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User Reviews for Fingerhut Mobile

4.84 out of 5
65.1K Ratings
read if you’re indecisive lol.
okay so i’m truly not sure why the reviews on this are either horrible or good but i do have to say.. i started with NO credit, no other companies would accept me. i’m not sure if the app is good but i do know the website for sure is. i got approved for $250 which i think is what they give everyone to start. my mom also did this about 10 years ago. so i knew it was legit. yeah the prices are ehhh , the interest is high. BUT just do it dude, like i started with none and with only doing fingerhut once, 8 months of on time payments, and my score is now at 640. i’m about to do my second round of fingerhut and to be honest i probably won’t be back after this but it is an amazing website to get your credit up. but after it’s above 640, i recommend maybe walmart or something less pricey and so you can get more for your money. but for now, think of it more as helping your credit. don’t think ugh i don’t wanna spend money on this. they do have cool stuff. i got 2 really nice pairs of shoes from them, a really cool cat scratch, baby drums, a cat bed, dvds, and i’m about to order beanbag chairs and amazfit watches. :) so happy with all my stuff that i’ve gotten so far. seriously just do it <3
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4 years ago, Angryfckncustomer
Not was I was expecting..
I applied for the Freshstart program and bought my first product. It took my $30 down payment several weeks to process and after it was processed my order was cancelled and I had to call customer service. The guy I spoke to with customer service was disrespectful and he didn’t seem certain about his responses and he continued to try to speak over me. When I was finalizing my order he asked if I wanted to buy any other items and when I said no he asked me if I was sure.. yes, I’m sure... Later I found out that the freshstart program was just a trial and I could only purchase 1 item on this program and my purchase/payment history would be reviewed and they could choose to accept/deny any further transactions by me. Also, the products are not priced fairly, kind of expensive for what you’re buying. I just do not feel comfortable with paying $50+ for shoes for my 2 y/o on top of a $30 down payment with the chances of my credit line being declined. If I do not get accepted then that would result in me paying $80 for a pair of shoes then may only be worth $20-$30. I hope it turns out to be what I hoped it would be, a line of credit that I can open and be treated fairly for making payment on time and for the right amount so that it can be beneficial to my credit score. I just cannot be sure that my line of credit will be accepted at the moment and it is an unsettling feeling, Like even if I may accurate payments on time, I will still get declined.
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5 years ago, njflchick
I have been with FINGERHUT for years I absolutely love this company when I need something and I’m tight on funds they are always there I do not have auto payment but have used it before and never had any issues....let’s face it when you buy something on credit you know you have a monthly payment it is up to you and only you to make sure you make that payment you’re an adult not a child !!!! I think it’s time for you to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming everyone else.... This is the most amazing place to shop with excellent customer service and amazing products not to mention the prices and extremely reasonable payments ....I stand behind them 100% not one time on any product or purchase have I had any issues or problems !!!!! I have excellent credit but still shop here and always will....Grow up and make your payments just like all of your other bills or do you blame them as well if you miss a payment ???? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO SHOP HERE !!!! YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY HAPPY YOU DID !!!!! ONE OF THE TOP BUSINESSES ONLINE HANDS DOWN !!!! DO NOT LET ONE BUYERS OWN ISSUES STOP YOU FROM SHOPPING THIS APP.
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6 years ago, Dbla26
Worst company ever!!
I have been banking with Fingerhut for almost 2 years and I have been trying to work on the fresh start card for people who have bad credit and need help establishing good credit supposedly. I had tried three times in my process to complete the fresh start credit card, the first two attempts I had made the mistake and did not pay my payment on time bad news for me. But I went in for a third time but this time I was going to be smart about it and set up auto pay. Apparently their auto pay only works for one month make sure you double check that they are going to make payments every month on time because they have not done that for me. I was having a great day until I received a phone call from one of their offices stating that I had missed a payment. I had then immediately hang up the phone looked at my profile and lo and behold the auto pay had not gone through. I then called customer service immediately asked for a manager spoke with a woman named Denise she was very apologetic but did not want to help me with removing the past due statement. I did not have a good feeling going into this company and I do not have a good feeling going out of this company. I’m paying off the rest of my balance and I will never return to this company. I hope that you come to your senses and illuminate the scam artists the momentYou have the chance.
