lose, there is always more time to waste with another game of Farkle. "What is food to one man may be a fierce poison to others." -Lucretius
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4 years ago, Joose59
Piggy Back Cheat
I’ve been playing this game since it came out. Yes, I’m addicted to it. However in the last 6 months or so playing has become less enjoyable because of the cheating. My favorite mode is Piggy Back. But more and more people cheat and it’s really taking the fun out of the game. If I get a high roll, let’s say 1450, somehow my opponent will piggy back on it and double the score for them. So they receive 2900 points. It’s irritating as hell because I know when they’re going to do it because a certain sound happens before they roll. But I can do Nothing to stop them! Wth happened to integrity? Update: I have no clue what’s up with YatzyAddict & now Farkle. For some unknown reason I can’t complete a game on either game! Every game crashes! Fix it please!
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9 years ago, Elly-B711
Best little game app ever!!!
I love this game and could play it for hours! Oh wait, I do play it for hours! But I don't understand why some of the opponents I'm matched with seem to deliberately let the clock run out or they quit if they're behind a couple thousand as you can easily make two to three thousand on a single roll. What's even odder is that I'll get matched back up with the same person on the next match! Oh well, it's discouraging, but doesn't stop me playing!!! I would like if a players win percentages could be listed with those win-loss stats. And how about multiple player match ups? Just a thought . . .
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4 years ago, Na Na 9
I like the game I don’t like the game
Farkle is a really funny game. I enjoyed playing it at one point I win and then I lose. I only play with the computer so this is the only experience I’ve had. It’s just a stupid way to waste time there’s nothing really fun about it because the computer gets better rolls than the human being but at one point a human being has a better chance of winning but the computer always wins this is my opinion about Farkle it’s just a really lame stupid dumb Way of killing time if you think the opposite that’s just your opinion but this is what I think about the game. If I were going to read this it would be a 2.5 if you think it’s a 5 out of 5 that is your opinion. I’ve been joyed playing Farkle but it’s just not that fun of a game Sincerely Player
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9 years ago, TheWordsmith65
Life Changing!!!...
I used to live the life of a man without any clear idea of what to do with his life wandering aimlessly through each and every day, plagued with misfortune, heartache, and mentally unstable... Until I was introduced to Farkle Addict!!!... Now I'm a totally different man!!!.. I've become more sexually active, I mean women are attracted to me like never before!!!.. I won the lottery! Three times now!!!.. I mean its just like I'm living a dream thanks to Farkle Addict!!!... The Mayor gave me the keys to the city yesterday and the Chief of Police gave me a get out of jail free card, laminated even! With unlimited use with no date of expiration!!!.. Wow!!!. Farkle Addict!!!... I owe it all to you!!!...
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4 months ago, JBigs1923
Seems Rigged
I have just started playing Farkle on a regular basis again recently. I was doing very well. But shortly after I started I got a ‘request’ saying that if I ‘love Farkle’ to show the love by buying more tokens. I didn’t as this is supposedly a ‘free’ game, and ever since, I can not win. I get Farkle more than ever, and even when I have a good hand, my opponent gets a better hand, or 2 or even 3 rolls in a row that seem to always win. I understand the concept of buying coins when I NEED them, but since I didn’t, I feel like they are being deliberately depleted so I HAVE to buy more. Seems suspect to me. I would have bought more if I needed them, but now I feel like I am being forced to buy them, and I won’t now for sure.
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8 years ago, Coachjimbo
Disappointment became Joy
First, my original review: "Why is it folks develop a basically great game and think it will be fun for the user if, when playing against the computer, to allow the computer to frequently stage miraculous comebacks? I just scored 10,100 points in a game. My computer opponent got one last try to beat me and managed to come from 7,000 points to win. Stupid!" My updated review: My use is to play against the computer in order to learn the game and useful strategies. The experience that irritated me has not been the norm. I don't know if I've seen another miraculous computer comeback since that one. I don't think the odds are very close to 100% legit, but they are at least pretty equal. I get way too many great rolls. But unlike the three or four other Farkle apps I've tried, this one isn't rigged against you when you play the computer. I love playing on this platform.
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4 years ago, Rossomemom
Farkle Addict
I absolutely love playing this game but find that I have had more people “Time Out” or just plain exit out of the game when they aren’t winning or get Farkled too many times that actually play the game through to the end regardless of the outcome and it’s plain irritating, talk about poor losers. It’s a shame. I still play though and plan to continue to, even if it’s against the computer, Those people should be penalized as it happens more often than not, at least to me it has.
