Fetch: Have Fun, Save Money

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User Reviews for Fetch: Have Fun, Save Money

4.84 out of 5
4.4M Ratings
3 years ago, MamaPuma88
Where has this app been all my life!!!
I absolutely love this app. It’s ridiculously easy to use. So simple just take a picture of EVERY receipt you get for anything from anywhere and you start stacking up points immediately and super fast. I just downloaded this app took maybe 10 receipt pictures and I’m already almost to 5,000 points!!!! It’s that simple. Think about it, if you’re like me you stop at least once a day and buy something. Doesn’t really matter what you purchase either because everywhere you spend money no matter what you’re spending it on as long as you just take a picture of that receipt you get at checkout you will get points. I took a picture of my gas station receipt I got for purchasing cigarettes and got points!!!! As long as the date of purchase, the store name, and the total can be seen and read by the camera to capture, you’re good to go. Then to top it off you can stack points quickly. Use those points to get gift cards to your favorite places to shop or dine or other pretty cool stuff. I really don’t understand why I have NEVER heard of this app til today, and don’t know how the heck I ever was able to live without it either. I’m super addicted to just taking pictures of receipts now lol. Whoever came up with this one needs to be worshipped like a God for coming up with such a brilliant idea. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! One very satisfied customer 😁😁😁
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3 months ago, Fetch ReferralCode- 3JQJYJ
It's really great app.
I absolutely love this app. It's ridiculously easy to use. So simple just take a picture of EVERY receipt you get for anything from anywhere and you start stacking up points immediately and super fast. I just downloaded this app took maybe 10 receipt pictures and I'm already almost to 5,000 points!!!! It's that simple. Think about it, if you're like me you stop at least once a day and buy something. Doesn't really matter what you purchase either because everywhere you spend money no matter what you're spending it on as long as you just take a picture of that receipt you get at checkout you will get points. I took a picture of my gas station receipt I got for purchasing cigarettes and got points!!!! As long as the date of purchase, the store name, and the total can be seen and read by the camera to capture, you're good to go. Then to top it off you can stack points quickly. Use those points to get gift cards to your favorite places to shop or dine or other pretty cool stuff. I really don't understand why I have NEVER heard of this app til today, and don't know how the heck I ever was able to live without it either. I'm super addicted to just taking pictures of receipts now lol. Whoever came up with this one needs to be worshipped like a God for coming up with such a brilliant idea. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! One very satisfied customer🥹
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2 years ago, broney220
quit breaking this app every time you try to fix it!
there is nothing more frustrating than discovering that when an app is updated to supposedly fix it, it ends up not working as well as it was before because the developers are so worried about new features that the most important and existing ones seem to get neglected. and unfortunately, fetch is the latest example of such. For example, where is for the longest time you’re able to see your points total you’re the top left of the screen, I have no idea how many points I have anymore. I can’t find the total anywhere, not on the Discover page, not in my account page, nowhere. it’s great that they’re trying to allow more interaction with the social features, but the bottom line is this App is supposed to allow you to scan picture or email receipts, collect the points and use them towards the gift cards and other goodies they offer. And it seems that once again with the latest updates those features are suffering. Especially when as I mentioned in the last review those of us that use voiceover don’t have access to redeem the gift cards because it is not working properly with the final confirmation step. much as I have enjoyed using this app over the years, it’s getting annoying enough that if they don’t find a way to make it so the basic features work reliably all the time or at least most of the time, I’m going to find a way to cash my points and cancel my account. Please, please, please fix this once and for all!
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2 years ago, Sakura2.0
Super fun to have this app
This app is extremely fun. I love the fact that you can save money just by scanning receipts and you earn points which is equivalent to how much money you'll be getting. they are such things every day receipts like some of them are not grocery stores and you have to get a certain brand to get more points but if it's like an every day receipt you're only earn 25 which is literally nothing by it builds up as how many receipts you get. I also love the fact that there are deals every single day that you get more points like over 1000 points for example and it's just really really nice. you even can get the gift cards right equivalent to $10-$100 depending on which stores it is. So far I've been having this app since May 2022 and I'm only 15 grand yeah I know it's a little slow but at the same time I don't really shop I just collect receipts from my family and see how many points I can get just day by day. I would hardly recommend it to anyone who isn't a buyer that collects receipts from families why are they do grocery shopping or if you're like younger generation like you don't even work you can get yourself does app to scan and save and collect as many points as possible. Or if it's not for you totally fine but I personally love it very much because it it gives me motivation to save up points and use the gift cards.
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7 months ago, Frustrated at Fetch
Fetch won’t give me my $25 VISA gift card
I spent months trying to get my 2 $25 visa gift cards. The first one I cashed my points in April and that was fine but with the second $25 Visa gift card I cashed my points in July and they sent me a link with a $0.00 balance on it. They took my points out of my account but no $25 gift card. I emailed them multiple times a day and every time someone different answers me and I caught a few ppl in some lies. They don’t have a phone number so I can actually call someone with some brains but I’m going to cash the remaining points I have and delete this app. Fetch obviously doesn’t care to get my situation figured out with me and even tries saying that Digital wallets stole my $25. I think u should be looking at who keeps sending me the link with a zero balance because he could have stole it. This was my favorite app but not anymore when u have no desire to help me fix this and to help me get my $25 gift card back. Shame on you!!! I will be telling everybody on my social media platforms not to use Fetch and I’m going to have all my friends and family erase this stupid app. I think that’s funny that I’ve sent over 35-40 emails to have you guys help me find out where my money on the gift card is and u didn’t even want to help me. I even told u numerous times to look at my account so this could get straightened out and u accused Digital wallets of taking my $25. I think u should look at the ppl in our own company.
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3 years ago, b. laninfa
I don’t know why you wouldn’t use it.
I love your app. I buy both brand name and store brand products. Sometimes I like the feel or smell of a brand better, sometimes I like the value of the the generic brand. I have run across running out of submissions because I have more than 14. It’s a bit worse lately because now you accept fast food and restaurant receipts. I just leave them until the end because they are only 5 points. I do tell people to look over your points because sometimes you don’t get them like you should. Walmart is notorious for giving things odd abbreviations or hard to see receipts. Gatorade always gets points but they call it GZ 32 sometimes. (Gatorade Zero 32ounce). So I just fix it. So be sure you look and get all of your points. Fetch even lets you scan the product if that’s easier for you to show what you really bought. Thank you so much for your APP. It helps my budget go further when I get money back for buying what I was going to buy anyway. Sometimes I do make a choice between 2 items because one gets points. But usually I just do my shopping and scan my receipts. Oh, the best time to scan your receipts is just after you put them in the car and before you leave the parking lot. I put a little notch on one corner so I know I’ve scanned it. That way it’s done but if I need to return something that doesn’t fit, etc, I still have an intact receipt.
