Happy Color by Numbers Game

4.8 (2.9M)
218.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Happy Color by Numbers Game

4.8 out of 5
2.9M Ratings
4 years ago, cakelover418
Best app ever !!!!!
I love this game . It is really cool that you added the blend feature to some pictures . There are so many different pictures and categories to choose from . It is so relaxing. I also love how you add new pictures everyday . That way the fun never stops ! I love the people . There are girls and boys and some pictures even have both ! There are a bunch of different styles in each category . Also there are awards you can get ! You can get an award for coloring 50 flower pictures or color 5 pictures a day . They also give you free hints . That way if you don’t know where to color , it tells you ! You will eventually run out if hints , but you can just watch an ad . Also sometimes they will offer you 2 hints , if you watch one ad ! It is very relaxing . It calms me down and clears my mind . I am always stressed all the time . Whenever I am stressed I play this game and it immediately calms me down . The pictures are so colorful and beautiful ! And every single time it is close to a holiday, they release a bunch of pictures ! I recommend this app if you are stressed and love to color . It makes sense why they called it happy color . When I color on this app it does make me happy ! You should definitely get it ! It is completely free ! The developer did an amazing job ! I hope you read this and enjoy this game as much as I did. # BEST GAME EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Katie_44460
I absolutely love this app, it has everything I’ve been looking for in a coloring app and they are constantly developing new ideas and pictures. I couldn’t be happier with the app as a whole. When I first downloaded it my phone would get extremely over heated to the extent that I thought it might blow up a couple times. This situation at least on my end has improved immensely. There is always a mass of new pictures to color every time I open the app and it’s kind of nice to not always see the same thing. I’ve had this app for quite a while and every time I’ve had an issue the developers fix it pretty quickly. I’m hoping that the situation I’m in will eventually be fixed but it’s happened on and off a couple times now, and it’s beginning to frustrate me. I work from the bottom of a category up (don’t ask me why, that’s just the way I chose 😹). However on a couple occasions I will open a picture that I assume is one of the first of the app. It will load the ad and play through it. Once I click the x for the ad it cuts to a white screen and will not load the picture or show (loading...) just a white screen that I then have to close the app and reload. It’s happened a couple times for a couple pictures, so I end up with uncolored pictures in a category because they won’t load. I am someone who likes to see %100 before I move on and it’s driving me mad to see white in a mass of rainbow. Thanks for everything that this app had done this far‼️
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1 year ago, Ernie Buns
Color by number
I have just started coloring by number today. It kinda took me a while to understand how to do it, but now that I know just what I am doing, I really like it. Ernie Buns I have been using Happy Color for about a year and a Half. I dearly love this. I have tried outer sites, but by far love this one best. Teena Owen. I have Been coloring on this app for about 4 years now. I still love this site, but here lately it seems about every four colors it is sticking, then now is just goes blank and I have to close my IPad down then open it up and start over very often . It is getting very flustering. I have tried other sites, but this one is my favorite. Thank you so much. Teena Owen. I have been coloring on Happy Color for 3-4 years and have loved every minute until 3-4 days ago. I awoke and started my coloring. I was gone for a while and come back to find my coloring totally wiped out. I ask Happy Color and they told I needed the contact the developer and find out why my coloring was wiped out. All my beautiful pictures I had painted were gone. I am heartbroken that it won’t let me Color and have them stay colored. Did I do something That I have done wrong. Can you please help me find out what I need to do so I can color again. This is my favorite app to color on. Can you please help me, sincerely, Teena Owen
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5 years ago, alyssaac719
Great but Needs Improvement
Overall I love this app. I use it every day and it’s been very great at calming me down and getting me back to a place where I can focus. However ever since the achievements started, I have concerns. My main concern is that I had already completed some categories and the achievements do not back track already completed pictures in the categories. Initially this did not bother me, HOWEVER I had already completed the fashion category and since the use of the achievements, only 4 new fashion pictures have been released. I have reached gold in all of the category achievements (except in Mosaic, Food, and Messages but those I completed previously and new pictures comes out for these categories still so it doesn’t bother me too much) yet I can’t make any strives towards completing that achievement for completing 30 fashion pictures since it doesn’t go back and count all the ones I previously did. Then you have the replay achievement, however it doesn’t count towards the category achievement, only the replay achievement. So it doesn’t count if I go back and re-color some fashion pics towards the 30 fashion pics category, only the replay achievement. It’s just not soothing when I look at my achievements and see gold all down the line yet I haven’t even past the first step for the Fashion Category Achievement since there has only been 4 new pictures since the achievements have started. Other than that, I love the app.
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6 months ago, sfinelli13
Okay, so I absolutely love this app, however I do feel that people that complete these should get paid real money to do these. The easier the picture the less money, the harder the picture the more money you get type of thing. This is just my personal opinion and my thoughts. As extra income I could do these day In and day out and I think there should be a personal allowance or real gift cards awarded to those who complete pictures. It takes me a VERY long time to complete these and really could use an extra income. I’m a server and need a side hustle honestly aka another hobby cause $2.13 an hour plus tips only is just not cutting it for me. Like I said just my thought or an idea to make things interesting. Say someone completes 25 coloring pages they should get a $20 gift card of choice. Like I want to earn something for doing these, I do love them but just needs to be more interesting and to keep me motivated. Or here’s another idea complete a picture and get 20 extra hints added to hint count. Or another idea cash in your hints. So i’d sell my hints for to get money. I’ll give up 30 hints for $25 Like something please. I love doing these especially cause I’m on the autism spectrum and have other learning disabilities and feel so freaking alone at work so I do these but I don’t receive any benefits for doing these what’s so ever, so I want to feel good, like I actually accomplished something in my life. Just my personal opinion and an idea.
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3 years ago, keirsten cox
Keirsten Cox
I personally love this app your photos are so realistic and just amazing to color I’ve colored a good probably over 1,000 photos I’m obsessed!! But I do have some options on things you should add to the game I’m pretty sure reviews are to give ideas and tell them how you feel about the app itself and some of my thoughts I’ve seen in other apps and love are 1: being able to look up something you want to draw , being able to look something up would make it 100 percent easier to find what I want and others want to draw most of the time. 2: being able to pick pictures from your gallery and color them! maybe others might like what you have or want to color maybe it’s family , friends , boyfriend/girlfriend, pets , sunsets , whatever it may be I feel like this would make the app so much more used. And lastly and my personal biggest option is I think you should add DC coloring pictures in this app all I see on this app is marvel and I’m not a big marvel fan matter of a fact I’ve never watched any I know about the characters yes because I love superheroes but I'm in-love with DC and I feel like there never recognized it would be great if one day I opened this app to see it !! PS ~ I so very much love your app please take my options into thought❤️
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2 years ago, PesilBennie
Love this game, however….
