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User Reviews for Flightview - Flight Tracker

4.23 out of 5
4K Ratings
6 years ago, Sympatico4u
Someone has wisdom
I am a former subscriber to a paid app for flight tracking. It is no longer in existence. I am an EA and track flights of multiple airlines simultaneously. I am grateful someone had the brains to keep a multi-carrier tracker app alive with many features from individual carrier apps. It is helpful to know where a plane is coming from when you schedule flights or are watching connecting flights. Spare planes are a tad expensive to have sitting parked at airports just waiting to be used so if your inbound flight is departing from a location impacted by weather that connecting flight you need to catch may not happen. Having an ability to see all the puzzle pieces allows me to change flights ahead of the crowds at airports waiting in customer service lines and keep my bosses moving. Even better, knowing where flights come from allows me to choose flights and routes based on point of departure. A Toronto connection is probably wiser in summer versus winter and so on. This app is a tool I depend on. Like anything else it can always provide new and different information but the creators of this app are updating and improving continuously so I have no complaints. Good app to have if you deal with travel to any degree.
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3 years ago, Ronelh
Does what I need it to
This is a useful app, it does what I need and helps me keep track of my trips. After adding one trip recently, the flight schedule changed slightly, and the changed times were quickly updated in the app. The airline informed me too, but it was nice to know that the app was keeping track of my flight. The only real drawbacks I have is that I wish the interface was nicer for my tablet. It just looks like a phone app blown up for my larger screen, not very attractive on a tablet. Also I wish it had a landscape mode. But these things are minor. It would also be nice if they would provide a bit more information about the airports under the “airports” tab - at least an airport map or a link to one, and maybe some info about shops and so forth too.
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1 year ago, Fay Grim
Best flight tracking app
I’ve used this app since it was released 4 years ago and I love it. I pay for the yearly subscription because it is such a tremendous help in my life and I want them to continue supporting such a great service. There are no other apps that can do everything this one does with such an easy, well-thought out format. Entering information is a breeze. Create a new trip, search for the flights, save those, and it automatically creates notifications about flight timing. The correct keyboard for letters or numbers only pops up and makes entering anything easy, not all developers consider how helpful having a numbers only keyboard can be when entering info, but this app does. Viewing a single trip or all the trips you have saved is simple and has all the information you need like local time and weather. The app will also show a map of the flight’s progress. Give this app a try and see why it’s the best for storing your flight information.
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6 years ago, Phobic Flyer!!!
Excellent Application
I am not a flyer but I use this app constantly to follow the flights of family and friends that are very dear to me. My aunt and uncle were killed on a commercial jetliner many years ago and since that time I cannot ride on a plane! Secretly I’d like to stop all my loved ones from doing so but I know that is impossible. The Flightview App is the next best thing to helping me remain at peace and calm while let’s say for example my daughter is flying over the Atlantic on her way to England. Being able to actually see and track the plane in real time while it’s traveling, and giving me updated information helps me to be so much less anxious than I ever would have been had I not had such a tool! Thank you so much for making it possible for me to cope with my fear so much better by providing so much information regarding real flights in real time with the ability to see those flights moving along from destination to destination. It’s really wonderful !!!!
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6 years ago, Hidelsc
Great app but needs updating (as of summer 2018)
When this first app came out, it did not do a very good job tracking international flights but since then, it’s been great! It’s the best, most up-to-date flight app I’ve tried. It knows when the plane has landed before the airport monitors do! And I love how it will tell you “departed” when the plane leaves the gate, “in air” when it has actually taken off; “landed” when the flight touches down, and “arrived” when the plane is at the gate. However, about 2 months ago (May 2018) it’s stated having some glitches and wasn’t as accurate as it has been. Flights not updating (said flight was “landed” but not “arrived” for 6 hrs before updated); late on sending notifications (got an alert at 12:59pm that a flight was delayed until 12:56pm, and by then, was already on the plane); can’t always find flight (found 3 out of 4 of my European flights, regardless of the one it couldn’t find being on the airline’s app). This app hasn’t had an update in 5 months...I’m thinking it’s due!
