Candy Crush Saga

4.7 (2.9M)
297 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11 or later
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User Reviews for Candy Crush Saga

4.71 out of 5
2.9M Ratings
1 year ago, tammkln
Like the game
I enjoy this game a lot. When I needed help and emailed them, they sent one automatic email. Stating that they’ve sent me other letters which I guarantee they have not I have checked everywhere. I replied to that letter letting them know that that was the only letter I had received. And let them know that my question was how do I change the icon from a pig icon to like a hamster or something on my profile for candy crush with my iPhone Apple? They never answered the question I could never find an answer when I searched online they said how to do it on a computer. But nothing about how to fix it on my iPhone app. Anyway as you guess the second and only the second letter I had received as an automatic letter stating my question was closed because I had not responded. Which I had responded to the one and only letter I had received. So if you ever want help from them don’t expect to ever get any because you want it’s all automatic it’s all lies and they will close the case saying they never got a response. And candy crush thanks for not helping me out so much!!
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2 weeks ago, Rabsyc
Love the game still BUT . . .
First the game is fun and sime of the new stuff is cool. But it’s incredibly frustrating that I can’t opt out of the Candy Royale. All of the animation is annoying to wait on. Then with each update, we lose really neat boosters that we used to win in the previous version. Now they’re just timed boosters. I don’t want to win 5 minutes. I want the booster to use when I need it. It used to be at the end of the “six first daily games” episodes that we would get a UFO. Now it’s times use od the UFO and you can barely use it in the little time given. Big loss. And what’s worse is all the Candy Royale animation takes up the few useless minutes of time we do get. Thank you for fixing the mixing of the stripes and wrapped which had turned into explosions for a while. But the wrapped with wrapped explosions don’t seem to clear as many candies. Also, lately the fish target all my boosters and are starting to hurt rather than help. And lastly, please bring back the strip at the bottom where you can see all your friends that have played the level and give lives to them. It was a nice feature. Just saying that I notice each time I get an update all I end up with is LESS of something I really liked and dread getting the update. I want real boosters not just limited time with them. Don’t keep taking stuff away cause at some point the disappointment and frustration will make me not want to come back.
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11 months ago, prnxxx
SO frustrating.
I never ever writes reviews, but this app has caused me so much frustration, I felt compelled too! Let me start by saying, the moto “swipe your stress away”, big joke. Let me be frank, this game is seriously addicting, and honestly was fun at first, now here at level 694, almost every board takes days and days to get past. Some of the levels are literally not possible to beat without using boosters, which every 5 seconds this game continuously shoves in your face the “special deals”, this game is free, no ads, they have to make money somehow. Whatever, I get it. However it eventually comes to a point every couple of levels you have to pay more and more to win. Before you know it, you’ve spent wayyy more then you’d like to admit, and AS SOON as you start buying things, the algorithm will INTENTIONALLY make the boards impossible to beat without purchasing, so instead of now being a valued buyer, you’re not someone this game will do everything in its power to walk alll over your completely embarrassing addiction to this game, and frustration of being stuck on a level after playing it over and over 80 times. Moral of the story, if you play this, never cave in and buy, or you’ll be in a trap of being forced to continue buying in order to move on. Even better option, just don’t even play. It’s easy to say you won’t spend money, then get addicted and almost hypnotize into buying. This game is a pay to win scam, nothing relaxing about that.
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3 months ago, metalheavy
Why are there so many pop ups?!
Edit June ‘23: At first the app was having a glitch where if I watched an ad it would switch to portrait mode. Fine, I just won’t watch ads. Now I open the app it starts in landscape and then auto switches to portrait. I can’t get it stay in landscape. Great. 🙄 I don’t get it, only a small portion of the pop ups are for things to buy with real money. The rest of them are all in-game garbage like challenges, and friend requests, and races, and storylines no one cares about, and wheel spins, on and on and on with the pop ups. I have to close like 10 of them before I can even get to a level when I open the game, it’s absurd. Also there needs to be a way to stop friend requests. I’m assuming the ones I’m getting are some bot thing since I’m not linked in any way from Facebook or where-ever. I don’t care about friends and the stupid banner that you can’t push away and have to sit there and see “JESSE WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND!!!!!” is infuriating. But I do enjoy the game and deeply appreciate that there are no forced ads. I don‘t mind that the trade off is that high levels sometimes throw you an impossible-without-a-booster level. Boosters are easy enough to get for free either through the challenges/spins or ad-watching so it doesn’t bother me.
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6 months ago, nappyhead19702
Commercials & ads
This game Candy Crush should be called commercials and ads because that’s all there is. You can’t place the game unless you buy something the games wants you to buy. I never bought anything so I have to watch the ads and commercials. Hundreds of ads and commercials constantly for as long as you want to play the game. I have two Ipads so I play the Candy Crush with one ipad and play another game with the other ipad, otherwise I would never be able to stand all of those commercials and ads. I like the game but all of those ads & commercials is ridiculous. You really don’t get play the game because if you don’t select the correct move which is to buy something or watch an ad or food commercial, or exercise commercial, house commercial, investment commercial or the Wendy’s commercial for however as long as you want to play. The game tells you to bring people into the game to help you. If you don’t obey then you must watch commercials over and over. Every part of the game involves you submitting to the commands of the game or else you get kicked off. You don’t really know if other people are ahead of you or are they buying the candy crush items. If they buy and you don’t buy then suddenly you are behind and not winning at all. I refuse to buy any candy crush so I rarely am ahead but I don’t care because I have other games to play.
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7 months ago, XsmokeXeaterX
Favorite game
To be honest, it’s the only game app I have besides Scrabble. I have played Angry Birds and occasionally have tried other games but have been playing this quite a while now. I like puzzles and to me this is a puzzle game. You can definitely get better at using the boosters and the design and ingredients in each puzzle. I get the frustrations of some reviewers, but my biggest issue is the constant pop up windows trying to get you to buy something or participate in some extra feature. Some of us just want to play the game. As far as spending money to pass levels or buy boosters, pay attention here: I am on level 13,407 and have never, not one single time, bought anything. I haven’t paid a dime for any extras like boosters or lives. I have been a tick on one level for several months before. I have passed 30 levels in a day before. Still, never cost me a penny. I used to be at the point where I would finish the levels and have to wait for updates to get new ones, but the levels got harder and I didn’t play much and got behind again. Still zero $$ ever paid. If they had an option to pay a few bucks and see fewer ads and pop ups I’d do that probably.
