FlightAware Flight Tracker

4.8 (282.1K)
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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for FlightAware Flight Tracker

4.85 out of 5
282.1K Ratings
2 years ago, FranciscoIV
We got from MIA to FAI in one day thanks to Flight Aware!
We had a long 3 segment flight from MIA to FAI through DTW and SEA. We only made it through this app. I used it to track all our flights plus the inbound flights that had our planes as we had a tight connection in DTW. Using notifications it let me know all the statuses and told me before Delta did of delays. Our initial flight had a 2 hour weather related ground stop while we were sitting on it and we would miss our connection in DTW except Flight Aware kept updating me that our DTW-SEA flight kept getting pushed back due to delays so when we got there we made the flight as it got pushed back a few more times due to mechanical issues with the jetway. Except we would miss out SEA-FAI connection! Once again Flight Aware informed me before Delta of delays with our SEA-FAI flight and we ended up making it! Without Flight Aware I might have wrongly accepted Delta’s offers to reschedule a day later and would have missed parts of our scheduled events in Fairbanks!
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4 months ago, Low Clearance
All good except for the update nag screen
Great app overall, but it has one incredibly annoying, erm, “feature” that I need to vent about. The app checks the App Store for updates at startup and, if an update is found, displays a nag screen about the update that you have to click through before proceeding, disrupting your workflow. For myself and the other 99% of iOS users who have Automatic Updates turned on for the very fact that we don’t want to—and shouldn’t have to, quite frankly—ever consciously think about updating apps and would rather have the OS do it for us automatically in the background at night, this manual update reminder is unnecessary and intrusive. None of my other apps are this OCD about updates. Relax already, the OS will update your app for us eventually. And, by the way, since the app apparently uses the App Store’s staged rollout option, whereby updates can take up to 7 days to reach 100% of users—to wit, I was only just today (Feb 22) auto updated to the Feb 15 release—displaying the update nag notice the instant the app is released makes this practice even more logic defying. If you insist on keeping this update screen, fine, but at least wait 8 days after the update is released to the App Store so that it is only seen by those who don’t use auto app updates.
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6 years ago, Fran70809
won’t set up notifications
UPDATE: I waited a bit and before I deleted the app, I tried it one more time - the issue seems to have been fixed and the app is working as advertised. I actually got responses from the developer regarding this, which I found impressive and surprising. Changing my rating from one star to 5. PREVIOUS REVIEW: app worked fine for awhile, but suddenly, it will not allow me to set up notifications for flights. When I try to set a notification for a flight, I get a message that “email to friends for single day only” (or something similar). I don’t have emails to friends set up in my settings, so the error message makes no sense to me. I have settings to just email to me to track flights I want to meet. I tried turning off even emails to me to reset to “send to my device”, but I still get the error message. Flight Tracker is a much more reliable app, and it has become my go-to app for tracking flights I need to meet. This one just doesn’t work anymore.
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5 years ago, nlgess
Great for up to date info.
I have used the Flight Aware app for several years. I find it to be accurate (sometimes more so than the individual airlines) and informative. I can check the local airport(s) for delays which are not always apparent in other ways. For example a clear sunny day but flights being held at the point of origin due to weather (thunderstorms etc.). I know having experienced it my self that when you are sitting in the airport at the departure gate and the plane is there but you are told it is delayed due to weather and it is sunny where you are and at your destination you get frustrated. Flight Aware gives the information about the airport’s delays due to weather and I can check both the departure airport and destination with the weather overlay showing me what is happening. I also like being able to find my plane “Where is my plane now?”. I volunteer for a local non profit as a ‘taxi team driver’. Being able to track the flights I am meeting is a big help.
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5 years ago, 31 Flyer
The good and the not so good
We us it mostly for our family members to track our personal plane. It’s a good app that needs more work. It sometimes works when we file Flight following, maybe we are doing something wrong? It always works when we file an IFR flight plan. The problem we have with the app is when we cancel IFR in the air if we do a visual approach the app stops tracking the flight and my loved ones wonder it we crashed cause it stops the tracking short of the landing. The other thing is that we can’t sneak away without the family being notified of when we are leaving and where we going. The great thing is my FBO uses the app to know when we’re are arriving at the airport so they can have my vehicle out on the tarmac running and waiting for us with the air or the heat running....love that use of your app! Keep up the great work.