Worth 5 stars BUT lately and idk if this is on my end, but I’m coloring…trying to zen out and vroop an ad pops up for fish solitaire. Okay… hehe that USUALLY happens at the end of a coloring scene. I’m not slow tapping, but it could be glitched. Color color color. Vroop in my face again. It’s like I’m accidentally swiping to the camera when I’m trying to change songs. So again, are you glitched game? I hope it’s glitched and not a new “gotcha” feature, b/c this fish solitaire ad will be the reason I delete this game. I have put in many hours of peace of mind, but one fish ad will send me back to a homocidal rage. That said, this, and calling it a game is superfluous, as it’s not really by definition a game perse; it is a relaxation tool and should be labeled as such. The mental health implications are enormous as well as this could be a useful study tool. And most of us aren’t outwardly psycho killers but our minds need calm waters for anxiety and depression or whatever ails you. This certainly allows one to mind numbingly paint a serenic scene while listening to people drone on at night before bed, lulling your mind into the place it needs to be to stop the PTSD. I’m into this app. But the ad popping up interrupting my flow doesn’t bode well for the app itself. There’s always another coloring app. I preface all that to say “hey game dudes fix 👏🏼your 👏🏼sh*t👏🏼” please.
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5 years ago, Wolfwarrior girl
Beautiful and Relaxing 😌
First off: I absolutely love this app. It has a large variety of images, beautiful and vibrant colors that blend extremely well together, and is very relaxing. New pictures from random categories come in daily and with more than 20 categories to choose from I’m never bored. I have become addicted to this app and I use it when ever I have a moment to spare Second: I was actually shocked to find that this was completely free! Most coloring apps I’ve used before this make you pay for the full set/additional colors, extra pictures or hints. It was a pleasant surprise to find that there are virtually no in-app purchases except for the 4.99 removal of adds, which I find more than fair. Finally: I find the new update helpful in finding colors, as it was difficult to find the un-colored spots if the picture had gray spaces. Another feature I love is that when a color has finished it moves to the back and out of the way. However I have seen quite a few reviews wanting a choice and while I do enjoy the new checkered pattern I think it would be more fair if we had a choice in how these spaces show up- gray OR checkered. I would also like to see a landscape version implemented in the future. I hope that the developers do consider these as options in the settings in a future update.
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3 years ago, NasDalton
Used to Love This App
I used to love this app. However, when Apple updated their privacy standards, Happy Color felt the need to push a disclaimer before the Apple approval that basically said, “we need you to approve this because we need your information to keep this app free.” My interpretation of that pop-up is that they ARE selling my private information I order to not charge me money for the app. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but Happy Color is the only app I have on my phone that chose to put a disclaimer before the privacy approval update. I think it’s weird. This is just an app for coloring pictures. It got me through tue first half of the pandemic, and I have been excited to use it frequently again for an upcoming life change. After seeing that pop-up (after which I just closed the app, while trying to make sense of what I had just read), I decided I’d rather just delete the app and use a real coloring book than stare at my scree. I used to love getting fun themed pictures, like Scooby, Marvel, Disney, etc., while trying to keep up with the daily pictures, but something about that message just felt off. Why in the world would a coloring app NEED my personal information? It shouldn’t. I don’t purchase anything, and I’m content with the free content, because there is so much of it. It’s made me suspicious that they have sold my information already. That’s not okay with me.
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3 years ago, nursejenny05
Relaxing game!
This is a stress free way to pass the time, with a HUGE assortment of pictures to color with varying degrees of difficulty. I’ve done some that take about a minute with very few colors, as few as 5-7, and some that I keep having to go back to and take me a few hours to a day or so to finish and have 150 colors! The app itself is free but you can pay like $8 and it gives you unlimited hints for areas of color you can’t find, and I think a few other things I can’t remember. Plus you get new daily pictures each day and bonus pictures through their news page and for completing achievements. My suggestion to the developers: if there is a way you can sort the pictures to separate the ones you’ve done from the ones you havent, that would make this even better. I’ve made it my personal challenge to complete every picture in each category but it’s annoying that I have to scroll scroll scroll to find the ones I haven’t done in categories I’ve done a lot of (like interiors, Disney, etc) also the daily calendar ones would be great to have a drop box to collapse them by month. I want to complete the past ones but I have to scrolllllll allllll the way down to get through the ones I’ve done already. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Jay5444texas
Do not like the recent upgrade
Very unhappy with the recent upgrade. Makes it more difficult to see the areas for each color/number. The edges are blocked out. Hard to tell. This has been my absolute favorite puzzle to play. The previous update was definitely an improvement when you made the gray for the color/numbers more of a pattern so you could see, but this new one took the improvement and made it worse. I would like to see this improvement removed. UPDATE: it appears the number of the pictures that do not have defined edges for a specific color have decreased but as I stated, it would be nice to have none like this. All color spaces to have a defined edge. This would make the game more pleasurable. UPDATE: I just noticed that the pictures that are BLEND (which I do not like) now have a label on the picture selection page that says BLEND. Great idea! This allows me to avoid those rather than start the picture and then realize it is Blend. Thank you so much! Based on this change, I upgraded the rating to 5 stars. I am also very impressed that you are responding to many of the comments. Shows that someone is listening. This is such a great program (I bought it to get rid of ads). It is very relaxing, which people need in today’s world. Thank you for your creativity.
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6 years ago, byob71
Update to: Glitch/Freezing
Update: I got the new phone and I have had no problems using this app. I am thrilled! I’ve changed my rating to 5 stars. First...I absolutely love/loved this app. It has a variety of images, nice colors, very relaxing and my go-to whenever I have a free moment. HOWEVER, the last couple of weeks have been frustrating when trying to use the app. My phone freezes during certain adds. I have to keep rebooting my phone. It got so bad that my phone stayed on a rebooting loop for an entire day. I can’t say for sure, that it is this app’s fault, but it only happens when I am playing this one. I love the app so much that I downloaded it to another person’s phone so that I could play it (just in case the problem was on my end) but that phone started to glitch too (freezing, pixelated images, ads getting stuck and the game crashing). I decided to delete it from their phone to avoid the same problem I had. Again, I can’t say, for sure, that it is this app causing the problem, but I haven’t had any issues since I deleted the app from my phone, a few days ago. I’m getting a new phone next week and will try it again. If I find out that the problem was on my end, I will update my review to be fair to the developer(s) and anyone considering this app.