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2 years ago, David Rrrrrrrrrrrrr
Eventually you’ll get to a level where they’ll force you to use your “boosters”. You want to hold onto your boosters for really hard levels but out of nowhere, you’ll be on a level that isn’t even labeled “hard” (I was hung up on what seemed like a pretty easy level, in the high 50’s or low 60’s- I know, not far at all… I download and delete this game often… just downloaded it again for the first time in about a year, and an hour in, I was reminded why I ALWAYS delete the game out of frustration) anyway, I can’t beat the level without exhausting my boosters… if I decide to pocket my boosters and just keep using/losing lives to try to beat the level, I can exhaust all five lives and wait to get more… conversely, if I revisit that same level hours later when I have five lives… I can beat said level without a problem… except now I have less/no boosters for future, harder levels… forcing me to eventually pay for boosters or wasting lives trying to beat the next hard to beat level. Overall… game wastes time very well… but due to how frustrating a simple (non “hard level”) can be… annoyingly it seems to purposely make it so you’re forced to use boosters when you’d really like to hold onto them for much harder levels. Sure, you can beat the level by using your boosters but then you’re on like level 59 (not far at all) and have 0 boosters left. Sweet.
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2 months ago, HopeV
Don't do it
I've been playing for awhile and I'm in the upper levels now, but every single thing they have done lately to change the game has made it worse. You can only play the game in portrait view now on an iPad, which means I'm having to physically hold my keyboard (in horizontal mode, I can rest it on a desk without it toppling over) and am constantly accidentally clicking out of the game. The only way - and I mean 100% of the time now - to win a game and progress levels is to pay money. They give you way too few moves and unless you're willing to play hundreds of the same level to hopefully score a lucky board, you will have to pay. They keep giving additional moves when you aren't progressing, but who needs 120 extra moves when all you need are 5 or so? I would rather they make the number of moves realistic to win in the first place than having a hundred extra moves that you have to pay for. They changed the rewards to timed boosters in many cases rather than having in-game boosters that could actually help. And by timed, I mean 5 minutes. Most games you can't even use it twice, so what's the benefit of that? I could go on and on, but although the game is addicting and fun, it's beyond frustrating and expensive now. I don't see myself continuing on and you shouldn't even bother getting suckered into what's become a full blown scam.
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1 year ago, katiepitts27
Crashes constantly & takes away lives/resets challeneges
I’ve been playing this game since it first came out over 10 years ago. It has always been my favorite game but the last 3 months I have not experienced crashes in the game like I have now. After I’ve played it for a certain amount of time, the whole thing will freeze up & log me out. This will happen while I’m in the middle of trying to complete challenges where you have to beat 7 levels in a row on your first try. Obviously if it crashes & you come back in, it has taken away a life & you have to start all over. Imagine how frustrating it would be to spend gold bars to make sure you can pass a level all for it to crash out on you? I think that’s the idea here. The crashes didn’t start until they added the 7 levels in a row challenge. I have had this game crash out on me 50+ times. I’ve emailed support & receive no response back. They don’t care if you spend money on gold bars that you lose when their app crashes. This is honestly a very cheap move on their part & I think it’s unacceptable. Somehow I still manage to win these challenges so I have plenty of gold bars but I don’t plan on spending another dime on this game & I used to every now & then. They aren’t worth your money if they can’t email you back or give you an updated version that fixes the crashes.
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2 years ago, mrBigHands20
If you love popups, ads and Kardashians then you found your game!
Overall nice game, if you love clicking out of 8-15 popups on average then this is game for you! Well, on occasion (every time you update your phone or for no reason at all) your boosters that you’ve been collecting for weeks will disappear but that ok, just keep playing and collecting! One day something even better happened - opened game up and it was covered with Kardashian all over - fun! Well, I do think they bring me bad luck since difficult to pass levels already taking days at a time and with Kardashians all over its even more impossible and even more popups and sometimes even full screen videos that are hard to click out of - fun! But wait, just keep watching adds about puppy vaccinations (apparently they think I have puppy since I’m playing this game hmmm) or just watch ads about other games that apparently other people made thousands of dollars - wow! I need to rethink my life and career and get one of those money making games instead! They do have a tagline when game is loading something like “eliminate stress of today, play candy” - thank you for that reminder, let me just click out of 100s of popups, watch puppy vaccination videos 50 times, see Kardashians face all this time and don’t pass a single level because all my boosters are gone - what a relieve! 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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2 years ago, cody.sw
Too Hard past level 2000
i shouldn’t have to spend money to enjoy a game. i shouldn’t have to beg people i don’t know for lives to play a game. talk about pay to win holy crap. i used to be able to spend hours playing this game to waste time and relax. once and a while there would be a reasonably hard level that i would have to spend $2 to beat, which seems perfectly reasonable to me, this game needs to make money somehow, and free to play with no ads with minimal booster purchases was reasonable. but once you get to the higher levels, the hard levels aren’t even marked with a skull anymore so you have no idea when to strategize with the boosters you already have. the move limits are often far too low for these levels, often to the point where you would only need one to three more moves to win. i usually lose all five lives within ten minutes on levels that give you 13 moves. and even when you get the rare level with 30+ moves, you get bombs which tank the level before you even have a chance to finish. there’s no point in even strategizing half the time because the game gives you absolutely no opportunities to complete a corner of the level. in the end, you’re caught up in the same loop over and over again until the unlikely chance you get lucky enough to get candies in the right order to finish.
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5 months ago, bitss!!
Fun but impossible sometimes
I love this game a lot and it’s probably one of my favorite time killers. I am not happy with the fact that there are millions of levels to go and I am barely passing 300, which is fine but I swear some levels are super hard and impossible to clear without using extra boosts, I mean come on, how would you expect me to clear 100 hard jellies in 20 moves. Mathematically, that is just impossible without using a special. The probability of you earning those boosts and gold is far slim, its like they just want you to pay for the gold. Please give other way around for those who wants to play this game for free and want to clear those impossibly hard levels. Also, this is not me going to grocery and actually getting something worth my money, so please keep the price affordable for something like gold for extra moves, or give us chance to earn it easily for the time that I am putting in the game. On top of that I get limited lives, try to give extra heart for nightmarishly hard levels. Also, these levels should me just not back to back give some time to enjoy the game, we not here to be competitive, even games like COD or PUBG isn't as frustrating as Candy Crush gets, Please fix these annoying rules and policies we just want to enjoy the game.
