Flightradar24 | Flight Tracker

4.8 (437.9K)
206.5 MB
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Current version
Flightradar24 AB
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flightradar24 | Flight Tracker

4.84 out of 5
437.9K Ratings
8 months ago, Arctic terminator
Very Useful Mobile Tracking (See below for suggestions)
I will say I have been using this App for 3+ years, and I have recently just gotten a subscription. I do have suggestions for improvement starting with model variety, in specific for General Aviation and Helicopters. I do believe the model variety is very well put together for the 3D view, especially because of the most recent update implementing Infinite Flight Models(Well Done!). I came up with an idea that for helicopters, All of the helicopters in 3-D view are EC-135s, though I’ve observed on particular models like the Bell 407(B407), EC-130(EC30), Bell 412, EC-145(EC45) have their models on display on their previews, which I would like to see these models being used for their own 3-D view. There could also be more additions to expand the model pool like MD500(H500) and others. Another idea in mind, is the opportunity to allow the Aviation community to make liveries for specific aircraft, which must be approved by both the owner and the development team. This way, the model variety can stand out much further especially for popular tracked aircraft like YouTubers and any individual aircraft. (Examples; Bell 407(Med-Trans), JA789A ANA 777(BB-8 Livery), Custom private owned 3D Cessna 172)
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3 weeks ago, DabbleinApple
Irresponsible & Mediocre
I have had this app for a few years now. When it first came out, it was the best of the three top flight tracker apps. It was so because the app combined flight GPS beacon-equipped aircraft tracking as well as radar tracking for those aircraft that was either not equipped with these beacons or those which the pilot chose not to activate their beacon or whom turned off their unique ID so they could fly around without anyone knowing who they are. That is, after all, how the app got its name. Over the last year there have been more and more aircraft flying nearby that do not show up on this app. About the only thing that does anymore is commercial airliners and many, but not all, private single engine prop planes. Bottom line, this app has devolved into a waste of money. Why irresponsible? It is clear that the app owner has decided to shift away from a priority of providing a service to the subscriber for a fee to a business model that is little more than a means of selling the subscriber out to anyone who will pay for their app to be used for data mining, largely Google & Facebook. I do not appreciate being used and my privacy being grossly invaded. It is sickening to see app owners lower themselves to crawl in the Google and facebook gutter of slime. I give it two stars only because it does track some aircraft and has some nice features coupled with that. It’s just too bad that they went to the dark side.
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3 years ago, baseballboi4465
Keep going
Heads up I’m an airplane enthusiast. I love this app so dam much and I use it just about every weekend. I go to my nearest plane spotting location and use this app to see the planes on final approach and the ones on that taxiway too. This app is basically what makes plane spotting enjoyable. I do have some complaints though. For some reason there is this glitch where when a plane lands on this app, occasionally it will keep going beyond the runway even though the plane is safe in real life. It’s not that big of a deal, but I do find it kinda annoying when you are trying to find realism in the app. I also think that the prices for the memberships are reasonable, but it would be really awesome if it were a bit lower. But overall this is a great app and I totally recommend it to just about anyone who has somewhat of an interest in planes. I use it to watch my relatives fly out over the radar and like to think about what they are doing on the flight. I would love to see at least one more perk added to the basic membership just to make things better. But yes I love just about everything about this app.
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4 years ago, Renderfi
Pilot Must Have
This app has gotten better with every release. If you are a pilot or a super nerd aviation enthusiast this is the app for you. If you also get the app for monitoring aviation radio communications it becomes even more fun. Watch the plane fly it’s route and monitor approach or departure frequencies and try to pick out the plane your following. I have a private pilot license and this have a backup VHF radio..sometimes I will monitor my local airport, watch planes coming over my house and listen to radio communications until they land. It’s super fun for us aviation nerds. It also helps get familiar with local approaches for IFR flying by allowing you to watch the aircrafts flight track. This can be super helpful when flying for real. Great job on the app guys!! Work on importing a higher resolution cockpit view and showing more ground details. GREAT APP!! fun app. When you fly commercially and have internet access on the flight, fairly standard these days, it’s cool to hear you own pilot work his way through heaven traffic. Now the radio monitoring app may not have all the handoff radio frequencies, but you know they will eventually be handed off to tower..:-) happy flying to all!!