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3 years ago, love fingerhut
Kathy potter
I think it’s great that they offer a fresh start I purchased and have been making payments but do not pay until they call me because I do not get my monthly bill from them and it’s my understanding that it changes every month my due date changes and if I pay early then it’s not good for my credit with them ...I do not understand that but they told me tgey want it to be on the due date to show I can do it right and that I should be getting my bill but I do not I only got it one time and they do have the right address maybe because the mail is messed up from COVID I do not know so I wait until they call then I pay it by their suggestion...every month when they call me they are curious and allow me to pay over the phone with them I know the prices are a little higher but I like a lot of things they offer and will continue to buy from them thank you for the fresh start I appreciate it good luck good health in the new year
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11 months ago, Da01927164
I have never felt the need to write a review. However, Fingerhut has the worse customer service I have ever dealt with. It is a lot of back and forth one rep will say something and another will say that’s not true. I purchased a PS5 and you would think that they would verify the address BEFORE it ships. Well it shipped and was being delivered, but they had it returned because they didn’t verify the address. I understand this. BUT they told me they would replace it that’s next day, the next rep tells me 10 business days. Then I asked for a refund interesas. They said next day but the next rep said 10 business days after it’s returned. WELL after all of this, they STILL CHARGED ME FOR THE FIRST PAYMENT. I of course called to see why this was happening and they said they would credit it. The next rep said that they cannot do that and that my case for an adjustment was denied. I eventually got tired of all of the misinformation and terrible service. I canceled my account and will never use this service again. Also, if you look up the prices of the product you are interested compared to other sites, they are crazy high. Definitely do not recommend and suggest not shopping with Fingerhut.
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4 years ago, caitlynmwatts
Worst customer service
First of all they don’t let you edit any of your information online. Online it says to contact them to change your address. Okay no big deal. I said I needed to change my address from this to that. Well they responded my shipping and billing address needed to be the same.. okay that wasn’t the subject I just need the address changed I mean it’s fine to change them both that’s what I meant. Then they said that I needed to contact support by phone (which was BEYOND disrespectful). I copied and pasted what their website said that if you have a change in address then you need to mail it in to change it. Okay no big deal. I emailed again and asked if I needed to just write a letter and say “hey this is my new address” or if I needed to include proof of residence since there’s no information on online... they said I needed to call. It was a simple yes or no question. The people on the phone are so rude and disrespectful and he kept talking over me so I just hung up on him. They send you the same canned response emails without answering your questions. I’m definitely going to try to cancel this card because I can’t even change my address on it and support is literally the worst. Honestly at this point they can just shove it.
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4 years ago, Tongan123!
Bad app and items not available
Overall I’ve had a good experience with what I actually purchased. Reviews are a big influence of that. APP: does not have a back button. It’s so frustrating browsing thru pages of items and clicking on a particular item to view its description and unable to go back to the original list. And if the item is on page 20, you’d have start all over from the search browsers and keep clicking “next” until you get to page 20. It’s so frustrating. Many times I lose track of what I’m looking for nor o just get annoyed and leave the app. I live in Hawaii, I understand that most battery operated items are not available for shipping and other bulky items due to shipping costs, but beside from that, almost a lot of things can’t be shipped here! Annoying!!! What’s the point of having a Finger Hut?
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1 year ago, 3luvgirlz
Fix your verification system
Fingerhut closed my account and opened up this Fingerhut/Fetti $800 account. I get catalogues to my new address that I’ve been at since July 2022. Forwarding mail for catalogues only wen thru Sept 2022. However, I updated my profile and even have another credit card with a $200 credit limit 🙄and was able to order after having not ordering since Feb 2021. Anyhow, I go order on the last day to ensure Christmas shipping and I get an error message. Mind you I had 4 items in my cart. I call customer service and I’m forwarded to another #. I contact the other number I’m thinking they are going to finish out the order or tell me why it didn’t go thru. Instead, they tell me ot for verification of my new address and to send something to verify my address. As if the USPS isn’t good enough to verify a federal service that my father has worked at for over 25 years and will retire from! Get out of here in my 29 years of credit building this is absurd! I hung up so fast 💨 what a way to insult someone’s intelligence. You messed up my 4 yrs old Christmas!
