Flipp: Shop Grocery Deals

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Flipp Corporation
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flipp: Shop Grocery Deals

4.78 out of 5
411K Ratings
3 years ago, LMcPH
A MUST have to find sales for food
I love finding deals on food items to save money. However, unless I get the newspaper I don't get the ads every week. If you do this too this is the MUST have app. You put in your location and it gives you all the ads for stores near you. You could even use it on vacation. To save time, if your looking for one specific item, you can use the search section and know only the stores that have the item listed. You can clip coupons, list the store loyalty cards and create a shopping list. I love, love, love this app for saving money. I've even shared this with my college student son so he can save money. A must have for anyone who buys anything that is on a flyer. So that means you can view your favorite stores flyer and even use that stores online tool to set up an order. Just the very best app for every household regardless of walking into the stores, ordering items online, or placing your order to pick up. Best savings tool I know.
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3 years ago, Nisey1226
Needs more filters
Great concept and the app works well. However, right now I am finding it rather frustrating for two reasons. 1) It is showing me great prices on things I am looking for but only for stores that are an hour or more away. No one would drive for an hour to a store to save $2 on a pound of bacon. I looked for a way to filter out stores that are too far away but I have not found it. And a simple mile calculation would not be enough, as the length of time it takes to drive somewhere varies by the density of the population. It takes me an hour to drive to some areas near me that are only fifteen miles away. And I have at least fifteen grocery stores within a three mile radius of where I live. So the kind of filter I could use would be store specific. The second issue has to do with the size of the sale item previews. That is, what one sees when the app finds a deal on some item I list. They are too small to see on my phone and I can’t enlarge them with my fingers. If the ability to enlarge them is too difficult to program right now, might I suggest that instead of presenting them two in a row that you present just one per row? Right now I can see the prices but I can’t make out what store the are from without opening that link and looking at the circular. I would sure appreciate seeing those changes. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Sister Pearson
Love this App!!!
This in my opinion is the best grocery app. I love it so much and I tell all my friends about it. This has simplified my life so much and made grocery shopping and couponing so much easier. I grew up watching my mom circle and clip news paper adds and coupons and taking them into the stores. This has simplified that by the click of a button. Just by tapping the sale item which circles it and it adds all my items from each store in one location. This way when I go to a certain store I can see what I’m looking for and it acts as my shopping list so I can get out quicker. Some stores I only go into for the sales so this helps me plan my grocery route. Since the pandemic and getting married I had to strictly budget my money and I was finally ready to learn my mom’s ways, then she told me all about this app! I love it thank you so much!
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6 years ago, Man who can't be moved
Great app! Improve shopping list please.
I LOVE this app! I’ve told all my friends and family about it. Super helpful and has revolutionized my weekly grocery shopping routine. Please, please, please add Wegman’s to the roundup! The one thing I’d like to see improved is the personal shopping list. I love that I can tap on adds to put those items in my list, and I especially love that anything I put on my list manually is automatically linked to all my local grocery store adds that have that item on special—and I can share the list with other household members regardless of whether they’re on iPhone or Droid. It’s wonderful! But I’ve been using AnyList for my grocery shopping for a few years and I really like the customizable settings of that app. Like being able to assign my own categories and quantities to items and rearrange those categories however I prefer and add notes for each item and pictures. If you could make your shopping list able to do THAT you would make AnyList obsolete! Thanks!
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5 years ago, edfiles
Great App until Update
I’ve use the app for 6 months and it’s been great. One of the last updates introduced an annoying feature at the bottom of the ad page you choose, a continuous scrolling to “ discover more deals near you,” that resembles any blue colored page you are looking at, so it seems like part of the same ad. The feature is unnecessary because the home page has his info beautifully arranged. It’s annoying because 1) you no longer quickly scroll to the final page, 2) Blue adds blend into it, creating confusion, and 3) there seems to option to “opt out” of seeing it. The app is awesome, and has a wonderful home page and interface, it need to offer the user an choice, but since the app is an awesome “free” service, and overall has lots of controls and works pretty good, I must give it high marks. Thanks, Ed
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1 year ago, SmokyOni
Good IF you have a lot of time...
