FlixBus & FlixTrain

4.8 (50.9K)
59.6 MB
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Flix SE
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3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FlixBus & FlixTrain

4.78 out of 5
50.9K Ratings
2 months ago, Matt8420
Convenient, Reliable, and Affordable
I love Flixbus. As soon as you get on a flix bus you can just breathe a sigh of relief, yes there are lots of people coughing and being disgusting, but its public transportation so you get that everywhere. Flixbus has gotten me out of so many jambs, i would have never made it where i was going without this app. So convenient too, cuz they have so many buses going so often from so many destinations its almost impossible to not find the exact time and date you need to get somewhere. I was traveling by train in Europe and everywhere there were cancellations, strikes, it was a headache and stressful, not to mention ridiculously expensive and yet when you take a flixbus its such a fair price i really love this company. They are now my go to for traveling, i once even took a 17 hr flixbus from Krakow to Strasbourg, though I wouldn’t recommend this journey to anyone else, it wasn’t even that bad except not being able to stretch my legs.
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3 years ago, Giocondala
never never again
The application works correctly, but the company as a carrier is very bad. Last week I ran into such a problem when I bought a ticket from Philadelphia to New York. I came to the bus stop in advance , but by the appointed time the bus was not at the stop and several people had accumulated who also did not understand what was going on . Later it turned out that in connection with the marathon in the city , they decided to postpone the stop and did not notify the passengers who bought a ticket and thought that the stop would be at the old place . I contacted the support service and I had to stand in the cold for an hour figuring out all the circumstances of this case . Well, the only answer to all my requests was that I had to somehow guess myself that the stop would be postponed. The support service also informed me that all the information is indicated in my ticket , but I have a screenshot that there is a stop in the ticket at the old place where I was waiting for the bus . The company did not suffer any damage to itself , but I had to get to the train station and buy a train ticket . Next time I prefer not to use the service of this company . And I will prefer a company that cares about its passengers and tries to convey important information in a more vivid way . Anyone who wants to use the services of this carrier as a last resort, you know you can lose money and health hoping for not high-quality.
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6 months ago, CreeKnauls
The app is fine. This bus line is absolute garbage. I booked a ride from the 22nd to the 26th of December and they changed my bus ticket to the 24th without any compensation. On my ride to Vegas from Los Angeles, the bus supposedly had no heat and the entire bus felt like an ice chest. I got sick. Then on my bus ride back, I went to the address in my email but we didn’t see anyone over there. After I called customer service about 3 times I finally got an answer and they told me that the actual stop was a little over 2 blocks away from where I was supposed to be. I would have made it to my bus had they given me the correct address. I asked to speak to a supervisor since I was given an incorrect address and there was no way for them to rebook me on to the next bus ride home. I basically had to buy a whole new ticket. I am a young woman and the area they had me waiting at was less than safe. Anything could have happened. Luckily my brother was able to take me back to my mother’s house but I missed important appointments back home because of the unprofessionalism I experienced with this company. Just use Greyhound instead. Had I not had family here, I would’ve been in an even tougher spot, especially especially since I was 35 minutes away from where I was staying. I believe this bus line is a scam. Do NOT go through them especially if you’re a young woman traveling alone at night.
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6 years ago, trulyabby94
I would leave zero stars if I could. I was excited to try it out as it was fairly cheap to go to Las Vegas. I was even happy that it allowed you to reserve seats for an extra fee. I was nervous about our group having to separate on the bus so being able to do that seemed great. The bus arrived early and I thought everything would be ok. As soon as we boarded we saw that there was no numbers on the seats and the bus had already made a few stops before us so we were stuck with trying to get seats together. We had reserved seats at the front and we ended up in the back near the bathroom which we wanted to avoid. On the our trip back to LA, the bus was late. We received one notification that it would arrive at 8:50pm instead of 7:55 like it was supposed to but it did not arrive until past 9:30pm. It was not even a FlixBus it was a charter bus which had no WiFi, no outlets, and like the first ride, no numbered seating. So once again we had to scramble to get seats together. I have since sent several emails and even contacted them on their twitter accounts to get my money back for the seat reservations and I have been ignored. I would advise everyone to go with a more reputable bus company that you can trust. FlixBus will take your money and they don’t care if you even make it back in time as by the time we got to the station the regular buses and trains had already stopped running.
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2 years ago, tbcsms1621
0 stars. Wouldn’t recommend
Found out about FlixBus through bolt bus going out of business. We loved our experience with bolt bus so we decided to book a trip to NYC. The purchasing process was super cool and that’s the only thing that went right. Purchased a ticket for Saturday 7/9 at 6:40am. We notified 30 minutes before departure that the bus was cancelled. Another notification minutes before the scheduled pick up time, we were notified that the bus was delayed by 30 minutes. We were then given the option to schedule another bus or get a refund. I picked the refund because I couldn’t risk the afternoon bus not showing up. We ended up buying tickets from Amtrak and requested that they refund us for additional cost the same day. It took a week for someone to get back to us about the original refund -which they don’t refund the entire cost it took to book with them despite it being their fault. They did approve the additional costs refund BUT they wanted my routing and checking account number via email. I asked if there was a way to just credit my original form of payment or to cut a check and it took another week to be told that via email I needed to provide my routing and checking information. That’s not how you do business! Don’t waste your time with this company. Save yourself the headache.
