Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games

4.7 (3M)
322 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wildlife Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games

4.75 out of 5
3M Ratings
5 years ago, Th3 Navigator
What Happened?
I immediately loved this game. The pay to win aspect isn’t even too bad. But I went ahead and upgraded to premium+ for $200. Which got me some pretty cool benefits. After months of playing, I’ve built my character and gear/mods up quite a bit. Then this most recent patch came out and erased it all! I’ve lost all my mods, most of my weapon upgrades, and essentially everything that made going premium+ worth it. The worst part is I can’t get a response from customer support. I know other players are experiencing similar issues, but there has been no announcement regarding plans to fix it. Now I am fully aware that paying several hundred for a P2W isn’t smart, but I’m wondering if we all just got fleeced and the devs took the money and ran. Until this issue is fixed, I highly discourage you from downloading this game. I don’t know if it’s worth me even playing, because I don’t know if any further progress is just going to be erased again. STAY AWAY! With that said, I really enjoyed this game, if they restore everything I’ll come back and update to 5 stars.
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8 months ago, Big Balls McLongcock
Too many ads!!
This is actually a fun game to play. The problem is the ads! It gives you plenty of chances to voluntarily watch ads that are actually worth the reward you get for it. You want to watch an ad to double your reward after finishing a round? You’ll sometimes be forced to watch another one right after. You want to watch an ad to get extra diamonds? Fine, but you have to watch another ad first. You’ll likely spend more time watching ads than you will actually playing the game, and it’s usually the same ads over and over again. A typical round can sometimes take 10-15 seconds to complete, if that long. Then you’ll be forced to watch an ad that can sometimes be a minute long. And most ads, you have to click on them 3 or 4 times to close them out. The ads are what’s ruining what would be an otherwise fun game to play. Also, it seems impossible to beat the Kertzville Deadly Fly-By Special Ops mission. You can’t see the 4th shooter, but he’s there shooting at you! Can any one from the development team please explain this, or how to get past that level? You can’t go any further in the game until you do! Is it some sort of glitch or something? There’s no point in keeping this app if one level is impossible to get past!
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2 years ago, football receiver 29
Some improvements but good overall
I would rate this a 5 star but there is some casualties. One there is an ad like after every mission. Second I’d rather have to like watch and ad or something instead of waiting an hour or spending gems to get equipment for my gun. And 3, I am not a fan of the 10 energy limit. Have the time I complete 10 missions in like 3 minutes and then I have to wait another 5 to 10 minutes to play another mission. So maybe just make it like a 15-20 limit. But overall this game is really good. The graphics are a good. The challenges get more challenging as you go. More problems though. One I have a weapon that takes more damage than my other gun but takes more shots to kill my target. Two I wish you could change up the characters a little bit because every new mission is someone I’ve already killed before. And 3, on the warehouse raids the levels just repeat so I wish you could just change up the the levels as you proceed or have a limit of repeat and then you can’t do them anymore or just put the wanted criminals back because that’s better than repeating the same level. And it’ll save me time from going back to different locations because the missions get boring. But somehow the game is addictive. That’s why I rate this a 3 star .
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2 years ago, Jack, follower of Christ
Opinion of an 18 year old
Let me start off by saying that I am a country kid, a hunter, and possess a strong stomach. But after 2 minuets of gameplay I was nauseous. The producers of the app( I will not call this a game, it is textbook for murder) glorify the expression on the victim’s face, the gaping hole left by the bullet, and the pool of blood under the body. The adds put this app for sale as a good v bad game. It is gang warfare and nothing more. In spite of what most say, it has been proven that the games we play do affect our minds, thus affecting our actions. This catastrophe of an app encourages and hardens the player to cold blooded murder. To kill in war or self-defense is one thing, but to kill just to be killing is another evil thing altogether. I sincerely hope that I will never allow my heart to become so hard that I need an realistic murder app to unwind. I pray that this review will warn potential users of the dangers of this app. I would also like to ask the developers of the app, what were you thinking when you put this on the market? What kind of message did you want to leave with the players? I do not believe you were intentionally promoting murder, but that is what your app does. You are shaping the minds of the young people of the world. Is this the influence you want to leave? Please think about these things as you “improve” this app and put others out. The minds of the future are in your hands. What are you doing to them?
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4 years ago, cmonrlly
As far as gameplay goes, I really enjoy this one! There’s a lot of content and for a mobile game I actually find it really engaging and well designed. For a game of good quality I don’t even mind the occasional ad, and their premium offer is something I wouldn’t spend money on but I can see why people would. Their diamond “premium currency” in game is a little overpriced for my taste, but I think it seems comparable to what I’ve seen in plenty of other mobile games. Having said that, THEY ARE GOING TO FORCE AN AD DOWN YOUR THROAT EVERY 15 SECONDS. Not an exaggeration, if it’s not a third party ad it’s them constantly begging for more of your money in game by bombarding you with “sweet deals” that are way cheaper than the stores prices, and if you don’t want to make the purchase they add an extra two screens of “just making sure” you don’t want to cash in on this “sweet deal”. EVERY. TIME. It ruins the whole experience for me. If the ads were trimmed down to even a third of what they are now I would’ve given this game a much higher score. It just makes it seem like the developers don’t care about how it interfaces with your user experience and like this whole thing is just a quick money grab. It really cheapens the value of an otherwise quality game. TLDR: great gameplay, way too many ads. Like an unbearable amount.
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3 years ago, Tripk69
Pure Frustration
This game used to be quite fun but since I have reached Bear status it’s been very unfair and disappointing. Sometime between 1/1/21 & 1/4/21, 14,000 of my diamonds just disappeared. I have reached out to the developers, explained what happened, asked for a ticket number and status update and here it is February 17 and still no response from developers and no reimbursement of my diamonds. Also, I played the first two PVP Squad wars of the new year and received no rewards from the wars(We won both). I also let the developers know that also and no response. As to my prior comment unfairness, I am now a golden bear but during wars and arena challenges, 99% of the time I am going against a minimum of 5 skulls and the rest lions. Very seldom do I compete against fellow bears or lower or anyone who has a comparable gear rating. This game is getting very frustrating and discouraging. The only thing that keeps me coming back is my fellow veterans who I Squad War with. If it wasn’t for them I would be gone. It’s not fun to play a game when the playing field is not fair and you lose rewards (diamonds, battle coins, coins) that you fought very hard for. Until these issues get fixed I will not spend another dime on this game and if my fellow veterans (who are having the same issues) decide to leave the game, I will be following them. Get this stuff fixed and remedied developers. This is getting old. Give me back my diamonds and level the playing field.