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7 months ago, Black_widow85
Love this account
I got this account to help rebuild my credit. They report to everyone, give conditional increases all the time, (meaning they offer an increase if you make a purchase, whatever your purchase amount is, that’s your increase), and the payments are low and affordable. It’s super easy to make payments through the app too. Only downside is there is interest accumulated on your balance like any other credit card and the prices for some items are higher than if you just went and bought it out right, but what do you expect? LOL they have to make money somehow. Anyway, I’d recommend them based on my experience. Just be careful how much you spend, make your payments and wait to purchase items until you have a conditional increase offer.
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5 years ago, Consumer, Stay Away
Where is my product????
Fingerhut is a scam. I am currently looking into getting myself an attorney through my prepaid legal service. I filed a police report to research the delivery of my product and it has taken two months and I still have not heard from anyone. Anyone that is viewing this, DO NOT PURCHASE. I am still making payment to a product that I don’t have because I don’t want to ruin my credit. UPS stated they delivered to my door, my apartment manager checked cameras and helped file the police report that no one dropped a package to my door and no one signed for it either. Fingerhut stayed they would send me my product after their investigation me but it’s been two months and no word. Fingerhut, it is not right what you are doing to your consumers. Everyone in customer service are the nicest, sweetest kind of liars! And good luck speaking with a manager. I’m currently reaching out to the BBB. If anyone has had the same experience please, voice your opinion so we can bring awareness to this companies scam. This is the only way this company can improve and become honest.
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6 years ago, DatLean
Great for a fresh start!
I first started with Fingerhut as a fresh start account with only $130 limit. I bought my fiancé a g-shock watch with it. I made my down payment and was able to pay it off within a couple of months. They graduated me to a regular account raised my limit to $200 within the first six months. I bought a few more things and paid that off with in six months. Now 1 year later after making every payment on time, and not just the minimum, I have a $400 limit. There are a lot of items that you will find are sold at retail price so if course it seems more expensive. Not gonna lie the timberland boots I bought were the same price as it was on the timberland website, just like the G-Shock I bought my husband was the same price as the department store.
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1 month ago, (Rosered)
Great option...until it's not.
I've had a Fingerhut credit card on two separate occasions. The first time I had the card it was closed by Fingerhut because I didn't use it for a period of time (I can't remember if it was six months or one year). I was surprised but I also understood. I applied again and was approved. I completed an order and made all payments on time. My credit had slightly increased, Fingerhut raised my credit limit and all was well. Fast forward to now. I get an alert from Experian that my Fingerhut card has been closed and I arrive home to a letter from Fingerhut stating that they closed my account due to too much of my credit being used (on my other credit cards that I recently was approved for, used and then paid off literally just yesterday...all within two months). Nothing else on my credit report has changed except for old balances decreasing from slowly paying them off. So basically, even though I've had a perfect run with Fingerhut, they closed my account because of balances on my other credit cards that have already been paid off. Oh, and my credit score has decreased as a result of the card being closed. My suggestion - get the card to rebuild your credit but be careful when your credit is good enough to obtain more may end up getting broken up with by Fingerhut.
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2 years ago, Number1CommonSense
Y’all need to learn what a review is for.
First off, I have had Fingerhut going on 6 years. In that time, I never had an issue with ANYTHING. My ONLY complaint is that is does seem to take a while to pay items down, even if you pay more and the prices on products are ridiculously high. However, in order to be “accepted”, you have to make payments on time with the first purchase. You only get decline if you do not make payments on time. All of you complaining about customer service, prices, lost packages and whatever else need to leave those reviews on the company site, NOT THE APP. I think the app is good however, the past few months - it keeps giving me a white screen, when trying to login or even shop. It constantly logs me out and I have uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times. Help?
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1 year ago, wueagle86
Why I closed my account.