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3 years ago, UrbanMotif
Pretty Good Game Buuuutt...
So overall, happy color is a good game. The pictures are beautiful and despite other reviews saying so, it actually doesn’t force feed you Disney pictures. There aren’t too many adds, and the pictures are long enough to feel like there’s even less. But there are a few things I’d request, and one that makes the game literally unplayable. 1) There should be an option to put pictures you want to start, but can’t yet into a “complete later” folder. 2) The app takes up too much space on your phone. Even when it’s offloaded, it still takes up a lot of space. And finally, 3) So this is the glitch that has made the game unplayable for me. I was working on a level and it was going completely normally until when I finished it, it didn’t bring me to an end screen where it shows a time lapse of your completion. It just stayed at the level allowing me to still move the screen around but with no other options. I closed out the game and found that it showed I had only half completed the level. Huh, that was a strange glitch, but the thing is when I opened up the level, it crashed the game and when I try to load it again, it stays on the main screen and the crashes. I don’t want to delete the app because I’ve done a lot of work on it so now it’s just sitting there doing nothing and taking up space. Please fix this I really want to continue playing your game.
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3 years ago, AnneldaMichelle
3 stars because
Its a wonderful app i do however get frustrated with couple of things 1. Why are the colors so spread out, why not put all the greens together all the reds together etc. 2. I get annoyed at how elaborate most of the pictures are some of us dont have time to do over 100 colors in a photo 3. Why do you have to add flowers to everything I mean link for the picture of the day for June 19 it’s a bird why add flowers and crap to that just make a bird stop with all the extra Please make some of them easier and more color coordinated. 4. Please add landscape mode. 5. Please also make it to where we dont have to keeping selecting the color when one is finished just automatically switch to the next color when done with previous color. 6. And for the love of God stop using purple so much whoever creates these must be obsessed with the color purple. 7. And can we also do something about the gray popping up when you select a color I can’t see the gray when it pops up so is there anyway we can possibly make it darker or something to where people like me who don’t see it. 8. And why do you have two different numbers with the exact same color. 9. Can you also make it to where we can just do one thing at a time because it jumps around so much let’s just finish one section 1st before we go to another jumps all over the place Thank you.
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1 year ago, Barkley88
So great for anxiety
So I love this app completely. This is my go to app for when I’m in public and I’m having anxiety or I am at my mother-in-law‘s and I’m trying to keep myself from saying some thing I will regret lol this is my go to app for it, there are so many different categories for any type of person that wants to use it which is so nice there’s such a range of variety. I also love the fact that there are little to no ads. So when you go to use one of the coloring sheets, it will give you an out at first, but then you have the entire time to color whether you take two hours or you take 10 minutes to color its ad free which is so so nice because other apps will have a ad pop up in the middle of it and it’s just not worth it. My only complaint and it’s not even really a complaint it’s more of a suggestion that I would love to see happen because it would help me is I am very OCD about the things I do so if I start a category, I have to finish that category which takes forever, which is awesome for killing time. But I would love to have the ones that you color be sent to the bottom so that way you don’t have to keep scrolling trying to find the ones you still need to color. But 10/10 I love it
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6 years ago, Jerryaumen87
Great app and a couple ideas.
I love this app. At first when I saw it I was thinking “who would color on a tablet. That’s layiness.” Lol. But I have surprisingly found it fun, addicting, and enjoyable. I can’t wait for the daily coloring and I love the Facebook events. But a couple things I’d love to see. And I know you guys have gotten a ton of suggestions so I’m normally not one to do this. But I’d love to see a favorites tab where you can mark your favorites. You have a my feed but it put every single picture you’ve colored on there. I’d love to see a tab where you could separate your favorites. Also, I think you guys could go big with it by adding other categories. I saw someone mentioned video games (Nintendo, sega, etc), also maybe a religious category as a possibility, movies (Disney, etc), sports (especially baseball). But I know a couple of those some legal stuff may come into effect but I like a few of the categories but would like to see more. Animals is my favorite but I’d like to see more variety of animals, it seems like it’s a lot of the same type of animals, maybe do a pets category too to include dogs/cats. I know it just came out a couple months ago so may take time but just a few suggestions. This is a start for me, I know I got a tad carried away. Lol
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3 years ago, Krs10Coocrier
False advertising
Don’t waste your money on the “ad free” version! Most of these positive reviews were left by people who purchased a different version of the app. One that was truly ad free (included unlimited hints with NO ads!) Now they want you to pay $8 and still have to see ads through their hint feature - which includes a floating lightbulb icon that is difficult for mentally disabled people and children not to click on. This app is not accessible for disabled people, children, elderly, or anyone else not tech savvy enough to understand how to avoid/close the frequent unwanted ads they will see after paying for the “ad free” version. It’s too bad because they used to have a great app and it was well worth the price tag. Now they just want to use their customers for ad revenue. There are so many other apps just like this. I’d recommend going with a different app and not supporting this company that doesn’t care about all demographics and forces it’s already paying customers to see unwanted ads after paying for an ad free version. Greed shouldn’t pay. If you don’t mind the ads and can navigate around them, go with the free version. Don’t pay for ad free because it’s NOT ad free anymore.
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3 months ago, Drob76
Awesome but not thought through…
There’s no doubt that this is definitely my favorite game to play when I’m bored or on my own, and a fun game to play even with friends. Here are some changes I wish to be made and what I mean by them. - Create and Share - Internet Free - More Visible Create and Share: I wish people could make drawings for people to color, and then share it so people can “like” them (like social media) or report them to make it child friendly. This could make the game fell less strict. Internet Free: I really wish you could play this game without internet, so you could play it on planes, or places with no internet in general. This could make the game more accessible. More visible: Another thing that I suggest is more visibility, meaning places where you color are easier to find. This could FOR SURE make the game more relaxing and stress relieving. You could also make a topic for pictures that are voted easy or overall just easier. I hope the creators of this game read this and bring it into consideration. That would mean a lot. If “More visible” and “Internet Free” are too hard, then I would LOVE to have create and share. Thank you so much for reading it to this point! If you are the creators of the game, it would be SUCH an HONOR. If you were to reply. Thank you!