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11 months ago, macintoshlover789
Saved flights are pointless
When saving a flight, and going through the process of selecting a flight for a particular date, when looking at the information for the upcoming flight it makes you re-enter all the same information even though the flight has been “saved” for notifications in the future. Additionally, somehow flighty which used the FlightAware “firehose” data can show you in their free version the landing and takeoff of flights accurately down to the runway whereas the FlightAware tracking seemingly ends the second the plane is not in the air. The UI is barebones and acceptable and not exactly intuitive, clean or well-organized. Again if they could mirror some of the UI of the Flighty app that would be great. Also they should make it clearly apparent the age of the plane being flown as well as the model once again a great feature of flighty. This sounds like an advert for flighty, but I find that the raw data provided by FlightAware is still the best and all FlightAware features are free for general users, so I would love to see these changes! Thanks!
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6 years ago, LAX20531
Slooooooow...what’s going on??
Update: The app is still awesome but the display is experiencing major latency with refreshing the map. I ran a speed test and I’m currently getting 300 down/30 up (mbps) so it’s not speed and a forced reset of iPad didn’t fix the issue either. Updating to the new release of FlightAware was a no go as well. There’s always the website of course, but this is rather convenient. I’ll try again later and will update if my results are different. I've used the desktop FlightAware probably since its inception and the iOS version for many years. At times the app was ignored and under-developed, but the recent binge of updates have made it cutting edge once again. Every one of the flight tracking apps offers something just a bit different so YMMV according to your needs...FlightAware offers something for both the frequent traveler and the aviation aficionado so I highly recommend it. It also offers a very cheap option to remove annoying ads which I always take advantage of when offered.
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1 year ago, Rolo108
Best travel companion
This App is the go-to source for information. I travel for work, and ignore anything an airline or airport says if it’s different from what FlightAware says. You will see flight delays from incoming flights well before an airline admits publicly that the outbound flight will also be delayed. You don’t have to be an expert to see that if the flight coming in to pick you up is arriving after your schedule departure time, your flight is almost certain to be delayed as well. Only in extreme delays have I ever seen a substitution of aircraft. Also good info is the status of an airport itself. If there are general delays for any reason, I start paying closer attention to connecting alternatives and arrange for options. Well thought out and designed App.
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2 years ago, RanchoNotengo
The Go To App
I use the app for airline flights. Tracking the progress of the flight allows me to be ready to pick up a traveling passenger upon their arrival. Also knowing where the inbound aircraft is can impact the connecting flight. Being able to text the location of a connecting gate to an inbound pax also is a way to measure the chance of making a connecting flight or not. The airlines are not very helpful in providing that information. The flight following with the weather displayed also impacts arrival times. I also enjoy seeing the filed flight plan with the route, altitude, etc. In addition to the commercial flights I can review my own general aviation flights and that of my friends. Thanks Flight Aware for doing such a good job.
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1 year ago, Handyandy,jr
Update: Took my money!
After making a complaint to Apple I received a reply from the developer saying they were aware of the problem and working on a fix. The temporary solution is to register for a free account. Did, and now it works as expected. So why don't they just say so in the beginning?? Just a few words on the purchase page would prevent a lot of bad will. So … as said before it's a good app but I'm still not going to give it 5 stars simply because somebody out there doesn't know how to run the business end. Original review: App worked great, tracked my flight from gate to gate. So figured I'd spring for 6 buck to ditch the ads. Took my money then reported 'unexpected error'. So they got my 6 bucks anyway and I still get the ads! Really too bad because it's a good app but this nonsense leaves a bad taste.
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1 year ago, Scooter2049
Fabulous Site
I use several aviation sites in my day to day activities. Most are terrific, but FlightAware is consistently OUTSTANDING. The site always has data in as close to real time as you can get. The site almost never “goes down” and when it does - it’s back up usually within a minute or two. The site is simple to use and navigate. The desktop version and mobile version are equally top notch. The mobile sites of other apps generally leave much to be desired from their desktop versions. Not so with FlightAware. No loss of product quality here at all. Do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes checking out FlightAware and see if it meets your needs. I hope you find it as amazing as I do.
