FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation

Graphics & Design
4.6 (147.9K)
142.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Visual Blasters LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation

4.62 out of 5
147.9K Ratings
3 years ago, K101PbL
An amazing app, just a few more suggestions that could make it better...
I’ve been using FlipaClip for about a year now and let me just say this is one of the BEST mobile animating softwares. There is a pretty much easy to use UI and and many good features like adding sounds and videos/pictures. What I think that would make FlipaClip much of an easier app to edit animations further, is by adding a blur pen tool, that allows you to blur anything at any opacity. This would definitely save more time from shrinking and blowing up drawn images to blur them😅. Another thing that should be added is a camera pan and zoom. This can make an animation that looks flat, look more realistic! I know that FlipaClip isn’t specifically made for editing animations, more so creating them, but it would be very awesome to have. I also know that this would take lots of time to program, which is why blur tool and specific functions of the camera pan and zoom could be bought in a bundle pack! One last thing that would make our animations look better is a tool that allows our lines to be straighter. Sometimes I will draw a figure and the lines of it would look scraggly so this would also really help! This could also be part of a flipaclip bundle pack. Overall, though, the app is a very great one, and I recommend this to all beginners out there! It’s actually really good for average animators out there as well. I really hope you guys notice this and I want to thank you for this amazing app😍😍😍
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3 years ago, Lovechessandponys
Best App Ever
This app is so amazing and useful if you want to be good at animating, especially because it has layers, and if you have the premium version like me, it can also give you the option to add an unlimited number of layers instead of just 3, I also like that they have onion skin, which is a ghost version of the previous drawing if you didn't know, and not only that, but it can also be colored red and green depending on how you set the “layers before” and “layers after” thing higher, there is just one more thing that I'd like to mention, I can do other cool things like adding voice, music, or just any old type of audio from my files, and I can copy keyframes very easily, and if you guys have that problem where you end up not copying every single layer, you can always hold a keyframe down and then you'll have the option to add a frame onto the next frame or the previous frame and even add a blank frame on the next frame or previous frame, this is a perfect way to add in -betweens on your animation, so anyway, that's it for my rating. I would like to suggest a few things for an update, for example, when you use the fill bucket tool, you can decide how transparent the color will be. I’d also like to make a suggestion, I was thinking it would be a good idea to add a button that says “ lip-sync”. When you press that button, the app listens to the audio you added to your animation, and then it adds a set of mouths that will match the sound you're making.
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1 year ago, OlieBaby
Good free app - Payed Version is $$$ however
Simple and fun. It is easy to get started as a beginner animator and even become a professional animator over time. FlipaClip has good tools such as changing the brush, onion skin, stabilizer, layers, and the ruler. You can also animate with sound so you can sync everything together. You can even animate over videos! It is good for an app that’s free. However, there are some downsides. The paid version is quite expensive compared to other, more high quality apps (such as ToonSquid). You have to pay every month! Some other apps on the other hand only needs a one time payment for so much more features than FlipaClip will ever have. That’s if you will spend money, of course. Other than that, you’ll have to deal with Ads and animate FREEly (get it? No? Okay fine). Also I don’t have to worry bout that stuff because I payed a one time payment BEFORE they switched to monthly subscriptions. I just wanna speak for other people too who don’t have what I have. Also there is an annoying bug (that I can see other people also have along with me in the review section) where the bucket switches to the pen tool but it’s still the bucket tool (sometimes having the bucket tool’s color too)??? It is annoying but mostly harmless. The trigger is when I am colorpicking the frame, but then I decide I don’t need to color pick anything so I click on the bucket tool color square and then it happens. Otherwise a good app.
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7 months ago, Katiemae005
An excellent app, but I’m disappointed with some recent changes.
First things first, FlipaClip as an app is truly excellent for anyone wanting to get into animation but wants to do it on a platform that isn’t overly complicated. The app is very intuitive to use, and can yield some impressive products if you put in a little work. Where I have gripes, however, is with the recent implementation of a monthly subscription replacing the previous one-time payment for premium features. When I bought premium a couple years ago, it was about $6 and gave me access to all premium features for life. Even after the switch to subscription, I still get to keep the features without paying, which I appreciate. Where I see a problem is with the fact the the new subscription costs $40 for a single year on premium. That’s almost 7x the price of my one time payment for premium features forever, but you only get it for one year before having to pay all over again. I miss the days when you could just pay for something once and then have it forever, and it’s exhausting to have to pay a subscription for every little thing. I understand that with circumstances like inflation, you will need to increase prices somewhat, but the sheer amount that the price was raised and the fact that it’s been changed to monthly payments is really disappointing to me. There are absolutely better ways to make more money. You’re an incredible app that I have a lot of respect for, but I really expected better from you.
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6 years ago, Alana Animations
Great but here's the thing
Hello Flipaclip creators, I love this app because it is great for beginners at animation and people who either not draw on paper, or can not find an app to animate or draw on. I have found a few bugs that need to be fixed, the first one I found was that when I was doing a simple animation when it started crashing every time I tried to play it or slide the frames, it really annoyed me so I did not do the animation anymore until it started to affect my phone, so all of my movies and animations had to be deleted because I had to delete the app for it to be able to work I know it is not just me who had gone through the app crashing. The second one I found was that, my Flipaclip did something that didn't like, it made me not being able to slide the frames and if I wanted to play the animation it would go slower or faster then I put the frame speed to be, and like the first I had to delete my Flipaclip again because it was affecting my phone. The last one I found was, the Comeback Contest, it was going slower than the frames should be and the paint bucket wouldn't work, same with the highlighter, and the pencil. The same thing happened to my friend who was also doing the contest. I also would like if the new audio update would work because when it came out I deleted the app and got it again but when I got it again there wasn't the update and again the same thing happened to my friend. I would like if you fixed the bugs and update thank you.
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4 years ago, make it yandere
Hello, I’ve been using flipaclip for three years almost and I’ve grown attached to it, but I am here to complain about its newest update. I find it hard to use because I have a iPhone XR and with the swipe up to view all previous tabs gets in the way of animating because well, it’s like the home button and I keep exiting out from flipaclip it’s a real pain. But with the older version of flipaclip it doesn’t have that issue. I wish there could be a way to switch between the versions. With its new look it feels like it’s brand new and it doesn’t feel right or comfortable I keep looking at my other animations and see that they are much better than the ones I am currently making it’s easier to play back and forth between frames and it’s not only me who is complaining but a few of my other friends who also used flipaclip before it got its update. It makes us beginner animators very upset to start from the beginning all over again it’s like losing motivation and making a bunch of WIPS instead only find yourself going nowhere. So please, I suggest there should be a way for animators who use flipaclip to revert between the old version and the new version not only would it make the people I know happy but it’d be a win for everyone. Some people like the newer version they can have it, others don’t like it they can have their old friend back! So please I hope you think or at least take a moment to consider this. This is all I had to say thank you!