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5 years ago, JemmyGrove
LOVE this app! Can I report adds that abuse the banner space?
I love this app. It is totally zen, just what I want. The library of pictures available to color is enormous, with a great deal of variety. I have been playing the free version with adds, and for the most part I haven’t been bothered by the adds. They are frequent, but the app allows you to skip them after 5 or 6 seconds — very reasonable for an add-funded experience. I would love an option somewhere to report an add that is abusing its place. One has come up recently where the touch space of the add banner seems to partially overlap the color selection bar, so every time I choose a color I am taken to the app store, usually for a different app each time than the one advertised. I have been playing this color app for two months, and while I have occasionally tapped an add by mistake while choosing a color, it has never been this frequent, to the point where it takes me out of the game several times in the space of a minute. I have no opposition to the adds that support the game — I appreciate the need for add revenue to make possible my enjoyment of a great app — but an add that so disrupts the game as to make it unplayable may drive away people who otherwise enjoy the app.
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4 years ago, Jaclyn Smyth
Amazing Aesthetic Fun
Happy Color provides variety, rewards for frequent users such as daily pictures & rare selections. The colors are vibrant and there are pictures that are easy and fast and stress free for when you need that as well as challenging, time consuming , and intriguing ones for when your brain needs that exercise. Happy coloring... My only two critiques are : 1)there should be a search button and perhaps titles to the pictures because sometimes I see one I want to color but I have to come back to it and next thing you know I've forgotten the category ( b/c some can fit in multiple categories) and I'm scrolling and scrolling for minutes and minutes ... A search bar and titles would would eliminate that 2) the artist who did Cancers 'S horoscope and used a LOBSTER is not accurate ... I'm a crab as per the constellation that resembles a 69 sideways because those are the curves of a CRAB'S claws ... NOT a lobster . I understand that some astrological references use a lobster but it's inaccurate and I do appreciate that there were multiple horoscope pictures for my month and sign but my favorite ones are the mosaic ones and all year I was looking forward to doing my crab just to open a lobster ... Sad face... But I still I've y'all
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5 years ago, Chalain
Fun and relaxing
I really like this coloring app. I have a bunch of traditional coloring apps that I love but I play this one the most. You can play it all for free if you are willing to watch some ads, which I feel is fair. I paid to have the ads turned off and was very please and surprised that it only cost 4.99. Many other coloring apps make you pay for a yearly subscription to turn the ads off, get the full set of colors, and/or get access to more that the few pictures the free version allows. I love that there are virtually no in-app purchases. There are new pictures coming all the time in every category and over 20 categories to choose from. I like that there are little events that you can participate in on Facebook like voting for the favorite pic of the week, usually getting to color the winner in different colors. I love that they ask for feedback from the players, letting us vote on new features and such. To me this shows that they value their users and want to make the best app possible. I would like it if the iPad version of the app could be rotated 90º. I have a keyboard case and my wrists are getting fatigued from holding my iPad and my neck is sore from looking down when I lay it in my lap. (Maybe I color too much?)
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5 years ago, Shannant
Used to be Better!!!
I would have given this game 5 stars before the most recent update made it too easy and boring. I want the old app back. So I posted this review recently and the developers have asked me to be more specific. I’m not sure why since many others have already given the same feedback that I’m going to give. You change a perfectly good app, where you had to fill in the gray areas with color depending on the number and you change it to a pattern which now makes it so easy to find the areas that I am bored within 2 minutes. I read many reviews and a lot of the 5 star reviews were all before the new update so I’m not sure what possessed the developers to change. When I ran across the new update I was actually going on to pay to remove the ads but that changed right away. I’ve seen comments from the developers that saw when the next update comes you will have a choice between pattern and solid. Amazingly they don’t realize the many of us will have deleted the app by that time. So developers I hope you’re happy now that I have told you exactly why I don’t like your app anymore and the only reason I have not deleted until this point is that I keep hoping you are going to realize you are not as smart as the consumer and change back to the original app. If I were you I would listen to the will of the people because actually some of these names on the reviews makes me wonder if you just added them to look good.
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2 years ago, wheeeoooo
Now THIS Is How You Do A Free App!
Happy Color may be the best download I have ever made from the App Store. The pictures are beautiful, fun to color and there’s a wide range of subject matters. You can choose simple pictures when you just have a few minutes, or more complex ones when you want to color and chill. The app is truly multicultural - a variety of faces and cultural traditions are represented. But what is most impressive is what the app does NOT have. There are ads, but they’re not intrusive - they appear at the beginning and end of each picture you color, and when you voluntarily click on a light bulb icon to get hints. There is no pressure to spend money - no “boosters” needed to finish pictures, no rewards that can only be redeemed by spending cash. There are some Marvel picture packs that are available for sale, but if superheroes are your thing and you don’t want to spend the money, there’s other Marvel pictures that come free with the app. I’ve downloaded and deleted or abandoned plenty of apps when they became “money pits.” Happy Color will stay on my phone until it’s a useless brick. If you only download a single iOS “just for fun” app, make it this one.
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1 year ago, Pmdot
What happened?????
I downloaded your app 2weeks ago. I was really enjoying it. I am very impressed with your variety of coloring choices and some of the effects used in the colors themselves. They are breathtaking. It was a joy to sit at the end of the day and become immersed in the selected project and forgetting about the cares of the day. BUT ..... WHAT HAPPENED??? I sat down a minute ago, opened my IPad, touched your app and all I got was a black screen. I cut my Ipad off and then back on and still nothing. I would delete the app and reinstall it, but then I’d loose my completed projects. Can you help. I’m writing another review. This review is written 2years later than the one above. I’m still having trouble with the program crashing!!!!!!!!!!! I love the program but I am so disgusted by what seems to be a waste of time completing pictures. This amended review is written a year later. I like your program and thought that by now you would have improved the app and solved the crashing of the program by now. I downloaded the app again and AGAIN started experiencing either the screen going dark, or the advertisements getting stuck and not allowing me to touch the X in the top corner and being rewarded and returning to the coloring page. In the last week your program has crashed 4 times. PLEASE REPAIR THE GLITCHES IN WHAT OTHERWISE IS A FUN-FILLED SND RELAXING program.
