Clash Royale

4.6 (2.7M)
557.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clash Royale

4.59 out of 5
2.7M Ratings
9 months ago, hdb hdbh dbh bdh
I love Clash Royale
I would like to tell a story. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a lot to do in life right away but I think it’s a great way of thinking and being able for a while and being a part in the conversation that I am having and being a little more active in my own lives than you do in my life right away I would love for that and you and I can do anything for the same thing that I want and you and your kids to be able for you and I will be happy for them to have you and I would like you and I hope that I will do that you have the best for them and that they are very much appreciated for all the time and that I will continue my to do the right thing for you and I will always love and support your kids and I will do the best that for me to help you are my best friend I love them and I’m so happy for you and I will be there for them I love my you and I’m very much here to help and I’m just so happy for that I will do everything for me you know I’m just really want to see you I will always love and them them so please be careful with you I I love them I will always love love and I’m just I I love them so so very so very so very so and so so much I I will love and miss your company and and so so many people I will love. Thank you for reading.
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3 months ago, Derp12342244224533564
Needs a ton of work
I have played this game on/off since three days after its release. Some versions have been 5/5 stars whereas others have been 2/5 stars. This game is designed to frustrate you into spending money. The matchmaking is based upon a multitude of factors such as how close you are to a new arena, what your deck is, your card levels, or if you spend money. It is clear that you are supposed to get a couple wins and lose a couple times over and over until you have played many matches and your net trophies are only a couple wins worth. You will never go to the next arena in one try. You will sit 100 trophies below it for a very long time until the game randomly decides to let you progress. It will let you progress only if you purchase something or have tried enough to push past the next couple trophies. There is evidence of this in many articles online. It is unfortunate that most games have become focused on your wallets rather than your enjoyment. As with all supercell games, they are “free to play”. However, it takes a decade to reach maximum level for anything in any of their games without spending at least $100USD. It is scary to think the price for maximizing your levels for all cards is likely in the $10,000USD+ range. Super predatory tactics that are becoming more and more imposing on the state of the game each update. I am just simply so upset at how Supercell has taken a great game, perfectly optimized for mobile, and destroyed it.
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1 year ago, Happy Clashy
Good game but devs are still greedy as ever.
(7k trophies and grand champion rank👑) This game is very tough to play on a phone that isn’t 5g compatible. You’re always behind on elixir and no matter what deck you run it’s always slow. I’m max level and over half my cards are maxed, so I won’t be complaining about unfair matchmaking. However it feels almost like every match early to mid of a new season the game implements a sneaky tactic that makes you go against a hard counter to your deck more than normal. As if the matchmaking was specifically designed to keep you from hitting your new high and keep you grinding for that wish all season. To prove this I’ve made countless decks and always somehow the person im going against has an exact counter to my deck. This ruins the idea that you can play against any random person and have the element of surprise to help get a victory. Encouraging better deck building for an all around working deck. People don’t want to wake up every day and barely see progress because of this hidden system. The banner box system should not be automatically unlock lowest rarity to highest in order. People should be able to role and see an extremely rare from first attempt. The sparkle should be a different color for the rarities as well. Always when I open a box it’s the same green sparkle that makes it feel like an uncommon item due to game logic in other titles. These boxes should not continue to rise in gem cost after 250, the price of an emote.
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3 years ago, Zelta1234
I loved this game until...
I liked the game back in 2018 but now it's garbage. Why may you ask why? The main reason is because match making is broken. Imagine fighting a higher level then you are with 300+ more HP, and DMG. Doesn't seem fair at all and it needs to be fix! It needs to be where you can only fight with your level. Essentially how the game works is that the amount of time and effort you take in playing this game comes out as your level. More time more Xp, is how the game works if you play it normally. So a level 12 shouldn't up with a level 13 because the xp difference between 12 and 13 is significant. I don't remember but it's expensive get to level 13. I want to even dare say that no one has a maxed account without any money being spent. It's how difficult the game really is. However I do love the graphics, there crispy and animated well. Also this barely takes much space and for me not much cellular data is being used. I love draft mode because it's random and makes things actually skilled based. Some modes are good some are meh but most of them are fun for awhile. I recommend playing for a year or two before you get tired of playing it. It seems fun at first but once you it your end point where you can't gain much trophies anymore it kinda get pointless. I don't like how you get into another challenger and feel like nothing has happened. It seems good at first but once you reach that point it gets boring.
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1 year ago, xssww see wfffscsdwcw
Fun game, but is toxic most times
Unbalanced, encourages toxic play and the player base is rude, it can be fun at times but most games have someone using cheap tactics and then emoting when they win. The game seems fine in competitive play and near at the end of the game(idk how else to say what I mean) but the path to getting there is filled with annoyances if you don’t use a pre made deck or some cheap tactic, people who want to be creative with their decks usually have no chance because cards like, e-barbs, mega knight, egaint, and play styles like log bait and hog 2.6 (as well as over leveling) are hard to defend especially in mid ladder, which is the main way to progress. There are bad decks that barely work in any situation but I’m not talking about that, I’m sure many players can relate when I say, if you’re not using a premade deck or a specific card combo or a deck made to counter those decks and cards then it will be really annoying to progress, especially when your opponent spams emotes when they win. The only thing I could think of doing would be make those cards I’ve talked about available at a higher arena, where the skill is higher. This not only would encourage players to get to those higher arenas but it would give other players more experience and skill to counter those toxic things. Also, just another opinion but calling card levels at your king level would be nice, and stop the overleveling problem.
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2 years ago, Matt22gamer
Matchmaking isn’t the best
This game is absolutely amazing and I love the fundamentals of this and how great the graphics are that being said I’m going to explain why I give this game a three star. The matchmaking for this game is terrible I will be getting level 12 or 10 more than an opponent equal level to me ( level 11). Whenever I go on a win streak of 5 or more after that win streak is over I get nothing else but loses for the next week. This game is more of a pay to win game because buying gems can get you more cards and coins to upgrade your cards beyond the level they are supposed to be in their arena. I admit I have spend money once on this game to get my pekka to level 14 and it was through the pass Royale. Ever since then I have been trying opponents far greater than I am. This game also needs to balance out more of these cards. Recently I went up against a player with all level 14 cards. Their level 14 witch and skeletons withstood my level 11 poison and ended up taking my tower. Out of all the cards the witch should be nerfed the most. A level 8 witch has taken out a level 11 mega knight. The spawn rate of the skeletons for the witch should be bumped up to 8 seconds because a witch should not be able to take a mega knight out with ease only with skeletons. That all being said I enjoy this game nether the less and hope to see the matchmaking fixed at least so myself and others aren’t out ranked.