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5 years ago, i. love.
Issues that need to be addressed/ to be wary of.
Alright their are multiple problems, the first and most prevalent is that is is highly unrealistic, not only in the missions and overall combat bad but the deaths of the targets, the targets/graphics, and the weaponry prices are unrealistic and angering. Speaking of prices, this game is basically a cash grab, it gives you little currency per mission, sets guns at crazy high prices, and at very turn advocates you to buy diamonds to pay for them, even in the missions it may give you a free one use of a high level gun then tell you to buy it, I see why the developers did this, but it doesn't mean I like it. The only good thing about this situation is you can watch videos to get free diamonds, and unlike other sniper games, it gives you a fair amount of diamonds per ad, but while we are the topic of ads some of them are to hefty and can crash the game, which is frustrating to say in the least. Another mechanic I have a problem with is the energy bar, I know almost every sniper game gives you a set amount of energy but it doesn't mean that this is a good mechanic, it only serves to pressure the player to buy energy to play this game, which I dislike in most situations. The only reason I play this game is because I like sniper games but overall I would still say that this game is bad to say in the least.
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3 years ago, timlovesstrawberries
Kinda good
The game itself is amazing, I like the realistic appearance, and how it has these little thing like the wind is blowing 20mph, or the target is 100 ft away, the upgrades are cool, but I wanted to suggest something, so when u start upgrading something and u have to wait like an hour I feel like there should be an option to speed it up by watching ads, sometimes I don’t want to spend my diamonds, also way to many ads like after every mission u get and ad it gets annoying, also idk what it is I tried deleting and installing again but I don’t have the option to watch ads for diomends or to refill my energy, I feel like u guys should add more option so like I could watch an add to earn money or and upgrade or something like that, I will be willing to do so The game is also a little pay to win, I wish the offers were a little more realistic not like, oh here is a discount 6,500 diomends when I have like 6,400 diomends. another thing is I wish once u finish a city u would get like 100 diomends so u could refill ur energy, yeah I’m on the last city and I like the game but yeah Also I know I can’t spell diomends correctly I don’t have the auto correct on
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2 years ago, JaredDavis0310
Typical Cash Grab Company
Just like the title says, it’s a typical move from a typical company. Not only does it require an insane weekly 9.99 for the “premium” pass, but it also tries to lure you into paying that fee by giving you a free trial. If you are gullible enough to accept this free trial, you accept the terms that you get one week free. But, the catch is that if you don’t cancel it within the week you then begin to get charged 9.99 per week. At that rate, if you had this game for a year it would cost you over $500, which is an outrageous number considering most console games that are actually well developed only have a one time cost of $60. I can only assume this type of cost system is targeted towards small children. Of course little boys will be drawn to this type of game and it’s clear the game is meant for them. The levels are boring and repetitive and they clearly put little to no work into the structure of this game. It’s obviously a cash grab scheme targeting small children. They lure them with violent content that they find exciting, get them to accept the free trial, and thus get their parents card charged 9.99 a week. For struggling parents who are unaware of this charge, this could be devastating to them. This app is sick and disgusting and I can’t believe games like this are allowed in the App Store when their motive is so clear.
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5 years ago, I only speak fax
PVP is unfair
So I like this game, I really do, but some things just need to be fixed. There a a lot of problems with the game but the pvp mode is one of the big ones. I really think it was good you added PVP to the game but, the problem is the pairing algorithm. I get into a match right? Before I can even spot someone, another guy kills me within two shots. While I sit there shooting with my sniper with a 3 bullet mag. Worse part is, my shot does AT THE MOST 1 damage out of 200. Even without my victim spotting me while I sit there shooting for 10 minutes straight, the match would’ve ended before I got to kill one player! Now sometimes I get in to a match with people weaker than me, and they don’t stand a chance! I think it’s really unfair that you pair people the way you do, whatever that is, it just doesn’t work! Don’t let people use the same guns from the campaign mode, because if they’re new to PVP but have been playing campaign for a long time, they are basically going to win every match. That’s just one problem. I know development is hard when it comes to a video game but with the great game you’ve created, I think it wouldn’t be too much of a problem to change the little things that ruin the entire game. Also, the so called “mods” in the world ops mode, I bought one with 500 gems and the next day, it disappeared! This game needs some work, REALLY!
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5 years ago, Depruett
Ads constantly!
I’ve been playing this game for quite a while. It makes for a good time waster when you’re waiting in line, etc. I appreciated that although it’s not flashy, it’s fairly stable, and they at least gave you the opportunity to play for free without having to jump through too many hoops. But all that changed with the last update. Now the game is buggy - daily bonuses don’t show up half the time, things take longer to load, and worst of all, they’ve started pumping ads every few minutes now. If you don’t pay for Premium, you already had to watch a lot of ads to progress through the game. But now they randomly pop up every few minutes. I don’t begrudge them making money, but the pendulum swung from reasonable to awful, literally overnight. If the change had been accompanied by some major value-add upgrade, it might not be so bad, but this game is mostly just recycled backdrops, NPCs, and side missions from one level to the next. The gameplay is really repetitive, particularly in the side missions and PVP, but even the main missions get recycled - which, again is fine for a free time-waster kind of game, but not when you’re seeing ads every two minutes. The game just doesn’t offer enough variety to justify me spending any more time with it.
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6 years ago, ssoltis144
I have to admit that this game is very addicting and that it is just a great game in general. I have been playing this for a while and I have noticed quite a few things that kind of ruined it for me. For one, you have to wait so much in this game. You have energy bars and I think there I like 10 of them, so that means when it’s full, you get to play about 10 games. When you use all of the energy up, you have to wait for it to refill, which can take a while. Also, when you are upgrading guns of higher tiers, the upgrades take so long to come in. It used to take only like 5 minutes, but now I have to wait a half an hour just to get one upgrade. Another thing that I realized is that the developers of this game are super money hungry. As you play this game, you start to realize how much they beg you for money. I’ll also mention that they have an ad like every 30 seconds! It’s almost impossible to et a good gun without having to pay for gold and diamonds. All of the good guns cost so many diamonds and the diamonds take forever to build up! One of the only ways to get diamonds is by watching ads. In conclusion, this is a good game, but there is so much waiting in it and the app developers are money hungry. To be completely honest, I don’t even suggest you get this game.