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2 years ago, yokoasia
They will take your money ! Beware!
I am ver If i’ve been using this app for over five years sad that it has came down to this. If I can give this app a -1 I would. Im upset that I have to write this review I have been using candy crush for over five years now it’s gotten me through some good times but then again I see that there just here to take your money and it’s very unfortunate I purchased a $3.99 boost and I was charged $19 because of the previous times I’ve tried to pay for things I did not have enough money on my cash app so obviously they were pending if I don’t have the money in my cash app and I’m buying something small why am I getting charged for the other pending charges that are weeks old I can see if you guys are going to charge me for those purchases at least give me the boost that come with them but the fact that you guys are charging me and I don’t even receive the boost is uncalled for sadly I’m going to delete this app and I’m not going to use it anymore you guys get one chance to scare me and that was your chance I’m done Also buyer beware if you have children who use iPhones or your phone do not let them use this app because if you have a iPhone it will overcharge your card you don’t want to wake up with a negative balance on your credit card because of an app that doesn’t honor it’s reward system
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3 years ago, gooddfy
Annoyed With Unnecessary Changes
Never in my 4 of playing this game have I ever felt the need to write a review for this game. I’m on level 5649; needless to say, I’ve been playing for years with a couple of breaks in between, and literally up until maybe the last year, I’ve been so annoyed with all the sudden changes & updates. You have taken away the booster meter, changed the booster/ moves wheel after failing a level to worthless options, altered the appearance of some candy blockers for who knows what reason, and much more. Since I’m obviously not at the most current level, I have never had the “need” to wait for any updates because I didn’t have any issues with the app nor ran out of weekly levels to play with. However I have recently found myself waiting for ANY update that the app offers just for the hope that the makers will some day stop messing with the app so much and just allow its users to actually have fun and stop making unnecessary changes. It may be rare but I can proudly say that I have never spent any money on this app. I enjoy this game so much, yet have never been compelled to buy any boosters because the game itself used to offer so many opportunities to gain boosters to pass the levels. But recently I have made the choice to simply stop playing rather than giving my money away to an unstable game that promises nothing in return.
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1 year ago, relax357
Three in a row candies didn’t clear until I watched an ad
I’ve been playing Candy Crush for years, was past level 5200 when I decided to finally delete it because I was so sick of how rigged it was. I would get stuck on level for a long time trying to beat it without watching ads, but alas the game doesn’t like that. I don’t like feeling forced to watch ads just to pass a level. The straw that broke the camel’s back came on one of my last played games. I had a good win streak going and needed to clear 3 tiles to win. They were spread out, but I did the best move that I could, which did include a booster of some sort, but I don’t remember the specific one, and hoped for the best. As I watched the chain reaction, 2 were cleared right away and I waited to see if the third would get done as well. As the pieces fell and came to an end, there was a 3 in a row color match right on the one I needed cleared to win. It didn’t clear those! Instead the Lock Screen came on and I had to watch a video to get an extra move, which I did. Sure enough when the Lock Screen lifted, that 3 in a row cleared as it should have already, and I won without even making another move 😡. I don’t play rigged fair or amusement park games, so I’m not going to play a rigged game on my phone.
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4 years ago, uptight2
I want to start by saying I had stopped playing candy crush saga for about two years. It had become boring. I started playing again about 6 months ago. I like the new changes & updates to the game but developers...WHAT is the PURPOSE of the crowns???? One objective is to get boosters. The crowns offer NOTHING but confetti. POINTLESS!! Give us crowns WITH free boosters for completing so many levels on the first try! Additionally, TWICE I’ve come in 2nd place for the weekly race these past 2 weeks and didn’t get my prizes! The race ends without warning & a new race begins. But NO PRIZES! According to the race rules, the top 3 places get prizes! Additionally, why does the game take my black balls WITHOUT a stripe or candy bomb nearby?? That’s CHEATING!! Then the hard, harder, hardest levels come so close together, that there’s little opportunity to move ahead in the race once reaching the 2,000 levels. While the competition is ok, it seems that you’ve forgotten that SOME ADULTS play the game to relax & as a pass time. It should’ve cause frustration because you’re trying to force players to make booster purchases. We’re adults, not kids wanting to spend countless hours trying to get through one level of a game. Our lives consist of more than time on a game. So it would be greatly appreciated if you’d cut the crap and make the game fun again!!
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1 year ago, Disappointed aunt of a Moc
Pray your app doesn’t get a glitch
This game is a great way to spend your time. Please note my rating would be higher if not for the glitch I’ve gotten and the response I’ve gotten from King support. Around October 2021 an update allows me to play the game, but it somehow locked me out of the events, store, my gold, and even the King account. I can’t get in through Facebook or Google either. This is occurring on my phone and tablet, but not with my other King games. If I try to get into the store, it acts like it’s searching for an internet connection while never connecting, so I can’t make any purchases with my gold or even through the app. The events section looks like I’m playing off-line, not even allowing me to spin the daily wheel or connect with other players. When I try to connect to my account through King, Facebook, or Google, I get a “cannot connect to server” message. I sent an email to King support about the issue, explaining deleting/reinstalling didn’t help, the generic reply was to do the exact things I had tried to fix the issue myself with a note to reply if it didn’t work. The reply to their email was unanswered by King. Since I can’t get past the level I’m on without using a tool - which I used months ago - I have stopped playing this game. Go for the other Candy Crush games instead.
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2 years ago, JKNOX25
What happened to Candy Crush?
