Finish Line – Shop Exclusive

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Finish Line, Inc.
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11 months ago
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14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Finish Line – Shop Exclusive

4.82 out of 5
231.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Naptown Mike
Absolutely great experience......Just one small bug!
I’ve used the application and visited both the finish line and the JD Sports websites. Both are very easy to navigate. I had wanted to purchase these shoes yesterday and they got removed from my cart/bag while I was eating dinner. I thought I was stuck. Then this morning I got back on here and voila, my size was available again. I’m super excited. The entire process was simple and really easy to navigate both sites. The only issue I do have is the fact that I put in my size into the filters and many shoes still come up that are either out of stock altogether or they just don’t have my size. It’s a big that needs some attention. Other than that, the entire website and apps are very user friendly and simple to navigate. I appreciate not having to actually go into the store to buy my shoes and clothes. You all do a great job with it all. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Catrice2004
I enjoy shopping with Finishline even though I’ve had some pretty unpleasant moments with merchandise not being received, and they even refused to do anything about one of my misplaced orders. The order was even taken out of my order history and I had the slightest idea on how something like that could’ve happened when I used my winner circle rewards and everything to make said purchase, yet they had no record of my purchase at all. I also make sure to use my winners circle account each and every time I make a purchase, so I cannot understand how my order couldn’t be found. I also don’t like how the WCR expire, I don’t think they should expire and should be available for use whenever we are able to utilize them. I’ve lost so many rewards because I’ve either forgot, I’m in the hospital 90% of the time and can’t remember that I have them to use and by certain dates at that. Customer Service representatives are not very pleasant to speak with neither, they were so rude and so unhelpful at times. I have given this company majority of my business when I’ve had to shop for shoes and whatnot, so I don’t see what’s so wrong with them giving myself along with other valued Customers, the right to have their WCR for as long as they need to until they can use them.
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5 years ago, John Modz 3
Bad app
I normally do not review apps but this has been angering me for quite some time. The app always crashes and stays on the we are busy screen forever. I could of just logged in from the internet and got thru had I known the app was not working. After 20 minutes stuck in the page I thought something was wrong and got right to the website within 10 seconds. Second there are sizes available on the app that are not available online. When I try and add a size thru the app it says bag error. Online it doesn’t even allow you to try bc that size is obviously sold out. I have bought many shoes thru finish line but the app has become more difficult and made me lose out on many pairs. I will either try to use the website which is not much better or use the footlocker or Nike app because I never have an issue with those apps. I try to be loyal to a store but if I can’t buy what I want what is the sense. Also constant issues trying to use my loyalty points when purchasing a rare show which at times has then removed it from my bag bc it took too long. Every weekend a new shoe comes out and the same issues arise. It is 2019. We should be able to figure this out bc Nike and footlocker don’t have the same issues over and over again. Hopefully things will change.
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5 years ago, mizzzzzzllleee
I wish I could give it 0 stars or negative. Been on the app since 6:57am and it says they just dropped new sneakers and I was in line. 20 mins later on that screen i see a post saying the sneakers I wanted were sold out. I look on there twitter page and literally every comment is the same. Not one person was able to actually get on the website yet there sold out. Not to mention I wasted my time signing up for there reward program because the sneakers I actually were able to purchase were never added to my purchases, yet I have a email with my name and order number. Terrible company ur better off reaping your gonna get bent over and just waking up whenever because they seem to only sell to companies like goat or stockx, so if u want sneakers nobody wants this is the perfect app for u, otherwise your better off not caring about the release date and time and just paying an extra $100+ thru these 3rd party sites and getting them without the frustration. Save yourself DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. This company does not care about you or your business, we’re peasants Not worthy enough of being able to use there services
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2 weeks ago, Darrin87
Looooove F.L. !!!