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5 years ago, SandyMiller888
So much better than relying on the airline
If a third party such as Flight Aware is able to obtain accurate and up to date information on flights, why can’t the actual airline operating the aircraft do the same? I guess they are only in the transportation business and not in the business of supplying information to their customers. When I sent my high school daughter to France as an unaccompanied minor on an exchange program, I was up all night tracking her flight to Heathrow and her next leg to Nice, France. I knew when the plane was landing, I knew that it was on-time and that the airline had plenty of time to change terminals and it gave a nervous mother peace of mind. Thank you Flight Aware for providing a most valuable service to the public.
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11 months ago, Jamusko
Always 2 min ahead of the “public” AA flight info
Invaluable. When I need to fly a route with multiple choices, I start with FlightAware’s history. Which ones seem to get delayed. Which ones seem to go? My favorite practical “amazing story” happened inflight. Slowed down with no on board update…. Dr is paged - it’s a medical emergency. Open flightaware to learn IN FLIGHT that I’m diverted from DFW to MCI with looooong delay to new departure. I hit the AA app, see a flight leaving about 30 min after flightaware’s diverted arrival time. Book a one-way Relax About 10 min pass, pilot announces that we’re diverted to MCI and see gate agents for updates. Guns it to MCI. Land as per FlightAware, collect my overhead bags on arrival and walk 1 gate over, where boarding has commenced. On time departure and arrival in DFW where my smiling wife and kiddos collect me curbside. I hope if anyone reads this, they’ll experience at least one similar day - getting lucky on “one of those days” and welcomed wherever they’re off to with smiles of family and friends. Road Warriors: please avail yourself of this amazing resource. 5 stars not enough for those rare, welcoming smiles…
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1 year ago, grammie2gr8
If you are a frequent flyer, you need this app.
This a great app. You know immediately if your flight or a flight for a friend, loved one , (or just some one needing picked up at an airport ,) if there may be any delays , disruptions or cancellations before airline provides the information, (to those requesting updates on a particular flight ) in most situations . All you need is the flight number and the rest of the work and valuable information is provided through the app. This is genius ! Great for those that are really into aviation and technical information . This app has it all when it comes to flight / aviation information . A must have for frequent travelers . Extremely helpful !
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6 years ago, Gregoire1970
Last update needs bug fixing
I’ve been using FlightAware for a long time and think highly of it. It would merit probably 4 stars if not for a few bugs that I think showed up since the last update of either FlightAware or iOS. One thing is I don’t have a settings icon top right. If I click that area my settings will show up but the icon itself is missing. Clicking the layers icon most of the time shows up a white square in the bottom with a few checkmarks but no accompanying text and no way to close the layers options - the icons dealing with that are hidden like the settings icon. This happens with the light theme on both my iPhone 8 and iPad Pro 9.7” running the latest iOS. With the dark theme everything works as it should. Edit: thanks to the swift response back to 4 stars!
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7 years ago, popART4ever
Very decent App!
My brother is a charter pilot and recommended this app. With it we've been able to track flights and actual planes, from origin to destination (and obtain quite a bit more information about delays than airlines provide- i.e. It can tell us when a delayed plane has yet to take off from a previous leg of a multi city route, or is running early). It maps flight progress of all flights- too bad we can't access it more easily from the planes themselves, but it keeps everyone on the ground well informed. As for looking up flights by tail number--that's a great way to find the whereabouts of the private pilot in the family, it's not just for airline passengers, it also tracks private planes.
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3 years ago, MCard605
Much more information than I thought
Love to be able to see where a flight goes. Weather radar is shown, giving more information to see some indication of how the flight went. Flight history is provided to see if this is a perennially late or early departure or arrival. You can also track the aircraft to see where your plane is. Finally, for this review, you can also see a map of where you are and identify aircraft above you, what altitude they are flying, where the flight originated and its destination for flights with files flight plans. You can also identify whose aircraft it is if it is a commercial flight.