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2 years ago, Alexaa80
What Went Wrong
Honestly speaking this game has been such an addicting and fun game to play. From the launch it was somewhat balanced and fun and each update had something decent and new to keep the game fresh, clean, and playable. Recently, matchmaking has not made any sense statistically with me (lvl 11) going against a lvl 10 or 11 with max level Cards. It’s literally not fun anymore. You go into one game and notice the opponent is a level underneath you but has a whole deck of maxed out cards and you think to yourself how are they possibly a level below you with this many upgrades cards and it just doesn’t make sense. Every match I say “okay it’s just this one person with this leveled cards” but it’s consistent every single match. The only possible way you can actually enjoy the game in the higher arenas are 1) pay for the books and coins to max out your cards 2) somehow come up with a deck that counters max level cards with your lower level cards. It’s just not enjoyable anymore. I don’t know whether the addition to the books was a good idea because I have taken a break from the game, come back and it’s still the same issues that have gotten even worse. I honestly don’t know how they could fix the game but a game where you’re paired off tower levels even though the enemy’s cards are 2 3 levels higher than yours will not be enjoyable in the long run. Please do something about this game.
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2 years ago, Tanner Ω
i’ve played the game for years and it’s fun until around the leagues. i’m a king level 12 with most of my deck lvl 12 with a couple 13s and one maxed card, (all free to play) and during showdowns i got put up against two fully maxed lvl 14s in a row. i get showdowns aren’t for trophies but it’s still not fair especially since a lot of people are testing new decks or practicing their current one without the risk of losing trophies. the p2w feature is also super annoying and i understand there are gonna be people who pay to level up in the game but it’s super annoying when you matchup against a lvl 11 with a fully maxed deck who’s toxic during the whole match and has been playing for less than a year and it really ruins the game. often times during my games in the league i get put up against either over leveled players or decks with perfect hard counters to mine, the matchup system (from what i can tell) only bases itself off your king level and your cards, but not the level of your cards. i always hear people complain about three things when they talk about clash, and it’s OP cards like e-giant which have few counters, toxic decks, and the matchup system. although toxic decks and players can’t really be fixed by the devs, the first and third absolutely can. i know you guys have heard about these problems before for a long time so for the love of your players PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME.
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3 months ago, TTV_TheSage
Review From an ULT CHAMP!
So I’ve had the game a looooong time, since it came out. I’m not fully maxed out and I have played it off and on. I recently hit the max rank in the competitive ladder and I’ll try my best to give an honest and non-biased review. So, what’s good about the game. It’s the best strategic game on the market for Mobile, absolutely Supercell’s best. The Evolutions are cool and mix up game play. Hero’s are also a really unique addition and broke how the game worked in a good way. The game has a fun learning curve and all the card’s feel balanced and carefully crafted with their stats. What’s bad? The game is only semi-free to play friendly. Supercell has added many additions over the years to help this problem and it pays off if you play enough. However, it can feel VERY UNFAIR when you are just now starting the game and get rolled by someone with over leveled cards who spent money. The game is free to play so they have to get their money somehow and they let you know how. You can get a good amount of free cosmetics but that doesn’t take away from the uneven gameplay that can take place. Most of my cards are level 14 and I can’t hit the max rank again because they added level 15 which is extremely hard to get as a free to play player. I genuinely love the game and like to play it but it has its own problem with pay to win players. It’s worth playing and grinding but YOU WILL GET ANNOYED by the uneven gameplay.
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1 year ago, bxhddiieiid
Game is one of the best if not the best mobile game
I have been playing clash royale since it came out pretty much. I’ve always enjoyed it and I have loved everything they have done with the game until recently. But before I get to that I wanna say DO NOT spend any money on the game. It is not worth it. My main account I bought a couple passes and had so much rare stuff and lost it all due to supercells horrible customer service. I got a new phone on christmas and was logged out of Clash. When i tried to log my account back in, I never received the verification email. I tried for hours trying to reach an agent but the whole time I had a bot helping. Even after I gave all the account information they ended up banning my old account and my new account for 30 days for “account phishing”. supercell please fix this issue and help me get my account back. The other big problem I have with this game now is the new pass system thing. Not only is it $13 for a bunch of useless items but you cant get crowns from 2v2s anymore. Grinding the pass is a lot longer now for a whole lotta nothin. Bring back the old pass with books and stuff. Keep the shop in with the season tokens though because that is a good idea. I just hope supercell can take some feedback from its fans for once and make the game as close to perfect as it can be.
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3 years ago, bryser17
I give it two stars
Yeah no I’m not giving this game anymore chances because all the players on this game waste there money chests that give excessive amounts of cards to collect and not only that it also gives so them gems and basically if you don’t money for this game you’re not making it very far and also if you don’t gems you can’t get money to spend on upgrades that extremely high for free to play players I think it’s ridiculous with the sbmm as well because every time I make a deck the game will always somebody with an exact counter deck to it so what is point in me playing the game if I literally cannot win it is absurd you’re logic for this game plz if you’re reading this at least do something for free play players that way we are not getting absolutely crushed by pay to win players cause it is a little bit rediculous, also another thing I would like to add is that fact that the only way for me too have fun on this game is too literally play on a fresh account where the cards are pretty much equal level and it’s fair whenever to place them down you know your not really going against someone that is higher level than you also just redownloaded the game and deleted it then again because I’m level 11 and you think it’s okay to put me against a level thirteen in my arena what joke of a game plz fix this I can tell your getting lazy so for the love of god just stop making games and also stop catering people who pay to win
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3 years ago, jaynyc15
Toxic waste of time
First, the game can be very fun if you go into it without any expectations. There are fun challenges and the clan community is also fun to have. However, when trying to play with expectations or trying to play competitively that's when it gets toxic. I was a level 9 and noticed once I was hooked on trying to beat the game the only way I advanced was when I spent money on gems to buy cards, coins, etc. Once I made it to arena 13 I was being matched with players a level or two higher than me (I was a level 9) that alone had me at a disadvantage, they also had higher level cards than me even tho I would spend an excessive amount of money on the game to upgrade all my cards. As a result of constantly losing some then winning some, the game just felt like it was getting toxic not to mention the bad sportsmanship some player had when beating you at a game. Lastly, I noticed that I would spend hours glued to the phone trying to achieve this delusional goal of beating the game only to lose to an op mega night deck and high tower level. I became so discouraged and angry when losing these matches I decided to uninstall the game altogether, I wouldn't recommend this game to someone that has anger issues or has any mental health issues. I hope supercell finds a way to make this game fairer to people who aren't spending money and also nerf some cards like mega knight cus there's only 1 card that can destroy it fairly fast which is the inferno dragon.
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3 years ago, stoptakingmynameshenk
Great game everyone should play, but flawed.