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12 months ago, chihuahua wolf
Would recommend! Just a few bugs and annoying things.
Hi, I’ve been using this program for about 2 or more years now! I can say it’s a very reliable program to use for animation and art. I just have some bugs to mention. 1. Sometimes, when I add a new frame, it freezes for 30 seconds, but then it’s fine again. It’s not something that bugs me, (since I’ve experienced this bug for long, it became normal) But I figured it would be useful to remove it anyway. 2. I know FlipaClip has a premium pack. About 1 year ago (or so,) They made the premium about 3 or 6 dollars.. (I think.) Now they’ve made a subscription for it. I purchased the premium before it was made a subscription, but I think it’s a little unfair because I mentioned it being 3 or 6 dollars. I think the premium should be what it was. 3. Another bug is sometimes when I first open an animation file, it switches the frame to a past frame. (Like I Said with the other bug, it doesn’t bother me because it’s been there long.) 4. A suggestion would be a mass delete of all your animations? But it says “Are you sure you wanna delete all your animations? It cannot be undone” and will give you an option to select animations you wanna keep. 5. Maybe a sync button? If you have premium and have sounds, say you put an audio and the lip sync is a bit off. It will have a “Fix Sync” button in the tool bar. It will change the project FPS to the suggested number. That’s all I have! Do install if you’re new to animating!
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3 years ago, MrsAnchors
Best mobile animating app ever.
I love everything about FlipaClip and I have had no problems that bother me or just minor issues that don't bother or affect me using the app at all. This app is truly spectacular and I've used this app every since I got it about some years ago. When I see other people say that FlipaClip is a poor app I wonder what goes on their head if it's a problem with their device or something else because this app is the best for animating on a mobile device in my opinion. My only problem that bugs me is that when I set a size for a font, lets say 50 (I've been trying to do that size) it would quickly change to a higher size like 61 (what it's been changing to for me) and I've had to quickly fix it so it wouldn't happen again and it's irritating. I have nothing against the creators or the app itself but if something could be done about the issue, that would great. :) Also a recent problem has occured after drawing pictures for a little over 30 frames where after drawing the outline I try to use the paint bucket and it colors over the whole entire frame including the outline and I have to color it in the layer under it instead which is time-consuming and is very frustrating. It's never had this issue before and my sister said this has started happening, as well.
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7 months ago, BlakeTheCat5555
Major problems with the new updates
I have been using this app for many, many years and have always enjoyed for. For a simple app it’s very good at introducing people into animation and I adored it’s simplicity. But I feel the recent updates have been more unhelpful than anything. My first problem is with the new color wheel. I feel it is much more complicated than the old one and I desperately wish for the old to be brought back. I also really am not a fan of the location of the color picker being moved. It’s a small peeve but me and so many other people have been used to it being in the right corner for years and I wish there would be an option of where it could be located. I am also not a fan of the recent update to the lasso tool. I feel the new update where if you circle the entire canvas it fits to size around whatever drawings are in your canvas rather than the entire canvas. I feel this is very unproductive as me and many others would utilize this feature to select the entire canvas and rotate/flip the symmetrically, along with other uses. Despite all my years of love for this program, I feel these recent updates have been very counterproductive and are just causing inconveniences to artists using the program and I feel it would be in artist’s best i tres to have these features reverted or at least given the option to have to older version of these features.
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4 years ago, Wolfie_Blue
Good App But Needs Some Bug Fixes
It’s a good animation app; easy to learn and you can use a bunch of different layers and change layer opacity once you buy the full version. It’s definitely worth the five dollars but it needs some things fixed. First of all, figuring out how to change layer opacity was a challenge as almost every time I tried it when I was learning how to do it I ended up moving the layer around instead of changing its opacity. That’s because you have to slide your finger over the percentage on a layer and if you hold a second to long you end up dragging the whole layer around. Please fix this, because being able to change layer opacity is quite cool and it was very frustrating trying to figure it out. I feel like it would have been better if there had been some sort of slider once you tap the layer percentage. That said, I picked up how to use this app in the course of a few days and by week or two had made my first animation, which was great considering so many animation programs require you to spend weeks just learning how to use the interface. I love using this app but it keeps crashing every so often when I have multiple layers. Please fix the crashes, because they get annoying and there is a lot you can do with this app when it’s not crashing on you. The layer opacity interface and the crashing were the only problems I had though, and I would still recommend this to anyone who wants to learn animation.
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4 years ago, Maggaroon
Amazing App
I’ve loved this app for a very long time, and always will. I had a friend in a summer camp I went to in middle school and I met a nice girl. She was very good at drawing and she was always on this app. I asked her how she made her animations and she showed me how on this app. Soon after I fell in love with it! Sadly, I never got that her socials, but I’ll always remember her and my amazing friends that I met there because of this app. Now enough of that... let’s talk about the actual functionality... It’s honestly an amazing app. I’ve created some of my best work on this app. I even used it to do a science project. It’s easy-to-use and the mechanics are amazing! You can use vivid colors to create abstract art, or animations... Or if you want a more deeper richer piece, then you can! You can make all sorts of different things! Another cool feature that they have are competitions... Competitions include making an animation based on a theme to make for when you first open the app... Or for a music video! And part of the competition is getting a prize! (You’ll have to find out what the prizes are once you download it hehe) Anyway I’d totally recommend this app for just starting off, a project, report, assignment, relaxation, or if your just really good and can’t take your professional equipment with you! It’s portable, functional, and the best animation and art app out there!
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4 weeks ago, GamingwithPixel
Lovely App but some recommendations
Hi! As a user of flipaclip for some years now, I have loved a bunch of the updates that have happened, yet there is one that slightly peeves me, the new premium. Yes it is great that I still have a lot of the premium features, having paid for the old premium a few years back. Yet I don't like how some of the newer features I can't even try out, because I don't have the new premium. I get that ya'll have probably got some hate for the newer premium, and I know I could maybe just purchase the new one, I can't though with it being $40. That's all I'm going to say for the new premium as I'm sure that you have gotten multiple reviews about it? I do have maybe some recommendations for flipaclip in the future though. As the first one I would kind of like there to be a feature where we can have keyframes, I know that we can already tween on flipaclip but having keyframes would be so much easier to make my animations more smooth and easier to complete! I would also like there to be a camera feature to where we can make the animation seem more alive! I do know that flipaclip is more for making animations and not editing, but these would just be features that would make it easier. It's totally fine if these are not added! That is all I have to say for flipaclip though, really lovely and nice app for being able to animate easily etc. !