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6 years ago, Ffjcdsyukcdg
No longer works for me
I drive for uber and Lyft and rely on this app heavily to be able to predict surges at the airport based on flight arrival times. Without this app or something similar I would not be able to make as much money as I do and out of all the different flight tracking apps, this one is by far my favorite because of how easy it is to use and track incoming flights. Unfortunately, its best feature seems to have stopped working for me, my boyfriend, and other drivers I’ve talked to. Flight arrivals no longer show up in chronological order, rather they seem to be listed according to their origination point departure times. This renders the app completely useless for us and hopefully it can be fixed soon as we have yet to find any other apps that are as intuitive and easy to use as flight aware!
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6 years ago, Tailgunner55
Out of sync with the web site
I used to trust the FlightAware app but my wife and I were just trying to follow the status of our daughter’s departure flight to Newark and got two different stories from FlightAware. I was using the app that still showed the flight as on time and my wife was using the FlightAware website that showed a 3-hour departure delay. What’s up with that? I checked the app again and in the flight details block it showed the local departure and the arrival in Newark as on time but there was a notation at the top of that same screen that showed the flight as delayed (with no other information as to how long). The web site showed an actual delayed departure time. I think the app and web site should be in sync and I think that any notation of a flight delay should give the app user the same information as the web site user.
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3 weeks ago, CentralPHXman
Pretty Worthless
As a frequent international flier on various airlines (American, LATAM, Boliviana, etc) I decided to download the app after reading such great things about it. I’m surprised how totally lame the app really is. I received more timely and accessible notifications directly from the airline apps, while Flighty was exactly as the name implies…like a brainless twit of an app. Provided no real benefits whatsoever. I’m actually shocked that so many have left such glowing reviews about it. With the free premium trial, most of the “notifications” I got were worthless bits of info I already knew or didn’t care about, while the free version only sends notifications reminding you to waste money by upgrading. Seems like a scam app honestly. Nothing to see here. I’ll stick with the airline apps and Flightradar24 for tracking the location of flights. This is just eating up valuable memory on my iPhone. DELETE!
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5 years ago, cpahcg
Can’t trust ETAs
This app gets a lot right. The ability to set alerts for flights you’re meeting is a great concept that is well-implemented in parts. However, that feature set breaks down at the most critical stage— the arrival time. I have received alerts that a flight is in the air after a delay. In my Notifications Center, a revised ETA is provided. However, in the app, that new arrival info is not updated. Why isn’t it synced across both locations so that I can rely only on the app? Other times no revised notifications are received. I’ll be at the airport at the appointed time. Just as I’m expecting the app to show “Landed,” it updates and pushes the arrival time out by 30 minutes or more. If a tracker app is that unreliable, it becomes worthless. Update: Based on developer's response re update to app, I'm happy to try the latest release. Thanks for the patch.
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12 months ago, cohgamer
Notifications disappear when I tap on them
First of all, this app is fantastic for up-to-the-minute details about flights. My only quibble: a banner notification will appear about a flight change, but if you tap on it rather than just reading it, it disappears forever. I imagine the intent is that tapping on it takes you to a page describing the change, but 10 times out of 10, the page it takes you to shows NO changes, and it is impossible to find out what the notification was actually about. Please fix this by making the banner notification continue to be accessible even if it is tapped on. Thanks.
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1 year ago, Superaviation2000
Best flight tracker
I use flight aware a lot. Every time I see or hear an airplane, I look on flight aware to see what it is and what airline the airplane it is. I use it on every device I have, which is about 5 different ones. I have even travelled and seen my own flight on this flight tracker. This super accurate tracker is awesome for if you are a pilot too because you can see where the next airplane that you will fly is. It also is useful when your friend/family is in an airplane, you can see where they are. I just love this flight tracker and I would suggest it to anyone.
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1 year ago, JoeMary01
Generally very good
Have used FlightAware on my laptop for many years and rate that very highly. The mobile app is close but lacks some of the features of the internet version. I don’t see the scheduled and actual times that’s on the right side on the internet nor do I see the flight line. Perhaps it’s because of space considerations. One problem I have with the app is that it says many times that I have no internet connection “retry” which never works. I have to manually close the app and reopen it. Haven’t had this problem with other apps. Have lots of memory and space. Update - the retry problem has been fixed
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5 years ago, Mattny78
An incredibly informative and easy to use App
I’m a rideshare driver and utilize this app to track incoming flights and thus am able to easily find opportunities for fares utilizing the arrivals listing feature which is always reliable and accurate. I’m also an avid aviation enthusiast so I use the app to track flights while utilizing a separate air traffic radio app. The app not only gives basic info on flight departure/arrival times but also fully featured with weather conditions delay information as well as the ability to track flight location flight path altitude and speed. It’s fantastic. Love it thank you.