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4 years ago, Salami65
The game can be fun, if you have deep pockets. Oh, and if they ever fix the bugs. If you don’t spend you won’t get far in pvp or world ops. Campaign is fun but the more you progress, you’re only able to do one or two missions before you need to buy an upgrade. The higher upgrades take 30 minutes before you can equip them, but if you have a ton of gems (deep pockets) you can get them instantly. The “discounted” weapons are just out of reach with your current gold or gem amount, but if you drop a couple bucks, you can get them. Pvp is lopsided. You enter the arena, or whatever it’s called, just to find out that you’ve been paired with players that are ridiculously more powered than you are. If you get 2 kills, you’re doing pretty good. Meanwhile the person that takes first has like 13 kills (he’s a big spender so he’s got all the best weapons and gear). And here’s where the bug issue comes into play. For over a month we haven’t been able to access anything to do with your squad. Squad chat just became “available” about a week ago. You can’t leave your current squad to join a new one and if you didn’t have a squad, you can’t create or join one. Not to mention the bonuses that are supposed to be paid out after the pvp and world ops, aren’t being paid out. If I were able to give less than 1 star, I would.
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3 years ago, hitman for panda
A repetitive money hungry dumpster fire
This game is horrible . Let’s break down how your average game goes . You go to a mission . You need a upgrade every single time you want to start a mission . Also let’s talk about energy . Why is this mechanic even in the game . There is no propose . I know it’s not exclusive to this game but that not make it any better . Once you get in you play some repetitive garbage . It either tracking a important NPC , shooting the guy with key feature like green headphones or hitting a running guy . Their always very boring . Then you get hit with a ad . Let’s assume you grind your way up and unlock a spec ops mission . Spec ops are defiantly the best of the game but considering that everything else get is the same 3 formats that’s not that much of compliment . The other single player game modes are also repetitive . The PVP mode is horribly beyond belief . The main problem is that players aren’t given a standard sniper rifle to balance it out . This means that new players can land four headshots on a high level and then the high level can one shot them in the chest . This means that it’s effectively high levels farming off low levels and considering the fact that every region has one coin bought sniper and the rest are gem purchased that means that pvp is run by pay to win .
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4 years ago, Mumphmanprophecies
Great game
You can’t just say the game is money hungry without sayin hmm isn’t America money hungry we all have a dream of having our own business and making money at that business. So for them to try there best and offer great rewards/discounts when you play the game isn’t money hungry it’s gamer friendly and should be considered as something to check out because you can play through the single player mode completely without paying cash and all you have to do is wait for upgrades on weapons I’d say that’s pretty fair and the best part is it’s challenging to play perfectly through and the sport is great for that reason. Single player is a blast somewhat repetitive but they do get fairly difficult throughout the stage missions. PVP is a whole other style to the game and is very competitive. The world ops is a great place to make more diamonds and such and always remember to play through them each week for multiple rewards and remember it passes the time could we really ask for more
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5 years ago, Fjjgkdjsjdjfh
Does not deserve a 4.9 review
This game is not a 4.9 star game. First of all, the game itself is not a good game. The bodies of the enemies after you kill them often phase into objects when they fall down, and I know you are able to have physics as in your taxi levels, when the taxi driver dies the taxi flips over and if anything is in the way it will bounce of off it. You also probably have the money for it, even if you don’t have the physics (I will get to this in a later point). I understand this is a mobile game, but if it’s still one of the most high rated games on the App Store. Second, this game wants you to pay so much money. If you want to get this one gun but it requires diamonds there’s no way to get diamonds without watching ads or buy them. I’m on the 4th city and I only have 190 diamonds and haven’t spent a single one. How much do guns cost? At least 1000 diamonds. My third and final point is how much premium is shoved in your face. Pretty much any time you beat a level an ad asks you if you have any money like how a homeless person begs for some money. Not to mention how much premium gives you. Pretty much anything that’s in the game be upgraded if you get premium. This wouldn’t be so bad if the game wasn’t already crappy so spending money on this app is basically a waste. Anyways, this is my review of your game.
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6 years ago, xhunter05
Money Hungry Developer!
I had to admit, it’s a fun game to play. But if you plan to not spent any money to buy gold or diamonds in-game, then your weapons are all crappy ones. Even when you become premiums, yes, you get a little more gold for some missions and a couple more energy bars to play. But that’s about it. It’s like they force you to spend your money to buy gold to get the better weapons. I played the same daily mission many times and what I notice is that when you save up a lot of gold just in case they offer you the mission weapon in discount so you can buy it, it end up that it doesn’t matter how much gold you had you still can’t buy it. Because the offer always knows when you have enough gold and when you don’t. Example, if that mission weapons discounted 216,000 gold and 147 diamond, they’ll allow you to buy with gold if your gold is less then 216,000, otherwise, if you have more than 216,000 gold, they only have the option for diamonds, which diamonds cost a lot of money to buy. If you plan to play just to pass time and don’t care about the game then it’s a grate game to play. If you’re competitive and want close to perfection or even perfection, plan to spend a lot of money to buy gold and diamonds. I’m done with this game!
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6 years ago, ScoobLine
Needs work
Although the game is fun and addicting, there are bugs: 1) special offers on a weapon are always at a higher city level than you are playing, which means you can’t buy it until you unlock the city, and deal is gone; 2) descriptions are not always accurate, especially with gender. It will say one thing, and it is something different. 3). Still get ads that play once in awhile with subscription (not the ones for diamonds or doubling coins). In addition, I see no advantage to a paid subscription, it just unlocks things which requires coins or diamonds. No extra coins or diamonds daily. Diamonds are hard to get, and expensive. Pay for the subscription, need to upgrade to premium for chests (gives you some benefits such as extra magazine capacity) and extra plays if away from the game for an extended period of time. Eliminates most ads. You still need to purchase diamonds if you want to be competitive. It is greed. You will make more money in volume if it is reasonably priced. Updated: demoted to one 1-star. There is no way one player in PVP Arena, game after game can always get the same prime spot, and they kill you within one second of regeneration. Player should be in a much higher l league. This has been a constant. Maybe if I spend money I could get the same cheats?
