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Figma Inc.
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Figma

4.65 out of 5
12K Ratings
3 months ago, Purdisc
The One
Figma has been the one app I go to for doing any kind of initial design work. Once you’re there with all the shortcuts the speed of delivery is better than any other I’ve tried. The ease of sharing a link with an end user and watching their cursor on screen when giving notes is unparalleled imo. Clearly I’m talking about the desktop app but the ability to see notes on iOS is very useful.
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5 months ago, Liquidfire37
Buggy and lacks essential features
I love Figma on desktop but the mobile app on phone and iPad fall short in a big way. I use it almost exclusively for the mirror function and I would have given it 3 stars if it weren’t so buggy. Bugs I have found while using mirror include: - Loses connection periodically - Freezes often and needs to be restarted - The prototype doesn’t always appear exactly as on screen. For example, I had an icon with a transparent container around it and layers that had shadows. It looked fine on the computer screen but on the phone, the container background appeared white and the shadows were applied to the container instead of the objects inside it. - It would be nice to have an option to turn on/off status bar and home bar if they are already on your designs. - Animations are not very smooth. Aside from the mirror feature, I wanted to view and respond to a comment while I was on the go, but I can’t see the comments. It seems all that I can do view my frames. I would really love editing capabilities, especially for iPad. If I could design in Figma on iPad it would save my hand so much from all the mouse clicks. In the meantime, I’m just trying to learn all the shortcuts keys!
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2 years ago, ADiddle2646
Major design flaw
Converted to figma from sketch. Program is a nice upgrade. But one huge design flaw that I can’t get over. When I run my prototype to present, figma loads my assets one by one, it causes an issue because assets should be completely loaded before starting a presentation. Common sense. When you first run the presentation let the loader ACTUALLY load the assets then start the presentation. It is embarrassing. What is the point of showing you are loading a prototype if your assets are not actually being loaded.I don’t want to have to tell my client oh wait for your assets to load. That’s unprofessional. Doesn’t matter if the asset is large or not. Load my assets first before presenting. This is huge because if I am presenting to a team, they should not see anything in the presentation other than the intended first frame not have the prototype assets load one by one like a website they can click on things before ready. Doesn’t matter if I have large assets or not. When you load a presentation. Load it. Show a spinner. But don’t show the actual assets loading. Automated actions fail to show and overall is not good practice. If this is fixed this program will allow me to stop my subscription to my other programs. It’s too embarrassing to load my prototypes to my clients right now. I hope this is fixed so I can centralize my programs I use to figma.
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1 year ago, gonobeanoe
Figma Dark Patterns
This is just a comment on Figma as a company. But their model is shady, and it’s clear why they’ve made so much money. They trick designers to not know that any invited editor gets billed to their account. $15 each. Even if the other has a pro account. This means if you have a pro account, and the invited person also has a pro account. You still get charged $15 the minute they can edit your file. This is not collaborative and makes me question the real “game changing” collaboration model they claim to offer. They’ve limited the free experience, which is fine. But to be shady to paying Figma users is messed up. Be more transparent, and fix your business model. You have enough money to do so after the $20 Billion dollar purchase from Adobe.
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2 years ago, Park's Pop
A bit flaky
I’m not entirely sure who the audience is for this. I use it as a way to keep track of designs and comments on Figma, but there are enough rough edges that I hesitate to open it. 1. Comment functionality was added (yes!), but you can’t find new comments within the file. You have to close the file, go to the alerts section and tap the comment there to then re-open the file to the new comment. Opening the file can take a minute, so this is really inefficient. 2. Within a. Few minutes of opening the file and zooming / scrolling around, the system seems to forget how to scroll and every swipe, two finger or one, activates the zoom. You have to force-quit the app to get it working again, and within a few minutes it’s back to zooming on every touch. I think the team need to focus on why this app exists. I would love if it was for my use case—non-designer that needs to review mocks and make comments—but even if that wasn’t the goal, it needs some clear workflow definition.
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1 year ago, Shae9639
The overall app is pretty decent. I enjoy being able to look and access projects that I’m currently working on while away from my desktop. However, do you guys think it might be possible to add an editing option? As far as maybe adding text/information into certain fields? Or being able to add photos. I could understand how prototyping might be an issue but this app would be so much more beneficial if capable of doing more.
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7 months ago, Sabaw Jus
Can’t work on design files
I downloaded Figma expecting to be able to work on design files without needing to go the website. If adobe can make a downgraded illustrator, then why can’t figma do the same. If it works in the browser, why not an app. Also, You can only use Figma jam which is very limited in its features. There are very few fonts and colors. This app is limited and it’s use as another viewer is pointless as you can use a browser. Unless, this app allows making and editing of design files, then it fails to do a pivotal purpose of why people purchase and use Figma in the first place.