I was reluctant to write a review because I literally have been playing this game every single day for more than five years now. The game is relaxing to me. Recently though over the past year, I’ve noticed a change in the algorithm. A change that suggests that the developers want you to lose way more than earning a win on each level. At this point is so obvious. Today I clearly won a level(4335), I was down to the last bubble to pop with no moves left, but the board still had moves left. And at the very end of the board completing itself, there lined three green candies perfectly on the last bubble. You want to guess what happened next? I LOST, yes I lost the level with the three candies sitting there staring me right in the face. My mouth dropped so far, I couldn’t believe it. I wish I could post the screenshot of it here. The game is terrible now with blatant cheat codes in the algorithm. I’m highly disappointed in a game that should be touted as one of the greatest casual gaming apps of all time. But it looks that greed has turned into the primary motivation for this company. Just sad PS Can there be a way to favorite a level please? There are levels that I enjoy playing and want to go back to but can never find them.
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2 years ago, beautyintheeyeofLarissa
Fascinating game
So easy and satisfying. Really meditative for me. I play this game obsessively for weeks or months every few years when life messes with my mind by giving me big personal problems I cannot face or solve and I need something I can do that’s almost mindless but really attractive, not too challenging but still mentally stimulating, requires some low level strategy, an occasional loss with no real consequences or disappointment, very positive and super cheerful. While I’m playing this game I start subconsciously digging into my real life problem and I work a lot of stuff out. Eventually I move on with my real life & set this game aside but I admit that I looooove this game and wish there was a documentary about its creation and the people at HQ. My one word of advice if you don’t want to get frustrated and feel like you have to pay for boosters is ALWAYS glance at the objective of the level in the upper right hand corner. Each objective requires different tactics & strategy and can be beat within a few tries once you figure those out.
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3 months ago, Lucky*98
Way too frustrating.
I am on level 4000. What I have learned is that every game now takes several days to a week to win unless you pay. I am really, really sick of this. It hasn’t been fun for some time now. I rarely play anymore because of the constant frustration of levels with too few moves and it has become obvious that they intentionally mess with your game so you cannot win. It is not random. My husband and I both play. I originally signed him up from my account years ago and I have contacted Candy Crush about the differences in his game and mine. I was informed by an employee that they give different players different options and opportunities. He occasionally buys stuff, I do not. About a year ago I bought some power ups to see what would happen and the game became harder to win instantly. That and the constant, unending pop ups! Buy this, look at that, force you to look at some idiotic disapproving cartoon while you play, force you to participate in a race that drives home how you lost the race - Oh no! Hurry up and buy something so you can win!!!! I would buy the occasional power up if I found the game pleasant and fun. Since you are doing your best to force me to, I will not. I will continue to play when I need a distraction while I am waiting at an appointment but that’s about it.
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6 months ago, böb löblaw
If you enjoy feeling cheated, this game is for you.
All the negative reviews that you see are true. They make no effort whatsoever trying to hide their deception, their cheating and their greed. Once you get to a certain point, you will not move on until they want you to. They will make it impossible without using boosters that you can pay for or using gold bars for extra moves. They know how long you’ll put up with it and you won’t be able to make a wrong move and you’ll beat a level you’ve been stuck on for weeks without even trying. It’s all an algorithm to extract as much money as possible from you. There will be times that you’ll use a color bomb candy and it won’t clear all the candies that are the color you chose to clear. The striped candy used to be oriented the way that you completed the 4 candy combo, now it’s whatever way they see fit (usually it’ll go the way you don’t want it to go). If you use boosters before the round starts, they will often times make it so that you must use it right away and it will do little to nothing to help you out, making it a complete waste. I can go on for days about the garbage baked into this game to make it absolutely infuriating. Do yourself a favor and stay far away, this game is 100% rigged. The reviews are true.
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2 years ago, elfinmagic58
It was fun for awhile
I quit playing this game for years. Now I remember why. I win boosters for getting through a round and have 1 hour. These boosters always come when I have one life left, so I used my coins to buy more lives. Then the boosters are gone. Wrote to support repeatedly and kept getting the same message. Go to the forums. The forums complain of similar problems including your lack of support. I get that you want people to buy coins or boosters. I’m not going to do that. It seems like all of the games on Facebook are about making a buck at the expense of their players. I’m stuck on a level right now where I can’t go further unless I have boosters which I’m not going to buy. It’s much easier to move on and find another game to play. Four hard levels in a row. Really? So if you had boosters you have to use them to advance. You get stuck somewhere and it gets boring when you know you’re going to get the oops message. You need to correct something because frankly I’m ready to move on and forget playing this. I’m also looking to see if they are King games because you get people into it with no way to win after awhile. Thoroughly disappointed.
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9 months ago, sourcreamicecube
I miss when I could actually play the game
I first downloaded this game in July 2022 and loved it for months. I didn’t play it every day but really enjoyed it. Now however it’s become less and less enjoyable to play it — I barely even GET to play it. I’ve been stuck on lvl 687 for about a week. I don’t want to spend any more money on this game but I have no boosters or gold bars and this level is impossible to beat without them. The funny thing is it’s not even labeled as a hard level. It should be easy but the amount of moves I’m given is nowhere close to being enough for me to beat it. I’m so frustrated. I love this game when I can actually play it, but it’s clear the devs only care about receiving money. Another thing is I’m no longer given the option to watch ads when I run out of moves to help me beat the level. They used to give me it often, then at some point the ads would go black and I’d be given no extra moves, and now the option is completely gone. I shouldn’t struggle this much to pass a level that isn’t even considered “hard” in the game. It’s been like this for a while—taking days to pass a level just for the cycle to repeat itself. The game is fun, but I’m so tired of being stuck on the same levels for ages just because the devs are so desperate for money.
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2 years ago, Dani759
Annoying issues
So I’ve been playing this game for a while. And today again, I got a thing that said oh I got five extra lives. I was still on full on five full lives so it doesn’t do anything. So then when you get down to one or two lives it says watch a video maybe to see if you can get an extra life. I think that if you’re going to get/win five lives that it should update to higher than five lives. Because otherwise I just won five lives are even wasted. And I agree with someone else who posted that the game will make moves for you when you’ve reached the goal. There have been times when I could have gotten higher scores also, with side by side candy bombs, but it splits them up. Or when the there are two wrapped candies next to each other, that could take out rows both vertically and horizontally, and they’re split. And if you don’t beat a level, and have less than 10 bars, you have to lose a life. System gives hints, but they are not always the best move. Today alone I wasted 40 bars to win levels. So now I’m back down to two or three lives, and will have to wait for more lives so I might be able to pass this level.
