Flighty – Live Flight Tracker

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Global Flight, Airport, & Airline Status Tracker LLC
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3 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flighty – Live Flight Tracker

4.82 out of 5
51.5K Ratings
5 months ago, Aimee1980
Flight attendant
Edit update- shocker. My airline app was the issue. 😑 Edit Jan 2024- the app stopped syncing with my calendar but when the app updated two weeks ago it was fixed. Now iOS has updated again and the app OS back to not updating. I have a ton on my schedule and would like if it was synced again. I tried to send a message through the website but it said I needed to report issues through the app. When I tried to do that it just kept making a zip file without ever giving me a way to email anyone so I’ve resorted to deducting a start and hoping someone can reach out with a solution. I love this app! Since my airline banned being able to use some 3rd party apps I’ve really struggled with finding something that keeps me up to date on my flights. The only drawbacks are: I would love to see this available for for Apple Watch, I would love to be able to save individual trips. I know I can see past trips but they are all just grouped together as a long list of flights. It would be nice to see what I did on a three day work block a month ago. I love that this app keeps track of my inbound plane and when it’s delayed. I also love all the info on the aircraft like it’s age. This app is well worth the money for pro if you fly a lot. It gives me alternate routes if it looks like I won’t make a flight and I love know what gate we are going into as well as baggage claim info that I can give to my passengers!
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2 years ago, Sea000b
Best app to feel informed and confident with travel
I am an avid traveler and I love flying. That being said, I do have some anxiety around it, and historically I’ve often worried about getting to the airport early enough, finding my flight, and anticipating delays. These days, I belong to a few airline clubs, so I enjoy spending time there before my flights. Having the immediate notifications about my flight and the ability to track where it is, and what gate it’s going to, have given me so much peace of mind. Often Flighty will notify me of something way way way before the airline updates my flight or app. One time, my incoming flight was diverted and delayed, and Flighty told me immediately. My airline didn’t even change the status or do anything for 30+ mins, and always seemed behind on what was actually happening. Meanwhile I went back to the lounge until the plane was headed my way again. I also really appreciate the new friends and family tab as I tend to add my wife and friends flights to Flighty when they’re traveling to see me or in general, and the tab makes it easier - previously I was adding and then deleting them later. Thanks for implementing that!
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3 years ago, S0uthpaw96
Saved me HOURS of time! 6 Stars!!
This app is one of the best in the entire App Store, and has been worth every penny I have spent on it. The user interface is blazing fast, and they have beaten every airline I have ever used with the speed of their notifications. Yesterday, I was preparing to layover for 2+ hours in ATL on my way to MCI. There was an earlier flight to my final destination, but Delta wouldn’t let me book it originally since it was supposed to take off too soon (~10 minutes) after my first leg was landing. Regardless, I decided to use Flighty to keep an eye on this earlier 2nd-leg flight. Maybe I would get lucky! Halfway through my first leg at 30,000 ft.,I got a notification from Flighty that the earlier 2nd leg was delayed by 15 minutes and that my flight was going to land early by 5 minutes. There was a chance I could make it! I rushed off the first leg flight as soon as it landed, and sure enough there was a standby seat available on that earlier second leg. I ran across the B terminal and made it just as main cabin was finishing the boarding process. I got to see my family earlier because of this app. Thank you Flighty devs!
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9 months ago, 8 bit snow
Gorgeous, well done app! BUT…
The features are awesome. The UX/UI is amazing. There is a reason this app has won so much praise and an Apple design award. My only complaint is that subscription options seems to cater only to frequent fliers. Sadly, I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like. And today, I’d have loved to buy a family subscription for a month (or even a week, though I detest the concept of weekly subscriptions, they’re usually kinda scammy… but this app is not a scam. Just make sure you keep aware that you might have gone for a weekly subscription). I wanted my family member to use this app for both flights they had today. I’d have loved to buy a subscription to cover both them and myself. And not have to buy a yearly version (family sub is only available as an annual subscription). This app deserves a chunk of change to use it fully. It’s just that well done. And I casually know one of the devs, and they are relentless in demanding perfection. But… it’s too pricey for something me and my family would use maybe twice in a year. This gap is the only thing that keeps me from giving 5 stars. But if you or your family travels often, just subscribe. It’s so well done! I doubt you’d be disappointed.
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6 months ago, eriswe
Best app for frequent fliers
Flighty provides all the important information regarding your flight in one place. While the airline apps will provide status of the flight one has to turn to flight aware or other solutions to get airplane/tail number specific information, not to mention weather impacts. Flighty has this all in one place. Extremely fast updates of arriving plane status, weather impacts, gate changes, etc. This is extremely helpful for the traveler but Flighty takes this up a notch and allows the traveler to share their status so friends and family can have the same realtime information. Good to know if you are on time for pickup, I share the specific trips with my car service drivers all the time. On top of all of this, Flighty keeps the history for you so you can see how many times you have been to a given airport, flown a specific route and how many trips/miles per year. Airlines will do this for when you have flown with them, but not for the other airline flights. Overall extremely useful app.
