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User Reviews for Flip.shop

4.78 out of 5
68K Ratings
4 years ago, MiKayla McGuire
Great idea
I love the concept of the app. There’s a wide variety of styles that I’d love to add to my closet (I do wish that they might eventually add shoes and maybe jewelry). The main reason for three stars though, is that when I tried to make my first purchase they tried to charge it to my credit card THREE TIMES (NOW FOUR) even though I had the credits in my account for the order (I had put a hold on my credit card for a different reason so each charge was declined). After the first charge, I spoke to their support team (which has been extremely helpful answering all of my questions since I got the app) and I was told that it was just a system issue that would be fixed the next morning. However I received another notification of an attempted charge later that night. I gave it another day or two, but received yet another notification of an attempted charge (these notifications are from my credit card company, not Flip. I did not receive anything from Flip telling me that they were attempting to charge me +$200 for the order.) I thought it was taken care of this morning since the credits were deducted from my account and I was free to order another box, but I actually just got another notification of an attempted charge while writing this review. Now considering just deleting the app altogether if I can take my credit card off the account. Great concept, but be careful...
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2 years ago, Brim!ka
I found this app yesterday when searching for an about face makeup product that’s constantly sold out on Halsey’s website and Ulta. It popped right up when I typed it into safari. I immediately went to purchase it because I’d been wanting the color for months, and I was very surprised and confused to see that it was only $12 total (normally a $16 product plus shipping.) I did minimal research and looked up the reviews on this app to make sure it wasn’t a scam and placed my order with a nervous feeling in my chest. I was suspicious bc the product is always sold out, hardly ever on sale and I had never even heard of this platform before. Turns out the app starts you with 30% off your first order (I believe?) The order has shipped already as promised and I am very very excited to continue to use this app in the future (if my order arrives without any issues.) It is basically like tiktok with purpose. You watch clips that people make reviewing products that they ordered and you earn credit by voting on the videos that others post. The credit is put towards any products that you order off the app in the future (up to 30% off.) I believe you can also earn credit if you choose to post a review video yourself. Such a good idea and for somebody like myself who’s constantly low on cash it’s very convenient!!
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4 years ago, kay.panda_
Absolutely would recommend
Great idea! You vote on people’s photos and earn credits that can then be applied to clothing from the app. You can earn credits fairly fast too. You choose items you’d want and they go into a closet. A stylist chooses items from your closet it curate your box. I haven’t bought jeans in YEARS because they never fit me right. For the first time in a very long time I found jeans that fit perfectly and I didn’t even have to search for them in a busy store. My stylist is amazing and chose the best items from my closet. Amazing quality clothing as well as SUPER cute and fashionable. My reasoning for 4 stars is that the prices tend to be on the higher side. But when I say that spending $90 on a pair of jeans that actually fit and fit perfectly is totally worth it I’m not lying. Again, excellent quality and I didn’t have to go to a busy store and try on 20 pairs before finding an ok pair. I personally applied my credits and kept 2 items from my first box but I cannot wait to get another box and spurge on myself a little and probably keep the whole thing :) I know it would be worth it anyway. Hoping to maybe see some jewelry and shoes added to the mix at some point too.
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2 months ago, Michitch
Love the concept, still could use improvements
Overall, I love the whole idea of the app and how it works. From the scrolling to earn credit, the desire list, and even giving the opportunity to earn money from our real feedback. The biggest things I dislike about the app though are that I noticed once I like a certain product from my feed, I just keep seeing more of the same product. I’d prefer to see new ones and not reviews of the same thing. Also I’m not sure how the algorithm works but I noticed some people’s videos easily get picked up and go viral and they only posted once, versus someone like me who posted multiple times even with products that are brand new and hardly get noticed. Makes the earning side less appealing because that’s initially what drew me in cause you’re allowed to start earning right away. So you’re just gambling against the odds on whether you’ll earn your money back from items you purchased! Also, I wish the refer a friend “gift card” was fair and not based on how many friends one has on the app already. Just make it the same reward all around. I’d hate to refer a friend who gets a higher amount then they go and see another friend who got referred for less. With that said, why am I seeing people I don’t know that are supposedly from my contacts list? I truly don’t know who ANY of these are. Fix that issue.
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1 year ago, Cait Rice
Thoroughly impressed
••Okay , so truthfully I am not a fan of tik tok per -say ( don’t kill me generation Xers ) 💀 I’ll be 31 in a few months and a lot of it’s’ comedic-driven content is okay , HOWEVER with that being said , if I spend time on my phone browsing , I am not craving purely entertainment driven videos. What I am searching for is more so - 1) honest product reviews from regular consumers like myself who just 2) want to discover the best hidden gems in the market in hopes of elevating their beauty regime and getting some killer deals. I feel as though FLIP incorporates all of those features in such a way , that it’s easy to navigate and you truly have a platform to learn from everyday customers who aren’t insanely experienced or affluent and who aren’t equipped with a out of this world budget. I would give this app a 10/10. The creators , and developers have done an incredible job of creating something that has caught my interest and made me want to up my personal care and self care routine. So thank you! Very excited and eager to make my first purchase and possibly do some of my own reviews as well. Who knows! God bless 🖤🤍💌✨
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4 years ago, sarahgries
disappointed, but not surprised
Let me just say, when I first downloaded this app it was fantastic. I recommended it to all of my friends and we’ve been hooked for about 6 months. Since then, I’ve been voting nearly everyday to build up my credit and I have almost $400. Since this was enough for all the clothes in my “closet” I went to order a box. I assumed it went through until a few days later when I got a message from my stylist. She told me that I didn’t have enough clothes in my closet. Apparently, you have to have at least 15 pieces of clothing picked out and they choose from those. That was fine by me. I added more clothes and asked her if I was fine. She said yes, but then told me they only had 2 of those 15 in stock. I cancelled my order and told my stylist I would wait until they had more pieces in stock. They still charged me $0.20 for making an order. Today I went to make that order again in hopes that they would have more available. However, when I went to confirm my order, they had changed the charges. Now in-store credit can only be used for 30% of the purchase, and they charge you $20 no matter what. I don’t have $400 to spare, and that means 6 months down the drain. I will say their costumer service was very helpful and the clothes are beautiful and high-end, but I’m beyond frustrated that their “update” screwed me out of my money.