Fingerhut gives you a line of credit. Even tells you I’m part of the website you don’t have to pay for several months. You have me listed with 1 to 3 late payments but no one ever called me. I had Fingerhut set up on auto draft and had a flawless payment history until my Mother in law passed away on December 23, 2022. I called Fingerhut / Fetti to explain the problems. Then my Dad passed away on March 28, 2023. With so much confusion I did not realize my auto pay was no longer set up. Your company’s confusion and cause of miscommunication about my payments has affected my credit. I plan on looking at my legal options to show how your online application is very confusing regarding payments. I want it shown on my credit report that consumer closed account. Fingerhut through Web bank shows Fingerhut closed the account but you did not explain it was because you switched banks. Another mistake by your company that had a negative affect on my credit report.
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2 years ago, Bstoney65
Fetti Con vs. Fingerhut Advantage
Be warned to the confusion generated by the creation of the Fingerhut Fetti while there’s still the Fingerhut Advantage account. I understandably thought there’s only one service. I finally purchased a JBL Headphones in March 22. It arrived in a reasonable time and I enjoy its performance overall. My headache is over this App which tied only to the Fingerhut Fetti account. Despite using all the same info when I set up my original Fingerhut account it revealed a totally new account with the same amount of credit but without any of my shipping info or ANY OF MY PAYMENT INFO. Yet when you tap on the link do customer support YOU GET THE STANDARD CONTACT PHONE NUMBER. For now DON’T download this app and wait for a FINGERHUT ADVANTAGE app.
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4 years ago, Badauss
Disgraceful Customer Service.
Unless this is your absolutely only option for credit, I wouldn’t go anywhere near them. They already charge way above average, which is understandable for the low credit risk they are taking. However, I ordered some boots early for my wife for Christmas. They took forever to arrive, and when they did, I wrapped them up and didn’t think twice about it. Come Christmas morning she opens them up, and they are about 5 sizes bigger than what I ordered. However, I was now outside their “60 day return window.” Completely understandable if I had mistakenly ordered the wrong size, or changed my mind about wanting the product. They refused to budge and I was left paying for THEIR mistake and stuck with a pair of boots that I already overpaid for, so had absolutely no chance of recouping the money. The customer service here is absolutely horrible, the app is clunky, and outdated, and you will overpay for everything they sell. I would not recommend this company to anyone.
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1 year ago, VietnamBoi
Straight up scam
This company helps you build credit by ripping you off and overcharge for product and shipping. You’re better off signing up for a credit card with 0% intro interest. If you want to build credit, sign up for a credit builder like Self. Their app is so janky and outdated. It’s basically a website on a apps. I’ve had my account for a year and I haven’t bought a single thing and now they want to close my account because I haven’t bought anything yet, which is stupid. I don’t want them closing my account cause it will lower my credit but then I don’t want to buy stuff that are a complete ripping off while having to also pay for expensive shipping for a single item. This company is just the worst and I would not recommend it to anyone. You’re better off saving up and buying something for retail price than paying month for something 1.5x to 2x the price.
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1 year ago, ArkyPony
Best way to raise credit score
I had zero credit score because I have always paid cash or financed through local/private owners. I received a catalog from Fingerhut and thought “Why not give it a shot”. I never buy new clothes for myself. I started my path with some Levi jean’s they were clearancing out. I was thrilled with them. So I ordered a new iPad. I paid them off early and then ordered other things I needed. I’m still happy with everything. Yes, the items cost more than places like Walmart. But it is so worth it for the increased credit scores. I’m grateful for the benefits and opportunities Fingerhut provides me.
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2 years ago, Jsmileyryder
I was really hoping that a new app would work better than the old app because honestly I didn’t think it could get worse than they’re old one but I was clearly wrong. The new app is definitely worse than the old one. My first 6 attempts the app froze on the first screen then on the 7th try I was able to move slightly forward but once your actually in the app NOTHING loads it just freeze’s every button. It transfers to a new page and it never loads just a blank screen. You would think with the amount of money they overcharge on everything they sell that they would have a better app. Honestly if the app actually worked I’d buy more overpriced stuff but it’s so frustrating using the app that it’s just not worth the hassle. And I won’t even mention how awful your search engine is. !!!! Sincerely,ex-customer if you don’t get this stuff fixed!!!!