FinishLine is the absolute best, I’ve sifted through almost all other sneaker companies over the years and have always regretted not spending that $ at F.L. where in hindsight, I realized I would’ve gotten a much better deal. I now exclusively only use FinishLine these days. You’ll not find a sneaker co. that provides more value than F.L. and their variety is always interesting, unique and vast. Not only that, I had a single shipping issue (first ever issue in decades using this company, by the way) and they fixed it in a matter of minutes, no hold-times, the customer service person who answered was a really sweet, helpful girl, no nonsense, no invasive questions, no time-wasting, just fixing the minor error and moving on with my day! F.L. is a joy to purchase from and this will likely be the only sneaker place I order from now on tbh. A+++ 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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4 years ago, JELLYAFK
If I could I would rate it 1 Bad app
So I have been shopping in this site personally but then I saw the app So then I was think hmm maybe I should download the app. So I did then I made a account once I did I started looking a Air jordans Lift off and they didn’t have any and they should have all of them So then I looked up air Jordan retro 5 men’s if any kinda and only 2 results showed the satin bred black and red grade school and women’s oil grey so I was disappointed not because they didn’t have any of the jordans lift off but cause they only have 5s in not men’s after this every time I would log into the app it would say ERROR PLEASE CHECK INTERNET CONNECTION and I new my connection was strong because I had 5 full bars and my iPhone 11 WiFi signal was full all of the bars were full and I uninstalled the app and re downloaded and it said ERROR PLEASE CHECK INTERNET CONNECTION and everyday I logged in it kept saying ERROR INTERNET CONNECTION so I was obviously mad so that’s my opinion, so FINISH LINE please Please I beg you fix this problem Thank You. I will be expecting this problem to be fixed by the end of Easter or I will never shop at your store well I might just fix it please.
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10 months ago, Shoooooo'Nuff
My most coveted sneaker is the Air Jordan Retro 1 blue toe and was not interested or could afford crazy resellers prices. I’m old enough to remember and had the very first Air Jordan shoe made. You’re exclusive access preorder made it so easy and non stressful . There were a few errors but ultimately once I got through it was good. Hopefully this order sticks because it has sentimental meaning to me. Preorders for customers who truly are the sneaker culture and actually wear shoes is the very best way to go. This was my very first time using this feature but will not be my last. My family and I before the internet have purchased most things from local Finishline retailers and it was always a pleasant experience. This is right up to our expectations as well and thank you so much for the early access. Can’t wait🤞😊
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1 month ago, thank you DC
Five Stars
Finish line keeps up with the old school guys and definitely the new school guy’s teens. I love the fact that i can shop for my son and my self at same time. I always come here first before any other stores. My teen son plays a few sports and he is only son so when he gets good grades and we notice he has done some home cleaning and just helping and I usually buy him a new pair of shoes our sweatshirt that have it and there probably one of the only stores that have new arrivals Jordans and online store has so much more they’re always putting up sales that we take advantage of. Thank you Finish line for the yrs of service and your loyalty to your customers.
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2 years ago, DCAS8486
Major Issues with releases
Since October I’ve had nothing but issues with the app during new releases. When I get access after sitting in the waiting room, I just get pop ups saying, “error, try again later” then it puts me back in the waiting room. Never had this issue prior to October. I’ve sent 3 emails to customer service and all responses seem to be a copy and paste of each other. Claiming to have called me but wasn’t able to reach me. I received a response one day saying this within minutes of me sending the email. I had my phone in my hand the whole time, no one tries to call me. They claim to forward the issue to management, but still, nothing ever happens beyond that. I called customer service and spoke with someone who’s kids in the background were louder than the rep I was talking to. She told me to uninstall the app then reinstall it, which I did 2x now, but still the same problem continues to occur. Guess I’ll never have a chance at new releases with JD or Finishline ever again.
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4 years ago, JB Big Red
Not fair
All the cool shoes are not in my size I wear 14s and it’s hard as it is shopping at finish line in the store to get a pair of 14s which is not dramatically a difference in the size they do have available... I feel like finish line is not for me nore others that wear 13s or higher especially 14s.. it shouldn’t be that hard to know that there are ppl of different sizes not everyone wears a size 9 or 10.. please do better this has been a problem for me since I was in middle school and I’m 34 years old... please have all shoes in all sizes or at least up to a size 15.. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling discouraged by this. That’s just bad business on y’all behalf.. especially basketball shoes.. basketball is a sport of tall people so it doesn’t make any sense why y’all only got sizes for midgets and small men.. get it together or ima have to shop where they support bigger feet like a Goat or flight.. I shouldn’t have to stress about not being able to buy shoes online at a high grade shoe store.. get more sizes in all shoes 14s please and thank you 😒
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2 years ago, Hater88
Highly Annoying
While casually doing back to school shopping for my children and myself . My cart kept disappearing with my items. I kept having to add them and they would reappear with multiple quantities, then when I would try to fix it it would crash and return back to an empty cart. I don’t know if there is a time limit and how long items will stay on someone’s cart. But at least give me a warning or count down if that the case. Or allow me to say that I would like to continue with my order or that I need more time. I was browsing the app in multiple categories (girl boys, mens and women's) so it takes me some time to get through everything. I like to shop on line because it gives me the time I need. But if I have to research and keep re-adding it’s a waste of time and I don’t want to be rushed either.