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10 months ago, pdvjunior
Go-to app for staying on top of air travel
You’ll be getting updates you didn’t know you needed. Flighty was pushing me notifications about flight delays and gate changes minutes before the airline’s official app, impressive and helpful when trying to stay ahead of the crowd with rescheduling, etc. One star withheld for lack of granularity with notifications. The app has a few broad categories of notification groupings and I consistently find myself wanting to mute or disable some while still getting others and there’s no fine-tuning ability. update: Continued lack of ability to fine tune notifications is a disappointment. And the new screenshot nag popup is … well it’s just dumb, it’s annoying, and it’s insulting for those of us who make a conscious choice to screenshot something instead of using a pretty custom share sheet option. Also many updates to the app lately are focused on roping in friends to use it as well, however the core experience still needs work. It feels like the devs aren’t soliciting much “real life” user input. That being said, updates regarding things like delays and gate changes continue to be timely therefore I’ll continue using the app primarily for those.
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2 years ago, Bdawgno1
Best flight tracking app
I have used a lot of other flight tracking apps. Flighty takes all of them combined and make them look amateurish. Been using the app for several years. Yearly fee is less than a dinner out. And so worth paying!! It has saved me on both domestic and international flights - updates faster than airport boards on status. I know exactly where my arrival plane is and can judge how fast I need to in line to board my flight. Simply the best!!!! Update: Flighty has become the best app on my iPhone. I am almost an Executive Platinum member of AA. Will be there by Jan 2023. I have seen this app update gate changes BEFORE boards on most airports across the U.S. and all of EU. Love it and if you don’t follow Leo Laporte and Johnny Jet podcasts along with Airplane Geeks, then I certainly recommend you do. This is why I have become so fond of this app. I am notified of literally everything…including how old the airplane is. On time arrivals, etc. must download and use this app even if you just fly few times a year.
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2 months ago, SendingOutAnSOS
Great app for frequent fliers
By far my favorite travel app (as someone who flies weekly) and one of the few apps I’m willing to pay for. Unfortunately I’ve had to disable notifications though. Like every app, Flighty has gone bananas with waaaaaaaay too many notifications (you’re flight is getting ready to take off, your flight is taking off, your flight took off, your flight is flying around in the sky, hey there are clouds around your flight, you’re going to land someday, you’re about to land, you've landed, you landed a while ago, you landed yesterday, etc). Yeah I exaggerate a little bit, but it’s not too far off. It would be refreshing for app designers (and email marketing “experts) to wake up to the fact that people HATE too many notifications. The more one gets something, the less value it has. How about offering notifications for just important items such as when something goes wrong (gate changes, significant delays, a wing falls off, etc), instead of EVERYTHING? Peace and love Flighty team ✌️
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3 months ago, Senikgevo
Best Travel App on the App Store! (+Got some cool suggestions)
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP!!! I use Flighty every week as I travel for work and vacation A LOT and I can’t express how much flighty has helped me with timings! Before downloading flighty about 2 years ago I was missing flights but never since I downloaded it. The updated timing on flights is faster than flash! Wether there is a delay or the flight departure is earlier, flighty got you along with the exact gate and terminal the flight is in and no problem if it changes because flighty updates it in a few seconds and guess what they also tell you when you should start walking to the gate which is incredible !!! One of my favorite features on Flighty is being able to see how old the aircraft is, THAT IS VERY VERY HELPFUL, I try to avoid any plane over around 22 years old since they have poor entertainment systems and not as comfortable seats. The UI on this app is simply amazing, I want to congratulate the developers because they did a very amazing job creating this masterpiece of an app. A small but very helpful feature for the future: One feature I would like to see on the app as a very frequent user is being able to see a turbulence satellite such as the Turbulence forecast app, that way if the turbulence is bad I will be able to avoid it and purchase a flight with less turbulence. Thank you very much for helping me to never miss a flight again FLIGHTY TEAM!! Keep doing what you guys are doing :))
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2 years ago, Kguy18
Air traveler must have app!