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1 year ago, Nightwolf_377
Great for animation but low key ate my money
I animate as a hobby and Flipaclip does the job pretty decently. Brushes are limited but they work and have enough variety. Fill tool is kinda janky like what’s the difference between 60% and 89%? The select tool is really nice i like that you can change the rotation axis. Ads aren’t too disruptive but if you run through the animation a lot an ad will pop up, which i think is just a minor inconvenience. I usually post animation memes and MAP parts, and as an ipad user, the other options are either not great or cost money just to use. The only real issue i have with it is before one of their updates i bought the individual (gamepass? I’m a gamer idk what else to call it) that lets you turn off the watermark, and i believe also the one where you can have like 10 layers. Honestly i just want to turn off the watermark it really limits my abilities to join projects and I don’t want to have to pay for the entire premium package which btw is a subscription? If i can’t get a refund at least slap a 2 minute ad or a on the watermark button for temporary access which i do think compensates for the other features. Another option is to have a transparency scale (that would still be visible). There’s a lot of ways this could be implemented and it would definitely help.
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3 years ago, nnnhnunnhho
People say this is good but here is my experience
Hi dev team! So, uh I’m a 12 year old who recently got interested in animating and wanted to try this app (my friends say it was good for beginners, please don’t be mad at me for being 12) I don’t know if it’s just me but when I made a project once but I guess when I came back it didn’t save.... was there a bottom to push that made it save? Also when I was trying to put music to animate with (I had the file prepared and everything) it said that the feature was locked and that I can buy the feature or I can watch and ad, and since I know my parents aren’t willing to spend money on an app (no offense to you guys, your awesome!) I decided to watch an ad instead...so uhm the wouldn’t load it just said tap to play every 2 seconds or so..so I restarted the app, and tried playing the ad again but this time it just showed me loading screen and and kicked me out. I don’t know what to do about it n such. You might be wondering, why the five star review when u clearly didn’t have a five star experience on the app? Well I know that apps take a long time to develop and meet to people’s expectations, and everybody makes mistakes! I only hope that the app gets better in the future! Stay safe and drink water! (Lol I have no idea why I said that....)
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3 years ago, nzshegjznsdv
It’s a good app just needs some extra things to make it the best🙂
Dear Flipaclip, I think FlipaClip is a good animation website I would recommend getting it but the cons out list the pros in my opinion. The fill bucket tool even if you lower the threshold it still paints everything. THE LACK OF BRUSHES I know that FlipaClip isn’t a drawing app it’s meant for animation and it does the job quite well but if you want to create anything close to professional animation with layer modes and stuff FlipaClip isn’t the way to go... and I am not saying you can’t create stuff like that but it difficult and it is also behind a paywall which isn’t all that expensive. I recommend for FlipaClip to add at least ten brushes including airbrush,fade brush and a BETTER ink pen and I would also recommend that there would be layer modes like overlay,multiply and CLIPPING and etc if they feel like it( I feel as if FlipaClip would be the best animation app if the recommendations I listed weren’t behind a paywall. Overall this app is a extremely good app for beginners learning to animate not much for pros and if you are looking to make professional stuff it is going to be difficult without paying... I also feel like the maximum layer someone should have instead of 3 layers should be 5 and if you pay it could go up to 40 layers. Flipaclip I honestly feel like if you add these features it would be the best free animation app out there for beginners. Sincerely me :)
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4 years ago, Bidgie Birdsalot
I love the app, but I suggest a couple of changes
I love FlipaClip, and it is honestly the best animation app I’ve ever used. It’s easy to use and to learn how to animate with. Although, there are a few things I’d suggest to be changed. First of all, I’d use black line art with dark colors sometimes, and I’d want to change the dark colors inside the line art into lighter colors. But when I try to fill it in with a lighter color, it will change the color of the line art as well. I tried to change the color of the line art into a light shade of grey, but it replaced the dark colors inside the line art as well. Even when I’d try to replace dark colors with different dark colors, this would still happen. Is there anything you can do to turn up the color recognition/sensitivity for the bucket tool? Another thing I’d like to address is sometimes when I’m using the lasso tool to copy and paste certain parts of frames, what I’m trying to paste won’t show up on the frame at the bottom of the screen, but it will show up on the frame in the middle of the screen (where you can edit what’s on the frame). But if I don’t notice this, the frame doesn’t update and it will delete what I just pasted on the frame. If there’s any way you can fix these, I’d be really grateful. Thank you for taking your time to read my review :)
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3 years ago, DietOxygen
Great app, but a few problems
So I personally love this app because it lets you animate whatever you like on a mobile device but I have a few problems. One of them is I wish you could change the size of the eraser and drawing tool, I don't know if you already can, but it doesn’t seem clear if there is. If you could change the size it would be very helpful making small, and detailed drawings. Also, the layers... so I personally do not see how the layers would be helpful in drawing, why do they draw on the first layer? And the last problem I have, the lack of the ability to delete layers, frames, projects and movies. If you don't want something in your animation you have to erase the frame (again it would be helpful to increase and decrease the size of the eraser with this) but then you have a blank frame just there that you can't get rid of. If there is a way to remove frames, movies, and projects I clearly could not find it and I would appreciate if someone could let me know how. Also, if you just do not want a movie or a project anymore I wish we could just get rid of it. Anyways those are my only problems otherwise great app I have been wanting to animate for what feels like ever since I saw my first Wings of Fire animation and now I finally have the opportunity to make my own and I am very relieved mobile people can now animate!
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3 years ago, Diargento
Some things that I will recommend to update in the future
I’m animator, or at least I want to. I have heard about this app for so long but now just recently downloaded it. What was the outcome? Well... let’s see. First, the thing that gets to the top of my head is the way to use the audio option. I hate how you can only use your files and ITunes Store. I usually just export it from my photos. But it just doesn’t work. Please add more options for audio, because I’m not a person who uses those techniques, if any times. The second one is kind of how the ruler system works. With other systems, I’ve used their ruler tool and it was fine. But something throws me off with how you guys decided to make yours. I was using the circle ruler tool to obviously make a circle. But when I didn’t draw exactly in the lines, It just bugged out/didn’t look good at all. I’m used to apps not making me do it EXACTLY on the lines, but doing it here just makes me feel, I don’t know, off. Third: The Zooming System. For all of my digital drawings, I always zoom in. It helps me focus on what part I’m making. But the zooming is, I don’t know, just a little buggy/laggy. It’s like the ruler situation. But the zooming feels kind of like a magnet, sticking to somewhere when it’s not supposed to. But there isn’t too much going on really. Good app, here’s some money. But anyways, I hope you can fix these things, if you even can. Other than that, it’s a pretty good animating app. Bye!