1.) It lacks a good filtering system for a quick search of what you want. A lot of waiting for deals and then wading through them to have a CHANCE at it being the one you needed. That's inevitable to a point but devs could cut down on the wading through aspect a bit with some refining. 2.) Whether what you are looking for is in sale or not, there's no quick way to access the nutrition label to ensure it fits your needs which for me was inconvenient and keeps this apps staying like every other. Not even a quick link to the item on the stores site or something. If it had that alone I might have stuck with using it. Those glaring negatives aside though, the layout of having each flyer from each store neatly to scroll through and swipe to the next is really nice. It could be improved on though. Just doesn't seem time-friendly. The Watchlist aspect is cool but like I said the app generally lacks a sort of filtration to get to certain products that have what you need or excludes certain ingredients or specifically is a certain brand etc... Sometimes you get deals from stores you'd never wish to buy from or never beard of and it'd be nice to shut off recommendations from any store other than your favorites or something. You can set a Min-Max price, but that's all for refining your watchlist.
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5 years ago, Survivingcollegestudent
Even better than what I wanted!!!
I’m a college student who just moved off campus and now I’m looking at weekly ads on paper. I also have ADHD and I struggle to find my backpack keys and wallet almost every other hour, so keeping track of shopping lists and ads are difficult. I also almost always end up spending over an hour grocery shopping when I went in with a plan to only get 3 things...but then I lose my shopping list and then misplace my basket somewhere in the store and yeah you get the idea. Well this app is a game changer! I can circle the things I want in the app and then I have my planned items on my phone, I get reminders when those offers are about to expire, and on top of that I can add my cards for each store to the app. Life is still disorganized but it’s one less thing to lose when I’m at the store!
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5 years ago, AlyAych
This app keeps me as organized as one can get, when they are the most disorganized of humans. The shopping list portion is my most used, although, the fact that I can browse and clip grocery ad’s simultaneously is a win! The only thing I’d wish to change is when I add items to my shopping list, I’d like to be able to drag and drop the item into the category I choose, rather than the app choosing the food category for me. ie. If I write “Wheat English Muffins” it goes into the “Other” category instead of “Bakery.” When more than one individual shops in this house, it pays to be specific, and it also helps if everything could stay in its own category to make shopping simple for all. I have lived without this feature and can continue to do so, but it never hurts to throw it out there. Overall, great app!
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3 years ago, SpookiLexi
Great idea, needs improvement.
I love the idea of this app. Have used it some personally for a while. (Being an hour from most of the stores included in the add, I haven’t utilized it as much as I might living in a big city.) I suddenly find myself with a housemate who does all the grocery shopping, so I though this would be a great way to share a shopping list. WRONG. We can’t get it to work. Is definitely does not work sharing the link via text message (my iPad to her iPhone). We seems to get it to work once, when I emailed her the link, but I was accidentally logged into an older account (not the one in which I made the list I was trying to share). Once logged in to the correct account, we never could get the lists to link again.
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5 years ago, Tjusgorjus2
To Flipp or Not To Flip...
WOW! What can I say? I have flipped for Flipp. This app is awesome! I moved to the south from the west coast. Trying to save money is difficult here, because by the time you receive the different store ads, in the mail, it's probably ended or the items are out of stock😳. So, without being equipped with all the ads I had to go online constantly to find what was on sale. Then I stumbled upon this app. I love that all I have to do is type in (correctly) the items I'm looking for and I will find it, if on sale near me. I especially love the fact that you can circle items so you don't forget what items are on sale that you want to buy and the option of using the shopping list feature. I haven't used it yet, but I'm confident it will be just as user friendly. The ONLY caveat is you MUST spell the item correctly. For those of us who occasionally misspell words like (i.e. bananas or Hagaan Daz) the app says it "no results found". So, don't fret if it says an item is not on sale anywhere because it may be, just check your spelling. Additionally, there are stores that are not on here that are major chain stores. I’m not sure how a store is added, but I hope that changes soon. Again, this app is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save money. I hope this app only improves.
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5 months ago, Majkng
Flipp has it all
I was told by a neighbor about the app Flipp. She was visiting family in Canada and her sister was using the Flipp App. Laura said she could see the sale ads in Canada and then again when she went to her brothers in another part of Canada. When Laura came back to the states, she could see all the ads where she lives. No need to reset the app. I love it so I can compare the ads from the groceries before I make my shopping list. I love that I can pull up the Aldi’s ad! I didn’t know Dollar Tree had a sales flier online! I rarely shop at Dollar General or Family Dollar but now I can see what sale ads they have for the week. I have to compare prices now because food costs have gone up in price. It is a great app!