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3 weeks ago, JHToole
Figma is Life!
From the moment I downloaded Figma FOR FREE! I was amazed at how much you can do, how intuitive it is, and how much fun it is to create app pages and prototype them so quickly. Then when you download the mobile app, you can see how your project works and feels in real life! The work canvas is extremely large, I’ve built huge apps with multiple pages and I’ve yet to run out of room. I’m so impressed with Figma !
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1 year ago, rachichyo
“prototype too big”
The whole point of me downloading this app on my phone was so I could see how my prototype of a mobile app would look on my phone. I thought it would be easier to gauge if my font sizes/weights look fine when viewing it on an actual mobile device rather than my mac. And it was. Nine frames and a few animations later I get a message saying that I can no longer view the prototype on my phone because the file is too big. Seriously? After only 9 frames? I don’t know if this is a bug or not but the app is pretty much useless to me now since I do all the actual work on my mac. So that was disappointing.
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11 months ago, FancySparklyUnicorn
This app is so amazing! I’m still learning how to use it, but so far it has been “just wow”. I hope that you can add more cute patterns to the tape, and also in the app you can’t adjust corner radius on the rectangles but you can on the website, but I like to use the app because I have a 1 hour time limit on safari. Hope you can fix that. Other than that, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️! Thank you!
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2 years ago, remedijos
Please improve vector editing & ability to copy paste into Illustrator
Figma is good at many things, but vector editing is definitely not their strong suit. Neither is photo editing. It is optimized for quick & relatively low skill mocking, but not for creating actual elements of the design, like high quality iconography. So I still very much need Photoshop and Illustrator. Animation abilities are also very limited. So there’s no way to make a realistic prototype with just Figma. Please provide at least an ability to copy paste vector INTO Illustrator, not just from.
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2 years ago, McNruiser
Making progress
I could really use a few things: - Better Apple Pencil support in figjam (real palm rejection; allowing me to write inside of a blob (shape) with my Apple Pencil and convert it to text.) - Let me move the toolbox out of the way on the screen. For the preceding improvements I would be willing to pay 2 stars.
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5 months ago, MSPNCR
Unusable for my workflow
iPad version fundamentally can’t handle a moderate to high number of images on one page, in fact it says as much when it inevitably crashes. I guess it’s nice for people who are mostly reviewing simple vector work but for anyone who interacts with many raster images on one page it’s totally not workable. I don’t really understand why they couldn’t integrate some kind of low-res display mode, or selective loading of just certain images, or something more than “Sorry can’t be done.”
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2 years ago, SlayHisWigOff
Do ppl at figma even use this?
I’m so shocked by how buggy this app is that I have to write a review. Mobile designers rely on the mirror function heavily, but it is barely usable, the toast at the bottom never dismisses, it loads slowly and often disconnects, or loads the wrong page and you have to deselect and reselect the frame on computer to trigger the refresh, it ignores your frame selection if u have a flow on this page and will just keep playing that flow… I have no idea who made and approved this, and I’m just simply afraid to touch the open file feature. Also no real iPad apps in 2022. Hello??
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2 years ago, Eurofrosty
FigJam unusable on iPad
Apple Pencil is barely supported. Drawing is excruciatingly slow. But the best part is that when using the text tool, whether for existing text or new, at least 4/5 times it doesn’t activate the keyboard. So unless you’re not in a hurry, and have an external keyboard connected, you will not have any fun creating or editing jams on the go. Two stars for the basic utility of (very, very slowly) accessing your team documents, and at least you can cross things out and leave comments.
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2 years ago, nolanperry
Figma is wonderful, but their app isn’t
I love using Figma, but the persistent bugs that exist on the app are frustrating. The app is super useful; I love it. It’s simply a frustrating experience a large portion of the time. It’s unfortunate to see a lack of development and care put towards it. I switched over from Adobe XD, and they had a better app experience— as the reviews show. Hoping for improvement here.
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2 years ago, Masha_Kh
Cannot log in after updating the app
Hi, I could not log in into my account after I installed the latest update. I tried changing my password, reinstalled the app. everything works on my desktop. The app doesn’t provide a system respond on what’s wrong, just shows the log in page. Doesn’t say if password or email are wrong. (Which they are not). When I press on Log in button, the focus state goes on passes field (which already has my password). Please help.