This game is fun and you cannot deny that ever. But, my problem is that even with the update of battle pass and such, I still do not own all the cards I’m suppose to own, which means I cannot optimize my decks because I do not own certain cards from lower ranks. But my main annoyance with the game is that at higher trophies, I’m constantly fighting people way higher leveled than me. These higher leveled players not only have cards I do not have, but their cards that I do have are higher leveled, so even if we play the same cards, I still lose. On top of all that, the higher leveled players have more health on their towers. So I’m literally at a disadvantage in 3 different ways. This game is incredibly fun, but being level 8 and constantly fighting lvl 11-12s is incredibly annoying. What am I suppose to do if a guy plays the exact same deck as me, but he has higher leveled cards? His card will beat mine even if they’re the exact same card... and I have to literally do more damage than him to win... even though he has better cards than me.. whether that be because he owns cards I don’t have, or because they’re higher leveled.. It’s honestly the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen. Regardless, you should play this game. I just hope the playing field is more even. I should not be punished for going to higher trophies at lower levels.
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6 years ago, Dousky
I hope that supercell reviews comments
Token system released is broken. Waaaaaay too many gems to get the “bonus” unlocks on global tourneys with no way to earn gems at more that 4-5 every here and there. The ridiculous brawl stars game mode they released, even if temporary, has no place in this app with the one tower having even 1 turret. It’s a promotion for the game they released geared more toward younger players and to cash in on a Battle Royale style game money. On the upside, gold finally feels somewhat attainable if you don’t spend real currency and the normal game modes feel balanced for the most part, except golem/night witch/lightning. It really bothers me that I can play the normal modes and enjoy the game win or loss, but the second I have to participate in the extra games or tourneys, I want to throw my phone due to stupid decisions on game types or rules they put in. (Also, for those who say, “just don’t play those game modes” that is where a bulk of rewards I mentioned as positives earlier come from almost exclusively). I say this as someone who’s favorite game type is a draft battle, where all cards are random chance. Also, why they haven’t made draft or 2x draft a mainstay outside of the clan wars irritates me as well. All in all, I was loving every aspect of the game until the most recent update where I feel that Supercell took a huge step backward. It’s not enough to keep me from playing at this time, but it is definitely pushing me in that direction.
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7 years ago, HungruBum
Really fun but has kinks
I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years and I’ve always enjoyed it. However even though they have improved much about it, it still has some key issues that hinders the game from being even more enjoyable. The main thing that has always bothered me is getting matched up again players that are higher level; even though they may be in the same arena, playing against players at a higher level automatically puts you at a disadvantage. Facing an opponent that is only one lever high is not too bad but countless times I’ve went against people who were 2 or 3 levels higher than me. So they have a higher hp for their towers and usually higher level cards, so that has always bothered me since that affects the outcome to many battles. The second thing that bothers me is in 2v2 battles when your teammate leaves halfway, you’re guaranteed to lose. There is no way you could win against 2 players. I know there’s practically no way to prevent people from leaving but if there was some type of penalty for rage quitting and leaving a teammate stranded I feel that would be appropriate. That’s just one suggestion to improve that aspect. Overall there’s a reason why I’ve been playing for so long. It’s super fun but like I said there are things keeping it from being even better and possibly moving the game to the #1 strategy game in the AppStore.
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2 years ago, SurgeLULW
Used to be fun
Ok, I have nothing against this game it’s amazing, the unique gameplay and cards makes it unique to very players choice and approach however… when people come out and play cards that can 1 hit your tower without them doing anything that placing down that one card and a spell to freeze the tower or rage the troop it makes it unfun because you have to actually set up a push to take a tower whereas a simple placement of a card can deplete your tower and leave you done just like that. The game was better in its early days when it require actual skill to progress higher up in trophies, and upgrade your cards. Now if you have the Pass Royale you get so much more content and cards than if you’re free to play and you’re there to have a good time or kill some time. When you hop into a battle and you have underleveled cards and are like how is he beating me. This game is not fair anymore that’s why. The cards that are being released are not even cards that require the player to shape they approach. Now it’s simply, I place this electro giant and watch my enemy get mad because his tower and the giant are dealing insane damage and taking your tower. The game is really falling apart but people still play it. You either have to tolerate the unskilledness of others or join them, because there’s no way to play this game casually and not get triggered by a 2 card push that costs 16 elixir
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11 months ago, 420clamshell
A downhill turn of events
I started playing this game when it first came out and have always been free to play: never buying any passes, gems, bundles, etc. I got my first account to max level( 14 at the time) with 2 decks of cards maxed with both star power and level. But i lost that account and have never been able to get it back since. this has been very consistent throughout supercell because the same thing happened to my clash of clans account. they team that’s supposed to “help” get accounts back are the farthest thing from that claim. i have had to restart on both games with sometimes 0 response or getting banned for a couple weeks for trying to get my account back. but on top of this, the game devs for clash royale are awful. they do nothing to improve or at least keep the game fun or interesting for everyone. the amount of terrible updates with useless “content” has become a problem. and since i have had to restart my account on clash royale, it is impossible to climb trophies without paying because i am getting “outplayed” simply from having under leveled cards- or my opponents having over leveled cards for the king tower and place in ladder. i have loved the game for a long time but this corporation has become nothing but the goblins they have created for their own games- cash grabbers. i hope this company can either come to their senses and save tons of peoples jobs both content creators and moderators for the game because overall this game is a sinking ship.
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6 years ago, UTmissionary7
Prefer Clash of Clans legendary cards to hard to get!
I have been a big fan of Supercell for a long time. I’ve been playing clash of clans for over 3.5 years as well as clash royal. With updates like the builder base to clash of clans it has honestly kept me more interested in playing COC over royal. My main lack of interest in keeping up with clash royal is that the legendary cards are more of a luck of the draw to receiving vs. something I feel I have more control of obtaining. I’ve played a while and have still never gotten cards I could have received at lower levels. I guess that alone keeps some of the interest down. I like that if I really want to get a certain character in clash of clans there is a very clear process that I can work to get that character and improve them. With Royal I can request cards from people in my clan to upgrade faster but I still may not get a cards I haven’t received yet and have no way to change that. I do like games that are a little unpredictable and use chance but it’s frustrating that on my end I can’t do anything to get certain cards I’ve always wanted. I guess that had kept me from being an active player regularly with royal as compared to clash of clans that I probably have plaid almost daily for 3.5 years and have been really happy with the updates that have come out, it’s without a doubt my favorite phone game!
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4 years ago, ESESGNST
Buff the Lava Hound
Hey I want to start off and say I love the game. It is just so creative and fun and addictive. I really enjoy playing. Now, personally my favorite card is the Lava Hound and I do see quite a lot of people use it, maybe not professionally, but for skirmishes and side play. I’ve also played Clash of Clans and I saw that the Lava Hound (CC) deals a pretty good amount of death damage, for what it can't do in regular damage, but the Lava Hound mama (CR) does no death damage which I don’t understand because it’s a flying golem and probably has one of the worst regular damage for a tower attacker and the lava pups they do an ok amount of damage but have like no health. Now you could argue that, what it can’t do in damage it makes up in HP, this is correct but there’s a problem, it’s a legendary card meaning that it’s SUPPOSED to be better than most other cards, but the Lava Hound might as well be labeled an epic or rare. I and many people would appreciate if the Lava hound got some extra love. I would like to suggest either the Lava Hound mama or Lava pups death damage and raise the Lava Hound mama ranged attack so that it can live up to the legendary title otherwise it’s just a heavy card that only works for a decoy or goes good with the clone spell. Please fix this because again me and many people would appreciate the Lava Hound getting some extra love.