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1 year ago, Tracesder
Flixbus turned what suppose me a celebration of life into a near death nightmare. I took Flixbus to Palms Springs, CA for my 57th birthday celebration. Only, when I was to return to Los Angeles, the bus driver after viewing both my ID & boarding ticket refused to allow me to board. The bus was an hour late on top of this. The driver was acting weird. I felt discriminated against. Like he was doing this evil deed to me out of hate of my skin color. He just closed the door & left me stranded in the heat, on the streets, all night. Almost 2 days later, I was so dehydrated & sick I was admitted to the hospital. Being diabetic & having hypertension, the heat really was bad thing for me to be exposed to for overnight. I requested a refund, but was denied. This bus company gets a zero on my rating scale. Customers should never be left stranded or have their health pit in danger. The most outrageous thing were people were sitting at the restaurant eating near the bus and they were yelling & begging the driver to take me aboard. One gentleman even offered to pay for me in spite of the fact I already had a ticket! The bus company even said there was nothing wrong with the scanner. All, I can say is the driver was racist and did not want this black woman on his bus. 3 days I spent in the hospital. I’m so grateful to the hospital for not only saving my life, but paying $450 for a cab 🚕 to take me home. My heroes!
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4 years ago, Rate the bus
The driver was late for 1 hour and 21 minutes! Outrageous!
The FluxBus is a joke to me! The driver decided he can show up whenever! Late for 1 hour and 21 minutes is not ok! Where possible he could, he couldn’t be stuck in a traffic for so long in Sacramento?! The bus stop was a scary place to be with kids, under the freeway bridge, the noise of the traffic above us n by us gets even louder under bridge, the wait area is a regular narrow sidewalk, and no benches, crazy people passing by, lots of homeless (no offense)! After a busy day, running around with all the errands and run to the bus with luggage and the kid, we arrived to stop bus early! We showed up very early to insure we are not late. I was holding my kid and was so exhausted and we had to stand there for almost 2hours! Called Customer service 3 times! Although they were super polite they had no information why the bus was late! And when bus finally showed up, at 5:16 pm (NOT 5pm, as it says in the FlixBus App!), the driver simply asked for tickets and said nothing about his delay, no apologies or explanations! He looked like he just had a nap and doesn’t gives a s.... about it all! Had two stops at Davis and Berkeley and When we arrived to SF at 7:30 pm I checked FlixBus app n it says we arrived to SF at 7pm! What a lie!!! Never again, I am using their services and will Not recommend it to anyone!
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2 years ago, Suimynona
The app is fine. (Star one) Their buses however are no good. I am currently sitting in the side of the freeway in one that has had technical issues in San Louis Obispo and have been for 4 hours. Apparently it’s going to be another hour before another bus comes to complete the final 2 hours of my trip. The second star is for them offering to reimburse us for $20 worth of food if I order it. Great. I still had to fork over the money I was going to use to get home from the station for food because obviously this service is not instant. I’ll figure that out, but it was time that was lost. I had somewhere to be today. I had somewhere to be on Friday too when the bus arrived over 3 hours late over technical issues. Punctuality means absolutely nothing to this company where as they have zero respect for people’s time. I’m going to try and refund both tickets, but I highly doubt they will. Edit: neither the outlets nor the Wi-Fi worked as advertised so the phone battery that was fully charged when we left that would have survived the 5 hour ride, will be dead (3 hours over) before we get back to call a Lyft or an Uber to actually go home. This would not be so problematic if the station we were going to… ACTUALLY HAD… ACCESSIBLE OUTLETS. 🙄
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3 years ago, nbboyfriends69
BEWARE flixbus users!!!! would give 0 stars
flixbus is an Unreliable and Sketchy service!! Me and my non binary boyfriend booked with flixbus to go on a trip to Boston to celebrate Pride Month. flixbus never showed, twice!! we booked a morning trip and waited for over an hour at the interstate bus platform at the train station. turns out, flixbus picks up not at the designated bus platform, but Across The Street from the station with No indication whatsoever on the ticket or the website!! We had to ask several train station employees where the bus picked up, only one of which said they saw the bus across the street a while ago. Sketchy!!! we rescheduled our bus for later that afternoon. we waited for over an hour, during which we read hundreds of one star online reviews!! the tracker kept on displaying “on time,” yet it Clearly Was Not On Time!! we finally called flixbus customer service, who after some delay informed us that due to “unknown technical issues” the bus had not even reached its initial departure location, an over two hour drive from our stop!! we were informed we would not be receiving refunds for either trip!! because of flixbus, we were not able to reach boston to celebrate Pride Month. disappointing!!! take bolt bus instead.
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2 years ago, Pa-Ali
Done with flixbus
Flixbus is a joke of a company. They cancelled their route 2 times in a row at the last minute after I booked with them, without any prior notification. The bus just simply never showed up. I asked them the location of the bus and they don't know...I guess they don't track their own buses My trip was from RVA to ATL, and I missed 2 days of work and almost got fired because of them. Their customer service will make you wait for hours before reaching them and then their tone just says I don't gaf about your inconvenience. The most they can do is either rebook your ticket or refund. But you've already lost more than the ticket from transporting to and from the bus stop after cancellations. I ended up booking a flight which cost about $200 because I was not gonna risk my job by giving them a 3rd chance They are very UNPROFESSIONAL and are not worth it. I 1st used flixbus because it was $50 and thought it looked decent. They don't stop by nowhere you can get food/drinks, and their in-bus bathrooms don't even have water... just hand sanitizer. On top of that they increased their prices so might as well find other options. I'm done with this company and never again will I waste my time and money with them.
