Five Below

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Five Below. Inc
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2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Five Below

3.59 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Brielancing
I rarely write reviews but…
Well, I’ve never had an issue with this app for many years, until I updated my iOS and now a security error pops up and Five below will no longer load up the store front. Hopefully I can figure it out. Otherwise, my past shopping experience has been painless. I especially adore the new squashmallows and Sanrio items popping up! I’ve always shopped five below for electronics. Always get my headphones and converters for my iPhone here. Some things can be cheaper quality; I’ve bought shoes and clothing that didn’t hold up more than one wear. So you just have to picky. Their graphic tees are very hit or miss quality, but I’ve gotten some amazing gems that I’ve worn for years now. I’ve found some great home decor items too. The quality is often on par with many dept stores like Target. I love the decorative pillows and outdoor decor. So many nostalgic gems as well. It’s definitely a hit or miss with more hits kind of store. I do wish the shipping price was better. Maybe consider giving free or reduced shipping after a certain amount spent, like $50. A lot of things are often sold out in store and I end up having to pay much more online, due to shipping cost. I’m still a sucker and I still shop regardless, but it’d be nice. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, kk-okmckenzie
Ok but no just no
So this app is fun to look at and the prices are great the items are great but there’s some major problems with the app I just got this about a week ago and it’s super lag he slow it always takes a while to load and whenever my phone will die or whenever I will just go back to the app once in a while everything on my cart would be gone so if I put something on there that I was considering buying and that I love the app sometimes it would be gone sometimes it wouldn’t but when my phone died it would all be gone and like other app I have been in it doesn’t have a list that you can put items you’re considering buying it so anything you look at that you like you either put it in your cart or you just keep scrolling and the orders take so long it’s taken like seven days for my order and I checked my cart the day that it was supposed to arrive and it just said error and it’s still not here I’m writing this morning I checked my cart when I was supposed to arrive it just said air yeah that’s bad anyway I hope you like the serve you and I hope it’s helpful I would recommend getting it and trying it out for yourself but it’s not that great sorry it’s so long bye so I just looked at all the reviews and the most common things that you never get your packages and you pay money for them this app is a rip off because you never get any of your stuff if you do it’s a literally like 20 days later not worth it please don’t buy this app
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2 years ago, itz toca k
Needs some work
One of my favorite stores is 5 and below but I don’t get to go very often just because it’s about 30-40 minutes away from me so when I fount out they had an app I got super excited it was way easier to find things because sometimes if you see someone at school or on a video with something you think is cool they got from 5 and below you go to 5 and below and you can’t find it so the app is great but I haven’t ordered anything yet because when I was adding things to the cart I had about 70 things in their and it wasn’t just for me it was for my siblings the point is when I went to order everything it loaded for a few seconds and then deleted everything in the cart saying there was a problem and it wasn’t like I had to many things because the day before that I put about 10 things in the cart and the same thing happened I was mad that I would have to find all of that stuff again and also if you go to your cart and you want to remove something it literally takes like 30 seconds just to remove 1 thing from the cart every other app does it less than 2 seconds but other than those things the app is good I guess there’s no glitches or it doesn’t have any bugs in it but I still think they should fix those problems and they should add something like a save for later button
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5 years ago, ungunagowaungamunga
An app I never wanna be without
I love it you find great deals ...but do your research before purchase sometimes I find things a little cheaper elsewhere, the only thing I wish it would add is an option to let us review with pictures so other users can check them out, I have found products I’m interested but nowhere on the web am I able to find a review. Shipping is quite fast I feel like I receive my purchases within 1 week and I love that they have extra deals to save even more during certain times. One more thing I just thought of is a “wish list/save for later” as of now I add things I’m interested in into the cart but I prefer a wish list. I think shipping is a flat 3.99 for a full order not per item which is freaking amazing and if you really don’t wanna spend money on shipping I think it’s free shipping at $30. :) just my thoughts and opinion
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3 years ago, Angelwitharevolver
Some slight issues with checking out
I love this app and have made three purchases. One small purchase and two big ones. The app itself is very good and I like it. However when you go to checkout sometimes it just won’t load. And you have to close and re open the app a few times before it works. I waited for about five minutes before closing and opening the app again and still had to do it a few more times. However other then that I have absolutely no issue. They send you an email after you purchase. Once it ships you get another email, and what I really like is they even mark if it shipped in multiple packages. And last you get one when it arrives. Usually I have an issue with things saying it got here before it did, but five below usually marks it as delivered around the exact time I got it or five minutes after!