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5 years ago, Kenan01
Spot on flight information!
I’ve been using FlightAware for years and have found the app to be very useful and very accurate for tracking incoming and out going flights for my family. It’s so easy to use with the app on my phone to find a flight and track the flight from beginning to end. I can’t imagine trying to keep up with family members without this app. The airlines have completely dropped the ball on customer service, so getting the information out of them is like pulling teeth, but with FlightAware, you have the most up-to-date information in seconds.
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5 years ago, Tembek
ETAs no longer reliable
Used to be one of my favorite apps but ETA predictions have become highly unreliable. I’ve missed too many airport pickups to trust it and now use the individual airline websites. The app will frequently report a flight is on time for an arrival in 30 min for example when a quick glance at the map shows the plane is an hour farther away or minutes from landing. I’ve seen the app jump from on time to 40 min delay (and vice versa) while sitting at the cell phone lot at the arrival time. These changes were not caused by holds or spacing delays. The airline website had been reporting the delay for two hours. Following day flights are often shown with times that are 30-40 minutes earlier than the airline website. FA is rarely correct about the early arrival.
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1 year ago, YonkersBob
So helpful…
…whether I am traveling, or awaiting for others within my circle of family/friends, this is a very easy-to-use, informative, go-to app for air travel. Great graphics, ability to enter any carrier’s flight number, flight details such as history of a flight number for the past few days or so, and the ability to find ‘where is my plane?’ if the aircraft is originating from a different location, makes this application not only practical, but also one that keeps your interest as you are at home, or at the airport.
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1 year ago, chrissielaguna
The most amazing app!
if your bored and wonder when you look at the sky “where is that plane going?” you can see where it coming from and where its going, what altitude what speed! Its super fun when your in the mountains stargazing because there are so many high altitude flights going over the mountains. I also figured out, when you are flying or picking someone up who is flying, you can track the flight and it will also give you flight alerts. Super awesome! No annoying ads and no pressure to upgrade or buy some.
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3 years ago, tweedybird56
All my flights do not show up
Me and my pilot friends have noticed all of our flights do not show up. In the past several months, about half our flights show on FlightAware. And when they do, they are not accurate. Today I (N1224U) flew from 54T to T00 and back. I called SouthEast Texas Regional (Beaumont) to verify my transponder and ADSB was working, they verified that it was. After I landed at 54T, I checked FlightAware, part of the return flight showed up. Is there something we are not doing to see the history of our flights, you guys have spoiled us by showing all our flights, and now only partial. Thanks for a great product! Selby Goss
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5 years ago, Farley213
Need to separate direct flights and layover flights
I had written another review about how this was such a go to app for me once upon a time. But the last two years it’s been harder to find flights. It has become less user friendly for everyday users. One of the main reasons for this is that you don’t separate direct flights from flights with layovers. It shouldn’t take three separate searches to locate a flight. Kept searching and the direct flights are buried in between so they are easy to miss while you’re scrolling. And frankly the way the layover flights are done is confusing. I kept sending the first leg of the flight info out to people not realizing that it wasn’t bringing up the full information of both flights when I hit it. This is because in the list of flights that comes up, you don’t specify airports in the first leg. So I was only sending that part out. The layover bar is lost a bit and I thought it was just stating that there is a layover. Not that it’s separating the two legs. I’m not tech weak by any means. And I used to use this app on a very regular basis. But haven’t been happy with it for a while. Needs to go back to the early versions and get user friendly again.
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2 years ago, AuntyAnuem
FlightAware is top notch
I guess I’ll just go back and forth between my friends and family and say this is a great time to see planes. I can look at the schedule and get a little better idea of what it is going on with the flight. Okay I don’t know how they do it but it is great and wonderful for everyone and everyone else. Sounds good to see you tomorrow and we’ll probably get together sometime soon and then we comes up to the flight time. Okay I don’t know what to say more but I really think it’s cool that I can see them fly over.