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4 months ago, CCLgal
This was one of the first apps I downloaded when I got a smart phone, which was approximately 10 years ago. I play it every day and almost always before I go to bed at night it is so relaxing. The paintings have improved so much since then with the blend and rare options. Some paintings were so pretty that I saved them off onto my photo app. My favorite reason for rating this so highly is that you can paint sequentially or you can paint an entire section in order to keep from searching all over for your number. This app allows you to pick what number you want to paint next rather then popping up the next number in sequence. The number of ads has increased but only upon completion of one picture and selecting another picture to paint. Unfortunately, several times in the last few months this app has locked up. I just had to close the app and wait until the next day. Last night it locked up and did not refresh overnight. The only option I knew about was to delete the app and download it again. I hated to lose everything I had done all these many many years, but maybe that’s why it was locking up.
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3 years ago, Scoring
Happy color spider man
I love it so many things and I’m not even in a good place now but it will take a lot to go back and try again to make a big mess of my head on me again so much and then I’ll have it all together I have no idea what I’m going to get for that and I’ll get back in time and then we’ll get to know the world of love love it and I’ll get back in love you have fun love it bye to see your dad soon and we’ll talk to her about the future I will see what happens when we have to talk and I don’t think we’ll be back on it or we’ll be able to get a new phone with us on Facebook or talk with the person or the group or just get the phone and talk with me about what you say to be done to you or talk with you and see how things go on your job or something you want me to talk with me about your life to get a hold you know I’m sorry you are a great man but I’m so proud to you have been great with all the good news I hope you’re good for all the things you’ve got in my mind you have been a blessing in life I know that you’re very very blessed to us with this one but it was just us to be you in a safe relationship I know you’re very proud to me but I’m so glad I love that I
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7 months ago, Anon_mom15
Editing a past comment of mine, if I could now rate this as a zero I would. The lack of support is ridiculous! I detailed my problem with not being able to load the app due to constant crashing, and you respond with “please contact our support team thru the app” … seriously??? I CAN NOT LOAD THE APP! Please spend less time adding more collections and more on fixing this loading issue. Reading through the comments this appears to be a widespread problem. *************************** I’ve been having issues for the past month with the Happy Color app for iPad. After running the newly released update (new stories and collections), the app would no longer load at all. It tried to load, blinked, then crashed. 2 weeks later another update was released. This release did finally load the app, but it was extremely slow to load and often would crash 3 or 4 times before I could get it to fully load. Today I have tried to load happy color no less than 15 times, back to my original problem of trying to load, does not fill in any color of the rose logo, blinks once or twice, stalls about 45 seconds, and crashes. I am running iPadOS 17.1 on an iPad Pro, not a single problem with anything else. I’m hoping you can help and forward this to your team, I can’t contact customer support as the app doesn’t work. I have emailed support 3 times and not received any response.
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5 years ago, ASParadise79
New checkered highlights
This has been my favorite go to app because of the pre-update plain grey highlights. The plain grey highlights made coloring the pictures more challenging then other coloring apps which is why I loved playing this app so much! The new checkered highlights make coloring in the pictures so easily that it’s now too easy! I’m sure people like it because of that reason but I loved the old plain grey highlights! It be great if you could make it an option to choose which highlight you want to use. I know you have the option of turning the highlights off and yes that would be challenging but I prefer the plain grey highlights and I really wish that you could make it an option to use instead of using the new checkered highlights! Coloring now with the new checkered highlights is kinda boring because it’s so easy. Plus the fact that you don’t even have to actually click on the place you want to color that’s highlighted. Now you just gotta click on the general area and boom it’s colored which also makes it too easy. It be nice if that could be an option to. Basically I just really miss the old way and the old grey highlights. 😕 Please bring them back as optional!!!
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5 years ago, MomfromEmbarrass
Offline play would put it over the top
When away from internet service, yes it's possible when you live in the boondocks, I miss coloring on Happy Color. It really helps with my anxiety. Believe me there's a ton going on it my life that causes a need for chilling out. I don't know if it's possible for anything other than the coloring of previously colored pictures. If not, at least there's that. I don't understand the complaining about a totally free app. I guess some people aren't happy unless they're griping. Life is too short and precious to look for bad in thing. It finds you when you don't expect it. I now am thankful for whatever good things we get-like totally free apps with great pics to color and lots to choose from❤️ Little update... I’m one unhappy Gramma. My peace and tranquillity have been shattered... First my iPad kicks off. Not too tragic, I was expecting it and had purchased a replacement. The kick in the proverbial gonads was, expecting no problems like four times before, every bit of my time and effort spent “coloring” with RA, I have ZILCH to show for it. Sad. Something screwy must’ve happened in one of the last updates, because I know I’m not the only one this happened to. I hope you see I didn’t rate when I was blowing steam and hopping around like the Tasmanian Devil. 😉 Now, I’m just disappointed in my favorite app.
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2 years ago, bakugo34
I would rate it all the stars
i would rate it all the stars because i like this app but there is apps that show up at the bottom of the screen everytime i color and the the app thing shows up constantly when i stop coloring for a second or something and i wish for you to take the apps off that are at the bottom of the screen i cannot color if they pop up and they make me mad and i do not like that you do not want to see me when i am mad and i understand you have to show apps sometimes but they are filthy apps that i do not wish to see so you either listen to me or im taking happy color off this ipad and trying another app you hear me!!! oh yeah take your crappy apps off there because no one should see what you put at the bottom of the screen and i have taken my tike writing this so if i see something i do not like i am going to take all the stars off ok!! see you later and i better see the results on this game and what if a child saw that i do not think their parants would be proud to see what their child saw i think they would be traumatized to see what is on there!! bye have a nice day grrrrrrrrrrrr
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8 months ago, HelpHolly
Good for procrastinators BUT
I really enjoy this app, it’s a good time waster and a little calming! I use the pictures that I “color” in a puzzle app so I can use them to do puzzles. The pros: • I like how they have separate categories so you don’t have to look through a bunch if you’re looking for a specific image type (ex. food). • I like how there are so many to choose from. • I like being able to start multiple pictures and being able to finish them later. They are mostly nice pictures too. • I like how easy it is to get extra hints. I’m fine watching a 30 second ad for 2 free hints instead of paying for extra. • I like how the color goes away on the bottom of the screen so you know that you’re done with that color. Now the cons: • I don’t like how most of pictures use dull colors (not sure that is the correct word). There are only a few with bright colors. That’s my biggest complaint along with the colors they use for skin tones are really weird shades. Overall, it’s my most used app and it’s great for procrastinating and long days at the hospital but I would like it so much more if the colors were brighter and skin tones were more realistic. I like the addition of all the blend pictures as well as the rare ones.