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7 months ago, Xx_!Lemxn!_Xx
Flips Honest Review
Flip is an overall amazing app so far I have realized that you can make up to 7 cents per vote you put on a review on a product. You can either put a thumbs up or thumbs down. Thumbs up means you like the product and you would like to start seeing the brand more often. Thumbs down means you do not like the product and would not prefer to see the brand as much. If you like the creator that made the review you can follow them ( if you want ) to see more videos or you can just keep scrolling. You can comment your honest opinion weather you like it or not by simply just pressing the comment button and typing it out. As soon as you open up the flip app you immediately get to choose what kind of products you want to see weather it’s home , furniture or beauty products ! There are so many creators on this app , and you can be one too ! You just have to put a payment method you would like to use to receive money! When you make the amount of “ money “ you can buy products to make your own reviews !
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2 years ago, janedoec8
A little misleading from advertisements.
Pretty disappointed that I can't post videos AT ALL unless I buy the products from the app and whatnot - Just to say it twice, I'm not able to post videos to review the products I've recently bought just because I didn't buy them on the app. I get that's probably a great way of making profit for the app, BUT - I could definitely see WAY wAayy more downloads if that changed. Maybe to make sure it's the real deal (because scammers are everywhere) people could scan the barcode on the products so people or idk something I'm not to sure how that works. Also I put that I was interested in Makeup and Skincare but a lot of popular Makeup brands I like I can not seem to find reviews on. I think the discounts you can receive from watching and interacting is great because it will help me save money, One because the discounts and Two because I can stop wasting money on products that don't work for me. Will definitely circle back to this review in a few months and hopefully be able to give it 5 Stars. Sadly most reviews go unnoticed or they aren't actually able to do anything about what people actually want. I'll see though! Look forward to see where this app goes.
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1 year ago, Boozietree
Love it but…
I used to love this app when it first came out, my stylist helped curate my boxes based on my body size at the time and she always did the most amazing job helping me find clothes that looked amazing on me, not every piece picked was my style tho so what I didn’t like I would send back and I loved the concept of being able to use credits to get the box sent and then use money to pay for the clothes you keep. I also understand business grow and change over the years since I started using this app during the pandemic, however the fact that you have to also pay now to have a box shipped to you instead of paying with credits up front and then returning the items you don’t like and pay for the ones you keep is a little absurd to me, that’s what drew in the crowd of people that loved this app. I feel like it’s pointless to have it on my phone now since I can just go to the mall and try on clothes and then only pay for the ones I want and have basically the same experience just not in my own home. Basically just be careful before downloading if you’re expecting it to be the same as 3 years ago.
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6 months ago, calitomaui
Great Prices
I’ve purchased SEVERAL items from Flip due to the discount you get. However, their customer service lacks in the very worst way. I’ve been trying to get in touch with them due to my missing item in one of my orders. I have reached out via email and on the app and am STILL waiting, almost a MONTH later. I have seen other people post about how bad the customer service is. I was told they’d ship out a replacement, then told they cannot and will give me credit to buy it instead. I am STILL waiting on the item or credits as I still do not know how they’re going to solve this issue. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I literally spent over $90 worth of items to receive the two free gifts of my choice!!! I am not the only person who didn’t receive their “free items” I just wish they’d take care of me like they said they would. ******Update: it took a month to get the previous issues sorted out, and I did receive my free gift. I am STILL having issues with customer support via chat. They never respond, so I’ve resorted to emailing them only. They respond sometimes, which resorts in me sending multiple emails! There have been other issues with items and credits that I’m still trying to get resolved. Often times what I’m told via email, is not the same as what I’m told in chat!
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8 months ago, Pheroshis Pher
So far misleading and disappointed
Took me a few minutes to learn the app but so far it seems misleading… so reading about what the money you earn is actually for you can roll through and interact review and supposedly earn hundreds of dollars through reviews and interactions and friend invites… So this far this is what I have found… I know I had two friends sign up using my link and nothing in return not even a notification that my link had been used at all. At this point the advertising is filthy misleading lies you don’t earn any money for interactions or reviewing products. I feel like this is a waste of time because I’m not seeing where the advertising was being honest. Al the Misleading advertising created by influencers lying about what this app is and how you receive cash rewards for interactions that you can cash out is a lie and I’m giving this app a negative review due to misleading advertising by social median influencers saying interact make cash look at all the money I’ve made and it’s all a lie… I’ve accumulated over 200$ went to cash out and nope nothing no way to cash out or redeem the money the app shows I have earned so yeah I’m pretty sure it’s a scam and a waste of time and effort for nothing… at best you might get a discount but thus far not what I have seen advertised all over all social media.