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7 years ago, bjbJAX
Trying My Patience
This app should be simple, but it has some major issues. The scanning program lacks "intelligence" and misinterprets words to the point I think I am reading a lost language. There is no way to verify accuracy BEFORE the scanned receipt is submitted creating the cumbersome task of addressing items "not accepted" days after the submission. There is nothing like saving a bunch of packaging with barcodes for days after the product has been used to be on the safe side of being able to adequately challenge Fetch Rewards "denials". Today, I had a receipt denied because I had reached the maximum of 7 receipts in 14 days without having any reason to know that is FR policy. Where is it written? Why??? Some people shop often because they cannot store a lot at one time. I would think the food manufacturers would love people shopping for their brands several days a week. There is no clear way to know which inventory within a given brand is acceptable before purchase. I have somehow managed to accumulate 3,000+ points pretty fast, but I spent a ridiculous amount of time to earn points equal to $3. I chalked up the low earnings vs time spent to improving my learning curve. Would someone please explain how point distribution is determined. Does it vary by brand, price, item or according to whether or not the planets are in proper alignment. I am trying to be patient because I WANT to like this app.
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8 months ago, taraleigh24112
False Advertisement of points
Fetch doesn’t give you the points they advertise on the discover page if you have a long grocery receipt. I even add extra photos with close ups of the items that I should be getting extra points for, yet I still only get the initial 25 points. General Mills, Natures Own, Nature Valley, and the brand that makes the bagels, I can’t think of their name right now, all give you extra points when you purchase their products, But that’s only if you purchase them one at a time, otherwise you’re issued the standard 25 points. Yes I know I have three days to correct the receipt, but I shouldn’t have to when I’ve already given you extra photos that allow you to clearly see my purchases, not to mention the process is long and drawn out. I once submitted a corrected receipt for 12 items which I should’ve received extra points for and I never heard anything about that receipt again. I don’t have time to sit around calling and emailing customer service for something that shouldn’t even be an issue. I loved Fetch a year ago, but that’s because I didn’t realize I wasn’t actually receiving my points. Also, the cash card reward is false advertisement as well. They do not allow you to turn it into cash by adding it to your cash app or paypal. You just have to use it as a gift card. So why are they called cash cards:-/ I give three stars instead of just the one star that they’ve earned from me, because I’m a nice person.
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7 months ago, Dugger14
Keeps My Family on Budget!
The app is a great resource for setting a budget for the week, month etc. and then following it or knowing what you have or haven’t spent! Love that there are numerous products that you are made aware that are available for points. One if my favorite features are the Rewards...I have a few retailers that I frequent often and I can use my points. In addition, you can scan receipts from some restaurants, fast foods stores and even my dry cleaners store receipts are approved! So I wasn’t sure what was approved or allowed, although I suppose you could contact Fetch & they would advise you! I enjoy the surprise... My only misgiving at this point since the app was updated and changed a bit several months ago, is once your taking photos of your receipts the app just goes blank and this occurs often! Unfortunately you have to reshot the receipt and start over which is very frustrating..... Positive: I know what I spend, keeping to my Budget Negative: Screen goes Black or completely blank while taking photos of receipt As of today, I have been contacted regarding the issues I explained that I have experienced recently, to my surprise:)) I have been given instructions to assist in resolving these issues, I’ll try them and offer my opinion once they have been tried and hopefully resolved.
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2 years ago, morg94
Customer service is questionable
So I recently just downloaded this app! I absolutely love this app because of how easy it is to get points when shopping and then getting gift cards. Recently I went shopping at Walgreens and I had no idea that they sent receipts via email so I tried to use the receipt scanner in the app to detect the email but it didn’t. I took screenshots and sent them to my husbands phone so that I could try to scan them and get the points! Well it thought I bought something completely different so I went to correct the items with the item barcode and sent it. Well it didn’t work so I contacted customer support and sent proof of everything for them to tell me that I was basically lying and so I looked to make sure that it was a store that they accepted and it was so I sent that and even verified my email and that everything is linked and I would even send proof from my bank statement that I did shop at Walgreens! I’ve already referred 5 people to this app and if I don’t get help I’m just going to tell them to delete the app and not even bother with it and I won’t recommend it to anyone. If it was only worth 25 points I wouldn’t care but the 2 items I bought are worth 2,000 each! All the other stores were out of the body wash so I went to Walgreens. This app needs to do better with detecting email receipts or get rid of that option all together because I’ve seen other people having issues with the same thing!
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1 year ago, FASTGuns05
I love everything about this app, except one major thing!
This would be an Amazing app for saving $ & getting some back for what you’re going to spend in the first place. If it wasn’t for them or punishing or limiting the points, that people like myself that are overachievers and trying to get the maximum amount of points possible, can get! I’ve realized that once you get up to about 10,000 points every receipt you scan seems like you only get 25 points so basically once you get to 10,000 and above you’re not gonna get any points for anything. Also, I referred 2 people and got my 2000 bonus points for each. So I referred another friend and mind you it’s not easy, talking someone in to download an app and putting all their information in just because you tell them to! When I did they cut me down to 100 points for my referral which screwed me & the person I referred. I’m referring people to the app and getting them to sign up. The least you could do is give me my bonus points. Actually, my bonus points should go up as a referral more people because I’m getting more people on the app. This really ticks me off but other than that that’s great. Oh, and I put in 5000 points worth of entries to win an I phone (over a month scanning everyday to get that) which was a lot of entry’s and didn’t hear see anything so how do we even know that these giveaways are even real and not just design to take our points back away??
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2 years ago, Kimberreader
Update Fail
I have loved using Fetch Rewards for the last two years. I have been able to get rewards from my normal shopping activity. There are times when I am buying an item like soda and It isn’t brand specific, so I will choose one that offers bonuses (ex. buying Pepsi vs. coke). Getting gift cards on all my purchases has been great. However, the December 2021 app update added a feature that made me want to immediately delete the app forever. I am a private person and don’t share purchases or anything else personal with friends, family, and definitely not with strangers. The Social/Beta feature immediately showed what “friends “ my account was connected with from referrals. I could see all the activity these people had with Fetch. It also showed them everything I did, so that we could “compete”. One of these friends was a person I did not know at all (Wes). Now, my friends may have always been able to see my activity and I didn’t know it, but that is something I will never appreciate. After a long time researching I figured out how to disconnect friends from my account. This fixes future activity, but these people (remember Wes is a person I have never met), can still see previous activity. Also, if you invite others to join Fetch, they will be able to see your private information unless you manually disconnect them. Fetch, please remove this feature. I will not be sharing your app with friends as long as this feature is an automatic feature.