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6 years ago, Corgitron
One Question
I love to use Flipaclip for being able to have many layers, adjustable onion views, and all the many perks it has. However, one question I would like to have answered is why there is no way to have an account that can save your animations and be edited on a different device. Shouldn’t this make animation easier to do on the go and more easing since you know your animations will be backed up? The apps I am going to use as a wonderful example for this are Adobe sketch and draw. Both have the ability for the user to create an account so they can have their drawings saved onto the account. Users can easily go from iPad to iPhone and have their same drawings be there. For the people who care a lot about their work, it would be nice for their art to be backed up onto an account on Flipaclip. This way, they know that even if their electronics take a splash in water or go missing, their hard work is still able to be accessible. I am not a genius in coding, nor am I an expert on how to create apps such as these. The following is simply my suggestion, but that does not mean you have to agree with it. The app already is amazing for those who spend the time to create gems, and it’s wonderful for beginning animators to grasp onto. Thank you for reading what I had to say, and have a splendid rest of your day.
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1 year ago, ilovesolarsystems
Amazing app! But have issue, which made me more feel frustrating.
Hello! This app is really fun, which you can animating and drawing with cool tools. I really enjoy it because it helping my brain feels comfortable and calm down from bad things what I have happened in my life. But here issue… is make me upset. This issue is whatever you animating, then clicking on play button to start animation. After ad ended when you stopped animation, few seconds later, you get kicked out of app. I open app again, I get kicked again. It only two times to be kicked from app, if continue clicking on play button, you will get kicked more. It was very so annoying and frustrating… can you fixing it? Also bit issue, but is not frustrating. When you clicking full screen, you can see bit white line empty on right. And thank you for reading and have a good day! Edited: Today, I continue working on my animation, message pop out and said “Failed save!!! Check your storage or you will likely to lost some of your work.”. I was confusing. Because I know I have lots enough of storage, I checked it and it have lots of spaces for storage. It was 23 of 64 GB. Is app try wasting my time???????? Really… i was becoming more upset because i can’t end birthday gift for my cousin…
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5 years ago, •CoffiiBean•
Use It Almost Every Day!
I’ve had Flipaclip for over three years now, but I have just recently downloaded Flipaclip premium. This app is really simple and is perfect for beginners. Like I said in the title, I use it almost every day! I love how easy the controls on Flipaclip are, I love the setup of the app, and so much more! I love this app, however there is a reason why I still don’t believe it is the BEST animation program. (I also have a few suggestions for your app.) Before I got Flipaclip Premium, I had to to install sound to my animation from my files, and to do that, I had to watch an advertisement. It never really bothered me, until one day the ads stopped working. I mean, you could still watch an ad, but when it was over, you received nothing. I hear many of my friends who also have Flipaclip (but not Premium) complain about this bug. If you could fix that, I bet many of your customers would be much happier. Now for my suggestions. I am an artist. I use many drawing and animating apps, however my most-used programs are MediBang Paint, Procreate, and Gimp. If you could add some extra tools, such as a gradient tool, a magic wand/select tool, or maybe a paint bucket expand tool (that way we don’t have to deal with those pesky white dots) that would be awesome. That you for reading my review!! 💖
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6 years ago, my honest rating
Best animation
I have really tried so many animation apps which either cost money and still sucked or was free but NEEDED you to pay to get the tools that were required. With this, you get the basic layouts and additions aren’t very much needed, but does make your animations a tad easier. I also love how simple the mechanics are in this. Just a matter of sliding up and down and the color wheel gets all the custom colors you need rather than picking the basic colors of red blue etc. I hope every talented artist and animator would choose this as a start to their career or hobby. I have always thought most of the 5 star ratings were fake until I realized how great this is. Live on, FlipaClip!! One more thing. I would love an option to hide the previous frame so you can see the next much easier. I do get that it is to compare to the last frame so you can turn or move the drawing, but it’s hard to see the next frame when last previous was completely black and my only option was to put a frame between. I don’t have much time anymore to express myself in art like I used to, and I would love to spend every second animating on this, and it wastes precious seconds doing so. But that’s just me being selfish for wanting that. Anyways, thank you for reading if you are. Great app! 💜💖💜💖💜
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6 years ago, Kashiroozz
Amazing, but...
I’ve used this app for a while now for little practice animations and it’s been great. I took a break from it for about a month so far because I found something else that worked better for me, and I decided to go thru all my old animations. Every single time, and I mean, every single time I tried to click on one, I got a Minecraft ad. I could not open a single project without getting a Minecraft ad. Not an exaggeration. I know you can pay to remove ads, but I really don’t think an ad for every single click is necessary. I’d also like to say that when I use the Apple pen, (this only happens on FlipaClip) the stroke is extremely slow, I guess you could say. It lags behind where the screen is actually being touched and is hardly useful. I also believe that having to pay for more than 3 layers is annoying. For artists like me, we usually like having a sketch layer (usually deleted, so this won’t count), coloring layer, lineart layer, shading, and background layer. Including the fact that you also have to pay to merge layers, this is something that really gets in the way. If you’re looking for something to get started, this app is for you, but I do not recommend this for fully completed animations, as it crashes occasionally and for the reasons above^^ of course many people can get this to work for them, but this is just my 5 cents.
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2 years ago, sbwuhyuhsb
Been using for a while, like it but find it hard to maneuver about with a small phone such as mine. Hating the ads every time I stop an animation when I first come in, it blasts ads at people who don’t pay whenever they try to stop an animation. I like working with things on it, but the paint bucket system is so nit picky, it’ll fill the whole background because one tiny pixel is not connected. I suggest fixing the “pain” bucket to make it less painful, and stop with the ads??? You make enough money from people spending money to escape them. Speaking of paying, why are a lot of nice things locked under payment? Us who do not want to spend money on a mobile app for animating get lack luster in the features. To keep it short and simple for people who are reading this, download only if you have at least half of your sanity left, you’ll go insane if you’re under that. :] oh, sorry for the poor explanation, but my problem with the paint bucket is how literally 1 pixel not connected with the lines will fill everything else, I am sorry that this sounds so nit picky with it and it probably doesn’t need to be changed, but I hate having to find that one out of order line. So instead make the app either give you maybe a little direction to where the line is if it is possible? Also I do not need help with animation speed, thank you though :-]
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7 months ago, -Foxina-
Been using since 2017 - Truly remarkable
I've been using Flipaclip for all my animation since 2017. I bought the premium features for the illustrious $5 price tag the second I could. It’s amazing to see how much the app is evolving, and I'm so glad hundreds of people have such a good tool to get into animation. No longer must we toil in the olden days where the only way to make a gradient was by using the eraser tool. Seriously it’s absolutely incredible this app exists and even more incredible that its gotten this far, AND EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE that it remains the affordable and reliable animation app it was like 6 years ago. FlipaClip is one of few companies I would feel more than happy to give my money in return for no ads- and one of even fewer I would be happy to continue watching ads for. And from being in their official discord server- they’re also probably one of the most reliable, transparent, and trustworthy companies out there. They respond to bugs extremely quickly, and they listen to their consumers feedback. Just look at the newest updates. Gradients? New brushes? An updated color wheel? Blending modes? Clipping masks? All things the community has been asking for and NOW WE HAVE THEM!!! Honestly just a 20/10 from me!
