FashionGo Wholesale

4.9 (4.4K)
55.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
NHN Global, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for FashionGo Wholesale

4.86 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
2 years ago, tracmccn
You are awesome!
After having to move from our building, moving to a new building, closing due to COVID, moving again to a building, a tornado destroying that building and moving again, we are finally ready to shop! Yay! Dropshipping would be a blessing! After all of the above, funds are limited and inventory is low. But, we made it this far, so we will continue on. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Fullofchicboutique1
Very slow and glitchy
I am not a fan of this app at all. If you are searching under “dresses” and find one you want to see with more detail, you can open it just fine BUT, when you want to go back to your search results, it brings you back to the very beginning. If you’ve already peeled through 100 dresses, that’s just irritating to have to scroll for 5 minutes trying to get back to where you were. Also, I uploaded my sellers permit 3 days ago and it’s still not approved. The app doesn’t even recognize that there’s anything there and I uploaded it 3 separate times. The app won’t allow me to move around because it doesn’t recognize my sellers permit as pending. It’s an annoying app and compared to stronger competitors, they don’t have the right platform for busy retailers like me. I’ve got about an hour notched out every day just for purchasing and stocking. It’s not much and I definitely don’t have time to fiddle with this app.
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2 years ago, Katelyn356
Hard to navigate.
I can click on a shirt, and click the back button, and it will bring me all the way back up to the top of the page. Very inconvenient considering I probably scrolled through for 30 minutes and have to do it all over again. The app constantly is telling me vendor not found. Have to manually type the brand in. Another thing is, the venders on this app have a hard time with shipping things out within a week after placing an order. The app and online is very different and hard to navigate between the two.
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6 months ago, Spaenergy
Don’t take the chance
Worst wholesale app. First! They don’t show you the price of shipping until after you place the order (I know first red flag) then for simple and or light things, shipping is outrageous. BUT you can’t cancel the order because it’s already been placed!! That’s just straight up a scam. Second! They allow for the order to be placed, all in stock, then say half the order is out of stock. But still charge almost half the amount of the whole order for shipping?? At that point how is it wholesale when a lot of the merchandise doesn’t have a large profit margin??? I’ll stick to Faire. Atleast I’ll know what I’m paying!
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10 months ago, Oatterson
Items I didn’t get
The vendors takes your money, over charge you for items and don’t send return shipping labels they want customers to pay to return wrong items and that very unprofessional. I will be got to CPBP to report this business and company that’s ok with doing customers any type of way I will hire lawyer for this. I have been treat so bad only cause i am trying to purchase from vendor Retro FASHION they stole my money and won’t return it. I purchase items I didn’t receive and was send all wrong items. I had to pay to return items myself and they won’t send money back please don’t shop with this vendor
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2 years ago, infonixcc
Love it
All my orders have been on time and undamaged. The ease I have with picking out multiple items on a daily basis has given me less stress. I’m so happy to have found FashionGo. My customers are always excited to shop with me.
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1 year ago, @flowerr
Love it!
I love the variety of merch, BUT I hate that when I tap the back button, I’m forced to start from the top again & re-insert the filters. It’s annoying when I have to keep scrolling to load everything multiple times, & so I’ve just been giving up. I just leave the app now after several tries :( Please fix this!
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3 years ago, deearie
Great products
I love FashionGo but since the update I’m not able to see all the items from the vendors if I choose (shop vendor categories) it’s always blank. I have to go through all the items and that is very time consuming if I know what I’m looking for. Please fix I’m not always able to have my computer when I’m looking
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1 month ago, Jessryan81
Love shopping, but app doesn’t work well
I’ve been using this app for a little more than a year. Recently I keep tapping on a store I won’t to shop in, or an item I want to view and it won’t let me click. Or it appears that I have clicked it, but nothing happens. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling and tried to sign out and back in. Nothing helps! Incredibly infuriating!
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3 years ago, heavenly pretty
Love this app, but something is missing!