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6 years ago, McocLow
Pure money pit
Never in my life have i seen a game so money hungry, and theres alot of bad ones out there. Almost every single mission you do youll get at least 2 mini ads. Then theres 3 different ‘get these rewards’ ads. Every now and then youll get ‘weapon deals’ that are just trying to trick people into spending money, because nomatter what youll never have enough (i reinstalled the game to try to get one near the beginning and instead of showing the amount of gold it had before it showed gems instead since i had the gold). You cant skip tiers unless you buy gems, i saved for a t3 sniper and it wouldnt allow me to do it in the 2nd city with gold. Theres no actual way to obtain gems that will amount to anything unless you buy, so youre forced to always use the worst weapons unless you spend cash. If that wasnt bad enough, theres a premium option in the store thats more expensive than anything ive ever seen in a game, and if you go to premium theres nothing even saying itll remove ads so chances are even if you were that crazy to spend $300 per year on premium youd still be getting ads nonstop. Oh and did i mention that aside from all this money grabbing, the game lags on every device ive tried it on. The game at its core is honestly decent and fun, but literally everything else ruins the experience.
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6 years ago, Elsayajin
Don’t bother, really... Don’t!
I’ve been playing this game for just about a year now, and at first, it was a fun game. Playing through the levels, achieving new guns and gaining gems and coins. It’s just fun. But the more you play, the harder it becomes to pass certain levels due to the high cost of certain guns you need to purchase to pass a certain level. If you don’t get this specific gun, you can’t move forward. You either have to play 10 hours a day or watch 500 ads to get free gems, or spend real money! Which already costs a ridiculous amount of money! Real money!! Then, when you become real competitive, this game has a battlefield called “PvP” (player-vs-player) where you take your best sniper rifle and you play against other people playing the same game at the same time. This is actually fun to play, but again... the more you play it, the higher your level goes, and you start to get matched up against players that use hacks! This game is full of cheaters that have unlimited amounts of money and gems, have the most powerful weapons and armor... it literally becomes not fun anymore! One shot, you’re dead! You’re lucky if you get one round out of the chamber! Until they weed out all the hackers who cheat, which this game is infested with, I wouldn’t suggest playing this game... it’s just my opinion.
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2 years ago, Minecraftbosskid
Pass on this game, Trust me
After 4 years of paying for a yearly subscription I have been forced out of the game due to the technical inabilities (or more likely, the lack of care) of the developer. I have attempted, unsuccessfully, to repurchase yet another year of plus subscription and immediately regretted it. Apparently they have instituted a new policy of only allowing one subscription per account, which I completely support, however when the policy mistakenly affects my single account, for absolutely no reason, I do not support. In the end, I have paid for a subscription which I can not even use, and I have tried numerous times to obtain support but all I get is canned responses which do not help in the slightest along with them closing out the support ticket….meaning, I have to start all over with yet another support request…. Never ending loop as if they plan to wear you out without ever having to lift a finger to investigate the issue or help in anyway. This company does not care about their customers at all. Take it from a 4 year veteran of this game, they have never, and I mean never helped anyone unless they jumped through hoops and cornered them into helping…..they do nothing voluntarily…..pass on this game unless you want to lose 130 bucks like I just did.
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5 years ago, GHall 008
Good time burner. But...
Update to my review: At least 23 of the last update descriptions are identical. It’s almost like they are just pencil whipping them. Also, New levels used to come out every 3 months or so. But now, I’d bet it’s been a year or more since there’s been a new level. Original review: Good game, I spend a lot of time on it when I have down time. I've made it to the point where it makes no sense to buy anything. I can buy 800,000 gold coins for $100... or I can just complete a daily mission and get 42 million gold coins. But there are lots of ads. You can watch ads to double rewards, which I don't mind, but as soon as that ad goes off, another comes on. And those ads, the ones that the game just plays randomly and OFTEN, always make you click twice to close them. I shouldn't have to do that. Let me click once and make the ad go away. Also, with regards to the most recent update (24 Feb 2017)... Why did the most recent update reduce the Damage of the RPG? I watched a lot of ads to get diamonds so I could attain the RPG. And it was working just fine in the current level I was on. Until the update reduced it's damage by 300 points. It's no longer the most powerful weapon in the game. I think it should be.
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5 years ago, LogosAndTruth
This game was designed for micro-transactions. Ads appear after every mission. Guns are constantly advertised in game and you can only afford them if you pay real money. And there is a piggy-bank of diamonds that accrues diamonds daily. After twenty four hours it becomes available. The only way to get them is paying for it. But the worst part of the game is PvP. Multiplayer is designed for players who pay to win. Gear Rate is equal to HP. When the lobby is full of players with HPs ranging from 6000 to 7000, the match is about equal. But it immediately becomes apparent it’s not because players can purchase the strongest rifles in game with real money. That means a player at 1000 HP (gear rate) can kill you with one shot from a rifle with a damage rate above 7000. This happens all the time. If that does not persuade you away from this mobile game, then a unbalance lobby will. Often, the match will have a wild mix of players with HPs above 15,000 and others below 6000. The result is an extremely frustrating unbalanced gaming experience. If you like to purchase your weapons and armor with cash and create an unbalance gaming experience (only to be outclassed by someone with more money) this app is for you. However, if you want a competitive, fair and balanced gaming experience, look for another app. You’ve been warned.
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4 years ago, MamaBearVS
Do not buy this game!! A 1 rating is being generous!!! Lost 3500 Diamonds Just Now
2nd update: I had 11,000+ diamonds that I had just purchased with real money. I quit playing briefly to do something and when I came back I had only 2,000 something diamonds. This is the 2nd time in less than a week that this has happened to me. No customer service. Haven’t heard anything in more than a week. Apple shouldn’t even allow this game to be in its site, the way this game rips you off. Update: After I left my review about having over 3500 diamonds just go missing one day. I see that others have the same issue. The game steals the things you buy and there’s no way to report it or get your money or diamonds back. I’ve never seen a game push the “in app purchases” as much as this game. But to spend money to buy items and then just have those items go “missing” is just wrong! It’s called stealing. I’m deleting this game and hope others do, too. Previous review: I had over 3500 diamonds and I was upgrading my weapon for 270 diamonds. Suddenly for a brief second a “server error” message popped onto my screen and when it left. I only had 50 diamonds left. Really sucky!! I spent $15-$20 in the last 2 hours only to lose the diamonds (I should say have them taken.) Not happy at all!!