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6 years ago, starshinenight44
2 STARS: Problems with recent update
I have loved using this app for some time and told many how great the app is. The recent update has made this app difficult and even impossible to use. Not being able to use this app in landscape view (on an iPad) is annoying and difficult. But today I'm looking at grocery ads, and I'm unable to select/mark 95% of the items that interest me. After trying to select other things in the ad, the majority of the ad cannot be used to make selections so to make a shopping list. This removes a significant functionality of this app. I see in a note to another reviewer that the landscape view mode was removed in preparation for a new viewing/browsing change. I will keep an open mind bc this has been a good app, but it will have to be an incredible change to make the portrait mode worthwhile on my iPad. And this assumes that the problems with selecting items in the ads is fixed. Please fix the selection problem asap. Thank you.
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6 years ago, OBX Mimi
Missing Stores & Unable to Clip/Delete Coupons
I would actually give it 3.5 stars (4 is too much as I am frustrated at the moment) but do not have that option. Loved this app to begin with...now I find it slacking more often than not. Also, requested stores be added then after months it was, only to not being there a few short weeks later!?!? At times stating the store is not in my area...which is not true! Other times, receiving the message that it there are no flyers when I was presently look at it! Consistently unable to “Clip” coupons to some stores. Incredibly frustrating when these are stores which I shop the most. Despite those issues, I constantly refer family, friends & strangers (in stores) to download the Flipp app! I am grateful for the developer as I have been able to save some money whether with the coupons or rebates, which is ALWAYS a plus! 😊
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4 years ago, toothtown
One Problem
For the most part, Flipp is great. I just wish there was a way to filter out stores that are farther away than I’m willing to travel. What do I care if some store I’ve never heard of is having a super great sale if I have to travel 30 miles just to get there? I don’t. Or let me permanently filter out specific stores that I know I won’t go to (you can temporarily do this with specific grocery items, but the setting doesn’t stick). The additional adds listed when I’m trying to find the best deal on pork ribs just adds clutter and confusion and makes this an overall less efficient and less enjoyable experience. I hope you guys can add a distance filter or similar function. It would make a world of difference. (Again, really enjoy the app otherwise. Thanks for making my shopping easier! 🥰)
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5 years ago, Alykarjo
Flipp is the best way to find special deals
I’ve been using Flipp for about 3 years now and it really is the best way to find special deals for items in my shopping list. I make the list right in Flipp, and as I add each item, if it’s on sale in one or more stores in my area, a tag pops right up and shows me where, and how much the item is on sale for. There are 5 grocery stores within a five mile radius of my home, so I can easily shop for the best prices without having to carry a flyer for each store around with me. They’re all on Flipp! I can click on items I want to buy in each store’s online/Flipp flyer and even find coupons for some items. Flipp really makes my life and shopping a lot easier.
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10 months ago, helplinda
Please inform Dollar Tree
I love the Flipp app. I hate that most stores do not have sales papers anymore so this does help. I looked at Dollar Tree and I went in. I did end up getting what I wanted after having an employee tell me they do not have a sales paper, they do not put anything on line and it must be a customer posting stuff. She wouldn’t help me find something and told a customer when I turned the corner these customers don’t know what they are talking about. I opened up the app and went back in the aisle she then said well a customer must be posting it then. I was so mad but I did the right thing and walked away. I started the conversation by saying hello. She said nothing back.
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6 years ago, DiamondsDarling
Excellent App
This is an excellent app to have with you all the time, on your cell phone! When you are out and need to get some items or do your weekly shopping, where else can you cruise to see all your grocery sales! Much easier than carrying around all of those papers with you. It has like every grocery store and if you don’t see the one you want just ask for it and they add it! They have all of the department store adds also. So don’t worry if your mate has thrown them away again on you, just go to this app. Can you tell I like it?? They should pay me for this review but down load it and see at Christmas who has the best see on prime roast angus cut! They also show Sam’s and Costco adds! Five stars!!