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3 weeks ago, Daka wintermint
Several things need to be fixed urgently
Several points here that need to be addressed bc currently the game is too annoying to play. 1- I can’t put into words how much I don’t care about the candy royale. Stop. Putting. Me. In. The. Candy. Royale. Didn’t care yesterday, don’t care today, and won’t care tomorrow. 2- The amount of pop ups is absolutely insane! It has seriously gotten WAY out of control! Sometimes they glitch out and there’s pop ups on top of pop ups. There’s so many side quests, events, and other crap that I can’t possibly keep track of them all and by the time I’ve clicked out of 10 or more of them I’m not in the mood to play the game anymore. 3- The flashing around the blocks that need to be broken should be eliminated, it’s VERY obnoxious. I do not need to be told what needs done to win the level. Figuring it out for ourselves is LITERALLY the whole point of the game!!! In spite of these rants, I really do love this game! I’ve been playing it for over 10 years, it’s iconic and just needs to be put back on the right path. Go back to what made people love it in the first place. It’s a match 3 game, it doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.
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5 years ago, Buster Sixkiller
Still fun, but a little confusing
It’s a fun game, but it’s pretty inconsistent. You’ll be playing along easy peasy. You might cut it close sometimes, but somehow you skate by, then WHAM. You’re faced with an oddly far more difficult level that requires special power ups or crazy luck to make it past. One star lost for inconsistency in difficulty. Then... You’re constantly being compared to some random other players as if it matters that you beat them. It’s the most blatant and transparent BAIT I’ve ever seen in a game. Sadly, I bet a lot of people fall for it. It’s just silly and unnecessary. Do they actually expect you to feel satisfied by achieving slightly more than a total stranger who probably doesn’t exist. No... They’re just counting on you to take the bait and plunk a few dollars down to pass them. I won’t give this game a dime. Here’s a tip. If you get stuck and stop playing for a few days, when you come back they’ll give you a bunch of free power ups to get you through that tough level and then some, hoping you’ll get hooked. So, if you get stuck and lose all your lives on a hard level, just go back to fruit ninja or bejeweled for a few days. Then you’ll see what I mean. ; )
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2 months ago, Demibi
Too Many Pop-Ups
I enjoy the actual game play, but for every level you play there’s about ten things popping up on your screen in between levels, reminding you about every event and deal and collaboration and whatever they have this week. Often times there’s 2 or 3 or 4 popping up before you have an actual chance to do anything with intent. It’s annoying and I really wish there was the ability to turn it off. This is especially with the Candy Royale thing they’re doing now- it would be cool, if it was actually optional to join rather than giving you no other buttons to push or way to avoid it, and if it didn’t pop up with a giant “You got kicked out” animation after every single time you don’t pass a level. It makes a game that’s marketed as a relaxing way to destress into something extremely frustrating. I enjoy playing, but if this stuff doesn’t change then I’ll stop. It’s not bad once or twice, but the fact that it’s constant is ruining the enjoyment I have, and the Royale animation takes a level that usually would feel like a tough but interesting challenge and makes it feel instead like failure after failure. Hoping they change things soon.
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11 months ago, ebie209
Gambling app now
Promised myself I’d leave a review warning others if it wouldn’t let me pass another level without trying to force me to buy boosters. It’s become apparent that over the last year that they have try to manipulate players to basically gamble. I will be deleting the app from my phone after this. I used to have so much fun playing this game it was a nice escape full of cool puzzles to solve. Had gotten into the 3,000s levels my first time downloading/playing and then deleted when I noticed it was making me spend $.99 frequently to purchase bars for lives. I gave it a good break and recently downloaded again current level 1,700+. It has gotten much much worse! It must track your spending and really not less you pass a really hard level unless you buy their bars or boosters because you’ve played that level 20x and can’t pass. With inflation price have gone up and they target you harder than ever now. They should reward you more often so you don’t have to purchase so many boosters, lives etc. They do have cool features and built a little community where you can give your “friends” lives, but doesn’t do much good if you are being made to purchase/gamble…not cool.
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4 years ago, Jelly Splash lover says
Limited And Makes You Spend Money! Doesn’t Take Stress Away!
Okay, if your friends told you, “Hey play this game! It will be fun!” Then they are right. But there is more to this game than meets the eye. For example, you lost a couple of levels and you are getting better and better. But you fail just one more level and suddenly, there is a little sign that says you have no more hearts left. You can’t actually play the game until they recharge. Also, it makes you spend money on gold bars so you can use this fake money to buy spinning wheel turns or lollipop hammers on a level that is particularly hard. It is a good game, but unless you’re willing to spend 7.99 on a special pack, every single time you play, this is not recommended by me. Lastly, I just have to say that this will not swipe your stress away. It actually creates more stress because you have 2 moves left and 14 jellies! Chocolate consuming the board. Okay go ahead. Get the game. I don’t care. I’m just warning you. ChikinNuget34 out
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4 years ago, Flutterby99
I want to start by saying I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I’m a huge fan. With that being said I’ve reached out several times to complain about the update that gave us the backpack. In my game there is no way to get my boosters out of the backpack. I can be stuck on a level for literally weeks with tons of boosters in there that could help me that I can’t use. Even timed boosters that I win will just stay in there. Once I win the level they will all come pouring out. Is this a gimmick by the developer to get the player to purchase boosters? If so this is really awful and not a great way to market or keep players. I have reloaded the game several times thinking it’s some kind of glitch but it just stays the same. The boosters that I win go into the backpack when I click on them to get them out it prompts me to to click on the purchase button when I do it wants me to purchase this booster that I already have. Again not fair. How can you expect anyone to beat a Nightmarishly Hard Level with no boosters? I’m disappointed and frustrated. I may have to stop playing until the issue can be resolved. I can’t really advance in levels anyway.
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11 months ago, jaztocute
Great game but consider some changes
I downloaded this game a few days ago after having off and on (deleting and redownloading. I noticed once u get pass the first level which is just a tutorial the difficulty levels sky rocketed fast and I was struggling getting past levels at level 10. It’s so frustrating when your confident in your ability to pass the level you’ve been struggling on and the game gives u bad switches and the actual game has to pause u to shuffle your board for below average switches and you end up having to use your moves on a switch that is not benefitting you in the level and usually end up dying. I think this happens more than you guys at your headquarters are aware for me it’s like very other level and it’s frustrating when u have two lives left and have to waste one because the game gives u bad switches. I think I would enjoy the game more if I didn’t have the stress of trying to preserve my lives. I definitely think that more lives for example 10 lives would be much better but I would really love if we could have unlimited lives to complete reduce that stress.