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3 years ago, Whisperedaria
Okay execution, needs work.
I was excited to have a beauty “feed” to shop from, but this app has a major downside that may make it unusable for me: it doesn’t allow you to vote on the video itself. The “vote” that you give only counts toward the PRODUCT, meaning “do you like the product in this video,” rather than “do you like this video?” Swiping through my feed, I’ve already gotten several videos that I’m not interested in (for instance, I’m not interested in reviews from darker skinned insta models, I need to see shade matches and performance on my skin tone and/or texture, and I prefer review type videos to the “snap and look how glamorous I am” type videos), and a few videos straight up not even using the product as intended. But there’s no way to tell the app that you’re not interested in a certain type of video, so that it can tailor your feed. From what I can tell, once you downvote a product it won’t show it to you again for a bit (so there’s not a way to tell the app “I’m interested in this product, but would like to see shades/reviewers other than the one you showed me”). If they could find a way to do this, allowing the feed to become more personalized, this app would be pretty good!
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4 years ago, LizardChief
Feeling a bit let down
I originally had my doubts, and thought this app was some sort of loose pyramid scheme. I decided to give it a whirl and spend a long time accumulating enough credit to justify a box. I was super excited to get basically a whole new wardrobe addition with the credits and pick a piece or to to buy with additional money. Right before I had decided to order I read a policy change that the money I earned now only applied to 30% of the purchase which is saddening. I try and thrift and get second hand clothing to limit my contribution to fast fashion and fabric-caused pollution so buying new clothes is something I do on a rare occasion and as a bit of a treat as I am unfortunately a young broke college student type. Doubtful i will be able to afford more than 1 or 2 pieces and I really loved the concept of this app. The policy change with no option for those of us saving for so long to raincheck the original policy is truly feeling like a breach of trust from my new source of new clothes shopping. Also there is a new update and there are now only videos. This takes alot of data and can have lag and loud sound. There should be more options and a mode to only view either pictures, videos, or a mix of the two. X0X0, Heartbroken and beat down. Would love to order a box soon.
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7 months ago, jamieb2020
So glad I found Flip!!
I absolutely LOVE Flip!! I’m so happy I found this app, it has everything you could possibly imagine on here! All the way from makeup & skincare to household items, pet supplies, work out equipment, vitamins, just check it out and I PROMISE you that you won’t be disappointed!! I really love the fact that I not only get a 30% discount on products that I buy but I also earn $ for other people watching the reviews of products I’ve posted AND by posting reviews of products I’ve purchased off Flip I earn FREE products as well!!! I’ve only had the Flip app for about 2 months I think and I’ve already made $$ from posting my reviews but I’ve also gotten about $300+ worth of products for FREE! They are NICE products that you can get for free too so it’s not like they give you cheap stuff, nope it’s all very nice high quality products that you get to pick from for your free products! I will definitely be a lifetime “Flipper”!! Everybody should have this app!
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4 years ago, a person who wasted their tims
this is the biggest waste of time. saw it on tik tok and seemed like a good idea. DID NOT ADVERTISE ANYWHERE THAT WHEN YOU PURCHASE ITEMS ONLY 30% OF THE MONEY YOU EARN CAN BE USED TO PURCHASE. I AM APPALLED. spent so much time and energy finding things i like. then when i finally decided i would get one item and use all the credits i had saved up to get 30% off that item I FIND OUT YOU HAVE TO HAVE 15 items IN YOUR CART. i’ve also seen so many stories about people being charged for the items because the return policy is so short of a time. this is such a waste of time please do not even bother downloading this app!!! WASTE OF TIME. WOULDNT EVEN LET ME DELETE MY CREDIT CARD INFO SO WISH ME LUCK WHEN I HAVE TO CALL THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY TO GET THEM TO DELETE IT. I hope everyone can see this and reconsider and not waste any of your time!!! PLEASE READ THIS AND SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS THINKING OF PURCHASING ON THIS APP. COMPLETELY AWFUL!!!!!!!!! edit : The response to this review is even more upsetting!! Thank you for once again doing nothing!! please like reviews that show an unfavorable side of this app and help others to not purchase anything or waste their time!! THIS COMPANY IS PITIFUL!!! NEVER HAS ANYONE TRIED TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME FROM YOUR COMPANY!! YOURE COMPANY IS CURUPT!!! trying to trick people into purchases with an unreasonable time frame of return and scam them out of their hard earned money. DISGUSTING!!
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4 years ago, [!]Cece[!]
I downloaded this app in Mid-March and thought it was the perfect way to spend the quarantine time at home. I could vote and get friends to join the app and get free clothes. From all the reviews I read, I would only have to pay taxes on the clothes. A few days ago, I had earned $440 from voting constantly as well as getting twenty of my friends to sign up. I was ready to order a box. However, flipfit decided to change the price to 30% off instead of the free clothes they had originally promised. This was a waste of my time and energy since I even got my friends in on the app and flipfit didn't deliver what they originally promised. I would suggest that flipfit deliver on the original promise of the app especially since that is why I downloaded it in the first place. Other than this issue, the app is great. It is well designed and easy to use. I like that you can see the clothes you add to your closet as well as how other people are wearing them. The customer support is excellent with the live chat feature. I really enjoy this app overall, I was just taken aback by the sudden change and feel as if I am not getting my money's worth.
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4 years ago, marrrrrriiii
!!!⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️!!!