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5 months ago, Super Kitty Power Offcial
Very Good Overall With A Few Suggestions
I currently have the silver premium plan for this app, hoping to upgrade to gold premium in the near future. It’s easy to use and navigate once you get used to using the app. I really like this app and use it everyday. It works well for me. However, I do have a few suggestions. For the playback, if possible, I think it should go over 365 days, maybe up to a few years back, even if it’s just a feature for the gold premium version. I think this because I do want to watch the playback of a flight I went on over a year ago, almost a couple years ago now. Also, for the playback, I wish I could be able to scroll up and see the aircraft’s information just like how I can in real time. And the playback is a bit glitchy when it’s sped up at 100x or more. Plus I feel like there should be unlimited bookmark amounts, even if it’s only for premium users, because I always run out of bookmarks, especially for aircrafts. Overall, it’s a really good app and I enjoy using it everyday! :)
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6 months ago, srmech_engr
Another Beautiful Day Strolling My CRJ
I often sign into FlightRadar24 as a daily routine now that I can spend my day as I wish having retired after putting in my fair share of 42 years post graduate OSU, Stillwater, Oklahoma campus. This is essentially the similar type flight profiles we used to watch as Frontier Airlines serviced in and out of Ponca City to Denver, Colorado, but enough set-up. The reason I like and support this program as a 10-year plus vet of FR24, is the consistent plow ahead of the pack, great data downloads, excellent approach to mimicking the visuals in the video simulation of the flight from outside the aircraft and from the cockpit, left seat of course! How do I know the visuals are showing the left seat you ask when it doesn’t render a cockpit session? Ask another pilot or av-geek, they almost instinctively speak-out, “left seat”, since we all aspire to be back in our bird. Excellent quality aviation flight app; brings back the memories of a time gone by, yet builds on the future of where Aviation is trending, all the while Technology provides us with another beautiful day in my CRJ. I’m rating a full 5 golden stars for the crew at FlightRadar24, the adaptation of Infinite Flight, CesiumJS, and Bing Maps; bringing together to build on future in the now! You’ve earned my trust, my loyalty to the business model this app represents; worth the annual Premium Gold subscription, for another year of morning, noon, and night of flight.
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6 years ago, Outsidrm
Bait and switch
I was extremely happy with the app as I paid for it before the subscriptions were in effect to remove ads and unlock all the features. I had shared the app with many others touting how many amazing features it had. Now I feel I’ve been cheated because even though I paid for all those features to be unlocked, I’m back to a free version essentially and have to pay a subscription if I want ad free and all the features unlocked. It’s wrong to treat the consumers that put money into your app before it got as popular as it is now. Update*** 4-2-18 I still feel cheated, the amount of users that are asking for cross platform compatibility is minimal. Anyone using iOS can re-download via previous purchases to use the original paid app on iPhone or iPad. Most users that use iOS are not asking for cross compatibility as they prefer the Apple echo system. The bare minimum you as developers could of done for your supporters that started your success by buying the original app is giving complimentary ad free option to those that purchased the original pro app. The subscription based model just spits in the face of those that brought you success. What about when iOS changes their file system again in the future and the original paid app is no longer supported. Those that paid are just out of luck?
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3 months ago, Stab329
Great App; One Quibble
I am a flight attendant and generally love this app for both work & leisure. I have one small quibble, and I recognize there’s a good chance it might be something totally outside the developer’s control: when I try to use it on an airplane, the map is just a blank beige grid for a very, very long time. So I can track the flight I’m on, but for a very long time I have almost no clue where the plane actually is, because the map takes forever to load. Again, I’m not an IT person so I fully recognize this is probably a limitation of the Wifi capabilities of the planes I am on, and thus beyond the scope of the app developer’s abilities to fix. Nonetheless, being able to see where the plane is on a map is a crucial aspect of this app’s appeal- and it usually works terrifically anywhere on the ground. But on the plane in the air, this capability is next to non-existent because of long it takes the map to load. I used to have an old phone and thought my old phone might be the reason for this. I’ve just bought the newest iPhone, however, and discovered the same problem still exists.
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Amazing app for everyone
This app has to be the best app for aviation enthusiasts ever. You can view all the simple things you would need to know about a plane for free, and the ads aren’t even that annoying for something free. And if it really does bother you that much, buy the silver subscription it is incredibly affordable and anyone who has the tiniest bit of income can get it. This app has kept me entertained and interested, it really has taught me a lot about plane models and flight patterns as well; living close to KATL (the busiest airport in the world.) whenever I see a plane or hear it I can easily pull up the app, and check everything I need to know. I have one suggestion, I enjoy bookmarking aircraft and watch the route they follow, and I think maybe it could give you an alert if they fly over you or are close to you, very helpful for plane watchers probably as well. Summary: Incredibly good app, subscriptions are affordable and is very cool.