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1 year ago, asshol*
Customer service
Customer service is horrible!!! I tried this site to help with my credit score and it is now hurting my score… checked my credit report after my score dropped 75 points…. Seen finger hut is on my report as a delinquent acct charged off…. Now back story my credit was crap finally decided to actually adult n try to raise my score so I got a pair of shoes… product was great they are very comfy I’d deff but again(not from here tho) paid them off got a credit limit increase so I got an electronic spray gun again product is great purchase price was over $350 I’ve paid every month early and extra I now am down to $88 called into customer service twice now to get my credit report fixed n actually got hung up on today! I will be paying off this $88 n hopefully they will change my report n I will NEVER purchase from here nor will I recommend them to anyone!
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3 years ago, marrlin33
Love BUT
Ok so I love fingerhut , the prices are a little expensive but I’m sure that’s expected because you get to do payments… but one thing I want fixed on the app is when I am searching through items and there are like 5 different pages of items to look through, well when you click on an item to look at it closer and read the description, if you hit the “back” button it takes you back to the very beginning! If I went all the way to page 3 and found something I liked and clicked into it when I hit back to keep scrolling it takes me back to page 1 at the top. I absolutely do not like that one bit .. I’m sure I’m not the only one this happens to. Thanks!
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1 year ago, RedMagic89
Pretty good app
I love this app. I had terrible credit and getting this app helped me bring it up. Making on time payment, keeping my usage low, and sometimes paying things off early has brought me to now being on the verge of having excellent credit. And because of that my credit line has been increased several times. Once unconditionally and the other times conditionally. There’s a lot of different products. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because A LOT of things, not all, are overpriced. I could find them in stores for way less. But if I pay more being able to pay over time instead of all at once I guess is a compromise.
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2 years ago, DogLover1992
These guys are a scam
They will only give you promotional credit line increases. Which means if you get a credit line increase. You MUST spend whatever they give you on your increase within a couple months. Or they will make your credit line increase go back down to what it was before. This will ruin your credit! Also they closed my account, because I didn’t use it. I was a member for 3 years. With 3 years of credit history with them. They closed it because I haven’t bought anything, which is fine. But they re-opened a new account without my permission. And again ruined my credit. I will have no choice but to sue this scum bag company. For ruining my credit and playing games. Don’t waste your time with them. Hopefully they go out of business soon. Because they are nothing but a scam and attack the poor. Not help.
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5 years ago, CC Tinky
Attitudes of Customer Service Adgents
First, when you call it’s not easy to get directly to a representative. Secondly, when I just called it must have been routed to a foreign country. Don’t get me wrong, that, in and of itself, wasn’t the issue. The issue was the poor man was waiting to read whatever prompted on his screen, and it was no different than talking to a computer. I only ever got someone who was competent the first time I called. Today, though, they both sounded like they hated their jobs!! I don’t expect someone to be hyper, but a normal intro for a rep would be more like, “Hi, my name is ——-. How may I assist you today?” What I got was near silence, and I had to say everything!! C’mon people!! As much as you mail your magazines (wasting trees!!!) and send your emails, you could at least be happy on the phone with your customers!! I think I’ll pay off the little $50 I owe and be done with them!
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3 years ago, I yukvcjb
Missing funds
I made a payment to the account. My available balance was shown $2001. I haven’t made any purchases, but over the weekend I was missing $12, so my new available balance was shown $1989. Called customer service. Spoke to two agents. None of them could tell me what happened and then they just hung up without resolving the issue. Besides, both of customer service agents had a really poor English language. My guess is that Fingerhut takes little by little from customers and have their foreign agents to take the beating. I will be closing my account with Fingerhut
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1 year ago, Gobas420
The app is buggy
Fingerhut itself is fine, this review is more about the app. Though it’s on par or nicer looking than other apps in its category, I’ve never NOT had an issue with it. When you view an item while you’re shopping the app, if you select to “go back”, it takes you to the very beginning of the search on page 1, even if you were on page 7 for example. Minor other bugs similar to this take up small amounts of time, but they add up and annoy. Now my recent issue with the app is that the Home Screen just goes blank after I put in my info to sign in. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it several times, still not working. Now if I shop Fingerhut, I have to use the website, totally defeats the purpose of the app.