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5 years ago, JayDPa
5 originally, now 3
I have had this app on my phone for about two years, using it occasionally. I was very happy with it and, had I reviewed it I would’ve given it five stars. No longer. In the past two weeks it has shown me two major major flaws. I was planning on meeting a friend flying into Washington DC from London. About half an hour before the flight was due to land the app warned that it was being diverted to Philadelphia. So I made plans for a pick up of my friend there. It kept showing Philadelphia as the new landing point for the next 24 hours. In fact the plane landed in Baltimore and the details of this were never posted. Then, a couple of days ago I was watching my sister’s flight from Iceland to New York. She was booked on WOW airlines. Unfortunately the carrier went bankrupt the day before she was due to fly and she was forced to scramble to get another ticket. No matter that all planes were grounded, this app showed flights taking off and landing at on time at Newark. good thing I didn’t go to meet her.
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4 years ago, DownWithPopUpAds
This app has been having more and more issues as time goes on. So many times I have flights saying they landed, and their landing time is five+ minutes in the future! I also regularly get notifications that a flight has landed, and then when I open the notification, I have to refresh it multiple times and wait for it to actually update with that information. This often takes up to five minutes. As someone whose job involves meeting flights as they arrive, it decreases the value of this app immensely for me. But on a more practical note, the pop up ads they suddenly decided to put on the app make it unbearable. It makes the app lag, makes it harder for me to just take what should be 5 seconds to check the flight into a whole ordeal. ESPECIALLY because the ads have the worlds tiniest Xs for closing them and I frequently accidentally open them. The other stuff I could deal with, but not this. The instant I can find another app that has flight tracking like this one does, I'm deleting this one. It’s not worth the frustration.
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10 months ago, Kevin Inertia
So I have the FlightView Elite app which doesn’t seem to be in the App Store anymoreI think it’s the same app as the flight view free app anyway I paid for it and the reason I did was because I think it’s the best app out there for checking flights. I’m a dispatcher for what is now a small limousine service.. i’ve been using this app for years. I find really the app very functional. I can load in a bunch of flights that I’m tracking and if those flights are delayed or diverted I get instant updates in real time.. Meanwhile my fellow dispatchers are tracking flights on Google by speaking into that search engine every 10 minutes duh… This app takes all the guesswork out of it I find it very accurate and I give it my highest endorsement!
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5 years ago, Pscoach4
Extremely Helpful for anyone who uses air travel
Must Use this app if you fly or have friends or family who do. I find this app so useful anytime I am flying, when anyone in my family is flying, when I have guests arriving by airplane. If you have to go to any airport this app is so helpful as it keeps you updated with the status of the flight you are tracking continuously. You know what Gate, when it’s boarding, taking off, taxing, if it’s delayed, on time, etc... Don’t fly without it. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is the app information doesn’t sometimes easily text the right information, unless I just screen shot, to others. I’d like to have an option for the flight to link directly into my calendar (Google or Apple). That would be wonderful. Thanks.
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2 years ago, rbhug
Useful Tool
I am a frequent traveler and find this tool very useful to track multiple trips and legs. I will also track incoming flights so that I have a good idea if I’m not going to make a connection and can make alternate plans in advance. One request from the developers: right now it appears that when I share my flight itinerary with someone such as my wife, the app merely throws my flight info into an email ready to send. The other person then needs to manually load the info into their app. It would be very helpful if I could send a file that the other person can simply load into the app on their phone. Or maybe there’s some other way to sync my flights onto their phone🤷🏻‍♂️ Thank you!
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1 year ago, Johngrice
App Review
As a professional transportation company owner & driver. A great flight tracker is essential, I use Flight View for incoming flights. The app is a tremendous help for getting to the airport on time, not to early and absolutely not late. This app announces the status of the aircraft and its current location on the map, the aircraft’s speed and altitude, when it lands, when it arrives at the gate. These announcements are often a couple of minutes behind. The only real improvement I see that would help is to be able to delete a flight, maybe that function is there & I just can’t find it. I also have a procedure I follow to ensure an accurate pickup.