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1 year ago, 🐕🐩🐶 DogLover 🐶🐩🐕
It’s okay
This app does do mostly everything it needs, but the search barley works. If I look up e.l.f, only eyelashes come up from that brand, however if I go to the makeup section I can find many other e.l.f products. Also, sometimes it will randomly remove things from your cart because “another user in in session” literally no other shopping app has this, so it’s very confusing. Another thing is that sometimes it will say that there’s an in stock item at my store, but then I go look for it and it’s now where to be seen. Some items also only appear if you click another item and look at the bottom where it recommends some more items. I wish I could like this app more but everything wrong with it makes it quite the unenjoyable experience sometimes.
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12 months ago, NFTStephy
Five Below
Five Below app is great, the app feeds supply chan manage product inventory of items available at each location for store pickup or delivery if not local, so convenient and all at the same great price! I love the quality of the items available for $5 and below, when shopping at Five Below you're getting a ridiculously good deal, you're not getting a single lollipop or Recyclable carrying bag instead of a shopping cart to hold items purchased for $5!! No, you're getting quality products, gift worthy items, such as a pair of pajamas, workout equipment, a small pink Christmas tree, fun pool accessories, outdoor games, beauty/hair accessories etc all really special items. I particularly love the new Taco Bell pool inflatables, I swear you taco'd me into buying them, say no more 😘😉🥰
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2 years ago, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the store and the app!
I like the app a bit more because it has much more than I see in the actual store. (ofc the actual store still has a lot though) the only reasons I gave it a 4 star is because it can be superrrrrr slow sometimes and it’s not only for me. The other reason is it doesn’t have a wishlist like a lot of shopping apps. The wishlists on other apps are extremely helpful! but right now i can only put items i like in cart so when i go to purchase something i just have to remove the things that I like and then take forever finding them again. Besides those 2 issues it’s an AMAZING App.
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2 years ago, DarkenKitten
Still waiting
Order stuff about 2 weeks ago and it’s still not here. The tracking say that it’s still in the facility 2 hours away from where I live and it’s been saying that for 5 days now. I live in Ohio and this is coming from New Jersey. I have ordered products from a company in NJ and they are here in 2 days. I will probably never use this app ever again!!!! They just built a store closer than 20 mins away from me but when I went in ( the store they opened 2-5 mins from me) they didn’t even have the place completely set up and they been open for a couple months now🤦🏽‍♀️. I understand they might be short staff but I would at least make sure they have everything if not a little in each department before opening up. That’s the only reason I decided to try this app. If the stuff doesn’t get here soon I’m calling and getting my money back.
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1 year ago, Autumne11
Okay app, but it could use a few improvements
Overall, the app does what it needs to do. It allows you to see what’s in stock and the moment and you can place pickup orders at your local store. But I think a few things could be implemented to make using the app a much better experience: 1. REVIEWS- I love Five Below, but sometimes I’ll buy a product and be disappointed with its quality. If there was a system in place to rate/review products, I believe it would be incredibly helpful to shoppers and could better their experience on the app. 2. Item Availability- There’s a slider at the top of the app that you can tap to “show available items at ___ location”. When you tap it, it does nothing but scramble around all items, while still displaying products that are not available at whichever store you’ve chosen. This is confusing and slightly misleading, not to mention frustrating. I would rather see what is truly available at my local Five Below than what COULD be available, if that makes sense. If these improvements were put into place, I believe this app would become miles better for your shoppers.
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3 years ago, Guuuuuuuyÿ
Great app... for about 5 minutes.
I love this store so the five below app was something that I was excited to find. I love looking at all of the awesome stuff on here the only issue is I can’t always see it. I will get into the app and go through one of the collections such as ‘create’ and go into ... oh idk... ‘pens and pencils’ and the app takes me too a blank white screen. I understand that maybe it will take a second or two to load the screen but Ik that it shouldn’t just sit in a white screen for minutes on end. I have tried seeing if I needed to update the app (and it already had the most recent update done to it) and I have tried restarting my phone to see if that was the problem (that’s didn’t work either). I even deleted the app and re-downloaded it to see if that would help and nothing changed.