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2 months ago, TheOneAndOnlyGamer
Do NOT start playing in 2024
To put it simply, the game has gone downhill ever since level 15 was implemented into the game, making progression nearly impossible for f2p players. Even if you were willing to progress using money, which isn’t a problem with me, the offers are an absolute scam and are always slapped with a “x20 VALUE!” tag on them that means nothing. It will also be impossible to reach in game mechanics like double evolution in your deck if you start playing now, since it takes an eternity to level up your account with the newest leveling system added. These things aren’t even the main reason I’m writing this review. These past few days, major content creators and top players got 31 day bans to perma bans because of a glitch that manipulated the lucky box reward to give you whatever you wanted that could come from it. This is the first time that banning because of a glitch has come into play, and supercell hasn’t spoken out about any of these bans and is not communicating with the content creators that are legitimately keeping their game alive. Word has also come out that people were never banned for exploits gameplay wise that have occurred in the past, and supercell never responds to the in game ideas that these top players have that would genuinely work for a more fun experience. There is a huge disconnect between the players and the developers, and it is for sure not the players’ faults. Do not play now, as this is for sure the dark age of clash royale.
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5 years ago, x0010x
Awesome game
Love the game although I could not get my old account back:/ started over and it’s still great, however the new update makes it so easy to get trophies that I keep facing level 12 and level 13 people... I’m only level 10. The thing about that is the difference between level 10 and level 12 is at least a year of gameplay or a bunch of money I would rather the old style where you lost a lot more trophies when you lose. I think it’s awesome how y’all have made it to where it’s not Necessarily a pay to win game anymore but it is also very frustrating playing against people with level 13 troops when my strongest is level 11... this is not a complaint bc this is the only mobile game I play. I just get tired of people with 5 level 13 troops talking trash. Would much rather be matched against pple my level. Ps. Y’all know the emojis or whatever they are called in the game are just straight disrespectful 😂. I get and appreciate the trophy system but maybe have the matchmaking find people the same level I know I’m not the only level 10 with this problem. With all that being said any level 12 still in the league I’m in is complete garbage and I think they should have to face people their own level. Recommend to anybody looking for a fun challenging game though.
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5 years ago, Wolfxø
Good update; suggestions
So I played Clash Royale basically the first year it was out. And I loved the game and the unique troops. After a while, I got to Arena 7 and was just bored with the game. It just became this pay to win type of game, and gems were super hard to get. Just recently, I got back into it and played enough to get to Arena 8. The newer troops are cool, but they just don’t seem as unique anymore. Also, gems are still hard to get, and when you do get them, it’s only like 5 gems. Now, I must say, the update in April that makes sure we don’t drop arenas is my favorite update. I’m so happy now because I don’t have to worry about losing too much. I can just play, and yeah I may lose trophies, but I still get to stay in my arena. So that’s great, especially for players who aren’t the best at the game. Another suggestion of mine is to not make chests more expensive as you advance in arenas. It’s unfair considering the fact that the only way to get a large quantity of gems is to pay. One last thing, and it’s not necessarily for the game, but for the players. I think you guys should have a contest for a new troop that players get to create. Maybe have a hashtag that allows players to create a troop, and the most likes gets their troop added? I think it would help greatly with the lack of uniqueness in newer troops. Overall, Clash Royale is a game I hope becomes better.
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4 years ago, djmarshmellowxD
Fixing the game
I like the game and all but there are some stuff that I don’t like of example when there is a tournament and I see a prize and I really want it but it says you need like 9 wins to get it and you only have 3 lives and I never get it cuz I lose then I get mad. I think 3 lives isn’t enough I only see like the really good people getting the prizes. And mostly people with the pass Royale and someone can’t get it which makes not fair. I just like a fair game. I don’t know if anyone thinks same way but this is what I think. This game is really stressful because when I am doing the tournaments I know that I have only 3 lives and get nervous. Then I join a match and I literally see the guy using a golem WHICH I HATE they literally have so much health that I don’t have any good stuff to stop it and then they put more troops behind the golem protecting it which makes harder and me over here with like a princess or like a lumberjack which die real fast and don’t do much and them with golems and electro wizards and magic archers and then I lose and I get mad cuz I lose my first match-_- when I watch you tubers for instance orange juice I see that he loses all 3 of his lives in tournaments but he has the pass royale so he can just get his lives back I know supercell you’re like “get the pass royale then” but some people can’t get it! I’m not trying to be rude or anything I have my respects.
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3 years ago, Pkilghuy
Fix ladder
The game is great I have it since 2016 I love game the cards are cool and memorable by the best part of the game is party mode, which is not a good thing shouldn’t ladder be the best part of the game? It was getting better with match making but with the update where they had in the goblin drill they ruined ladder again making the punishment losing back to the old way where if you lose you losses as many trophies as you win which would be a problem if match making was good at Making a match but it’s it not the player will often match will people higher level which is severe disadvantage because the king towers gain more damage and health making usual interactions not work while playing with some that’s a higher level and if they are a higher level the usually have higher level cards brackish to get to a higher king level the player needs to upgrade cards making it even worse having your opponent have level cards make the match not with play how is some going to win against a person with a level 13 pecka against a level 10 magaknight they can’t also with this update they increased the amount of max trophies a player can get up 2,000 maxing lower level players play against higher level players. If they fix ladder it would 5 out of 5 on of the best mobile games ever made with all of the other super games that are great.
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3 years ago, cursingcurtis
Ok so I know there has been a lot of issues with match making and cheaters recently and supercell you have to fix this because you’re losing players fast. Beside the fact that it’s become a pay to win game the matchmaking is absolutely broken. After you get to lvl 9/ legendary league as this is where the issue became a huge problem for me, you get put against players that are lvl 13 and have maxed out cards. I understand this happening once in a while but my god it’s become so frequent the game is honestly unplayable because 90% of the time you lose before the match starts. I have an idea to maybe fix this however. Now I’m not a game designer so I don’t know how easy this is but how about there’s a way you could divide the match making into two sections, players that play for free or have spent little money on the game and players that drop $200 every month. May the play to wins vs each other and the true players have fun. Or another solution is instead of matching people on the league they’re in you could do a card lvl system to stop players with maxed out cards playing against lvl 8 people. Like you would still play against people in that league but whatever deck you go into matchmaking with it takes the average lvl of the cards and puts you against someone with something similar. And a report button for cheaters. Could you at least make an attempt at communicating with the community and that you at least recognize these issues.