This app has already paid for itself and I just started using it. Was notified of my cancelled flight HOURS before the airline even emailed me, I logged in to the airline app and see the cancellation and rebooking info. Because of the Flighty notification I was able to snag one of the last seats on a different flight same day, if I hadn’t I’d be stuck overnight waiting which is what they originally rebooked me on. Worth every penny. To the dev team: maybe I missed it but there doesn’t seem to be a way to jump directly to rating the app in the AppStore from the settings screen. I did get a prompt for rating after entering some flight info and checking the app again, but I dismissed it because I hadn’t had enough time with the app to really rate it. There is a feedback mechanism for sending you an email but I had to go to the AppStore to write the review, just a thought might be nice to copy Overcast and throw a rate the app button in there. :)
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11 months ago, kenstee
Still Not Nearly Ready For Prime Time
Bottom-line: Great idea….still poorly executed. Unfortunately…after numerous uses of this app it still fails the most important criteria for frequent air travelers…DEPENDABILITY! All too often this app did not…on a timely basis…or even at all…update with timely delay or gate change information. Currently…you can’t depend solely on Flighty. Luckily…I had activated push notifications from both the airline site and the FlightAware app or I would have missed this critical information. In addition…more times than not…at the gate the app shows we have taken off while the flight is still on the ground loading passengers or is delayed. And yes…I did notify them via the “Report Data Issue” on the app…not that I ever heard back from them.. This app has so much promise and I really hope they address these glaring core problems…and data inconsistencies…instead of adding yet more marginally useful bells and whistles like with the recent 3.0 update. Quite honestly….by a 3.0 version any app should be nearly perfect in delivering its core functionality to users. This one isn’t even close yet. My advice? Try the free version…but don’t get the paid version yet. It’s not ready for prime time.
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7 months ago, Scott.KT
Great for Keeping Track of My Spouse’s Travels
My spouse’s job requires him to travel nearly every week. It was such a pain in the you-know-where to try to keep track of when he was leaving or arriving and if his flights were on time. The Flighty Friends feature has been a lifesaver. Combined with live activities and widgets, it’s now extremely simple to know his schedule. It’s also been a great travel companion for him: he can easily keep track of gate information, flight delays, and even the baggage carousel. He often knows of delays and cancellations before the gate agent even announces it which gives him an edge if finding an alternative flight. If you or someone in your family travel often, you need Flighty. I can’t recommend it enough. One note to the developer: My Lock Screen widget (the small one - not live activities) doesn’t appear to work. I have it turned on for Friends’ Flights, yet it doesn’t show anything.
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7 months ago, WaffleAficionado
Since v3.0, it’s gone downhill
I travel quite frequently and prior to v3, I enjoyed this app a lot. Everything seemed to work perfectly with the flight notifications, Dynamic Island updates and live activities. Then, v3 came out with a focus on social sharing. IMO, this is completely ruined the app as many things seem to no longer work. Prior to the update, the live activities & Dynamic Island would show my flight three hours out, now I have to make sure I open the app in order to trigger it. Then, quite often the flight information is incorrect, in fact the last two times it showed that my flight departed ~40min early, while I was sitting at the gate before they started boarding. The app also now (remember, after v3) is delayed in showing delays or undelays, while the airlines app’s show more accurate information. I find myself reporting inaccurate information on almost every flight these days. With airlines starting to leverage the iOS features such as live activities, etc, I feel like I’ll start to migrate over to that unless the dev team can go back to their roots of what made this app great.
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4 months ago, SeaboundAvian
Truly passionate flyers made an app for truly passionate flyers.
I’ve used App In The Air for years and had a lifetime membership for that, but overtime they’ve switched from helping you fly to harassing you about booking thru them and buying travel insurance from them, lame. Switched to flighty about 9 months ago and it’s a wonderful app. It’s got a clean UI, the important info is readily available, and the advanced info is just as easy to access. The app has indeed been faster to notify me of delays and cancellations then the airlines, and have saved me plenty of time switching plans before everyone else knows. The app also keeps track of your stats like routes flown, distance, time in air, aircraft flown on, and so much more. When I first joined 9 months ago, I used the feedback option to suggest a way to view all flown aircraft, and they got back to me with a non-automated email fast. Even better, a month later they added the feature and took the time to let me know personally. Talk about service! Also want to mention the Apple Watch app, which works wonderfully for quickly glancing at key info like gates and departure time on the move. It’s clean and stays in sync. It’s a lot more expensive then App in the Air; my lifetime for them was the same as a year membership with flighty. However, I truly believe it’s worth the cost as the passion is there and the app is powerfully helpful.
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1 year ago, aus917
Ridiculously useful
Infrequent flyer, but Flighty is still insanely useful. I love being able to track and review my historic flight data; some of the visualizations are pretty neat. However, its strongest point is the live updates leading up to and on the flight. It is so helpful in the airport to track the arrival of the plane, and other key times like boarding. It can also be fun to monitor metrics like departure, on-time arrival, and where the plane has been before coming to this flight. The most helpful thing for me though has been the notifications in the months leading up to a flight. The app has been absolutely on top of any and all updates to the flight, including schedule changes. In fact, it just let me know of a cancellation much earlier than the airline did. This helped to reduce uncertainty, and made sure I was able to be aware and adjust my itinerary. Flighty is essential for keeping track of flights.