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8 months ago, Summers03
Downloaded the app and started shopping for quite a while and had added a lot of items to my cart. Some I could pick up in store, some can only be shipped. Shipping was showing as almost $8 even though I had over $60 in my cart. So I searched to see what amount you have to have to have free shipping. Apparently they don’t offer free shipping at all so that makes me not want to get the items that have to ship because I really don’t need them anyway. But I figure let me make an account and I’ll save the items in case they offer free shipping sometime. I create an account and then all of the items I had in my cart are gone now. PLUS they don’t even have an option to save items for later like a favorite or wish list. So annoyed with the app just gonna delete it at this point
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7 years ago, Sarahzeena
Love Hollar, but the app has an issue
Let me start off by saying I LOVE Hollar and I’ve purchased several things since discovering the app. I’ve never had an issue with searching or ordering and I’ve had the app for a few months now. The only issue I have now is that when I’m in the app my iPhone 7 gets really hot. It never did that when I used it on my iPhone 6 so I don’t know if that’s an app issue or a phone issue. The Hollar app is also the only app I have that makes my phone get hot. I will continue to purchase stuff from Hollar but I will probably move away from the app till something changes. I don’t want to damage my phone shopping.
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3 years ago, Aubreechan
Could use more search options
I thought I left a review before but I can’t seem to find it. I love this app as well as FB. The store is a good 20+ minutes from my house not including the horrible traffic so this saves me the trouble which I love! Shipping is fast and always on time for the most part. My only gripes are that I’d love to have an option to view reviews on products from other customers. Also, it’d be nice to have a filter that shows only what’s in stock. I’m not sure if the site is glitching or something but almost everything seems to be out of stock right now.
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2 years ago, League of legends 2827
Amazing app but things need to be changed
First of all to start us off, this app is amazing! Everything is organized and there is a store up the road from me so i hope nothing goes wrong with it. But the shipping prices need to change. On my device (iPhone 13) it says “Shipping is $7” honestly I think they can lower the prices down to atleast 6$ and below, personally if I had a whole business going on and I can to set the shipping prices I’d put it at $5 or below. But that’s all I have to say. Please lower your prices 🤭
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3 months ago, pitagreen
I made an accidental purchase and contacted support right away and 20 minutes they told me that I cannot cancel the order and it went through the system. So yes I made an accidental purchase which is going to be shipped to my home. Which means that I probably won't get my money for the shipping money back when I do the in-store return. These people are scammers you are better off in SHEIN or TEMU. I shopped multiple times on these websites and had better experiences with them. The Chinese are doing a better job here than the Americans. At least you can cancel your order right away there. Come on it's 2024 and you cannot cancel an order on Five Below? Smells freaking fishy. I don't see them lasting for a long time anyway.
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1 year ago, Plaese Read now
Didn’t meat expectations
Okay so you are probably wandering why I gave this a 5 star review if the title is says that this app was great. Well if I have it 2 stars it wouldn’t show my review. So back to the review. This app is great and love the prices, but the cart doesn’t work. If I try to add anything to the cart it doesn’t work. I would have to buy it right there and then. I really wanted to like this app but this problem makes it really difficult. 😔 So please just fix this problem! 😕 Thanks for reading! 🙂
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1 year ago, wtfthisisbullshit!
I love the five below store but the app is terrible. First of all they never have the good stuff in stock and so you have to make multiple orders and pay for shipping everytime and they shipping is high even if you make a $100+ order they charge shipping and tax. You email them and they tell you the items aren’t in stock anytime soon. Why have them only available in store and not online as well. The items go quickly and you aren’t able to purchase them and one time I made an order and someone at their warehouse stole it. It took a long time to be refunded for it. Can’t order from instacart either because it’s unavailable where I live and the store is way too far.