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2 years ago, Sungbylee
Great update but it still has the same bug
It is good to see new functionalities in the Figma app. However, the double tap bug still persist in the prototype view. Every tap is registered as a double tap. When the tap heat map are located at the same place in multiple pages, it skips to the second page. This is a major bug that needs to be fixed ASAP. This bug has been on Figma since 2018.
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7 months ago, countblahblehblH
iPad app is like the mobile app
It’s a little disappointing that Figma doesn’t have an iPad app version that is similar to the desktop app version they have. Because what i can do with the iPad app version is very limited.. I can only comment and view others work. I can’t edit or anything. to do that i would have to log into Figma on the browser. It’s a little bit annoying that’s all.
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12 months ago, rainbows4dinosaurs
Good for reviewing work, but…
I want to be able to design using my iPad Pro. This is somewhat possible via the browser, but the annoying ‘open in app’ banner never goes away. The iOS/iPadOS app just seems like yet another port of the web app but with edit functionality switched off—why do that? I guess because it’s an imperfect experience? I don’t care, I still want to design with my iPad.
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6 months ago, Zhongyu Wang
Long due 5-star review for Figma mobile app (team)
What makes Figma special is definitely the attention to details and how well the team decides to build the app to solve real user need. Keep up the good work and I’d love to see a much more powerful app in the future!
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2 years ago, kgeer
Loving it so far
Right now my only comment would be to move or give me the option to move the control bar from the bottom to the right or left vertically. When using the apple pen, I keep accidentally changing tools with the base of my hand. If the option exists, I haven't been able to find it yet.
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5 months ago, twodatous
Figma Mirroring Lag
For my use case I mostly use the Figma App to test prototypes and check context of designs on an actual device. The other features feel like nice to haves based on my personal workflow. My frustration with the app comes mostly with connectivity issues. Figma mirror often lags and doesn’t update based on the frame selected on my computer. I often to need to restart the proton or hard reset the app. Would love to see a connection that is allowed through a cable vs WiFi.
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10 months ago, dmxtme
Wonderful for viewing mobile design on real-time
It auto updates when you update the design on computer. You can use your phone to show off your progress to your friends. This is one amazing #Figma
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3 years ago, schmeagol6
Latest update
I love the app, I just have one concern… with ltest update when using long press menu opens up, but with that gestures like: “touch down” or “while pressing” that were used in figma prototype doesn’t work because now menu opens up…
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4 days ago, Markasian
The app shows web view but it still loads the drawings super slow
Yeah pretty much no difference with the web app. This mobile app is just for web view of the web app and it still loads all my drawings very, very slow. I still end up using the web app because it’s making me unproductive anyways. Bright side is at least, I don’t have to find the url to access my drawings.
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2 years ago, StonePiedra
Best UX ever
When I check out this app in the beginning I didn’t understand it completely, but investing some time in it and it blows my mind! Powerful and simple, now is the standard place when I start my projects.
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3 months ago, Genigeeek
I love figma but more features could be nice
I use the desktop version of Figma but if I want to be on the go like if I’m not on my laptop, I can use the mobile version, but it doesn’t have the feature to edit projects. I would like to have that in the future updates.
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2 years ago, Joweezie
I’ve never been more upset with an app. Why does my Apple Pencil work perfectly on other apps, but this one is SO BUGGY. Sometimes it will let me drag a shape with the pencil, then it will completely ignore the pencil as if it doesn’t exist. THEN it will not let me type into the shape or sticky. Even the pen tool doesn’t work, it just makes a bunch of random marks?!? The most infuriating. Would have been better for this app to not exist than bring my hopes up about working on my iPad.
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2 years ago, vlpage
Why can’t I edit in the app?
I don’t understand why there is no functionality to edit files in the Figma app. I can open Figma in a web browser on my iPad and make edits there, but that’s more of a hassle than just being able to use the app. I don’t view prototypes or use figjam as often, so the app is kind of useless as it is now.
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1 year ago, Parker J
Mirror Is Awful
The one thing this app should do well (allow me to mirror my designs in mobile) it struggles big time. Not only is it extremely obnoxious to lose my art board on mobile every time I click off the art board on desktop, but the connection drops or lags all the time and leaves me with a black screen. Really disappointing that someone who thinks themselves the leader in the UX/UI space can’t make a better/more useful app (that works).
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1 year ago, Cesarl001
Figma continues to be awesome
Love it. I’d like tools to upload images from phone thought Sometimes I find inspiration while doing activities outside and take pictures that could inspire my design
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1 year ago, Gaijin Brian
Doesn’t function as you’d hope
I find this app to be counter-intuitive and unfit to be a proper companion to the desktop app. I am not expecting full fledged editing ability, but my basic expectations about what I should be able to do and see with a mobile Figma app are not met. It also has performance issues that require me to restart the app far more than I’d like.