I don’t shop online because I prefer to try clothes on before purchasing. Thankfully Flip has gifted this service to users. Flip will send your requested items (from your virtual closet), in multiple sizes so can try them on and purchase the size(s) that fit best. Super innovative and convenient. Have definitely succeeded in re-creating the retail fitting room experience. Thanks, Flip! 👌🏾 I received my first Flip and was impressed with the streamlined process! I tried on the items sent to me and decided to purchase 4/12 as they fit best! I returned 8/12 and once my return was received I was charged. You’re given the option to schedule a pickup or drop your package off — 👌🏾 I wasn’t surprised by the cost bc price details are tagged on all pictures, but was super thankful that my credits were applied. I love saving $$$, unexpectedly :-) Still have some credits left over too, which is a plus! Def hope to use them soon ~ heard you can earn up to $15 a day in voting credits 😝 I haven’t uploaded photos — yet, but I’ll try to next time around! Although I’d only share them with my loved ones to get some feedback. The app has changed drastically + exponentially since I’ve downloaded it! Lots of new brands have been added as well as a Discover Feature that I haven’t used — yet! i Would and have recommended Flip to all that I know as it’s convenient and personalized and fun! Can’t ask for much else! Hope this helps y’all!
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4 years ago, avarie c
0 stars bc this app is a scam
When I originally downloaded this app the concept was almost too good to be true, you were to vote on clothes and earn credits, which transferred to a cash value, and then you could use that cash value to purchase clothes- you saved up your credits ($10 a day max) and saved clothes you like to your “closet” then when you saved up enough credits you ordered a box curated based on the clothes you put in your closet. It cost .50 cents to get your box, and then you were able to choose which clothes you wanted to keep and apply the credits earned to purchase the clothes and send back the ones you didn’t like/ didn’t fit, so virtually you were getting clothes for free. The clothes are very expensive - averaging about $50-$100 an item- so I saved up $300 in credit (which took me about 3 weeks) when I went to go place my first order (I was so excited bc I had worked so hard) Flip’s policy had changed (no email was ever sent out to users warning them this was coming) the new policy stated it now cost $20 for a curated box and then you could get up to 30% off each item - this is not a deal considering before the clothes were potentially free. Don’t waste your time and don’t download this app.
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2 years ago, kaitiereviews
Flip malfunction
I loved the concept of this app, but it’s not what it seems. They start you off with credits - which is money points. They also give you forty percent of your first order! You watch videos, like, and comment and get 10-20 cents per video! Here is the problem when I went to check out with having $51 dollars/credits and the total was $48 it kept trying make me add a card to it. It wouldn’t let me pass the stage unless if you put the card in. This app is not what it seems… it looks great… but it’s not free. Please tell me if this is glitch on my end but I don’t think it is. Just be careful using the app. Beside that part, it’s a great app and if your supposed to pay for it, that’s fine. It may just be false advertisement. But it is a great concept because it gives you discounts on products that are hard to get! If you are posting a video you get paid for that, you can’t post unless you purchase the product so I can not rate that. Anyway great app! Just be careful.
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2 years ago, Halo sims
Good concept but can be better
So far I’m really enjoying the app I will say there’s a couple things that can be improved the first is I believe we should be able to review products we already own even if we didn’t buy them from the flip app itself because regardless the whole point of the app is real reviews from real people so it shouldn’t be limited to purchased from the app only. Secondly most of my favorite brands are not in the app which I hope to see soon, and the brands I do love that are on here don’t have the biggest selection so I hope to see more as time goes on. Thirdly I wish the feed wouldn’t keep showing the same products and reviews over and over i’m sure there are hundreds of videos so I’m not sure why I keep seeing the same 10-15 over and over. Overall I like the app the concept can be amazing once this platform grows. I’m waiting for my first package to arrive I ordered I wide array of products and brands to see how they’ll do and will update soon!
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9 months ago, happyhappyhappy21435
The best skincare app out there
I absolutely LOVE this app! You literally get discounts by watching videos that help you find what your looking for. There are so many different products from skin to clothes to home improvement appliances and ext. i use it mainly for skin care and beauty and it has not let me down. Super fast shipping, AMAZING products that you can get for half the price if you watch enough videos, and if you review and make videos, you get free products depending on how much the original value of the items are in your cart. Example: i could have $60 worth of items in my cart and get a free item however only pay $40 for the whole thing because i have my rewards. Plus shipping is ALWAYS FREE! How could you go wrong!? I always recommend this app to my family and friends and even people i just meet. It’s truly amazing 🤩 and the only app i use for skincare ❤️
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4 years ago, julie morell
First of all, I love the idea of this app. It’s an amazing concept and I was really happy with some of the items I picked out. HOWEVER... you only have 5 days to schedule the return of the Flipbox. (I’m sure this policy was written somewhere and I overlooked it... ) But sure enough on day 6 I have a $570 charge to my bank account- which I CANNOT afford.... so my suggestions are: 1. to give more time to return. Most stores have a policy of 14-30 days; FIVE days is unheard of and unrealistic. 2 make it wayyyy more clear that the account will be charged in full. I think customers should have to sign something to be charged that amount. Certainly I’m not the only one who feels blindsided?? 3. Make a limit for how much a customer is willing to spend-PERIOD. That way if they don’t return the items, they aren’t struggling financially like I am now. I would have liked to create a budget to ensure that I don’t spend more than I afford. Other than that, it is a great concept. It just needs to look out for the consumer better. I’m trying to get in contact with the support team to see if I can either get a full refund or credit back. I’m very sad :(
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4 years ago, j02g
charged for nothing 😟😤
In the beginning, I thought this app was an awesome idea, so I wanted to try it out. I entered my credit card number and pin and I ordered a flip box. I wasn’t planing on keeping anything Bec I just wanted to see how it works. My live chat partner was super nice and extended my time Bec I had trouble returning. So once I returned everything and ship she said she got it, so I was like great. Few days later, I wanted to check if they charged me and they did. (Over $700+ )The quality was kinda trash despite the price. I returned everything and I don’t know why they are charging me. I also had $50 dollars in credit but they didn’t even take 50 dollars off. The fact that I cannot remove my credit card information is so sad. Like I didn’t buy anything and the fact that she isn’t responding to me doesn’t help. Would not recommend Bec if u have trouble it’s hard to get a hold of them. Pls fix ur flip system and also stop scamming others specially during this time. :((( quick update I think they remove me from there email or something bec I told them that I didn’t purchase and it’s not nice to scam people during this time. Sigh 😔
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4 years ago, butternugget12
Pretty Great!