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2 years ago, Cali71690
Five below bought out hollar
I LOVED hollar! Their flat rate shipping was 3.99 and spend $25, youd get free shipping. I loved that. I’d find some awesome deals because a lot of their items were like overstock items from other stores. I found a candles that looked like it came from home goods, a very cute glass garden lantern, etc. so much more. I used to get orders coming weekly because that’s how often I purchased from them. BUT ever since five below bought them out, I’ve on purchase a few times. Their stuff is so cheaply made. I mostly find toys and junk. And the flat rate shipping is now I believe 8 or 9$!! And no free shipping opinion. I’m pretty disappointed with them and I miss hollar. 😭😞
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5 years ago, Steviedickerson
Shame, I used to love this app
Never had issues before with this app but my most recent (and largest to date) order from them, I got a mysterious apologetic (kind of) email a few days later saying (oh don’t worry rest assured we definitely have your order)... and it’s like, um you better? I paid you money? Which is never a good sign like obviously send a confirmation email but a please don’t worry we got a bunch of orders and we are totes on top of it type emails never make it seem like you’re on top of things, rather that you planned quite poorly and have no qualms about keeping my money hostage with empty promises and lies. Weeks later and no order, when I sign in a large red font banner echoes empty promises that I refuse to buy. Never again.
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9 months ago, Phiarulz
Not good
I really want to like this app but I just can’t, it’s so frustrating to use. When I’m scrolling through a page of items, I’ll see the first dozen or so and then it’ll repeat the first dozen before showing me the rest. The cart function is also just non functional, I can’t add anything to my cart and definitely wouldn’t be able to purchase anything. The inventory is also insanely inaccurate on what they have in stores, and I’m not just talking like a couple hours lag. It’s closer to days off. This app is good for if you’re like me and just wanna waste time scrolling through stuff but it’s far from a good app.
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12 months ago, _squishmellows_
The best ever
I use to have to go to five and below which is ruffling a long time and I can’t go their often because it’s so far that yeah anyways I loved it because I could spend like five dollars on something and not be around alot of people that are thinking I’m rich because I bought of things so yeah But anyways the only thing I don’t like is they don’t have the things that are really in the shop like slime lickers their not in shop but they don’t have ring pops or the Barbies I want
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10 months ago, cacadepuerco
I like looking at some stuff here and when when I see a fnaf thing I tell my dad to take me to five below but when I get there the thing I wanted isn’t even there like today I saw a bunch of fnaf action figures on the app but when I got there they weren’t even there except for this ugly fnaf toy that no one even likes and no one even buy and you replaced the fnaf things with theses ugly barely even posable spider man things that no one buys like be honest with what you show on the app and when I saw the toy I wanted I also got very exited but it wasn’t there so at least be honest ok and people will probably actually go to your store
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3 years ago, senrachealA
Deserves more!
Don’t get me wrong, I love this app. I don’t have a Five Below store near me, the closest one is hours away, but I still love being able to purchase and receive the same great deals. The reason I’m rating only four stars, is becuase I feel there should be a wishlist option, or an option to make a list of some sort or some way to save items. The only way I can do this is by putting items in my cart. Obviously this doesn’t work well.
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5 years ago, TheOrangeFox
Love it
I’ve been using Hollar for at least a year now. They have definitely improved their app and continue to make sure it runs smoothly. I’ve only had one problem (was sent the wrong colored item) which was quickly taken care of and was sent the correct one without complications or having to repurchase. Some items are cheap but so is the price. I love browsing what they have and make purchases a few times a year.
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2 years ago, ansley 🙂
uhm no
i generally love five below. but there’s some things I recommend to change. when i first downloaded the app, i quickly made an account, with my dads email cause he wanted me to sign in on his. i love browsing through all the stuff and there’s great deals. recently, i bought a mystery squishmellow pack , and a bestfriend squishmellow things! i ordered that on the last day of June, and still haven’t got it yet. Once I purchased my things , it logged me out of my account, so i had to sign back in. not the best app. but would recommend if you want to find cheap deals. And are very patient
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2 years ago, JessLeforte
Love it
I love that you have an app so I can shop online. The closest store is 45 min from me. I have not ordered yet, but I am getting ready to. As long as all goes well my review will remain the same. I do have a suggestion though. It would be nice if you could do a wishlist or a save for later. I see things I would like to get and cannot at present time and it would be nice to be able to save them for later.
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3 months ago, fixyourappbruh
i can’t put anything in my cart
this has just turned into “is it in stock” app for me. Every time I press it to cart there’s nothing in there I even repeatedly pressed the add cart button because it’s only allows for five things but it did not even put in one thing it did not give me any notification about the five item per order limit. It doesn’t say that the app needs an update and I really can’t figure out why it doesn’t work. Please fix it.