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7 days ago, Ghoyudbf
I just downloaded this app because I was about to board my first flixbus. But I am just going to delete it and never get on one of these buses again. There was a promise of leg room, there is NO legroom and with the stupid foot pedals attached to the seat you can’t even put your things under the seat. They promise charging outlets and maybe there is an outlet somewhere on the bus, but they aren’t accessible from your seat, which is implied. Why do I care if the driver has a charging port if my phone is going dead. The bus was late but I was warned of that by friends who use the bus. I have been on chartered buses before but this bus has less room than a city bus or a coach seat on an airplane. I was going to work on my laptop but the seat back in front of me is reclined so far that I would not be able to open it. So I will sit here in this “luxurious” bus with a dead cellphone and 6 hours to stare into space. They say there’s a bathroom on board but I have a feeling there is not. This scenario would be fine in different situations but be warned that the experience implied is NOT what you are going to get.
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5 years ago, katt.k0
0/0 do NOT recommend
Okay so this bus is cheap so I get why it’s not the best but let me tell you arriving THREE HOURS LATE is not worth the twenty bucks. The worst part is while we we’re waiting we called their customer service MULTIPLE (like 8) times and we kept getting the same it’s going to be there in five to ten minutes just sit tight. However it was NOT there in five to ten minutes, even after the last phone call it took thirty minutes to arrive. Because of their convincing promises we didn’t get on the train we had as a backup and because the drivers didn’t even TRY to make up the time as we went we missed our flight and somehow added even more late time when we were on the bus, arriving three plus hours after we were supposed to in Vienna. Furthermore, customer service was completely rude and unhelpful just like the drivers, the website doesn’t work neither does the app and we will receive absolutely no compensation after missing our flight, not staying in the hotel we ordered because we had to take an overnight train to Italy. All of that cost money and considering how big a company this is you’d think they had enough money to give some back. Shame on them don’t recommend even for the cheap prices.
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6 years ago, RubiG7
Good ride
The overall ride has been a breeze. The seats are comfortable. Reason for me giving it 4 and not 5 stars is because it is somewhat unorganized. The bus arrived 20 min late, it would be nice to get notifications letting us know this, especially for those new to this and the pick up location is not specified. Also, I paid the extra amount (Not much) to choose a seat. I chose a window seat because that’s what I enjoy. I tell the bus driver my seat number, and he tells me, “You can just sit next to her”, pointing at the person that had taken my assigned seat. I chose not to say anything because I try to avoid confrontation so I thought It would have been nice for the driver to tell the person that it’s time to give up the seat for those that paid for assigned seating. Also, the bus is not too clean, the floors have a lot of dust and hair pilled up under the seats. Will I ride again with FlixBus? Of course. It’s affordable and it gets you to your destination. Just don’t pay the extra for assigned seating unless you want an awkward ride if you chose to say something. :)
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6 years ago, AshMarieT
Location address for driving
Almost missed my bus took a lift to pick up location first time taking bus back home at night couldn’t remember location in dark so dropped me off at what a burger because said we had arrived at S Rural got on to app and walking direction kicked on and wasn’t at pick up had 2 minutes till leaving so had to literally run 3 blocks waving my hands to catch drives attention so they didn’t leave with out me driver nicely waited for me. Have to say this bus is amazing price is more then affordable for my work trips and such an easy rout if they get this problem fixed it will be 100% perfect nothing bad to say about this Business at all drivers are so friendly and go above and beyond maybe having an actual address if people are new to this rout would be helpful for future references. Thank you FlixBus for getting me to and from safely And comfortably.! You Rock just a minor problem.
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3 years ago, FashionistaNT
This bus NEVER SHOWED UP. If I could give it zero stars ... I would! We called and asked where the bus was and they couldn’t locate where the bus was. The lady told us to call back five minutes later to let us know the status of the bus. We did that and she said at the bus I already left which was we are because we were there for over 30-40 minutes prior to as being at the bus stop we were there 15 minutes early. We were waiting with other people before they left when we were on the phone with a “representative” we tried to tell her that the bus never came and she was telling us that it did and when we ran into the people that we were waiting with at the bus stop, they were able to tell them and confirm that the bus never showed up, but the person that we were on the phone with was delusional enough to say that the bus came when it didn’t. They refused to give us a refund or to reschedule us for another bus that day and time. The lady was so rude and gave us a wrong name so that we could call to talk to a manager. She said her name was rona like coronavirus 🙄 please do not book with them. Despite the price, it’s not worth it. We will be disputing the charges.
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1 year ago, Bibibiobio
The service is a completely TRASH
I would give it a 0 if I can!! I booked my ticket from Davis to San Francisco last week, and I showed up today 15 mins before the departure time. There were approximately 10 other passengers with me waited at the bus stop for over 1 hour. The next thing we knew, the bus stopped at another stop and NEVER showed up at the location where we were told to go. One of the passengers made a phone call with the customer service, and he was told that the bus skipped our stop, and the company would not send another bus over. The only email we received was an email telling us the bus was late, but not the cancellation of our stop. I just called customer service and tried to request a refund. Here comes the most ridiculous part out of all, they refused me, and told me the bus was late but arrived to the bus stop. Wow, what an “amazing” response!! So you are telling me that all of the passengers and I were wrong? What are we? Time travelers? They kept telling me that they need further investigation before refunding me!!! Which I know never going to happen!! This company is a scammer!!!! DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE!!!