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3 years ago, TeslaModelXMan
Simply A Necessity
I have been using this app for many years. It has been an important staple in reference to travel whether I’m actually flying or picking someone else up. I find that it’s also really essential when you need to go to the airport for a departure or arrival. It tells you in advance whether the flight is going to be late, when it is landed, and a load of other good information. It even tells you the gate of arrival and departure! It will notify you as well of the flight status. So I don’t need to get to the airport and sit for hours because I didn’t know the plane was late. And if it’s early, the same thing applies. If this app charged a fee I would pay it, hands-down.
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2 years ago, Madfett
Great App but Ad Frequency Annoying
I’ve used this app for many years and it is a great app for tracking flights and to see where the prior flights are coming from and if there are any delays. However recently the app has become almost unusable due to the increased frequency of the full screen ads. It seems like an add pops up every two or three screens. This it too much and is very annoying when trying to track multiple flights and navigate between pages. And often it is repeats of the same few ads. If I wasn’t interested in the add the first few times reshowing it only makes me mad and isn’t going to get me to click through. Why would o click through anyway? I’m trying to track flights not shop!
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3 years ago, Kksaxon
Invaluable application for travelers
I’ve used this app for several years and have found it invaluable. The app gives up to the minute flight arrival and departure times and gates so you know if the flight you’re tracking is on time. You’ll know quicker than you’ll find out from a gate agent, that’s for sure. Many years ago, I traveled weekly so subscribed to the OAG Flight Guide which was about the size of an encyclopedia that I got in the mail monthly. I loved that for trip planning but this app is SOOOO much better for so many more things. My point being that OAG is the definitive source of truth for travelers. Thanks OAG for your service and this app!
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3 years ago, Blackberryyumyum
Great app
I never had an issue using this app. I use it for business and personal travel. It’s keeps me on track and gives me all the pertinent information I need for checking in (such as gate information or changes) to leaving the airport (such as baggage claim information). Many times this information is slowly provided or hard to come by. This app makes it easy to obtain up to date status and on many occasions quicker then the airline employees. Another great thing about this app is love ones can track your progress and know that you made it safely to your destination or know when you have arrived so they can pick you up.
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5 months ago, Scottmcla
Best App to Track My Flights and Status
This is my go-to App for tracking my own travel flights. Faster and more precise flight updates than the airline’s own apps. Superior visibility to prior flight info to understand causes and impact of delays, and this includes an option to see the actual flight status on a map. I also keep my entire history of flight travel in the App. Although considering the ad-free upgrade, I don’t pay for the service, so I am subjected to the advertising that pop-ups, with a bit tricky few-seconds delay before the upper corner “X” is visible to close the ad.
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8 years ago, Tttttttttrrrreeeeeeeeeerr
Why is everyone so upset about this great app?!?!
I’ve used this app for almost a couple years now, and I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s accurate, and very easy to use. Yes the ads are present, but it’s not like they make the flight information inaccessible (for me anyway). This app is severely underrated, and deserves much more appreciation than what it’s getting, especially when the Flightview workers and app developers are working hard enough as it is to make a great product into something better. I have total respect for those who may not like it, but I would say give it a few more chances before deciding it is totally useless.
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2 years ago, Balleyman
Love this app
Been using this for many years. It typically updates flight status before the actual airline does. I only do air travel about once every two years now. The version I had wouldn’t update flight status. I found the latest version and downloaded it and everything works now. I’d love to have the paid version yet $25 per year for a person who flies once every two years is way too steep. I’d go for a one time fee of say $10-$15. That’s it. So four stars because the paid version is too expensive. I guess I use the free version for now. In any case, I do love this app.