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5 years ago, Nukem2509
Please resolve the problems
I love playing this game, so much that I’ve invested thousands of dollars to keep playing. I’m very dissatisfied with the recent issues I’ve been having with this game such as the updates which messes up my account all the time. Cannot connect with server on the PVP part of the game which is the most important to me and I’m sure everyone. Also the hacks that have taken place where players have unlimited gear ratings making it impossible to kill that player. I would also like to add that when they do updates on the server, I end up losing my progress I’ve made in the game and money lost because I have to basically start over. I’ve never been reimbursed for this and when I email the developers I get generic responses back to which nothing gets done to remedy the situation. I plea with you guys to get this straightened out once and for all so that all the real players who contribute time and money on this game can go back to enjoying it. The way it was in the beginning. Thank you for the time and consideration and I’m hoping if enough of us complain about these issues then something will actually get done. Also I strongly feel some restitution is warranted for the money I’ve lost because of these updates and losing my progress.
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6 years ago, No_thanx999
Not good
Game is the same thing over and over. Kinda entertaining for about an hour and then its easy to lose interest. Each level starts with having to watch an ad, then you’re dropped on a screen with a small description of a mission that says blah blah kill this guy. The mission starts, a guy walks or runs out and you shoot him. No real challenge or variation in the mission. You then receive a plug to spend some money to upgrade your gun and the cycle repeats. The game is obviously a pay to win game. I have loaded and unloaded the game multiple times as an experiment and it is obvious that the prices of the special discounted upgrade guns (you are offered as a gift) change to always be just outside of your game winnings. This forces you to spend real money to upgrade. It’s never a gift. (Dishonest if you ask me) The player vs player mode (which I thought could be fun) is only unlocked after you are forced to grind through a whole level of challenges/missions of single player mode. Once it is unlocked it too is a disappointment. You just stand on roof tops and shoot at each other with no way to move, dodge or avoid incoming shots. You just shoot, die respawn, shot die and respawn. Kinda stupid actually.
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4 years ago, GAceves
*SNIPERS UNITED FOR ACTION*Too many cheaters take all fun out of the game, no reliable way to get complaints resolved. Many rewards are worthless like gold coins after completing cities, no reliable recruiting method for getting new shooters into squads. No response to complaints, issues, help. Game is fun but repetitive. Recycled narratives and unfair pairing. Game is Glitchy and they’ll blame it on your internet connection. Hits won’t register or lag. Worst part is customer service. Non-responsive. Everything is about money. I won diamonds and they didn’t show up. I purchased a weapon and it didn’t show purchased. I wrote to them and they said it was a system wide issue but didn’t refund diamonds nor deliver weapon. They are constantly offering deals on weapons just beyond what you have so you’ll want to buy diamonds to get the better weapon. I fell for it and purchased diamonds but they did not show up on my balance until I lost the limited time offer. Now that I have diamonds, I don’t get offers to earn free diamonds by watching ads but I don’t have enough to buy the weapon I want without a special sale on the weapon. I have gone 30 days with no resolution to my issues and over a week since they stopped replying. Don’t waste your time and frustration.
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4 years ago, annoyingly annoying.
It’s fun but
Ok so I started this off it was nice and easy, and also fun! But when I got more into it and it started repeating the same things like “sniper, did you know you could blablabakbala” and it would ask me every time and it got annoying. My 2nd issue is the piggy bank. If I’m getting so much gems cause I “earned” them, why do I have to pay ACTUAL money to earn earn my hard work? That’s very annoying and you should fix that. And third of all, they keep telling me “this will be hard without this like 10,000 gems blablabla” you really expect me to have 5,300 gems when I have to pay to actually earn my hard work? 4th of all. I’m on a level and when my aim is RIGHT in the head or even the chest, it makes me shoot lower and then I’m dead cause the target gets me SO fast and I don’t even have the chance to try again. And yet you expect me to be able to buy a silencer. Other than that the game WAS fun. Which is why I deleted it, it kept telling me to do this and that to make it easier but even when I did, or tried, it didn’t make sense. That’s all. So if you could at least fix the piggy bank thing, I might consider getting the app back and telling my friends to get it. Thanks for reading my review
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3 years ago, Elophant
Spending $$!
It is a decent game and I usually enjoy playing it. I know the developers need to make a living but they seem more concerned with trying to make you spend your hard earned $$ than making a great game!! You earn diamonds but when your bank is full they try to charge you to open what you already earned!!! They offer daily deals but I have yet to be allowed to purchase one of those deals with my play money or diamonds. I’ve tried several different internet connects at different places. When you try to get one of those deals, it pops up with no internet connection try again later!!! This is bull!!!! There isn’t any internet problem when to buy it at full price!! After your rifle is “fully equipped” then all of a sudden your rifle doesn’t make the cut!! You either buy a new rifle or use battle tokens to upgrade the rifle you couldn’t upgrade before with diamonds!! If you can make it through this game without spending a small fortune, then you are one lucky genius. Because of all the ads I am forced to watch and the constant trying to force me spend money, I am determined to play as far as I can without giving them a dollar!! This game is not worth spending my $$ on.
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4 years ago, Eflats
Almost a good game but...
It absolutely killed me how quickly and obvious this game was designed around the fact that it requires you to spend real $$ to advance. The claim is with paid subscriptions you advance faster which is a true statement but... also an easy claim when attempting to play without paying quickly (2nd map) becomes painful and not in a lack of gaming skills kind of way. They basically handicap you to the point where the average person will indeed pay to play. But I wouldn’t waste your time unless your in it for a single day fix and gone or plan to pay. Here’s a few examples 1st map they introduce you to the currency and not just one but 3 diamonds coins and tokens. Sure you can earn them free in game but you will take notice that the “special one time offers” are always slightly just out of your grasp. Lol it’s comical. Then they have the premium subscription where you of course advance through the game as it is most likely intended. Then they have the piggy bank where you get the false impression your storing earned diamonds until it is full so you can bust that sucker open and buy some nice weaponry. Wrong you have to pay to open it. Nice try devs I’ll move along.