You know how you always see ads for paid surveys on the internet, but you get $.14 for like 30 minutes of answering questions? Flip is super cool because you get like $30 for the first 10 minutes. And after that, the cash adds up pretty quickly. And all you have to do is tap or swipe. The only reason I give this app 4 instead of 5 stars is the fact that you can only use what you earn toward the clothes you’re voting on. Maybe I should’ve read the description on the App Store, but I assumed you could use your earnings for anything. Turns out, it’s more like store credit than cash. And I don’t really like a lot of the clothes. I mostly go for the athleisure type stuff, but I already have a lot of that. I was hoping to get more “going out” clothes, but Flip’s selection isn’t really me. Also, the clothes are crazy expensive! Obviously, they’re free if you earn enough credit, but it takes me like 4 days to earn $60 and that’s how much a super basic white tee shirt costs.
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2 years ago, Emjerlies
Love this app but need wishlist option!!
I love this app, though it has been introducing some very pricey brands as of late. I just wish there was a WORKING wishlist option because I constantly see things I would love to come back to on another paycheck or as a gift for someone else. When I first started using the app there was a “wishlist” tab but none of the products had a button to add them to it so maybe it was a glitch or experiment with the app but please please make it a real thing!!! I would use the app even more if I had an easier way to get back to products I have previously wanted to purchase. One more thing is brands I follow; there used to be an easy tab to click and see what brands you follow and it seems to be gone now. My profile page has no option to show me either. Please update this as well because it makes it difficult to find brands you want to keep up with! Thank you! Happy beauty shopping all!!
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2 years ago, Power and Pixie Dust
Genius Business Model!
I stumbled across this app last year but forgot about it until last month, and, wow! What a brilliant idea. It’s TikTok like content, but every video, which is 1 min max, is reviewing a product that users buy, but it has to be purchased within the app. So, Fl!p is getting a cut if the product’s profit, I assume, getting users to provide great content that keeps people on the app, free (ish) which in turn makes them a more desirable platform for advertisers, talk about a win, win , win. But, here is the kicker and why people SHOULD buy and review products on Fl!p, it’s also a no hassle affiliate marketing side hustle for users. You earn money for watching videos, having your videos watched, and you get commission from any sales that are through your video. Also, you get reward $ for voting on other videos that are applied to your purchase, up to a max of 30% 🥳 EVERYBODY WINS!!!!
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1 year ago, soccer1775634
flip recommendation/review
i love the app. i like getting rewards and bonuses. i love shopping for makeup and skincare and i love that you can also find home goods as well. i like the fact that you can find almost every makeup brand and product. the only thing that makes me give this app 4 stars instead of five is I wish that after liking or disliking a product there would be a short survey on why you liked or didn’t like something. for example you see a white eyeliner and you dislike it. then a short survey comes up naming reasons why you either liked or disliked the product. in my example let’s say you like eyeliner but you didn’t like the color white. then you select color for the dislike section. that way they still show you eyeliner just not a white one. other reasons could be price, brand, product itself, or it just isn’t necessary for you. hopefully that makes sense, otherwise great app.
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4 months ago, JEJE GOLD
How Flip Turned My Opinions into Income and Joy
"I'm absolutely thrilled with Flip, an app that has revolutionized the way people and communities interact with brands. For the first time, I feel truly valued for my opinions and contributions. Flip offers paid opportunities simply for shopping and sharing reviews, turning every moment of fun into a potential source of income. It's not just about making a little extra on the side; with Flip, you can seriously consider saying goodbye to the traditional 9-to-5 grind. The excitement of opening a new box, the creativity in crafting each review, and the authenticity in sharing every opinion—whether glowing or critical—makes me feel genuinely appreciated. I'm passionate about spreading the word: Flip is not just an app; it's a game-changer in how we engage with products and brands. It's the best app out there, transforming everyday consumers into valued partners in the marketplace."
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4 years ago, ☆ joanne ☆
LOVE the clothes but a bit pricey
Like most people, I found this app on TikTok. At first I thought it was too good to be true, and I was right. I assumed that the credits gained over time would be used in full, meaning that I could potentially get items for free. However, that is not the case. Only 30% of the total cost could be paid off with credits. Moreover, you had to pay a 20$ deposit for the box. However, I found their customer service amazing. My stylist, Cody, was incredibly helpful and responded back quickly. I have never ordered a style box before and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. The box came in less than an week (I live in Ohio which is quite a bit away from LA) and the quality of the items were AMAZING. If I am going to be honest though, the prices are incredibly high (30$-200$). But, for the great quality, I’d say it’s pretty worth it. Anyway, I highly recommend the app if you have the money to spare. The concept is incredible and they are amazing!!