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2 years ago, JeffreyDJ
Farkle is fun … Constantly crashes
The app constantly crashes in the middle of a game. This is a hard crash, it shuts down and when you reopen you’re back at the opening screen. This is frustrating because it keeps track of wins and losses, and you score chips to play online. Crashing gives you a loss since it appears one just quit, and you also lose chips. It is also unfair to other players since it kills there games as well. A very frustrating experience. Out of the 6 games I played, I completed 2 (lost 1 and won 1) and I crashed the other 4 times counting as a loss and I was winning 3 of those. Not worth the frustration of a constantly crashing game.
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1 year ago, Crafty Nana 2023
Kicked Out
I have been playing this game this morning and it has kicked me out at least 5 times in the middle of my game. I don’t know if the other player gets kicked out but it happened almost every day I play. It does this on Yatzee also. I haven’t played any of the other games to comment on them. This is a fun way to spend time when you are bored. I will continue to play these games as long as it doesn’t cost me any money or it gets worse about kicking me out.
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5 years ago, blueyedcat13
Love the game! A couple of wishes tho. I wish Robert would answer emails like he says he will. I wish we still had a daily gift, I have no idea what the crystals (gems or. Whatever they are) we get daily are for but we’ve always gotten those. I wish we could play piggyback for a larger amount. I wish there was a HUGE penalty for quitting the game early. All these wishes go for Yatzy as well. One more thing, why do we have to hit a button saying chat is disabled by the other player, it is very annoying
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1 year ago, That mountain peep
Best Farkle game on the App Store. Please fix this app…it’s crashing as soon as I open it on my iPhone 13! I’ve tried a LOT of Farkle apps…had this one for many years and it is leaps and bounds last all the others. Piggyback variation is a total genius move! Try it with real dice with friends…it is SO MUCH MORE ENGAGING AND EXCITING. Everyone I’ve showed it to now only plays piggyback! Thanks for making this game…please update!!! The others are LAME in comparison!
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7 years ago, Phamous Phil
Fun game
Great game to play endlessly. Just learned the game, with real dice, from some friends so we downloaded this app and play it all the time. I seem to Farkle way more often than I did with the real dice but still enjoy the app. I also have encountered what I believe to be a bug. When you roll 4 of a kind plus a pair you get interesting results. You may have let's say 800 points for the 4 of a kind and when you select the additional pair, your points go down to 500, regardless of what it should be.
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6 years ago, auntrocky1
So addictive!
I play this on my phone any time I find myself in a line, waiting for an appointment, etc. i love it! Game play is smooth and fast, nice graphics. The only flaws I find are that once in awhile the display for the dice saved on the first roll goes blank, but those dice are still counted. Just a display glitch. There are too many popup screens and choices to make when you first start, but only then. Playing subsequent games is just one click. My new favorite!
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9 years ago, Seaaes91
Farkle is an Addicting App.
My fiancé and I play regularly, and I've enjoyed the human vs. human option, as you and a friend can play versus having to bring along a set of dice (avid Farkle player). The only issue I've ever had is the rolls don't seem as random as one might like.. Say, I won a game last round, -- chances are? I'm going to lose the next one.. And then win.. And then lose.. Not so much on chance as on a continuum of fairness, but still very happy with this app, nonetheless!
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8 years ago, Jdfutz
Best Yahtzee I've played.
I love this app. The layout of the board is great, and it runs very smoothly. Suggestions: When I Farkle, I'd like to be able to tap the die cup to tell the app to go ahead and start the next roll rather than having to wait so long for the word "Farkle" to disappear. Secondly: at the end of each game, I would love to see all of the scores of the current game session so I can tell how I'm doing, or at least the score of the previous game.
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8 years ago, Lizzymae0570
Single Player
I like this app and that you can play as a single player. That way if you have to end the game quickly you don't feel rude ending a game on another player. I wish I could find a traditional Yatzee Game like this. I will say if you roll 3 Ones and do a 2nd roll I'll guarantee that you will get a 5 with the second roll every single time. So that part is very predictable! But still a good game for a single player.
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5 years ago, Choklatz
Fun time waster
I play this game on and off, sometimes taking a very long break. Recently I have been playing again. I used to play against other players who seemed to get impossibly high scores. I recently discovered that I can set scores for rolls much higher in the options menu. And suddenly, I get wildly high scores as well. I use this just to give myself something to do as I watch my dog play in the yard. I usually just play single player to try to beat my high score.
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8 years ago, timnuttara
It's a love hate relationship...
I have been playing Farkle for a while now and I love it! Lately though, it's seems like some of the players have very unusual luck, all the time. Cheating takes the fun out of it. These players are usually the ones that have their chat turned off, not always though. I love the game and i will continue to play it, but if I keep getting these cheating opponents, maybe it will time to hang up my Farkle hat. That will really make me sad. 😥
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8 years ago, Logan8412
Waiting for updates
Not sure what the gems are for. They're building up but can't use them. I like playing it but I don't like the fact that I can't change my screen name. I've had a couple of idiots find me on fb and stalk me. I emailed Robert Suh like it says to and he did email me back right away. I followed his instructions on how to change my screen name but it not helpful at all. I've lost coins for no reason and he said there will be updates soon. But if it doesn't come in the next month I'm going to find something else to play. I don't like people harassing me on fb.