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5 years ago, fernlimyay
Hit or miss
When it works, it’s great! I’ve had several smooth trips from LA to San Diego. But I’ve also had a trip from San Diego to LA where it got delayed by an hour, then two, then after calling customer service and having them tell us that the bus is right there (no, I am right here, the bus most certainly is not here), they said oh actually we’ve canceled the trip. I managed to get a refund but sneakily, they didn’t refund the service fee. We found out through a worker at Amtrak Santa Fe Depot that they hadn’t seen a FlixBus in weeks, and that FlixBus just cancels trips (after multiple “delays”) if a bus doesn’t have enough riders. (There were about 7 of us waiting and helping each other get information.) I won’t be booking that segment ever again, but will do LA to San Diego, as that has been reliable so far. Moral of the story: it really depends on your route, and assume customer service is on par with the cheap fare you’re paying. (Customer service = keeping customers informed with correct info, as the bus drivers have been great.)
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6 years ago, Ruben_villaa
Never Again
Service is absolutely horrible. I would never recommend anyone to ya this service. My husband and I went on a trip to Vegas this past weekend, we checked out of our hotel and went to the spot where the bus had dropped us originally. The bus driver showed up was checking people in when we tried telling him he was our bus he said we weren’t on his list . He didn’t allow us to get on and told us that our bus would be there at 8:15. We’ll turns out that was our bus but we were at the incorrect pick up location. The driver could’ve simply told us to go to the next location , but instead left us. We contacted customer service where we were helped by the worst CSR ever. No manners, no respect. She told us that there was no way she could give us a refund or help with some time of discount even though she forced us to buy new tickets. The new tickets happened to be 12 hours from the time we were originally supposed to leave. We were stranded with no where to go, charged and extra 60$ all to come back. I will never use your service again and I have put in a complaint with the better business bureau .
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6 years ago, Markkittus
Amazing price, gets the job done
I don’t understand why this has such a bad rating. I did a roundrip from LA to SF for just $20. Of course this is not as flying in business in a plane. It’s a bus, so it’s not as chill as a plane, it’s a longer trip than in a plane, and more uncomforrable but dude, I can’t understand why people is complaining. If you don’t like it, just pay 6 times more and take a plane. But don’t complain if you were not comfortable as a king in your trip, because you paid such a low price. I really recommend it. I don’t recommend to get reserved seats, it’s a cheap service, so when someone gets off the bus try to move to another seat if you’re not comfortable. The only bad thing is that on both trips sometimes I got a bad smell, maybe from someone who farted hard or maybe because other reasons. But I’ll use it again, no doubt!
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4 years ago, Wassim majeed
I wish you the best always .
You guys are amazing, I’ve been with you all over Europa and now in stats , always the best service, nice polite drives even cool Quiet travelers , Good timing , the best right speed to get there , clean buses, Green energy, I feel you are helping us to get there really that what I feel So far I talked about you for everybody to use your service or anything feel like your support , A travel solution to get there , today you let me think with this good prices and amazing service to go places,a company like you supporting limited financial people To find solutions in the hard times in their lives Doing more than business, you are making connections through this energy, just please support your customer service phone-line Just in case if people couldn’t find your bus stop Which is so clear in the E-mail that you sent as confirmation but cause also you can’t copy Past the links so it’s hard and some times confusing for some people having some hard times or they find them self alone o think just you need to support your phone line service cause it’s very hard to speak to your customer service line . Good luck with you and maybe one day I ll apply to work with you , Thanks 🙏 Blessing
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5 years ago, KariAhl
Impressive travel app! (plus my wish list)
I found FlixBus through Omio, and after an awesome trip from Brussels to Bruges, I’ve now booked several trips through this app directly. It’s visually appealing, allows for quick searching, and is quite intuitive—especially for a transportation app. I appreciate being able to use Apple Pay and add tickets to Apple Wallet. I just hope to see a few things in the future. In particular, more details on the layovers/changes, and visual confirmation of the trip dates/times as you’re checking out. Also, as a new user, I paid extra service fees because I didn’t realize you could add multiple trips before checking out (so I did three separate bookings). That could be a bit more intuitive, but I’m glad to know it’s possible now. Overall it’s a really great app! 👏
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8 months ago, surfman49
Good, a few suggestions
I like the app, it feels more organized than many normal busses. I have a few suggestions. First, my ticket included 2 under the bus luggage and the PDF shows this. But, the app only shows one luggage. These should show the same info. Second, it would be nice to be able to track the exact location of the bus in the app or at least with a link from the app. I could only find this on the website by copying and pasting my booking number. Third, if I book in advance and pay extra for a seat, it would be nice to be able to change the seat while on the bus in case the seat next to me is occupied. It seems to be possible to buy a last minute ticket from the next stop and pay to reserve a seat, but it’s not possible to change an existing seat reservation after the bus has already departed.
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2 years ago, LakersGirl24Forever
Unreliable Service
We decided to use to FlixBus because we were not comfortable to drive to Los Angeles, CA from Arizona this time around. The bus got to the area to pick us up right on time & all was well. Travel started great up until we got to Blythe when the bus driver let someone on board who was clearly on drugs. The man began to harass us & make us feel very uncomfortable. We had to move seats because he wouldn’t stop. Eventually, we had to ask another passenger to help let the bus driver know because it became very unsafe, thank goodness for her. Once the bus driver was aware of the situation he handled it properly & made sure we were safe up until we made it to California. I would have given it 3 stars for the bus driver being very kind to us, handling the situation right & the bus ride being just fine on the way there but i give it 2 stars because FlixBus canceled our trip back & we ended up having to take Greyhound to get back from California. Almost left us stranded.