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3 years ago, Jessa56991
Love Fingerhut!
I have been a customer for over a year now and I love that they help me build my credit. I haven’t had the best credit for the simple fact, without having a credit card, I have NO credit. (Not bad credit) I’m not sure what people are saying about them having to call every month and that they pay over the minimum payment and never pay it off. This is my 3rd time ordering and I pay double every month what I should be paying. I get it taken directly out on a certain day and have never had any problems. Thank you Fingerhut for my $1000 credit limit! Love it!!😀
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6 years ago, Squirt7013
Not sure what’s going on
I just downloaded the app a few days ago. Seemed really easy. Got my credit line all set up and even ordered a little something to get started. But now, when I open the app, it informs me there’s a new version of the app and I need to upgrade. But then there’s no upgrade option when I attempt to do that. It won’t let me sign in or anything. I will edit my review with an update if anything changes. ***UPDATE*** Just tried the app again and it’s working fine. Maybe they were in the process of releasing the update? I don’t know. But- so far, so good.
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2 years ago, Biglilred40
Bad service
I have had a Fingerhut advantage credit account I opened over 8 years ago. I get notified that they had been bought out and it would change over to Fingerhut fetti account and would have no issues and my credit limit wouldn’t change just switching over. Well they lied I worked very hard to get my limit up. I got it up to 4500 after 8 years paid back lots of money and yet I go on the app to order something I needed and my fetti account has been closed. I can’t believe this is how they do customers that have never missed a payment and have paid off multiple times of 8 years I’ve spent over 20 grand with Fingerhut and they just screw you right over. Ridiculous. Also they want contact me back when I sent in question of why.
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7 years ago, funsrer
Don’t waste your time!!!
When I first joined Fingerhut I got $230 in fresh start credit and I used that credit to buy some stuff and when I did get my stuff (got 4 items) I would pay the down payment I need to pay and when I did pay for it it said to wait 2 to 3 days for the payment to show up on my fresh start credit and I did but when I came back to the website it didn’t show up on my account. I payed for my items 4 times already and the payment history still hasn’t shown up yet and it’s been a month already. I got this app and tried to sign in but I can’t use it because it says that my down payment is pending and it’s been more than a month. And another thing I ordered their free catalog and it said to wait 3 weeks to arrive and it’s been a month and still hadn’t received it.
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1 year ago, Anita Joanne
Grandma knew best
When I was a kid in the 70’s we used to laugh at my Grandma for always shopping and getting our gifts from Fingerhut, I laugh no more , not only has Fingerhut helped me build my credit up but, I buy many gifts and items for myself. Fingerhut had been very convenient and easy to do so. They have been the one of the few if not the only company to give me a chance to build up my credit . Fingerhut has come a long way since the days when my Grandma first introduced me to the World of Fingerhut.
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3 years ago, fuuu103
It’s really frustrating trying to shop on this app. For example trying to find a pair of women’s boots... type women’s boots and search bar get 27 pages… I’m on the fourth page find a pair I like click on it to get details decide to back out of it takes me back to the very first page. There should probably be a filter button added that can take you back to the page you were on or back to the exact spot. It would make shopping on this app so much easier and I have found that with many products trying to find one thing scrolling through and having to starting all over.
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2 years ago, Boosmama1
The app
I’m new to Fingerhut but already I have a problem with the app. Before the change to fetti, my app worked fine allowing me to purchase shoes. After the change my app froze. I tried deleting & reinstalling but the app froze on the welcome screen. I’ve called customer service several times but nobody seems to believe me. I took my SE iPhone to an Apple rep & they updated everything. My internet works fine with all other apps & websites with the exception of Fingerhut’s app. It’s very frustrating. And very unprofessional
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5 years ago, wendy_77_b
Excellent online store
I have to say I love Fingerhut! They boosted my credit score a bunch! I bought a 80 dollar item paid it monthly on time and paid it off, I received a letter stating they bumped my limit up and appreciated my service. Hands down a great way to boost your credit! As well as a awesome place to shop especially if your low on cash and you need to get something quick!!! Pay your bill on time every month and you will have nothing to worry about!!!! They also have nice things...