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4 years ago, AnikatYT
Amazing App + Few Suggestions
Hello! This app is amazing and I would recommend this for beginner animators. It’s easy to use and understandable. I also have a few suggestions. 1) in the app, you are able to use the lasso tool to select and move a part of your animation, you can flip the selected part, copy it, and move it. I would like to suggest an extra option that would allow you to change the opacity of the selected part. This would be a great benefit towards a lot of people. 2) in the app, there are 5 tools, the pen, eraser, lasso, fill bucket, and text. I suggest that there should be other tools like blurring, smudging, and the magic wand tool. I know this app is meant to be simple but I feel as if there is not enough tools for the animators. 3) one of the main tools is the usage of text. Text can be added in to you animation and there are a few fonts for it. Is it possible for the app to have more fonts for the text tool or have the app allow you to download the fonts? I want there to be more option than just 37 fonts(most of them are just bolder or thinner) 4) a side tool you can use is a ruler. You can use it to make even shapes. This isn’t a big issue but I want there to be more shapes like triangles and hearts.
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9 months ago, Jshdhgdnd
Great app but I can’t recommend it anymore
I’ve used this app for a about 3 years now, and I personally love it, it’s basically the app that got me properly dedicated to digital art, however when I started using the app it had what was called “FlipaClip premium” where you could pay $12 for all the pro features like removing the water mark or up to 10 layers, so I paid for premium about 2 years ago, and it made me love the app even more, but now they’re replaced it with “FlipaClip +” which is a subscription, and without it not only can you not use the built in paid for sound packs, but you also have to watch an ad every time you want to add a sound of your own, or in the instance of one of my friends who I had recommended FlipaClip to he couldn’t add his own sounds at all, and plus the subscription is WAY more expensive than the original premium was, it’s still a great app but for the price you have to pay at the moment it just doesn’t offer enough as it still is a very simple animation program in the grand scheme of things, if I had to make the choice someday of either paying for plus or swapping to a different app I’d swap to a different app, if you want a simple animation app this works, but there are a lot of other options if you want to really get into animation that not only offer more but are far less expensive
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2 years ago, bluehatter11
Please read
If you are looking to animate, I recommend this app for starters, 3d animation ( usually ) starts with a sketch, and then a small 2d uncolored clip, that’s basically what this app is, I’ve wanted to animate since I was 9 and this is the app I’m starting on, I haven’t spotted any flaws, this app is just awesome Edit: I came back to edit it because I noticed that there are 2 certain ads that kind of question me, a lot of things about them. There’s really only 2 ads that play on Flipaclip, one of them being an ad for the new spiderman movie, and the other one being a roblox ad, except these ads come up at random times, for example if I see a mistake in my animation and pause it, one of these ads come up, and my question about them is just, “ what? “ the spiderman one os advertising the spiderman movie but it doesn’t say anything about seeing it in the movie theatre or watching it on a website, it just advertises it, and the roblox one isn’t JUST roblox, the ad is basically advertising their game, and the game isn’t an official roblox event. It’s supposed to be some fruit loops and roblox crossover thing, but they don’t show any sign of roblox except that the ad is on roblox, they’re basically just advertising their game, and not the platform, it’s just kind of confusing, but thank you for reading.
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3 years ago, seacat kit
Great app!
I love FlipaClip, but one thing I’m not that big of a fan of is lets say I’m making a movie for my family right? And I need to make moving words, I use FlipaClip, but then when I save it to my photos and put it in IMovie (what I use to make the movie) it has the FlipaClip watermark on it. It’s not much of a problem but I just wish I could make the words move without the watermark on it, oh and also, when I use the fill tool to fill my thing in and it has like a one pixel line out, the paint tool goes out of it then I have to find the hole. But other then that, I love it! One more thing! I don’t really like the fact I have to turn WiFi off to get no ads but then I forget to turn it back on. (Sorry this was long and I get it if you didn’t read this) Edit: it would be cool to share my stuff with friends! And maybe more preset backgrounds? I recommend FlipaClip if you are a beginner or wanting to do something when your bored, or making a stop motion/movie! But I do wish there was an easier way to copy a frame without tapping each one you don’t want like, I’m making one with lots of frames but I need to use the “frames viewer” to copy them, I have to tap EACH frame that does not need to be copied, so maybe there could be an option to have all frames not selected?
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2 years ago, NyetheArtsyGuy
Pretty good app
As a beginner in animation, I think FlipaClip is an okay app to practice the fundamentals of animation. However, there are some features that could help... a lot. Like being able to control the streamline and taper, being able to make more than just 10 layers, being able to add more colours to a colour palette, clipping masks, layer groups, more brushes or the ability to make brushes, and being able to see more onion skinned layers so you could see if you're doing slow in and slow out or timing right. Onion skinning is mandatory if you want to learn easing and timing but you can only access the option to edit onion skinning with premium (which I bought) but it still doesn't give you enough control over the onion skinning, which is a huge problem. There are some features that I like. For example, being able to import audio into the app, but that's a given. However another feature I would like is a speedpaint one, where it could record the process of animating. I will say that flipaclip is mainly just an app that you'll have to get used to. You'll also have to know things about animation that could help with animating in any case, like timing charts. It's honestly a pretty good app and the first time I wrote a review about it I was being overly pessimistic.