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6 months ago, MarieFurio12
It’s worth it
I shop a lot and I mean more then 20 receipts in less than five days not including what is online my kids benefit from the app because my son that’s 15 will scan all my receipts and he collects all the points and they get themselves Xbox cash and Microsoft so they can buy things they like on there games they play so for me it’s a win because I hear less of mom can I use your debit card and more if they want every receipt even the gas station my son loves to scan them and see how many points we get we are down to 11, now but we had over 43, a few weeks ago they build up fast you just have to be on top of doing your part an also when you book a room online are airline it counts as well. So I would say yes to this app I been using it since it first game out an i tell everybody about it. Even when they ask do you want your receipt? I say yes an tell them about fetch even out of town trips I scan my receipts I think it’s a good thing an for people with no kinds you can get gift cards for so many things. And it has offers you just have to pay attention one day I bought just best foods Mayo and got 1000 points so yes I’m very happy with this app. It’s every day stuff we buy and do it not going to kill you to scan your receipt you will be loving the after math trust me.
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6 years ago, Angelscry2o
Limited Submissions
Overall I’ve had no issues with this app! It’s simple to get around, but I do have one chief complaint! This app has a weekly limit of scans to submit for rewards. The limit is 14 that’s average out to two shopping trips daily per 7 days. I don’t think that there should even be a limit on the number of times to submit a receipt for rewards. I don’t even get the same items each shopping trip. I take care of a mind failing paraplegic who tends to forget more than she remembers. So sometimes I’m sent to the store two or more times daily. Or we shop at two different stores daily. When we shop there may be two separate orders to pay for in one trip per store. So in one week I may be sent to the store 16 times. Today is a prime example I shopped at Kroger then she remembered she wanted cash back, round two at Kroger was like this, because atm was down I had to buy something else. Then we get home and she needs something from Walmart. Oh then after I get her to bed she asked did ya get this or that. I reply it was not on the list so yep I was sent back for round two at Walmart. So see four separate shopping trips in one day is the norm for me and because each item is different there should not be a limit on anyone’s submission for rewards. Other than this app is wonderful, but ya only get 4 stars because ya limit my shopping trips.
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4 months ago, EmmaNLuke
Program Needs Upgrade!!
The copy cat function on program is not very intuitive!! I am a female 74 have a grown daughter with 2 teenage athletes of her own & a very active busy son in law…. Absolutely NO BABIES!! Now or Ever!!! Hardly any coupons come for products I do buy & next to none ever for New Products!! Your program sees me purchase Coke Products week after week but continually sending notices for Pepsi —i just keep thinking this is such a waste of my time!! Should have a key space for the DD214 for my Veteran son in law discount also!! Thank you Linda As you can see from my points (200K) I am very active & try hard to use approved products. I once tried to cash in points at Christmas time for a movie for my kids—— but no movie card came or No approved card came & no confirmation or movie tickets were available —And when family got to movie there were no tickets, confirmed approval for movie and my Christmas present was not available for them. They had to pay! As you can see whatever for my 50K points They are still pending use, but how do I use them? They were never used ——but can’t do a thing about it! Appreciate all you do. Still using app adding points but Still do t know how to use the points. I would love 4 Visa Cards —- but at this rate I will be dust before I get to use the points.
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4 months ago, Lillith200000
Fetch 4 -EVRE- 1 !!
I really .. think ..FeTTTcH- 4 -EVRE -1 .. should be one of your Advertisement Logos ! He He ! It is really so Great for all .Its such a nice app even for the older generation like myself, and those who never did computers n games. All I have to do is take a picture and gently slide the button up on the screen .Now that’s something All of us can do .because we know how to take to pictures of our Sweet Grandchildren. It sure doesn’t take long to get a lot of rewards either. The only thing I have problems with and it has nothing to do with my Fetch .. Its all me , I tell you , I just forget to take pictures of my receipts,when I’m out ,then I have a bunch well I call it a mess , in my pocketbook .When I could of very well just took a picture of our dining out receipt then threw it right there ,but No ,I forgot,and all day long I do that sometimes. Then when I realize it, I have several to do , all at one time ! Ha Ha If I could only buy some ,Memory ! I do Love the fact I’m making rewards on whatever I buy, This Fetch is beyond anything I could ever imagine. Thank You for making a App that is for all customers Young and Old alike ,this is very Rare in Today’s World .Though you made is so ,that anyone that can simply Take A Pic ,then they can absolutely…Do The Fetttch ! Ha Ha I Really Do Appreciate it ! SLH (From Wv)
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2 years ago, sk7llcyber
I need help
Hi can u help me idk if it’s my iPad or the app so basically I download the app so I could get free gift cards and when I download it I did the sign up but I deleted it bc I thought it was fake but then later on months I saw some tiktoks about fetch rewards how you can get free gift card for robux so I tryed to download it again and it worked but when I clicked the sign up button it says email already exists on devic something like that and I tryed to log in but I forgot my password so ya but I download it on my moms phone then I did the sign up thing and I put the same email and it said email exists so then I I refreshed it the I was in the log in or sign it thing sign so I tried to do it didn’t work but then an like weeks later I tryed again didn’t work btw I was on my moms phone anyways today I tryed apple log in and I put the email and and I clicked forgot password and it said put email in so I did and I got a notification to make a new password and I did and I got in! And I decided to log in my iPad and it worked but it said it need to be updated btw the update was ios 14 but it said download old version so I clicked update but it didn’t work and I clicked it again again again didn’t work BTW MY IPAD IS A MINI IPAD 2 PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ITS MY IPAD IS OLD AND THATS WHY IT ISNT WORK or anything else ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼🤓 PLS HELP
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3 years ago, FeliciaD06
Great app; some enhancements could make it even better
Overall, I feel this is a great app. It is extremely easy to use and the reward options are great. However, I find myself forgetting to add receipts. With a few enhancements, I think this app could be even better: - Link accounts within a household; my husband and I generally shop for our household, rather than as individuals. It would be nice if we had the option to scan receipts for our household and share Rewards points. - More customized Offers: this could be accomplished by either predicting Offers that may appeal most based on prior purchases, or by allowing the user to provide feedback on Offers, such: as a rating scale, like/dislike option, ability to favorite or hide Offers, or a survey to let users describe the kinds of Offers they want to see or do not want to see. - Allow users to grant permission to proactively get eReceipts/Amazon receipts. I am able to do this with other apps, and like that I don’t have to manually prompt the app to get this information. Would love if Fetch automatically grabbed this, and then notified me and advised that I earned points based on my recent purchases. - Give users the ability to provide suggestions for enhancements outside of rating the app :)