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2 months ago, irelandyellow
Love this app
Kind of weird story but I’ve been really scared recently that an astroid will come hit earth, (okay, actually mortified) and this all has helped a lot with my fear. Whenever I get nervous about hearing that sound in the sky, I always assume the worst. I looked up “plane tracker” and this came up and it’s helped me ever since. Whenever I hear planes and get anxious that it’s something else, I just check this app and it makes me feel so much better knowing that I’m safe. On a side note, my dad also loves this app. He and I have genuine conversations all the time about what planes are going where and how we didn’t know about certain routes and airports. We both really enjoy the app, especially since it’s free and anyone can download it easily! Thanks again, I would 100% reccomend this to anyone with the astroid fear or, more commonly, just likes to know cool things about planes and their schedules.
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2 years ago, NuttyRaccoon
Eh, okay
I’ll keep the app for a while & see if it gets better. It has huge potential if they loosen up the locked features that are free everywhere else. I’ll give you 3 stars based on the app itself ran relatively smooth. Pros: * The 3-D filter is really cool! * Love the label feature that shows which airline in flight. Cons: * Semi accurate on live military flights - didn’t even show a military plane that showed up on another “free” app. I found it to be significantly inaccurate when comparing it to other apps & web sites. * A bit cumbersome on the learning curve, could be made easier. * A LOT of the features you have locked are available free on other websites & apps that your hoping to gain money from people. You’ve taken the unlocking of features a bit far considering it’s free information out there. Revised after developers response: I just love responses back that totally miss the point & pass off responsibility. Thanks to you ‘re response - I’ve deleted the app & will continue to use my other app that by the way is free & does NOT charge for the same features YOU LOCK. You impress no one with your weasel response, so I don’t care to use your app anymore.
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4 years ago, Aquamisty
Flight Radar
My previous version of FR24 was much better than the new version. In 3D view, pertinent flight data were displayed and constantly updated on screen especially track, altitude, speed and vertical speed. Track was especially helpful to know which runway was chosen. The new version shows none of the flight data on screen requiring having to leave the 3D view. These data should be displayed on screen like the old version. The new 3D view has a much slower response on my iPhone (6S) and terrible color display with the runway and highways appearing washed out while with terrible detail. The new version should be updated to provide the option to view the old version display along with the new 3D view. This app would be great if the 3D display could more accurately track a plane especially while landing. My experience is that the view shows the plane landing along the runway centerline about one in ten landings. Most landings are left and occasionally right of the runway and frequently too high. The creators of this app would get my highest praise if the landing accuracy could be improved. With the suggested changes and improvements, this app would be my favorite.
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3 months ago, Kbails907
Possibly the Best App Known to Man
I would like to paint a picture for you all. Imagine yourself sitting with a group of friends and one of you notices a plane flying high overhead. Although you are currently talking about the upcoming election with the friends, they blurt out, “Wow, that’s a plane!” You pull out your phone on the sly and just casually mention, the plane is flying from Alberta to Santa Fe. You are the coolest guy in the room. I had a similar experience just a few short hours ago. I was the guy who saw the plane and immediately after hearing the flight itinerary, I had to gain this knowledge for myself. I proceeded to download Flightradar24 and spent the next 20 minutes geeking out about the New Zealand Air Force 747 leaving Antarctica, and the USAF drone flying above the Black Sea. The entertainment opportunities with this app are endless, because the world is constantly changing. I encourage all of you to give this FREE app a try.
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5 years ago, jhouseal
✈️aviation enthusiast or not - get this app✈️
Non-avgeeks and avgeeks read - there’s stuff for both of you! I’m an aviation enthusiast and i have been for too long to remember (3-4 ish years) I got this app when there was a lite and a pro version a long time ago. Having experimented with the lite version, i upgraded. The reason for me telling you this is that i have experience with this app - Anyway this app is really great, especially his version. Easy to use, not slow or laggy (unless you zoom out to the whole Earth), and it is great overall. Click on a plane and it will give you route, type of plane, departure city and arrival city along with times, flight time, previous and future flights of the plane you clicked on, general line of the route, and a bunch of other great stuff. There is a subscription plan to get even more info about aircarft age, ATC data, and other avgeek stuff. You can check your flight times and see where your plane came from, search random flights and know info about them (if i searched PHL- JFK it would give me a list of different flight numbers from all the airlines that service the route). This app is really great especially for aviation enthusiasts. In addition to everything above - it allows us to know what is arriving what day and when, what’s departing, wind info and runway info. Incredible for planespotting Definitely get this app.
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2 years ago, Israel-USA
Awesome Application Would Highly Recommend
I signed up for a silver membership and so far I am thrilled with using the app. I am still learning all the ins and outs but it’s fairly easy to use. I am not sure how to see military aircraft or how to add Air Force One to favorites but I love that it shows the medical helicopters. The airport information is great and the mapping is spot on; when I see a plane in the sky and look at the map the location is on point. I did try the AR viewing the sky with a plane but it didn’t show up for some reason. Maybe that particular jet wasn’t visible? It didn’t show in the regular map either so I’m guessing it was able to be tracked. Overall I would highly recommend supporting this app and getting.a membership. I use it on my iPhone, iPad, an PC laptop. also use it when flying drones to ensure I am no where near other aircraft. Cheers!