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9 months ago, Bsesain
Love this App!
I really love Flip! It’s like tik tok but for makeup/skincare/beauty! And I love it. Also you can earn rewards just for watching the vids! I really enjoy scrolling through and finding new and exciting products I’ve never seen before or are totally up my alley! I would recommend Flip to anyone who loves anything beauty, makeup or skincare!! Also update: Flip now has all sorts of products, not just beauty! They have from kitchen stuff to toiletries! So many products on this app! It’s amazing and you can get money off by liking videos! Rewards from referring to friends, and get free items when you spend over a certain amount! And if you post a review video you can get more free items in your next order! Easy returns, fast shipping and great customer support! They just upgraded the app too and I really like the new logo and colors! Seriously download this app RIGHT NOW!
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8 months ago, rl-01010
Great idea but interface is hard
I’ve used this app for over 2 years and LOVED it from the beginning, especially when it was just beauty. Once the app started expanding into other areas the “shop” section has become almost unusable. Under Shop- When you are in the beauty section - it shows EVERYTHING all combined - it no longer shows you different product types featured so it’s easy to look for different categories like bronzer, concealer etc. in the sort feature it doesn’t have the product categories either so it is nearly impossible to scroll and find the types of products you’re looking for without scrolling thousands of items. It also used to show you the brands in an easy to view format but now the only way to view brands available is through the filter / sort feature. I really loved this app but the expansion has just thrown all of the products together and it’s so hard to actually find what you’re looking for!!
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12 months ago, das fluer
Flip makes everything enjoyable with fun
I have always loved make up, but I never really had a lot of a chance to try it. When I saw flip on Instagram, I was really impressed because real people can share all these different products and any time I ever had a question with customer service they always answered as soon as possible and the prices are fabulous that gives you a chance to try something whether you like it or not and you can return it for free if you so desire but honestly, these products are fabulous and it’s fun and I am really enjoying being a part of Flip and learning how to make good videos and even if they’re not so good, it’s fine because we’re live real people and thank you so much for just the best experience ever with make up and I really look forward to being a part of flip. Sincerely, Katherine.
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4 years ago, Ambbella
Definitely a scam
I downloaded this app after seeing it as an ad on one of my social media accounts. I ordered my first box and only liked on item so I returned the entire box basically. Didn’t necessarily check my bank account on the charge bc it was only $20 and I knew I had credits totaling more than that on the app. I ordered my second box, referred friends, voted everyday. I was able to up to $300+ showing in my credits. I got my second box and had a few pieces I liked so I kept all but two items and sent the box back. In my mind, I had $300+ credits therefore I had the total covered. Wrong, half of my credits were taken and my bank account was charged over $180. Now that I’m reading through the reviews apparently no matter how many credits you have only 30% of your orders total can use the credits. I’m highly disappointed and disgusted. This was never explained. It’s also Christmas time and part of this money take. was of course being used towards Christmas presents for my children. Had I know my bank account was going to be charged I would have sent everything back. DO NOT DOWNLOAD DO NOT USE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.
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3 years ago, kellyd777777
I hate this app!!!
The idea of this app is great but they are not very clear. You vote on clothes, accessories, skincare products or more and you get credits for your votes. You can then get products sent to you once you have enough credits. I ordered $500 worth of stuff and returned half. Half of the things I ordered I couldn’t even return because I already opened them which is ridiculous. Then whatever you keep you get 30% off. What is the point of me having $750 worth of credits if I can’t use it as real money? Now I owe them $200 and I don’t have that money laying around. I tried to chat with someone but they were not understanding and made me absolutely furious! I even said I could pay but I just can’t pay right this second. If I had known you’d have to use real money out of pocket and not the money you earned by voting then I would have never downloaded this app. If you are fine with paying then this app is for you. But they DO NOT MAKE IT CLEAR! They kept fighting with me too and sending screenshots and I felt like I was back in high school. I AM FURIOUS! I also looked online and several people have had this problem!
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3 years ago, Jyp0110
A little about me: fashion is not my strong suit - I’m very casual and an app like this seemed like my dream come true. Being able to see how people wear clothes and then getting feedback on whether or not you should keep an article of clothing was seriously beyond amazing. However, I updated the app and just found the new version extremely disappointing. I’m also the kind of person that does NOT care for makeup/beauty products and all of a sudden with the new update, they are the main things that show up on the feed now. Extremely frustrating when I’m trying to find inspiration for clothes. If I’m lucky I’ll find 2 articles of clothing To every 25-30 beauty products. Their messaging platform is pretty janky but they do respond pretty quickly. Turns out you can’t control what’s on your feed.. so I’m stuck with all the annoying beauty products I have no interest in. I do hope this is something they’re going to fix sooner than later. If you like beauty products then this is your app.
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1 year ago, lkbenny
Loving Flip!!!
I am so happy to have discovered Flip!!!! There are so many different products I probably would have never known or even heard about if it wasn’t for this app!! Real people giving real life reviews on just about any makeup and skincare product imaginable along with other products such as home goods, tech, health and wellness, etc… Oh and not to mention the fact that you can earn free products and money when you order and review products for Flip. What a game changer!! A few days ago, I ordered my first ever flip box which was due to arrive Thursday but will be here tomorrow (a day early!!). However, I already got my first free product in today (which was early also) How awesome is that!?!? I can’t wait to try it. If you haven’t tried it out yet, what are you waiting for?? Join Flip today!!