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4 years ago, srtyfed
This app is amazing but this is what got me
Hello flip a clip creators I think this is amazing app for the fact that it was free it was really helping me out with animating but here’s the thing I hadn’t use the app for a solid 3Weeks I love this app but I was kind of taking a break from my social media so I wasn’t animating anything at the time but today I wanted to make this animation after I got back on so I record this video and it’s already stressful but I shrug it off I go over to FlipaClip and I import my video and I’m getting ready to animate I play the clip just to make sure I didn’t miss anything and it’s the right clip I play it and I realize there’s only 12 frames and usually my video would have like 180 so I play it and it’s very glitchy and there’s only six seconds of the video there I made a video with 15 seconds so I think it’s just something wrong with my iPad I go over to my phone and import the video on my phone but it does the same thing so this time I really import it and I read it and it said you cannot hold this many seconds and then it said upgrade so I click on upgrade because I think it’s an update and it’s premium and you guys never had premium before it is really concerned me because I can’t use the app now when I need to anime videos but it’s still a good app and all thank you for the time being of me anime on this app
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1 month ago, Sunny Stardew
Miss the old days
I’ve been using FlipaClip for going on 8 years now, and I got my start in animation with it. It was a really great app up until maybe about 2020? 2021? but nowadays I’ve got less favorable feelings about it. For YEARS now, there’s been all these bugs that just NEVER get fixed or even acknowledged. I’ve experienced numerous bugs throughout the app, like frames being deleted at random, projects being inaccessible, the app slowing down to be barely useable, not allowing to move or copy frames, and to top it all off, I got my premium features taken away, despite the fact that I paid for it myself and had been using it without problems for years. I’ve seen countless other people reporting the exact same problems, but nothing is ever said, nothing gets fixed and in my opinion the app only gets worse with every update. It’s so difficult to use now, not like how it used to be. It’s just sad seeing such an easy to use and fun app go downhill like this for so many users and nothing ever coming from it. It’s just frustrating, especially when I practically grew up as an artist on here and now can barely even use it. I don’t know, I hope that one day the app picks back up again, but my advice to anyone looking into FlipaClip, use it as you will, but look into other apps, as you might need a backup plan if and when your copy decides to go kaput :(
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2 years ago, Slow iPad
Could be good animation app! But…
I had gotten FlipaClip for about 20 minutes and everything was great! I had been wanting to try out a new animation app! I loved it (at first)! But nothing that good could be truly perfect. I was about to delete an animation when an ad showed up and I thought ‘oh god no’. But I sat through the ad- Then I went to try out the sounds you can put on animations, but turns out you have to buy it. You have to buy a lot of things to be honest. I realized that FlipaClip was not going to work out for me. I don’t mean to be rude but I do not want to have to but anything or watch ads just to animate. FlipaClip could be amazing if it weren’t for all the purchases and ads. Also some of the controls are really confusing. Not to mention but I think you have to pay money to change the color of your brush… I want to make animation without having to worry about ads or all the purchases I might have to make just to make it look decent. You might be thinking “Oh no! I don’t want to watch ads and purchase things!” Neither do I. FlipaClip is actually very helpful. I have another animation app and I had to figure everything out myself. But FlipaClip gives you a demo video to help out with the ropes. In conclusion I think that you should consider if you really want to use this app considering what I wrote about.
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3 years ago, Altermis
It’s okay
So there are a few problems (I edited the rating because I saw a couple of more problems when I’m animating. So, first of all, I think this app is frustrating because you cannot undo deleting layers. I was making my first animation and I took a long time to make the sketch because I’m bad at drawing ;-; But then I realize one of my layers were attached to my sketch layer. So, I delete the layer that was attached to the sketch, and realized I have made a terrible mistake! The whole sketch layer was gone, and I can’t undo it. I couldn’t finish the sketch even though it took me hours. This was really frustrating. The brushes aren’t that great. The pencil tool, I don’t think is good for sketching, and the highlighting and brush tool are weird to use... This ink pen I don’t understand very much. The ink tool gets bigger when you push down harder when the the tool size is big. Also, when you use the bucket tool, it doesn’t fill the space completely and there are some white spots. And whenever I’m tapping something, there is a painted dot that comes up because I tapped the screen with my palm. Uh that’s it really. I wish I could like this app more, because I see what other people are able to do with it. I’ll continue using it and see how I do, and I will update the rating if I encounter anything that I like/don’t like. Sorry if these don’t make sense because I’m 11 XD
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2 years ago, ejsuthe0011
Good and not good (please respond dev)
Heyo! So, first of all, it is eh, I’d give it 5 stars but I won’t I’ll explain why. 1. We neeeeeeeeed more brushes! As someone who LOVES art, I would like more variety of brushes. Please make more. 2. When you (or I) copy a frame, that is the only frame you can copy for about 5 projects (and that project). 3. This is not my main problem, but I don’t really wanna type gibberish if I don’t wanna name a project. So please make it where you don’t have to name a project to actually use it. Hope this helps! Also have an awesome day/night bye guys (Also add blur and smudge brush thing) ✍🏼🎨✍🏼🎨✍🏼🎨✍🏼🎨✍🏼🎨 thanks for reading!!!! I’m writing this in different time periods, so I FINALLY got the duplicate thing to work on two different frames! Once though, just once. But anyway, yayayaya bye. You fixed part of it in the new update, but I need you to fix it where I can copy 2 or more different frames every project. A YouTuber I watch can copy different frames every project so please fix this. Never mind. It still doesn’t work. Good app besides this problem. So, ummmmm. Yeah I got a dev response, but I can’t read it. Please fix. I got a notification that it was there but it’s not. Put it where I can see it please. Thank you for reading and that’s all. I van seeeee it!
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3 years ago, Spotsi. Thomas
Very frustrating
The main reason I got this app is because of its popularity on TikTok. I have seen many great animations that were created from this app. I downloaded this app yesterday and had no problems then. Another one of the main reasons I downloaded this app is because you can insert media such as photos and videos, this feature is great if you aren’t super talented at free handing handing like myself. Yesterday I could add photos and videos and I was able to trace them completely fine. However, today it wouldn’t work. In fact it crashed not only the app but other animation apps as well. Since I am a beginner at animation I downloaded another app to see what my preference and skills would adapt to when working. Well when I went to add media and clicked the ‘insert video’ button the entire screen froze up. None of the buttons worked and I had to completely exit the app and re-open it. As..well a human being, this is not convenient whatsoever. I then went to the other animation app because I wanted to animate! How hard is that to ask? But when I went to the other app (which is my preference now because of the bugs, and I haven’t used it yet) it froze up too! I deleted FlipaClip and the other app worked fine. I am very angry and upset. Please do not download if you want bugs crashing your entire machine. This is one of many reviews and as I keep experimenting the app the stars on my reviews keep going down. Won’t stop disappointing me.
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5 years ago, føxy animatiøns
Absolutely love the app, although..