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1 year ago, MArques3645
I love five below but the one most frustrating thing about this app is that it doesn't accurately reflect the stock in store I’ve wasted gas countless times because I thought I could order it there and they not have it in store yet. So I end up getting my money back and told sorry. When using the app there are so many products you all offer and I find it very annoying that there isn’t a save for later or favorites because when I want to buy something I have to take Everything out and find it all again it’s very repetitive and annoying
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2 years ago, JENNIFERANN102030
Some slight Issues but I still love this app
Some of my issues are that I add things to my cart and the next time I get back onto my app my items are gone so I have to go look for them again. I think there should also be a wish list so if I end up wanted to get that item I can just go there and get it. But other than that I love five and below!
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7 years ago, Irrawaddy dolphin
Purchased many times, love it
This app is pretty cool. There are lots of unique items, and the prices are okay. They used to be better, but now I mostly only buy the "price drop" items. However, shipping is pretty quick and items are well packaged. Also, with the new "Hollar member" thing, for only $2 a month you get free shipping! Also, please make an option to like or save items to look at later!! I'm kind of surprised this app doesn't have that.
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2 years ago, tataco89
How can you have such good deals but such a bad app I am trying to order well over $300 worth of stuff for Christmas for my kids but it freezes it won’t keep my cart where I had it and it then says after 3 days of fighting with the app finally get to the order review and it says error and try again then throws another error then it blocks it to where I can’t order and then when I go back in to figure it out takes me a hour just to get to the review order page and does it all over again very frustrating and not worth the head ache
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5 years ago, HorrorFandom
Just one thing
I love the app, and all of the things about, but I just wish there was someway to organize things better. It would be great if there was “favorite” option, or “save for later,” or even a way to make lists. That would be a wonderful thing to add. Also, I hope that everything will be back in stock by the time Christmas shopping comes around. There’s drink-ware, children toys/books, and travel supplies I’m wishing to get for Christmas.
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2 years ago, TacoCatsss11
Love Five Below, hate the app
I absolutely love this store, as does my family; we shop there often. I just recently got the app, but it is constantly freezing and force closing. Once I was able to get in, and after many force closing/freezing incidents, I was able to place an order. Now? For literal days I cannot get the app to open at all. It just completely closes out before loading anything. Please fix. I love the idea of being able to shop and order from an app, but need to be able to do so without so many glitches and issues. It’s very frustrating
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2 years ago, ChiChobits16
Loading issues
I keep getting a pop up saying: received a 500 error. data returned as string was: {“errors”:{“detail”:”internal server error”}} I’ve tried deleting the app and re-downloading it as well as updating my phone but nether worked. I think the app is great and this error message is new so once that’s fixed I’ll give the app 5 stars 😅
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7 months ago, Cait_91
App & website both need work
I love shopping at Five Below and stop in every time I’m near one. I decided to look online to order and their website and app need some work. I used the app and when I tried to place my order I would get error messages and the app timed out a lot. Things also kept be removed from my cart due to inventory levels? If stuff is out of stock then take it off the website. Also, why put items on your website if you won’t ship them? I got my order placed but will probably stick to in store shopping from now on.
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11 months ago, QWERTYUIOPadfshdh
Could be better
This app could be a lot better. I’m not sure if it’s a store issue or the app itself but when I choose show only what’s in store still things that aren’t pop up. Inventory is also always wrong. Found several things that were “unavailable” in store at the store and many products I ordered were out of stock but it never indicated that. It is a little frustrating when ordering items.
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4 years ago, ajean07@
I was so excited for this app and even more excited it only took 3 days to get our stuff! Spent over $100 and then I opened the box 😤🤯 everything was thrown in like it was junk being tossed away to the trash 😡 this is NOT okay!! Yeah, there was bubble packaging but only on top of the merchandise! Every antler on our glitter reindeer is broken, glitter is EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING (you couldn’t have atleast wrapped it in separate wrapping?? We ordered bleach and we’re lucky it didn’t bust!! It’s just sitting there with the rest of the stuff not wrapped separately either!! I will definitely be deleting the app and not purchasing again!
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5 years ago, Tmarie91
Too Hard to Order
App is clunky and inefficient. I put a bunch of stuff in my cart which I then planned to weed thru when I was ready to buy. Ridiculously slow and times out and then seems to "forget" what it was processing. Dollar Tree is much better. Too bad you lost my business before my first order... I have seen so many complaints about shipping times - that it almost seems suspicious. Like they are slowing down the process because they can't keep up with orders. Oh, and developers? Don't bother sending me some "canned" message about contacting you directly. Really. I won't be back. App deleted.