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4 years ago, Sprite SeattleGirlsk
Helps With Comparisons. Support for Savings for Many Needs! 🛒🛍
I was at first reluctant to download even though reviews of Flipp were glowing. So then I downloaded app and would ignore it, which then result in me determining it was a was a delete sort of situation. I did this several times until I finally setup Flipp completely; if I can do it anyone can. It introduces me to new products, helps me organize my errand, and let’s me knew when expensive items become reasonably priced. In short Flipp has become an a much used resource for me and source of savings support. I highly recommend all give it a try and download it. And don’t be like me, setup and start using immediately. Happy shopping all. 😊
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3 years ago, truth-prevails
Great except for this…
Why do Walmart product details report “Everyday Low Price” instead of the true price, like all other stores? This means absolutely nothing because one of the purposes of this app is to let a price comparison to be made. Since Walmart discontinued the price match (because they are very often higher in price than others) several years ago it would be nice to get the information on all prices to make an informed decision. Having said that, I understand why they don’t want a true amount published, but if the playing field is not level they need to get out of the game. I would like to see them removed from this app until they are willing to be transparent with their pricing.
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4 years ago, Hdjdifbtidkwoaoakeocpvjrisinxorpr
Great with great idea. But- when you are browsing deals, you should pick the stores you want to see. Way Too much junk. You should have settings for the whole app to only show stores you actually want. That could also apply to searches. I should have to reselect the stores I want to shop at every time I search something. Make a setting somewhere to select the stores once, and that is in effect app-wide from coupons to deals to search etc. this app is useful if I didn’t have to keep filtering over and over. The deal section is completely useless without filtering. Some stores I could care less about or don’t go to flood the feed and I have to go through all of them to find the ones I actually want to see.
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4 years ago, jojoeinn
Why a change?
When I first download The flip App I was very exited to know I can see the sale adds with out going and buying a news paper or to stop by and pick up a sale ad at the business, now in the past few months I don’t let like it anymore, because I could see the currant ad expiring on Tuesday and the new ad that will be coming out on wed, I could compare the two ads and know what I could buy on Tuesday and couldn’t buy, because might not be on sell. But could be on sale Wednesday. That doesn’t happen anymore. I have told many shoppers about your app but now feel disappointed that I did. Thank you for you time
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6 years ago, Arike'
The All Inclusive Savings App!!
This app is the most consumer friendly app I’ve ever used. It saves all your loyalty cards so you never miss out on a deal when you make unscheduled stops, it uploads every store and manufacturer coupon to your loyalty cards and links them together so you have them on hand, it also sends you shopping list reminders when you walk into your favorite stores!!! How awesome is that!!! The only work you have to do is adding the coupons to your loyalty cards through the app and if you have rebate or cash back apps, you must upload the receipts to receive your money. Maybe they will do this in the future. Please try it!!!
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6 years ago, NoCoVGal
Really good app!
I really like Flipp! It’s easy to use, has a good amount of relevant stores, and is visually pleasing. My favorite feature is the loyalty card category. You’re able to enter in various Loyalty cards/Reward memberships so that you can easily access them when needed. Bye bye keychain barcodes and overstuffed wallets! If you can’t find a store/shop you’re looking for, you can easily request that the store be added. I took away a star because of one important feature that is missing, which is the ability to link directly to a store’s website. I am continuously frustrated by the absence of that feature. But in the scheme of things, this app does what it says and certainly has the potential for a 5star rating!
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4 years ago, VibrantOwl
Almost Perfect
This app has nearly every feature I’ve been looking for! One thing it’s missing is a way to write notes or prices on the items on the shopping list (i.e. - how much it is, what recipe it’s for, what store to get it at, etc.). I feel this could further improve the ability to plan shopping trips. The coupon clipping feature could use an improvement, too. I always get suggestions for stores that are nowhere near me despite the fact that I’ve told the app my location. It can get a little time-consuming having to sift through which stores I know are close to me every time. Otherwise the app has a nice intuitive design and is very stable. I love that it acts as a “one stop shop” for couponing.
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6 years ago, Billybobit
Love it! However please consider
Please consider in your next update adding the ability to share a weekly flyer with others via text or email. It would greatly help during this holiday season with sharing gift ideas, (Department Stores Black Friday and After Christmas Sales) also Grocery and other Weekly Flyer ad sharing so that friends and neighbors can flyer add possibly request items to add to a shopping list. I believe my neighbors, friends, and family would love it. May save me or another senior citizen a trip to the same store. I think it would definitely encourage others to download this app. Keep up the great work and updates. Hope you are having luck getting recommended stores to join up!
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11 months ago, BM teacher retired
If it works don’t fix it!