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2 months ago, Aluminum tube jockey
An absolute essential for flight crew and frequent flyers
I have spent most of my airline career being frustrated when I’m the last to know about changes to a flight I’m the captain of. Why am I the last to know? Couldn’t someone tell me these things? Flighty picks up where airline internal facing IT drops off. Really where airline general internal communication drops off. What gate are we out of? It’s right there on the Lock Screen. Are we on time? Right there. Don’t even have to unlock the phone. And it all just appears automatically as it imports your schedule. Need to add a commute flight to it? Just yeet the confirmation email off to flighty and it’s in there. Doesn’t matter who the flight is on. Inbound flight status? Yep. You get all that. It just tells you. Don’t even have to ask. I can’t emphasize how much the “it just does it” factor weighs in here. You just point Flighty to your calendar and it just runs. You don’t have to add flights. It’s doing that in the background. Halfway to your walk to gate 97, they change it to gate 2? You get a notification. You don’t have to walk up to the gate like a stripy shouldered chump looking like you’ve never heard of a gate change before. Then there’s just the “cool” factor stuff. Map of your flights over the last year? How many miles youve flown? It’s in there. Not essential info, but neat.
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1 year ago, foldpages
Good but not great
I’ve been using the paid version for a few months now and initially really enjoyed it. However, over the last few months I’ve been running into more and more issues. The Live Activity tile will sometimes cripple my iPhone performance and cause significant lag on the Home Screen. As soon as I disable that feature for the tracked flight the performance is restored. On a recent trip the app got really confused with two flights having identical flight numbers going from LAX to MIA. The flight the previous day got delayed to the next day and Flighty couldn’t cope with that. The later scheduled flight didn’t even show up in the app anymore and the app merged both flights into one and the updates and notifications went crazy. At this point I just removed the flight from Flighty and went back to the airline app. I reached out to the developer for both issues but didn’t receive a response. It’s too expensive to have these kind of issues and I probably won’t be paying the annual fee again.
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7 months ago, Asch Elliott
If you travel a lot, this is the app for you.
I cannot speak highly enough about this app. Organizing our trip information and keeping track of my partner’s business trips and vise versa has been a godsend. We fly approximately once per month, but frequently travel abroad to Europe from the US with many connecting flights. Flighty has been swift to notify us of gate/plane changes and delays and it so cool for family to keep track of our status as well. We love the passport feature that combines all of your trips in to a sort of achievement sticker. One thing I would love to see would be a miles traveled leaderboard that could be sorted by all time, yearly, monthly, and weekly. It would be a fun community feature to see how often others fly as well. The only additional feature I wish was available (and I completely understand why it isn’t because this is a flight tracker after all) would be mixed mode itineraries. For example, if we flew to Milan but then took a train from Milan to Zurich, it would be neat to have the entire itinerary in one place via flighty with train platform information, departure times, etc. Overall, fantastic app that’s well worth the asking price for the pro features if you travel even remotely often. The flighty team does excellent work and I can’t wait to see how they continue to improve the app!
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3 years ago, Sean J.
Incredible, just a few feature requests! 🙏🏽
There’s not much I can say that hasn’t already been said. The app is beautiful and does exactly what it needs to do, and far better than any others. I’ve been waiting for a successor to FlightTrack for a long time, and was overjoyed when it finally arrived in the form of Flighty! Before some suggestions, I have to mention that I especially love the calendar sync. It’s a small feature but I love the attention to detail, including the formatting of the title, the info in the notes section, etc. Thank you! Ok, just a few requests 🤗 1. More often than not I’m tracking flights of family members. I’d love to be able to specify the passengers on a flight (from address book or free-form) so that those flights are excluded from my flight stats. Right now every flight is assumed to be my own. This was a feature of FlightTrack that I miss. 2. An Apple Watch app please!! And complications would be delightful! 3. A more prominent (and ideally horizontal) progress bar with elapsed and remaining time. The current vertical one is very subtle and hard to gauge at a glance. It would be nice to have it persistent/sticky as well, so it’s always visible when digging into details. Thank you thank you for not making another app that’s just a fancy web view, littered with ads, or harvesting my personal data! ♥️
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1 month ago, R4z3rsPar4d0x
One of few essential apps
This application is an essential application for anyone who travels. The application provides information sooner than airports, in more detail, and gives you a way to look at historic information about your own travels. Not only this, but they offer the option for purchase the application as a one-time purchase. I’d encourage you to use a subscription so that development continues, but having the option is great to encourage any type of user to use the application. Finally, it’s share features are really valuable. My parents will sometimes be traveling and I can share information with them about their flights, helping them navigate the challenges of flying without a ton of hassle. I recommend this app to any traveler, whether you’re a road warrior or just going on a yearly family vacation.
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10 months ago, sal0c0r
Fantastic flight tracker, but tone down the pro ads please
This flight tracker knows more about flights than the flight attendants. I've actually asked flight attendants of flight cancellations or delays and have them tell me "nah you're still good. no flights have been cancelled" only for them to announce it an hour later. Very impressive. With that said the upsell for the premium is a bit much. I don't mind you trying to ask me if I want to purchase premium and laying out the features every now and then, but on the mac app it prompts you around every 10 minutes *even if the app is in the background*. This is EXTREMELY annoying as the icon will bounce on the taskbar until you open the app and close the message. Then repeat every 10 minutes or so. In addition the widget on the iOS lockscreen sometimes shows your flight and sometimes shows "get pro" instead. I get it, you want me to buy pro but replacing basic functionality inconsistantly is very annoying.