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3 months ago, Char7179
They took over 40,000 of my rewards away saying that I had done something wrong. The only thing that happened was I ordered some Yankee candles. I got 3000 points each one and two of them were totally shattered. Walmart refused to take them back they just gave a refund and I wish I should have 6000 points taken off. I have not made it to the Walmart supercenter in Ormond Beach Florida to purchase the two that I want that were destroyed so that’s all I should have taken off of my thing is 6000 until I can get out there being 71 years old is kind of hard, but I will go out and purchase them. they accuse me of snapping Walmart receipts I’m 71 years old. You know I don’t have time to do that. Send my children to the store to shop for me when they bring me back the receipt. Sometimes I wait days to put them in and they’re always going to pick me up a can of this six pack of that or something like that but I’ve been accused falsely by them just so they don’t have to pay out so you need not to bother with them and I know somebody else I’ve come in contact since this this says the same thing they’re trying to keep her something so they don’t have to pay out so you need to quit using them just like my granddaughter did
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2 years ago, MomoAsterisk
Great app-with suggestions
I’ve been a fetch member for a few years now and it’s been a great app thus far. In comparison to other similar apps, I feel that Fetch offers a great value of points with receipts. As a single person household, I’ve found other apps to be way more difficult to build enough points to redeem any rewards. With fetch, you can get gift cards for as low as 3,500 points. My one big suggestion that I would love to see implemented in the Fetch app is to offer special rewards for vegetarian and vegan brands. I would love to see Fetch partner with brands such as MorningStar, Daiya, SweetEarth, Amy’s, Alpha Foods, to name a few. Or even to offer special bonuses when you purchase a plant-based version of something that typically is not (hidden valley ranch vs HVR plant-based). I believe this could encourage more people to try these brands or to try a plant-based version of something they normally wouldn’t. These foods are often times a great deal more expensive than your typical dairy or meat containing foods as well (Daiya non-dairy Pizza [~$9] vs any Red Baron pizza [$4-5], for example). So, perhaps knowing that they can receive redemption rewards points in exchange for paying the extra cost for specialty items could take a little bit of the sting off the wallets.
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2 years ago, FaithfulFetcher
Email receipt issues
I will keep this short and simple! I wanted other users who experience this problem to know they are not alone. I have had this app for a while now. I actually do love the app, however, the inability for this app to pick up email receipts is ridiculous! The first time this happened I reached out to customer service and didn’t receive any real assistance. The solution was turn your phone off and back on and try again….Then when that didn’t work I was told to delete the app and redownload it. That also did not work! I was then told log out of fetch, delete it again, and turn off my phone…. This again did not work! I decided to let it go, but continue using the app and trying to use the feature anyway and maybe it would pick up and maybe not. Eventually it did begin picking up my receipts again, magically and with no explanation. Then it stopped again. I tried the steps I had previously been given, this time it did work! My issue is that this continues to be an issue. Here I sit again with fetch logged out and deleted, phone restarted, about to download it YET AGAIN. This is a good app, you can build points, but this feature never working…. The one feature that actually sold me on fetch because of the pandemic and the online shopping…. This is gonna lose me in the end. Please fix it!
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3 years ago, mightydr74
So handy & rewarding
So I initially downloaded Fetch to help someone get the bonus points offered for refer a friend and hadn’t considered it to be an app I’d really have a use for .. boy was I wrong.. they gave me points for joining as well as to my friend so I started looking at what it was all about and was I surprised… first off, it’s not one of those shady apps that promises money back if you buy from a short list of products or clip digital coupons or jump through any numbers of hoops and still never get the “money” .. you simply take a picture or upload a digital receipts and their top notch app takes care of the rest .. here’s the kicker .. if you’re like me and have needed to start tracking your spending for sometime and just constantly forget to take or hold on to receipts to do that .. this app will help .. it makes remembering to get receipts and scan/save them a habit (not a hassle) but it’s fun and they reward you doing it … check it out and you will see … you won’t get rich but you get rewarded, they get market information on market trends and such (without invading your privacy) and the App makes it all so easy .. it’s a win/win/win … Thanks Fetch .. you are doing a great job and you’re doing it the RIGHT way.. keep up the good work.
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8 months ago, ShoporDrop
Good App but flaws
Good App to save up for gift cards and use wherever you want but the app only allows you to scan 35 receipts in seven days then it cuts you off for a number of days. If you scan again after the days are up or before seven more days you are only allowed to scan five receipts and then you are cut off again. Mind you that you have to scan your saved receipts within a certain time frame or you won’t be able to use them anymore. You shouldn’t be cut off at a certain amount if they don't advertise that in their description. I guess that’s how they keep from loosing too much money though, gotta have restrictions somewhere. So I lose all my receipts that are saved for extra points just because I scanned too many at one time. I won’t have time to scan as I go so I save them all up everyday and when I think about it and have time I scan them. Needs a little tweaking. Also the recent new update has the camera function not working as it should on my phone. I have to keep taking the same pictures over and over sometimes before it will go through. All in all a good app to have extra money to spend or gift cards just for saving a receipt and easy to use.
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3 years ago, bigbird1984
Yes but no when it works and adds correctly
It’s a good app easy to use but this one thing is what I don’t like now through end of the month offering extra points on restaurants well it doesn’t always register or correctly add the points I’ve submitted several restaurant receipts and it’s up to the generator whether or not it counts it. When restaurants are clearly in the name of the place it should be adding but nope I’ve been scammed on so many points this way I can submit 2 similar receipts sometimes it adds the points correctly sometimes it doesn’t kinda bummed other than that it a good app easy to use variety of options for rewards only other thing I have to say is it’s very picky what e receipts it accepts I’ve had several in my email and again it picks and chooses what it selects or uses. I’ve tried leaving them in my inbox vs deleting doesn’t matter again up to the system generator or whatever it is. Also shouldn’t limit receipts but that’s just personal preference because some days I don’t put them in right away I’ll do it all at once or sometimes I add them right away. But I always get the limit reached and sometimes you get close to a date for the receipt to expire and you can’t always scan in time I do wish that even if a receipt is expired it should still scan it because I love this app for saving my receipts.