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4 years ago, Kittylub
I’ve honestly NEVER had a problem with this bus company ever. I’ve used it A couple of times and so have my friends. My boyfriend, brother, and I are all blind/visually impaired. One complaint I do have is the fact of navigating where the stations are. It is hard to tell Uber/Lyft where to go because most of the time they don’t where it is, when it can just be a little platform in the corner. Not very good for the disabled. I’ve ridden mainly from/to Tucson AZ and LA. Always been on time and the ride was smooth. Perfect. Honestly it’s better then Amtrak at times. They are always late coming to Tucson from LA. The ONLY other problem I have is the drivers are NOT very good with dealing with visual impaired persons. Got some that just don’t care and that are rude. One was chill but not so much helpful towards my boyfriend and I one trip. Other then that, my boyfriend loved FlixBus, it’s doable and affordable. Recommend.
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5 years ago, 4eKavo
Don’t waste your time
No one want listen at customer support. Driver using instruction which you not confirm during and even was not informed after for example at sections important information / luggage even at ticket have not inform you. After all you an idiot you not customer. You supposed to learn all site to be sure you match as normal pax if not found at site you must call them!!! Hey you I build and work a lot at travel industry and have lot connections and partners whole over the world. You did illegal thing and acting that not your responsibility inform critical cases and make sure customer get it! Call Centre weird! Agent lie me informing that payment for the seat already posted and refunded ( to be sure check triple- nothing). I will post case I have and will try to reach founders to inform about it. PS agent was look shady answering that they didn’t provide that info and I must use site that didn’t work properly with my browser at iPhone... ( looks like I also MUST find browser which will work with their resource). I’ll keep posted by the way. Regards, Aleksei
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2 years ago, The lady Ms. T
Trying to input phone number
It is evident that this app wasn’t designed for the United States. It is impossible to put my phone number in case there were problems. I’ve had so many episodes where buses were cancelled or didn’t come at all and I had to rebook. I was on a bus once headed to California and the bus got stuck in the snow and they sent another bus to take us back where we started from. I was stranded by FlixBus in the snow in Las Vegas. So please fix the app for the US because some of us depend on these buses to get home for family emergencies then end up stranded due to no communication from FlixBus. Our lives depend on it. I’m a senior citizen and my life depends on communication due to being handicapped.
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1 month ago, 、Milooooooo
Terrible Experience!!!!!!!!! No refund at all
I booked the 6:45am bus from Boston to New York. I waited at the station for 30 minutes early in the morning, and the bus never showed up even after 6:45 am. I didn't know what was going on because no one and no email informed me what happened. Because I was in a hurry, I booked another bus from Boston to New York at 7:15 a.m. Then 10 minutes later, at 6:55 a.m, Flix emailed me to tell me the bus was delayed 50 minutes. But I had already bought a 7:15 ticket, so I boarded the 7:15 bus and requested a refund from customer service , but no matter what I said, the refund was denied. In their opinion, any bus with a delay of less than two hours will not give you a refund. As if a late bus or a late email notification were the fault and responsibility of the consumer. They refuse to accept their own responsibilities and obligations, and cover up all their mistakes with a simple clause. This is the Flix bus, the terrible bus company where the bus is never on time, don't choose them.
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4 years ago, vanillaskyline
Bus never showed and was stranded
I’ve booked several times with Flixbus and overall had a well experience until recently. Booked from Texas to Oklahoma and had to transfer to a different bus in Dallas by a sketchy area and the second bus that was supposed to take me to my destination NEVER showed up. I waited over 2 hours and when I called there was no answer to where my bus was so my only option was for a rebooking at 3:00 am or a refund. Even with the refund it didn’t make up for this. I was all alone in a big city with no family or anyone to stay with and to top it off my phone was dying so I had to think fast. It is a horrible scenario for anyone to have to deal with. I was fortunate enough that it was still daytime and that I carried enough money for extra expenses such as a taxi, hotel and food, but if I didn’t have any of that I would have been stranded. I highly advice to have a backup plan in case this happens to you. Always make sure to be over prepared because this can happen to anyone. Never taking Flix again.
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3 years ago, ki. kyle
Book with mega bus or another company!
For starters, the customer service line is of no help. Upon boarding the bus, the drivers app was not working so he could not check anyone in. We made a stop in Baltimore and a new driver checked everyone in only to discover a passenger had got on the wrong bus. Now who’s fault is that!? This companies fault because there should have been a better way to check everyone in before we even left. The bus was then delayed by over an hour because the driver forced the passenger off of the bus (mind you, she spoke very little English and if you know Baltimore that is not a safe place for a woman to be by herself). I do not like how the situation was handled at all. They claim to care about the safety of their passengers but it doesn’t seem as so. The women had paid for a bus ticket to New York with this company just like everyone else and there were 4 buses at the meeting point in DC with NO signage so it was very confusing for the woman to know which bus to even get on. Do better!
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5 years ago, _luilui_
Can’t resend your ticket AND refuse to give you a refund?!
We purchased tickets but ended up not receiving the tickets due to our inbox being full. We called to ask our tickets be resent, but the representative said they were unable to resend tickets, and we could request a refund instead. So we submitted the refund request and proceeded to purchase a second set of tickets (because we still needed to make the trip). A week later, we receive notice that the company cannot issue a refund because our inbox being full was not their problem. So essentially, they could neither issue a refund nor resend our tickets? What kind of company fails to keep a log of tickets issued? Imagine your airline or train telling you, “Didn’t get your tickets? Not our problem! We can’t resend your tickets OR give you a refund, sorry!” What a disgrace to customer service. If you need to purchase tickets, get them from another company—one that can resend your tickets if you lost or didn’t get them for whatever reason!!