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4 months ago, DizzyDottie4
View Points From A Long Time Flip User
Hello! I’ve used Flip for around a year now I believe, and overall, I am a huge fan of this app. Sharing and viewing real life reviews makes the buying experience fun and unique. Flip’s ‘free gifts’ are an incredible incentive to try new products and share your thoughts on them. The best part is you get to choose the gifts the receive! On top of that, by engaging with other user’s reviews, you receive up to 30% off of every purchase. Pretty amazing!!! I did want to list a view buggy things that I think would make the app a better experience: It seems that when I follow a brand, every time I view the brand page, I have to re-follow them. Also, it would be nice if there was a way to see a list of all of the brands that I follow so that I could better filter my content search to see products and reviews from those brands. Lastly, if there was a way to block certain users from showing up in your content feed, that would make the overall Flip experience more satisfactory. I have seen the “block” button, but the user continues showing up in my feed, which makes me think I’m only blocking them from viewing me (which is fine, it just needs to work both ways). Overall, Flip is an incredible app and I look forward to my daily flipping!
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6 months ago, LaniGrly
Great most of the time
This app has been great up until this past week. I have been struggling. I have been trying to contact live chat and I haven’t heard from anyone in days when I have a big issue I need to resolve. And now ever since my issue I’m running into more issues and now just completely frustrated. I can’t even upload a video today. It is just buffering and I tried multiple times. But if no one is going to respond to me about my original issue whose to say they would respond to this other problem I’m dealing with now. I’m just lost and really want someone to contact me. They were contacting me great up until I returned an item. Which I am waiting for my refund still. And I really want to have high hopes for this app. Please any help would be appreciated. If there is any other way to communicate with the team I really need a response back.
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1 year ago, sscholl183815
Love love love this app
I have enjoyed every second of the flip app since I’ve downloaded it I’ve watched 1 million videos I am a cosmetologist /Cosmo instructor /lash artist and I am now disabled because of my lupus and Crohn’s disease so the Flipp app was a godsend to me I love make up and I love how you can go from one spectrum to the other with different people different nationalities different opinions on different make up and I absolutely love the way I can also earn money by doing so I would love to be a tester so if you ever need one I wanna be there I’m your girl thank you I appreciate you guys and everything you’ve done with this app it’s amazing specially for people who cannot go out to these stores and you don’t get a consultation or see how things work right here’s where you need to be I recommend it to all myLoyal clients🥰💛🥰
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5 months ago, Angieli22
Fantastic Shopping Experience with Flip App!
I recently started using the Flip app, and it has completely transformed my shopping routine. The variety of products available and the unbeatable prices make it a go-to platform for anyone looking to save big. One thing that stood out to me is the user-friendly interface. Navigating through different categories and finding the best deals is a breeze. The app's organization and search functionality make it easy to discover products that match my preferences. What impressed me the most is the diverse range of items on offer. From electronics to clothing and everything in between, Flip seems to have it all. The app's ability to compare prices across multiple sellers ensures that I always get the best bang for my buck. Additionally, the notifications for exclusive deals and discounts are a game-changer. It feels like Flip is always looking out for ways to help me save even more. In conclusion, I highly recommend the Flip app to anyone who loves a good deal. It's become an essential part of my shopping routine, and I can't imagine going back to the traditional way of shopping. Kudos to the developers for creating such a fantastic platform!
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4 years ago, joplitsm
Wish I could put 0 stars
I recently saw this app on Tik Tok and thought it would be a great idea. Unfortunately, there is a lot they didn’t mention. My family doesn’t have much money and I thought that this would be amazing. Maybe I could get these nice looking clothes for free! Well that was not the case. I spent just about a whole month gaining money on this app and reached 100 dollars. I was excited because I had enough to get the two items I had in my cart. When I went to order the box it said that I could only use that money for 30 percent of the price of my order and there was a 20 dollar fee no matter what. Disgraceful! This is just another example of how nothing is free these days. I wasted my time and am extremely disappointed. I also put my debit card in and it will not let me remove it which is horrifying considering I don’t trust them at all now. Thank you Flip Fit for tricking me into thinking maybe I could have something nice for once. Maybe show people what they are truly getting into first.
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4 years ago, caitgelgot
Waste of time
I saw this app advertised on tik tok and was very excited about the idea of potential getting items for “free” by building up credit and voting. Everything about the app seemed great. I gathered over $100 in credit and went to get a box and it wasn’t until I went to place an order that I was informed of the change from using all of the credit to using it up to 30 percent off an item. I was extremely disappointed with the customer service because just days prior I chatted with someone on their team who informed me that you could put all of your credit towards an item. I was never notified of this change and definitely feel like I have been cheated out of my time. I was planning on becoming a avid user of this app and probably purchasing things in my box that went out of the credit that I saved up, but as of now that won’t be happening. I also chatted about my unhappiness with the situation to customer service and they did not seem to care in the least bit. Awful business practice. Don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, MD@!5572
Not worth it
This app requires you to sit and watch videos for rewards sounds great I earned almost 40$ in rewards but when you try to use it’s only about $5 that is allowed or 30% so you cannot use all of your rewards at once, second for you to earn any money you have to spend several $$$ and lots of time creating videos to even possibly get 1 review, it’s not as easy as they make it seem to you, they want you to purchase all their product and spend time doing reviews and you may not even get views or comments or anything so essentially your just wasting your own money and making nothing back, try it at your own risk, but I don’t have money to be wasting specially when they make their ads seem like it’s super easy and affordable way to make money #scam just like every other app like this. All the reviews that say this is soo great must be the people who have several followers therefore life is great for them but if you are just now starting good luck they do nothing to help you.