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2 years ago, super day
Best flight app
I’ve used another app many years ago & it was frustrating to use. I’m so glad I found this one a few years ago. The 1st time I used it, I couldn’t seem to get flight info put in. They say to email them the info, so I did, and they were fast in responding, and got everything loaded in app. I don’t travel much anymore, but use it to track my loved ones travels. It gives me great peace of mind. App is easy to use & has so many useful features. I even like looking back at past trips, to remind me of when & where I and loved ones traveled to; memories.
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6 years ago, VoxProf
Helpful app
I used to use Flight Tracker but it’s gone. I have replaced it with this app. While not as much info as Flight Tracker this one is free and it works. One thing I wish it could do is enable switching locations (like you can switch the “to” and “from” in map apps). For multiple leg trips this would save a step as you could just switch the “to” to make it “from” and then add the next “from” location. I’d like to see the flight paths of the plane too - like Flight Tracker used to have. All in all, this is a good app and a “must have” for me in addition to the airline’s own app. I use both together when I fly.
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5 years ago, Sullygab
This app is one of the coolest apps I’ve ever seen. It is so user friendly and it is REALLY accurate. I’ve used it twice, once to track an international trip and just recently to track a domestic trip and both times I have been throughly satisfied with the set up, the notifications, the map and the information given on the “details” section. I’m a very nervous flyer, to a point where I feel nervous for my loved ones to fly and using this app genuinely gives me a huge piece of mind because I know that I can see accurate information on my families flights. I would recommend this app to anyone!!
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6 years ago, Yogiamin
Best by far!!
This app does the job exactly as described. No nonsense. Ads are there but hey, the app is free because of those ads. And trust me they are not intrusive or annoying at all. This app allows you to create a trip and put all your flights for that trip in it. Gives you notifications that are very useful. It gives you exact time of every status. I have known about delayed flights before even it shows up on airport tv screens. Must have it even if you travel rarely via airplanes. The weather at both airports and real-time updates are just so well placed and designed. Go for it!!!!
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5 months ago, OC Jeremy
Phantom flight alert bug still not fixed
In March of 2019 I emailed their ‘contact us’ about phantom alerts I was getting for flights that I had added to the app then later canceled (e.g. there was a schedule change and I was moved to another flight; my work trip changed or was canceled; etc) but I continued getting push notifications for the flight segments I deleted from the app. I got a response from the “business development representative” at OAG saying they were looking into my issue and that was the last I ever heard. To this day, 4 years later, the issue has never been resolved so it continues to be the single most annoying thing about this otherwise excellent app. Secondly, my husband wanted to install the FV Plus app on his phone but now it’s $1,000 to download?? Ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Duftyr
Magical app combats delays with fiction
I’m not sure what’s going on with this app. It has been my reliable go-to for tracking multiple flights when family gets together. Twice this weekend, however, it has posted a false status for my flight. Two days ago we circled Chicago rather than landing, but this app showed us as “landed” even though we were still over Lake Michigan. We actually landed 30 min after the app said we did. Currently, our flight is delayed. There is no airplane even at our gate. 10 min ago, however, this app notified me that my flight had departed. The skies apparently are perfect through the rose-colored glasses of this tracker. Of course, if they were, we wouldn’t need a tracker app. And I may be in the market for a more accurate one.
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2 years ago, Striped banana
Great app! Just one thing…
I have to say that this app holds its own among all the other apps that are much more costly. The free version is SUPER easy to use and understand. I’ve downloaded and tried about 8 of them. I still keep 2 other tracking apps however, for only two reasons. 1) I can zoom in on the plane to see exactly where it’s at. And 2) I can see all the other flights happening at the same time along the trip and at the airports. This allows me to see the EXACT plane my friends and relatives are in. Add that capability and you will have the BEST app out there!! 👍😃
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7 months ago, KET321
Don’t Use the Paid Version.
I have used the free version for 6 plus years and never had an issue. I’m flying much more these days so deciding to purchase the app so I didn’t have to deal with the ads. About two months or so after purchasing the app the previous flight option will no longer work and I have to manually go through and pull them up. This was the main reason for using the app to track my flight coming in so if there are delays I see in advance of the airline telling me. I have emailed them now 3 times in the past 2 weeks and no response. I will be looking for a new app and would not recommend this app to anyone Such a bummer but I guess that’s there customer service. Good luck if you decide to use them.