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7 years ago, Juanpa10795961209
Barely write reviews for apps but you guys definitely deserve one. I love how I can look where flights are going when I see the airplanes from the ground some are coming from Europe or don't even have a stop in the US it's awesome! It also helps me to track when a family member flight is on time or delayed as well as seeing where are they in the Atlantic while I run errands before picking them up; it definitely saves me money too because if a flight it's delayed I don't have to over pay for parking at the airport and just get there at the right time.
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5 years ago, pwilk30978
Warning-don’t upgrade!!!
In the latest upgrade, I was sadly surprised to find a awful new format!!! The map in the background makes it impossible to see the planes. Additionally, the gray color of the planes on the map is so hard to see! How this whole new look is an “upgrade” is stunning!! It is so AWFUL!!! There’s no way to adjust the map to revert to a subtle look in order to see the planes and there’s no way to change the color of the planes....I wish developers would quit messing with something that works just great and ruin it with an “upgrade” UPDATE: I found the classic format-so please excuse the review. I’m still not excited about the new functionality as the font and presentation of flight details is not as easy on the eye as the old format.
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2 years ago, KillAllTheMarketers
Best flight tracking app and service there is
FlightAware is by far the best flight tracking service that a consumer can find on the Internet. The app is a portal into their service, and provides no-nonsense access for tracking a flight from the time the pilot files a flight plan to wheels on the ground at landing and the various stages of the flight in between. As a bonus, their real-time display of flights in the air for most parts of the world is an informative and addictive way to observe just how busy the skies and major airports really are.
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4 years ago, Air Barry
Never without...
I fly a small single engine airplane in the western United States where I am often over deserts or mountains and far from a cell tower. When she can’t ride along, my wife can track my location within minutes from the time I take off until I safely land. This helps her know where I am and she worries a lot less while I’m up in the sky. When we travel together, our kids and friends can follow our flights. Thank you Flight Aware for making it possible for us to stay in touch when we’re apart!
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7 years ago, That1Guy717
Great app! Very informative!
More information than I imagined would be publicly available about the various aircraft flying over us (or anywhere) on a constant basis. Only improvement I see so far would be easier access to get back to the "Home screen view", which for me would mean showing the big map of any aircraft and airports in my general current vicinity / current location. Some pages had no way to go back, but you were forced to choose from a list of, for example, of current aircraft in that area. Other than that, very pleased with the app and look forward to any updates and improvements.
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4 years ago, app needs to change
Best flight tracker
Have tried many trackers but now only use Flight Aware. Information put out by the airlines is not always accurate, but Flight Aware app is ALWAYS accurate. For example, sent a young nephew home overseas and his flight was so delayed that evening that the airline listed it as “cancelled” even though it did take off. His panicked Mom saw the flight as cancelled even though we put him on the plane. With Flight Aware, we were able to show her that the plane was indeed airborne and what time it was due to land ... to the great relief of waiting family members! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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2 years ago, Khun M.
The BEST Flight Tracking Application
Whether you’re a traveler, flight crew member, aviation industry worker or just an aviation enthusiast, FlightAware in my opinion is the BEST flight tracking application. It gives you up to the minute status on any airport or flight. It can show you automated flight location on a map that you can zoom to amazing levels. You can set up push notifications on flights to your phone. It’s easy to use. And best of all, it’s free (with ads) but is available ad free with subscription. That’s fair.
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4 months ago, JRF-STL
Stop the flashing motion ads
This WAS a great app until FlightAware added the ads with motion and flashing. If I want to see flashing lights and scrolling marquees I can go to Vegas. Plenty of that there. I understand that ads are a present day reality but the ads with distracting flashing motion are equivalent to the customer getting flicked in the nose repeatedly. Stop it. I know you want customers to pay to have ads removed. Flicking them again and again in the nose until they finally have enough and give in to pay to have ads removed won’t work on most. Most will just delete the app and find another app. Please return the app to some civility. Stationary ads are fine and don’t annoy the customers as well as get the message across in a more effective manner. Thx, jrf
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6 years ago, LuckysClub
Good info, but display issues make barely usable
This flight app has a wealth of information. Almost too much, and although recent changes have made it easier to navigate it still is complex. The real problem with the app is that so many screens are poorly formatted for the text they contain. Text overflows the space allotted to it. Sometimes this just looks ugly, but often text overflows and covers buttons. Then the buttons don’t work and the app becomes unusable. The only way to get it working again is to force-quit and start over. This has been happening through many generations of the app and they just don’t seem to get a handle on the problem. I guess there’s a problem with all that complexity.