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6 years ago, SirAlecGuiness
Terrible prices and incorrect, non existent specs
Everything is anywhere from 35% to 75% higher than retail prices! The way you provide specs is terrible! Take tv specs on all brands have none or even correct information listing! You are taking advantage of the poor ( low income and low credit scores) and then give them an outrageous price for your products! I am going to extreme measures to get this site shut down PERMANENTLY! Your unjustified practices are definitely not legal! I’m going straight to the the courts to show what constitutional rights in business and the acts against equal rights on the taking advantage of low income citizens! You will hear from me again or federal law enforcements will contact you! I still can’t believe how unethical your practices toward the weak and desperate citizens of the US! Sincerely yours, Joshua Quillen
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6 years ago, Anonymously1975
App is glitching
I loved using the app until about 2 weeks ago. I noticed every time I would shop it constantly kept opening another search or some other page. It did it back to back that I couldn’t see what it said I could only “X” out of it. I gave it some time and wanted to try it again and got the same results. I guess I’ll just pay off my balance and leave the account. The other thing that bothers me are the temporary increases. I’m working towards bettering my credit score and these temporary increases hurt it when I choose not to use it and you take it back. I have other credit cards that help with raising and repairing my score.
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1 year ago, Jordan219980
Good not Great
This app does help increase your credit score and credit line but beware of the overpriced products, limited brands, and high interest. You’ll see a lot of overpriced products that are a lot more expensive on Fingerhut vs other stores for the same thing. The interest is high so you want to make sure to pay it off right away to avoid those high interest fees. I wish they had Northface and Nike Clothes they have Champion and Underarmour. Overall this app has helped me increase my credit score by extending my credit line. I had Poor credit before and it helped me bring it to fair credit.
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6 years ago, Trouble With the Curve
Terrible App
Not user friendly at all. I can’t buy anything due to the immense irritation of the app. It’s as if they don’t want you to buy anything. “Back” button is useless. Yeah, it takes you back after you view a product after scrolling for forever. It takes you ALL the way back to the top. Then, scroll and scroll to where you were before to continue shopping. Who has the determination for this?! Touch ID doesn’t work. I see a review from two years ago stating the same. I see over and over that payments can’t be made. I do take into account “the check is in the mail” syndrome but nearly everyone has an identical list of payment issues. I don’t dare buy from the app.
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2 years ago, MrDundunnit
I’ll bypassed the offer
I ordered a new HP computer back in Nov and it was sent out to me within a weeks time (fast). But when I arrived it didn’t have all that I needed to start up my home business, so I sent it back to them the same week. I gave them over 2 weeks to return my credit but it never happened. So I called all Dec to see why it wasn’t returned to me in credit. I even called to speak with a supervisor. No one was there or I held on for the longest. Here we are almost the end of Jan. Same thing as Dec, the run around. I’ve had it with them. Back in Oct I ordered a stainless steel cook set. Cooked with it one time and it looked like we had it for a year or so. I won’t be doing any more business with Fingerhut. Thanks but NO THANKS
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8 months ago, Sman44Mag
Just right
Fingerhut gives me the flexibility to get that special someone a random gift just because it’s Tuesday. Without worrying if I’m over my budget. Generally only buy one or two ideas at a time and pay them off and make another purchase when ready. Worked well, and Fingerhut has increased my credit limit, giving the opportunity to buy tech or bigger ticket items.
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5 years ago, Debz Delight
Like the company hate the app
The app has tendencies to freeze but it also has a tendency to do something else that will upset you. The app has a tendency to misconstrue dates for payments even when you have scheduled them for another date. (They will take the payment out ASAP instead of the date chosen. So now you will see two payments drafted on your bank statements and without permission. Never had this problem using a desktop or laptop, just the app.) You don’t have the option to cancel payments within the app. You have to close and reopen the app to browse products from time to time. As stated in the headline, I love the company but I cannot maintain patience with the app.