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2 years ago, chhrys
I want to have my mobile designs displaying on my phone so that I can design & see how it looks on a device… but the app is constantly reloading and switching to the first flow starting point every 30 seconds. If it has to reload, that’s fine, but at least stay on the flow starting point that I’ve already specified. Great idea but too buggy to use yet.
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2 years ago, Wedgelence
Very problematic app
The iOS experience with this app is about as non-intuitive as any app can be. View a project and there is literally no button or pop up control to exit that view - so it needs to be hard shut down. Try and zoom in on an active project, and the whole view is scrambled during zooming. Hopefully the experience and menu’ing can be improved.
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2 years ago, Hilifono
Can’t change sharing permissions
For mobile app, it would be useful to change sharing permissions. Use case: I am away from my computer and get an email from a client saying they can’t view my design. It would be great to be able to add them as a viewer without going to my computer.
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2 years ago, Dana D 2022
Very limited functionality. Can’t use stylist let alone create anything with an iPad Pro. So much potential if Figma team prioritized mobile hardware. Currently only good for reviewing and making notes within Figjam😭.
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2 weeks ago, snorkfire
Not intuitive…at all
Normally I can get going on a drawing tool. Okay, I can draw a square. I can pick a ruler and draw a horizontal and a vertical line. Tha’s my total achievement after like an hour of poking this bear. Ii’m happy others get something out of it, but I just want to draw a line and a second line swinging 60 degrees to form an angle. How hard should that be? But it was free to try, so 2 stars.
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1 year ago, terrible nickname concept
Amazing software and company
I can’t say enough about the creativity and generosity of Figma. From free icons to no data storage charge, they allow you to learn and grow before charging you a million dollars like Adobe.
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2 months ago, kolotauri
Mobile version upgrade
It’ll be cool if in mobile version possible create new file. Also editing functions is important
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2 years ago, Charlie 7586
Just needs better pen
I love that fig jam has come to iPad it’s really amazing I think the only glitch is that there needs to be a better pen. It’s very lowfi when you first write and then it smooth out. Would love to have it as smooth as goodnotes or something else
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2 years ago, Javier45794
Mirroring is slow or broken
I want to love this app, because I love Figma and the care they usually taken in product development. This app often crashes or gets frozen when I try to mirror my designs. It’s hard to understand how we still can’t make mirroring a fast and stable experience.
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1 year ago, Napogh
Great tool for design collaboration
My team and I use it regularly to design sites as well as creating wireframes for clients. It’s easy to use and quick to make changes on the fly. We love it!
Show more
4 months ago, Alex of Olympus
Okay when you can get it to work
Having trouble selecting the different flows I want to click through. I wish there was a way to toggle screens where you didn’t have prototype connections yet. Honestly have they user tested this at all?! I’d love the opportunity to help make it better.
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1 year ago, AJ-DS
Amazing 🤩
Very convenient and it’s really nice to be able to view your designs on the phone. A quick and easy way to present your work to clients.
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3 years ago, Flowerpwr298
Love the new update!!
So convenient to be able to mirror screen on a real device. Loving the new update and looking forward to playing around with it.
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12 months ago, Slaytex
Just not quite there
I don’t understand, but it seems like this app simply never quite works as well as it should. You constantly have to reload it or quit it and relaunch it for it to work properly. Anyway, maybe one day it’ll just work like it should. Until then, this is what we got!
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2 years ago, geoff2711111111
Can’t share documents/folder structure non-existent and sorts files by “recent” which is useless
The main reason people may want to use the app is to quickly invite people to documents away from their computer. Also who actually finds sorting by recent more helpful from a conceptual standpoint then a folder structure. Figma you keep doing all of the wrong things perfectly.
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2 years ago, Xxmixedxtapexx
Latest Update Breaks Dynamic Components
Made a lot of really great dynamic components that work on computer but as soon as you load it in the app they no longer work. Worked literally yesterday, including animations and dynamic button states with animations, but doesn't work today. Huge disappointment and now requires us to either demonstrate a mobile app on a laptop or use a third party app to demo
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4 months ago, enjourni
What are they thinking?
I’m new to figma, so I downloaded the iPad app to check it out. The app is read only. No controls, no edits, nothing. The ONLY thing the app does is let you look at your designs on the iPad screen. I could do the same thing by taking a screenshot and sending to iCloud. Until they actually add some functionality to the app, don’t bother downloading, it’s pointless.
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