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9 months ago, PROJECTZACKO
WAS the best flight tracking app
…unfortunately, your ads have become intrusive and unbearable. The newest layout now mixes static ads among the scrolling functionality for incoming flights. Come on! As if your overtly obtuse, lengthy video ads weren’t enough— now a simple scroll is PAGES upon PAGES long, as you’ve placed a static advertisement between every 5-10 flights! Cumbersome. Furthermore, these ads are often suspect. I can easily see that you folks have circumvented the “do not cross-track” functionality simply by “lacing” this app with an inordinate amount of ads. And to think I paid $2.99 YEARS ago to allegedly remove these ads. Nope. Still there.
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5 years ago, Joelsgirl104
First Time User-not impressed
Well, I just downloaded this app to track my husband’s flight from San Francisco to Toronto. It took forever to update. It said “departed” for almost 30 minutes and then finally said “in air” and showed that it departed at 8:21 when actually it departed at 7:53. I downloaded another tracker app also to test them out, and the other one (Flight Tracker) was more accurate. This one is currently showing that it’s barely entering Nevada when it’s actually almost to Utah. This app hasn’t been updated for six months...I think it’s due for one. UPDATE: It’s working a little better today during his flight home. But it probably should be updated to be more efficient.
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11 months ago, Mile High Reader
Ditch the ads
I was just using the free version of FlightView and a very obnoxious ad popped up. I’ve been a user for years and prior to today have told friends and family that this is a great app for tracking flights. I don’t mind the occasional ad but first this game ad was very loud and second the little “x” that pops up so you can get rid of the ad did not appear until the game in the ad finished. At first I said no problem, I‘ll just get the paid version. But not for $999. Is that a typo? I’d be willing to pay $9 for an ad free experience but not $999. That’s excessive. Also don’t you screen the ads submitted to you to anticipate what the user experience is going to be? Not pleasant. Please restore the user experience to what it used to be; the best flight tracker app.
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5 years ago, What the app?
Great app
I’ve only used this app on occasion for personal flights and when picking up friends and family. I use to dread going to the airport for pickups and waiting for a call but with this app it’s a cinch! Long gone are the days of calling the airline and figuring out how to check flight schedules and arrival times. I used a couple other apps before but after I used this one I would say It’s the perfect app for flight tracking, everything here is easy to track and it’s fun, it feels like I’m the air traffic controller watching the plane as it arrives! Highly recommend
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7 days ago, Khalafsa
Amazing App
I have used this app for many years and since the day it was launched. In my opinion, It’s the most reliable app I have used vs the others of similar use. I use it for all flights I need to track. I understand the need to get advertisers to support the expenses of keeping it updated, yet I wish the ads can be shortened as they sometimes come up when I’m urgently needing to look up a flight status, and I’m not able to close ad screen. It is till the best of the best apps out there. Job well done!
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6 years ago, auldguy
Go-to app
I’ve flown more than a million and a half miles since I started on the road and I’ve used dozens of apps. Some I really liked, but they aren’t around anymore. So now this is my go-to app for flights. It’s not perfect (no iPad support), but it’s pretty great. It’s the most up-to-the minute app I use (I still use a couple others to track other reservations, hotel, etc.). It shows where your plane is coming from, and let’s you know exactly what’s happening with your plane until it gets to you, and what’s happening when you get on. I haven’t found a better flight app yet, and it’s free.
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7 years ago, Runnerss
FlightTrack worked consistently better
I couldn't wait to try this one. I thought if they gave up on FlightTrack, that they must've out done themselves. For usability, this app is garbage. All I want to know is how much frequency city pairs have and the layout is so busy, I have to stare at the screen to figure it out. The free version crashes with some advertisements. It takes way too many taps to find flights and the app defaults to the same blank form every time you switch apps, even if you leave it running. I'm not sure why people so unabashedly rave about it, unless they've never seen this much flight information on one screen before. But we're past the point of that being a surprise, now. Other apps can do it.