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2 months ago, Angel barns
Used to love it
At first, this was a great way for me to obtain gift cards for the kids and the grandkids for Christmas. They’ve changed it so much some of the things they want you to purchase to earn points are outlandishly expensive and it takes forever to earn points. So now they came up with this gameplay option. There’s a menu of games that you’re supposed to click on and install through the link. Yes, it opens up the App Store and you install it then start playing and you’re supposed to earn points. I’ve completed two milestones on two different games that I should’ve earned over 5000 points for completing. However, when you go back into the Fetch app there’s a menu option that shows you the list of games. Next to it there’s a my games option. When I click on it, it says I haven’t installed any games. So after doing some research, it says you have to allow app tracking in order for Fetch to track your progress. The only app that requested that was spider solitaire, yet it still doesn’t show in my games. I also installed Coin Master that one did not ask me to accept tracking and I completed two milestones on that game. Seems like a scam to me because I guarantee, that by installing the apps to play games, the developers are making money for each install. i’ve sent countless support tickets to Fetch and constantly get automated responses, but never a solution.
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8 months ago, DestinyKal7715
Great app
I love this app as being a single mother this app allows me to get a gift card from (so many different stores) in which case I can get for a birthday or groceries and even treat my self!!! Well sounded good saying it lol! But not only that it keeps track of my receipts as long as I scan them most of the time I remember! But it’s helped let me know what I spent and where and also If I misplaced the paper one it’s always here for me in case of a return. It’s also a fun app as I’ll some times let them build up in my purse then scan them all at once I enjoy it! The only thing I do not like is the 14 days only I think it should be at least 30 days as I have missed out on points as I said I let them build up to scan I know my own fault but I’m always on the move working two jobs being a nurse and doing home health care then taking care of my children! I can no longer stand over a surgery table so I enjoy helping the elderly so then can live in there home and enjoy life So they don’t go into nursing home! And I get to shop and scan there receipts too as long as they don’t have the app which most are not tech savvy!! But thank you Fetch because every little bit helps us single MOMs!!!!!!! Xoxoxo Destiny
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3 years ago, Amy Michelle 33
Used to love this app until now
I rarely leave reviews. However, to hopefully prevent my situation from happening to anyone else, I’m taking the time out to leave one. If I could give this app zero stars I would. Today I had 51,000 points I had been saving for some time. I went to redeem only $10 worth for papa johns and kept getting this error message. Finally I opened the app after force closing to find I only had 11,000 points left. I never confirmed redeeming my points. I immediately messaged customer service like the error message said to do to get a lady named Gabriel who I sent screenshots of the error message and I sent proof I don’t have a vpn downloaded so no way for one to be on. She told me sorry this can’t be reversed after arguing with me and trying to convince me it was my fault which no it was not. It was solely the responsibility and fault of the app. Gabriel didn’t respond after my last message showing proof of no VPN until I messaged support again. Then she responds to say she’s sorry this can’t be reversed and they forwarded this to the development team so it don’t happen to anyone else. That was 40,000 something points I just got ripped off for. Never did she try to make this right in any kind of way. So just a heads up be really Leary of this app because us people who utilize this app are not what matters to customer care. I’m done. I am not going to ever use this app again nor will anyone I know use it. Thanks a lot Gabrielle!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻smh
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4 years ago, Whitwhit760
BEWARE!!!!!!! This company is a scam they show you offers and when you actually use the app for what it is intended for they deactivate your account so you can not redeem the points. They will not even provide you any explanation just a vague reason and tell you their decision is final. ***RESPONSE TO THEIR REPLY*** They accuse people of violating their terms because they do not want to pay out the money due to you. They accused me of violating their terms but after multiple emails can not tell me what exactly I did or provide me any sort of evidence. I even sent them a breakdown of my points with my receipt pictures asking them where I did something wrong all they could tell me was their decision was final, they swindled me put over over $50. If you question what I am saying look them up on BBB they have an F rating and about 31 complaints similar to mine, where they deactivate accounts so they don’t have to pay them out. I now know how they earn their profit as a company, stealing from their app users. I have had to report them to the brands they show on their app as well as the BBB, FTC and a few other sites. I am just hoping that they will be held accountable for their scamming business practices and taking advantage of people to earn a profit.
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5 months ago, AmShazam
App refuses to recognize receipts in my email anymore
*Edit: I received a response from the developers and they gave me a link to help correct my problem and I am delighted to update that my recent emailed receipts are now being recognized again!! Thank you Fetch rewards🤗I am revising my original feedback and stars to Five, because I am so happy it’s working again with their troubleshooting fix! Once upon a time Fetch used to recognize my receipts in email and award points for online purchases. It has been months since it has acknowledged my emailed grocery receipts for online purchases (and other online purchases). I have tried to make sure the access info (email / password) are up to date, but beyond that, I just don’t want to spend time emailing tech support. Technology makes me tired! lol. Anywho, if there’s a bug that’s not reading email receipts, maybe that can be in the next update! I order groceries through the grocery app very consistently, so I always have receipts in my emails, and often I choose products that help increase points, but if the app no longer reads these receipts, I’m def less inclined to choose the brands that offer higher points rewards. Just my 2 cents! :)
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4 years ago, JT3193
Pretty good but one problem
I downloaded this app recently and quickly through referrals and scanning receipts I was able to get to about 25,000 points which worth a $25 gift card. The app is great and easy to use but I have had one issue with it. Twice now I have referred someone to join the app through my link sent to them to receive bonus points to me and the friend I sent it to, and I know they signed up through my link but I wasn’t rewarded with my points for getting them to sign up and scan a receipt. This has happened during bonus periods where instead of the normal 2,000 point bonus for referring someone it is 4,000 points. It’s really disappointing because I know I should have 8,000 more points but when I first contacted them through the app they said they couldn’t do anything about it, and then after it happened the second time through another person I tried asking if there is a time limit that someone has to sign up using the link I sent but it wouldn’t let me send my question in the section where it said contact us. Overall it’s a great app to get some gift cards, but I really wish I could have gotten those 8,000 points because I know for a fact that 2 people signed up through my link but it doesn’t even show up on the list of people I referred
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4 months ago, mhrhhdydbdtsguasjhycgfv
I like the app it works really well easy to scan very easy and usable for really people of all ages. However, my one and only distaste for this app is that you don’t get a ton of money on your receipts. for example, for a single receipt, no matter what you will earn 25 points and if you have items on your receipt that qualify for different points, you’ll get higher. For example, if you go to your local grocery store and you get popcorn, Dawn dish soap, and ti you will say get example 100 points instead of 25. I do like this a lot except for the fact that it takes you forever to qualify for enough money by using your points. For example, 5000 points is only three dollars and it takes you forever to even get to 5000 points while on the other hand to just simply get $25 worth you have to get 28,000 points. like I said though, I would recommend this because it’s easy to use it’s fine very creative and thorough. I love that they do different giveaways that you can enter your points for sweepstakes, but my only dislike for it is the Points system. And I do get it it’s a business so it’s gonna take a while to rack up the points because I don’t wanna just give away money but it doesn’t make it a little challenging for the person.
