Florence Travel Guide and Map

4.8 (28)
98.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kulemba GmbH
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Florence Travel Guide and Map

4.75 out of 5
28 Ratings
7 years ago, Nc1273
Awesome for travel
Ability to download maps means don’t have to lug around paper ones. Plus you can save points of interest is great for planning your days. The best part is the ability to download information in the sights you want to see so that you can work off line and don’t have to carry around a guidebook. Gives you the ability to know what you’re looking at. And it’s free
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2 years ago, mapEnthusiast43
I can’t believe it :-0
What a great app! I can’t believe I don’t need to use paper maps any more. It’s such a game changer, I can finally get rid of the pocket map of Florence I’ve been keeping in my jeans for the past 10 years. Sometimes with the physical map, I might unfold it out too fast and get a paper cut… but with this app I don’t have to worry about it. And the best part is the app’s free!! I’d wish I’d known about it before buying the 5€ souvenir map and the 6.95€ box of band aids I bought for the aforementioned paper cuts.
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7 years ago, eat12481
Extremely useful
So very extremely useful app, was invaluable on our trip. Highly recommended.
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5 years ago, windycityrosa
Loved it
Easy to use- great off-line. Only down side: some of the newer restaurants I was looking for weren’t in the map. I just added them in, but could name it if iputin by street address. Also, I like these ultimo apps a lot, but have a hard time finding them in search.
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7 years ago, Diego Evangelista
Must have it
I couldn't walk better through the city without it.
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7 years ago, Tm0218
Great app!
I love the map and ability to find the sites with a description, photos and user reviews!
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6 years ago, Lauren04252018
Loved it!
This highly interact map was extremely help to us during our visit to Florence.
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6 years ago, momcat79
Easy to use maps, good tourist info for sites & they send you updates that are timely.
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6 years ago, waldie16
Super helpful
This was my go to App for planning and getting around Florence and Venice. Easy to use!
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6 years ago, PIEER1107
Great app
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9 years ago, Marzico
A life saver
Usually don't rate apps but after a trip to Europe using this offline maps, I can asure you, this app will make your trip easier and you won't miss any important spot in the city. I used London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon! In Budapest I felt lost because they don't have a map for this city but Google also doesn't have a map for Budapest offline. I'll put 6 stars but I can't so 5 it's the closest. One more thing, all this is for FREE! And this is not all, also you can download the information about the historic places in the city and then you can get the info offline. You have to try it!!
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7 years ago, ToscanaHerb
Only urban map you will ever need
Incredible, awesome, the best urban map you will ever find! It makes possible to fearlessly navigate any area so easily---especially when a city isn't laid out in a grid pattern. The blue dot is your "constant companion" giving you total confidence that you always know where you are and what is nearby. Great resource for all the landmarks and restaurants; great for making lists and marking places to re-locate them. Works off-line flawlessly. I never have to carry and re-fold a paper map again. I would be lost in Florence or Rome without it. Looking forward to a Naples version.
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8 years ago, Anonymous747727272
Logging in crashes app
Logging in to the app causes the app to crash and then crash every time thereafter forcing you to delete your saved lists. After logging in the app crashed and now every time I open the app it crashes after about three seconds. I still gave it two stars because it's a great app if you don't want to touch the login button. I would love to share my data across my devices and be able to share it with my girlfriend, but there seems to be a bug in the way of that... it may be an issue with the configuration of my device, but there wasn't an obvious fix. From one developer to another, don't release a feature unless you test it. There's nothing more frustrating than setting something up and having it all deleted...
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10 years ago, Genevieve 83
Works offline!
Fantastic app. You don't even need to be connected to the internet for it to identify your location and track your movements. It works both as you walk and as you drive. It was very accurate and was able to track my activity without interruption to the very edges of the map. It was indispensable during my travels!
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9 years ago, The Andy Bravo
Lost Without It
I study in Florence and was not familiar at all with the gridless street plan, so I found it difficult to navigate the first few weeks here. Ulmon's map app was one of the first to be suggested, so I downloaded and off I went, seeing my blue dot and where it took me came in handy so many times. It doesn't require wifi!!! And it lets you drop pins (colored stars) in places that you wish to remember. It can also look up names of streets, restaurants (if it's included in their database, the only flaw) and landmarks/popular attractions. So far it's the best navigation tool and it's super easy to use, I also downloaded the ones for Rome and Venice 😁👍🇮🇹
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9 years ago, kcinlb
Great app for a map with out internet access
This app map was wonderful, we used last week and it works with out internet access I recommend to any other tourist people we found We got lost and with this app we were able to find our way back 5 stars
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8 years ago, Christine Vaindirlis
Awesome app!!
This app is the BEST!!! I've used it for Rome, Florence and Venice. Maps have gps, it consumes less battery than google maps, the little info is awesome, plus you can have your daily schedule with diff colors so it makes sense on the map. It's really easy to use, best app out there hands down! It's been a life saver! Thanks Ulmon!!
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8 years ago, Mom Kitz
A must have when traveling!
Great app! Love being able to highlight must-see sites, restaurants, hotels, etc. A huge plus that you don't use data. Just set your phone to airplane mode. We used it in Florence, Rome and Venice. Our daughter used it in Barcelona, Prague, Milan, etc. Much better than paper maps!
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10 years ago, Lostandunprepared
My husband and I didn't have a chance to pre plan activities and tours we wanted to do. This app helped figure out what the city offered. Everything from landmarks, history to restaurants and it even lets you search street names which comes handy for the lost tourist. And beats having your face in a map looking for your location.
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10 years ago, Jo Ann Starr
An off-line map that allows you to find your location and pin sights you'd like to visit, all without using any cell data. Loved it. Really made our trip to Rome, and Florence a breeze to navigate through all those tiny side streets. I'd have been lost without it!!!
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8 years ago, Table for One
This was priceless. Accurate, easy to use, and didn't burn any of my limited cellular data budget. Having this really upped the quality of the trip. Would recommend it to anyone
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9 years ago, Vjtheo
This app is great all of the guides have been fantastic. Used them in Rome ,London ,and Paris maps ability to locate me with out Internet is magic been able to find my way around like a local.
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10 years ago, Kahnmandrv
We used this app to navigate our way through Italy. Would have been lost without it. The GPS locator feature made it easy to find even the most remote restaurant in Rome. Fabulous!
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10 years ago, C^3 H.F.W.M.
So helpful!
We were able to find our way around Florence without 3G or WiFi! We pinned restaurants and sites on our map and were ready to go.
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9 years ago, Th3Beard3dOn3
Great during a visit.
Good search function and tells you distances. Would be better if it offered a route function or plotting between two points. I used it all week and found it very helpful.
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9 years ago, fluff :)
excellent map, good details
This is a searchable, detailed map of Florence. It's easy to use and even has address numbers, an unusual detail of offline maps. Works beautifully!
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10 years ago, James Craft
Super map helps with no internet!
I love, I could check with no worries of high cost connection for data use in Italy and locate where I was at on the map on my devices.
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10 years ago, LizMustard
Enjoy virtual travel. And if your travel is real, you can plan with maps and reviews all in one place!
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10 years ago, Stan King
Just what you need when traveling
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10 years ago, IdgieXena
I love this app. Have used it in several cities. Has not disappointed yet. One of the best features is using offline.
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10 years ago, harcun
Remarkably accurate and reliable offline travel aide.
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9 years ago, Gm1234567
Full of ads. Always trying to link you to another site. Just trying to get you to buy! buy! buy!. Not worth it.
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