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4 years ago, briy7
Used to love this app
I used to love this app, when they allowed you to use unlimited credits, and only charged $20 per box. They recently changed the terms and now only allow you to use 30% of your credits. Most of the items posted are very expensive as it is. Not a fan anymore and I know all of my friends stopped using it as well. I’ve wasted so much time and energy voting on things and adding them to my closet. I’ve accumulated over $300 and probably won’t be able to use them. They should grandfather in the people that have been using the app with their previous terms. There is no point to this app anymore now that they changed the terms. And I’ve been reading all the responses they have to other reviews who are just as angered as I am about this new change. They ask you to email them so that they can explain. I don’t care for an explanation as to why you changed the policy. Make it right by all. There are obviously numerous people angered by the same issue.
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2 months ago, ArediZ
I’m obsessed
I’m finding so many new good products. I can try them out and return if I don’t like, I very much appreciate that I get to learn about new products there’s so many variety of products and the good thing about it is that I get to see other peoples review on the product many people reviewing it not just one I get to see the percent rate in which they keep it or they don’t how many purchase the product has so that definitely helps with deciding to make a purchase or not also the fact that you always pretty much get a percentage of your whole cart and you get the opportunity to try something new every purchase for free I feel like I have Bridgeview wider spectrum to learn about new products and try new products
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4 years ago, CodeNameEmma
Too good to be true
When I saw an add for this app, I knew this was too good to be true. Voting and earning real money? Getting clothes for free? There had to be a catch. And there is one. I started using this app, and it is really easy and fun. I earned 10$ within and hour or so of downloading it. But then I noticed my balance stopped growing. I could only earn 10$, and had to pay the rest of the price myself, which kind of stinks, seeing how I thought this app let you get clothes for free. It is still a really cool concept, plus you can get others opinions on your clothing and still get a 10$ discount on clothes. I just think it should’ve been clearer that 10 was the limit, at least when you first get it. Overall good app, you just need to explain a lot of things a lil’ better. It is a great way to pass time though!
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4 years ago, hnuxvjin
Complete SCAM
Stay clear of this app, I accumulated over $200 over the past month. I was kicked out of my account several times, each time would return my credit back to $0. This is a huge waste of time and quite frankly stealing your money and time. Also, if you are looking to download this you should know.. you USED to get clothes for “free”, because you could pay it off with the credits you accumulated. Now you can only get a 30% of your order covered by credits, which isn’t very much because the clothing is on a high end range of $100-$200 PER PIECE.. Overall, you work for hours gaining cents to get a 30% coupon. Complete waste of time and your money, just turn to online shopping and reliable stores unlike this one. Download HONEY to get discounts & coupons to buy clothing from a RELIABLE RETAILER. I hope Flip Fit learns that everything isn’t about making pure profit. They are making money off of usage of the app, promotion of clothing, and from their customers... Simply just another scheme, run away please.
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2 years ago, tristafate
My type of makeup shopping
I really enjoy the modern take on shopping. This app has a lot of beauty brands I’ve never heard before and thanks to the nature of the app I can see real life reviews of products before I even buy them myself. Then I can try them out and give my feedback to flip and only pay for what I keep. My favorites so far is the laneige lip mask in vanilla, dr. Jart color correcting cream, and kimchi concealer. About to buy my third flip box soon. I enjoy this app so much. Almost forgot to mention the 30% off your order when you watch videos feature is epic. I am sitting at $135 currently, so I’ll be using it soon enough!!! Overall love the community and happy I downloaded it. If you need a sign to get this app, let my review be your sign!
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7 months ago, Jenna Bee 💁
Terrible customer support - never rcvd order
As cool as the app is and as cool as the concept is, the customer support is horrible. I ordered on November 26 and received a notification that my order shipped on November 28. I reached out via chat on Dec. 1 that my tracking stated my order hadn’t shipped. I received a response on Dec. 4, and was asked for my order number and then received an automated message that they had higher than normal inquiries and to check their FAQ (which didn’t help). I followed up on December 6 and was sent the tracking link which still showed the order as not shipped. I responded that it was not helpful and received no response. I followed up again on December 7th with no response. I tried calling and got sent right to voicemail and the mailbox was full. I went to the website which had an error message and could not be accessed. It has been a very poor and frustrating experience
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1 week ago, Wilspup75
Not what it appears to be
This app is very deceiving. As you flip through the videos, you have a “wallet” that gets credited small amounts ranging from $.04-$.20 per video. It doesn’t seem like much but it adds up pretty quick. However this money means nothing if you’re wanting to use it to purchase an item. It you read the faqs, it says a credit card is only needed in case you don’t cover the cost with credits, but that’s a total lie! I let my daughter make a purchase on the app and use my credit card since it said it had to have one as a backup. She had over $300 in the app credit and the purchase was roughly $200. Almost 100% of her purchase was charged to my credit card even though the $200 amount came out of her “wallet” credits. This app is set up to hope you’re not paying attention to your real bank account until it’s too late. Luckily I thought this app seemed like too good of a deal to be legit and I was right.
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