Floor & Decor Pro Premier

4.4 (405)
22.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Floor & Decor
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Floor & Decor Pro Premier

4.41 out of 5
405 Ratings
4 years ago, NoraannB
Online orders
I have only used the online service once. The items I purchased are great! But the delivery time was very slow. Other than that. I will be ordering again because it’s too hard for me to travel to the store. So very happy to have a delivery service.
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3 years ago, 603_Ana
Needs work!
This app is so disappointing. I flip houses for a living and was so happy to realize prices are way better at Floor & Decor than the other box stores. HOWEVER, I found out the coloring of the items are different on the app than in reality. I’m fortunate to have a Floor & Decor store nearby, so I decided to pick up some tiles for a property I’m working on. I found different bathroom tiles and planned color schemes and design of each bathroom with these tiles in mind. Both tiles were different shades than what showed online! I showed a worker the tile I needed, he showed me where it was in the store. On the app it was a nice gray tone, in the store it was white! The worker just said, “yeah, the app doesn’t always show accurate colors.” WHAT?!?! I feel bad for anyone using this app and ordering a bunch of stuff they can’t see in the store. They’re in for a big surprise. (The other tile was white in the app and cream in the store). Apparently Floor & Decor doesn’t care enough to make sure their app is accurate for consumers. Real shame.
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3 months ago, Mindfold
Wish it was better
Great idea if the app would work properly. Half the time when I search for items, they don’t show up even if I scan the barcode in the store it’ll show as not available! The other half of the time when you look for an item and you’re scrolling through what’s available it constantly wants to put you back at the top of the list instead of letting you scroll. quite annoying. The problem is not only with the app but also their website I’ve tried to use their website to order stuff and it does pretty much the same thing.
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2 years ago, z71Diesel
Very reliable and responsive within minutes. Just make sure they double check your phone number whenever making any transaction
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8 months ago, Ridge contracting Corp
Great customer service
We always send our clients to Bob the store manager in Commack. He is wonderful in customer service. He pay attention to our clients needs and designs. The staff at Pro services are very helpful and always helping us with our new projects. Danny, Adam, Laura and the other staff members at Pro are so professional and helpful. We always will recommend our clients to go to the Commack showroom to choose there finished flooring along with their design team. Keep up the good work guys!! Thank you!!
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4 years ago, AJML17
It’s a great app for tracking orders and order history. The pictures of the products are decent and allow you to quickly check up where you’re at!
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2 years ago, Chicago Jo Jo
Downloaded the app and attempted to create an order to send to my client before purchasing. App froze several times, wouldn’t create the order/job# and wouldn’t allow me to pay for items in my cart. Not to mention the load times are ridiculously slow. Was at the store and informed them of the issues I was having with their app and they said and I quote “Oh, that app don’t work, never has!” Wow, not the best start for F&D
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5 years ago, jarrodconnor
Quotes on my phone!
Wow! Seriously love the new features they’ve added since I last used this app. The ability to create quotes on my phone is extremely useful. I’ll be using much more from now on.
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2 years ago, Kaila Baila
So easy to use. Makes my life less complicated
I love this app. I can do everything from my phone. I don’t have to go in to the store much
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1 year ago, googleitcools
No access to saved projects in app
One fundamental flaw with this app is when you’ve saved projects on the desk and go to the store the app doesn’t have any way to show your he items m your saved project. I mean that seems wild to me why would you not have that built in? Every other company has item lists or favs, 1 star at best till this comes along.
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5 years ago, Spicy Mac Sauce
Best flooring store in the world!
App lets you take advantage of their point system and partner discounts. Plus you can check inventory and buy directly from the up and pick up in store!!! Huge time saver!!!
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2 years ago, FabioooSssdsilvvvvaaaa
Poor and slow app, stock seems precise
I made sure reviewed the app, to let you know how slow and poor it is. It should help you to shop easily, however it just takes and waste your time and patient, how slow it’s. It helps you to find stock in different stores, this is way the 2nd star.
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6 years ago, imongh
Easy to use
This app makes it extremely easy to find the products I’m looking for, keep track of what to buy in the future, and locate my nearest store.
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1 year ago, Mike of j town
Outfitting the new place
More than helpful very professional. Loaded four trucks full with more help than what is expected.
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6 years ago, princessrai1401
I’m going to use this everyday!
I love that you can review your current and past orders! And download the receipt right from the app! I can also search any product in the app.
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2 years ago, Zac144000
The entire crew was very helpful
For us There is no other place for our flooring needs, and the prices are excellent.
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7 months ago, Arezoo1
Check out issue
I have tried any times to complete the purchase and items Aref in the card however it doesn’t allow me to check out!! Developer need to make it functional and easier experience. Also for the past orders we don’t see the picture of items all the time.
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5 years ago, TheReluctantReviewer625
Fantastic app!