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9 months ago, Earl Miranda
Beyond Expectations
This is delivered beyond my expectations. Updates are faster than airlines. I was notified which terminal # my baggage claim was at before the flight attendant even announced it. Sharing/receiving traveling updates from friends makes it fun! Only requested feature: When going into the flight information for a scheduled flight the app gives you details on the type of plane, forecast, that days timeline etc. One feature that is missing though is a flight map of the seating in the plane. It would be nice to use the app to remember which side/where about you’re sitting on the plane, especially if you’re like me and book multiple flights a month in advance. A live seating chart showing what is/is not available as well would be an even better upgrade.
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1 year ago, scooterscotty69
Please add VietJet Airlines
Please add in VietJet Airlines so it can be tracked for flights as well! Planning a trip to Asia and it’s a very popular airline however half of my trip cannot be tracked because of this. Please add them! Also, not a huge fan of the removal of free features such as removing the Lock Screen widget which was given for free before but now taken away. I get that you need to monetize, but taking away features that were once free and putting them behind a paywall is frustrating. I think the service payment system is a little excessive and should have a casual user tier with a certain amount of flights per year. Would allow for more paid users without some being turned away because of the very high monthly fees, even though the goal is to get people to sign up and forget like most services, but you’d get more people in the door for a lower monthly fee tier. Plus happier customers
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8 months ago, GotTeeth
Annoying app
Yes - for the casual user that wants to track a friend or family members flight - this app is annoying as he//. Every time you check flight status the app blocks your usage with a pop up, trying to sell an upgrade to one of their ridiculously expensive paid plans. It’s like whack-a-mole with the pop ups. Flighty’s whole marketing plan (appears) to be….“annoy them until they give us money!!!” I expect nothing for free, I want these people to earn money for their hard work. I have zero problems with ads somewhere around the GUI when I’m using the app. To CONSTANTLY block access via pop ups is not acceptable. Here’s a couple tips to make your app more usable, at no charge; 1. Stop tracking the flights at tree top level. There is ZERO value in seeing a flight as it transits a map, zoomed down to where the flight is in relation to a freaking blade of grass! Zoom out on the flight so it can be seen in relation to several countries or states. The zoomed in map is useless. 2. Allow the user to set the destination or departure location in the users local time. I need to know what time a flight is departing or arriving at an airport in relation to my local time. If my wife and kids are going to Amsterdam, I need to know what time they arrive in Amsterdam local and my local time. Not rocket science. Based on the above issues, I will not use this app. I will not recommend this app. Ps for all that hard earned cash Flighty wants for their app…where did the widget go?
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5 months ago, G-Phone45
The gold standard of iOS app design in 2024
I want the Flighty app design team to redesign all my other iOS apps. Flighty is so elegantly simple and uncluttered, it is a joy to use. It makes beautiful use of the modern features of iOS, like the Dynamic Island and Lock Screen widgets. Flighty shows me exactly what I need to know about my flights and my family’s flights, without any annoying ads or unnecessary notifications. If you fly a lot, fly lots of different airlines, or just want to track your loved ones to pick them up from the airport at the right time, Flighty is a total game-changer and worth every penny in my opinion. I know I probably sound like a paid spokesperson for Flighty, but that’s because I am constantly telling my friends why they need this app in their life. I’m a Flighty fan for life!
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4 years ago, Tttttttttrrrreeeeeeeeeerr
Soooo detailed I LOVE IT!
I recently flew from Asheville, North Carolina to Boston via Charlotte and this app was soo useful during both my outbound flights as well as my return trip to AVL. I loved getting the continuous updates from the app, especially the inbound flight info for BOTH planes as well as the tail numbers. And boy oh boy did I love the connecting gate info in CLT for my flight to BOS. And on the return, it saved me so much trouble when it told me my original flight from Boston to Charlotte was cancelled. I was able to rebook myself and get home earlier than planned. Furthermore I was able to track the inbound flight info for my friends coming into Boston from Dallas DFW on American as well as New York LGA with ease the next day. All in all I think this is a great app and I can’t wait to use it on my next trip to Portland Maine from Baltimore come New Year’s! Thanks Flighty crew! ✈️✈️✈️.
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7 months ago, A-List Flier Kris
Great Travel Companion & Tracker
I average 40-60 flights a year and I originally began using Flighty a couple of years ago as a means to log all of my flights. I quickly adopted it as a tool to stay updated on flight information prior to and during travel days. It offers a ton of acuurate information regarding acft info and gate info during travel. I will often get a flighty alert ahead of notification from the airline's app. The in route flight tracker you can display on your phone while in flight is really nice and convenient as well. The only note of caution is if you have all travel day alerts set on and use an apple watch, it does consume a lot of battery power throughout the day, compared to a normal days usage but thats a tradeoff I can live with.