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2 years ago, RowdyYates63
Too many filters?
Every time I hear a plane or helicopter fly by (I live near an airport) I bring up this app, to see…nothing, except for the airliner at FL3x0 way above me, not the helo I just heard fly by. Then I go to ADS-B exchange to see what it really was. Worthless app. Too many filters, apparently. The developer’s response missed my point entirely. I understand the need for filters beyond their control. Obviously the filters I’m referring to are not beyond your control when I can compare your app sided by side with info available on your competitors site (mentioned above), and they show it while you don’t. Your competition only shows info available free to the public, already filtered, as long as it’s squawking and not FAA-filtered. But you don’t. Also, Why would an aircraft need to be in your database to be displayed? The info as to callsign and type is still being broadcast, as evidenced by your competitor, so it should be displayed. Thanks for the generic auto-response though, it, along with your admission that you further filter returns than necessary convinced me that my rating is correct.
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2 years ago, JoeyThePilot0919
An essential for the AvGeek and Planespotter
This app is an essential for the AvGeek or Planespotter. I use it many times every day, monitoring flights around the Philadelphia area. I can filter in/outbounds, and know exactly where they are at all times. I know which direction they are coming from, how low they are, and the rate the they are ascending and descending. This app is amazing, and definitely the best in its group. By many nautical miles. If you want a new hobby, start here. You will gain much interest in planes and aviation with this app. That’s how I started. Just scrolling around the map looking for cool planes, until I figured out that there are hundreds that pass over my immediate area every day! This app is also great for planespotting at airports. This app helped me get into that. Now I am truly an AvGeek with much knowledge about aviation and so much more to learn. Please enjoy this app.
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1 year ago, Carrington Woods
Add DARK Mode!!
Hello Devs, This is a wonderful app. It has many great features and is truly the way to go for anyone. Whether you’re just an aviation enthusiast or a professional who knows all about the planes, routes, procedures, etc. But a couple things are preventing me from adding the fifth star. There are just two things I wish could be included in the app. The first one I’m sure is doable, the other, not so sure. 1: Dark mode. Simply put, sometimes I look at this app at night and wish the white parts of the screen were black or at least a dark grey color. 2: Taxi diagrams for airports. Often I use this app alongside LiveATC listening to ground frequencies. I’d like to see the airplanes on the flight radar move along the assigned taxiways that I hear on the frequency. If these two things could be added to the app, I’m certain users would enjoy their experience 10x more! I hope to hear from you all! Best, Carrington :)
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2 years ago, Doc_Daddy
Fascinating and addictive
Even if you only have a passing interest in aviation, this app can be addictive. Just looking at the air traffic at your local airport, or looking at the area of the Ukraine and see what’s in the air (it does show quite a bit of military aircraft). And the setting where you get an alert if any aircraft in the world being tracked squawks 7700 which is an emergency you get to see some fascinating situations. The only bad part is you have no way of knowing if it’s just a minor issue or an engine on fire. You can tell a bit of what’s going on by watching the aircraft: today I saw an airliner in Peru turn back around to head back to an airport and there was no pattern etc it went straight in and was descending so fast I was afraid it wasn’t going to make it. I’m surprised that I use this app every day.
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4 years ago, Monkey8snow
Undo update
I love this app. I use it to help track inbound flights of people I’m picking up to know when to start heading in to the terminal. No waiting allowed inside LAX so it’s real time flight info and the ability to watch planes taxi to their gate is perfect to keep lanes clear and then swoop in as they’re walking out. It’s such a wonderful tool to have. BUT.... Whatever you did yesterday to fix what I didn’t know was broken, please undo it. I can no longer see helicopters, specifically police helicopters. There’s one buzzing around over my head and I’d prefer to know if it’s LAPD or Fire or Medical or whatever without having to go outside and look up. This was such a huge part of my love for this app. Please put it back and I’ll let it slide when a helicopter icon is used but a picture of a plane comes up when you select it. And vice versa. Love the loons and the occasional ground vehicles. But please put the cop choppers back up. Thanks
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5 years ago, linleyj
Used to work
I have been extremely happy with this app until about a month ago. I thought the problem was with something on my end because I would load the app and it would show no planes in my area. I would move the map a little to view Houston and it would show none (which never happens). I uninstalled and reinstalled the app thinking it was a glitch. It fixed it for a little while but I am now having the problems again. It used to allow me see what kind of helicopters were flying over and now more than half the time not even all planes show up. I pay for the gold version because I enjoy getting to see what’s going on but now it seems I am just throwing the money away. When I attempted to “contact the developer” by clicking that option it took me to a website that didn’t work either!