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5 years ago, Molsonds
Hoping the Developers give us a choice in the next update...
Based on the mixed recent reviews, I know some people are finding the checkered areas easier to see, though some feel it takes away from the fun “challenge” of finding the areas to be colored. I personally enjoy a good challenge & found the previous gray spaces enough to keep me challenged without becoming frustrated, yet I agree with those who have found the checkered areas LESS helpful & more frustrating. The checkered pattern makes it impossible to see the very tiny spaces to color (especially in more detailed pictures) because the space isn’t big enough to show any of the shaded pattern! So, I hope the developers might be able to give us an update that allows the users to choose either a checkered pattern highlight OR the former solid gray highlight most of us had come to love! This has made this app more stressful for me & not as fun or relaxing because I’m constantly having to search for tiny areas by zooming WAY in to the picture that I used to be able to find alot easier when areas were simply shaded a solid gray, or use a hint to find rogue spaces (which I feel defeats the challenge & diminishes the enjoyment I got from using the app). DEVELOPERS: Please give us a choice of highlight in the settings on the next update! Otherwise, I’m probably going to have to go back to my other color by number apps instead & regret having paid for this app. 😤
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6 years ago, Gender Fluid Superstar
Don’t download this app, it’ll hurt your phone’s overall performance!
I’ve had this app for a little over 2 months now, and frankly I’m amazed I’ve lasted this long without deleting it. No matter where I am, the quality of my network or WiFi connection I currently have, whether I have other apps open or not, etc., this app continues to fail in the same way every single time. I can’t color even one picture (which takes anywhere from 5-20+ minutes depending on the complexity of it) without the app severely slowing down and eventually repeatedly freezing up, overheating my phone to the point where it’s painful to the touch (I’ve had multiple times where I am seriously afraid of my phone exploding from how hot it has become), and sometimes even crashing altogether. Also, since I have downloaded this app, I have noticed that my phone performance has been gradually slowing down and other apps that have never crashed before are suddenly starting to crash, especially if they are open while this app is open as well (such as music apps). After at least 2 updates have been released for this app, I was hoping that this issue would be fixed by now, but it has yet to be addressed. I am officially deleting this app as I have reached a point where I am no longer willing to deal with any of the problems this app CONSTANTLY has. If you want to keep your phone performance from slowly degrading, DO NOT download this app.
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4 years ago, 56kath
Disappointed with Happy Color update.
The solid grey shade is much better. Also, I would love to see a similar app which allows user to choose what colors they wish to use for a picture. Not instead of this app, but as a separate alternative. Some days I just want to totally relax, and I like it with the “paint by number”, especially if you go back to solid shading instead of the pattern. Too often the area is too small and with the patterned shading, one cannot find it because the area is small and none of the shaded pattern is showing. I would have thought that would be apparent when testing the patterned shading before release. But I do enjoy this much better than Happy Canvas which pops up the next color and one doesn’t get to choose which color they want to use. It is super annoying with Happy canvas to always have to undo this auto color selection to color the area I want to color. I hope you actually read these. If so, I would like to know what you think about creating the app, or option for the user to choose the color selection, I would especially like this option with the Mandelas !!! Thanks!!
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7 months ago, Cragun47
Fun, but you get ads even with the paid version
My family loves this app. It is fun to color by number. Lots of pages to color. Even on the free version. Easy enough for the young children to do. The problem is the ads. In the unpaid version, you have to watch an ad every so often. These are live ads, meaning you interact with them as if it is a live game. If you do interact and click, it will take you to the App Store. If you have no authorization required, a child can purchase that game. So BEWARE. Even if no additional games are purchased, it is very confusing to the child why they are seeing this change to a game from the coloring book. The children liked the program enough, I paid to “remove the ads”. It only removes SOME of the ads. However if you want hints the only way to get them is … you guessed it … WATCH ads. Every 2 minutes or so, a button appears and if you press it, a 30 second ad will show. It is a live ad, and the same story: if you interact with the game, you will be led to a purchase page for the game, and without purchase authorization required, you can end up accidentally buying the game. Pretty irritating. It really mars the user experience of a purchased version. I *PAID* to remove the ads… REMOVE THEM!
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6 years ago, kernelcat
Good ap but ads are intrusive
i do like this ap. yes all the pages are free which is great. the colours are better and make more sense than some of the other color by number aps out there. BUT the ads are intrusive and annoying and CONSTANT. you are forced to watch an ad before you colour a page, after you colour a page, and down at the bottom there are banner ads while you colour. the banner ads often move which is distracting and because they are right by the color swatches are easy to accidentally tap. and 4.99 is way too much for no ads. a lot of other aps i use only charge .99 or 2.99 to remove ads. i don’t use the hint feature because i can usually find it if i just look but you also have to watch ads to get hints. and if you pause for any length of time there is a light bulb that pops up in the left corner and bounces around distractingly offering two hints for watching an ad. slow down i’m just taking a sip of my tea i’m not stuck. i wish i i had an option to where i could turn the hints off. i also wish that the highlight colour was a touch darker or not solid but dotted or something. it makes it hard to distinguish when there are grey or almost grey colours on the picture. overall good ap but the ads need to be toned down and some of the features need tweaked.
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2 years ago, It's Char Char
I love this game, I’ve colored A LOT of pictures! I noticed over the past week or 2 the game started to consistently glitch, freeze, and crash. But as soon as you were alerted you were on it and came up with a fix! I gotta be honest, I started to look for other coloring apps to play after a while but nothing compared! I was happy to see that you were responding to all of the complaints, it’s what kept me coming back because o knew that you were working on a resolve. Thank you for being on it and upping your game so to speak. I updated the app through the App Store like you suggested to others once you had a fix and it’s back to normal with no glitches and fast like before the issue happened. Thanks again for fixing the problem! Update: PLEASE get ride of this horrible dog treat ad… the same ad pops up 2-3 times at once in the middle of coloring a picture. It’s the most annoying ad that I’ve ever seen! “Hey boy… hey boy… hey boy… want a treat?” Then you have to close the 3 identical ads once you’ve been bombarded just for it to do it all over again!!! That’s probably why your app doesn’t work like it used to.