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2 years ago, Extraordinarymar
Got Advil?
I have a HEADACHE! I’ve been on this app for 2+ hours trying to get Halloween stuff. Here is the biggest most annoying freaking issues. 1- you can’t filter your search for shipping only and it’s really nerve racking. 2- when adding items to the cart it buffers so long! Like cmon! 3- good luck trying to remove items from your cart. It’s like a whole task all in itself just to remove an item, why is it this hard?? It buffers forever and then it doesn’t even remove it!! 4- the app lags really bad on every gadget I have tried using it on, it’s making me want to just give up trying. I NEVER write reviews because they always sound like people just complaining to complain but seriously take this review as a warning. I sadly don’t have Advil, and if I needed some I wouldn’t use this app for it. Lol.
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11 months ago, Singoffpitch
Update crashes & empties cart
This app used to work perfectly, but I updated and now it keeps crashing and it deleted $150 worth of items from my cart. Just an empty cart each time it crashes. I’m not wasting time shopping again just to have it crash and lose it all yet again. The update needs updated quickly or you’re going to lose a lot of sales. You just lost my sale and I’m a regular online customer through the app.
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1 year ago, Macy 🙄🥴✨
I love the deals but the free shipping thing never happened
I love all the items and the deals are great, but I recently bought about $70 worth of items and it still asked me to pay $8 worth of shipping. It promised free shipping when I first went on and looked, but at checkout it still charged me. I bought it anyways (shipping included) but I’d like to know if this is a glitch or something that needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, JEnnybEans42
fine with new update but…
it’s fine and less laggy with the new update but i do wish that you could “like” or “save” items you like but aren’t sure of instead of having to put them in your cart. That’s my only suggestion. would be 5 stars if you could make a wishlist or a save selection
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2 years ago, The_Real_MrsFlores
Love it but….
I love this store and how they have a app but the only thing is I wish they would add a wish list or a place you can add favorite things that you like so that when you come back on you can go right to it easily instead of having to search for it.
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6 years ago, just here for the games
Love the app, but..
I wish there was a way to save things I like to go back later to if I don’t feel like purchasing right at that moment or with the couple things I may already have in my cart. If you could make that possible I’d give this app a 12/10 instead of the 9/10 I’m at right now! Thank you for just taking it to consideration.
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4 years ago, $$$$$$$$2018$$$!!$!!!
Turnaround time stinks
I was super excited to find this app thinking it was gonna be super easy but it turns out the turn around time is just plain aweful I placed my first order and it took 3 days just to ship my order and then 8 days to get it. Not too bad really I guess but I placed a second order and it hasn’t even been process! They took my money but have not even shipped it yet! I’m super worried now that it’s been o er a week that with the shipping time I won’t get my order I time for my sons bday Probably will not order again and I will not recommend this app
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1 year ago, hedickso13
Pretty cumbersome to navigate. But worse than that: there is no wishlist feature. Really??? But the VERY WORST is that I can’t add anything to my cart. Wtaf?! I click “Add to Cart” and my cart is still empty. No matter what I try. It’s been this way for months. I’ve literally never been able to order anything from here. Also, is there not a ship to home option? My nearest Five Below is like 45min away. So yeah: Add wishlists, enable Ship To Home, and FIX THE EMPTY CART ISSUE for the love of g0d! Y’all are losing sooo much money because of these three issues!!!
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6 years ago, kaylsyoder
Highly recommend
I love this app! There are so many cute items for good prices that are good quality. Unlike some of the stuff you find really cheap on wish. I highly recommend you take a few minutes to scroll this app and all the categories of items it has to offer.
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9 months ago, xcookie2009
A lot of problems with me
Well it’s a pretty good app with great customer service but it keeps deleting things from my cart or erasing everything completely and if I want to change from picking up in store to getting it shipped home the button doesn’t work. I don’t know if it’s a bug or something but can it get fixed and make the app work smoother
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2 years ago, toni summrrs
This app is terrible. When shopping online through browser it keeps prompting you to get this app to help with bug issues and crashing. But this app is WORSE than browser. It takes five minutes to add a single item to your cart, then it doesn’t register it. You have to clear the app from use then click it again and restart just to get it to register quantity updates, adding and removing things from your cart. It’s honestly a terrible app.
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