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6 years ago, Kalei75
Goodbye Flight Aware Hello Flightradar24!
I’m an aviation geek and loved Flight Aware but for the longest time, I always wished I could know the tail numbers and registration information of an aircraft I was viewing from my lanai. I would often go online, look up all of the registration numbers of a particular aircraft in a fleet and try to find which one I was looking at. I remarked to a friend of mine how I would look up these aircraft and that’s when he introduced me to this app. Now I can easily point my iPad or iPhone at an approaching or departing aircraft and find that information. I also love the feature of being able to see recent and past photos of that very same aircraft! Just a remarkable, easy to use app! I’d HIGHLY recommend this app to ANYONE that’s an aviation geek like me or for someone a lot more advanced such as pilots, ground crew and flight crew.
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6 years ago, Fototico
Rip off!
Hey developer, how about if you let people that paid you use the new app ads free and with the same basic functions we had in the paid app we purchased? Even if all the other new features do not work. That is OK. Give me what I paid for and I’ll be happy. I don’t need the new features, whatever those are. - I purchased the original Flight Radar. Me and others made it possible through our purchase of the app to get the app to where it is today. Now greed has taken over the developer and they want a month or yearly subscription. Hey refund the money you took for the original app and we’ll call it even. How about that? To add insult to injury, they are offering a “free” three month subscription to their service. Really? No sweetie, it is not “free,”it cost us what we paid for the app. I do have to give the greedy developer credit for at least giving us old timers at least three months of “free” service. Because unlike other developers that have become greedy, at least they gave us three months rather than just giving us the finger.
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8 months ago, B Gaming13
(9.5/10) AMAZING! But 1 thing…
I love the app and it is amazing. But. When ever you click on a plane it shows you all the info but then when you click off it goes to show you an ad. Now this ad isn’t the problem sense the ads are only at most like 5 secs but it takes longer for the app to load up the ad then the ad it self. Now it’s not very long but for someone like me who loves aviation and anytime a plane flies over I have to check it, sometimes I click on the wrong plane so I have to click off. And the ad comes up and it will take about 5-10 secs just to load the ad, this isn’t long but in less then 10 secs sometimes the plane might be out of your visible range. Other then this 1 thing I love the app. It is amazing what you can learn. (9.5/10)
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6 years ago, RefuseKid15
If your a plane spotter, you need this app
Flightradar24 is an outstanding app for those who have a love for aviation or an average business traveler who wants to keep track of their flight’s departure and arrival times. And anyone in between. Personally, I’m a plane spotter, it’s one of my favorite hobbies, and having the power to track in bound flights and departure times at any airport on Earth in my own hands whenever I want is just incredible and super handy. And this app does more than simply track flights, it tells you their altitude, speed, heading, distance and time from destination, it tells you a specific aircrafts age, when it was built, and an aircraft’s history of recent flights, as well as give you alerts on specific flights that you can personally select with your finger tips.
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7 years ago, LAX20531
Option to hide sidebar; hold focus
I love everything about this app. It definitely can consume a lot of time depending on your interests. I paid for the Gold option and feel the app differentiates itself more than its closest competitor. Enhancement request: The ability to hold focus on a selected and temporarily slide or suppress the sidebar. I love the sidebar but it does consume a lot of space so having a toggle for this would be helpful. Finally I’d remiss if neglected to see the negative reviews from those who previously purchased the app. It is not reasonable to expect an app purchase is tantamount to a lifetime license including all upgrades. There are real costs associated with development and operating costs for data, systems. and support. That’s capitalism at work. I’d much rather pay for the app than see it go away. The devs set their pricing based on its value and the competing marketplace.
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3 years ago, Apple DENIED My CONSUMER RIGHT
AR has been broken (showing the windows with plane info popping up in top left corner barely showing just a sliver of the window cant quite click it) been like this ever since i first downloaded it for iphone 6splus n now on my iphone 11 pro max and both ipad 7(i think ) n ipad 12.9 newest. So more than a year most likely 2 or three years i noticed it. Been paying for this app yearly for awhile n just kept assuming itd be fixed but never did so i might look elsewhere to see if i can get full years worth of advertised features somewhere else....still no response on this more than 2 year long issue andi notice handful of others saying same thing.... this will be my final subscription, i have waited long enough. 3 plus years gold member user (on diff icloud accounts at one time i had two gold memberships year long on 2 diff iclouds.. but 3 plus years for me using..yes i am a sucker lol )
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8 months ago, Isuzus hzh772722
Very nice app but two tiny problems
I love this app and the creators really did a good job. I have two small concerns, though, one being that you can’t play back a flight that you press on when looking at it on the map. Instead, you have to search up the flight number and press playback which is very inconvenient. I really like how aircraft ages are displayed, but when I press on an aircraft on the map it only shows the year the aircraft was born and not the month. To see the month, you have to search up the aircraft’s registration was is also very inconvenient. I wish that you could see more advanced details of an aircraft on the radar when you press on the symbol instead of having to search it up.