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2 months ago, Lilly Addict
I love this game! Though, I have several issues with it. Many of the very “Nightmarishly difficult” levels are impossible to pass with just the moves the game gives. You have to use gold bars or boosters to pass certain levels. Gold bars are very difficult to get unless you make a purchase or pass an event. Gold bars are only received if you are the winner. I play a game to play and I don’t want to spend money. King does not give you enough moves to pass hard levels. I noticed that some of the easier levels have more moves than the tougher ones. BTW, I am on 14,100+ level, so I know what I’m talking about. I would not mind watching an ad for gold bars. Or they need to be more generous giving gold bars. Many of my friends have given up on this game and I’m getting close to doing the same. My other issue which recently started is INAPPROPRIATE ADS…porn like. King should not have these types of ads. I agree with another reviewer about the loudness of some of the ads, which I can’t close. King, please listen to the players and change these problems.
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3 years ago, MC5151517
Very addictive game, can be frustrating
I really like the game most of the time. I have been playing for a couple months and it can be addictive. Many of the levels are fun and you do need some strategies. But there is a major flaw to the game, and that is sometimes you and your gameplay don’t matter in it one bit. You will win or lose the level regardless of what you do. I have had levels when I made 1 or 2 simple moves and everything seems to blowup and I completed it. I didn’t even really look at the level yet and have 40 moves left. Other levels, I have played for 5 days straight with no possibility of success and then you just have to wait for lives. I have literally played all 5 lives with only 1 move possible and get nowhere to beating it. Doesn’t matter your strategy or skill, just bad luck...but for days. That is annoying. The other day, I had a puzzle I tried 50+ times over a couple days. I tried boosters, etc. Then the next morning I woke up, first try lucky move after lucky move and beat the level with several moves left. Kind of annoying. The computer could literally play without you.
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5 years ago, Angiejava
I’m a huge fan of Candy Crush. It’s my number 1, go-to, fun app. First, I should say, I do not indulge in most “in app” purchases for boosters or “lives”. If I cannot win a level, I will continue to play with what I’ve got. It’s just not satisfying to advance in a game solely from advantages I’ve purchased versus my own effort. That said, occasionally, I WILL treat myself to cashing out the “piggy bank” of gold bars in Candy Crush so I can buy more “lives”. The bank has always held 60 bars...$2.99 to cash out. That amount alone (assuming I had zero bars reserved to supplement this amount) was pretty reasonable considering I could purchase 5 “lives” for 12 bars. It really wasn’t a bad deal...not GREAT, but worth the occasional indulgence. A little over a month ago (possibly closer to 2 months), without a word, the “piggy bank” shrank down to 30 out price STILL $2.99!!!! THEY LITERALLY DOUBLED THE PRICE OF THIS IN APP PURCHASE OUT OF NOWHERE! No gradual shift, straight up DOUBLED THE PRICE!! Are there bigger problems in the world than my Candy Crush budget frustrations? TOTALLY! But how shady is it to gouge a price like that OUT OF NOWHERE for a product I’m pretty loyal to and for which I’m reasonably reliable to provide some income? NO WAY, NO HOW, WILL I SPEND ANOTHER PENNY ON THIS APP UNDER THESE NEW CIRCUMSTANCES.
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3 weeks ago, ninjaboy2010
Great game but with problems
I love this game so much, but my rating is 2 stars for a lot of reasons. Reason 1: This game wants to take your money. The normal levels can be pretty hard because of that reason. At least it’s not like soda crush where it’s just made to be a money trap. This is just a thing for king games in general. Reason 2: Inappropriate ads. This and reason 3 are the reasons why my review is 2 stars and why this game is not for children. Sometimes, the ads that play are pornographic and disgusting. You should be aware that this is for kids too. This game is disguised as a children’s game. Reason 3: It’s woke. This game involves politics with pride events. You should remove anything propaganda related from your games for good. This is not the only game that has pride stuff. Soda crush, jelly crush, and farm heroes all pride events in their games. Reason 4: Portrait mode only. You can no longer play in landscape mode. Bring back landscape mode please. Not everyone plays on a phone. Sorry for all of those who play this game on a tablet. It’s harder to hold because if you’re charging it, the charger is in your way. I guess king is now expecting everyone to play on a mobile phone now:(
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2 months ago, lyamise
Its a really fun and addicting game don’t get me wrong, but I have contacting the company of this app many times using contact us website, but they always clear it up saying “it doesn’t transfer to your ipad!!” Let me tell you my problem. I had candy crush on my phone. I had many boosters and extra lives. (50+ extra lives, 99+ candy bombs, 99+ pink donut things, 50+ striped + wrapped candy, and 300+ gold to be exact.) I played a lot so I can use these things whenever I want without having to worry that I’m low on boosters. But ever since I downloaded candy crush on my iPad, I lost all of it even on my phone which doesnt make sense! Ending up with 12 candy bombs, 11 wrapped+striped, 17 fish, 62 gold, and NO extra lives (they were so helpful when i didnt have wifi) I have wrote into their support many times, and they do reply me but they just don’t understand what happened, it’s just really frustrating spending a lot of time on this game and then losing almost everything all because I wanted a bigger screen to play candy crush on. And if you tell me to create an account, i did!! I have an account logged in with Apple and all of this still happened.
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2 years ago, *#ME#*
False advertising
First I would like to say that initially when I downloaded this game it was great. Slowly it got harder not because I was at a higher level but because they wanted you to spend money. They made it almost impossible for you to continue without spending money. That being said, all of the ads and all the little clips of the game I saw, whether in the App Store or an ad some where, I have never seen those scenarios in the actual game. I downloaded the game because I love the things that I saw on those ads. This is not the only game/app that has false videos or ads, making it look way better than it actually is. I played this game FOR MONTHS,PROBABLY A YEAR, trying to get to a level that looked similar or even close to the advertising but nothing even close! Does it make “the powers that be” feel good about about themselves? Having to con/falsely advertise your product to get people to download? It comes off as many things, mainly that you don’t trust or believe in your products enough to show us the real thing, actual real game scenarios. I rarely leave negative reviews but like I said it’s happening all over but this app is one of the worst.