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6 years ago, EleventhBag
A reasonably fun game as long if you blow your paycheck on it.
If they went for realism.. they did it poorly. Targets had to be shot directly on. It was your standard arcade shooter. Fun to play I will admit but they throw but premium in your face every second. In fact, if you say no to it they offer you a special deal on it and if you deny that they ask if you are sure you want to. Any weapon in the game that is even reasonably good either requires premium or a vast amount of currency that comes from hours of playing or simply buying it as an in-game purchase. You are stuck with a crappy rifle that has 2 rounds in it to begin with, and back to the realism point, what hunting rifle has only 2 rounds in it that is used to be an affective killing weapon? Overall. Again. If this was meant to be realistic at all, it did poorly. You can play this game for maybe 30 minutes before you are told to wait for an extended period of time or buy crap to let you play more. Oh and if you want anything other than the very first thing you start with, you’ll have to spend 20$ on it out of your own wallet. My suggestion to you would be, get the app, play for a little bit, then delete it and never come back again.
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4 years ago, Derek Skinner
Imbalance for the PVP
Overall the game was not terrible. Graphics were pretty outdated and weak even for a mobile game. While I liked that some missions offered you a special deal on weapons to get, it seemed they were always just after you'd spent your coins or diamonds and therefore couldn't afford it without buying them. While there was a pretty good selection of weapons available, getting enough money saved up to actually afford them... Way too difficult. But all that could easily slide if not for one thing. The PVP portion. It is COMPLETELY imbalanced. If you're already breaking up players into tiers, then keep the tiers together or at most +/- 1 tier. As a new player just starting, there's no excuse for having me go up against people whose gear ratings are literally 20 times as high. This means that they are one-shotting me before I can even see where they're at, and on the rare occasion that I do see them first, even headshots are barely a tickle to them. It's just ridiculous. A 2k score player should absolutely not be going against a 40k one in any kind of context. Fix the PVP and the currency gain rate and I might change my tune. But until then, I really can't recommend this game.
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5 years ago, MrStagclik
Great game but....
I don’t like feeling like I’m being financially victimized. I don’t like the whole pay as you go money maker that developers do now. You can only upgrade to a point on each weapon before they leave you no choice but to either pay to further your upgrades or abandon the game all together. Once upon a time you could just simply purchase the full version of a game by paying one set price of about $10-$20. Now they think you will pay as much as $100 + for upgrades. Upgrades that I’m not even sure you get to keep. Compare the prices of the upgrades for a game on your phone to games you can own on your PS4. Seriously. I like this game a lot, but not enough to dig into my wallet so deep. As if the ad revenue didn’t fill their pockets enough. If not, then why have so many? Because of the scam it loses 2 stars off of a 5 star game. BTW, this review goes out to every game out there for your phone. Because that is what every developer does now. I think I’ve gone as far as I want with this game and I will treat it for what it is. A worthwhile novelty to try out and delete without money being leeched out of my pockets.
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5 years ago, Waiting 4 29
Fun and challenging, but...
UPDATE: With recent updates, the overwhelming number of ads has decreased substantially. HOWEVER- the developers have clearly changed the algorithms by which you are matched with other players in the PvP. The first game after starting up the app is relatively equally paired. But, on subsequent games, you then get shoved into matches with little chance of coming through in the top 3. In two days, I went from the top of the player list in Platinum Level I to the bottom of the list in Platinum Level V. I'm about ready to give up on this game and find another FPS. I was looking for a free FPS and found this one. Great game for the price. Be prepared for lots of ads if you don't want to pay. As you move up in the PvP arena, you will run into lots of players who have hacked the game or bought their way into high gear ratings and single-shot kill rifles. I've been playing the game for a few months, and have made it to the most powerful free gun and have upgraded it to almost 6000. But, against a player with a fraudulent 40,000+ gear rating, I still can't kill them without reloading. And the PvP system will, at times, pit you against a field full of these players. All this said, I still enjoy the game and recommend it as a free FPS.
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2 months ago, Fun but I've had enough
I started playing this game at a early age i decided to delete it because I ran out of coins and energy and I just didn’t have the patience to wait and get more then I downloaded it again a couple years later I deleted it again as well with w bunch apps because i needed the storage i got the app back a couple months ago on my iPad and every time i use my iPad i just have to play this game its so fun and makes you brain think about what your doing, now I’m a girl who loves these kind of things and loves talking with her friends so I’ll be on call with my friends and i will just stop talking or repomding to them out of nowhere because i just get so into this game and they will say ___ are you playing your sniper game again? Like yes its the best game ever, sure this game has adds but i really don’t mind and I’m the kind of person who gets so annoyed by adds but I honestly didn’t even notice so those are my thoughts on the game thank you.
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4 years ago, L.A.Rankin
Don’t Bother
MUCH older graphics. Names of snipers are juvenile and offensive, some use the n word, like kill all n’s. Then there are the ones referring to the male organ. It’s as if this game is run buy a bunch of pre-pubescent boys. Then on top of that it’s buggy. They’re not on top of that at all. The double points bonus has not been working for weeks. THen there is the cheater. Oh, all the cheaters, with 22 kills in 2 minutes. It’s not fun when you get killed more than 3 times. And when you get to 7-8 by the same player, you literally are unable to play the game not fun. And you can make 24 headshots and that player STILL lives, and it that player has the tier 25 rifle, he kills you with one shot. They don’t match rifles or protective levels, or play badge level in matches. It’s just a free for all. So the cheaters win. And if there aren't any, then it’s the guy with 10 times mmore protective equipment than you with a rifle 5 levels up. The more you play, the less fun it is. Then you run out of life and can’t play. When you’re shot, you can’t play for a few seconds in PVP. I’ve never had a game where I’ve been forced to not play so much. So, while I’m not unable to play due ti life span, I do something else and don’t come back to the game.