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2 years ago, Jan13
Great game!
I love this game and have been playing for a long time now. I recently have been kicked out of some games randomly. I can play a couple of games and then the next time will just get kicked right out of the game! I have automatic updates turned on, so don’t think it’s that.. I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem? Very frustrating!!!!!
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5 years ago, msgerritz
Fun Little Game
The first time I tried to place this I didn’t know what the rules were and It didn’t make sense. I just didn’t take the time to read the rules. Recently we played this with dice with a couple of friends so I thought I would try it again. I’ve been playing it every night since then. It’s kind of addictive. Between that and the Yahtzee Addict game I don’t get a dang thing done around here.
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2 years ago, Brucifrr
I don’t think it is random
When playing against the computer, it seems it usually gets better rolls. Even when I’m far ahead, usually it will get several big scores to make the game close. That never happens when the computer has a big lead. Also some of the scoring isn’t correct. For example, if I roll four 1s and two 5s, the proper scoring should be 2000 points for the 1s and another 100 points for the 5s. But if I select all six dice it will give me just 750 points. That doesn’t make sense.
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3 years ago, 🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP WINS🇺🇸🇺🇸
The game is fun but the reason I gave it two stars is because there is a bug in the game that has been occurring the past year. I have emailed Robert three times regarding the problem & he has never replied or acknowledged my emails. I have lost 1000’s of points because it randomly dumps you out of the game & you lose your points & it counts as a loss. It doesn’t matter if you are a head in the game or not. It’s very frustrating because the problem has not been resolved. If this changes, I will update my review.
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2 years ago, Joelle125
Game glitches
I love the game, however it is impossible to get a fair # of wins/losses because every so often the game will just shut down and exit the app, completely on its own and you automatically lose. It’s very annoying! It happens to others when I’m playing with them, they just suddenly stop rolling. So I know it’s not just me. I’d give it 5 stars if they could fix that,
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2 years ago, Pootercat
Crashes too often
Not only does it say I found a player, just to fake me into thinking I’m about to play but then it goes right back to searching for a player again. Happens at least 4 times before I actually get hooked up with a player. Then, as I’m right in the middle of a game, it’ll crash on me. And I lose any points I had and the match points I also lose. Makes me pretty angry but I’m getting used to expecting these bugs.
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5 months ago, Missy&osker
I love this game I’ve played it for years and years and years but the funny thing is I can’t get anywhere because if I place a bed at 5000 and I’m winning the person I’m playing against always drops the game and I always lose that 5000 so I can never get any higher so with that being said I sure wish they’d fix this game I would love it 🥰
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7 years ago, Cgs593
The computer cheats
I've been playing against the computer for some time, but I'm giving up the game, because the computer cheats. Out of the last 10+ games, the computer has won all but 2. If I get ahead with any sort of good score, the computer will suddenly have one or more turns gaining thousands of points on each one, while I get farkle after farkle. There's been several games where the computer has been down by more than 5,000 points but came back to win with huge scores I never even come close to.
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8 years ago, All-the-names-are-used
Not very random
I am consistently being asked to write a review. Isn't once enough? The annoying "reminders" are a scam to inflate false Positives for the creator! If I pass the option to review I swear I loose my next game. So here is the same review again: (And again!) The algohythm of single player games is very predictable. I always know when it's about to Farkle me out. Random Player game points often seem lopsided rather than arbitrary. The more games played in a row, the more games I loose. It's a definite pattern embedded in the app itself. Still, I like the game when I win.
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7 years ago, 72Bruin
Farkle HD
Like the game but I'm very annoyed because I keep getting messages telling me I don't have enough memory and to reboot my computer. This started happening when I upgraded my application after receiving a notification from the iTunes store. A few times I got these notices during a game and then it just shut down. I have nearly 60 gigs of available memory on my iPad
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5 years ago, ntaga
Our family often plays Greedy Dice on game nights. This is the digital version and, with a little tweaking of the scoring (which you can do under options), it’s virtually identical to our game. I like that this can be played offline and that when online, the ads are not obtrusive. They show up when you first open the game and do not interrupt play.
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5 years ago, tcarughi
Fun dice game...
I enjoy playing this game. I had been playing another Farkle game that I like more than this one but it seemed to disappear? What I really liked about the other Farkle game was you could choose to replay the person you just finished a game with. It was fun because you could continue to play Farkle with someone and kind of keep score for wins and loses. Would be nice if the developer of this game would add the option to this Farkle. So come on developers fix your game and make it more fun to play!