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3 years ago, MizzLola316
Downhill fast
I’ve been playing for years. I was one of the first people to play the game. I used to play so much I would run out of levels & I loved it but now. It’s been nothing but downhill. First of all it’s $1.99 for 10 bars of gold but everything’s more than 10 gold bars. Just getting a refill of lives is 12 gold bars. The boosters are 15 gold bars & up. So if you’re spending any money it’s upwards of atleast $5 just to get lives. Then if you do make a purchase it’s like because they know that you’re willing to spend money on the game they make it so you can’t pass levels without making purchases. I’ve been stuck on levels for days but soon as I make a purchase for lives or something else then I’ll get off the board. I just used the fish booster on a board with 26 moves I had 2 fish in the entire game! What’s the point of using my boosters if they don’t have any effect. The free spin to win moves for the next level is gone. The boosters for when you’ve won a board are horrible. Every change made to the game is to maximize the amount of money they can get you to spend. I’m so tired of the game I just want to delete it. This is why I stopped playing for 2-3 years & why I might just stop playing again.
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4 years ago, Rabpooh
Great game, but watch your pockets
I love Candy Crush! I hate how they nickel and dime you with the gold bars and power ups! One day it’s 60 bars to fill up then they drop that to 30 bars for the same price because people are willing to pay. I don’t think they care about anything but that bottom dollar. They need to add an extra step in the process when adding life or hours for life because one mistake and your done. Basically a “are you sure” button to make sure you want to make that transaction. This added feature could be helpful to do many I’m sure. Candy Crush gets over on many with this function. It is ridiculous how they keep going up on the prices of things. I recommend people stop spending so much money so they can drive these prices back to a more reasonable price. I am losing interest in. Candy Crush because I can’t afford to play at times and the prices Lee rising. I have spent a significant amount and don’t plan to spend anymore because I feel they are taking advantage of people.
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5 years ago, sushimusicfootball
I hate that I love it...
I read the previous review that had a love-hate relationship with this game, and I completely agree. It is incredibly addicting, but it would be more fun to play if the app designers gave in a little bit and gave people more for their money (1) increase the total number of gold bars that you can buy in your piggy bank (30? Seriously?) without raising the price. It would be nice if you also earned gold bars after you completed so many levels on your first try instead of just boosters. And yes on the daily spin “jackpot!” Why put it on there if you are never going to win? I also think you shouldn’t lose a move when you use a booster - if I’m down to my last move and I’ve got two color bottoms on the game board, I should be able to use up the boosters before I lose my moves to see if that helps clear the board. So small changes would go a long way. People would still spend money on the app. I think people would spend more money if we were getting more things for free occasionally. But it’s crack, so that’s why I rated it four stars😉
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5 years ago, Katttzz
Very disappointed!!
Seriously CC you increase how much gold coins cost?? You reduce the number of people who win contest and reduce the prizes, why? Why are the levels harder? Because you have increased the cost of gold coins and reduced the prizes, that tells me it’s all about the money and you have no respect or appreciation for your loyal users!! There are too many game options for you to risk losing your loyal users! Why would you do that to us?? :-( Done!! I love playing in the contest, that is what makes me keep playing versus switching to another game, unfortunately CC has made changes to their contest! Now only the person who comes in first wins a prize, oh and the prizes are a joke!! Really CC, these contest last 4 days and it takes a lot of effort and time just to place in the top 5 but you are only going to give 1st place a prize and even that prize is cheap!! How about instead of spending money on commercials you put that money into more winners and bigger rewards!! Other games make it worth your time to play them, on some of the bigger games even 20th place gets a reward but not on CC! Don’t waste your time playing, the rewards aren’t worth it! I for one am taking my money and playing other games that make it worth my time!! :-( VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS GAME!!
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8 months ago, chevyeric
Waiting for cherries to fall “GLITCH”
Three or four different times on different levels I have watched the board clear multiple times and especially the row directly under the treat machine clear as well. No cherries ever dropped. So there goes my win streak. I beat every level on the first try “with boosters obviously” no $ ever have I spent on this “free” game. But time is money. Never the less. After loosing the level due to the ingredients not coming out, I closed the game and checked for an update. There was one. I installed the update. Re opened the game and continued. Low and behold the cherries dropped right away. And voila, back to the winning streak. I know this is just a stupid free game and in the grand scheme of things it means nothing. Especially to complain to an ear that doesn’t even care or want to do much accept keeping you hooked and hope you drop some $ on their addicting product which I will never do. So after writing this review I will reopen the game to continue and the level will drop the cherries and I will move on. Just venting to see if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. “CRUSH ON”
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4 years ago, sweetdiglet
I will have almost all full gold bars and it keeps wiping it out! This is the 3rd time it has done this!!!!!!! I have contacted the customer service and instead they send me stupid links that take me to other people’s comments on the game. It was a fun game for the first few levels but now it’s just a hungry money game. It purposely will make it so you quickly lose all your prizes. It will make it so you’re so close to winning that you might even be desperate enough to purchase those prizes to win (I don’t) and it makes you keep losing over and over again until you’re just so sick of it.. even the easy levels are impossible now. It’s nice to have hard levels mixed in, but now every level is impossible to beat on the first few tries. I usually end up losing all 5 lives even with using the stupid prizes that don’t work. Then when I log on again hours later the game seems almost too easy on that same level I was struggling with 🤔 this game is definitely made to stress people out until they fork out their money. Clearly it wipes out things like my gold bars to get me to be desperate and just purchase them. I get they want to make money.. nothing wrong with that, but at this point it’s ruining what could be a fun game 💁🏽‍♂️
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3 years ago, Panda11229
Ridiculously easy.