Easy to search but the filter of 'Made In ' is missing! I only buy products made in USA and have a hard time with this.
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1 month ago, bevy bee
Crazy updates
What is going on with this app, it’s literally not working anymore. I reinstalled the app, but it’s still not working, I can’t click on anything, can’t search for a specific item. Been trying to make a purchase for the past few days, but nothing I click on is working. Please, fix this. This app was perfect before, it just kept getting worse with the new updates.
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3 years ago, Bailee Raye
Makes browsing easy
It is so nice being able to easily search for specific things and look through your favorite vendors all in one place!
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3 years ago, Reign & Co Boutique
Thank you FashionGo for making it so easy to find inventory!! I spend hours everyday searching for new items for my store. I love the vendor spotlight area!
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4 years ago, xoluxx
The new update is terrible
It was okay before not great just okay but The new update is really terrible, does not work at all , I can barely search anything ,the camera search doesn’t work at all, so many glitches and gets frozen , I have to literally turn off my phone and sign in again .. please work on your app cause this is very inconvenient for someone that uses it on the go
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1 year ago, kp0.9
Navigating through the app
It’s pretty cool but it’s not well organized. There is some type of glitch when you go through your favorite vendors it will refresh half way through your likes. I’ll click on vendors and they’ll tell me it’s not available so I’ll have to type it in. It just needs more organization
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10 months ago, riley spangler101
This app is so stupid I hate it so much. First let me say it took me 2 HOURS. TWO HOURS. To just make a account. Then it kept saying my address is invalid I ENTERED IT 12 TIMES. ITS CORRECT. If I could give this app a 0 I would. It’s so stupid. 2 hours later and STILL NO ACCOUNT. Obviously you guys don’t want money if you won’t let me make a account. I will write as many bad reviews as I have to this is stupid. Fix your app.
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1 year ago, DasJanay
10/10 recommend. The customer service is amazing and the shipping takes no time! By far the best material I’ve come across.
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3 years ago, BAM42107
Great For Business on the Go
I love using this app. It allows me to check the status on my orders quick when I am on the go.
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2 years ago, NicoleNir88
I love this app! I love the way it’s so easy to navigate! The information on the descriptions are perfect! One of the best apps I have HANDS DOWN! It’s makes it SO much smoother running my business!❤️🙏🏽✨
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4 weeks ago, Disgusted customer Zara
Current Glitch
There’s a glitch in the app that won’t load the pages as well as not being able to click the option.
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1 year ago, yaaaannaaaaa
Runs slow
Love the app!! I’ve had it for about 2 years now but I’ve notice how slow the app is now when clicking on options.
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2 years ago, MAngel18
Love this App!
I love this app. My only wish is to if the company can work with the vendors by offering a payment plan similar to Afterpay so we can buy more inventory.
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1 year ago, japhet banda
Happy so far.😊
I’ve always liked fashiongo and I’ve never had any issues to be honest. That’s why I’m still here.
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1 month ago, Fashiongo
Update not working
Evidently fashion go has done it some kind of an update and I can only get it to work half the time, this isn’t good since I do most of the shopping for both of my boutiques online
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2 years ago, carinas closet
Great vendors
Love all the vendors I have bought from and looking forward to buy with new ones in the new year
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1 year ago, HeroniB
Love this site!
Easy to use from any device, highly recommended ♥️
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4 years ago, jlk830
It’s been a while since we’ve been able to save photos on our mobile. The search option doesn’t work properly. The app crashes a lot. Basically this app needs a lot of work.
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1 month ago, Aidarivers
Always it's a problem with this side
For some reason never works for me I can go 4 times to see if the problem is me but it looks like the website it's never works
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1 month ago, marshea chanel
App is glitching and needs to be updated. I reinstalled and I’m still having the same issue. You can’t click on things, review orders, shop, etc. it just freezes. It’s been really annoying to use lately.