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9 years ago, Ginny gee
Great game
I was surprised to read that someone else was forced to write a review because that just happened to me and I can't get on to play the game and the their info page on the App Store web site kept coming up when I tried to play the game. I do love the game but hate being forced to do anything. I would have written a review on my own eventually and it would have been much more positive than this one.
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4 years ago, mimi_mermaid
Still fun though
It’s a wonderful game, and I still play it. As a matter of fact, I met my hubby playing 10 years ago! The only reason it only gets 3 stars, is because after all these years of playing, it still takes forever for the game to load and find a player. There are still lags to the point where you’ll lose the game because it takes too long to play your timed turn. I hope they eventually work on those issues.
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3 years ago, 2boyzMiMi
Farkle review
It would rate 5 stars if players would play the game instead of quitting when they see who they are playing, quit because you don’t chat, quit because they are losing or drag each roll out for 25 seconds. If there is someway to rid the game of those players it would improve. And to claim to be able to play 24 hours a day isn’t my case, I can only play between 6:00 am - 11:00 am then again from 6:00 pm - 12:00 am. Be super if that was fixed. 2boyzMiMi
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2 years ago, Lori12_61
I found out about this game from a friend we play in real life so I decided I would look for an online app to play. I downloaded a game app but it was terrible. I then downloaded this app and I am so happy it feeds my addiction to Farkle. I can play as many times as I wish and don’t have to worry about ‘earning’ games to play. This app is great. And free. Love it!
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7 years ago, Planejuliet
Scoring issue needs fixing.
Please fix scoring issues. When I roll 4 sixes and 2 ones, I should get 1400 and another roll. But the minute I take that last one dice, my 1300 score goes down to 750...three pairs. This is NOT 3 pairs, it's 4 sixes and 2 ones. So I sacrifice the extra roll so I can at least keep 1300...and leave one 1 not claimed. The game does this every time you get 4 of something plus enough to reroll. Please make it recognize that 4 of a kind is not 2 pairs when hitched up with 5s or 1s.
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5 years ago, Antiduplicity
Good game - too many ads…cheats
The dice are clearly not random. The program picks the winners and losers and if It wants me to win, great, but if not my score goes way down. There are popup ads after every game and strange bonus gems that serve no purpose. There is no support and the in-app purchases are never explained anywhere. The world-wide play is great but the game play really needs to be more fair and random. You also have to log into Game Center but there us no purpose because if I restore my phone all progress is lost and I have to start over Not a single update in over 3 years. Dump the app
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1 year ago, anggue09
I absolutely love Farkle!! I play everyday, but the last week it won’t load on my phone… I click on the app it says loading for about 2 seconds then pops back to the phone screen🤪 Help!!! I tried restarting my phone and checking there’s not an update, don’t know what to do without my Farkle😁😵🤔🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲💚🖤❤️🤍
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8 years ago, Pinged
What are the GEMS for???
Love this game. Multiplayer is sometimes troubled especially when you want to play a specific person. It works most of the time but I think it's more a Game Center issue now that I think about it. It's a great game and fun to play. Can anyone tell me what the gems are for that you get when you log in. Thanks in advance and thanks for a great game. Cheers
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9 years ago, paws001
This is a great game. My daughter introduced it to me at Christmas so that we could compete against each other as we both work and fun days or times are limited. My son in law and grandson can also get into the game with us if they choose to. Thanks for your creative and out of the box thinking! Almost a year later this is still a great game!
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3 years ago, autumnmoon316
Love this game... But didn't love so much when I lost 2,000,000 points when I uninstalled/ reinstalled. Should have kept my points.. Still using same name...I would love it if you could give me my pts back, Rob. This was written a while ago...have had points stolen twice...how does that happen...didn’t play for a long time...just coming back
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6 years ago, Black Hat Dude
Pay to Upgrade? No Way!
In Play Friends, the two devices only connect about 1/4 of the time - seems like it should be an easy fix. How about the “Player whatever wins” then game disconnects when the game is not over - especially love that one. I’ve never seen such a buggy app - and never seen one that pushes “upgrade now so hard”. How about fixing before begging. Side note: where can I find out what the red Farkel means? When I’m done writing this, I’m headed to the App Store to look for another option.
Show more
6 months ago, DoesNotConnectWell
Connection issues.
When it works, it is fun to play. However, frequently there are issues connecting with other players. You end up waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and still no connection. Also, you can be right in the middle of a game and the connection drops and times out. This is all very frustrating. It would be a great game if these issues could be resolved. I have experienced these issues for years and there has never seemed to be any improvement.
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