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4 years ago, Tcs050709
Pay to win game... new update was bad
Many people can agree with me on this. There is no way you can get up to max level and have all maxed cards pretty quickly without pulling out the best card in the game: the credit card. I used to love this game and played it constantly every day. The clan community was awesome, the endless amount of decks you can try and play with, and the occasional nice challenges here and there. However, as I got better at the game, I realized that I had to pay to max my cards. The problem is that you need to spend hundreds if not thousands to be maxed. Also,I was a level 9 at challenger three playing against gold star level 13s with e barbs and wizard. Now, overtime it got better because I eventually leveled up and I actually stood a chance. (not really) My second big issue is that it took ONE YEAR to have an actual big update. And let’s face it... clan wars 2 are just very underwhelming and almost the same. The worst part is the fact that you get matched against maxed players that happen to have ALL of their four decks maxed. I really hope that they can fix this and just have it at tournament standard. I have a massive amount of respect for supercell but even now at level 12 without paying I’m not really enjoying the same stale game play. I was really hyped for clan wars 2 but all we really got was dueling (which is nice) but with a level disadvantage. #lowleveledplayersmatter
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2 years ago, no more shall i take
Stop knocking the game
I was reading all these reviews about how the game has horrible matchmaking and it is pay to play. I will admit that there are advantages to paying but they have to make money somehow. If you don’t want to spend time on a game, this is not for you. If you aren’t patient and want to become incredible at a game in 5 seconds, then don’t play. I just tired of all these guys who don’t have any patient and just assume things about the game after 2 matches. You don’t have to pay to be good. I played for 6 months and am almost in legendary arena and haven’t payed a dime. I know other people who r in legendary and have been for a long time who haven’t payed anything or have payed very little. This game is about strategy and you have to learn what cards to play and how to play them. So yes, this game actually makes u think instead of some of the other mindless games on the market. I would definitely recommend this game if you want a game that will make you try and compete and learn the strategy. Also, this game has many layers and you can get to the same place many different ways. That’s why I rated this game 5 stars and actually took the time out of my evening to give a review that no one will probably ever read.
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6 years ago, Danofthevalley
Truly pay to win
When I started playing this game , I loved every minute of the gameplay. I didn’t really mind the chest taking so long to open or the lack luster gold you get from them but then I got to certain point where it leaned from a 50/50 duel to 0/100, why you ask? The game has a rating on cards that relate to their power level (common,epic, and rare) but then legendary cards come around and you think wow let me see if I can get one from a chest, after two months of opening chest of all kinds not once did I get a legendary so then checked online and saw that you have to buy these cards with gems or lots and lots of gold. This in itself made question the time I’ve spent playing arena trying my hardest to get wins to get more cards but when the duel was between you and someone with a legendary card you new you were done for . Legendary cards are so powerful in this game that they flip the second they spawn like the dragon that cost 4 mana and can do 1000 damage per second which obliterates your tank minions or the ice wizard which can slow down everything moving. The fact that these minions are behind a paywall just makes the game harder for free2play players, some people might say go and save gems and gold then but the thing is that they are so scarce that by the time you get the gems and gold to get one card , you might as well just turn to another game. This game is great but in order become a champion you need to a legendary card so pay up
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11 months ago, MoistJohn
The Developers are killing this game
I want to start off by saying that I absolutely love this game,I’ve been a day 1 player, I’ve been playing this game for YEARS and I’ve loved everything about it, until recently. Now the developers are strongly making a push to make this game pay 2 win. The amount of micro transactions are baffling, being mostly a free to play player things are seriously getting out of hand. It feels like the developers just don’t listen to community feedback anymore and they’re just looking for the best way to empty our pockets. Every time they’ve released a major update there’s always a broken card and at this point I know they do it purposely so they can bring back players and have people dump money into this game to get a chance to “get in on the action” with the broken cards. This time they went too far with the firecracker evolution. This is easily the most BROKEN AND OVERPOWERED card I have ever seen in all my years of playing. If you don’t spend the money to unlock the evolution you are at a MASSIVE, just MASSIVE disadvantage. Pay2Win. If they don’t change the way they run things this game will just fade into existence. I would hate to stop playing one of my favorite games of all time but the more I play the less fun it gets. I am asking for change directly from the company, please please please don’t continue going down this route, I know I speak for a ton of people and we’re sick and tired of this. WE WANT CHANGE AND WE WANT IT NOW!!!!!
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2 years ago, astronaut sbm
Devs, we are begging you
Clash Royale: A great game to play on the go, wherever you are, especially fun if you can get a friend to play too. I haven’t played this game for years like most people, but I have reached Challenger, so I believe I at least have enough experience to share my thoughts on the game. Now the reason for the title of this review is something I can condense down into two words. Are you ready? Mega Knight. Mega Knight is a card notorious to most players as the most meta card in the game, for a very long time. Requiring absolutely no skill to use, heavily damaging an area on spawn and leaping from target to target, this card’s usage rate from arena 7, all the way up to the very top of the ladder, is crazily high! Now you might be thinking about how simple it would be just to find ways to counter Mega Knight, but I and 1,000,000 other players agree that we don’t want to center our game around one card. To end this, I’d like to speak on behalf of the community. Mega Knight has been nerfed in the past, but I think that a full-on rework would be adequate. Dozens of players have told me they don’t enjoy using mega knight, but that they just have to. If the entire player base wasn’t revolving around a single card, I think the game would turn out much healthier in the long run. I realize this review has been opinion based, but if you ask anyone else, I bet they would feel the same way I do. Thank you!
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5 years ago, kbi4real
Let me start off saying I love this game and have spent money on supercell games plenty of times. Clash royale has way to many bugs and glitches that will scud or gender you from having a fair chance at certain points. In a recent tournament named ‘elixir capture’ I went 7/10 wins pretty good for being in the royal arena, but I could have made it to the top prize if I could have had a better match making, I was playing against players in challenger 3 and spooky town, the level of card may stay the same, but if I can’t have the same cards as them like the electro wizard and goblin gangs to compete, why am I playing against them, they also have way more experience than me but I will not count that since it is a tournament, that is an unfair advantage why can’t I play with people in the same arena as my top trophies ( not on arenas because you can go back down of course ) so that at least I know that I’m not playing some clash royale try hard. Second the kicking me out the game stuff is not cool, it feels like every game I expect to be kicked out of a match at any moment, Idk if it is because of players cheating or the game just crashing on its own be it seems that when my opponent pushes me I get kicked out and have to see a loading screen to me getting 3 starred that is embarrassing to the devs that I have to expect this every game please fix, IMMEDIATELY I hate it. Thank you, sincerely a dedicated player
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1 year ago, DaWolfGuy05
Devs need to actually play the game
I have been playing this game basically since it released and have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours on it grinding, improving, and learning strategies. It’s one of the most challenging yet fun games I have ever played, and I spent so many bored school days playing it with my friends. However, it has been getting completely ridiculous in the last few years. Some completely game changing cards were added where you need professional level skills to beat one single troop, and it had just been becoming more and more p2w as time goes on. Then came the recent level 15 cards announcement. 50,000 elite wildcards to level up one card?? Why has this game become so disappointing? It used to be one of the best games there was and perhaps even the best mobile game, and now it has just become another trash pay to win game. It is becoming increasingly frustrating to play, and I ended up quitting several months ago because of it. The devs need to actually play the game and find out what the community really wants instead of just looking at statistics and guessing. Maybe if you guys listened to the community and to the content creators, the game wouldn’t be dying like it is now. I really loved this game and I still think it’s one of the best games there ever was, but the devs are completely destroying it with every new update and are going to completely bury it underground permanently if it continues the way it is now.