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1 year ago, Charlotte Ray#25
Problem with app
I’ve been using FlightAware for over eight years with excellent results until today. Today, when I try to load the FlightAware app to look for a plane, it flashes on and then instantly shuts off. I’ve reloaded the app, and it still does the same thing. i’ve turned off my iPhone and turned it back on and tried again, and still it flashes on and immediately turns off. I hope you receive this in the near term and fix whatever might be wrong. RAM
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3 years ago, crazybrainos
Great application for tracking flights
This app is great for tracking flights and the history of that flight throughout the day. This will help determine if your flight is or will be delayed. A flight delay early in the day almost always has a ripple effect on flights that plane makes later in the day. If the delay is long enough, you might be able to work with your airline to find other accommodations. This app has a simple intuitive user interface.
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5 years ago, JFRAF653
Very Impressive
Everything is near real-time. I have been alerted to departing gate changes BEFORE announcements or the airline app. I am able to judge when to leave home to meet arrivals at the airport before and sometimes more accurately than the airline app. Once, I was able to watch my wife’s arriving plane diverted upon approach well before announcements or notifications. It’s like you know what the captain knows when the captain knows it. Keep in mind, this is all about the aircraft/flight so use it in conjunction with the business of the airline app.
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7 years ago, Holmchile texas
Great development.
A few years ago the developer was minding his own business watching our progress from Puerto Rico back to Houston. I looked over his shoulder and asked how he was doing what he was,as I thought it was impossible to do given the lack of wifi on the plane . He then told me that it was his mapping and technology allowing ground following and plane transponders that made it possible. He and his family were on their way home from a vacation as were my wife and I from an eastern Carrie cruise. Great deal for use while airborne,traveling . Wow!
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6 years ago, MelindaB83
Loved the app
We have a Cessna 206 with updated avionics and have had absolutely no problem with flight aware. Loved the app because our parents and family can track us as we fly...but, the last few weeks we are not able to be seen in live flight. I can tap on every plane and we aren’t showing up on the map. Can’t find our tail number. But, after we land our flight shows up and we can see where we’ve been. It’s been my most favorite app to use while my husband and son fly, but now it’s frustrating. Maybe it’ll get fixed soon.
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5 years ago, 탐 소남
It’s Always Better to Know
I use this App to become familiar with the flights I will be on, before I get on them. My flight numbers stay consistent, meaning that day to day, the flight numbers between cities are the same, so this allows me to see the usual departure and arrival gates, and with this information choose an adequate layover time. It also allows me to set alerts for my particular flight, and so I know of any delays long before it is ever announced or displayed at the airport. A perfect app to reduce any stressful worries about air travel.
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1 year ago, x.Bruce
My favorite travel app!
I have used FlightAware for many years, both on my laptop and iPhone. It has become an absolute necessity when I or family members travel! I religiously monitor FlightAware starting several days before travel through the end of my trip, and has NEVER failed me! I am always prepared for whatever flight challenges come my way! I have tried a number of other Apps, and nothing comes close to FlightAware’s accuracy and consistency!!
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1 year ago, Piper Apache pilot
I have the program called Foreflight. In some ways, your program is better than the one I pay for it. You actually show the outlines of the airplanes. On ForeFlight they just show little arrows. You have to tap on them to see what kind of a plane it is. Being a commercial pilot, I could navigate my small airplane with your program quite well. I cannot believe how good it is. I’m not the best computer guy and yet it is so easy to use. I am such a fan!
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2 years ago, Maddog11RonS
Best, Most Accurate Flight Follower
I have used FlightAware for many years and it has never let me down. I was also using another well known tracker and even paid the premium for all of the extra features. They violated our “contract” and eliminated the extra features unless a monthly subscription was agreed to. FlightAware provides all the needed features for free. As a retired airline pilot I can tell you, FlightAware is the real deal that professional pilots have confidence in.
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