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2 years ago, Neá Neá
The absolute worse app ever! It takes forever to find something that you really like in your size. When you do find something it states that they have your size. You put it into your cart. Get to the very end, and the system keeps kicking you out with an error message (I can’t recall the exact message, but I did screenshot it) and/or it starts saying they don't have your size. Horrible customer service. My very 1st issue is I paid for a BRAND NEW pair of shoes and I actually received a used pair of shoes with mud on the bottom of both shoes. I will be letting them go as soon as i can find something worth using my $15 inconvenience credit. And I'm so, so tired of the world blaming any and everything on COVID. I understand changes have been forced upon the world, some changes, but every single screw up that currently goes bad isn't all COVID. I canNOT wait to use my credit and be completely done with this app and this company.
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2 years ago, JAR071215
Exclusive Status
I got the exclusive access to purchase an air Jordan 1 for the first time since Finish line started doing this but I can’t even do anything. When I click access now it takes me to my rewards wallet and there is nothing there. I’ve been trying since I received it which was yesterday 12/15. Spoke to customer service and was told it would be forwarded to the tech department and they would reach out to me within 72 hours. Finish line is always my go to for sneaker release but will keep this a one star until that issue is resolved. Update: I am now told that sneaker was sold out which is why I could not get access. Finish Line stated this would be done to make real users obtain sneaker releases. Obviously it’s false if I still could not make the purchase after receiving exclusive access status. Smh
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3 years ago, tdogg490
Literally a 50-50 chance you’ll receive an undamaged item.
I’ve purchased a lot of shoes in the past two years and this company by far has the worst packaging and delivery service I’ve ever seen. Out of my last 4 orders three arrived either completely damaged and scuffed or the box literally open. This is just the last 4 purchases I’ve been dealing with this for months with this company and it will not change no matter how many times I report this. The customer service ‘specialist’ are an absolute joke. I’ve emailed The ‘customer service escalation specialist’ multiple times and can’t get a response. Finally got one that said I was on vacation I’ll respond later and still ZERO RESPONSE. If you purchase from jd or finish line you better hope your order arrives undamaged or else you’re screwed, they simply do not care about the customer.
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2 years ago, TinoAbby2325
Great to use but some issues when checking out
Please fix the issues when trying to checkout with items that are on sale and it will not proceed with checkout because it says there is some sort of error with the amount of items??? (Very Confusing when it clearly says items are in stock). Tried closing the app and after adding the items back into my cart multiple times, because my cart was completely wiped out, I was finally able to checkout. I’m glad I got it to work because I could not pass up those items for that price! Great app great sale prices when there are available but please fix this issue!
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3 years ago, txtcvcu
So I tried to buy the new air Jordan 9 retro Gold charcoal a error popped up the first time said try again n a moment I did still didn’t go through but they charged me on my card not once but twice I felt so broken hearted I cried thinking I’m getting scammed but I came to my sense and called the customer service she asked for my account number I didn’t have one because the order never went through but they charged my card and she told me the bank is holding my money so have to wait 72 business hours to get my money back on my card so now it’s just the waiting game and I’ll have a update on if they refund me my money are not !!!
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3 years ago, Urge303
Convenient and Frustrating
☆IM NOT THROWING SHADE☆ I PROMISE! But it was, and has been a pain trying to order shoes, clothes etc through the app. I lost a few items because server was messed or session timed out and didn't save my items I had originally pick. I ended up getting the other 4 pairs of shoes, and clothing on the Nike APP, but was still able to score the main shoes using FinishLine app. Took forever, but finally after 3-4tries I was able to get the shoes ordered. But then again, nothing in life is perfect I do like the app and how it has inventory of all surrounding stores, and it also is very informative. Definitely worth the download if you're trying to avoid going to the actual store. I find myself on the app more then TicTok which is A HUGE, my friends say. 😂 ★☆★☆
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6 months ago, Jazzzz4
Not the best app technology wise, but serves its purpose.