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11 months ago, suziebakery
Reward Points
I am giving them a 1 star rating because they are constantly finding a loophole to where I do not get the reward points. I do a lot of online ordering for groceries and Safeway does not give you a cash register receipt for online delivery orders they only give you a printout of what was ordered. So that day I was not given my 1,700 points. Yesterday I picked up my prescription for my tests strips which should have given me 2,500 points and again they did not give my points saying they do not except my prescription receipt because it needs again a cash register receipt. I gave them a copy of my RX receipt that said the amount of what my insurance pays and a copy of the cash register receipt that said RX $0.00 which I pay nothing because the insurance paid it. I have called the store asking for a cash register receipt instead of a print out and they said this is their procedure. I can not do anything about how a store does their online delivery order receipts or my pharmacy receipts for my prescriptions. I am disabled and depend on online home deliveries. I feel they are happy to give you the 25 points but when it comes to the larger reward points they always find a loophole! Suzie b
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6 months ago, CarminNooch
Bonus points mostly a 5
I do really like this app but it has some drawbacks. Yes bonus points are generally only a 5. Usually a disappointment. When you see the wheel spin, it will show all these possible points all the way up to I believe 10k or 100k. I wonder if anyone ever got that. But all these years I’ve never gotten more than a couple of 250 points. Don’t get me wrong, 250 points are great, but way to far and few between those 5 bonus points. I do enjoy seeing those cute little animated guys do there funny routine which does change seasonally. Pretty cool! But, yes here comes the but, l’m not a fan of the 14 day limit to scan receipts. And I haven’t referred anyone to this app ever since they lowered the referral points. Originally it was 2k to receive and to give to whoever you referred, which is sometimes difficult to convince someone to download an app in which they have to frequently use. The 2k was a nice start to refer and to get as new user! But last month it was 750 points and this month 1k to the person referring and the person receiving is only getting 500 points. Very disappointing! Why in the world did you lower the points instead of raising them? If you kept it to 2k or even higher, it would be better incentives and much more likely get more referrals from new customers!
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3 years ago, jessicatheimpressica
GREAT APP! But I have one complaint.
This is a wonderful app! It was slow earning points when I first got it because I didn’t know the ropes of it, but I quickly started getting points through friends who didn’t want their receipts. Even despite the scan limit, I get plenty of points. I’ve finally made it to 20,000+ points! I got so excited when I saw that because now I can get a good gift card for myself. Here’s my complaint. I went to scan a receipt over a week ago now. I had been logged out. Normally that isn’t a problem; log back in and you’re good. Not the case. I am having a persistent notification after clicking my method of login which claims there was a problem, but that there is also no further information on the matter. It is very frustrating knowing that I could have gotten that gift card by now, when I can’t even log in at this point. I’ve downloaded another similar money back app, but it’s just not the same. I want my Fetch Rewards app back! I have recently had issues logging into other apps that typically keep me logged in, so it could be my phone. But I’m really hoping it’s just all these apps coincidentally not working for me all at once.
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2 years ago, Htrain1972
The best and easiest app I have ever used
I absolutely love the fetch rewards app! This app gives you points towards gift cards, etc. just for buying things that you normally would buy anyway, who ever heard of such a thing? It’s better than any credit card that I’ve had that gives you cashback on things you buy, it’s a simple to use just snap a picture of your receipt click submit and get your points not to mention the extra points you can earn for buying certain products that a lot of them I buy all the time anyway. The developers of this app are absolute geniuses! I tell everybody I know about this app and how simple it is to use in the benefits that you get from it. Thank you so much for making my life easier with this app it gives me something to look forward to every time I go to the store or shop online, you have one very very satisfied user here and I will continue to spread the word about this app, I will always use this app every time I shop anywhere. The benefits are great it’s like getting rewarded for doing in buying things that you do on a daily basis. Thank you very much federal awards, sincerely a lifelong that’s rewards app user. Henry Barnett
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4 years ago, Everie Echktz
Scan Limit......please
I’m not trying to be bitter or a Karen. I recently downloaded this app a couple days ago and loved it! I thought this app was way better then all the other apps out there for “money back” by scanning your receipts. All the popular apps did nothing for me, THEY were scams. Download bates. When I came across this one I really enjoyed it, until it said I hit a scan limit. Really? The reason I enjoyed it was because you scan all your receipts and you earn points no matter what. You can earn points to earn prizes. As an everyday consumer I thought this was perfect. Until it said I couldn’t scan anymore receipts. Keep in mind, some of us have big families, some of us are forgetful and need to rush to the store to feed there families. Some of us can’t always keep track with every household product they have and don’t have. Some of us are laid off of work and want to get out and go somewhere once in awhile. What’s there to do? Well, America says we should eat out more, spend money, shop at all our available grocery markets and don’t forget to tip, tip, tip!!!!!!! Times like this, being an American is rough. If Fetch Rewards could take this in consideration that would be lovely. It’s not my fault I’m a disabled veteran, who’s forgetful and just trying to protect and take care of my family. I’m just doing my job. I’m not a criminal always reaching there “Scam limit” I mean “SCAN LIMIT” Thank you and have a nice day. 😃
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12 months ago, armhanson
Great Opportunity, Frustrating Point Retention
This app is great if you use it constantly. Points build up and result in actual, cash rewards through gift cards. It’s no scam, though point building slows significantly after the first couple of weeks of promotional point offers. My main gripe is that I lost all of my points as if I were penalized for not uploading receipts for a few months. I am very tired of financial institutions penalizing me due to how I use the money I allow them to use. While Fetch is not a financial institution, they are collecting and disbursing my purchase data. For that reason alone, the rewards they offer in the form of redeemable points should never expire. I spent that money and made a permanent transacting record that I shared with them. I expect something in return for revealing my shopping habits and my spending amounts. I expect that reward to be available to me without an expiration date, especially an expiration date of only a few months. I am pretty sure I uploaded a receipt in January this year. It’s only April and that record is gone and the points I was given with it. The app is not a scam, per say, but the expiration dates seem unnecessary at best, disingenuous at worst. Can’t say I’ll continue using the app if it is requiring of my constant attention like this.