Ok, I remember first downloading this game 4 years ago as a way to kill some time when I worked as a home health aide while my patient would nap or sleep overnight. It wasn’t that easy, I even spent a few bucks on things to get past certain levels. After a while and a thousand levels, I deleted the app. That was 3 years ago. Fast forward to last week. I was sick with COVID and was going crazy having to quarantine and needed to kill time so after seeing a million commercials on cable I downloaded the app again. I got as far as level 317 before I deleted it again. At first it was fun, winning every level without running out of lives, barely losing any lives at all. Then the nightmarishly hard levels started showing and I figured I’d lose a lot of them, need to request lives from friends... when you can finish these levels with 20 moves to spare, it gets a little boring, honestly. Don’t get me wrong if I’m in an airport and need to kill a few hours, it would probably make time go by. Maybe it’s just me, but I like a challenge. Having a winning streak like the Harlem globetrotters just isn’t fun lol.
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5 years ago, jimnicmot
Don’t upgrade your phone!
Well since most cell phones are lease now, you are locked in to upgrade or pay for a lease that goes no where or buy your phone that you’ve paid on for 2 years... anyway... disappointed that when I did upgrade and I loaded phone from a back up, my bonus speckle ball, lollipops, wheels, etc that start at beginning of each game were all gone. I had saved 100’s of these to use on very hard levels. I’m at level 1002 and all my bonuses are gone. This is only candy crush game that it happened to. In candy crush soda and jelly, my game bonuses were saved. That’s very frustrating. If I didn’t love the game, I’d stop playing. It will definitely put a damper on playing the game. Second star deducted because that stupid gold bar bank... whoo, I get to purchase bars I earned... for $2.99! Wow, what a deal!!...NOT! And it constantly reminds me that it’s full and I need to purchase them. And full at 60... I’ve added way more than that to bank that isn’t even counted. I’ll purchase my 1000 bars that never gets accumulated for $3?? Get real... reset the bank or make it go away completely.
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5 months ago, Blaktron
Don’t pay them money. It’ll ruin the game.
Similar to other reviews. I was having difficulty on a level (2307 i think). Stuck on it for days. Used all my free boosters, never passed the level to collect more, so I caved and bought a little $1.99 booster pack. Ever since then, i’m averaging maybe 1 level every 2 or 3 days (now on 2327, been stuck there for 3 or 4 days). Once you pay once, they take their bets on you paying again, so don’t do it. Every level takes days, and it’s so frustrating. Although I am slightly addicted to the game, I’ll muster up the will power to walk away cold turkey. Thus, after 10+ years playing the game off and on, I think I’m officially calling it quits at 2327 because the amount of stress and frustration is not worth my time and energy just to get dumb luck (although it seems pretty intentional when they want you to pass a level) or take just long enough where they try to lure you back in with a random streak of wins. Thanks Candy Crush for the years of puzzles and helping me pass the time in those boring moments, but you finally got what you wanted. I hope that $1.99 I spent on that booster pack was worth it! ✌️ Deleting the app right after posting this, btw.
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7 months ago, NicoleNikki1987
The second time I will try to write the is review because the first time it kicked me out. Although I love the game, it’s evident it is setup to make a person spend money to win unreachable levels. I made it to level 756 and although I did contribute money to enjoy a game that I love on previous levels, I understand a business based on games is created with levels where it’s only possible to win by paying which is really lame. This game is like the lottery, you play to win, but know that you have to continue to contribute to almost impossible wins. Disappointed all in all and I now will be deleting!! Much success tho!! I would not recommend unless you have money to beat impossible stages. When you’re winning they want let you complete certain bonuses because only so many can be completed one day!! This game is set up on algorithms to see who spend and how to gain more money. Save your money and invest in something you can really see a benefit from in real time because this is really NOT IT!! Again much success and I hope you take these reviews into consideration and not some person being mad they can’t complete a level that is not setup to be competed without buying extras!!
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4 years ago, Peanuts1077
Not getting boosters
I get first place for the weekly race and receive boosters or win boosters in contests or daily spins but when I go and look they are never there. Been playing this game for years, since it first came out, and I don't think candy crush cares about their long time players any longer. I've deleted this app once and quit playing candy crush for around a year and just started playing again but I'm at the point of just deleting it once again. Some of the new levels are now totally impossible to beat without boosters, which I never even receive in the first place. Candy crush should listen to their long time players and take constructive criticism and amend this issue of boosters not being received and get rid of "nightmarishly hard levels". Who even wants to play those levels in the first place. Unfortunately, I truly feel like this game has become run by people who don't care about players anymore and only want to make money. Saddened to see that when money comes into the equation people get greedy...cheating players out of boosters...forcing hard levels...and in the end, the fun of the game is taken out and the game is ruined.
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10 months ago, blazeetheecatt
idk how this game has 5 stars.
I’ve been playing candy crush for years. Currently on level 674. All the reviews i’ve read have one star and are completely true. I have yet to even find a positive review for this game. The app had an option to watch ads for boosters/additional moves/extra lives. I got stuck on one hard level and spent $1 to help me pass it. Now, almost every. single. level. has not enough moves to let any reasonable person accomplish the level. The option to watch ads to have a few more moves to pass the level or to get more lives is now completely gone as well and my only option is to spend money. I firmly believe that if I had not spent that $1 (showing them i would spend money to pass my level) the ad option would still be available to me. I have had to pay to pass my last 3-4 levels now and I will be deleting the game. This was my go-to relax and decompress game, but it’s become just a scam. Very sad to see you go Candy Crush. I hope you re-evaluate the game setup soon and place more value into the people who have loved and played your game for years. I would have rather purchased this game for $3.99 if it meant fair + fun playing.
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1 year ago, Ihshisin
Been playing this game for a while, now over level 6000 and I see so many high reviews and wonder if the reviews are fixed as well. 1st you will see tile’s you need to finish a level explode that should not have exploded and it usually happens when they are multiple explosions, they are hoping you will not notice. Another trick is they will give you the move to finish a level when you hit zero moves hoping you will spend gold bars/money to continue. It’s funny because I will have 5 moves left and 1 tile to clear and nothing will clear it. Then before I do the last turn I will laugh and ask my wife to watch and after my last turn is done sure enough a cherry Bomb will show up which will allow me to complete the level if I buy more turns. The dropped the gold bars from 60 to 30. They now have limited the free lives you can get per day and the total you can keep. The “play on” total use to go up to 35 but now it stays at 5. It use to be easy to send lives to friends now the button is gone. My profile went missing. So many problems and money grabs going on now time to move, you just lost an active player King congratulations!!!
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