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8 months ago, Audacious Reviewer
Great until it’s not
This is a great app on the surface, but it has a lot of flaws and bugs that appear constantly and make the entire experience clunky. I tried contacting the developer early on to request beta access to test Live Activities and help them debug and they were snobby about it and told me I needed to be more active and submit bugs and issues if I wanted to be considered for the beta. I’ve submitted many bugs and issues since, and there hasn’t been a recognition or reply to any of them. There are constant issues with their search bar. And everything runs smoothly until there’s an issue with your flight. Delays, changes, etc., the point of the app, totally screw it up and the flight becomes useless. When everything works well, I understand all the awards and praise, but when it doesn’t, it makes the price of the app feel quite exorbitant.
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6 months ago, Fun while it l@sts
Great resource for active fliers
Pulling data directly from the FAA resources in real-time makes Flightly current and relevant, many times before the airlines' apps. Knowing of potential issues on inbound flights allows me to make early decisions on my itinerary. Adding in the automatic retrieval of flight data, all the cool reporting and logging functions makes Flightly a must for me. Now I can even track friends' or colleague's flight even while I'm flying due to connectivity through the plane's WiFi. Any issues or questions were always handled quickly and thoroughly by Flightly's staff. They even kept track of some suggestions I made 5 months ago and, when a number of them had been implemented, the CEO emailed to thank me for the ideas. Nice touch. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, Surprisingly Usefull
Surprisingly Useful
I’m a pilot and so I travel for a living. I download this app thinking it was just a neat novelty app that would most likely be redundant in amongst my other flight apps I use everyday. So far I have been pleasantly surprised at it’s usefulness. Most recently this app knew one of my airline flights was canceled, even before the United App told me it had been canceled. I also like that with the iPhone 14, it works with the dynamic island to keep the current gate # and info on the top of the screen so I can watch real-time changes. I wish there was a way to link Flighty to my flight apps or even my Apple wallet so that I didn’t have yo manually enter all my flight and travel info but other than that mild inconvenience, I like the functionality of the app!
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1 month ago, SPG11
Fantastic App, More Integrations
The app itself is fantastic and does everything it's supposed to very well. The only thing I wish it was capable of, which is likely an airline issue, would be to have an integration with the actual airlines. Manually forwarding emails or adding events to calendars to it can be imported is nice, but feels cumbersome. I wish there were a better way to handle it. Future Flighty should consider replacing services like Navan / Concur / Amex GBT. These services can't even get the booking process right, let alone all of the flight information and tracking that Flighty provides. I'd love to be able to have my team book through timely and be able to track all of their travel through this platform.
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3 years ago, 🔥🤬🤯😤😝🔥
New user opinion
Impressive map display. Over all, this app has potential. However my comparison to other air travel flight trackers, it is not enough for me to spend the extra money. I can get more basic information from other sources free of charge. It doesn’t make a difference how old my plane is. That is regulated by the Airlines & the FAA. Delays, Cancelations, Weather, & Health hazards are my concerns. Especially for flights planned way in advance ( Holidays & Vacations ). I wish to see free information that is related to connecting flights & airport gates. You need to develop apps with terminal information- Mapped terminal gates. How far is it between airline gates. Baggage tracker- where are my checked in bags? Delays with connecting flights create missing baggages. Alerts ⚠️, for my flights/ connecting flights that instantly get sent to my phone via banner are at the top of my list.
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5 years ago, zekebrad
Best Flight Tracker with detailed results!!!
Let me start to saying we are in the limousine business for 30 years so we track flights all day long this is the most amazing flight tracker ever. It lets you know everything possible about your flight once you start getting the notifications it’s worth every penny. Yes it’s worth $50 a year no doubt about it. Also the second you book your flights no matter how far in advance you can put them in to the trackers. Customer service is fantastic just send them an email and they will get right back to you. These guys have worked so hard to put this app together properly and being experience in this business I have to say again they did a great job. If I could give it 10 stars I would!
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5 months ago, ericbobmyers
Travel Essential - Alternative Flights, Updates, and Stats for days
Slightly is absolutely essential to my travel routines. Whether it’s the updates about my inbound planes changes in those planes and tail numbers or even just general stats about the flight flight helps me anticipate things before they happen and get ahead of them when things go sideways the alternative feature is absolutely essential and allows me to potentially explore other flights both within and beyond my airline of choice to make sure that regardless I get to my destination easily, and can share all of this with my friends and family to keep them updated as I travel, I cannot imagine traveling without this app.