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1 year ago, Gottcha1
Must have App for frequent travelers
I fly pretty frequently and this app keeps me updated with all the necessary information I need to make sure my travel goes smoothly. It’s a time saver, accurate, and provides information in real-time. I get flight change notifications on App sometimes before I do from the airlines. It has notified me of departure delays and timeframe more honestly than airline at gate. Thank you developers! Highly recommend this app for travelers that want to be in the know.
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2 years ago, Cinci dad
Mostly awesome
Love the ability to see where equipment is coming from to gauge what is really happening. Airline apps are adding similar features but none as good as this. Airport map with delays is great too - although it appears to be based on delays. So, if flights are all cancelled maybe algorithm doesn’t catch that? Eg, LGA today. App reports “low traffic: not enough active flights” (to report delay stats). That’s because all flights were cancelled - but the airport has a grey dot on the map (no delays) same as snowless LAX.
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6 years ago, Grammacracker
Love this app!
This app has been so useful to my husband and me for keeping track of our flights. I love how it tells me when he’s in the air, tracks his progress and estimates his landing time so I know when to leave to pick him up. Often, the app tells me before the airline does when there’s been a gate change or a delay. We each have the app on our individual devices, but signed into the same account, so we always have the same information without having to input it twice. Thanks for a great app!!
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7 months ago, Jack - X Plane 10
Previous Flights
The main useful feature of this app has always been the ability to track a flight’s previous flight schedule. Now, this feature is broken, as the app doesn’t respond when you click on “Aircraft’s Previous Flight.” I don’t think they intentionally chose to disable the feature, as the option to click is still present, so I presume that this is a prolonged bug. In the meantime, I’ve resorted to using Flightradar24 to track both my flights along with where those planes are originating from. It sure is a bummer because I do love how this app is set up with the ability to create trips and have all of your upcoming flights in one convenient list.
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2 years ago, grey7635
From a Flight Attendant-No! Don’t buy this!!
I purchased this app years ago, used it weekly, and it was a dream. Unfortunately over the past few months, pop-up ads appear constantly, and the flights I save do not update/ send cancellations and gate changes. Most disappointing is the fact that I purchased this app, and there seems to be no way to hold the creators accountable for ignoring the fact that they sold me and others a product , specifically ad free, was and then expect us to pay again to remove ads. Bait and switch. The ads are completely out of control and the app no longer works. It’s junk now- very sad since this was the standard for flight apps.
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4 years ago, Kingplus3
Love this app
This app has served me well for several years. It is always accurate and dependable. I was able to track my daughter’s flights to and from Europe and flights for both of my young people as they flew back and forth during college. It also helps me to pick friends and family up from the airport. I will know about delays before the traveler. I highly recommend this app. I only wish it allowed me to forward the information to others who may need the info but do not have the app.
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1 year ago, jyh_
Used to be decent. Not anymore
This app. used to be decent 3-4 years ago. It hasn’t addressed any of its weak points (e.g. only reports “flight scheduled” without giving the flight’s time in the Notification Center, doesn’t compute the duration of stopovers between consecutive flights of the same trip), but now it doesn’t even report the gate number for international flights anymore (at least for any of the 10+ flights that I have taken this summer). Its only redeeming feature was that it synch-ed properly between devices, and even that has been flaky for me lately. This app has become basically useless to me and I took it off my iOS devices.
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2 years ago, DFWplayer
Accurate and up-to-date
As a top tiered traveler I have used the app extensively for a couple years. It posts changes sometimes before the airline apps. It’s posted arrival times are update long before airline apps. I find the ease of checking inbound equipment a great asset when wondering if we will depart on time or if my connection might be late. It’s a great tool for tracking friends and family coming to see me, more timely and accurate than carrier apps.