There are quite a few bugs that could use updating on the app. When I add something to my cart and come back to it another day it disappears and my bag is empty. There has been more than one occasion where I change my shipping address before checking out to my current address and when I check out somehow it switches back to my old address. Luckily I know the person that stays at my old address and was able to recover my purchases. The app way too often has glitches where it takes a while to load a product, or a message pops up saying an unexpected error occurred when trying to add a product to my bag. I would love the app so much more if the app was updated and improved.
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4 years ago, ifigovov
Terrible Customer Service, I would not expect this from this store.
Hello. I’m Mia and I had a very terrible experience ordering from you guys. I ordered my sneakers on June 4th, received an email saying my shoes would be delivered June 11th. Nothing came then my estimated arrival changed from the 11th to the 24th. Then it changed from the 24th to the 30th- July 6th. I was refunded without even an email being sent to me. I wanted the sneakers not a refund! I waited on the phone for customer for ovet half an hour just to be told to call UPS because they refunded me. I waited for UPS they told me they don’t handle refunds and so I had to call back to finish line and wait close to 40 minutes. Just to make sure my sneakers were still in stock in my size and that I received the same discount when I first paid. Terrible experience. I might never shop with you guys again.
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3 years ago, @Cookie86
I hate this app
I use to love shopping on here till I missed out on 4 pairs of Jordan’s that I really really wanted. I hate this raffle mess they have going on. It’s not fair that if you don’t win the raffle you don’t get the shoe because once they launched you’re booted out the app put in a line and once you get in the app the shoes are sold out. I have over 95,000 points that I can’t use because I can’t even purchase what I want. I’ve been shopping with finish line since they open in my city over 15 years ago. It’s disheartening that I have to shop somewhere else after all these years because fFinishline no longer accommodates my needs 😩
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3 years ago, trumpisorangeandgay
The support doesn’t help at all
This is probably the worst option I could of picked to but shoes. When I contacted support about my package being late even though I payed extra for shipping they said that it takes up to 10 days to process. I don’t understand this. My package was already in circulation and said was going to be delivered by a certain date but every single day my package was sent to an incorrect address meaning I paid extra for nothing I’m never considering using this app again I’d rather buy shoes in store. I don’t understand how something with such a high rating can be so bad. Support doesn’t help and now I’m down $160 because FedEx can’t deliver a package. It’s so frustrating that these happen. It’s not hard to ship things so I don’t understand why I can get my money back for the extra I paid for shipping.
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4 years ago, montalvo5908
Worst Experience
I ordered a pair of sneakers for my daughters birthday , I had to exchange them in the stores (as they ran small) and 11 days later I had to call the customer service line 3 times . Was placed on hold for more then 45 minutes and then the call would drop the first two times. When I was able to speak to someone I was told the shoe was sold out and a check was going to be mailed to me. Lack of communication for me was a big turn off ! So if I didn’t make the call today how would I have known! Such a disappointment as I regularly order from Finish line
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3 years ago, Jadey :)
A Virtual Bug
I’d much rather use the website because the app is pretty much a virtual bug. Whenever there’s a new sneaker release (God forbid it’s a coveted shoe being released), the app glitches from the time you open it to the time you close it. It’s gotten to the point where the app crashes and logs me out and I have to go through bug trenches to log back in. I know when the app is glitching when it says “connection issue: there was an issue with your connection. Try again later.” Later comes - and the app still glitches. I don’t know which app is worse: foot locker, finish line or foot action. I’d have to say a combination of all three. If you’re going to compete in the sneaker game today, at least keep the app updated so bots aren’t bugging the apps to the point where REAL HUMAN BEINGS are unable to use the app.
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5 years ago, lavendarandlilac
Finish Line app
This app is great!!! It works better (fast, easy to navigate, amazing visuals) than any other stores’ apps that I have. The app allows you to click on the product and zoom in with an amazing high quality resolution. I just ordered a pair of sneakers (that I’ve never seen in person before) all because the pictures of their products are so clear and realistic, I felt like I was seeing the shoes in real life! They also give detailed descriptions of the fabrics and other materials in each product, so you know exactly what you’ll be wearing. I’m really happy that I found this app, you will be too!