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6 years ago, Mr_Movie
In a word, “Wow”!
I was curious about all the noise I was hearing caused by low flying commercial aircraft overhead. I discovered this app in the process of researching airport flight information. The free version of the app is amazing. I can identify what is flying over, how high it’s flying, where it is coming from and where it is going. Hats off to the developers! The “bummer” is that if you want to unlock some of the other cool features you have pay for a subscription. I would gladly pay a few dollars for this app, maybe more, but the subscription model is deal breaker for me (-1 star for that). Others have commented that the app could be purchased outright in the past and the subscription service is relatively new. I know businesses need to make money, but a subscription is not cool with an “app” in my book.
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10 months ago, Gabe ATC
Purely Amazing
As and Air Traffic Controller my self I do find it nice having an application such as this. It works so beautifully well. Sometimes at night when I arrive home I’d hop on to see the aircraft that are still inbound to the airport I control. It works so well. One small complaint that isn’t really a complaint is the aircraft’s sometimes inaccurate positioning, for example when an aircraft lands I notice it continues even passing the runway. I had a small thought that it was ADS-B’s functionality when it comes to certain more older aircraft. But maybe it could be a glitch in the application? Besides that the application is awesome and really do encourage others who share a passion for aviation to download it.
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5 years ago, NnnIIiiCCKKk
Ads make app unusable
The app is by far the best at tracking planes, and being able to filter by airport, airline, equipment, etc. my favorite is the option for arrivals only as well as departures from specific airports. Now to the bad: while I’m perfectly fine with the ads, got to get paid somehow. There is one major design flaw, when you use the search button to filter, when tracking your intended flight on the live view map. The banner on the top blocks the menu buttons on the top, meaning your only option is to force quit the app every time instead of using the back button behind the ad. Maybe that was the purpose but ads aren’t supposed to break the app which this doing. Upgrades are supposed to entice you gain more information with in the app; not make it work how it was intended.
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6 months ago, Bummer Toons
Does not show delayed flights
If you use an airline app to track your flight status, you will get more detailed up-to-date flight information there than in this app. If you just want to track random flights, this is good. Cons: - this app does not show delayed flights or delayed flight status updates. For example, if a flight was scheduled to depart at 9:00 am, and was delayed to 11:00 am, the app does not show that the flight is delayed and it does not show the new departure time unless you tap on “show earlier flights”. Even then, the app does not show any status. - unlike some other apps, this app does not give you any visibility to the incoming flight information. For example, if you want to see the status of your inbound aircraft before you board, it’s not in this app. - strangely, when you want to view airports by country, they are listed in a completely random order instead of alphabetical order. - the app does not appear to show airport delays due to weather Pros: - if you just want to see flights in the air, the live radar is cool - if you want to view an airport’s arrival / departure board, this app is somewhat useful, except that it does not accurately show departure and arrival information for delayed flights
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6 years ago, _ricq_
great app! some suggestions
this new Flightradar24 is a great improvement over the previous version, the “AR”-style feature is useful, especially with lots of traffic and low visibility for IDing aircraft, the 3D view is a strange waste of space imho. some suggestions: as a Ramp Agent at an airport, I track several flights at once. it would be useful to have a bookmarks-type folder or list where I can add several flights to track and switch between quicky, without having to re-search or go through search history. perhaps also having the featue of adding my own notes, such as parking locations, who is assigned to duty, etc. also useful would be the ability to sort said flights in this hypothetical folder by distance, STA, ETA, etc.
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2 years ago, Happy flight tracker
An aviation lovers dream
As a young man I always enjoyed watching the planes fly over if they made their approach to our local airport. Even now, as an old man, I still am fascinated by the wonders of aviation. Now that the technology has advanced to this stage, it is all the more rewarding to have this information at our fingertips. I am thankful for having the ability to track airliners with the additional capacity to see live all the accompanying data related to the flight. I do have one regret however. On the Mayday alerts, unless I am right there with my phone at the instant the alert is sounded, the information quickly disappears from view and is lost forever. I am hoping this flaw can be corrected.
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1 year ago, matrix95
The best flight app
This is the best flight tracking app by far. I like this so much, I actually bought it, and I buy very few apps. I tried them all, and this one is the most information and shows flight information not only of your flight but, but all the surrounding flights. I especially like 3-D mode where you can see the plane flying and spin around it from outside the plane in real time. Very cool! It’s great if you’re on a flight and have access to Wi-Fi to track your own flight in real time. You can look at the map of your flight and see other planes coming either under or above you, then you look out the window and see them! Such a great app.