Fantastic app for a fantastic store. You can check inventory, make lists, make purchases and download receipts all from your phone. And it's visually appealing as well. Nicely done!
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3 years ago, Dr Medeiros
My Pro Services Representative is the Best!!!
It’s Amazing to deal with Julia in the pro service department at the Dale Mabry location, located in Tampa, FL. Julia by Far is the best pro service representative that any Contractor can ask for. She goes above and beyond to make sure our orders are seamless all the way through to delivery or pick up! Floor and Decor should be proud to have someone like her representing their brand. Sincerely, Kevin Medeiros Black Bough Homes
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4 years ago, BIG_Cypress
Works great
I have a pro account so it’s nice to see all of my jobs on record in case I ever need to go back and add tile I know exactly what was used and order more.
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8 months ago, drewchance
App and website need a lot of work
The app almost never can search and find products. The login process seems very antiquated and needs some updating. I shop here a lot and would love a better mobile solution for helping with my orders. Hopefully some progress is on the horizon. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Tad234
This app does not have everything the online version has. I copied and paste from website to app and it says no such item or product? This app could be so much better and helpful to contractors
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3 years ago, Robin Tweet Tweet
I do alot of remodeling projects. Floor and Decir is always helpful, they have great selection and quality inventory. I also save a lot of $
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3 years ago, Skilly-On
Great Company! Definitely the one to rely on when it comes to tile and marble work. The best products around! Hands Down!🙏🏽
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4 years ago, Knmarykay
Easy to Use
I like being able to go on the app to look at my customers selections. It helps to create a nice portfolio.
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5 years ago, Jr Boss from Dallas Tx
Love the point system
Just got a couple tickets to the cowboys game tomorrow. They’ll probably lose but at least I’ll be there!
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2 years ago, italolun
Always works tracks purchases
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I really enjoy this app. It really helps me with my business. I use it often.
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3 months ago, Devarennesbobbyd
Floor & Decor
Excellent place to find the common, unique, and extravagant, with any and all stops in between
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4 years ago, 4MyJuju
Great Inventory!!
I usually can find what I’m looking for the first time w/ out having to special order.
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4 months ago, husam kafna
you guys need to work on the app better than this I really am a pro account. Sometimes I don’t like to go shopping from Floor&Decor online go to Home Depot or other apps because it’s easier to use.
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4 years ago, PrintVideo2Web
Works great
Easy to look back on history purchase.
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1 year ago, WhyTheFkDoINeedANickName2.0
I just downloaded this application and it keeps telling me to update it but I literally JUST downloaded it. There is no UPDATE!! I thought this trash would be better than the website to order as a Pro but unfortunately it’s worse…. By a land slide.
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3 years ago, 2Stank
No payment processing
Add a link to submit payments towards the account and I will give you 5 stars. The app is good for bringing up past orders and placing orders but other than that, clients can just go online or to the store.
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7 months ago, camilo santaella
Amazing app
Very helpful to check prices and info.
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5 years ago, MG Flooring
Pro Desk
Pro desk has the best knowledge in tile and always on point with my order Always helped me with choosing the right material for mi clients
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8 months ago, Jrmed
The app is terrible!!
No filter options when searching product!?! How can Floor Decor be so far behind on this. Could not use location to check local stock levels!?! Floor Decor you’re better than your junk app.
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4 months ago, leyvasnet
Rapid response
Thank you guys always go beyond for support
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3 years ago, cman 123338103
Great app
Help me keep on track for my business
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3 years ago, Its Me, KJ
Great App
Makes keeping track of my orders easy!
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1 year ago, Elvs87
Text and email verifications don’t work
Added verification methods don’t work when trying to link an account. Updates to apps suppose to make it better not worse and unfunctional.
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4 years ago, Bellabrand
Great application
Easy to use and track
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4 months ago, Kimosabi94
Terrible app
Absolutely the worst app I’ve ever used. Nothing works correctly. I can’t search products. You can’t do ANYTHING unless you make an account which is a bit much to just look at products
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4 years ago, XLM Construction
Awesome app!!!
Love the way I can keep track of everything!
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12 months ago, Mikiymini
I can’t search anything
It’s impossible to search for anything on the search bar no matter what I type the results are zero no matter how simple the wording is
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1 year ago, Ron Natal
Buggy app
I just downloaded app today (Feb 11, 2023) and the app continues to ask me to update before I can use it, even though I’m using the most up to date version available on the App Store.
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2 years ago, santtihandy
Order pickups
The time expended at the “ costumers order pickup” is ridiculous, every time I go I expend at least an hour, anything else is fine
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6 years ago, batmanandcatwomen
I love it! I can search all the products!
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2 months ago, Calin_87
Can’t login
I type in the correct email and password and it won’t log me in on the app but it will online. The app is also very slow to load.
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3 years ago, hhugo2
Is good option to start a protect on the house
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