Hello developers, I absolutely love FlipaClip and I use it almost daily for animations on my YT channel. It’s very easy to pick up many techniques for animating on this. Although one thing bothers me, the white dots that show up when using the paint bucket. I know that you could just use a different layer or brighter colors or thicker line art. But I prefer thin line art, a fine mix of bright and dark colors, and I like to use all the frames for better reasons than coloring. Also it takes way too much time coloring manually or just copying and pasting the line art (also that can look messy) maybe you could add something that selects the object that you pick and when you color all around it, it only colors what you selected, kind of like the wand tool on IBS paint. This could make it a lot easier for making stripes or even blending colors on a character. Or you could make it to where the white dots won’t show up, or anything else that comes to your mind that will help this, it’s your app and I am only a user with an annoyance. Please do take this advice, I know many people don’t like this problem and it would make so many people happy if it was fixed. Thanks a bunch! -føxy <33
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3 years ago, nipey
GREAT GAME! But glitches
This is a amazing game and I totally recommend it to anybody who wants to have a great animating game I play it almost every day but I have a suggestion I a few suggestions a fill in tool WAIT.. let me explain what it dose so you get three lines to where you shape it around you want and there will be a check mark and as soon as you are done and you tap the check mark button a color wheel will show up and the color you chose is what will color will get filled in second suggestion is a smooth so you color in something like a shade and then you tap on the stuff you want to smooth you can make it bigger or smaller and so you can brighten and shade your stuff last suggestion is a glass paintbrush so you can paint see through wings or glass and you can still see the stuff behind it thanks for gifting us such a amazing game FlipaClip Community and for making this game and consider my suggestions and update them into the game thanks bye! And there are glitches a zoom in glitch making that almost every time that you zoom in it undos your last drawing and I hate it and a text glitch it makes your text the last text color you used so please fix those annoying glitches and consider my suggestion thanks!?
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4 weeks ago, jddjjrjcldd
Good try it nooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww
This game is so good that it was 4am and I was still working on it I am so happy to have this mobile game that’s not only on pc it is on mobile and can you make a tutorial for a ball bouncing on any fps please also make the default eraser size 10 because 40 is to big and make the hardness 100 so it erases everything and not leave a blur other then that its perfect this was like 2021 when i wrote this but now that i am way more skilled in 2024 i have a dew suggestions, 1. Can you please make more stuff free or make the premium cheaper because not everyone wants to pay money to change most settings like i don't wanna have the onion on sometimes but then it says i need premium, also whenever i want to add another layer after i have three, it doesn’t let me because I don’t have premium and it is getting annoying and I'm thinking about using another app even though they are all bad but this app is good but please don’t ruin it by making everything cost money, if you are going to make someone need premium for everything how about you make an update where it saves all of your data and animations but the app cost money because i hate the premium and i want to have over three layers but I can’t because of the premium
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4 years ago, Jane648#
Premium is weird
So I’ve had the free version of FlipaClip on my IPad for awhile now. I was happy with what it provided but I wanted to get premium. So I went to the window with all the purchases, and tapped on the $5.99 bundle option. I then tapped buy on the window that popped up and waited for my iPad to ask for my finger print, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the window just closed as if nothing had happened. At first, I thought it was a small glitch and pressed again, and, again, nothing happened. I repeated this a few times before accidentally pressing of of the singular feature options. I didn’t realize it wasn’t the bundle and pressed buy just as I had done all the other time, but this time it worked. I used my fingerprint and bought the singular feature then realized my mistake. At least I knew it worked, right? Wrong. I continued to try and buy the bundle, and every time it didn’t work. After a few more attempts, I decided to try and press one of the the singular features, and what do you know it worked! This time, I didn’t buy it, but I had a knew idea. I had now realized it wasn’t my IPad to blame, but the app. I then decided to record what was gong on as proof so it doesn’t look like I’m crazy. I hope the staff of FlipaClip see this. I need help guys.
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5 months ago, Shay'shay
First of all, there is no vector option. It’s just bitmaps. Making it really hard to make high-quality animations, let alone anime. Second nothing is free. You need Plus to even get anything good such as sounds and no watermark or whatever. Speaking of Plus, WHERE IN THE ACTUAL NAME OF GOODNESS IS PREMIUM. You literally removed the one-time purchase and replaced it with a subscription. Whoever made this subscription should be fired. Also why is there barely any brushes. There is like 5 or 6 brushes, making it hard to make a fan made version of Animation vs. Minecraft. Since that contains a lot of Minecraft blocks and there is no cube option, you need a bunch of pictures of said blocks to barely make a single scene. This app is truly awful and that goes for every aspect of it. And finally the UI is terrible. It is too simple which makes it really bad to animate on. If you want a ACTUAL animation app, go to Stick Nodes, OpenToonz, RoughAnimator and ToonSquid. Those are way better than this piece of 🚮. EDIT: I discovered a new animation app, and it’s called ToonSquid. Please go there. EDIT 2: The app I don’t hate that much anymore since it offers good things for what it is. I would like if you kept the one-time subscription and added a vector option, if possible.
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2 years ago, YouReadThese?
Great app, suggestions though.
Flipaclip is a great app for both intermediate and beginner animators! It’s easy to work with and quite easy to import sound (- the blasting music in a locked room part though.) if you’re looking to get this, get it! Though, it can be hard to work with at times. 1. No rotation feature — When you select something with the lasso tool, you can’t rotate it or turn it, this can be really troubling for me. 2. No sound on video import. — When importing a video, there isn’t any sound, I understand there might be some reasons why but it would be nice to import video with the sound in the video (if there is sound) 3. Watermark. — Some people really hate the watermark but it’s not as much of an problem for me, it’s still kinda annoying though. You can animate something on the bottom left corner and have it completely covered up by the watermark. Suggestion for this is to either make the watermark transparent or smaller and more in the corner. That’s pretty much all. The rotation problem is really troubling as someone who uses flipaclip a lot. Hope that this review can at least slightly improve the app, if not, it’s still a great app.
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4 years ago, GamerIdea
A SUPER great app, but..
I love this app since it’s not like the other animation apps! But here’s the thing..when I go into the frames viewer, in the top right corner there is a button to select all the frames giving you the ability to copy, paste, etc. And you can select and deselect the ones you want and don’t want, but that’s not my point. Sometimes I’m creating animation memes and I have to repeat some frames. So I go to the frames viewer and do stuff, but sometimes I have so many frames to deselect it could take me from 10-15 minutes and ending up with only 30 or 20% left on my IPad, and usually there are some animation memes that take long to animate. What I mean is that the button just HAS to select every. single. frame. And WE have to go deselect the ones we don’t want to be copied by ourselves and it usually takes forever! Please add an option for us to select the frames we want without having a button choose them all. (Or even better, something where you can type how many frames you want selected. Ex. Frames 55-72.) It’s kind of annoying for me because I’m not really good at waiting. Please add my suggestion or do something like it. It would mean a lot to me. From, anonymous animator.
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2 years ago, garcelloeatingnuggets
i made videos on here!