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4 years ago, Jaqueezie
Super Super Easy!!! No gimmicks!
I love this app!!! Seriously I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use this app. They accept all grocery & convenient stores receipts! All you do is literally scan your receipts! You don’t have to go through to choose your products or specify which store, like Ibotta (which drives me nuts!), it does it all for you! Even if you have no products that redeem points, you still get at 25 point bonus, but that rarely happens because this app has products you actually buy!! They have joined with tons of ‘household name’ companies, not off the wall random companies & products that you’ve never heard of. I’m about to redeem my points for a $25 gift card! We all have to buy groceries, so why not earn money on things you already bought!? They even accept e-receipts if you order your groceries online. Only once have I had an item on a receipt not give me points when it should of, but they allow you to easily correct it and will give you your points instantly. (And To be fair the receipt labeled the item weird so it was understandable.) This is BY FAR the best grocery app out there, and I’ve tried quite a few. I’ve been telling everyone about it! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!!!
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12 months ago, Loganskyy
What Happened to the coins?
I use to really enjoy using this app. It has loads of offers on items I already bought! Many worth while, even when having to buy multiple packages of items with in a certain time period. I was lucky enough too have downloaded this app when it was fairly new. Then it was fun and enjoyable at times. Now, for me that fun and enjoyment are over. On almost all receipts, say 90% I’m getting only get 25 coins (bare minimum for any receipt). For example, 1000 coins = $1 that’s 40 receipts if you get nothing extra. Note you will always get 25 measly points. To get a $25 money card or any other gift card for that amount it’s 27,000 What this has turned into for me is: going out to hunt for specific food items mostly. These items are majority, very specific, uncommon and sometimes even not local. If you live in a rural area then this app is even more difficult. This being so because of how many “local” stores, shops, supermarkets and mega store pay you must visit. The only real way to get enough coins, is to only buy the brands they want you to listed. From the store they want it, often within a few hours to days.
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1 week ago, Akam42
Pretty good, although… (edited)
The app is very good, very fast and you can scan as many tickets as you want which is a plus if you collect tickets somewhere and scan all of them at once at some point. I still haven’t been able to buy anything (I reached $10 gift card amount) because shipping is $9.95 in the stores that have $5 and $10 available so I can’t tell you if it actually works. The thing I hate a little about it though is that it only accepts receipts with the (month/day/year) format and not the (month day, year) format. It doesn’t matter that the receipt is in the 14 day range, it doesn’t read it. I wish they could fix this because I’ve had too many receipts thrown in the trash without scanning because of this. I really hope they fix it. Apart from that, the app in itself is very good. Edit: They fixed the date format and now it reads both! So I had to change from 4 to 5 stars! Plus I was able to test the app a lot of times and it definitely works. I was able to get some thing from TJ Maxx and the rest have been gift cards from different stores that I then used in their online website stores. Definitely worth it
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5 months ago, want it back please
well, for four years, I’ve loved fat. It’s amazing I love getting a gift certificate for my family or for myself. I love all do you have to do is scan your receipt and you guys do the rest that is amazing. Well, then one day I went to scan my receipts and I was getting zero. And I could not figure out why I didn’t do anything wrong and then I was getting a letter email saying that I was pretty much picked up for fetch. I don’t know what I did all I know is I have put my receipts in a pile and some of them I’ve double scanned but it wasn’t an accident it’s not like I meant to. So with no notification no email no nothing you just kicked me off OK so what I scan a couple twice it’s not like I did anything wrong if you look at the receipt through the same receipts that I scared to get points for. So I would love to get back on Fetch and use my 163,000 points that I have and you guys will not let me have. So if there’s any reason why you can put me back on Fetch I would love to be back on Fetch use my points for my grandkids. I was going to get gift certificates for my grandkids for Christmas. I would like someone to contact me about this. Thank you.
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2 years ago, camcampoa28
Falsely accused of fraud
I use this app solely for the Huggies rewards and I initially thought it was the greatest thing and had been recommending it to all my mom friends who use Huggies. I bought diapers and wipes yesterday and when I scanned my receipt I got an error message saying my receipt couldn’t be accepted because my account had been locked. I immediately contacted customer service and was told that my account had fraudulent activity including submitting false and altered receipts. I have never submitted false or altered receipts so I’m really confused and pretty annoyed. One receipt that was submitted was a reprinted receipt that the store gave me because the register did not print my receipt. I can’t control what the store gives me so why am I being punished for that? Additionally, after scanning a different receipt I noticed Fetch did not give me the correct amount of points. I had close to $100 in diapers and wipes and they gave me credit for $1 so I submitted a correction. Again, not sure how that’s my fault when Fetch didn’t read the receipt correctly?? I’m really disappointed that I’m being falsely accused of something I would never do and that my account was deactivated without any notice. I also find it rather convenient that I’m close to earning another Huggies reward and my account got deactivated. I’m seriously disappointed and will no longer recommend this app to my mom friends.
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1 month ago, jleighwine
PLAY portion stinks, points aren’t awarded & they won’t give them to you
I’ve been using the Fetch app for quite a while. I was annoyed when they changed the PLAY part. However, I’ve been home sick for a quite a while & have downloaded 8 games. I have had trouble with almost ALL of the games awarding points when you reach the levels. I’ve followed the process, allowed the tracking & only play through the Fetch app. They fixed the issue the 1st few times (on some of the games) but now, even when they can SEE that I’ve only been awarded to level 8 on one game (which they did give me the 441 points & an additional 3000 for “the trouble” on level 8) and now I’m on LEVEL 30 without the appropriately awarded points (missing points from levels 18 & 28) , they’re not willing to give me the points that I’m supposed to have . I hate it more than ANYTHING when people/companies do not abide by their word. I’m not asking for anything other than what I’ve earned under the app that was set up. I literally play these games every morning & every night to try to get as many points as possible (which is the whole point- right?). Their reply is to try different games. I have 8, I’m already invested in those. I obviously want to beat the levels for the points, not jump around. I was telling everyone how great this app is. I won’t be doing that anymore. Fix your bugs
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10 months ago, Ahmiri'elle Hope
I’ve tried every receipt app out there & FETCH is literally the easiest one to use. It actually pays you! I’ve received about $150 in gift cards since I’ve started using the app. I will recommend NOT TO PURCHASE THE VISA DEBIT CARDS with your points. I had 30,000 points & was low on $ so I redeemed my points. It ended up being 3 different cards totaling $25. After 3 days I received them & it took me forever to figure out how to use them. Once I figured it out, I couldn’t find anywhere to accept them. Come to find out SOMEHOW wine was purchased with one of the cards online. I don’t drink so this was wild to me. I contacted the visa customer service & they did send me a email to report fraud on the card seeing I didn’t make the purchase. BUT it’s going to take 120 days to process the claim. It was only $7 , this card was for $10 . I’m so upset because it took me forever to save 30,000 points & I wouldn’t have redeemed my points if I didn’t need gas to take my kids to summer camp. So I basically redeemed them for no reason because the only one who got paid from the deal was the VISA prepaid company. So DONT BUY THE VISA pre paid CARDS!