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3 years ago, Anonymous but No Lies
Game is very irritating
Starting off by saying it’s a great game no doubt. I just don’t understand how you can have the exact cards as opponents but their cards are just overpowering and you can’t stop them. There are times you can’t win games because the opponents cards just can’t be countered and you go to use the same card but it’s like it can’t do anything. I just find this irritating and makes me to not recommend the game to others, and this is as well as going through tournaments and arena’s, you can’t reach anything barely because you have to pile losses on losses because the other teams cards are just always doing better than the same cards you might have. Now I do not hate this game, but the 3 star rating to me is fair after all the times this game takes advantage of you and how you spend countless hours leveling up your cards, for them to be beaten within 5 seconds of putting them in. Also, how in the heck when I put down one card costing 8 elixirs, that it takes forever to get mine back, but the other team can throw down 5 or 6 cards instantly, makes no sense how this happens. In the end I’m extremely upset with this game and would not want to spend the countless hours I used to before this game made you go so crazy, I on some days would recommend, and others I’d tell you to find a better game to play.
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5 years ago, Perditor33
The war system is awful, and ruins the game
I have a ton of fond memories playing with my clan l, and I’ve been playing Royale since it launched. I managed to build a strong, fun loving, active clan where everyone helped each other. It was great. Then supercell decided to bring clan wars into the picture. They were exciting and frustrating but I gave them time. Well, it’s been several months now and my clan has managed to get to gold league level 3 from non-stop war. However, it’s really taken a toll. Engagement is down, most of the regulars have quit and now if I leave my clan open for new members to join, all I get are people who join wars and then abandon the clan. There’s no good option. If I make the clan “invite only” I can’t do enough recruitment on reddit and discord to get more than one new person a month, who usually quits after a couple of wars anyway. You might say that you can just play the game without wars, and you’d be right, but for me and my clan it was always about working together, and the old system of unlocking chests together was a blast. My guess is the developers must be making a lot more money from in app gem purchase with the war system, but in the end I think it’s going to slowly gut the game. If you’re looking for a way to waste a few minutes a day, look no further. But if you’re looking to have an engaging, fun filled social time with folks from all over the world, I suggest you spend your time and money elsewhere.
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3 years ago, clash player returning
DONT reinstall if you were legendary arena or higher
This game used to be a 10 out of 10 but now it’s like a 5 out of 10. New cards used to be fun and legendary sided to feel legendary and now they don’t. Also, if u left like I did at around legendary arena and come back every single player has maxed cards and maxed level bases. It dosent even match you to levels or players of your skill just people who bought out the game. Absolutely in enjoyable not having a chance in regular play making the game very stale when your bored and just want to play a fair game and get chests. Considering that, if your want to buy thousand of gems and waste your money just to have an edge or chance to beat someone by all means do so but if your like me and don’t want to become frustrated with how the game is played out now then save the reinstall. If your new you will have great fun. So I would highly recommend to new players. That being said the only thing that gets me playing this is the challenges but even then those are hit or miss. Some are fun some are not. P.s- came back and uninstalled cause all u play against is lvl 13 maxed players and all of them under my skill level, 5 games in a row lost cause they had higher leveled cards it wasent even competitive or fun. This game is has gotten worse. There was a time where u actually needed skill to get high trophies now it’s just whoever paid more money. Don’t waste your time. Clash of clans is more of a playable game than this game.
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4 years ago, Chrisnicholson96
Clan War 2.0 blues
I want to preface this by saying at one time, this was my favorite video game. I played this far more than anything on PlayStation or steam, and the way you could team up with others and form a clan to actively work towards a common goal was just a great concept. However, with the new clan wars update, all the progress I and my clan have pushed so hard for in the last 2 years is for naught. It’s absolutely ridiculous that there isn’t any comprehensible scaling in the war games, it doesn’t matter if you’ve spent all your time and coin on leveling up your ladder deck for the last 2 years, the truth is that unless you spend serious money or a crazy amount of time on the game, it’ll take many years now for you to get to the point where you’re able to hold your own against the max level players with whom you’re consistently forced to matchmake with. Very poor decision making, as a guaranteed loss 3/4 times in the core team gameplay mode motivates absolutely nobody to keep playing, and I’m seeing more and more dedicated players become inactive due to the pointlessness of it all. The only possible solution I can see, is either more accurate matchmaking (and no, nobody cares if it takes a long time to get a fair game), or tournament standard on all war games. Please listen to the community and address this, whether it be through my solutions or your own, this problem needs a solution.
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5 years ago, OhStepBro69
Good app, despite what people think, not pay to win
Sure, you do get a significant advantage from spending money, but it’s pay to get on the leaderboards, not pay to be successful. I haven’t spent a penny and am level 12 in leagues. I admit, as you get higher, supercell needs to make it easier to get coins and cards, which was helped by the token system, but still needs to be addressed, and made a bit less grindy, because it’s really hard to get a single max card. Another thing people complain about is the balance, saying cards are op, and that everyone plays the same op cards. Those are called win conditions. They do the main damage. They are not over powered, they are just your main damage dealer. Ice spirit is not weak because it can’t destroy a tower. It wasn’t meant for that. Balloon isn’t overpowered because it deals damage to your tower. You just have to build your deck to defend it. So many people complain about cards being op, but they just want to win more, and since only 1/2 of the people can win in a match, you just have to git gud. There’s no way that more than 50% of people can win if everyone payed a single match. There’s no possible way to make everyone win all the time, so instead of complaining in reviews and blaming your problems on hackers (I’ve never seen a hacker in 3 years) or the game being bad, just get gud.
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2 years ago, brentboatman1982
friendly chat so buggy it blocks out normal conversations was told IoT couldn’t be turned off!