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5 years ago, Ahow31
Relaxing, but. . .
I have been using this app for about a year now, I enjoy it and find it relaxing after work. I would wake up every morning to look at the new pictures and see which ones I wanted to color, and usually it was most of them. Lately, I have trouble finding any one that I want to spend my time on to color. Not into anime, or robots, or weird disjointed buildings (though the ones featuring “places”, buildings, and design were my favorite ones, I rarely see them anymore), and the landscapes have just become redundant, same thing over and over. I’ve been doing mostly flowers, mandelas, some of the Halloween ones, and occasionally something different that pops up. Just a little disappointed, I still enjoy coloring the few pictures I find interesting. I also concur with some of the more recent reviews about the ads. I get it, I don’t mind it too much, until you have to close them 3-4 times to stop them, or when no x pops up to shut them off, or they take you to the App Store anyway. A few times they just freeze, and I have to close the app and start over. Just a minor annoyance. Please just a better variety of pictures to color?
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4 years ago, Elissa Kester
Great app with technical issues
I found this app a while ago through an advertisement and I’m really glad I found it. This has hands down the best color by numbers app I’ve ever seen with the widest selection of pictures and nice quality of life features such as being able to sort pictures by category and get hints upon watching a 30 second ad. I also really love the addition of ‘blend’ pictures. The app is unbelievably relaxing and manages to melt away any stress pretty quick The biggest downside for me is a technical one. I’m a phone user so I can’t speak whether or not this is better on ipad—but this app is HEAVILY taxing on my phone. I don’t think I’ve ever had my phone heat up before, yet it happens whenever I use the app for a while. Additionally the app causes my phone to lag a ton; I find this happens especially when coloring pictures with lots of different spaces. I only started noticing these problems a couple months ago, so they might be a result of a buggy update or due to the sheer number of pictures I’ve colored as of late EDIT: Played around with the ‘Fill Animation’ setting and that seemed to do the trick and fix the problems, thanks
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4 years ago, Pink Maiden
I personally think this is the best coloring app out there. A few years ago I was ill for a very long time, I found this app and colored the entire book twice! When I started on the third round I figured I owed the poor people that designed this wonderful app so I purchased it. This app is clean and clear cut, no hidden fees or changes to policies, (like many apps seem to be doing these days). The only changes have been to make the app better and better. I must have first started using this app not long after it was released, there have been a lot of changes since then. The pictures got better and better as the app grew, categories were added, pictures where more detailed, goals were added, additional pics daily through Facebook, (you don’t have to be on Facebook to get most of the bonus pictures), little additional features were added; highlights of coloring areas, blending of colors, animation, color flow... Just when I think they can’t possibly add anything else as a new feature they surprise me every time! I have had this app for a few years now and still use it daily! Hats off to you folks, wonderful job!
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4 years ago, Occasional reader
Everything goes away
When I start “Happy Coloring,” everything else sort of slides away. When it (everything) comes back, it’s sort of put in perspective; it’s in order. My problems are in order, like the colors of the coloring pages. Now, about the product; I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. I think there’s a good variety of coloring pages, but I only spend 15-30 minutes a day coloring. I’ve explored a bit, but I'm only looking for pages that interest me. Once I find something I want to color, I stop looking. Often, I return to what I have saved from the last time. The colors are numbered, so it’s like paint-by-number. Except I can’t color outside the lines; unlike in reality for me, where even if I was being paid, I couldn’t stay inside the lines. And as far as I know, you can’t go rogue, and color number 23 into the spaces for number 28, I don’t think. Like I wrote above, I’ve only explored a bit. However, “Happy Coloring” saves my pages, as complete or not, wherever I’ve stopped. When I return, a few minutes or a month later, my coloring page is exactly as I left it.
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2 years ago, kitten😍🥰💪🏾👌🏾💋
Happy color
Happy color is my favorite game and I love it and sometimes I can even go outside and do it outside I love this game somebody should rate this a 10 out of 10 out of 10 because this is a good game I wish this game was my favorite because it is and you should download it because you can color anyone like Disney and all that stuff and that is why I love happy color you should check this out on the App Store or some other App Store is they have Japanese you should check it out because it is the best game that you’ll ever read the chat because I cannot believe that this is my favorite I downloaded this one I was like this age I’m six and I really love this game my father paints so I think I really love painting and I love painting and painting is my favorite subject I can also ask you to do something everybody I’m talking about also if Ariana Grande is on here please tell her that I said hi cause I really like her she’s the best singer ever I would never leave alone u or somebody invented this game this is the best game that IEVER played so are people out there to download Happy Color because it is my favorite game #JasmineMadeThisReview
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3 years ago, anabella l
best way to destress❤️
i don’t usually write app reviews, but to make long story short, i’ve been self-mutilating for years. it’s an adhd/ocd reflex and occurs at all hours of the day for me —— during work, school, at home, always. i’ve tried bulky fidget toys, apps for adhd/anxiety, but no matter what, it’s just an instinctual habit to make myself bleed i guess. since i found this app, it’s reduced my self mutilation by at LEAST 30% ( which may not seem like much, but it’s quite an achievement for me ), giving my skin time to heal and giving my constantly fidgeting fingers something to do other than pick at my skin. it adheres to my senses, gives me that satisfying feeling whenever i fill in the last blank, even enhances my art skills a bit! honestly, this app is kinda like my free, personal therapy session that extends as long as i want. the ads aren’t overwhelming, and there’s so much to choose from, i never run out of things to color ( although i would love if you added more pieces under the art category! it’s my favorite!!! ). i just had to share my personal experience and show my appreciation for the app. thank you 💝
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4 years ago, Lucypurple
Best relaxing App ever
I love love this app. I never write reviews but after a month of having this app I’m so happy. Best of all it’s free. I wish there were more girl packs cause i would buy them. I’m hooked right now in “summer” pics. Anything beachfront I’m all over it. Lately they’ve been taking out more beach bonus pics. That’s the only thing i “hate”. I don’t have social media, no FB, so I don’t get to participate in some bonus pics, but I’m still able to get other bonuses. The “rare” pics are beautiful. I’m obsessed with Nature(although has too many mountains-meaning lots of green colors but it’s scenic so i’m happy, interiors (wish there was more), Marine cause it has scenic pics too. Food. Can’t wait to do Holidays, I’m saving those. Maybe there can be a “seasons” tab in the future, that would be awesome and easier to find pics when you’re in the seasonal mood. Even when I thought i had gone over all pics. , i keep finding more i like. Like you can go thru the daily pics all the way from the beginning and find more pics you like. I can’t WAIT to open my app daily to see how many new pics are there for the day. Keep up the good work 👍🏽
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5 years ago, SherriM122
Love the App (Addicted) & Request 1 Change
I have “colored” almost 1,000 pics and have the ad-free version. I absolutely enjoy the variety. Sometimes the tiny bubbles (the number of them) drive me a little crazy, but at least it slows me down! :). This app has helped me to relax and calm my mind. I must admit there are times I am in the app when I should probably be doing other things, but definitely has helped me to focus my mind on something besides life for a while. Thank you for that! The ONLY (and I do mean ONLY) thing I would request is that it would have some ability to rotate on the iPad to a landscaped version, even if the image has to be a little smaller, since you generally zoom in and out anyway when coloring. It would make viewing and coloring easier at times. I don’t know if that means creating an iPad version or just modifying the original app. I’m sure there are others that have colored much more than me, but that one feature I’ve wished for many times. I will look again to see if there is a separate iPad version, but I don’t remember seeing one. Thanks again and thanks for providing me some down-time entertainment!