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1 year ago, maryjane 2 happy
2 piece sets
2 piece sets I am so frustrated every time I order any clothes that comes as a set I get only one piece this is ridiculous. Also Shipping of orders have gotten so sloppy I order a certain item I get something I didn’t order not even close to what I order. I have called many times about it & it’s no use. I order on line because I don’t have the time to shop at a store. They try to solve every problem with take it back to the store or print a return label & return the wrong item I received to get credit. I would like to receive exactly what I am ordering. I’m getting stuck with a lot of wrong orders & I piece items because I don’t have the means of transportation & time to return every single time I order & get what they feel like sending me. Please someone fix this problem.
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3 years ago, Seasoned-1
Company is too bomb for 👎🏾 app
It takes forever to load. My status points does not update to the app. When you shop it takes you online to sign-in. When you sign-in online you have to search to log out. Wonderful company, you need an app to match integrity. THE ABOVE WAS MY FIRST REVIEW ABOUT A YEAR AGO AND THE APP HAS IMPROVED IMMENSELY‼️ Now your rewards are available to choose in the app vs. the double sign in and screen switch between online and the app. However you can only use one reward per order which I think you should be able to use all your rewards.
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10 months ago, jcquelle
I love Finish Line but…
I love Finish Line and the app but it runs SO SLOW! It takes forever to load, and doesn’t completely load all the way. It’ll stop loading before the size options pop up. Also, when you look at a shoe and scroll through the pictures, maybe heart it; you click back and it starts you from the beginning of the item list. You then have to scroll all the way back to the shoe you were looking at to continue to browsing. Hope there is something in the works to make this a better shopping experience! Still a great app, and selection.
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3 years ago, eleegriff
Customer Service Horrible
First time ordering online with this company. I order two pair of shoes and one box only had one shoe. Have contacted Finish Line Customer Service to discuss twice and been on the phone each time for an hour. After waiting 40mins before agent answered the phone - explained the issue she placed me on hold 15 mins then disconnected the phone without calling back even when she asked for the call back number. I do not recommend ordering a online with this company at all. Needless to say the issue still not resolved!!!!!
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4 years ago, Fish11!$
App does not work properly
The app constantly freezes or will not let me apply my coupons, this is extremely frustrating when trying to pay for an order. Other the PayPal link does not work at all. If you are wanting to use your PayPal credit to pay for items then you can forget that. When you click the PayPal link it then takes you to your account and once you choose to submit order it kicks you right back to your Finishline cart.
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4 years ago, jz4467
App fails to function on WiFi
Current version of the app is keeping me from being able to utilize it while I am on WiFi connection. I have to turn off WiFi and use cell signal in order for the app to work. Otherwise I get the following message pop up: “Connection Issue: There was an issue with your connection, try again later.” I’ve verified that it’s not the WiFi network that I’m on by trying to use the app on other WiFi networks also, with the same outcome. I’ve also tried all the usual solution checks (i.e. killing the app, turning WiFi off and then back on, powering phone down and back up, hard reset on phone, etc). This wasn’t a problem before the most recent update so I’m not sure what the issue is.
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6 years ago, Runlover
Order cancelled
Ordered a pair of shoes through this app right at 10am when they were released. Got an email confirmation that my order was “official.” Checked the app repeatedly for five days waiting for shipping info, but never got anything. Finally got an email on the fifth day but instead of shipping info it informed me that my order was cancelled. Customer service said “well a lot of people pre-ordered those shoes so we take care of those orders first. I can see here that we have zero of the shoes in the size you requested available.” Finish Line - don’t show items for sale that aren’t truly available. Go through your pre-orders before you publish every size available for others to buy. I would’ve used a different site to buy but you guys “supposedly” had my size so I had to go with it.
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3 years ago, DNEmusiclover
Something is off with the app
I didn’t like the number of errors that kept popping up. The departments like ‘women’s’ were unavailable or buffered for a long time before opening then went back to saying error. I was searching for a few pieces of items and so had to search through several brands, it kept throwing me off or wouldn’t allow me to add an item to the bag if it appeared I took too long to search. Same happened when I trued to connect the payment account. Because I realized it was giving me errors, I had to close the app each time and start again and made sure I tried to be quick in what I was doing. I’ve use this app a few times in previous months, it never used to be like this.
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4 years ago, iamsnugz
I have been a loyal customer for years. I’ve had a few bad experiences for example receiving dirty shoes and one time receiving 1 shoe instead of a pair (that was the best one yet). However I am having problems with the app it keeps asking me to sign in now when normally I don’t have to because I use my saved PW with Face scan. And I would stay logged in. I’ve been using this app for a few months now and you guys need some SERIOUS updating so your customers can have a pleasant shopping experience.