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5 years ago, summrsxo
If you use this app you’re an idiot
It’s my first time using this app and I already got my trip messed up because of the horrible idiotic service this “bus” offers. A cab has better service than this app. I came ready to go home and I barely found out by OTHER people that my trip got cancelled literally 20 minutes after the bus was supposed to come. They don’t send you a email or any notification letting you know the bus isn’t coming at all. They just assume you read minds and leave you standing outside. Not only that, if you even get lucky that your bus doesn’t cancel on you the seating is probably worse than a broken chair. It feels like your sitting on steel. It gets even better too, if your bus cancels on you, you get no refund you can only catch the next bus which was out of my inconvenience . Good luck with calling them too because all they can offer is a apology. I suggest saving time and not even bother looking at the app longer than a second. I’d rather walk than use this trash.
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2 years ago, 乁[ᓀ˵▾˵ᓂ]ㄏ
don't buy you will waste your time and your patience
my mother and I buy the ticket from New York to Boston, arriving at the place, it was totally disorganized, in a sun of 35 with no place to sit to wait for the bus, when the bus arrived I just went to ask a supposed driver and he it was super RUDE to me it was horrible, when we got on the bus we didn't know that everyone had their seat, I sat in any seat, and a passenger told me that I was in his seat. so far so good, we tried to find our seat until we saw that a man was sitting where one of the seats was, we told him that was one of our seats and he said that was also his seat he showed us his ticket and it really was, we called the driver and the driver told me to sit in a super tight seat, very different from what I was supposed to be in, my mother went to her seat and there were people there too, IT WAS CHAOS, at the end another passenger said for the driver who would change seats to let us sit next to each other. never buy again
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2 years ago, TrayK369
I booked a trip for my partner who was at the terminal ahead of time. We were both notified that the bus will be 15-20 minutes late. They stayed for an hour and getting in contact with customer service was a nightmare and i believe one agent hung up on me while getting the booking number. I called back only to find out the bus left 20mins ago, but how is that possible when my partner was at the stop. I am assuming the Driver left early we finally got the bus tracker which wasnt working and saw that the bus was headed to the destination. I am a Bus Driver myself and have to say that FlixBus needs to really improve on communication and should not hold passengers liable if the the Driver decides to not follow the timetable. Despite the reasonable price i understand why the tickets are so cheap. No one will dare pay higher fees with such crappy service. I had high expectations for this company as they are in Bus Simulator and am completely turned off and will not recommend this company to anyone.
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8 months ago, Wigawama
Dr. Maury D Smith, Junior
My first time through today, while trying to book a ticket, for some reason, possibly my own fault, I could not find how to accept the terms and conditions for quite some time. Also, the first time through, I thought I had booked the ticket when, in fact I had not. Then after successfully booking a ticket and indicating that I wanted it added to my Apple wallet, I am still unable to find it in my Apple wallet. I am also unable to find it on the FlixBus app. Now, I am on the feedback site and do not have ability to go back to try again to locate my ticket while maintaining confidence that what I am doing on the feedback site will be retained and not require my starting over from scratch to get feedback. Another way, saying it, is that I do not know what will happen when I touch the cancel prompt.
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5 years ago, alexxxeap
0 stars
The absolute worst bus experience I’ve ever had. There is no label or specific location in regards to their stops and they don’t have a clue about the whereabouts of thier buses. I waited at the bus stop 30 min prior to arrival to make sure and didn’t miss the bus. The thirty minutes passed and I figured it was just a bit delayed and well after 20 minutes it’s was too much so I looked for a costumer service number on the website and app and it was no where to be found! I had to google search for the number. Then I was on hold for 40 min! When they picked up they didn’t know where the bus was and asked me to call back? Knowing darn well I had waited 40 min just to get that response. After bothering them I finally got a bus but it wasn’t but 2 hours late by the time it came by! They will not notify you if a bus is cancelled or simply not coming. I was almost left stranded. Mega bus will save you this hassle please don’t use their services, you don’t want the be in that position I promise.
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2 years ago, Eh gagnon r fhc
Two hour+ delays too many
I’ve used the flix bus service since 2020. I don’t think I’ll be using it going forward. On my prior trip to the one I’m on, Flix informed me after I rushed to arrive to their pickup location that my bus had been delayed by 15 minutes. This began a 2.5 hour waiting saga where they delayed by 30 minutes at a time until pickup. Checking the website, I saw they had two buses that would go on my route that day. One left at the which I purchased, one which left when I was picked up. I’m 90% sure the first bus was under booked so they canceled it without telling passengers so only one bus would have to be driven and capacity would be higher. The result is they saved a few bucks and I with several others stood in the sun at 90 degree weather The second time is the one I’m on. Once again, pickup was delayed by an hour. In addition, we took a ten minute break half way down to our destination to fill up gas, something that shouldn’t be hard for a bus company to budget into ride time. It was at this point we got our second driver who was also caustic. I’m fine with a slight delay or a curt driver here and there. The app works fine, though it would be nice to be able to see how far away the bus is when you’re stuck waiting in the sun. The service though is just too abysmal at the moment to recommend.