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5 years ago, The Queen 011
Daisy here...Loving the new update!!!
OMG!!!! I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE, the new update. I saw it talked about on Facebook....but at the time I had not yet received the updated app. I just got it today.....and could not be any happier with it. I love that the uncolored spaces are so much easier to see with the checkered squares....I love that when a color is done the dot disappears...makes so i do not have to do so much scrolling back and forth.....believe it or not....that used to scroll me right out of the game into the last game I was playing!! 😂. And I love how it asks you before it resets the game if that is really what you want to do. ( I have had to unfortunately start several pictures over because of that oversight.). Now that this is the best app. ON THE PLANET!!.....I don’t know what you guys could ever do to make it even better. You may as well all go home now. 😂. Love it!💕💕💕💕💕 Oh....and PS.....I live in Wisconsin.....and although I LOVE all the flower pictures you have been putting on because “ spring is here”.....we all still have anywhere from 2 to 4 feet ( and in some places more...)of snow up here....so it will be quite some time before “ spring is here”. 😂. ( could be June!!)
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4 years ago, Quilting maniac
Great Way to Relax
I have been enjoying this app on both my phone and tablet for quite awhile. While I truly believe it deserves 10 stars out of 5 I can, presently, only give it 4. The reason is I have run into a glitch that is extremely frustrating. I used to be able to access any and all pictures, no matter how long they had been available. Now within the last 2 to 3 weeks I can no longer access everything. And today, I was rewarded 3 pictures for completing a challenge level. Much to my dismay only one of the three loaded so I could color it. I have tried rebooting my device in the past when the problem first appeared but it did not fix the issue. And I am not going to delete and then reload your program to loose everything and then most likely find the problem still exists. Is there a solution to this issue that can be resolved by providing a fix via an app update? If you fix this you deserve 10 stars for the fix, variety of pictures available, contests, challenges and rewards, and overall quality of the game! Thanks, Judy
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5 years ago, pintrestisajoke
Developers make updates but...
It is extremely disconcerting to note, the developers of this app move very slowly when confronted with visual & verbal evidence of too many problems occurring within their app. They send thru updates without first vetting them out to be assured they work properly. Indeed, THEY DO NOT. They fail to recognize anything is wrong & keep pressing for their patrons to find & take screen shots of those issues, but no bug fixes are at the ready. No further “updates” either. My current situation is in completing one whole picture pack, yet not receiving the gold acknowledgment for it. They don’t know when various holidays are & send pictures through for colouring at the wrong times. In this case...Mother’s Day, which...by the way, is in MAY. NOT END OF MARCH OR APRIL. EASTER & PASSOVER ARE IN APRIL. Heaven forbid those be deemed appropriate pictures to colour NOW, two weeks in advance of the holidays. Pay attention to details developers. Because, right now? Happy Colour isn’t such a Happy place to colour! Don’t waste your time with this colouring app until it is repaired completely or yanked, recreated & THEN opened up once more.
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5 years ago, WingedHeartOhio
All-Around Fantastic!
I’ve tried many coloring apps and this is without a doubt my favorite. There are HUGE amounts of pictures to color which are divided into categories. Hundreds and hundreds of past pictures plus four or five new ones daily! Yes, there are short ads between pictures, but this is a small price to pay for a free app, and you can skip the ads altogether by paying a small fee which is less than other apps charge weekly just for access to their pictures! Not to mention, you can get hints throughout the coloring process by clicking on a icon that occasionally appears and then disappears if you do not click on it. There is absolutely no nagging to purchase a subscription! I also am enjoying the newly created functionality which monitors your stats, such as completing a certain number of images in a category. My only suggestion would be to add some sort of reward, such as a new image, as incentive to complete a goal. I am so addicted to this program that I am posting this with a wrist brace as my addiction has aggravated my carpal tunnel syndrome! My bad! LOL! To the developers, keep up the good work!!!
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1 year ago, Katfish316
Love this app but had to leave it
I’ve been using this app daily for several years but lately have been disappointed in the way you are tricked into hitting on an ad. Once, as I was touching the screen an ad slide in very quickly and opened up. Ok, no problem…that made me aware of the possibility of this happening. It wouldn’t be so bad but it’s the same ads over and over again, by which are irrelevant to me. Yesterday was the last straw! I’m working on one of the pictures and an ad was placed over the color buttons. Wow, so now I have to use the very tip of my finger to hit the color buttons to fill the picture. First I thought it was stuck but it was placed there throughout the duration of the picture as well as three others that I completed. An ad opened and once again, too long and irrelevant. Why are you tricking people into seeing these ads AND why is it repeated endlessly? The obvious answer is money but if I were interested in whatever was advertised I would open the ad. I don’t like nor appreciate the trickery of this app and will miss this app.
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