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2 weeks ago, Exocet512
A lot of room for improvement
Was very excited about this app and there is actually a lot going for it: The stats, the accessibility, the tracking but… unfortunately it has 2 major issues: 1. The database is strangely selective and often is lacking. Many flights are missing tail numbers (I noticed all of my A380 flights show aircraft as unknown). Many tail numbers show the wrong aircraft type which can very easily be verified through a web search. 2. When there is any database problem, one can report it but this appears to go into a black hole because the error never gets corrected. It would be so easy for a user to supplement/complement the database by entering the data but no… you cannot do that and no you won’t get a response to your report and no it will not get corrected. These problems makes the tracking and historical features of the app merely useless.
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6 months ago, Katerina747
Essential app for flight crew and frequent travelers
I'm a flight attendant and I initially got this app for its cute design, to brag about how many times I flew around Earth in a year. But I quickly learned it's so much than that. Now it's one of my mostly used app and it makes my flight attendant life much easier. I'm able to receive all sorts of notifications, from inbound flight info, to gate changes and delays. What I really enjoy is a lock screen widget that shows remaining flight time. No more timer setting, just to forget to start it. And a bonus notification when you have 1 hour till landing. And there's an Apple Watch widget for it as well! The subscription fee is well worth it. Great job!!!
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2 years ago, LuckysClub
Visually beautiful, data quality sometimes lags
Flighty is visually beautiful. It has some interesting features, although the personal historical flight record is ruined for me since they only introduced the ability to distinguish between your own and others flights years after my account was too polluted with other flights I had tracked. The biggest thing holding back my rating is that quite frequently Flighty's flight dara is less accurate and less up-to-date than other apps. Whenever I email their support team about inaccuracies, I receive a generic response that "We are aware of some data problems and we're working on it." I suggest checking out whether Flighty meets your needs and comparing to other services before spending on this pricy subscription that may not deliver for you.
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1 year ago, ItsMrPie
One big issue, otherwise great
When I import flights to this app, they often don’t pull in the year correctly from the email. While this is annoying, I understand that the year isn’t always specified in the emails. That being said, it should be easy to assume I’m importing the flight from last week, not from 350 days ago. Furthermore it’s frustrating that there’s no simple way to edit the flight so that is no simple button to click to enter the year. Instead you have to delete the flight from the app and then manually add it which is a pain. App is awesome but missing a pretty essential feature, and the failure isn’t yet handled gracefully. Fix it.
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1 year ago, David Hepburn
One of the best apps I've used ever
I really appreciate the attention to detail the developers give to this app. You can tell they not only love air travel, but also presenting the data in a beautiful and elegant way. I'm so glad I found it, and I definitely see why Apple holds them up as an example. One of my favorite features is the Dynamic Island updates. As soon as the flight takes off, the app starts a dynamically updating timer showing how much flight time remains! You also get updates about inbound aircraft for connecting flights, which is a feature I appreciate. All around, it's a great app whether you're a power user or just using it to track flights for fun.
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2 years ago, LPAppsSuck
The Best By Far
I fly all the time for work and coming out of the pandemic I needed a new flight tracking app. A friend recommended Flighty and I am glad they did. This is the best flight tracking app I have ever experienced in 15 years and 650k milles of business travel. Extremely stable, very pretty, and easy to use. I love that it integerates with TripIt! Best of all, the app is super fasts with gate changes and delay notifications. Flighty alerts me before the gate agents even know of a change, and they incorporate the flight plan into the profile so I know what side of the plane to sit on to see important features. I love it so much that I've paid for my team to get subscriptions.
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1 year ago, RobLo23
Such a powerful app but a few things missing
When I was a roadwarrior traveling 60% of the time, this was my go to app. I wish there were public api's available to script solutions for import that don't exist in the app. I'm missing years of flight data that I can still find in my email but that Flighty didn't import or couldn't due to the format. I've tried fwding emails with the data, I've tried calendar sync (these events are on my ical still) but nothing works. I've even tried manually updating as the failure notification emails suggested but I cannot find any way to manually add flight data.
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1 year ago, coffeeisrequired
request : My Flight Log screen for upcoming flights in My Flight Log
enhancement request: a My Flight Log screen format with My Flights information. The Flighty app has an ALL-Time, 2023, 2022, etc. & you can toggle to a My Flights screen but what I’m requesting is the information from My Flights in the Flight Log screen format. I would like see the (upcoming) stats of my future flights loaded into Flighty but not yet taken. How Many more “Flights”? (projected), How many “Miles” (projected). How much more “Flight Time” You could also have a toggle on this screen for total projected for the year plus add the total taken to date. Love the app been using it for over a year. I rarely leave comments of requests.
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2 years ago, JM Soul
Please clear this up
I’m wondering about how the live activities feature works. I thought that the live activities are supposed to start on their own, 3 hours before a flights takeoff, that you’re tracking in the app. I’ve checked and all the flights I’m tracking have live activities turned on. All the settings are on. But for some reason when I’m trying to track friend’s flights, the live activities don’t begin automatically. Then I miss the tracking at times because I might be busy and forget, I don’t see anything on the Lock Screen. Not until I open the app, then the live activities start. So can you clarify, do I have to open the app in order for live activities to begin? Or should they be starting automatically?