I’m Leader of a decent war clan. A while back anytime I typed a name in chat or tried to say simple things. Asterisk started popping up. Turns out friendly chat had been accidentally turned on. No biggie right. wrong. Cant be turned off. Awhile back some of the older members who are now gone because of this had written and to Support to have it turned off and they said they did but then someone who was under the age of 18 joined and it was automatically turned back on without anybody asking now when I write to Support telling them this is hurting our clan we are losing members because we can’t hold simple conversations and talk to people or say a persons screen name without it being blocked by Asterix they said we could not be helped because we had someone previously ride into Support to remove the filter and it could not be done again how ridiculous I don’t mind friendly chat but if you’re gonna be a huge game platform like this at least make it where it’s not so buggy that simple words or simple screen names can’t be typed out in the group chat so ridiculous people are leaving the game left and right because of this And I’m next I’ve had all I can take of this it’s ridiculous I’ve been in the game for almost 4 years have almost 5500 trophies in a legendary to clan and for what now they won’t even help you this is so stupid
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4 years ago, Capmaster01
Sorry for the long message but this is what everyone thinks:
I’ve literally played this game since the day it was released. I remember getting on the bus and hearing that Super Cell finally released it. I downloaded it and I am not exaggerating when I say I didn’t sleep that night. I played that game until I got off the bus for class the next morning. The consent of it is what everyone always wanted. Clash of Clans, but live. No base building and no revenge just good ol fashion 3 minutes to prove who is better then the other guy. Now Super Cell did bring over some things that was never loved to begin with such as being a “pay to win” or gaining slight and discrete tactical advantages and boosts because you pay the company money, but it’s like this for every game. And a lot of updates are very excessive like the Royal Giant and now the health of goblins. Other things can be annoying like being level 10 and facing off with someone who has all of their cards level 13 with gold effects. I feel like if these things can be fixed in the near future, this game will not only raise back up to the top, but remain at the top for years. But for the years I have already invested into the Clash universe, I am proud to say I played Clash in my childhood!
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2 months ago, Schwahnee
Pay to Win
I have had this game for over 8 years and have greatly enjoyed it. It is a terrific strategy game that was excellent when it first came out and up to fairly recently. Unfortunately, within the past year the game has completely changed with the introduction of evolution cards. I have no major issues with the cards themselves as they are pretty well balanced and there is no single card that is overpowered and you could build a solid “deck” with any of the evolution cards. However, at the trophy level and challenger level I am at it has become exceedingly difficult to advance as I have a level 14 tower level and almost every other player has a level 15 king tower. This became an issue with the introduction of two evolution cards once you reach level 15. There is simply no way to fairly complete with people who are able to have 2 evolutions in their deck when you are only allowed one and I think it is nearly impossible to get to king tower level 15 without spending money on the game. As I said, I have had this game for over 8 years and would say that I am fairly good but as I am unwilling to spend money on the game I am just at a standstill. Overall, it is just disappointing that a game I have grown to love playing over the years is just another pay to win leaving the category of strategy games behind. Let everyone have 2 evolutions or only let level 15 have 1.
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3 months ago, ghajfdjshshx
Supercell doesnt care
Its already hard enough to get enemy cards to lock on to your building. Theres so many flaws that come from this game. Clash royale used to be my favorite game growing up. I would play it with friends and 1v1 eachother. Not to be cocky or anything but i would say im a skilled player in this game. Not alot. But i know how to play. I use log bait. Everything a log bait deck needs. Princess, knight, rocket etc.. After Playing for a while it was fun. In 2022 i took a break until about fall 2023. When i cane back this game had changed ALOT. Theres like these kings? Theres evolution cards!? And there's these token things you can get to upgrade your character. I played for a bit and i learned more about evolution cards. (There the worse thing ever added to the game.) Royale giant made me quit. Im not kidding when i say this, i played 6 consecutive matches and they all had roaywl giant. Its so stupud how its one cycle. Its way to fast to even be 1 cycle. It has the same amount of damage as egiant and health also. Make it 7 or slow down the speed. Ive written many reveiws and all i can say is from seeing the game change from when i took a break, id that its pay to win. For those non-smart people who dont believe me, look at how much better youd be if you bought the whole shop with real money. Ive came to realize that supercell doesnt care about their users expirence, but only the money they get from it. Royale fighter out. December 15,2019-march24th-2024
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3 years ago, A German Learner184
Megaknight broke the game
I got this game in the fall of 2020, when my fellow band kids introduced it to me during marching season. This game made a lot of boring classes and school days a bit more interesting for me, and I’ve played it moderately throughout my high school year. Yet the entire time, I had to put up with one incredibly annoying card: the Megaknight. The Megaknight has no strategy or skill attached to it. You simply place it down on top of the enemy units, instantly crush all of them, then push back on their tower. There is no other card like this in the game, and it requires no assistance to completely wipe out the entire enemy army. It’s incredibly frustrating to lose every. single. game. to any opponent who has a megaknight. The moment I see it placed down once, I already know I’m going to lose the match at the end. Whenever I use the megaknight, I win every match to the point where it’s not even fun. I feel almost bad using the megaknight because it just reeks the smell of a cheap move. I’ll return to the game when the developers finally realize that they should be nerfing the card everyone is asking them to and not the zappies. Also, the developers need to check the German chat system. In German, the chat option is “nicht schlecht“(not bad) as a translation for “Well played”. That seems like a minor thing, but the tone can be different. Creating this language barrier that can make the other player feel more toxic. Thanks for reading.
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1 year ago, Horsecraz2dogs
Good but frustrating
Overall this is a great game, i play it in my free time, have spent money on it, and i have played it since 2016 (i think). But recently the games updates has caused Aton if problems. I have two accounts (Iphone and Ipad) I just got my ipad the other day and wanted a new account (and keep my old) The problem with changing around card places and arenas, is that im in arena 6 and i am playing mega knights and princesses, which are pretty unbeatable when you only have commons and rares. So its hard to progress. Another thing is that too many cards are overpowered, like (Elexir Giant, very cheap and nice) Electro Giant is the worst on i know of, it annoys me, cause no matter what I play it zaps all my troops and it cant be stopped. also the firecracker way way way to much damage. Also the match making is really dumb. I am a level 11 consistently playing level 14s, and 15s. Remove the wait in the clash pass. I have been on tier thirty five, on day 5 but have to wait 30 days before i get it. Thats messed up. Why do i have to be a certain level to enter an arena. Thats just dumb. Overall great game, But lots of things should be changed, and things that have been changed but should not have. Also one more thing, fix the game. Cuz some of the gameplay is so flipping stupid!
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3 months ago, YouGunchPoop
Please rework MM system
Clash Royale has the potential to be the best mobile game created even seven years after the fact, however, an inevitable urge to capitalize on every single possible issue with the perspective of “how do we make the most monetary gain from this?” Without considering what you could do to just grow the game further and keep the active players playing. How is it fair or sustainable for the player base, if we are continuously forced into games with players who have cards 3-4 levels higher than ours. The simple fact that the matchmaking does not take the current deck level into consideration is absolutely abysmal on all fronts. I would need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to level up my cards further than level 11. Yet, I am continuously put into games with kids who have all level 14 decks, just because of the fact that they only level up that deck and no other one, therefore I am punished for playing the game in the way that it is intended to play and these suckers with max level decks at 5000 trophies are are rewarded for being second class players and in my eyes abusing the MMR system… (Until this is fixed, I would recommend not upgrading any cards outside the 8 cards u will use the most) this will benefit you in the later arenas. And you won’t be forced to spend money by only upgrading one deck.. sad.