Glad to see you fixed the problem of the shopping list crashing the app. Now you need to go back and make the items on the shopping list bigger so you can actually see and read them. Don’t put the expired items in black and white - makes them hard to see. Get rid of the option to select the number of items. If you have a list of what you are buying and the price from the ad you know how many you want, you don’t need to have it written down. The app was much better before you made changes. So sorry that I updated, it is much less user friendly than the one I had. For those of us who are older, the smaller print and pictures on the shopping list is hard to see and read.
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6 months ago, Corelation
I’ve been using this app for a few years now and, in its simplest form….just my shopping list. The only constructive criticism I have would be to include spell check/auto correct. Like if I typed mangos in my shopping list, it will categorize it under “produce”. If I misspelled it (mungos), instead of auto correct, it puts mungos in the categorization “other”. I won’t see any deals for mungos. I know it’s my spelling error but, that is why auto correct was invented…sometimes we misspell. Cmon…it’s almost 2024, get with the times. It does not take away my 5 star rating tho. It’s not a gripe…just a recommendation.
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5 years ago, jjpcorona
Nice, But...
It is a helpful app, carrying many of the Sunday weekly specials that are regularly omitted in my local newspaper. BUT... it could use a “Settings” option that would retain the reader’s preferences in seeing circulars. For example, having Flipp to display circulars in alphabetical order always instead of “Most Popular” or another abstract organization of circulars. Also, circulars appear that are “Curated by Flipp.” Some may find that to be a nice feature, but I prefer to see solely circulars published by the retailer. It would also be nice for another “Settings” option to limit viewing of circulars to non-curated one’s (or circulars actually published by retailers as opposed to a compilation of items of sale at a retailer by a third party such as Flipp). That’s why I am giving it 3 stars instead of 5.
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6 years ago, ditziegemini
Convenient and simple
It is nice to have the ads at my disposal all the time. It is much better than remembering the papers and the clipping feature is way better than the big red circles of the past. I have just recently started using the shopping list and coupon features so not a lot of info on them. The only thing I have had a problem with in the past is to search and item you have to have the exact spelling the first time. For example I had to have Coca-cola in order for it to search, now that it is in my search history I can quickly look up coke and it will pop up, but other than that really haven’t had any complaints thus far...
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6 years ago, CCB Mac Man
Finally, the perfect shopping app!
I’ve been waiting for a LONG time for an app that does what this does! It does exactly what I was hoping for and then some and I haven’t found a single bug yet. In a day when software in general is getting worse, these fine folks are bucking that trend big time! I have saved LOTS of money just in the first few weeks of using it. I love the mapping feature and especially like the feature where the app warns you when selected clippings are about expire. I honestly can’t think of a single feature request as this app has it all today. Keep it up awesome app developer!
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2 years ago, Raven13x
They like to “fix” things that aren’t broken
The latest update has helpfully deleted all of my favorites and everything I had circled. Every update seems to being some new annoyance. Once upon a time if you clicked into an ad and circled an item you didn’t have an annoying pop up screen come up with the item you just circled that you now have to get out of your way. Now we have annoyed pop ups that tell you if you swipe right you can see “X”’s store ad. If I wanted to see that ad I would’ve clicked it. Now I get all my stuff erased on top of all the extra useless pop ups. I have no idea what the motivation seems to be to make the app less user friendly over time.
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6 years ago, T of O
I was skeptical at first...
At first I was skeptical about the Flipp app. I was thinking it was one of those that doesn’t really help me & would just take up storage on my phone. I love the app! Didn’t realize it’s so versatile. I can make lists and clip coupons. Store origin is clearly marked for each coupon. Helps me remember which groceries I need to go to. It will let me know when coupons/sales expire. I’m motivated to go grocery shopping now which I only do out of necessity. I don’t need to collect newspaper circulars any longer or even miss products being promoted. I will continue to find out more about this app by using it more.
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6 years ago, Mrs. Birds Words
Easy, time saving, with useful reminders
Love having the ability to search all sales papers to find the best deal on what I’m looking for. I would try looking up the online ads by individual store to see what deals were available, but it was time consuming and I rarely took the time or followed through. I like being able to mark the deals as I review the paper, then see all items in one glance to compare / fine tune my shopping list and stops. I also love the reminders for deals that are about to expire, and the ability to set my favorite stores. One wish: The ability to block / remove a store that I don’t want to see. (As in, I refuse to shop at WalMart. LOL)
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5 years ago, EpikGlados
Time saver, money saver!