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6 years ago, Heyme985427
FlixBus saved my Christmas
I know it's a little late, but I thought I would share my story. My wife and 2 kids live in Berlin, and I was on an important business trip in Amsterdam. Being the clutz I am, I missed my flight... I was literally facetiming my kids and telling them about how I was going to miss Christmas when the friendliest stranger in the world told me about Flixbus. I downloaded the app, and WITHIN an hour, I was on my way home. On top of that, it was actually a nice bus! I've been on other buses before, but at this hour, for this price, I expected outlets that didn't work and lights that flickered. The bus seemed brand new and even had working wifi!!! I made it home before my kids even woke up. Just like Santa hehe
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2 years ago, Nen309
We had a really bad experience using Flixbus.
I’ll preface by saying I’m usually not one to leave reviews, but this experience was particularly bad and upsetting. Long story short, we bought 3 round trip tickets, and never boarded either bus. We had to end up driving our personal car instead, which we did not plan on doing. We arrived at what (we thought) was the correct location in Tempe, AZ at 8:43 AM. I checked the app and it said that the bus had already left to Phoenix at that point. We called customer support, waited for a long time, and when we finally got someone on the phone, they insisted that the bus arrived and left on time. We’ve called back several times since then, asking for a refund, and the people we have spoken to have either been confused/unknowledgeable or rude. They keep telling us that the bus was on time and that it was our fault for missing it. There’s something getting lost in translation here. Again, on our end, we never saw the bus and the app suggested that it had left before our agreed departure time. Above all else, everyone we’ve talked to has flatly refused to issue us a refund. Again, we never were able to get on the bus or use the services that we paid for. This is not right. Not sure who else we can speak to that can help us in this unfortunate situation.
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11 months ago, Davidawsomeman72
Terrible customer service - NEVER AGAIN
I am NEVER using FlixBus again. I purchased a bus ticket from Paso Robles to Los Angeles, California on June 19th. I showed up to the correct pickup location 5 mins before departure. After waiting an hour at the stop, and seeing the bus had moved on to later stops on the app, I concluded it completely forgot to pick me up, or left before I even got there. Either way, it was a loss of $50 that I never got back. I reached out to customer service about the incident, and they basically said “the trip was correct on its route” or something like that, so they didn’t refund me . I was never able to speak to someone on the phone, or talk to anyone directly. I know 100% I was at the correct location and on time. So ridiculous. This is why I’ll be using Amtrak for ALL future travel. They have much better customer service employees and lines. Meanwhile, FlixBus basically stole $50 from me.
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1 month ago, Georgia Q. H.
Do NOT ride a flix bus. There were small roaches crawling next to my head on the outside of the bathroom cubicle. There was also a stench throughout the entire bus. There was a woman, who I believe to be homeless, sleeping on the floor at my feet. Both of the bus drivers did not speak English so I was unable to communicate with them. One of the drivers left a stop before the 20 minute break was up and left behind a few people. Not only that, but the bus was over an hour late to the arrival destination. Absolutely disgusting. I cancelled my return trip because I refuse to travel in such filthy conditions ever again. When you cancel, they only offer you a voucher for another trip through their company. They refuse to refund my card. Similarly, they refused to give me a refund for my departure trip despite the filthy conditions and the bus arriving over an hour late. Do NOT trust the 5 star reviews. Most have been falsified.
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5 years ago, jtb2238
DONT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!! Made us wait in the cold for 3HRS and wouldnt issue refund
We waited in the cold (with a kid) for our 7:15am montclair-los angeles schedule not knowing their bus was delayed til 10am. I didnt know about the delay until I called their customer service, no notification through app or email. i asked to cancel all our trips because they ruined our schedule and asked for the refund, they promised me full refund because of the inconvenience and since it’s the first time, but when i emailed their financial services they would give me what they promised. This is cheap, but this is such an unreliable and heartless company. They wouldnt even understand yoursituation and what happened and insisit on giving you a voucher even if you couldnt use it on where you live. This company ruined our trip and at the same time wouldnt make up for it. thumbs down for both the company and its employees who cant even understand the hassle they brought to the customer
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5 years ago, Simonhb1990
Not Organized At All
Short story : I wait at the bus station 3 hours and the bus NEVER show up. Poor customer service and no solution provided. Long version: I got to the bus station on time and the bus NEVER show up. Called the customer service. - He told me that they didn’t know the delay until we called them. Seriously?! You can not track your bus and you need to rely on the customers to report that! - He told me that they can not locate the GPS of the bus and the reason is UNKNOWN. Seriously?! Your bus just disappeared for no reason. - After 1 hour, we called again. Then they told us the bus has already arrived and left. Are we all blind?! - The most fun part is here. We asked for the solution and the customer service told us to book a bus from the other companies bc they can not arrange another bus to pick us up to the destination. The “smartest” way to help angry customers to solve the problem. Anyway, they did say they will refund and pay for the new tickets with the other company. Let’s see how it goes. In summary, they are still not well organized. What I heard from the bus station staff, their buses are always late. I think you should be able to provide helpful information to the users and also solutions instead of UNKNOWN and sending us to use the other services. Not good to customer and also your own business.
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3 years ago, djsjdsn
Terrible service, nearly got heatstroke, and left on line for 30 minutes
I had the worst ride experience of my life. Not only did flixbus not tell me two separate bookings were cancelled but they charged me a “cancellation fee” and “service fee” for their cancellation of my ride. When I finally got a bus ticket that was supposed to take me from Houston to Austin, I was left stranded in 100 degree Fahrenheit weather. All throughout, I waited for flixbus customer service and was left on the phone for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the system dropped me from the call. As someone who travels between Europe and North America, I was shocked by the utter lack of service. Greyhound and pepper Pan are better than this and that is not saying very much. The total lack of customer service in this case compels me to never book a flixbus ticket again. I was near heatstroke when I finally gave up and went home.