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3 months ago, rich aesthetic
Not sure what the fuss is about.
They are so clearly paying MacRumors, Macstories, 9to5, Mac Power Users, Upgrade, and more soooo much money to lie for them. The app doesn’t work nearly as well as these terrible podcasters claim it does. Widgets are never updating properly, Apple Watch complications are not updating properly, and I have now taken four flights with the app, while being subscribed, and not once has the live activity shown up three hours or even two hours before the fight. I don’t know how I got it to show at all the first couple of flights, but right now I’m not able to get it to show anything and I’m about to fly in 2 1/2 hours. No live activity there. My phone is at 80%, not in low power mode and I just don’t know how much money they want me to pay until the Apple properly work. Still doesn’t work well in Asia. Stop stealing our money!
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8 months ago, TroyRig
Can’t name friends
The app is excellent overall, but as the owner of a private car service the fact that you have to have a friend share their flight with you to name it is seriously annoying. “Friend’s flight is now departing.” So we're supposed to expect everyone we pickup from the airport to download and subscribe to this app just so we can name the flights on an app we’ve already paid for? That’s a shady way to get us to share the app. Let the features speak for themselves and be the reason we share the app with friends and family. For the cost of this subscription the ability to put a name on a flight should be the most basic of features.
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1 year ago, neplace
Over the Top
Flighty is an exceptional flight tracking app that has somewhat transformed the way I travel. The app is incredibly easy to use, and its intuitive interface allows me to keep track of the flight details with just a few taps. The app provides real-time updates on flight delays, gate changes, and cancellations, which is quite helpful. Flighty's predictive technology is incredibly accurate, and it has saved experiencing unpleasantness several times. The app sends alerts whenever there is a potential delay, allowing me to plan accordingly. Another great feature of Flighty is its ability to provide information on the airports I am traveling to and from. The app provides detailed information on the airport's layout, amenities, and food options, making it easier for me to plan my time at the airport. Overall, I would highly recommend Flighty to anyone who travels frequently. The app is reliable, easy to use, and has features you need to make your travel experience as good as possible.
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2 years ago, speedbird272
The Absolute Best Flight Tracking App!
Whether you're an avgeek like me or just a regular person looking for information when you're traveling...this is the best app hands down. You can get as much or as little information as you want. I love knowing the tail number, when the aircraft had its first flight, and then looking up who owned the plane before. But if you don't care, knowing when your inbound aircraft is on its way to you is also helpful information. You think it is expensive. And yes, it might be. But developers make products, they need to eat. This product is 100% worth the money. You will not regret it.
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6 months ago, Avxnturador
Works, even for the workers.
I’m a ramp agent (those are the people who process the bags on your plane!) at Las Vegas International Airport, and throughout multiple contracts and companies I’ve worked with, this by far is the best and cleanest flight tracker that I’ve used for such. Now, I have always needed to mark all of the flights as Friends Flights (maybe there can be something for airport / ramp workers?) but it’s nothing entirely bad. It’s still the best tracker I’ve used and it’s one that I continue to use to this day all to keep me ahead in my work and to make me on-time with getting people’s bags and planes ready. Five stars, every day. Amazing app.
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6 months ago, Jayden Wilhelm
Irrelevant for Most, Sadly
This is THE best app for tracking flights, hands down. If you travel more than 12 weeks of the year, get this app. Unfortunately the pricing structure makes it untenable for myself, and I would guess, most flyers. This app is for you if you fly VERY regularly, and ONLY then. I fly occasionally, but having to pay $4 per week, or $8 per trip if it’s more than a week, is too much. I do wish I could regularly be subscribed to this, but at $16 a month this is more expensive than video streaming services I spend way more time with than checking my flight status. I don’t fly 12 weeks of the 52 in a year, so the $48 annual subscription would also be a loss for me. I would ABSOLUTELY pay like $1 per flight or $4 per month to get all the pro features of this. I write this review because I LOVE this app. The UI and UX are simply incredible. The few times I’ve subscribed for a week it’s mostly been because it’s so enjoyable to use this app. I wish I could use it more. Here’s to a more affordable pricing structure for non-frequent fliers. Keep up the great work Flighty, you’re wonderful.
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6 months ago, AM192020
THE must have travel app!
I never travel without Flighty! Flighty does an amazing job of tracking flight details, gate changes, aircraft changes, on time arrivals/departures, and updating you on flight changes even before the airline does. The interface with Apple Watch and in-flight tracking are very intuitive and an added bonus. They really thought of everything in the design and interface. I rely on it for all my travel and tracking friend's flights as well. Highly recommend to anyone from business travelers to avgeeks! Exceptional value for the price. I can't recommend it enough!
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