Was using another coupon app along with all the individual store apps and it took foreverrr. Now I just make my shopping list on flipp, it finds local deals for me, then I can check the apps for those stores to see if I have other coupons to stack onto their deals. The app even automatically shows you coupons it has that you can stack. It’s so helpful and easy. If you keep an eye out you can find 2fer deals on the pamphlets, add coupons and then use your store specific app and get free stuff. Makes me feel good to actually save so much now. I don’t buy anything if it’s not on sale lol.
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3 years ago, scootinqutee
Flipp review
I actually enjoy this app but now confusion at times and none of the stores honor the coupon Rite Aid Walgreens Fred Meyer‘s you can add the manufacture coupon and it just doesn’t seem to take affect and Albertson’s example they already have their own coupon program so I have them on there because they don’t honor the digital coupons I never have received a manufactures coupon discount from flip with regards to shopping analysis otherwise great album it’s nice to have all coupons in one place and I will say that’s what keeps all the current manufacture coupons on hand it’s just whether or not people pay attention to the receipt For verification at the merchant honored that
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6 years ago, moliveraa
Not working
I was clipping my coupons from Sunday’s paper and there was an ad saying to download this app for additional coupons. Looked pretty easy and convenient. I saved my stores and started clipping and adding. First off, I am not able to clip anything for Walgreens. I had no trouble putting my card number in to save the loyalty card but when I try to add a coupon it says “cannot clip to Walgreens” even though it gives me the option for it. So I thought maybe it was just a glitch so I unsaved then resaved my Walgreens card and it still won’t work. And now an hour after I finished clipping to other stores, I’m getting notifications saying there are errors on my other stores and to try clipping again. I am beyond frustrated at this point. This app has pretty good reviews so I don’t get what the issue is. Any help would be great.
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5 years ago, accessable
The most handy and accessible app known as Flipp
Flipp is my go to for everything. All of the stores in my area are featured even the stores close to my area are featured in case I go to the towns nearby. I think flipp is great. I have saved a lot of money. I like the couponing section as well as being able to catch an early look at upcoming sales. There is a large variety of sales and when you go out of town, flipp will tune you in to the stores in whatever area it has access to. Keep up the good work because flipp is very handy and easily accessible. Thank you Flipp.
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6 years ago, PhatCheez
Would like more options
I really like Flipp. However I wish between the web and app there was more consistency. Oh n the web version is groups your items into the correct section but on the app it lumps them all into other. I also wish that it provides the capability to scan via barcode so when I want to add to the shopping list I can just scan the item versus typing and hope that is groups it correctly. I think it’s a pretty cool app and I use it all the time. With these few minor adjustments I think it will make it great.
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3 years ago, la.Qukita
Flipp is my most used app on my phone! I ❤️ Flipp!
I’m the primary grocery shopper and meal maker in my family and this app is almost perfect for all my food buying needs. I love saving time & money, browsing through ads online- no more piles of wasteful paper ads mailed home , the ability to make a portable editable shopping list, and the ability to buy directly online from different retailers. What I would LOVE even MORE is a Flipp companion meal planning/ recipe app that could link up to this app for my weekly shopping. Now that would make this old girl happier than a clam at high tide.
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6 years ago, Pogaf
Receipts rejected
I downloaded this app to utilize P&G coupons that I could only get through this medium. My first submission was flat out rejected because I cut off the jargon at the bottom (my bad, I didn’t realize it wasn’t like all the other rebate apps I use that don’t require the ads at the bottom- that’s fine). Upon careful resubmission, only one out of three items were accepted with the other two ($5 worth of “coupons”) supposedly not being on the receipt. They were. I have submitted a request into support, but I am not pleased with the prospect of having to contact them every single time their app decides my item doesn’t exist. This is an incredibly tedious alternative to the paper coupons I much prefer. Will not be using further unless these issues are resolved timely.
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2 years ago, Jezzy M.D.
Pretty Good 👍
I only a few “issue” 1️⃣ Not all “Items” have the [See It] button in which it directly link to the retailer store😑. 2️⃣ When using [Share Deal] I want to Open the link on my “Web Browser”! Why You Ask? Because when looking up an “item” with long names I have to go “back-in-forth” between apps when googling these item’s without [See It] button. Sorry if this sound of harsh but this problem make my head spin🙃. 3️⃣ “Office Depot” & “OfficeMax” needs it’s own “Separate” weekly ads…where I live all these stores have their own building/entity (city have 8-10 stores ) an Never conjoined🤔.