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2 years ago, Ronnie2492
Echoing others the app literally never works it’s a multimillion/billion dollar company and can’t get a app to work or the website after logging in it goes to the new release screen saying the website is in a waiting room. I don’t understand how you could careless about this or is it that it’s just not going to be fixed bc FL is fully going away and will be one with JD Sports. Either way it’s crazy to not work at all and on JD you can’t order anything online to pickup in store because it says its not available when I’m in the store showing the associate the color way I want and they go get it with plenty sizes but the app is not showing inventory guess it’s a way to force customers in store or drive the online ordering.
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3 years ago, mr duceye
Long shipping
This app is great for buying clothes and shoes. It has a wide variety of brands and items to browse through. The recent update made it even better and easier to look for items you want. This app would be rated five stars if it weren’t for one thing. The shipping. I ordered a hoodie and it said it would be delivered by the end of the week. I check two days later and now it says it will be delivered next monday. I have now been waiting for a week and a half for my hoodie and the estimated arrival date now sus it will be delivered a week from tomorrow🤦‍♂️
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4 years ago, Angel7894
Horrible App
Ok I know a whole lot of these sneaker apps are horrible when it comes to bots. But I have to say finish line is the worst. This app is horrible at sneaker releases. Been on the app since 7 am shoe drops at 10 am I click on the app and it makes me wait in line when I’ve literally already been on the app since 7AM!! Like you guys really need to fix this system y’all got going on. And even this newly implemented raffle system is pretty horrible also. And I’m still waiting in line at 10:30 I can guarantee you when they actually let me through is when the bots have snagged all the pairs. I understand a sale is a sale not or human but you guys should also understand that most customers aren’t looking to pay ridiculous resale amounts for an already expensive pair of shoes.
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5 years ago, Mranderson216
Very easy to Shop
The app makes shopping very easy. I was able to save styles that interested me in Favorites. I used a filter to only shows styles in my size. I could read more about a style and its reviews without have to reset the filters or return to Home Screen. Finally, my purchase was quite easy. The developers anticipated shoppers want Gift Card and Paypal options to be easy. All of these options were presented intuitively, at the right time. Lastly, the app is much preferred over navigating Finish Line’s Mobile website.
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4 years ago, NateThaGreat7
Won’t Even Let Me Log In!
The Finish Line App is ridiculously terrible. I can’t even log in into my finish line account. I even changed my password and it still wouldn’t let me in and this wasn’t even on a shoe release just a regular day. On shoe release days or when reservations are up, the app doesn’t work at all. It’s the same thing over and over and I know many people say the same thing. The app is broken and it needs to be fixed. Finish line as a whole is losing a lot of customers because of this.
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12 months ago, SBdunk36
Finish line
Amazing is all I can say. I shop with finish line and get rewarded with getting access to nice Jordan’s that usually sell out instantly and are hard to get. Love getting an opportunity to purchase nice shoes online as well as for in-store pickup. You got to get through the queue to on drop day but have a better chance than anywhere else. They are on top of the shoe game when it comes to getting shoes in the hands of Jordan fans rather than bots. Good job finish line and thank you!!
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3 years ago, SHONISKA16
Finish Line is the first shoe store in my 42 years that has carried a shoe that makes my flat foot look good! I am a woman who only wears men shoes and the multiple styles of the Air Max 270s still allow me to look feminine and fancy in my size 8.5s. I also appreciate the plus size options in leggings and the variety of name brand t-shirts and hoodies that enhance my casually comfy wardrobe. I’m a high school teacher who teaches from home during the pandemic but whenever we return to the classroom, I get to wear my Finish Line gear. 5 stars across the board!
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4 years ago, irvckrio
This about the app not the store
App is lacking sometimes my favorite in the app is not on the browser also log off sometimes cant pay with afterpay also the app home page stay the same for ever doesnt show nothing different When you buy at store it doesnt show your purchase definitely need some work. Finish line is my favorite place to buy shoes because they got the best prices on shoes I always compare prices and almost other times I get the best price here at finish line i just used the browser sometimes instead of the app but I buy from the app other times too hope the make the app better.