This app is so good that it literally doesn’t make sense, let me explain, i have a channel called maliya and ayla tv, oh and if you read this if you have children go to my channel please, its full of learning, drawing and most of everything on this app, please creator of Flipaclip react or comment back if you agree. Maliya rogana james. (questions) i think add another tutorial for pros, kinda like me like add how to make anime but you know, simple. (storytime) the first time i found flipaclip was when i was just getting to draw like and 8yr old drawer, i searched “drawing apps”immediately popped up art games that well… are horrible. then finally i got here. downloaded flipaclip and my biggest dreams got unlocked by this amazing game on christmas day i got a pen for my ipad “which im using literally using right while writing this. you did amazing i do recommend try making where you can draw online and have an account, but please dont make it cost money, i would like the account making to go like this, first it will say (Would you like to make an account?” Oh and you do not have to make this update this is just and recommendation.
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1 year ago, Miss .Claws. christmas!
Needs improvement
I’ve been using FlipaClip to animate for a year and a half now and I recently got back into using the app. Some things I found that made my app experience bad were the undo buttons. I would accidentally delete a layer and instead of just deleting the layer on the page I was on it had deleted the layer on all of the pages. There was no way to undo this even after so long, yes it may be difficult to program this in as programming is difficult. Even though I would greatly appreciate a function like that being added along with more brushes and just better formatting in general. I still really like FlipaClip and will hopefully continue to use it in the future but these tools must be added because as an animator it is really disheartening when 3 hours of your work goes down the drain just because of a miss click. I feel these features would also just generally improve the quality and experience of the app. I will say I shouldn’t have been playing around with the tools on an actual project I was working on (it had been a while since I started using FlipaClip again). Thank you for listening to my feedback and I hope in the future I will have a better experience using this animation app I really enjoy.
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4 years ago, Jayliana and Mia
App crashes
Hello Flip a clip! This app is the best for beginners who want to do animation. Though, I would like to announce that the app crashes ever so often. I’m still deciding wether it’s because of my phone or because of the app. As for the ratings from others, you can see they had the same problem as well. Also, I have noticed that when you responded to someone with the same problem as mine, I decided to see if it’ll work. Sadly, it didn’t. Every time I open the app and I open my project and try to put “select video” for the animation and Every time I do, it crashes and freezes. I figured it was just my device but I don’t have the same problem with other apps. Not only the “select video” but anything else. For example, when I try to delete a frame, try to add layer, even trying to open my project, there’s a bit more but you get the idea. At the end, I never had this problem at all. I tried to delete and reinstall the app. Nothing worked, but over all this is a good app to use for beginners who want to do animation. Thats all for know and I would appreciate if you took your time to read this. I’ll see if I can find ay bugs for you to fix! Hope you all are having a lovely day!
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4 weeks ago, An App For Everyone👍
Its a cool app! but i want a new like, update?
Hi! I have been using FlipaClip since I downloaded it. But there are a bit of problems.. 1. People are using it to edit photos! they are doing inappropriate stuff. If the app is ages for 4+, i dont think that it should be a app for little kids. (dont make fun of my age please!!) which, im eight, (8) so like, ofc i already can use the app since im old enough. (but thats not all of it.) As you know, This app is great to teach you to draw, but i think it should be 12+. People are being inappropriate. 4+ people are old enough, but not ready to see all of this. 2. Adds. Adds always pop up every now and then. But i always been getting adds. And once i get a add, i forget what i was doing. Then i have to erase all of my good/bad 😭 art. I have to start over! 3. Amazing app! I love the app a lot. ( i can edit my photos to make them look better than ever!!) But i already know better. I sometimes do it but not all the time. especially because Flipaclip doesn't give like sayings that might or may say: (Don't do that!) Also, sometimes it says i can't make a movie. But thats all i needed the developer to know. (im so sorry for the long review 😅) Have a awesome day!😉
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4 years ago, Please help me:(
Good, but...
Okay, I love this app. I use it on my iPad and it’s simple to use. The thing is though... It is a little too simple. There are not a lot of brushes. There are only the pen, pencil, eraser, and highlighter. Why the highlighter? A lot people I know don’t like how there aren’t as many pens as they would like. Also, the layers. There should be an alpha lock, a clipping mask. If this is too much, I suggest that people who pay premium get extra brushes (people without premium still get some though). Same thing with the clipping mask and alpha lock... There are just not enough options to choose from! I think I would take this app a lot more seriously if you added more brushes, clipping mask, alpha lock, and maybe a add something like what procreate has. The thing procreate has is that they have a thing where you can make your own custom brushes, you don’t HAVE to do it, but it’s a suggestion I’m sure everyone would like. I also have a few problems with crashing, but that rarely happens. In conclusion I think this app is pretty good! This app is amazing for beginner animators like me, but it can be a little limited.. This app has potential. I just suggest adding some more things that would benefit everyone. Love it, but not too much...
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4 years ago, I hate ads! 😝
Amazing but ONE suggestion
This app is amazing and I highly recommend it for beginner animators. Its overall easy and fantastic to animate with. You can still very much enjoy the app without the payment and such. You can do so much without paying and I love that about this app. There are very, very few ads which I also love! Adding audio is a big problem for me though. You can add audio via iTunes, Microphone, ect. But a recommendation I have that I believe this app doesn’t have is to import the audio from videos in your photo/video library. This is because, when I’m on vacation, no one lets me use their phone so I can’t use the audio from someone else’s phone like I usually do. Please add this, I’m sure it would not only make MY day but so many other beginning animator’s day! Thank you for reading this if you have. Happy day! Edit: I have changed my review from 5, to 4 stars. Its due to the fact that I have started experiencing horrible lag. When I make an animation with music, it’ll be very laggy and it crashes A LOT. I don’t deal with this on any other app so I know that it isn’t my device thats causing this. It might be due to the fact that I have a lot of animations. Do you have any advice on how to stop this? Thank you!
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6 months ago, Brubroo
It changed a lot
Anyone remember when flipaclip had the exact same features in the past as before, but without ads? I paid for it, it was nice. But then I paid for it again and again with every device, because flipaclip neither saves purchases nor saves animations. Why pay again, on yet another device. And yes. Having an account does absolutely nothing. The free program that comes with my phone, penup, saves your drawings from device to device. Ads play every time you exit the program, and it doesn’t matter if you didn’t close the tab, and were in the middle of animating. The app restarts and an ad plays, the kind that you have to be really careful to press x or it redirects you to another page or some crappy game on the app store. I swear to god they made it so anytime you exit, another ad is shoved down your throat so you can fulfill your role as a consumer. And the more obnoxious and brazen the ads, the more likely you are to be annoyed into paying for it, rather than paying for it because you like it and want more. Flipaclip has a lot of simple features which make it good for animating. But like all good things it is overshadowed by the desire to make money in cheap ways rather than having a good product.
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