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2 months ago, mama-am,pm
Love it but….
I love this app!!!! But I would love it more if it would go back to what it was before I updated. It gave me what I picked out the week before by clicking a button instead of writing it down again, again, again…. It was so much easier for me and if I needed to add something then I could write it in. I can selected something I wanted on the adds or a coupon or something that was on sale from a store I could see it there with my list of groceries. I do love this app, I just wish I could have it back the way it was.
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3 years ago, xirian
Almost perfect
This app is one I use the most. I love being able to search all of the stores to see who has an item on sale. There's two things missing that would make it a 5 to me. First is when you search and choose only certain stores you can't set it to default to that. There are stores in my area I never go to that I have to hide each time. The second is the shopping list. I end up having to input everything into my grocery store app (anylist) It would be nice to have the list add items to a list in the reminders app along the picture from the ad so it can be imported to other apps.
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4 years ago, infin8dvonE
Archived expired clippings and price tracking
Flipped is still missing syncing with the Reminders app like Grocery app does. I like most people usually buy the same items over and over again but when a sale comes up, I want to know if I’m really getting great deal but with price flux it’s hard to keep track of so I so do not delete my old clipping so I can reference them to compare with current sales, where the prices lower in the past or this is the best sale all year. I would love to have my clippings cleaned up without actually deleting them, so an option to archive but quickly referenced older clippings would be great especially for price tracking.
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5 years ago, Islandgirlrocksjjj
Love it!!!
I love using this app! I thought that not having the paper insert was going to be an inconvenience but having my phone on me all the time and being able to readily look at an ad for a store in my area makes it so easy to pick up what I need without having to travel in 1000 different directions and wasting gas. The only drawback is if there are coupons in the paper insert you don’t have readily available in your hand however if it shows it in the ad on the app you can probably readily pick it up in the store that you’re going into. Again, I love this app!
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3 years ago, wintaur
Good for list sharing
My husband and I use this app to keep our shopping list up to date on both of our phones because we both do the shopping. And when one of us notices we’re out of something it’s easy to add. We don’t really use it for the coupons, but probably should! The only feature I wish it had was a way to indicate quantity on the shopping list. We’ll add ingredients for a recipe we’re wanting to make, and I’d love to be able to indicate how many peppers I need, or what size can of diced tomatoes, etc.
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3 years ago, imabri
Love the Flipp App❣️
Love the Flipp App, one of the first things I do on Wednesday Morning is to look at my favorite store ads on Flipp! Our pantry is fairly stocked but like to restock at sale price and get fresh fruit, vegetables and meats as well at then best prices!!! It’s not just groceries but other stores that meet your needs at a savings. There are weeks we don’t buy anything but good sales are a blessing when you are living on S.S. Thank you Flipp for your hard and decaded work, you have cut down on our work by 150% and are spoiling us; please continue!
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5 years ago, monalee61
Good App
I love to be able to go on Flipp and checkout the ad’s in my area and tag the items that I want to buy at that particular store. It takes me way less time to shop but there is a downfall though the grocery stores I go to are not on there and that’s a bit frustrating as that is half of what I am shopping for is groceries. Hopefully that will change soon because I have requested them same stores quite a few times. I would definitely recommend downloading the Flipp app for everyone
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3 years ago, usmarine52
My favorite shopping tool
Without this app my family would not eat such quality food as they do now. I used to sit with countless number of newspapers in front of me, spending hours. Oh, I still spend a lot of time getting everything organized but it makes my job so much easier. I only shop at stores that price match. Mostly to say thank you for price match. If I see someone in the market struggling to buy groceries, I walk up and take the time to show them the app. Thank you for this app
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5 years ago, VLN23
Great App
I’m grateful to have found this app. I love the ability to find all stores weekly sales in one place. The ability to click and circle sales is a unique function as well as making a list of items circled. I downloaded the app when it was recommended by a budget blogger/you tube blogger and it was such a great recommendation. Highly recommend it to streamline shopping trips. *I have had small issues with the ad circular listing prices that aren’t accurate due to incorrect zip codes but it’s a small minor thing because the app itself is great.
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