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3 years ago, Da Cool Critic
A Fall from Grace
Thid used to be one of the most fun games on the AppStore. I recently re-downloaded it, everything seemed normal. A couple ads here and there, diamonds, completing missions, all that stuff. And that’s okay! Although I do dislike the energy system, definitely seems like a cash grab, but whatever. Then along comes pvp. Oh boy. Once I start getting the hang of things, and get a decent rifle, I hop into pvp, which I didn’t remember. It was fun and challenging, and it was okay! The spawning was quite bad though. You could spawn right next to a player, and you wouldn’t even know it! Then, a round or two in, I was getting matched with players that had 7x my stats! Their rifles? 1000s of damage. Their gear? At least 5000. Absolutely ridiculous. I could be sitting there, popping headshots on one guy and he barely even notices it, then he one shots me. Also, it feels like some people can instantly find you. I can spend a good minute or two trying to find someone, then sometimes I spawn in and 5 seconds later I’m getting shot at! Overall, the game is fun, but needs some MAJOR refining
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5 years ago, George J Burns
This is a game that allows individuals to cheat!
There are numerous players cheating on this game. There is no way you can predict your score ahead of time, and then make those exact numbers in PVP. We have had numerous players predictor score in a day search is 111, 111 another 99, 999 another 88, 888 the rest of this team is doing the same. I have come across players that are only a wolf and have astronomical armor of 555, 555 end it is not even possible when I am five levels ahead of them to obtain this amount of armor. The game is designed for you to be a paying Player to get the most out of it. But when you are a paying player and others are cheating why waste your money! I play for free on the BS SILENT HAWKS as Jolly Roger. Most of the players that play fair are leaving this game. There is no interest in playing others who intend on cheating and nothing is being done about it. Also the game disconnects constantly during play causing you to lose energy points: Stemmons and battle tokens. There have been times where I have not been able to connect to the game and play for hours when I am connected to Internet. There are too many loopholes, back doors, and codes to cheat! I would not recommend wasting your time playing this game.
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6 years ago, 2013ShelbyGT500
Well just a few seconds ago I got the SRS sniper and I love it. But the thing is, energy takes like 1 hour and 30 minutes to refill at 0, and it’s annoying. If you get premium (with OF COURSE COSTS MONEY) you could get a free refill, or play 2 matches in war machines. I mean, why??? Just could u make it so that when u want to upgrade a part of a weapon, it takes 0 minutes and 1 second. Like it does to get a sniper. Please do this. And also, make it so that you could buy an energy extend so that you have 1 more energy slot WITH MONEY, NOT DIAMONDS PLS BECAUSE EVERY TIME I NEED TO GET A NEW WEAPON, I GET THE ONE THAT COSTS MONEY. In game currency. I’m not wasting my money on this game if it doesn’t have a 5 star rating from me and also if you don’t take my advice. Thank you, and have a donut. NOPE TAHTS NOT DA END MAHNNN. When I said make it so that upgrading takes no time, make it so that buying a sniper takes time, so it makes it fair. Alright? Please read this. It has a lot of great advice that you should listen to. Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls plsssssssss. Thank you, and have a WONDERFUL donut.
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4 years ago, jmr954
Fun game once you understand all the complexities
Been playing about 8 months. You absolutely CAN play without spending money, it is just slower to progress. There’s only 21 cities play and build up power. Then it’s a game of PVP and World Ops only. Everyone has grumbled that they would like more cities to do missions on, but doing more than 3 more new cities would change the dynamics of the game entirely. The level 25 sniper rifle (obstensibly from a level 25 city) is earned by completing the PVP arena challenge, except there are only 21 cities and level 21 guns otherwise. This dynamic would be a bad thing to break. Anyway, the game at this point is all about being in a squad of other players and enjoying the excitement of group goals and objectives. You can meet a bunch of fun folks and have a great time. As of late May 2020, the internal chat system is broken in the new update, and in the previous version it had to be intentionally crippled due to apparent security issues. Not sure when this will be corrected, and it really hampers all squad activity.
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2 years ago, ShadowVII_v2
Good game with only one problem
It’s a really good game, great time killer and good graphics. There’s only one problem I have: I can’t pvp or even buy packages anymore. Played this game for a long time, and then got a new phone. Didn’t play for a while so I redownloaded it and log in when boom: I get a message that says that my account was suspended for violations of terms of service. How?! I had no problems before, have never talked in the chat, and now I can only do the basic missions. It won’t even let me use the diamonds I’ve acquired to refill the energy to play more missions. I’ve tried to make an inquiry about it, only for the appeal option to say that it could take the customer service some time to get back to me. Seriously? This is the only thing I dislike, is there’s nothing about how to address this issue on their site. I really hope I can get a response to this, since I’ve hit level 38 and put in quite a bit of time, effort, and even some money into this game.
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4 years ago, Barrett536368586
If your looking for fair play in a game, look somewhere else, especially in the arena! There are Elite players that play in the lowest levels of the arena (PVP). I know why the developers allow Elite players to sandbag and play in the lowest levels of the arena. It makes the new players think that if they spend the money and buy the best weapon that is offered that they will be able to compete at the Elite Level. SPOILER ALERT: it will not, you still have to spend more actual money to upgrade the weapon to even compete at the Elite Levels. And if you save enough diamonds or coins to purchase a weapon that was offered to you as a will ALWAYS be a little more than what you have so they offer you a package for $5-$20 to just cover the amount you don’t have to purchase it. HOW NICE OF THEM! The only reason I’m giving this 2 stars is that it is a decent game when bored. This is probably one of the most money hungry games out there. And 90% of the Elite Players use Cheat codes! So if your just starting...YES THERE ARE CHEAT CODES OUT THERE. And the developers don’t care if you use them otherwise they would get rid of. The special abilities people have.
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6 years ago, DunkedOn
A few problems...
There are quite a few problems I have with this game. First and foremost are the “deals” that you give people every third mission. For example I saw a deal on the second mission I played, and it went down from 200 to 180 and I only had just started the game. Secondly those god dammed ads, let’s say you finish a mission and want to buy a limited time gun that disappears in 10 seconds, but as soon as you get off the mission screen, ads! ads! ads for all! it just gets really annoying. Thirdly match-ups and is really annoying. Let’s say you have 1 PvP energy left, so you play a game of said PvP but you gear level is about 800. First thing that happens the moment you zoom into your scope, you get one shot by someone who has gear level 10,000. And when you respawn you spawn right in front of him and get one shot again. I legitimately saw that in a match. Lastly is just minor things with easy fixes like how there is no female skin, which annoys me even though I’m male, earning money is slow, ect. Anyway if you are still reading thanks for reviewing my review. PEACE!