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1 year ago, sarsh k
App is crap
App loads blank screens every single time. Can’t do anything on it so it’s pointless to have. Y’all really need to fix it. My dad used Fingerhut for years. I’ve had it a few years now and I’ve never had an issue. I e lived in a few places and my products always get delivered. Payments are fair considering you pay a % over cost, and that’s due to them giving you credit when no one else will. Pay your payment every month. My due date has never changed. My credit has gone up significantly in the last year. Not that hard. Don’t overbuy and it won’t get ahead of you.
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3 years ago, WontFoolMeAgain
Real Disappointed
Start off by saying I was a fan of Fingerhut up until my recent 2nd purchase and because I will never buy anything off Fingerhut ever again. 1 Way overpriced everything. I understand that’s the gig but just save your money and buy it outright. 2 If you are ever late on a payment they will drown you with a massive Late fee. Because of which my 6 payments have nothing to show. 3 Don't waste your time calling Customer Care because they’re a joke. Only reason I don’t rate 1 star is because they helped me establish my credit a little. Buy 1 cheap item and pay it off then don’t look back.
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5 years ago, Krankenheim
Company 5, App 2
The company is an excellent means to build credit. You are responsible for making your payments on time and understanding the program. A lot of people. Blame the company for their own lack of responsibility. As for the app itself, I do not like the most recent update. Get rid of that stupid “Top Offers” banner on every single page while browsing the shop. I don’t need to see that. Show it once, that is ENOUGH. If people want to see the offers again they can view them from the Home page. Get rid of Top Offers while trying to shop. It’s annoying.
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5 months ago, devvvvvv33
Selection through the site is kind of eh. Some good lots of random stuff reminds me of wish. The shipping is also expensive for how long they take. I’ve had no problems on my first two orders which were one item per order however when I ordered a batch of shirts/sweatshirts they doubled up on one shirt and this last time I ordered two button ups for work and neither color is correct which amazes me considering it took 5 business days before even shipping. My plan is to pay the card off and cancel as it seems unnecessary unless your are just trying to build credit.
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4 years ago, forbranddon
Waste of time
I went through 6 months of paying off a speaker that broke the week I got it... started out with a $150 limit.. paid the speaker off with only one late payment that was a day late. They sent an email they should have been more specific about saying with the corona virus there will be no penalty for late payments..... I just paid off the speaker and they want to leave me at my 150$ limit and all of those payments trying to get to a upgraded account was for nothing!!! I have been telling family and friends and coworkers about this to help build credit... I will now be do my damnedest to steer them away from this crooked company... I am not happy at all. No stars if I could.
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10 months ago, VayRose
Fingerhut Classic
I only gave a 4 **** review because the prices can be very high. But I have to say hands down to their company because I have built my credit score back up and other companies allow me to borrow more because of my on time payments with Fingerhut. This has been around since my grandma was alive back in the 90’s!! I love this company and wish I could stay with them forever !! Thank you Fingerhut :)
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6 years ago, ScorpioBabe79
I’m new to this
So I just started my credit with Fingerhut got asked if I’d like to add this app from the App Store , I did but when I went to log into my account , it’s not letting me anything because my first initial down payment is still pending clearance but I have the email telling me the money has already been taken from my card . Not a very good start , however , my fiancé has a Fingerhut account and he’s not had any issues . I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to prevent viewing the app if I have to wait for your people to complete my down payment transaction . I will give a bigger star rating once I am able to actually browse the app.
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3 years ago, kahatahfnks
A big no
Got the app to help my credit. Went fine and well until I received my package and didn’t get the umbrella with my table and chairs. Okay That’s fine I don’t need it. Just last week paid my loan off for it. Fingerhut has decided to open me a loan for $500 and instead of making my score to up my whole score is messed up now because of a loan I didn’t want or need. No email or anything saying they would be opening me $500 that I didn’t even want! No, this whole thing is a waste of time and wish I would’ve done something else to get my credit up instead
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