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4 years ago, Rpgustavson
Please reign in some of the advertisers
Except for some oddities, such as planes of landed several miles off the runway, the app helps me understand what’s going on in my area as there are a lot of police flights and I’m near an airport. I understand and appreciate that the free version has to be supported in some manner, But please reign in some of your advertisers such as the hero wars and Township. Having to suffer through what seems to be five minutes of mostly misleading before being able to go on, you still have to be very careful about touching any place on the screen as it will take you to the download webpage. I have absolutely no problem with advertisements as I cannot afford a subscription, and I have even followed up on a few, but these advertisements in particular make me dread using the application.
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1 year ago, Pennoyer Neff
Satisfies my urge for Traveling
This app satisfies my travel urges! I am not in a position where I can travel as much as I could a few years ago. But, this app helps! Whenever I see a plane and I have even 30 seconds, I pull up the app, tap the plane that looks like it’s where the plane I saw is (there’s a photo of the plane model on the app, so I know it’s the right color as the one I saw) and I can see where they went to or from. If you tap the airport, you can see where it is, how long the flight has been, etc.! I even used the search feature to watch my partner’s flight so I knew when they got to their destination safely. And best part is that it’s completely free! Amazing
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1 month ago, 382763292072739238
Great app! One request tho...
This is a great app! I use it every day for work. It's super helpful. It shows all the information I need. I wish there was a widget for this app. I think it'll be super useful if I could put the departures page for my local airport in one widget and the arrivals in another so I didn't need to constantly open the app, find the airport and go to each page. It would also be useful if the filters I set for certain aircraft type and airlines could also follow into the widget. I don't know if any of that is possible, but it'd be nice to have a some kind of widget to get an ataglance view of an airport. Overall, super great app, don't mind paying this subscription!
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3 weeks ago, Cruzincat50
Just the basic
I’ve been using this app with ads for a long time now. I enjoy sitting in my living room watching the planes come into BWI and look up to what and where. I’d like to get rid of the ads, by upgrading but I really don’t need the other features that much, plus the developer doesn’t see fit to post the costs. Add to that I was able to see, from some reviews, that it is a subscription and not a one time purchase. If I knew it was affordable, I might try it, but at my age(70+) I cannot start a subscription plan for myself and risk my wife, a technophobe, having to keep paying for it long after I am gone. Too bad. I really like this app.
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3 years ago, GevouxMedici
Once a 5 star App now a mediocre 1 star App
I am so disappointed in your decision to go down this road of turning this once great app into an advertising billboard. Not only did you add these terrible ads you added ads that specifically do not allow you to exit out them, and purposely make you have to click on the ad in order to close it. Also you have made these ads appear in a strategic way where a user will accidentally click on a ad when trying to open something completely different on the app. SHAME ON YOU FOR RUINING A ONCE GREAT APP. I’ve even in the past spent money on the app to unlock the features before you decided to turn a great app into a trashy one, because back then, I respected the app and enjoyed using in, but now I wouldn’t even spend a cent on it because of your decision to choose greed over providing a consumer friendly app. If you want to make money, then simply charge a one time download, instead of ruining the whole app.
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4 months ago, Neolink
Difficult finding flights
This is a great app to track flights, but has an EXTREMELY cumbersome and very problematic UI. If I put notifications for a flight, (below or above a certain altitude) it never works. The app randomly loses the flight saying it already landed when it hasn’t. Which leads to another problem, FINDING the flight. Typing in the flight number NEVER yields results and you have to resort to finding the airline or airport and re-tracing the flight and finding it. Mind you this is a flight I put as a favorite AND put alerts for. The menu system is very archaic and not very intuitive. I had this app for years and the menu is STILL the same and lacks polish like many other apps, that make it EXTREMELY easy to mark and track flights. Hard to enjoy an app when it can’t even track what you want properly.
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6 years ago, KainhaCC
If tracking a flight is all you need...