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9 months ago, BMKG83
Imagine being a company as large as Supercell, and still finding ways to steal from the players? I paid my $5 for the Pass Royale for September. I did everything I needed to to max it out to 35. I didn't open any of the tiers, because I’m maxed out and hold the Pass on the chance they drop a new card at the end of the season. Like they did with the Mighty Miner. I missed redeeming everything at the end of the season, and *poof* it’s all gone. It doesn’t auto redeem, and customer service refuses to help me out. Nothing in the Pass Royale description says you’ll lose all of your items if you don’t redeem them. It only says you have a certain amount of time to “Earn” them. Now I’ve played other Supercell games, and in Brawl Stars I can redeem my previous seasons rewards for the entire current season. Why can’t you do that here? Why do you have such a ridiculous Pass Royale contingent? Which would be no contingent. These aren’t the “Free” items offered for the season. I PAID for these. You have stolen my money and my time, and you refuse to make it right. It is shameful, and disgusting behavior from a company like yours. You are thieves, and I can only imagine how many other players’ time and money you’ve stolen. Disgusting. These trash goblins finally added a previous season redemption option. How about you make it right and give everyone the items you stole from them? Never going to happen, but it would be a step in the right direction.
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8 months ago, NoobieNoob361
Overall quality of the game
As someone who has played since release, the overall quality of the updates just aren’t the same anymore and “skill” does not exist, as someone who has also watched a friend progress through the game, it is not the same as it used to be. Back then, it was a lot simpler with less cards and less things known as p2w, something very much hated throughout the community. The updates are now all for money pretty much. The evolutions update in particular was altogether an amazing update, however, there were some downsides. The update created another wall for f2p players like me, which could literally take half an entire year for me to max out a deck (might be slightly exaggerated). The level 13 update was fine, level 14 not so much, however level 15 was an abomination. The amount of money you have to spend to get 1 card to elite level is unholy. Most of these updates have stopped progression for many people, either because they don’t have enough money or don’t want to spend it. The evolutions were also very unbalanced at the start, they still are. You can’t even go one match without seeing an evolved firecracker or an evolved knight. Evolutions are just too powerful, though I understand that they are trying to balance them out now. It hurts me a lot to say this but a 5 star game like this went down to a 1 or 2 star really fast.
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2 years ago, DarthVader1977
Really great, but… what happened to the cards?
Hello, Supercell. I think Clash Royale is great! I play it every day. I would however, like to wonder the card placements… you would say… it’s weird. One thing I liked before the Monk + Phoenix update was that the cards fit the theme of the Arena. Electro Giant in Electro Valley? Yes. Ram Rider in Hog Mountain? Sure. Now, most cards don’t even fit the theme of the arena… Electro Giant is in Rascal’s Hideout now… legendaries are now unlocked at Arena 10 instead of getting Miner at Arena 4 (used to be PEKKA’s Playhouse but now it’s Spell Valley) and the distribution of cards is… off. Seriously, where did half the cards in Bone Pit go? Also, I’m currently level 31 in Clash Royale, when the Monk + Phoenix update released I was on Tower Level 11, which was Level 29. I was able to open only THREE level up chests. What happened to the 26 other level up chests I never got to reopen? And why do the people who are at level 50 (level 14 back then) get no level up chests? They are the players who put the most time into your game… um, if it would be possible, could you give everyone who played the game before the Monk + Phoenix update their level up chests they never got to open? Maybe even consider it? I still like the game regardless. I definitely recommend giving it a try! Cheers, DJBendy
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2 years ago, Kyle Braun
Super Mini Pekka
Dear Supercell I’ve been playing your game since it has came out and a little bit of a CoC VET and I have loved playing the game and hardly ever have complaints with it or even how matches turn out. That’s just to give a little bit of my knowledge in the game. The reason is because of your new champion the Super Mini Pekka. The card is to strong for its own good it completely one shots a king tower or queen on full health. How does that make any since I noticed that he is at the bottom of the cards so he has not been planned to be put in the game yet and I hope it stays that way because I don’t want to have to worry and this card when my trophies are on the line because if I misplace one card and that’s my punish that’s one tower and the 3 crown before my king can even send of a shot and I’m not even counting the support cards that would make it even more broken all I say is atleast give the player a chance by making it a 2 hit on towers I don’t mind that he one shots every card but the towers is the cherry on top that drove me to this comment love the game for all these years but I really don’t know how I would feel if I played 6 games and was three crowned by that card each game. Thank you for your time please consider a little change to her have a great day😶‍🌫️
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2 years ago, Frosty yay
5 star game your first year until you learn
That it’s a P2W to have any real fun. The most fun game mode is 2v2 and it’s the area of the game they have spent almost no time in developing. If you are any good, you will quickly run into players that out level your cards. Once you’re max king tower level (max base health) you now have to level your cards. I’ve played almost every day for like 6 years and I’m still not maxed out as a F2P. Not even close, it’s insane and it severely reduces your options for play. Their new update added a ladder where king tower and card levels are capped at 9 (at first). This was the best thing they’ve done in a while until… oh oh! You’ve climbed up to near the top and now the card levels are 14 again! Now you’re stuck again. Whatever deck you start the game with is very likely what you will have for a long time at max level because it takes so long to build full decks for meta. Speaking of meta, Hog rider has been meta this entire time. Idk why anyone thinks that’s ok to have a single card so OP that it is the most used card for almost a decade. You can of course counter this, but now you’re just playing a dumbed down game that’s the same every time (better hope your counter deck is max level). It never feels like even matches. It’s either you completely counter them, or they completely counter you. At best, it’s a game to play when you’re pooping.
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2 years ago, proskillz0816
Declined into a pretty terrible mobile game.
I have had this game since the very beginning. Me and everyone else used to love this game. It was the best game you could have on a phone for a time. But eventually, I stopped playing and now, 2 years later I am back. And I have seen how much worse this game has gotten. It has turned into a pay to win bloodbath of toxicity and unfairness. First of all, the cards are no longer in balance like they used to be. Every single player in the game has a level 14 hog rider, because it is simply unfair. And to go with it they will put their level 14 mega night or Valkyrie and of course a Tesla. The best part of this game is that there is so many different options, and right now there is only one. Secondly, the matchmaking is flawed. Now, I have had this game for a long time so my main cards are pretty well leveled and this does not have to much of an effect on ladder. However in the practice 1v1, it is unplayable. This is because you can just take a couple max cards and then whatever other card you want, and you will be matched against a player just playing for fun or to try out a new deck. Maybe they should make the matches based on average card level instead of the king tower level or trophy count for casual play. In conclusion, I am just disappointed to see such a fun game decline into this. And I am sure many people feel the same way.
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