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4 years ago, msu-ellie
Horrible experience
My first time using the flixbus and I am no stranger to bus rides as I have used other services such as the Megabus. My bus was at 7:20 pm and the weather was about low 30-40s degrees. I got to the bus stop at 645 and waited until 7:23 realized the bus left because I got a text message at 7:23 saying that there was a bus change in type and color AFTER that bus had already left 3 MINUTES AGO! I stood in the cold for almost 40 minutes with distress and panic! I called Flix and the lady told me on the phone that it isn't Flix's fault but the operators fault. Like what?! I have the app and the texting services. The bus that was there, the guy didn't even come out of the bus saying anything! Now what if I was stuck in a unknown place since the Flix bus STOPS for pick and arrival here have sketchy dogdey places. Sketchy Drop off and pick up spots I will not be riding flix again. Not all the buses are nice and new since they use an "operator service" beware!
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5 years ago, nicoman14
FlixBus is awesome!
I’m a huge fan of FlixBus. I first used them when I was living in Germany, and I was happy to hear that they are now operating in the US. The buses are clean and comfortable; much more so than other bus lines, in my opinion. The tickets are almost always super cheap, and it doesn’t cost much to upgrade to a nicer seat (worth it if it’s a pretty drive). A lot of the complaints I’ve seen here are about the bus being late, which is a fair point. I don’t think I’ve ever had a FlixBus show up right on time. However, their service is designed for longer trips (e.g. San Diego to LA), where you should be traveling smart and anticipating delays anyway. Overall, I recommend FlixBus every chance I get!
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1 year ago, kmhier3
Can’t buy ticket, support is no help
Two stars because when Im on the bus, it does what it has to. But otherwise, it's completely ridiculous that for some reason I am unable to pay for any tickets on 5(!) different devices, with several different cards. Not only that, but this is the fourth(!) time this has happened. It's very unfortunate because this is the only regular line of transport between Krakow and Budapest, and if I can't pay the company for my ticket, I have no way to get home :D. Yes, I've tried clearing the cookies, and the onlyyy thing Flixbus support can tell me is that 'I can buy a ticket from the bus driver... if there's any left five minutes before the bus leaves." Laughable. Unless they start providing free nights in a hotel, they may want to let people pay online.
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5 years ago, Rebeca987
It was horrible
We were trying to get to Austin from Dallas and when the bus arrived it was the San Antonio bus and it was our bus because it will stop at Austin where our stop is then to San Antonio But the bus driver lied to us to wait for next bus and then we had to wait for next bus so we waited 1hr and 30min and the bus never arrived we waited almost 2hrs and we realized that the San Antonio Bus Was Ours Cuz it will stop at Austin like I just said where our stop is and what was also horrible is that bus left at the wrong time and then my mom had to call them to give us our money back and then they gave the money back and then we saw these other 2 people who were also trying to get to Austin from Dallas by FlixBus And They had the same problem like us our bus was there bus too and we missed cuz it departed at the wrong time so we partnered up with those 2 people and took megabus instead.I Will Never Ever Ride FlixBus Again.
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5 years ago, dbaltazar24
I booked two tickets from San Diego to LA and got to the pick up spot early like instructed. A bus showed up 20 minutes late and when the bus got there a rude female employee told everyone that we must have the wrong bus because it was going to Las Vegas. As a result, only a couple people boarded while a large group remained at the stop late at night in the cold. After calling customer service and waiting on hold for 10 minutes they said that that bus was in fact the bus from SD to LA. I asked when the next bus was and they said it was the next day. When I asked about what I could do all they said they could do was give me a voucher. When I asked about receiving a refund the guy said I would have to go online and file a form. The service is EXTREMELY unorganized and there is a lack of communication between drivers and others operating the service. Definitely not worth using.
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5 years ago, TFbeach
Horrible!!! Very Worst!!! You get what you pay for!
Very horrible. Worrrssttt ever. If you don’t want your trip ruined by so many reason, don’t ever book a trip in this bus. This is the most worst and horrible bus app ever. You’ll actually get what you pay for. If I could turn back the time, I would just pay the $3-4 extra at megabus. If ever some delays or any kind of problem came up in flix bus, call the customer service and they would probably tell you a lot of lies that the bus is coming in at 10mins. After 2-3hrs of waiting that’s the only time the bus would come, what’s worse is that your bus might not even come. Or not knowingly that your bus have already left you even if you arrive early at the terminal to wait for the bus. They won’t tell you the truth, they would even hang the phone and worst, they wouldn’t answer your call. Take my advice or Good luck on your trip.
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3 years ago, Mayrawhat
Horrible customer service/ terrible company
Not my first time having a bad experience with this company, decided to give it another shot.. Waited in 105°+ weather for a bus that didn’t arrive and was told a refund is “not possible”. It is absolutely possible. You took my money for a service you did not provide. How is it not “possible” to give me back my money. There’s no immediate customer service you have to email them and you will not get a response til weeks later. Absolutely greedy company with rude bus drivers and when you pay for a “reserved” seat it is never actually reserved, the drivers let others sit where they want. DO NOT pay for reserved seating you will not get it. Do not pay for any extra add ons because you will not get it. Just don’t give this company your money. I guess that’s the reason it’s so cheap.
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