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5 months ago, bcirishtoo
Easy efficient and useful
All of my air in one place. Spent the money for the no ads and totally worth it. Happen to be travel agent and now all client travel easy access as well as my travels. So glad I found this. It usually gets changes to me before the airline app and is accurate. Shows delays , diverts, and I know up front when clients are in trouble . Personally I put in my info and it keeps track of everyone traveling with me as well as me- best ever
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2 years ago, Johnnyhotch
Best flight info
I often get updates from FlightView several minutes before I get any information from the airlines. This is especially helpful with all of the over-booked flights and crazy weather we’ve been having; it allows me to pivot my plans when needed. The extra few minutes gives me a jump on the masses who might not yet know the real deal as I’m headed to the desk or headed back to the car rental, hotel, etc.
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6 years ago, Robbess
A real time wonder!
I have used this on multiple occasions to follow flights that we need to meet for arriving guests, our own departing check ups, & see when my family arrive to their intended destinations. I find it very accurate and a godsend. I wish there was a way to have reasons given for delays though when they occur. For example: I checked on a flight & it indicated it had departed & was taxiing, but when checked a bit later it indicated it was still on ground & delayed 2 hrs with no explanation.
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7 months ago, 19SaltyDog73
Extremely Useful
This is the best flight-tracking app that I’ve used! So many good and useful things packed into one nice package. Easy and helpful to be able to group flights into named “Trips” and get all the information one needs about that flight. The presentation is excellent, well-laid out. Details can easily be accessed if necessary but don’t get in the way. I’ve noticed that FlightView sometimes names the baggage carousel even before the airline does! I love it!
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6 months ago, AviatorJoe
Previous Flight Icon Not Working
I have paid for this app, and as far as apps go it’s not cheap. As an airline pilot I use this app to build my trips. Used this app for years and it’s the best as far as flight tracking apps. However, the new update disabled the feature of being able to track previous/inbound flights using the icon. I would email the company directly, but they have ignored any contact with them outside of writing a review. As much as this app costs I really hope they can fix this feature as I used to use it a lot before it was disabled. Other than that it’s a great app!
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8 years ago, j-eann
Nice update
This is a wonderful app that's functional. I appreciate the redesign in some parts making it look a bit more modern and run smoother. Have not encounter obnoxious ads, they're only at the bottom banner. I use this app to save flights directly to my calendar as well as keep track of my SO's flights while he's traveling. Love the fact that I can group flights together into different "Trips" as it makes categorizing my trips a lot easier. A nifty feature is being able to see where the previous flight of your aircraft took place to forecast potential delays. Its been incredibly accurate for me in terms of announcing delays, sending me notifications at each step of the trip, and displaying weather at each airport within your most recent "Trip." Overall, excellent app that's highly underrated.
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7 months ago, Pine Apple Pie
STILL NO FIX! Used to be best. Ads, bugs and greed ruined it.
25 JULY 2023: STILL no update THREE WEEKS after they broke the app's most frequently used feature: aircraft previous flight. The bug had been reported multiple times. Just bizarre... Latest version introduced more bugs instead of fixing them. “Aircraft previous flight” no longer works. The full page ads timing is unreasonable. The cost of subscription should be more like 99 cents a month with no ads and no bugs and then this will be a great app again. I don’t mind paying for quality. Purchased the elite version in the past and would like to support the developers. FIX IT FIRST.
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2 years ago, ArrowSwift509
Great app
I love to use this app to track my flights and family’s flights. Every issues I’ve had with this app has been fixed before I got around to reporting it. I also love the fact that I tells you what kind of plane you will be flying on. Me and brothers always argue about who gets what seat while looking at a seat map. Thank for the amazing app FlightView team! And also thanks for making it free. It’s the best one I’ve used by far.
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6 months ago, stuart bruce becker
Great app. Bugs are common
One of my favorite apps for travel. With latest update it won’t load previous flight which is mission critical. I hope they fix this soon. I broke down a few months ago and upgraded to no ad paid version since the full page ads were getting intrusive and loud. But they have to make money. It seems it’s always a small step backward with bugs like prior flights not loading now and small steps forward with version upgrades. At least the app is maintained.
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