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2 years ago, Amanda Simmons
Broadway Crazy Boutique
Love this website they have everything you need and more …
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4 years ago, Liz5160
Needs improvement
I wish the tracking was clickable. The camera feature doesn’t work half the time. And sometimes you can type in a style number and it won’t pull it up on the app but you can on the desktop.
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3 years ago, Shasha madeumad
Horrible APP
Needs a lot of improvement. Every day there’s an issue. Makes being a business owner harder than it already is. Sometimes i have to wait hours to get to my computer if the app isn’t working.
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4 years ago, girlnextdoortoyou
New update isn’t good
New update isn’t good because it takes forever to load everything and it’s slow. You have to exit out multiple times and sometimes it won’t load at all. Would much rather like the old version better
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3 weeks ago, ...!!!!!!????!!!!!!.....
Was great at communicating, the prices where reasonable and the material was great fast shipping outfits sold out in 1 day!…ordered more in excited
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4 years ago, smayhue
I am running this on an Iphone 11 and I seem to have several issues. If I try to go to favorites while lookkng at an item. I get s blank page and have to shut down my phone to get rid of .
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4 years ago, lisa_dmc
It’s amazing the way sometimes is more easy to work for my boutique from my phone with this app! Thank you FashionGo for your great services!
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2 years ago, Mz Samika
Photo searching
Photo searching needs to be upgraded to get more accurate inventory
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3 years ago, Lexie C 123
This is a great site with so much to offer. There are some very good vendors on here but you have to find them.
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4 years ago, apretty_flowwer
Not working properly
Every since the latest update to the app, I have not been able to click on the camera icon to upload a style match photo. Also I am not able to message any vendors through the message tab. I would love for it to go back to the older version of the app.
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4 weeks ago, This is not it!!
This app is terrible!
Just as other reviewers mentioned, I’m unable to search for a store or tap on an item. Several times… I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, downloaded the latest version, still the same this. I have the latest OS 17.4.1 on iPhone 14. You all need to fix this asap!!
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1 year ago, good out ways the bad
Absolutely love!! This is truly a blessing
I absolutely love this app!! It allows me to run my business so much quicker. Thank you FashionGo!!
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4 years ago, Casa De Bling
Convenient & Easy to Use
Love the pic search option. Please get ZSupply as a wholesaler ☺️
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4 years ago, Gemini-2
Timeout too many
Great image search and favorite finds feature are a plus. Though they made changes and upgrades the app still seems to timeout frequently in the middle of use. The navigation is also a bit tedious.
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1 month ago, AADDRR2
App Needs Updating
The app is extremely slow and has many glitches. I can’t search for items without the app freezing and producing no results. I’m unable to click on items or save them to my favorites. Please FIX!
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4 years ago, Jenny Pen Penny
3.0 update ruined the app
I’ve been using this app for years, the newest 3.0 version is unusable. Constantly crashes, you can’t click on anything and have it reliably open, camera search feature is not operable, and search bar doesn’t work either.
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3 years ago, bilyeu362
Needs major improvement
App crashes a lot, can’t update card successfully have to use a computer, haven’t been able to save photos, search bar doesn’t always work
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4 years ago, Kay Karolina
Horrible App. Desktop is better.
Whatever team that designs this app needs to be fired. Every time there is an update, it’s an issue somewhere. The app crashes ALL the time! It’s annoying. Always something new, but the previous issues are still there or occur somewhere else smh
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4 years ago, sonny wonny
New version
Will not let me push to go to things. Hearts are white how are you to see. Also had liked a lot of things but know it’s all mixed up not last things showing. I don’t know what was done but it’s not good at all. Sorry.
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3 years ago, SammyPii
Not the greatest
Freezes all the time. If you try adding filters it doesn’t work half the time. If you try to look at clothing by type, nothing pops up and I have to clear out my cache and try again.
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2 years ago, ShyLove1987
Absolutely terrible they messed up sent it to the completely wrong address that they put on file theyself decided to send my wholesale order somewhere else will they fix it or refund of course not they are trash
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