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3 years ago, aggravated and tired
Deleted cart items
It’s annoying when you’re trying to shop and all of your items in the cart disappears. I’ve also had problems with trying to remove 1 item from my cart and everything is deleted when I try to go back and re-cart the things that I wanted everything will reappear with multiple quantities of certain items and when I change the quantity everything disappears again. Its honestly easier to go to another stores app or even go into finish line than deal with these issues because this is not a one time problem, this happens all the time.
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4 years ago, OFWGKTA_Kin
Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice place to get some shoes but not online though. The app is always crashing and logging me out for no reason. And when you try to use the rewards it doesn’t work. And the worst part is getting shoes that just dropped. When they have shoes that just dropped you have to wait in line which is not a problem but when it was my turn to get my shoes I been waiting for they kick me out and I have to wait all over again or I add the shoes to my cart ready to pay it’s kicks me out and I have to wait in line again. JUST HORRIBLE AND TIME WASTING!!!! The app just really needs to be worked on ASAP!!! It’s just not fair I waited in line and it’s just log out me.
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5 years ago, LadySims468
Takes forever to update winner circle
I can’t understand why it takes so long for points to update or to receive rewards. The app does not show past purchases although there is a section for them. I am due a reward and it looks like I haven’t purchased anything. When shopping at FootLocker the points update and the rewards are printed right on the receipt when you earn them from making qualifying purchases. Wish you would update this!!
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2 years ago, Leo10/10
App for resellers not sneaker lovers !
This is absolutely outrageous this app. Been a loyal customer for years but when it comes to exclusive access there is no “access” . The bots take them all. I have spent more than a few thousand dollars since becoming a member. In the beginning of the year the app was functional and I was able to receive access to New sneaker drops but not as of the last 5 months. As far as my local finish line store , they are 5/5 stars easily. This is strictly only for the app. Or it happens to always crash as soon as a sneaker is going to be released like it just did for the upcoming dunks . Terrible management of the app. This app is for resellers not true sneaker lovers and collectors .
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2 years ago, PYTpassions
App no longer working - 2 weeks now
Not sure what’s happening but the app stopped working for me for a little over 2 weeks now. It’s says - “An unknown error occurred - Try again and come back later”. I’ve tried opening it different times of the day to make sure I’m not using it during big drop periods — even over night, closing it out and reopening it several times. I’ve uninstalled the app and downloaded it again and I’m still receiving the same error message and not allowed to use the app. The update was installed already and it seems like since the update the app crashed. So I’ve been using the website and not the app. I wonder what’s going on.
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2 years ago, 28384)4
App has not been working the way it should.
App keeps saying error try again later. Then It crashes. It will also delete what ever I have in my cart. Apps aren’t supposed to do that. Is this issue going to get resolved, because I love shopping on this app, but it’s very frustrating when it wants to crash every 10 minutes and then deletes everything in the cart. I shouldn’t have to keep closing and opening the app for it to work. And I shouldn’t have to go find everything again to re add it to the cart. Resolve the issue please.
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4 years ago, jaylay918
It keeps signing me out every 2 minutes even while I’m on the app looking through things. Then when I go to sign back in it freezes or says there a sign in error. It also won’t allow me to checkout at times saying I’m not authorized. If I sign in it should stay signed in or at least remember the device or something like that instead of having to sign in each time I get on the app. The whole thing is annoying and I don’t have to deal with this in other apps regarding clothing or shoes that I have. Will update my rating when the app gets better!
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4 years ago, esh123456778
Terrible App
You would think by now the App would not be so difficult to use, especially when new shoes drop and the only way to possible get a chance to win is putting in a bid for them smh. The app should be able to handle the crowd of people all at once. I’ve literally been on the app waiting to log in and it’s been 25 mins, not to mention it’s 4:00 in the morning. I’m pretty disappointed that you have to go through all of this frustration. I see why people just buy from third parties now it’s just too much of a hassle and also isn’t fair. I hope you guys take the time to actually read the reviews and are able to come up with something better, I am not a happy customer.
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4 years ago, WSU '14
Bad app for new releases
The app is decent for the most part, but the way it handles new releases is awful. The waiting room only gives bots a chance to snag all of the pairs available. Please change the app to be more like the Nike SNKRS app. The waiting room gives you no chance to purchase shoes and only lets you see the Finishline twitter feed which always eventually updates saying the shoes are sold out and that you’ve wasted your time in the waiting room on every release. Update: reposting this same review 2 years later since Finish Line has failed to improve from user feedback. Get it right or get out of the new release business.
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