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3 years ago, Answer Mom
This game does need some work
Now I’ve played this game for a few years and I do agree with people that this game is unfair and downright lazy! I agree that the diamonds are so unnecessary, we shouldn’t need to pay for something we earned! Why do we need to pay for some diamonds and yes I’ve played this game for years and I still have the same gun because I’m not wasting my money on this game. and I’ve always been upset that I have to throw away my diamonds because I literally have to pay to have them. Another concept that I find annoying and that people agree with is the adds. The adds are so annoying and unnecessary I have to sit there and watch what? A 20 second unnecessary add that annoys me to earths end and lots of games have super unnecessary adds that waste our time, sometimes I end up deleting them cause 80% of the game is just adds. I do really like this game cause I’ve played it since I was still in elementary and my dad was the one who introduced me to this game but I do agree that this game needs some improvement Lots of improvement
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4 years ago, Rock Robbster
Attention Developer of this Game
The graphics in this game is really good, and the concept of the game is top notch as well. I play this on iOS phone and never had any glitches-except every now and then a commercial comes on and it locks up my phone-but that was on an older phone. The negative sides of this game, and I’m really hoping the developers pay attention. If you play in the PVP arena, they always put at least one player that is way above everybody else’s level. When a player can kill 19 targets in two minutes, or the same player kills you 4 times in under 30 seconds, or you need to shoot headshots for 3 whole magazines, something’s not fair to the other players. Once you get to a certain level, gold coins aren’t usable for anything, just the diamonds. So you are stuck staying stagnant at the place you’re at or spend money. Overall, I play this game as an escape from owning a business, raising a cranky 3 year old, and dealing with the craziness of the times. If you want to be the top sniper, be prepared to pay, if not, see you on the battlefield.
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6 years ago, Depinna2
This game takes your money and runs
I never write reviews, but since customer service left me no choice, here I am. This game/company ripped me off. Took my money and then bricked me. I don’t mind paying money on a free game that I enjoy. I haven’t been playing long, but I enjoyed where it was going. After several days I decided to give the PVP option a try, since I had finally obtained a sniper rifle of moderate value. I played maybe 4 pvp games and killed maybe 4 guys total. Then suddenly I can’t log connect to the server anymore. I contact customer service and they get back to me 3 days later. They say that they detected suspicious activity on my account that looked like hacking/game modification. The only way back into PVP is to uninstall and create a new account. This would make me lose any weapons I’ve gained and thus money I’ve spent. This is unacceptable! I’m not sure how they thought I was cheating from my whopping 4 PvP kills. I’m not even that good at the game. But this game should get zero stars for the thievery that they employ. I intend to contact apple directly and try to get my money back, since the game company doesn’t seem to care. It’s a fun game, but I can’t abide the money they have stolen.
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4 years ago, Kapium
This company literally steals your money
I rarely write reviews because I’m a busy person. I game occasionally to unwind and this has not served that purpose. I feel obligated to warn would-be gamers about this unscrupulous developer. The game is ok and is entertaining enough but they continue to publish buggy releases and don’t fix their server issues. If you play it don’t pay for anything because they will make you regret it. Disconnects due to their server issues will cause you to loose rounds you shouldn’t in progressive play, meaning you’re out unless you pay. You may just randomly receive continue charges even though you won and shouldn’t see them. You will suddenly find their server unavailable while your purchased upgrades time out. And I promise you they won’t reply to your contacts. I have multiple tickets open. None have ever been resolved, no diamonds refunded for their errors, not one single follow up of any kind. I haven’t even received the courtesy of a human response. Just Bob the bot providing digital lip service and a case number. I sincerely hope this company goes under because they deserve it. I’m out, for your sake don’t get in.
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Read your Reviews
I want to start off by saying it’s an addicting game. This game has a lot of potential. I would give it five stars if the developers would stop being so “money hungry”. Let’s say I’m saving up my in-game coins for a Sniper Rifle. I finally have enough coins and I purchase it, then I decide to upgrade it fully and go on PVP. All my hard work is ruined because other people bought premium. I worked so hard for a decent weapon, and all they had to do was use there parent’s credit card and all of a sudden they have a better gun. The “Premium” concept is understandable, unless you consider the fact that Premium players have more “energy bars” to play more games. And if they’re still not satisfied with there weaponry they just have to use the the “in app purchase” function and become even more powerful. Just to make it even more aggravating, they decided to have ads pop up every thirty seconds. In conclusion, I just want to say something to the developers, “If you slap “free” on the game, that doesn’t mean you get to beg for money every second!” [GLITCHES I NOTICED] -crashes after completing Easter egg mission
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6 years ago, The Inglorious Great
This Game is Good... For a while
During early game play I wasn’t really into it, kinda boring, kinda “janky”. As I played a little bit more I found my self getting really into it and it was really fun, but now I’ve reached the point where it’s almost essential to spend real money on the game if I don’t want to wait upwards of a day or two of just farming some cheap challenges to get the currency necessary to progress. I refuse to spend money on mobile games, it’s always just been a thing of mine, so naturally I get stuck watching ALOT of 30-90 second ads to get the necessary things I need to progress and I’ve just about reached the point where I’m going to delete the app because it’s just not worth my time anymore. You can have fun with it up until around tier 4-5 maybe a little bit further, but that’s about when you’ll encounter that monotonous farming I mentioned before. I’d comment on some glitches and broken mechanics, but they’re just what you’d expect from a game that thrives on ad-revenue and micro-transactions. It’s half baked and it’ll stay that way.
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3 years ago, noknicknaaame
Would give it more stars but…..
The latest updates and changes kinda leave me a bit cold about the game. I completely understand giving the paying players bigger rewards and faster ways to upgrade and even access to weapons than casual players can get. What I don’t like is now in zombie events and we’ll see in the weekend headhunters events we the casual players have blacked out milestones… we are still forced to get to these point levels but get NOTHING in return. And if I was understanding the last blog about the new Spectre gear and weapon is that it will be exclusive to the paying players??? It took me months of playing to finally get the Crow gear and the Nevermore and Metal Ox weapons but now the Spectre comes out of the box stronger than what I’ve been able to upgrade any weapons too??? Again I don’t begrudge the paying players extra perks but don’t don’t slit the throats of the casual players that have to sit thru ads and such and also play more to EARN the diamonds badges and coins to “purchase “ the upgrades
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