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10 months ago, Blackcatttat
Would be easier to shop by store listings
This app isn’t too bad, getting points is pretty easy even when you don’t get specific products listed, but it is a pain to have to search through all the products when you can’t search by A specific store, like Walmart or target. ALSO I think it would be great if you could “like“ or have a little icon at the top of each item and have a category for those things for the week. That way when you go shopping you could just go to that category and find all the stuff you liked and we’re going to buy or planned on buying. Kind of like putting it in a folder for future us! That would make it a whole lot easier to navigate when you’re in a hurry! On another note, it’s great that you can get extra points by playing the wheel every day. But the amount of times I have just gotten five extra coins sometimes is not even worth the spin. Also, I keep getting friend requests from random people that I don’t even know. I think if there would be some kind of incentive to actually get more points at the end of the week, then the people that you ARE connected with, then that would be actually some thing to strive for.
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10 months ago, T and W
Three $50 gift cards so far!!!!
I love Fetch!!! Really so easy to use, and I've cashed out three times already, each time for $50. It's great to have the app open when you're making your grocery lists. Something you buy regularly may have a points special that day, or a brand you haven't tried could get 2x the points of something you used to buy. I think a fantastic feature to add could be the possibility of favoriting certain brands and favoriting certain items within the app, so that I can check them at a glance. If we had a "wish list" or "to-use list" that would be even easier. The only thing I sometimes have trouble with is the e-scan. I have a hard time getting it to recognize my Target receipts. If I do a drive-up/pick-up at Target, I don't get a physical receipt and rely on the email receipts. And when the app won't register those, it's a little dissappointing. But I still absolutely love this app and will continue to use it on the daily!! Every 25pt receipt really adds up. *crossing my fingers that my daily spin will one day be the 10,000 or 100,000* Download this app right now!!!! You won't regret it.
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2 years ago, Rebelchelle
I personally never write reviews on apps. But, I HAVE to on this one! I am so happy with this app! Just this past week I reached 50,000 points and was able to receive a gift card and I chose Bath & Body Works and just had a field day there! Now with me, it DID take me a total of two years to get to 50,000 points. That seems like a very long time, however, there were a lot of times that I could’ve probably reached it a lot quicker if I had of paid attention and made sure that I scanned my receipts weekly. Because it only goes back two weeks by the date. Overall, I think this is the best app ever! I was a little skeptical at first and wondered if I would really get the gift card. But, once I chose which one I wanted, which was Bath & Body Works, it was two days later & it was ready for me to print out. So, I printed it out & then I called Bath & Body Works & explained to them that I received this printed out paper gift card from the Fetch app from scanning receipts and asked them if they would accept it and they said yes! So, this is one happy customer! LOVE THIS APP! Thank you Fetch app!!!! Y’all are awesome! So glad that y’all created this app!!
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2 years ago, nlr765
I use Fetch all the time (and I’m not usually one to go for stuff like this). I don’t ever let it dictate what I buy and brands though. I just naturally shop. Difference now is I take the receipts I would have gotten anyway and I scan them before tossing them out. Not only do you get points for them that leads to rewards. It is also useful as like a receipt data base of sorts! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed a receipt to take something back or double check something, unfortunately I’d already thrown it away but luckily I had it on here still. Only negative I would say is you barely get any points by using my method. You obviously get more points the more brands / products you get that are sponsored on there. Unfortunately so far I haven’t seen anything like that for very loyal users. Pretty much you get about 25points each receipt unless having one of the above mentioned that’s sponsored. But either way still a good app and why not take like 10 seconds and turn a piece of paper into points! After a bit it got me my pair of really nice Adidas for like next to nothing due to turning in my points for a gift card.
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3 years ago, angie5155
I really love that I can get points on pretty much ANYTHING I buy. I use it for all my shopping now even if I spent like $1 on something. I don’t have any family really close to me anymore most of them are on the west coast so I’m really loving this because I know that paying for a flight out there to see everyone is going to be so much easier now than it usually is. Right now I’m saving my points for a gift card for a trip out west, so I’m hopefully going to be able to take more cash for spending money on this trip rather than having to put most of it towards my flight. It’s really nice to get some points on the things that I HAVE TO GET (like cat litter for example) because now I’m getting something back that I can then use for something else I need or want. The one thing that I don’t like is the receipt limit per week being 35. Which is really not that big a deal, I just wish it were not limited. Since I buy SOMETHING almost every day that limit means my receipts just stack up. Which is a bit annoying when you can only use receipts from the last 2 weeks. Otherwise I’m really glad I found this app
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3 months ago, calliope1975
App has changed for the worst
1. Used to have 5000 points as the minimum to get 5$ of gift card, even Apple. That number is now 6500, and with Apple, you can’t get any gift card unless you use 12,500 points for 10$ (12,500 points requires submitting FIVE HUNDRED receipts!). 2. Fetch used to offer a daily spin to get additional points daily provided a new receipt was snapped. (OF COURSE digital receipts didn’t count for this…). They got rid of that so that…. 3. …now, in order to gain additional rewards, you have to sign away your privacy by giving total phone tracking access to Fetch, AND completing games that require you to install more apps. “Tap to play” is just a sneaky way to give advertisers access to your entire phone. In return, for every snapped receipt, you get 25 points (which, based on the new cashout minimum of 6500 point tier for 5$ gift card, is equivalent to 1.9 CENTS!). This app used to be great and did in fact sufficiently reward people for taking the time to snap receipts and/or provide access to your email accounts. As it works now, data brokers get all of this access to your personal information and all we get is the equivalent of less than 2¢ for each receipt snapped. Want that free 10$ gift card? Just take a picture of 500 receipts! ALSO, a 750 point referral bonus—yeah, that ends up being the equivalent of 11.5 CENTS (¢)!!!!!!!!
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