...then this app is for you! I downloaded this app when my children traveled abroad for their vacation. Being the over-concerned person/mom that I am, I thought I’d feel a *little* better knowing where they were while in flight. Did it help calm my nerves? You betcha! Was I less concerned that they were so far away from me and that there was nothing I could do about it? Not a chance! I was really impressed with how accurate the information was. For instance, for one flight it said it would land 20 min early than the ETA from the airline so (naturally) I called them as soon as the app said the plane had landed and they called me back within 5 min! Satisfied! 👍🏻
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10 months ago, BennyBenitos
Capt Joey Raptor (slick)
Hands down the most accurate (real time) app I have ever used. We will be outside in the pool and look up to see the Ghetto Bird aka sheriffs Copter going by and sure enough , open the app and there it goes , with soo many different options to follow his path as well as his journey. I’ve been a test pilot for company’s like Hobby town as well as traxxas and most recently Big Al’s Model airplane world. After this app I finally signed up to get my private pilot license. I had a little mishap my first solo and had to declare an emergency or in my world a Mayday Mayday , I totaled the aircraft (rental). But my wife recorded the whole thing on this app. Got a good chuckle from her on that one….. See ya in the sky
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2 years ago, Minntac lady
Yesterday’s update not good
I really like the idea of the app. We’re in a pretty rural area and when we see planes waaay up there now we can figure out what it is and other stuff. Updated this morning and all the smoothness is gone. Can’t see a plane flying or moving on the runways. They make a jerky move about every 15 seconds. It looks real strange to see a plane just staying in one place at 30,000 ft. Hope that gets put back to yesterday’s movements. Update Mar 24, 2022 I put the some stars to 5 because I have found a work around and because I like the idea of watching planes. When the planes stop moving I just have to resize the window on my iPad
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3 years ago, csmith980
Perfect for the Aviation Enthusiast!
This is hands down the best app on the entire App Store. It gives you all of the flight details you could ever imagine and then some. They don’t constantly force the upgrade subscription options on you if you’re using the Basic version, however I would highly recommend upgrading because it makes the app that much better (if that’s even possible!) I pay for the Gold subscription and it’s worth every penny. I would highly recommend this for my fellow aviation enthusiasts, frequent travelers, or just someone who wants to look up at the sky and know where a plane is headed!
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1 year ago, LAF in FL
WHOA! This isn’t cool.
The latest update states I can opt out of sharing information through Settings. I have yet to find how to do that in Settings. Also there seems to be no way to get past the opening screen unless one agrees to share their info to help you do marketing and share with others. This is the main reason I feel many if not most people are very reluctant to update apps. Would you please explain where in Settings I need to go. Love this app, have for years as a Silver member. UPDATE: You fixed it. Wow! That was quick. We can now load right in to the app with no problem. Thank you very much.
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4 years ago, Too big to fail NOT
Caveat emptor on trial upgrades
I use this App for tracking my own airplane flight. It's really quite useful for this application. I can play back my flight up to several days after I land. It displays on a map. I decided to see if I could make it display on an aviation sectional map and found an option for ATC (air traffic control) boundaries, but I had to upgrade to gold. There was a selection in the APP on my iPad where I could do a 7 day free trial. Selecting that took me to the Apple App store, however, when I selected that option my card was billed and Apple would not refund my purchase. I wouldn't have minded provided I got the map with real ATC boundaries such as Class B airspace, but those options with enhanced information are worthlless. What is needed is an ability to overlay aviation sectional charts in place of street maps in order to make a flight tracking tool useful. I am surprised the developers don't understand this.
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2 years ago, R@ndom girl
Love the app, but could be better!
I love the app. I live under a flight lane and it is fun to see what the plane is etc. I also love the new 3D addition. However it is a little hard to use. It spins around too fast- very sensitive. And you can’t freeze it in place. I would like to see it be a bit more interactive where I can stop the plane and take a look around where it was flying over- or some way to check out what is on the ground better. I can’t find anything because the plane moves away too fast and it is just not easy to see anything. I also would like to add a pin for certain places, such as my house, so I can locate it while looking at the 3D views. Great app! Keep improving!
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5 years ago, BaubR
iPhone ok...iPad no way
This app was clearly written for the iPhone. When you use the iPad in portrait mode, the flight information takes up the whole left-hand side of the screen which gives you half of the screen for the map. If you get rid of the flight information box on the left-hand side of the screen, you stop tracking your flight. Why the developers didn’t allow you the ability to slide up and down the aircraft information to show it or hide it and give you almost a full screen of the map, as they did on the iPhone, is a great question. If they did that, my reading for the iPad version would go to a 4 or even a 5. Thus, my two star rating is for the iPad version and I would give it a four for the iPhone version. I guess the intent is not to have you be able to look at a large view on an iPad.
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3 years ago, Sevyn13
Great but has one problem
When you are in the main screen you can choose the type of map you want to see, such as road, terrain, or hybrid. But when you select an aircraft and do a playback of its previous flights the only map type that shows is terrain with no city names and is practically useless. When I’m trying to find out where my aircraft has flown, being able to see cities, borders and roads and their names would be helpful. Please add this feature and I’ll give 5 stars till then you only get two. Any update on this? Seems a very easy fix to add this in. Technically you aren’t even adding another map, you are just making it available when on the flight play back screen. I’m considering canceling my subscription over this and finding another app that does what I need.
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